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gernika: mircea_popescu: jurov's suggestion was to declare the thing invalid for any use case in a deed. It's not clear to me what good that would do.
gernika: Curious re: above idiocy of mine wrt "I agree." Better to deedbot a retraction or just start over with a new private key?
gernika: mircea_popescu: I hadn't considered the socialist angle there
gernika: mircea_popescu: Well, any libertarian who believes in a borderless society
gernika: trinque: it's not just the libtards that loathe him. I think the libertarians as well, and they might hate him more.
gernika: mircea_popescu: interesting I thought he was the one that would pull out of the ongoing invasion...
gernika: allowing the kid to wear herself out in the pool
gernika: Brought him up in a hot tub full of middle aged women at a Best Western. Suddenly: silence.
gernika: rabid
gernika: I kind of like him because the absolute rage he inspires in my fellow bay areans.
gernika: This was after a solid week of "Trump is racist" headlines for the Curiel thing.
gernika: attempted by a brit last week or so, in Nevada. grabbed a cop's gun
gernika: ascii_deadfiber: if Trump is a loss monkey, why risk assassination for it? Seems not worth it.
gernika: Gore was a loss monkey.
gernika: ;;later tell asciilifeform << interesting indeed.
gernika: Whales are spouting off the coast today. Beautiful thing.
gernika: Something I built that may be of interest to Z80 fans:
gernika: jurov: ok. will be a bit. I'm currently in the process of vomiting out copious amounts of Rails code.
gernika: jurov: thx. I have an account on Would that be the best way?
gernika: Step 1: start as 1000 low paid jurovs.
gernika: jurov - absolutely. employment is a scam.
gernika: << what makes a job *less* shitty?
gernika: the telecommute *can* give one more time, as asciilifeform says - 60 hours a month. Health too - commutes are not good for you.
gernika: I regularly meet people who *just* moved here and are working on a kickstarter.
gernika: aha phf I meant I wouldn't recommend working in san francisco
gernika: I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
gernika: this is to work in san francisco
gernika: no cubes even - just tables in medium sized rooms, sometimes staring cooworkers in the face the entire day.
gernika: or commuting to do it in such a hellspace
gernika: that said, I no longer have to put up with the absurdity of doing that same work in an open office.
gernika: asciilifeform: I have telecommuted since 2013 - mostly for friends doing work that tends to trigger teeth kicking behavior, however.
gernika: asciilifeform: aqcuirers of web sites typically want all sorts of metrics about the site that might be in the logs.
gernika: If asciilifeform ever accidentally ends up at the same hotel as a rails convention, I expect to see a lot of shattered teeth on the floor.
gernika: I will probably return it to them, since I also brought back a replacement eerom-8u that worx, as opposed to the first one they sent me.
gernika: My Thinkpad t43 appears to have one.
gernika: asciilifeform: fyi I made a trip to eetools HQ today and came back home with a curiosity: EmMax plus rom emulator - connects to LPT port - comes with console app. It does *not* however appear to support dos - win95 is as far back as it goes it seems.
gernika: so you can forget about it while it rots in the refrigerator?
gernika: aparently also uses random items such as various tupperware containers.
gernika: I have a friend who may have found a valid use for 3d printers: he's built 4 of them in his garage and uses them to prototype electronic toy parts.
gernika: apropos of nothing, I just attempted to download a .pdf formatted datasheet and received a PDF FORMATTED error message.
gernika: oh yeah - wasn't clear to me how to plug the thing in
gernika: I'm just going to try out some z80 stuff. seems easier to use this than flashing eeproms.
gernika: ok. bleh. one more laptop laying around the house couldn't hurt I guess.
gernika: It looked like there was a dos util for it -- then I realized that was from 1999.
gernika: sweet
gernika: for personal use only?
gernika: of course
gernika: asciilifeform: do you operate the EE Tools EeRom-8U (I think you referenced it in the logs recently) with windows? If so, with which 10 foot pole?
gernika: asciilifeform: seems to still take btc. I bought some tix to europe from them with btc a few years ago.
gernika: and if anyone is curious what took me so long - catastrophic hard disk failure, among other things.
gernika: thanks pete_dushenski
gernika: I finally have a fully synced trb node, after starting on the project almost a year ago.
gernika: mircea_popescu: I don't recall saying anything. Probably because I was pretending: "no big deal." or something.
gernika: phf: Had a terrible vegetarian thanksgiving dinner at Breitenbush. I did see a naked woman there though, as a teenager.
gernika: l0l the ethiopian coke machine
gernika: asciilifeform: you might be interested to know that the scheme involved some sort of Coke Machine with a water filtration system.
gernika: Some local color, since I'm voiced: I attended a bitcoin meetup in Oakland and encountered a team of "researchers" from Georgia Tech exploring using bitcoin to help the unbanked in Ethiopia. I asked, and no, none of them had been there.
gernika: mod6 - seems the script exits for me when attempting to download boost:
gernika: ben_vulpes: 1.4.19
gernika: same for previous version of the file
gernika: ok interesting
gernika: mod6: the exact same message as in the dpaste.
gernika: mod6 I have that fine file in rotor :)
gernika: ben_vulpes: yes
gernika: I have manually imported that pubkey, to no avail.
gernika: mod6 I'm stuck on the pgp issue ben_vulpes encountered.
gernika: heh yeah just read the rest of the log. fingers crossed :)
gernika: thanks mod6!
gernika: Damn Paleo-Indians.
gernika: I suppose DNA is not a blockchain? Proof of sex?
gernika: well, the americas
gernika: Interesting. Looks like camels originally evolved in North America.
gernika: yw mod6 :)
gernika: mod6 verified in v99995_beta2 that it no longer presses a non-existent patch name and throws an error instead.
gernika: /query mod6
gernika: asciilifeform: Since I've already shutdown the node, I can't answer your other questions at this time. I will once I've started it up again and it re-wedges (i.e. no new accepted blocks for 12+ hours)
gernika: asciilifeform: - I am not sure what a useful summarization of what is in the log would be.
gernika: or perhaps this is one of those "hands of the drowning" situations. bleh. C++ here I come.
gernika: mod6: my 99996 node is wedging every 1k blocks or so. I would be happy to apply any logging or debugging patches that might be out there to help track down the problem.
gernika: np.
gernika: right
gernika: mod6: testing out v99995. I notice that if I attempt to press a non-existant v.patch, there is no error, and it goes ahead and presses *something* (seems to generate the full source in the target dir). Not sure if this is intended behavior or not.
gernika: BingoBoingo: how about Micron?
gernika: 9560SE-4LPML
gernika: 3ware
gernika: I have raid 1 (hardware) going with 2 ssds
gernika: np. one of these days I'm gonna find a bug or somethin :)
gernika: mod6: fwiw successfully built and currently running 99996
gernika: !down gernika
gernika: also for this question, lisp=common lisp
gernika: asciilifeform: does the term "human compiler" reference lisp specifically, in that with lisp you can write code that writes code, thus if you're not using lisp, you're writing code that could have been written by a computer, and are thus "compiling?"
gernika: thestringpuller: I can't fathom slack. There are already a ton of manager friendly centralized IRC services out there.
gernika: Bathroom is down the hall, outside of the room.
gernika: Roommate worked for Did not leave his room, ever. And smelled like it.
gernika: ascii_butugychag: beg to differ
gernika: << would an illustration of this be that on a timescale of 5 years (i.e. one year after acquihire), nothing created in SV by youthful enthusiasts remains?
gernika: It has other problems as well, namely spam, which it was explicitly "designed" to prevent.
gernika: I am not. In my pre-#ba days I worked on project that used it. a distributed market, of all things.
gernika: with pictures even
gernika: Bitmessage has a concept of chans - public forums.
gernika: I suppose in the same sense as bitcoin exists.
gernika: << this exists and is known as Bitmessage. Does not use gpg though.
gernika: ;;ud broomstick
gernika: dammit assbot
gernika: ;ud broomstick
gernika: "When one of the most important people in Bitcoin states something like that you have to listen."
gernika: But since the bot went down, haven't used it.
gernika: ascii_butugychag: I've done a few small transactions on otc. All went smoothly.
gernika: jurov: will check it out
gernika: ascii_butugychag: otc?
gernika: Would prefer not to use coinbase any longer, but no "exchange" is any better, and bitcoin-otc is dead.
gernika: And no I don't keep more than a pittance in the wallet at any time.
gernika: er couldn't sell
gernika: for coinbase
gernika: No - never hits my wallet until a week after I buy, which is normal.
gernika: saw something on reddit where some guy said he couldn't buy
gernika: thx BingoBoingo. Curious what's the deal with coinbase? I just bought some btc there like 1 hr ago...
gernika: ktrace/kdump seems to be the closest match, fyi
gernika: Something like dtrace or sysdig would be nice to have :(
gernika: BingoBoingo any tools you use to analyze running bitcoind procs on OpenBSD?
gernika: It might not have been empty. That said, I didn't see the noise in the logs I would expect to see if it were connected to another node.
gernika: It was started like this bitcoind -myip=x.x.x.x -caneat -datadir=/home/gernika/.bitcoin-8-14/
gernika: a couple of minutes.
gernika: Yes it did. I did not dump all.dat files at once. I would dump one, eat through it (in about 24 hours), then dump the next.
gernika: The node was not on the network, it was just eating from disk. It did not appear wedged, just processing one block after another.
gernika: wedged - due to not having the patch yes
gernika: Right. So I made it to 368xxx and got stuck on the large block syncing from one of your nodes over the network. I then (probably) had a bad shutdown and corrupted the db. I then used eatblock to sync from what I had on disk up to that point.
gernika: both yours and mp's nodes.
gernika: ascii_field Thought it was real - 32 GB ecc ram, opteron 4226.
gernika: jurov: This account is allocated 2gb - seems to be using about 1.4GB
gernika: Friend is claiming he can do a full sync in 6-8 hours using the phoundation client (non-ssd), while it took my OpenBSD box 3 weeks using eatblock. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
gernika: or the opposite?
gernika: is the foundation client known to be slower syncing than the phoundation client?
gernika: << seems to me to be an argument against block size inflation.
gernika: The problem I see is that there's no profit motive for the market owner, because there's no owner, so no one will drive the thing to work. Which I hope relates to your last point.
gernika: and it had all the porn I needed.
gernika: mircea_popescu: I can see a bbs as a public forum, yes. The decentralization is not as clear to me, at least not in the way I used them. I only ever dialed into one.
gernika: Is it impossible to implement a public forum on a decentralized architecture, such as a dht?
gernika: Would like to get my machine in a DC - but the cheapest hosting rate for a 1U I can find around here is $200.00/mo. Which is 4x more than I last paid for the same service.
gernika: thanks shinohai
gernika: 1 month + later I make it past 367850. anyway. moving forward.
gernika: and fireflies!
gernika: I live about half a mile from the Pacific Coast. Constant cool breeze seems to have eliminated them completely.
gernika: asciilifeform: it's a slightly chemical smell - perhaps ammoniaish?
gernika: asciilifeform: 1958 - complete with class schedule of a junior high student from 1969.
gernika: used to it now
gernika: My encyclopedia britannica smelled - not good
gernika: And this is actually ok because the contents of their devices is *worthless*.
gernika: My preferred mental pronunciation is "contra"
gernika: Yeah syncing again. Sooooo close to being fully synced.
gernika: mod6 yes - probably around 30 min
gernika: Except here afaik an individual can not get a business loan. Only car and home loans.
gernika: the line you quote adds to the eerie similarity to the sillyconvalley vibe I detected though.
gernika: I missed that part - but my favorite was the discussion of how much people of various races were worth.
gernika: punkman: hmm yeah good point.
gernika: punkman: at least she had the opportunity to work in a sweatshop when the startup didn't work out.
gernika: great video punkman
gernika: re: zoolag: trying connection lastseen=-372897.0hrs lasttry=-400674.8hrs | connection timeout
gernika: been about 30 min.
gernika: ran bitcoind stop - the logs indicate that it ran through the shutdown procedure, but the process itself still runs
gernika: grepping the source of stator I see no references to "detach." Seems like versions prior to .6 automatically detach on shutdown (from google results). Only relevant ba discussion I can find is here:
gernika: mod6 so I've finally rebuilt my blkindex.dat after probably corrupting it last time I shutdown bitcoind. I need to shut it down again. Is there a way to safely shutdown bitcoind? Or at a minimum, back up the blkindex.dat of a running node?
gernika: Nope.
gernika: I'm all in
gernika: mircea_popescu just recieved exact same email
gernika: stackoverflow
gernika: Was there ever a check on nonsense rulings like this and recent Supreme Court decisions?
gernika: And fully not profitable.
gernika: A mobile phone company I worked at recently was fully indianized.
gernika: lol
gernika: Girl gave me henry miller 4 years later :(
gernika: I probably just liked it because of the sex.
gernika: He must have been *something* of a thing to have been assigned reading pre-internet. Also there was the well known MacIntosh commercial. I must admit to being completely unaware of his internet cachet.
gernika: ascii_field: strange to hear - as my memory of my experience reading it sometime in junior high school was that of complete enthrallment. But then again - who is a 13 year old to judge?
gernika: ascii_field: Ah. 1984 had been out for almost 10 years by that point. Perhaps it had not yet had an impact either.
gernika: << Incidentally I attempted to look up Mr. Blair in the 1958 ed. of Encyclopedia Brittanica and could find nothing on him. Apparently he was not yet notable by then. Would love to know what the editorial verdict would have been.
gernika: khan academy's knowledge map approximates what I seek but is tragically composed of video nodes, rather than book titles and page numbers:
gernika aims lower. would be satisfied to be able to reconstruct algebra on death bed.
gernika: ok. thanks.
gernika: I feared as much.
gernika: asciilifeform a book that connects pythagoras to newton, with proofs for all the nodes in between?
gernika: asciilifeform is there a book you can recommend that approximates this, or at least traces a few important branches?
gernika: on my homework
gernika: I would have checked then even numbered answers
gernika: I sadly DID NOT KNOW about this program in junior high and highschool.
gernika: Wonder if the Soft Warehouse guys still live, and if they have it.
gernika: asciilifeform oh derive.exe? derive.exe works in my parallels 6.2 image.
gernika: ok not a virus but malware
gernika: asciilifeform - I haven't tried it. Running it on an old thinkpad. Got msdos 6.2 working in parallels - but parallels is literally a virus.
gernika: executes commands, etc
gernika: it starts - but the screen is filled with garbage
gernika: Tried derive.exe on freedos too - doesn't work either.
gernika: I do not.
gernika: asciilifeform aha. so that's why comander keen doesn't even work.
gernika: boots up to C:\. Then they just have to type in the name of the game they want to play and hit enter.
gernika: my daughter is currently playing with logo on freedos. freedos is perfect for kids.
gernika: !rate phf 2 got Eulora working on McOs
gernika: mircea_popescu can I snag a eulora account?
gernika: 't enticed by free soda
gernika: They were probably shocked you weren
gernika: mircea_popescu I suppose that's one thing you couldn't do in a private all boys boarding school as opposed to a public school.
gernika: I think I asked the wrong question actually - but I'm not sure how to put it in terms of causes instead of purposes.
gernika: I wonder what is the sane mode of behavior for a child stuck in the public school system? Perhaps to make it work it actually is necessary to hit them and yell at them, but should it be made to work?
gernika: BingoBoingo: not sure if "compromise" vs. "comprise" was intentional or not. Also seems like the sentence starting with "As particulars..." is missing something. re:
gernika: BingoBoingo: something's wrong with this sentence I think: "Vaizey instead want to part the buyer and his purchase to part in a sale as has happened previously when 'cultural' export bans have been applied to artifacts."
gernika: BingoBoingo: did you mean cron instead of "chron" here?
gernika: thestringpuller: "However it does rise the humidity of the surrounding air" - should be "raise" -
gernika: doh sorry - thestringpuller
gernika: BingoBoingo: "all too happy" - sorry if someone already caught this
gernika: My first thought yes
gernika: Here's some "decentralization" for you:
gernika: asciilifeform: took my openbsd box 4 weeks
gernika: mircea_popescu: medium?
gernika: I'm just trying to imagine life from the perspective of someone who could read that and buy it. A Trilema article mast seem like a solid, impenetrable brick wall.
gernika: following up on the reddit/hearnia thread: Holy shit I can't believe hearnia wrote this: "...Bitcoin social contract.." It's just ... unbelievable.
gernika: My Dad did enjoy telling me the story of the Donner Party. One of his favorites.
gernika: Saddest stories I read in school were Bridge to Terebithia, and Where the Red Fern Grows. Not comparable to Fefeleaga I don't think.
gernika: I bet she'll forgive your student loan debt ... in exchange for your passport.
gernika: ascii_field so do something like bitcoind dumpblock i | bitcoind -datadir=somewhereelse eatblock i?
gernika: mod6 didn't realize 0.5.3 didn't have -reindex, so attempted a reindex with old .dat files (backed up blkindex.dat and last blk*.dat) - so I think I'm just syncing from scratch at this point. Not sure how useful my log would be at this point.
gernika: mod6: bastard blocks for roughly 10 hours now. Perhaps I corrupted my db?
gernika: and rebuilt, yes
gernika: mod6 I applied asciilifeform_maxint_locks_corrected.patch
gernika: Does it take a while to get past 367850? Or might I still be stuck...
gernika: Patching...
gernika: FYI OpenBSD w/o db patch wedged at 367850
gernika: BingoBoingo was there not a Nubian dynasty that ruled Egypt at some point? Apparently lasted 75 years?
gernika: ;;later tell phf eulora built! Crashes though:
gernika: phf: eulora built! Crashes though:
gernika: phf looks like cs built!
gernika: phf didn't see it in the list of updated formulas but the hash changed: b94bbf8834183935a1e03bd3736942e455a02e1c
gernika: Looks like I've got gcc42 as well
gernika: I do have gcc46 - I'm not sure if I have other gcc versions or not - I vaguely recall xcode installing some compiler or other
gernika: yes. one sec.
gernika: phf - been following along - that's what I get
gernika: Ah right. No problems building statically on OpenBSD.
gernika: Incidentally I spent about 1hr attempting to build rotor on OpenBSD - got buried in tiny differences between bsd/linux.
gernika: Because I won't be able to build it "deterministically" without rotor. Was my thinking.
gernika: General question - is there value in continuing to test stator, and future versions of it, on OpenBSD? Or should I abandon that and just test on Gentoo from now on?
gernika: Good stuff. Claimed it might work in australia - but didn't.
gernika: +1 Global Entry
gernika: punkman - I have the Ada 95 reference manual. Seems thorough. Also you can print out a copy of the GNAT User's Guide at Kinkos - which I've also done. Haven't actually made any progress in reading it but... Seems good by looking at TOC.