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gernika: mircea_popescu: jurov's suggestion was to declare the thing invalid for any use case in a deed. It's not clear to me what good that would do.
gernika: Curious re: above idiocy of mine wrt "I agree." Better to deedbot a retraction or just start over with a new private key?
gernika: mircea_popescu: I hadn't considered the socialist angle there
gernika: mircea_popescu: Well, any libertarian who believes in a borderless society
gernika: trinque: it's not just the libtards that loathe him. I think the libertarians as well, and they might hate him more.
gernika: mircea_popescu: interesting I thought he was the one that would pull out of the ongoing invasion...
gernika: allowing the kid to wear herself out in the pool
gernika: Brought him up in a hot tub full of middle aged women at a Best Western. Suddenly: silence.
gernika: rabid
gernika: I kind of like him because the absolute rage he inspires in my fellow bay areans.
gernika: This was after a solid week of "Trump is racist" headlines for the Curiel thing.
gernika: attempted by a brit last week or so, in Nevada. grabbed a cop's gun
gernika: ascii_deadfiber: if Trump is a loss monkey, why risk assassination for it? Seems not worth it.
gernika: Gore was a loss monkey.
gernika: ;;later tell asciilifeform << interesting indeed.
gernika: Whales are spouting off the coast today. Beautiful thing.
gernika: Something I built that may be of interest to Z80 fans:
gernika: jurov: ok. will be a bit. I'm currently in the process of vomiting out copious amounts of Rails code.
gernika: jurov: thx. I have an account on Would that be the best way?
gernika: Step 1: start as 1000 low paid jurovs.
gernika: jurov - absolutely. employment is a scam.
gernika: << what makes a job *less* shitty?
gernika: the telecommute *can* give one more time, as asciilifeform says - 60 hours a month. Health too - commutes are not good for you.
gernika: I regularly meet people who *just* moved here and are working on a kickstarter.
gernika: aha phf I meant I wouldn't recommend working in san francisco
gernika: I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
gernika: this is to work in san francisco
gernika: no cubes even - just tables in medium sized rooms, sometimes staring cooworkers in the face the entire day.
gernika: or commuting to do it in such a hellspace
gernika: that said, I no longer have to put up with the absurdity of doing that same work in an open office.
gernika: asciilifeform: I have telecommuted since 2013 - mostly for friends doing work that tends to trigger teeth kicking behavior, however.
gernika: asciilifeform: aqcuirers of web sites typically want all sorts of metrics about the site that might be in the logs.
gernika: If asciilifeform ever accidentally ends up at the same hotel as a rails convention, I expect to see a lot of shattered teeth on the floor.
gernika: I will probably return it to them, since I also brought back a replacement eerom-8u that worx, as opposed to the first one they sent me.
gernika: My Thinkpad t43 appears to have one.
gernika: asciilifeform: fyi I made a trip to eetools HQ today and came back home with a curiosity: EmMax plus rom emulator - connects to LPT port - comes with console app. It does *not* however appear to support dos - win95 is as far back as it goes it seems.

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