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gernika: lol!
gernika: mircea_popescu on top of that he argues its not even worth being promoted
gernika: mircea_popescu I had hopes, yes.
gernika: pete_dushenski: cool. I think my problem with Rao now is that he bases the Gervaise Principle off of The Office which was written by kids like B.J. Novak - and how the hell does he know anything about what executives do? He may, I just don't see how he got the knowledge.
gernika: pete_dushenski anyway I admit I was fond of the Gervais Principle, and it gave me a model to try and think about wtf executives and managers do all day.
gernika: pete_dushenski sadly unfamiliar with their work. I totally missed out on the tardstalk madness.
gernika: mircea_popescu: somehow they lead me here. They got me thinking at least. Or at least trying to.
gernika: pete_dushenski:
gernika: pete_dushenski: you familiar with Rao's Gervais Principle posts?
gernika: mircea_popescu I thought all usians dipped fries in the frier as teens or college students at least. Do the younger ones not go through that anymore?
gernika: decimation You're right I see the tie-in.
gernika: Following up on the "programmer lock-in" thread. Let's say you somehow saved up some capital and want to get out. What do you buy with the small amount of capital? Convencience store? Restaurant? Who will work there? Not your cousin from India - you're 3rd gen. American/Brittish/Whatever.
gernika: Not much of it would make it to schmuckson jr after gift tax
gernika: ascii_field I would probably need tribal piercings at a minimum to get a job at Whole Foods. Much like inmates in prison indicate their dedication to their trade with facial tattoos.
gernika: Realized at one point I would never even be able to work for a place such as Whole Foods - even if I wanted to.
gernika: Perhaps this place is mortally ill, but some aspects of the disease are more interesting to treat than others.
gernika: Playing the craigslist lottery around here can sometimes result in surprising connections.
gernika: Some taleb talk posted here applies to this fellow - the applicable bit being that his main mistake was holding the same job for years - fragile strategy.
gernika: ;;later tell mircea_popescu << Built it. It runs and syncs.
gernika: I'll give that a shot
gernika: I guess I get to get more practice installing gentoo :)
gernika: Looks like
gernika: mircea_popescu Yeah I did.
gernika: Well shit. Somehow I built 64 bit binaries on a 32 bit install of gentoo.
gernika: objdump: ./bitcoind: not a dynamic object
gernika: Not sure if I accidentally built a 32 bit gentoo or what...
gernika: trinque: Don't think so: ./bitcoind: file format elf64-x86-64
gernika: mod6 Built v0.5.4-TEST2 with rotor but can't run it on the system I built it on because: "-bash: ./bitcoind: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error." This is on gentoo built from stage3-i486-20150728.tar.bz2
gernika: mod6 asciilifeform fyi I just successfully built stator bitcoind on top of rotor. Gentoo inside Parallels. Needed trinque's patch.
gernika: mircea_popescu Interesting. That's one thing you and Michael O. Church agree on.
gernika: Is the pederast epithet a reference to older VCs getting kicks from paying a bunch of young hacker boys to hang out with them?
gernika: ben_vulpes thanks
gernika: Can someone point me to the guide for installing gentoo properly for foundation purposes? Following the default guide and it's got steps for setting up systemd, which clearly I don't want.
gernika: Seems like the fraud model took over in the 90s and resulted in the first bust.
gernika: ascii_field is there a summary of sv idiot culture somewhere that enumerates the major flaws? My own experience of it is that it is sort of a fraud culture in which fraud "prototypes" are developed to be sold to google/facebook/apple for marketing purposes.
gernika: There's a generation of americans that believed in those ads and movies too.
gernika: I do miss my old razr.
gernika: pete_dushenski I ended up getting a samsung gusto - texts well enough.
gernika: trinque in a quest for a minimal dumb phone I ordered this: They indeed shipped the phone to the US, but didn't work because wrong GSM frequency. Watch out for that.
gernika: Aha. Ok thanks. That should do it. Wget is a start. Ultimately I would like a distilled form with text + title + footnotes in some sort of structured format.
gernika: Anyone yet written any scripts to archive Trilema? I dipped my toe in the water, but only got as far as figuring out how to get curl to set the right cookie.
gernika: ah ok - close proximity + wood got it
gernika: why?
gernika: Never understood the mortgage interest tax credit. Seems like houses will just ... cost more.
gernika: I will be negotiating the CPI (joke that it is) into my next contract.
gernika: mod6 I wasn't looking for it, but no I don't recall seeing it
gernika: mod6 restarting on the same blockchain didn't help
gernika: mod6 correct it just ... got stuck
gernika: mod6 let me know if there's anything else I can do to help with this. Would suck if x% of pogos wedged at 168001
gernika: np
gernika: mod6
gernika: I have the debug log yes
gernika: Not sure how to get the txid
gernika: I have the last block
gernika: mod6 I set a new (empty) datadir and started over.
gernika: mod6 I changed nothing :(
gernika: mod6 stator, openssl-1.0.1g.
gernika: mod6 interesting that I ran into that on OpenBSD once, but got around it on a second try, not using libressl.
gernika: << refreshing.
gernika: Which, hey - would good if that happened more. Sadly the CEO's own idea turned out to suck and the startup went out of business.
gernika: CEO told our team ours sucked.
gernika: There was one hackathon which, at the time I hated, but in retrospect had some redeeming value to it. People formed their own teams and worked on their own ideas and at the end, the CEO judged the results.
gernika: At one such hackathon, employees were encouraged to spend the night in the office.
gernika: trinque that type of hackathon is innocuous compared to mandated hackathons at work.
gernika: phf Did you have to endure a hackathon?
gernika: That's the reason I can't work as a startup employee anymore: they want you to *believe*
gernika: ah so it's been over 100 years.
gernika: !s psoriasis
gernika: Who was the last known elite person in usia? Someone in the Sicilian mafia? (serious)
gernika: Incidentally, I had the completely opposite impression that Tesla was catching on - having recently seen Tesla recharging stations at a Holiday Inn in Winnemucca. Seems I should have weighted more heavily the fact that -- no one was using them.
gernika: mircea_popescu Aha no the Chinese thing was a test of my appearance via a photo, which I passed.
gernika: mircea_popescu They did, some 15 years ago. This is Idaho and Texas we're talking about.
gernika: << didn't fail any tests, just didn't take any. I happened to have roommates that smoked pot every day, and for the brief period I lived with them, I partook.
gernika: AMD only did one drug test, so just extended my internship there instead.
gernika: 1999ish?
gernika: Actually used to work at Micron, as an intern for a summer. Would have worked for them for a second summer but ... drug test. They did email on a Vax of some sorts, but were otherwise a windows shop.
gernika: I once applied for a job in Shenzhen - was required to send my picture. I was deemed acceptable.
gernika: BingoBoingo I paid roughly 7x for a similar configuration (new)
gernika: <+mircea_popescu> by now a multitude of people have copies, of that chain. << got it. switched to another node and now syncing.
gernika: thestringpuller: mp's seed node listed here:
gernika: sorry, not qntra node, bitcoind node referenced in qntra article. canonical bitcoind node is a better term?
gernika: Maybe the qntra node is running short of connections?
gernika: Still seeing: connect() failed after select(): Connection refused
gernika: mod6 250694
gernika: My OpenBSD bitcoind has stopped syncing: trying connection x.x.x.x:8333 lastseen=-371358.4hrs lasttry=-399136.2hrs | it had been syncing from the address in the qntra post.
gernika: <+mats> ideology. << what about a qntra email list? I'd search the logs to see if this has been proposed in the past but ... can't.
gernika: Well, they shouldn't outlaw it, at least.
gernika: Never quite understood the publicity push encouraging people to eat healthy. Who are these magical people that live healthy lives and then die conveniently, without requiring expensive medical treatment? Is it that they must live long lives and pay enough taxes to afford their death, and that those that die earlier are shirking?
gernika: punkman: So you can verify that lizardhitler approves your transaction? idk...
gernika: ;;later tell mircea_popescu << No nothing good. It was a centralized blockchain with reversible transactions using a custom implementation of ECC.
gernika: Close to there. I'm more on the peninsula.
gernika: I attended a lisp meetup in SV today at which someone presented their altcoin which happened to be written in CL. This altcoin exists apparently because bitcoin too "too slow."
gernika: mircea_popescu no he seemed to make eye-contact, connect, etc. Aaron Schwartz, who I met at a similar such party (possibly even the same one) struck me as being much more of an autist.
gernika: "Ellen Pao, the interim chief executive officer of Reddit, will be succeeded by Steve Huffman." << Met this guy (Steve Huffman) years ago at a YC startup school event. Had a brief discussion with him about lisp (don't recall the dialect he used).
gernika: mod6 I've attempted syncing on OpenBSD again and am now past block 168000 and have reached 185126. It's going very very slowly though.
gernika: mod6 I can dumpblock 168000, but not 168001. 168000 is available here: I'll share it differently if you'd rather I sign it and post it to the mailing list or anywhere else.
gernika: got to hit the hay
gernika: k. will see if I can dig them up on the mailing list
gernika: mod6: "There is no dynamic segment in this file." when I run the above command
gernika: mod6: had to run as root to get around openbsd memory limits on normal user accounts. There are other ways.
gernika: mod6: yeah I ran into that. Put it in my patch to Still need to go through the process of signing everything.
gernika: mod6: I'll check and make sure 1.0.1g was actually linked against tomorrow. I can say that it was built and copied to ./ourlibs.
gernika: mod6: I am indeed using 1.0.1g
gernika: mod6 stator with mods for OpenBSD. Blockheight=168000
gernika: I think I'm seeing the same: ERROR: AcceptToMemoryPool() : ConnectInputs failed ec7d42baa3
gernika: thanks mircea_popescu
gernika: Will do. Need to sign up for the mailing list.
gernika: It is syncing
gernika: For any interested: using phf's patch with a few mods for amd64 I have successfully built stator on OpenBSD.
gernika: ah shit - that's right they were usnig node.js for the price ticker
gernika: This was roughly around the time of the scam foundation's first conf in San Jose.
gernika: thx
gernika: Howdy. Sorry for all the joins/parts. Gotta get znc up again.
gernika: no sign of crime though except bars on everything
gernika: mircea_popescu: palermo
gernika: mircea_popescu: i do notice a sigificant police presence here.
gernika: self sacrificial almost
gernika: early adopters are a strange sort
gernika: mircea_popescu: ok so early adoption stopped in 2010?
gernika: even early adopters of bitcoin?
gernika: no. my wife would not approve of that
gernika: beautiful city
gernika: loving it
gernika: hello from buenos aires
gernika: \qquit
gernika: Pierre_Rochard: will do
gernika: Pierre_Rochard: I will probably mod it to work with my 16 sided die to save me some rolls.
gernika: Pierre_Rochard: I was JUST searching for something like this.
gernika: I was able to collect email addresses via a signup page running an FB campaign at one time. Don't recall the conversion percentage at the moment but at that time at least there were real people clicking.
gernika: punkman: polycentralized. Now it's just monodecentralized.
gernika: mircea_popescu: "When given the choice between temporary centralization and guaranteeing the security of the protocol and therefore user funds, the choice is obvious. Once the new consensus algorithm is complete, it will be safe to run with more than one node again."
gernika: and has "temporarily" recentralized
gernika: Stellar forked
gernika: cazalla BingoBoingo:
gernika: The world doesn't work like that here.
gernika: Hmm doner looks good, never had it before.
gernika: I agree - a german burrito seemed unappealing just as a concept, let alone as something concrete made out of that run down kitchen, but apparently at the time I thought that was my best option.
gernika: I had a burrito there. It was not a great burrito. The interior was quite drab.
gernika: mircea_popescu actually yes, that looks familiar
gernika: mircea_popescu I have not heard of Room77 - google tells me it's some sort of hotel site.
gernika: There was a constant search for some unexploited google search phrase
gernika: Whatever scheme they came up with inevitably ran out of steam after at most a few years.
gernika: And at the same time calling it passive income.
gernika: These people were constantly working
gernika: Exactly. I slept very little while I was trying to follow their recipe.
gernika: Man. I used to subscribe to this forum called the Micropreneuer academy. I see now that this was exactly their propsal: spam to make money while you sleep.
gernika: new IRC client, forgot to page down
gernika: Sorry about that
gernika: The post on bitcoin in Argentina reminds me of Bitcoin in berlin. There was supposed to be some thriving bitcoin scene in Kreuzberg. In fact when I went to visit there was a single crappy cafe with a cheap Bitcoin sign hanging in the window.
gernika: The post on bitcoin in Argentina reminds me of Bitcoin in berlin. There was supposed to be some thriving bitcoin scene in Kreuzberg. In fact when I went to visit there was a single crappy cafe with a cheap Bitcoin sign hanging in the window.
gernika: mircea_popescu ah so also cognitive biases.
gernika: mircea_popescu are you referring to logical fallacies by 'modes of logical failure'? Also, by learning to control your emtions, I assume you don't mean learning to meditate.
gernika: p
gernika: This look about right?
gernika: both the keyboards and the "magic" trackpad
gernika: What aggravates me more and more recently is the claim that mac products are well designed, when in fact they will destroy your hands.
gernika: asciilifeform: I find it interesting that you prefer the buckling springs over something like the Microsoft Natural Keyboard that doesn't require you flex your wrists sideways. That said, using the MS keyboard ultimately has not prevented me from having issues. I must try a springy keyboard.
gernika: asciilifeform: sorry it's been about a month since I read it
gernika: asciilifeform: ah I thought you'd figured out how to hook it up to whatever development machine you use
gernika: asciilifeform: so is someone who can't get ahold of a microwriter basically just fucked?
gernika: asciilifeform: why are tactile spring switches more ergonomic? Do they prevent you from pressing with too much strength?
gernika: asciilifeform: not like the old ibm keyboards that sort of ring when you click them no.
gernika: asciilifeform: also yes it's not hand shaped, but also does n't require you to twist your hand and splay your fingers
gernika: asciilifeform: the buttons definitely click when you press them, but that is not what you're talking about?
gernika: asciilifeform: I recently read Englebard's Violin and managed to get ahold of a Twiddler. Have you used it?
gernika: Reading at a higher level seems akin to using higher level programming languages. The ability to pack more information into fewer lexical units is powerful. Just realized this.
gernika: Well, first I have to learn Greek. Then Latin.
gernika: That seems reasonable. I believe I'm looking at 5 to 10 years of work.
gernika: mircea_popescu: I find that if I follow your hints, I can understand more of each of your posts. 1. Research all references not understood. 2. Read multiple times. 3. Get better at reading by learning what words actually mean (that is, learning the etymology of each).
gernika: was 70,000.
gernika: danielpbarron: What are the criteria for something to be an intermediate species? How long does something have to have been around and how large does the population have to be for it to be classified as such? Seems like for populations that were at no time higher than the hundreds of thousands it would be very unlikely to expect to find fossils. Google tells me the peak population of neanderthals
gernika: mircea_popescu: Calle Florida. Got it. Thanks.
gernika: Anyone who has travelled to Buenos Aires have some recommendations for getting pesos once there? I assume the airport kiosks are total ripoff.
gernika: danielpbarron: thanks
gernika: There was even gassing of dissidents.
gernika: Seemed to have a lot of references to the Nazis. 80s made for TV series in which lizards disguised as humanoids invade the planet.
gernika: Wonder if that's what inspired V.
gernika: May I ask where the reptilian reference comes from? (lizard hitler, et. al) I see some references to Hitler being a Lizard Alien Being on google, but nothing beyond a literal interpretation of that.
gernika: Some looting in Oakland:
gernika: to answer my own question above, the value of the coins in USD will be retained in escrow until the outcome of the case is decided.
gernika: There must be some convoluted explanation as to why that's OK though
gernika: Anyone have any references to the legal rationale for selling seized assets prior to a verdict and before the appeals process has completed?
gernika: BingoBoingo I think Yasha Levine is male.
gernika: BingoBoingo: I liked the IsisCoin story.
gernika: mircea_popescu you're right - the claim is that it *could* be used by them I suppose.
gernika: Just seems to run contrary to the usgovmedia claim that ISIS is using bitcoin.
gernika: cazalla are gold and silver altcoins?
gernika: No
gernika: cazalla might this be related enough to bitcoin to cover?:
gernika: !s TaT
gernika: Orlov reminds me of detective who has you in the interrogation room. He somehow befriends himself to you and makes you think he wants to help you. He lays out your options. Cooperate and you get life. Otherwise death.
gernika: !s typical agent
gernika: I could see him as the "social media" branch of a wider effort that includes RT.
gernika: Blog until you make it?
gernika: Was Orlov paid first, and then he started writing? Or the other way around?
gernika: term sheet change, sell company
gernika: undata Pretty sure the same thing happened to me about 3 years ago.
gernika: It's hard to go for more than a year here without the company you're working for being sold.
gernika: And apparently beer (from the barley)
gernika: looks like barley and emmer wheat
gernika: well, no olives
gernika: mircea_popescu I'm guessing Egyptian workers/soldiers got the same.
gernika: mircea_popescu ok I should substitute "mostly grain + small amount of meat and vegetables" for "starch alone" then
gernika: I suspect that there has not been much or any negative selection related to eating grains. Eating them doesn't kill you before you can breed. So yes, eventually they may or may not make you fat and give you diabetes, but not before you've had 10 kids fueled on starch alone.
gernika: mircea_popescu: im pretty sure 3rd stage reader actually has two cvasi-simultaneous processes where the same photogram as registered by eyes is first parsed for stems then parsed for endings and they get superimposed in a 3rd stage << Is "3rd stage" a reference to a formal description of the classes of reading ability that I can research elsewhere?
gernika: ok noted.
gernika: Visiting FB tomorrow. Anything you all want me to mention to Zuckerburg?
gernika: then the dog bit russia?
gernika: So post WWI reparations imposed on germany was the teasing?
gernika: If that is correct, how does the cycle repeat? Or does it?
gernika: So Buterin's Waterfall works like this: Buterin announces scam coin sale. Chumps give him btc, bringing down the price of BTC which he then sells for fiat. Weak hands then sell btc for fiat on the market out of fear. Correct?
gernika: I would not be surprised at the gap in my knowledge given my public education.
gernika: interesting - the movie I saw was more about what the russians did to germany after the war. Wrt anglos are we talking firebombing?
gernika: thanks
gernika: decimation any good sources to read about it? Seen some german movies about the immediate post ware period.
gernika: BingoBoingo You have to realize the h1b thing is USia's last defense against the doctor, retailer, doctor pipeline << even doctors and lawyers are slaves in the US now, due to student loan debt.
gernika: The goal doesn't have to be meaningful. It just has to be achieved.
gernika: Yes. Everything and anything for the goal.
gernika: That's what I didn't get
gernika: What makes a slave happy? Certainly not freedom.
gernika: Silicon valley companies are full of h1b slaves
gernika: I like the h1b worker as slave idea. Everything makes so much more sense now.
gernika: cazalla I like the background given on investors and founders involved in the startups covered. Don't have a specific example in mind, but I like the digging.
gernika: A world where you appear to have a bunch of choices, but in fact you have only one and it sucks.
gernika: bounce it's not trust, just not sure what it is. Anti-rape. Will consider that.
gernika: It's the sort of trust that you think is trust at first, then realize you have no other options later.
gernika: lol
gernika: So what is the term or concept for forced trust in third parties?
gernika: I suppose in my mind I conflated being forced to trust certain third parties (my "elected" representative, my bank, the Federal Reserve) and voluntarily trusting random ebay sellers.
gernika: Hmm yes. Trust *is* cheap.
gernika: I have seen discussion of that on Trilema, I believe. Doesn't that arrangement depend on a trusted third party? The creditor?
gernika: The seller then ships the item.
gernika: But you don't need to. The seller puts the value of their item in btc in escrow. The buyer puts double the value of the item in btc in escrow.
gernika: via multisig transactions
gernika: Also, this escrow can be done without a third party
gernika: Well, an escrow that doesn't make any decision in the event of a dispute except to say both parties are out their escrow.
gernika: basket.
gernika: successfully. It would work like this: Alice wants to sell her gold for btc. She puts 1 oz of gold worth of btc in Chad's basket. Bob puts 2 oz. of gold worth of btc in Chad's basket. Alice gives Bob her gold. Bob refuses to give Alice her 1 oz of gold worth of btc. Chad threatens to throw his basket over the cliff. Bob reluctantly give alice 1 oz of gold worth of btc. Chad gives everyone back their stuff from the
gernika: mircea_popescu So in a case where two parties have no information about each other (which is essentially the same as when one party is in the WoT and one isn't, or when one party wants to do a trade they're not rated for), a nash equilibrium allows a way to incentivize both parties to complete the transaction faithfully by forcing both parties to risk the value of the item being traded contingent on the trade being completed
gernika: mircea_popescu Would a nash equilibrium based exchange in THAT case be of use? Or would it nullify the donation to the wot?
gernika: mircea_popescu So in order for someone to get rated for a more valuable interaction than they have ever participated in before, someone else always needs to take a risk, correct?
gernika: s/btw/btc
gernika: mircea_popescu Ah ok. Got it. Didn't think about how people would evaluate the WoT differently for different magnitudes of transactions. It actually does help with the long con problem. So one could do 50 1 btw transactions, then steal the last btc, but that's about all. Yes I've read what-the-wot...
gernika: cheat someone in a large transaction?
gernika: mircea_popescu for example, Alice builds up a good reputation in the WoT. Then in some large transaction Alice absconds with Bob's BTC and fails to deliver the goods. If the same transaction were instead executed in such a way that if either party fails to deliver, both Alice and Bob would lose an amount of btc equal to the value of the item being purchased, would that then prevent Alice from sacrificing her WoT rating to
gernika: Regarding, would the use of a Nash Equilibrium that does not rely on third parties mitigate the problem of the long con?
gernika: undata to the ovens with techies?
gernika: I once ran over a bicyclist. She then got a ticket.
gernika: thx punkman

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