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scoopbot_revived: Fefeleaga.
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trinque: a deeply moving story. thanks for translating.
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BingoBoingo: Oh the reddardation
assbot: The blocksize debate is due to limited upload bandwidth. A hardfork could fix this: by allowing 10 minutes for *all* nodes to upload their blocks into a "blockpool" (so nodes with slow internet have a chance too), and then *randomly* select one block as the "winner" to append to the blockchain. : Bi ... ( )
mircea_popescu: omfg
BingoBoingo: I don't even think the asciilifeform phillipino theory can explain this one. USG must be farming out spam to Montessori schools nao.
mircea_popescu: << or you could just have a multiview editor/calculator
assbot: Logged on 13-08-2015 20:43:18; mats: wish i had that skill. would be useful for conversions between base16, base10, base8, base2 conversions when doing low level computering
mircea_popescu: << is this how you say oral sex ?
assbot: Logged on 14-08-2015 02:13:00; trinque: watch her end up lapping me
trinque: haha, but of course
trinque: I feel I've done a great service aiming her at the parentheses early
mircea_popescu: had you aimed at her paratnthesis and made her late instead...
assbot: Au Naturel ... ( )
BingoBoingo: ^ tldr; tan your sack
ben_vulpes: sorry pete_dusheshenski, no tech support available this week
ben_vulpes is working 18 hour weeks to keep a miserably mismanaged cms project from auguring into the ground at mach 2
ben_vulpes: days
ben_vulpes: hyu
mircea_popescu: still cms is what people do with people's time ? in 2015 ?
trinque: ben_vulpes: read that story about the old woman and miserable horse; it'll make ya feel better
ben_vulpes: coracle at 290915 tho
ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: future is here
assbot: right-now ... ( )
trinque: publishing... still JIT-htmlpiled in 2015
ben_vulpes: jit html
ben_vulpes: windows 10
ben_vulpes: os x 10
mircea_popescu: trinque o you did ?
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ben_vulpes: <trinque> watch her end up lapping me << scheme is what i threw the new girl at the shop
trinque: nice
ben_vulpes: oh hey you should meet the new folks
trinque: mircea_popescu: yes, felt that story presents a nice bottom-bound on the misery-ometer
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trinque: ben_vulpes: yeah can come say hi whenever
mircea_popescu: i think so too
ben_vulpes: << gaze ye and weep
assbot: javascript - contenteditable single-line input - Stack Overflow ... ( )
trinque: ben_vulpes: how does a guy know about editable divs and not disallowing wrap?
ben_vulpes: i didn't know about editable divs today
ben_vulpes: until today
ben_vulpes: i still wish that i didn't
ben_vulpes: trinque: didja get to the part where he talks about implementing a single-line rich-text-editor ?
trinque: there's also a secret property-knocking handshake you can do to turn any div into a game of pacman
trinque: there isn't, but why not
ben_vulpes: pahaha
trinque: no I bailed
ben_vulpes: "the correct answer is to get your project manager to change the requirements"
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trinque: why not float the dumb emojis over the input
ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: solidly over six?
ben_vulpes: ;;ticker
gribble: Bitfinex BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 265.2, Best ask: 265.21, Bid-ask spread: 0.01000, Last trade: 265.22, 24 hour volume: 12201.37226015, 24 hour low: 262.13, 24 hour high: 267.06, 24 hour vwap: None
ben_vulpes: hogwash
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ben_vulpes: <mircea_popescu> senator hurrdurr (who really seems an exact mirror image of ron paul in left colorings) is certainly out of the question, but omfg don't tell me trump takes over and does a postmodern rendition of reagan << it is going to be glorious
ben_vulpes: i don't vote and i will vote for him
ben_vulpes: for teh lulz
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cazalla: <<< i don't shave and i buzz my ever balding scalp.. i guess that makes me fearful of t3h gh3y then
assbot: Logged on 13-08-2015 19:20:56; mircea_popescu: << how's this different from being affraid of being gay ?
cazalla: it is a little more like being forced to wear a puffy shirt than fear of being gay
assbot: #ThInnerBeauty: Unleash the hidden beauty! ... ( )
cazalla: BingoBoingo, i dunno, the one on the left looks better imo she is just about right for me minus about 10kg
assbot: ... ( )
cazalla: just needs to lose a little off the belly
BingoBoingo: Yet you will never get her to lose any of it without shame
trinque: big asses ftw. there's a middle ground here.
cazalla: yeah i think so too trinque
punkman: the only good photoshop in there
assbot: ... ( )
cazalla: i dont mind fat ass and the chubby look, just no stomach over hang
BingoBoingo: trinque: The path to a big ass is the squat rack
trinque: it's true
shinohai: I'd still hit it.
cazalla: the one on the left? ah i'd pass
cazalla: (which means i'd root her but not tell anyone here)
cazalla: needs a few beers.. which i have being friday and all
shinohai: I dunno cazalla if u squint your eyes and pretend she is the girl on the right ...\
trinque: how does one pretend with his dick, may I ask
cazalla: why is a woman dressed like that in a shopping centre anyway?
shinohai: Pretty good shop, though the reflections don't change xD
cazalla: her legs look skinny in the reflection eh, maybe it is a skinny to fat photo edited with adobe photoshop
assbot: Chicago, New Orleans, and rebirth - Chicago Tribune ... ( )
trinque: << nothing at all wrong with the left
assbot: ... ( )
shinohai: looks like my ex wife
shinohai: the cunt
cazalla: of course there looks to be nothing wrong when it is a b&w photo which is dimly lit to boot
cazalla: <<< what are the differences between coreboot and libreboot?
assbot: Logged on 14-08-2015 00:32:27; mircea_popescu: << im starting to suspect a "alf's guide to coreboot" full doc would be more valuable than anything on cryptome currently and really a great addition to loper-os. provided it actually is complete.
punkman: cazalla: coreboot supports some binary blobs n things iirc
cazalla: i thought that was a bit of a no no?
punkman: well it's up to you to choose what is used or not
punkman: libreboot might also derp about licenses
cazalla: BingoBoingo, all this fatty hate and your fondness of black chicks is making me wonder if some there is some similarity to be found here with ardent gay haters who can't get enough of the cock behind closed doors
BingoBoingo: Black chicks that aren't fat are too damn rare. Shame and fat hate are a way to correct that with time honored social engineering.
cazalla: i'm not so sure shame works anymore, these people are without shame
punkman: BingoBoingo: you could go look for the hungrier ones in africa
BingoBoingo: punkman: But AIDS
punkman: you can get em tested
punkman: but yeah
shinohai: *with time honoured social engineering <<< applauds BingoBoingo
BingoBoingo: Fat People hate is basically a suckless movement for wetware
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cazalla: happy chinese new year!
assbot: - Massive Explosion In Tianjin,China.(New angle) ... ( )
assbot: "If you're not running a node, you're not really using Bitcoin." u/luke-jr : Bitcoin ... ( )
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wilbns: cazella: wow
wilbns: cazalla*
cazalla: wilbns, vexual?
wilbns: no, coderwill
wilbns: wondering how many kilotons that explosion was
BingoBoingo: Apparently it was only in the tens of tons, no kilotons
assbot: How strong was the Tianjin explosion? : askscience ... ( )
wilbns: BingoBoingo: wow, can't imagine what a nuke would be like, then
BingoBoingo: Bigger
wilbns: a while back some people were conjecturing a mini nuke was used in yemen; video of that explosion:
assbot: Yemen War 2015 - Giant Explosion After Saudi Arabian Airstrike On Houthi Weapons Depot In Yemen - YouTube ... ( )
wilbns: something about the glowing particulate and the presence of two explosions, the first of which possibly being to trigger a criticality event
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cazalla: sounds like some alex jones type shit
assbot: JL: Operating a Hoodrat Trading Post ... ( )
punkman: "To give you an idea of how desperate a retailer has to be to close overnight, the tiny supermarket where I work, which is about half the size of a Wal-Mart’s food section, lost 1 million dollars per year when it closed down overnight in 2009. "
punkman: I dunno how a "tiny" supermarket has overnight sales of 1 million
BingoBoingo: Well over the course of a whole year
BingoBoingo: Even niche retail can move stunning amounts of money in the gross. Just hard to do anywhere near that much net.
scoopbot_revived: Released Clinton Email Shows Clinton Requested Book on Deleting Email
punkman: clearly, it wasn't a very good book
BingoBoingo: Of course
BingoBoingo: Probably didn't cover the part where the recipient's inbox matters too.
cazalla: <<< u no like montessori schools?
assbot: Logged on 14-08-2015 06:02:18; BingoBoingo: I don't even think the asciilifeform phillipino theory can explain this one. USG must be farming out spam to Montessori schools nao.
BingoBoingo: I'm just going off the stereotype of that being where people who've ever been punched emerged from like in that SNL skit
cazalla: lol was just discussing enrolling kid in a montessori pre-school from 2 1/2 years onwards no less than 30m ago
BingoBoingo: They may not be bad, but who knows
assbot: overweight employee keeps breaking office chairs, my boss won't give me a budget, and more — Ask a Manager ... ( )
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cazalla: i just don't think i could toss him to the wolves in the public school system
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cazalla: BingoBoingo, sounds easier to sack the fat cow
BingoBoingo: I though you had to send them to the wolve for a couple years to toughen them up a bit, but maybe save that for later
cazalla: bit young for that, although didn't stop my own father
BingoBoingo: I mean at some point you'll have to throw hm to the wolves for a bit lest the wolves find him anyways
assbot: Landless Workers' Movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... ( )
punkman: cazalla: BingoBoingo, sounds easier to sack the fat cow << what and get sued for 100x the cost of chairs?
cazalla: i thought you could sack at will in america?
assbot: hiring someone who will need two airplane seats when she travels — Ask a Manager ... ( )
punkman: "Obviously it would be better for you both if you could discuss this openly: she would rather not waste time if she won’t get hired, and you would rather not reject your top candidate. Unfortunately, I don’t think you should assume that you can safely discuss this. If you decline to hire someone after finding out that they have a covered disability, you may expose yourself to a lawsuit."
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punkman: I lol'd
assbot: Inside Egypt's Unrecognised ADHD Problem - YouTube ... ( )
cazalla: punkman, 30 minutes? sheeit, keep it to 3 minutes or less thxkgo
assbot: The Angels - Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again, Live In Melbourne 1979 - YouTube ... ( )
punkman: cazalla: what you think I'm gonna watch that thing, title is enough
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punkman: apparently the tourists aren't enjoying the boatloads of arabs arriving next to their resorts
assbot: Kos Becoming Main Migrant Entry Point To Europe - YouTube ... ( )
cazalla: BingoBoingo, found the answer to the chair problem
assbot: ... ( )
punkman: "FDA registered as a durable medical devise"
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asciilifeform: << get an 'hp16c'. handily beats computer for this purpose.
assbot: Logged on 14-08-2015 06:16:49; assbot: Logged on 13-08-2015 20:43:18; mats: wish i had that skill. would be useful for conversions between base16, base10, base8, base2 conversions when doing low level computering
asciilifeform: (little rpn calculator that does 64-bit arithmetic - standard, conversions (bin, hex, dec, octal), shifts/rotates, masks, etc. circa 1982 iirc.)
asciilifeform: << libreboot supports ~10 boards, all but one of them - ancient laptops
assbot: Logged on 14-08-2015 08:06:45; cazalla: <<< what are the differences between coreboot and libreboot?
asciilifeform: << no blobs if you have a civilized (amd!) board. and the intel boards won't work, typically, even with blobs
assbot: Logged on 14-08-2015 08:07:28; punkman: cazalla: coreboot supports some binary blobs n things iirc
asciilifeform: my current understanding is that libreboot exists as a kind of sad 'hurd' to coreboot's 'linux'
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gernika: mod6: bastard blocks for roughly 10 hours now. Perhaps I corrupted my db?
mike_c: goddamn mircea, that was depressing
mike_c: hopefully you've got an old romanian love poem or something to follow that up with
mike_c: trilema traffic is going to drop by half as your readers start jumping off a cliff.
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asciilifeform: !up ascii_field
ascii_field: << lulzy re: 'tide dollar'
assbot: People in rough neighborhoods trade HIV meds instead of taking them | Ars Technica ... ( )
chetty: mike_c: goddamn mircea, that was depressing// I thought it was heroic
mike_c: It was something. I kinda assumed she's killing herself at the end.
mike_c: Can't carry rocks with no horse.
ascii_field: chetty, mircea_popescu: story reminiscent of turgenev's Муму
ascii_field: (where a serf drowns his dog, the only thing he ever loved)
chetty: well perhaps she dos something other thna carry rocks now
ascii_field: kinda assumed starvation
ascii_field: sop, as mircea_popescu pointed out once, in east europe
ascii_field: no worky, no eaty.
mircea_popescu: my great-grandfather, aged 85 or so, died by taking to bed and refusing to eat anymore.
mircea_popescu: ~2 weeks.
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ascii_field: i call it the gödel diet.
mircea_popescu: chetty incidentally, i agree it was heroic.
mircea_popescu: the reason it's sad is because wasted hero.
mircea_popescu: not from the hero's pov, obviously, that can't be. but from my (the other's) pov.
chetty: heros come in lots of flavors
mircea_popescu: << yours is better.
assbot: ... ( )
assbot: File:Agarbiceanu Cluj.JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... ( )
ascii_field: i bet mircea_popescu would love 'grave of the fireflies'
mircea_popescu: heck, i recently discovered the "northern system's" principal children's writer (hc andersen) is not know to teh northern ppls.
mircea_popescu: matchgirl died in vain.
ascii_field: he had a well-deserved reputation as a hack and bootlick
ascii_field: when alive
mircea_popescu: nevertheless.
ascii_field: as a boy, hca gave me howling nightmares
mircea_popescu: see ?
ascii_field: (i had the complete worx)
mircea_popescu: romania has (actually - had. i published a post asking for his death and he died three days later) one too, adrian paunescu.
mircea_popescu: most objectionable character on record, doubtlessly a fine poet.
ascii_field: lemme guess
ascii_field: he was your country's mayakovsky.
mircea_popescu: ascii_field i dun have the patience for animated full length features. but i did like the ... shit, what was it called. the one where the guy breaks in and murders a buncha women. one of them confronts him, in perhaps the best scene of japanese cinema
ascii_field: at least show 'fireflies' to the gurlz
mircea_popescu: mayakovsky was not fat.
ascii_field: they will like.
ascii_field: mayakovsky had the sense to eat his nagant as a young man
ascii_field: so no, not fat.
chetty: // this was my childhood nightmare
mircea_popescu: so no, not romania's m. romania's adonis-13, except aware.
mircea_popescu: haha, no balm in gilead, chetty ?
chetty: I actually dont even recall the story, just the name, and that after I read it I wouldnt read hca again for years
mircea_popescu: most of the kids in teh class got all angry and actively-intensive about the fefeleaga story, but the teacher had the presence of mind to point out that obviously activity of any kind will be ineffectual, and if one's inclination's obviously going to be ineffectual one's necessarily misunderstood something.
ascii_field: wai wat?!
ascii_field: angry?
mircea_popescu: bless her soul, for without that it'd have ended up as yet another class of world-saving idiots.
ascii_field: i'd imagine it was in the curriculum because 'see how they lived in pre-soviet era'
mircea_popescu: nope. not at all.
mircea_popescu: it had ben in the curricula in that part of the country before ferdinand. which was before charles.
ascii_field: spiffy
mircea_popescu: which is, as far as romanians are concerned, how hitler was invented, and the soviets are, again, just some easterners trying to be german in their retarded way.
ascii_field: what did the idiot kids want to 'activity' ? search for starving old blind mine horses to rescue ?
mircea_popescu: for instance.
mircea_popescu: !up ascii_field
ascii_field: lulzy
trinque: the desolation in the story is imo a healthy thing to consider.
ascii_field: over in the land of the proper orcs, tales like this were taught with the 'constructive' aim of 'see kids, THEY want to put us back in this. yes, THEY.'
trinque: yes, life comes to this, and no, you can't do anything about it.
trinque: if yours doesn't, be glad, but you still end up gnarled and old, and perhaps with a few more horses
mircea_popescu: ascii_field transylvania has the not-to-be-neglected advantage of two millenia of continual habitation. stuff like soviets barely register if at all.
ascii_field: mircea_popescu makes it sound almost chinese
mircea_popescu: this is the most successful sort of special pleading for the entire "resistance through culture" thing. which is why the argument can't be properly carried in english, etc.
mircea_popescu: it is the closest thing to china outside of say greece.
mircea_popescu: but the difference is deeply, fundamnetally palpable. i did recently "curs de langue et de civilisation europeene", by screening le gendarme et les gendarmettes (funes) and la liceale - al mare con amica de papa.
mircea_popescu: the differences between a 1500 yo people and a 2500 yo people are marked.
mircea_popescu: trinque gets a whole lot of it.
jurov: only two millenia?
mircea_popescu: yeah.
jurov: more like, 12k (all the way from last ice age)
mircea_popescu: eh bs.
mircea_popescu has seen people wearing to work the legionnaire tunics, and knows for a fact that they were wearing the same item by the unerring sign, that they used the same points of them.
mircea_popescu: much like you know someone's using a hammer for it being a hammer through the sign that the flat part goes to put the nail in and the fork to pull the nail back out.
mircea_popescu: if your leg bends to match the tunic it's quite clear you're in fact wearing a tunic, not merely a similar looking apron.
ascii_field: points ?
ascii_field: ah
mircea_popescu: yes. import resitance_of_medium.h
mircea_popescu: things are not what they may be perceived to be, but what is left after washed in the acid of movement and phenomena.
mircea_popescu: (ftr, very old peoples do survive in france as well - same places they do in the east. like the normans, say, or the gascons. much hay was made by the plains populatrons about this also, at the time they were still trying to understand themselves seriously - say 3 centuries ago)
ascii_field: 'the art of not being governed' covers same, in indochina
mircea_popescu: the main difference between the paris horde and the bucharest horde being, of course, that the former were productive. or one should say, sufficiently productive.
mircea_popescu: ascii_field speaking of which - weirdness like "colectivisation" etc didn't touch most of high transylvania. simply because teh people didn't do it. because wut. even some horses survived.
ascii_field: ditto selected inaccessible parts of indochina
ascii_field: (srsly, mega-book, worth at least a warez reading)
mircea_popescu: aha.
phf: old horses, dying children, gratuitous cruelty, it's like i'm back in my highschool lit class
mircea_popescu: cruelty can't be gratuitous.
mircea_popescu: it's back to the "what purpose does the sun serve for us, children ?"
phf: that's not the right word
mircea_popescu: "it fucks your mother."
phf: small cruelty done because it can be done
mircea_popescu: you mean, mean.
mircea_popescu: im so distraught that word lost its principal meaning. which was - people being "people", in the reddit sense of the term.
mircea_popescu: lowly, small, petty. mean. of mean extraction, ie, borne by mcmansion folk.
ascii_field: mircea_popescu: it is interesting, and related, to inquire into the etymology of english word 'churl'
mircea_popescu: into which you ran, like i have, by trying to translate a certain russian word ?
phf: huh, it's right there in the dictionary too
mircea_popescu: phf if your dictionary was made before social media, yes.
mircea_popescu: (d'artagnan's origin is not coincidental, and the fact superman's not from the ozarks does not reflect too well on either the profundity or the perspectives of that culture)
mircea_popescu: (and no, it can't be fixed by simply moving one's hands and MAKING him that. it has to come from the public, as an unavoidable necessity. and no, the public can't be "educated" etc)
assbot: 'CVS: src' - MARC ... ( )
jurov: "Disable support for loading LC_CTYPE locales other than UTF-8."
phf: shalamov makes a convincing argument in a story about natalia klimova, one of the ladies that tried to assassinate stolypin, that the way for soviet regime was paved by people who read stories like fefeleaga and decided that something needs to be done. it was already 20 years of terrorism by mostly educated aristocracy children, "from vegetarianism and love thy neighbor to throwing bombs"
ascii_field: ^^^
mircea_popescu: obviously.
mircea_popescu: i don't think this is at all controversial. the degenerate children of a lost aristocracy are the primary fuel of the imbecillity of revolution.
mircea_popescu: and it is why i pointed out orlov's failure in the elephant story.
ascii_field: orwell?
mircea_popescu: god damned it.
mircea_popescu: yes.
mircea_popescu: people like to lie and claim their failures are some sort of virtues. but they aren't. and the fact that those kids felt unequal to the responsibility of who they were supposed to be in this world... well...
mircea_popescu: obviously it'll have to change then.
asciilifeform: !up ascii_field
mircea_popescu: go ahead, "make things better" for fefeleaga by what ? giving her a breadmaking machine ? a pegassus ? what are you going to GIVE her ? a job at the local airport ? a newly built apartment ?
mircea_popescu: give asciilifeform a proper windows license while at it, so he stops having to toil with the obscure bullshit he is now.
mircea_popescu: why not, make things better, fix the world.
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mircea_popescu: would you like some double pump mocha, ascii_field ?
ascii_field: l0l!!
mircea_popescu: what.
ascii_field: this was kinda the idea though. 'now ~everyone~ can be a degenerate aristocrat!'
mircea_popescu: you laugh at your saviours to be ?
mircea_popescu: who could have FUCKING PREDICTED.
mod6: <+gernika> mod6: bastard blocks for roughly 10 hours now. Perhaps I corrupted my db? << hmm. not sure? are you getting errors as opposed to just bastard blocks? maybe post last 250 lines of your debug.log and we can have a look.
assbot: Agency and other notes on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( )
mircea_popescu: "Should you suddenly find yourself with enough success to, say, help significantly decrease poverty and famine in some 3rd world country, would you be prepared and ready with a game-plan"
mircea_popescu: a GAME plan.
ascii_field: mircea_popescu: americanism. it is customary to describe anything political in terms used in the american football, e.g., 'playbook', 'gameplan', 'huddle'
mircea_popescu: not only customary, but proper.
ascii_field: 'punt'
ascii_field: a few others i can't recall now.
mircea_popescu: it is a good idea to describe anything overgrown, neotenic idiots do as "a game". because yes, they're playing.
ascii_field: but not just any game. always that one, for some reason.
ascii_field: (never, oddly enough, baseball. which i grew up thinking of as ~the~ american sport)
mircea_popescu: "impostor syndrome" is how sanity is known among the playful bunch, busy play-pretending a life and daydreaming an existence. the silkworms awake./
ascii_field: << lulzy
assbot: Grant fraud, should I bust my PhD advisor? - Academia Stack Exchange ... ( )
mircea_popescu: heh.
mircea_popescu: imagine the panic this raises through the 65% of phd advisors reading there
ascii_field: 'Naturally all the documentation is keep secret, but a quick Google search would reveal that one can't simultaneously work at place x, and give lectures at place y, while x and y are hours of travel away. But again the people who control the grant money only check the paperwork they are provided. Is there a bogus employment contract in my name? I don't know but I have reasons to believe so.'
ascii_field: my current understanding is that this is sop
ascii_field: and that virtually every major american uni has dozens of faculty, heavily overlapping with the set of most serious money-bringers, who are criminally impeachable
gernika: mod6 didn't realize 0.5.3 didn't have -reindex, so attempted a reindex with old .dat files (backed up blkindex.dat and last blk*.dat) - so I think I'm just syncing from scratch at this point. Not sure how useful my log would be at this point.
ascii_field: gernika: eatblock!
ascii_field: is our 'reindex'
mircea_popescu: ascii_field your current understanding is strictly correct.
mircea_popescu: all that keeps the whole body from prison is no one looking.
ascii_field: also, srsly, wat, usg will purge 100% of academia ?
ascii_field: no, they only purge the folks who won't play ball
gernika: ascii_field so do something like bitcoind dumpblock i | bitcoind -datadir=somewhereelse eatblock i?
ascii_field: gernika: blkcut for the former. but otherwise, yes.
Adlai: ascii_field: baseball isn't the american sport, it's the american story. or something
trinque: I don't think baseball has been the american "thing" for a generator or more
trinque: football or "pro-wrestling"
trinque: depending on who you ask
ascii_field: trinque: i grew up in a kind of time warp
mats: football and basketball, yo.
ascii_field: expected america to look like 1940s nyc
mats: nobody else plays these games
trinque: yeah basketball is big
Adlai: "world" series
trinque: but doesn't really serve the american narrative in teh same way baseball seems to have
trinque: ascii_field: got people of walmart instead!
trinque: what a twist
Adlai: trinque: please elaborate about this narrative
trinque: Adlai: watch the sandlot
Adlai glances at it, still there, full of sand
trinque: any underdog can have his day of glory, you see
phf: thinking about "degenerate children", the disconnect seems to be between what is advertised as a virtue in order to strengthen rule and what is genuinely required in order to remain in power. somehow eton managed to produce generations of british elite, while petergoth lyceum first class of twenty ended in the decembrist revolt (and that was 100 years before soviet revolution)
phf: (tsarskoye selo lyceum rather)
trinque: seems the aristocracy can't allow their children to develop foolish ideas such as being able to change reality arbitrarily, which any kid left to his own thoughts growing up in wealth will come to believe
ascii_field: if england (and europe) had a meta-europe somewhere more west, that 'we too can become like!!111!!! if we kill our king' - then they too would have decembrist revolts
mircea_popescu: <ascii_field> expected america to look like 1940s nyc << the people who worshipped nicky mantle or w/e are long dead you know.
mircea_popescu: micky was it ?
trinque: micky yep
mircea_popescu: phf there's a reason "hypocrisy" appears again and again in criticism of imperial achievement.
mircea_popescu: and the brits had the impossible to undervalue advantage of women. they're fucking ugly, so they have to work hard. and they did - the empire only survived with them.
phf: haha, nice
mircea_popescu: russian women had all the subterfugial value of pelicans. at least - until the soviets invented natasha.
mircea_popescu: natasha the spy, natasha the heavy drinker, natasha the young corpse.
mircea_popescu: (speaking of which - there's a recent, very very bad french movie which nevertheless offers perhaps the best image of that girl.
phf: well, first sexual revolution and "equality for womens" happened because need more workers
mircea_popescu: da fuck was the thing called...
mircea_popescu: choses secrètes
mircea_popescu: the film itself is mst3k level bad, but coralie revel does natasha to perfection.
mircea_popescu: oddly enough, she never broke through. good actress.
phf: there's also that whole tension, in christian nations, between "what christ taught" and what church needed in order to gain resources and prop up the power vertical. how should an aristocracy straddle that line between "kill yourself and your children for us and you'll go to haven" and "sell all you have, give alms to the poor". it seems like a lot of the aristocratic kids in the 19th century were sold the second version (with the full support a
phf: nd encouragement of ru lit)
mircea_popescu: eh get out. they all went to the military, they all had horses, and servants.
mircea_popescu: if you don't learn to be a man with a horse and a servant, you're beyond help.
mircea_popescu: and the proposition that russia was at any point "christian" anyway... yes, they use the word. it doth not mean anything akin to its english false friend. at all.
phf: horses and servants are habitual behaviors, and i've seen it exist entirely in disconnect with the life outlook ("hypocrisy" often came to mind)
assbot: Exclusive: Russian antivirus firm faked malware to harm rivals - Ex-employees | Reuters ... ( )
mircea_popescu: in any case i would point out that "remaining in power" is not only the terminology of "the enemy" (which, here, means "of the idiots"), but actually meaningless. remain in power ? do we toil towards a bitcoind that can be used to what, "Remain in power" ? do i object to the amorphousness of words when i point out what definitions really are and why definitions must exist, do i object to the amorphousness of pseud-thou
mircea_popescu: ght when i derride wikipedia to "Stay in power" ?
mircea_popescu: what fucking power.
mircea_popescu: the quest is to keep meaning.
asciilifeform: !up ascii_field
mircea_popescu: for all i care they, whosoever "they" is , can fix everything tomorrow and i'll be fine with it.
ascii_field: mats: gotta love the sniveling usg lie in the headline even
mircea_popescu: as i observed to a friend recently - if everything worked i wouldn't even care to have a name.
ascii_field: 'harm rivals' my shiny metal arse
ascii_field: to reveal plagiarists.
mats: lol
mircea_popescu: phf the "habitual behaviour" is a good point.
mircea_popescu: as the observation goes, "for every incredibly sexy woman out there, there's one guy sick and tired of looking at her asshole."
mircea_popescu: ascii_field recall the "fake islands" medieval maps included for the purpose ?
ascii_field: forget medievals! modern mapmakers
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5600 @ 0.00063467 = 3.5542 BTC [+]
ascii_field: and fake roads
mircea_popescu: well why'd it change.
mircea_popescu: anyway, did any usg "private firm" get caught or what.
ascii_field: but oh noez, 'to harm rivals!!!111'
phf: mircea_popescu: i don't have a defendable position, i'm not sure i fully understand your "degenerate kids" comment, because it seems like a huge write off.
mircea_popescu: on the plus side, i'm here, you can try various sticks.
trinque: seems a matter of whether something beats the mind into accepting that the state of reality is entirely outside the control of a person, aside from a margin of error
trinque: perhaps the degenerate kids scream and get whatever they want, then come of age, and are incapable of wanting anything sensible
trinque: so it seems poverty does this; on that route, life itself chaps the back of the horse
mircea_popescu: im not even sure its that entirely outside
mircea_popescu: the genie will fullfill your wishes alrighty
mircea_popescu: the problem is that the shit you think you wish for can't be. it's the problem of the shit, not of the genie.
mircea_popescu: in other news,
assbot: ... ( )
trinque: right, your "causes vs purposes" is a helpful tool to sort the shit, it seems to me
phf: i don't think an aristocratic kid has to scream to get what they want, a baseline of ability is always present and taken for granted, in that sense a reddit sjw is not much different from the wealthy version of the same
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 25517 @ 0.0006292 = 16.0553 BTC [-] {3}
trinque: I dunno if that's an aristocratic kid if that's the full picture
trinque: how long does that last
mircea_popescu: for the record, we have ample documentation as to hyow the children of the aristocracy were kept back while that stayed vigurous.
phf: there's difference when it comes to execution though, both since no trained helplessness and actual resources
mircea_popescu: naked and shivering, hungry among the bare walls.
mircea_popescu: dressed up for a few hours like manequins,
mircea_popescu: then back to the hole.
trinque: it seems rather healthy to have someone create problems for you which are out of your control
trinque: training wheels for life, almost
mircea_popescu: talleyrand took a lot of money from the various german princes, yes. bribes ? maybe. to do what with them ? not like he had to buy any woman in paris anyway.
mircea_popescu: but he definbitely excised a lot of revenge over the people that pointedly reminded him of his opwn parents.
mircea_popescu: i very much doubt the man was motivated by greed, or at all comprehensible in the terms of the bourgeoisie.
phf: mircea_popescu: so what changed in the 19th century is that the beatings stopped?
mircea_popescu: it was changing by 1700, in france.
mircea_popescu: not that the beatings stopped, but that luis hated his father, and decided he'll rule with a bureaucracy rather than have more of that shit around.
mircea_popescu: so the aristocrats were taken to versailles and circumcised.
phf: hmm
mircea_popescu: the guillotine... minor point, and a necessity after thatanyway.
mircea_popescu: it was worth a shot, unequivocally.
mircea_popescu: but the problem comes back again and again to what i told pete d that day we were discussing "systems" : you can not afford to insult the powerful.
mircea_popescu: but the notion that the mob in the street invented anything or in any way created something... gimme a break. romanians for a while thought ceausescu was incredibly inventive in his stupidity. these being the folk too uncultured to know carol 2. in fact, the bootmaker was merely immitating, as best he could.
mircea_popescu: following, as it were, with the knife the lines drawn aforehand.
mircea_popescu: so yes, the french revolution is a "historical necessity". because a king at some point said so.
phf: oh i see
mircea_popescu: he didn't know at the time what he was saying. obviously. and perhaps didn't even care to find if what he said was or was not said before.
mircea_popescu: but the people whio did care thought - and i think today - it was worth a shot.
mircea_popescu: if we like or don't like the results - at least we know.
mircea_popescu: general indication seems to be that he didn't care for the result either. that "apres moi le deluge" is very similar to socrates' "i have nothing to offer nor do i wish to offer anything in fine."
mircea_popescu: tried, failed, bury me over there.
mircea_popescu: which incidentally terribly weakens the middle class case against hitler. "oh, he lost the war". sure. guess what, the war that was won hasn't been invented yet.
mircea_popescu: churchill "won it" and watch the uk have to beg bundesbank for rescue loans within the decade.
mircea_popescu: "oh hitler was mean, because the british empire was ending anyway, and he should have jsut waited it out ; whereas oh lincoln was great, because southern slavery was ending anyway but he had the martial presence to not wait it out".
mircea_popescu: herp derp and really tell me more what the middle class thinks, it's so impossible for me to predict it.
phf: so the point is that aristocracy was already lost starting with 1743 reforms. presumably was brought to russia by peter's newly established bureaucrats
mircea_popescu: peter is before stalin the leader of the soviets.
phf: first sjw, employed a black feller
mircea_popescu: you know, the entyire skin color thing was never a major point in yurp.
phf: oh, i know, i didn't realize there was even such a thing until i came to the states
mircea_popescu: (there's a black girl in the french film i mentioned above - nobody cared. "wow seriously ?!" yes seriously, the french had chocolat before the usians had chocolate.
phf: although there's a 1940s (?) soviet movie, where an american girl flees to soviet union, because she had a black baby, pursued by a capitalist who's trying to expose her. of course the predictable ending is everyone joins in a song "soviet russia, where all are accepted"
mircea_popescu: except, of course, transhumant tribes of the caucasus
mircea_popescu: and short people with bent eyes of the far east
mircea_popescu: but EVERYONE ELSE (tm)
phf: hmm, that would make sense about tsarskoye selo lyceum, taught by peter's aging bureaucrat corps
phf: 1811
mircea_popescu: rs
phf: hmm, ok i see your point, far the fuck out as it is
phf: also explains soviet education sleight of hand around the subject, hmm
assbot: ... ( )
trinque: approve.
trinque: poor girl's almost out of wine
punkman: waxing of teh asshole is not optional
shinohai: :D
kakobrekla: GSMem: Data Exfiltration from Air-Gapped
kakobrekla: Computers over GSM Frequencies - This team used patterns of memory access instructions to modulate a memory bus to generate GSM-band signals that can be read from a hacked baseband.
asciilifeform: !up ascii_field
ascii_field: kakobrekla: why is this notable ?
ascii_field: kakobrekla: i mean, the gsm freq part
ascii_field: can use whatever band
kakobrekla: guess so
ascii_field: kakobrekla: see also,
assbot: Logged on 12-06-2015 21:45:26; ascii_field: << the classic one
kakobrekla: aha
kakobrekla: would be interesting if you could use some surrounding infrastructure to get that signal further out.
ascii_field: now if you could tx/rx valid 802.11, that'd be something.
shinohai: Nifty.
assbot: Logged on 14-08-2015 20:10:36; assbot: Logged on 12-06-2015 21:45:26; ascii_field: << the classic one
ascii_field: in fact, actually ~receiving~ radio-anything using a stock pc's bus, or whatnot, would be very clever
ascii_field: afaik never demonstrated under realistic field conditions
ascii_field: (using various built-in radios in a typical modern garbage pc DOES NOT COUNT)
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 15300 @ 0.00063535 = 9.7209 BTC [+] {3}
trinque: << what backwards mind desires *less* agency, I ask
assbot: Documents confirm Apple is building self-driving car | Technology | The Guardian ... ( )
jurov: heh RF would be doable only if radio compatibility was totally neglected.. but as transistors are sensitive to light, laser would certainly do
trinque: and why don't they just own up to it honestly
trinque: fucks sake, I love driving
mircea_popescu: << building code testing.
assbot: ... ( )
jurov: she should try to unscrew and wiggle it too
mircea_popescu: !up akkked
mircea_popescu: trinque that's a guy no ?
trinque: I suppose yes, that'd be a male thing
trinque: hopefully this regime doesn't last long enough to mandate this self-driving nonsense
mircea_popescu: the red blouse clad human in the picture. with the tits. is male.
trinque: oh lol
trinque revisits
trinque: hmmmmmm
trinque: could be? that shoulder's kinda big
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22400 @ 0.00063921 = 14.3183 BTC [+] {3}
mats: hard to tell, but the hands may suggest its a man, yes
trinque: I ain't mad
BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> (d'artagnan's origin is not coincidental, and the fact superman's not from the ozarks does not reflect too well on either the profundity or the perspectives of that culture) << Of Course. He is from Little Egypt, his statue is in Metropolis, Illinois.
mircea_popescu: lol
BingoBoingo: <ascii_field> (never, oddly enough, baseball. which i grew up thinking of as ~the~ american sport) << Baseball fell out of favor with the public around the same time as Boxing and Handegg was in a lucky position to replace both. "Civilized" alternative to boxing "Exciting" alternative to baseball "Opportunity" for the oppressed youths.
BingoBoingo: <Adlai> ascii_field: baseball isn't the american sport, it's the american story. or something << Pastime
BingoBoingo: <trinque> I don't think baseball has been the american "thing" for a generator or more << Well "Latin American" thing still
BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> (speaking of which - there's a recent, very very bad french movie which nevertheless offers perhaps the best image of that girl. << NIkita
mircea_popescu: nonono.
mircea_popescu: choses secretes. check it out.
BingoBoingo: Ah, will do.
BingoBoingo: I've been to Superman's hometown though. They got a Casino a few years ago. Other than that like Cairo (pronounced Kay-roh) Das racis and the drop in steamboat traffic chased relevance away.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 16200 @ 0.00063207 = 10.2395 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: btw, eulora desperately needs noob miners atm.
assbot: #Eulora log for Friday, 2015-08-14 ... ( )
jurov: lol... as if noobs are going to provide you with 100k cft you need, and in reasonable time
mircea_popescu: if there's 10k of them...
jurov keels over
mircea_popescu: i was promised plowing with chickens
mircea_popescu: what sort of future is this
mircea_popescu: incidentally jurov, you bidding sunday ?
jurov: what auction? i was elsewhere and missed all eulora stuff
mircea_popescu: ah. was announced in chat at some point, but penning a trilema article now
mircea_popescu: !up zfx
zfx: curious lurker here
asciilifeform: !up ascii_field
ascii_field: (via diametric)
assbot: Where Are They Now: Terrible Kickstarters | Hackaday ... ( )
assbot: Why the Cervix Is More Amazing Than You Realized ... ( )
assbot: [2015-08-13] IP Blocks : ChillingEffects ... ( )
cazalla: how does one preserve reddit in such countries if you remove access to the content people from those countries wish to access?
mircea_popescu: how do you feed people if what you sell them has no food in it ?
mircea_popescu: progress.
mircea_popescu: reddit continues to grow s/globally/imaginarily/, but anyway.
cazalla: maybe it is the german and russian government which think that given all the content in /r/watchpeopledie is jacked from ogrishforum, bestgore, liveleak etc
ascii_field: 'My favourite is Retrievor – small GPS tracker. First version promised solar charging. They first stole photos from completely other products (mobile phone app was from real Chinese GPS tracker, while the schematic was from a completely different product). Then they skipped to Indiegogo, and had two additional campaigns, with slightly changed description. Almost 2 years later, no real product.'
ascii_field: (many examples in comments)
ascii_field: plenty of 'go-getters' on kickstarter !
mircea_popescu: and yet kickstarter does not have its doors torn down by police.
mircea_popescu: somehow, fraud on a massive scale is fine and dandy.
ascii_field: when annointed usg buttbuddy - then yes.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 17600 @ 0.00064107 = 11.2828 BTC [+] {3}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22650 @ 0.00064348 = 14.5748 BTC [+] {7}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 27756 @ 0.00065194 = 18.0952 BTC [+] {2}
mircea_popescu: in other news, femsupremacy.
assbot: ... ( )
mircea_popescu: one wonders wtf they're studying.
mircea_popescu: poetry & clowning.
trinque: what a stupid logo, too
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6100 @ 0.00065394 = 3.989 BTC [+] {2}
trinque: and while this e-mail "scandal" is going on, she says not one word about privacy
trinque: speaks volumes
trinque: she must've misbehaved
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13050 @ 0.00065395 = 8.534 BTC [+]
gernika: I bet she'll forgive your student loan debt ... in exchange for your passport.
funkenstein_: <-- for those of you who stayed away from proof of stake because not broken enough yet
assbot: Negativity5/main.cpp at master · iGotSpots/Negativity5 · GitHub ... ( )
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes, mod6, mircea_popescu, et al:
assbot: [BTC-dev] The Full Orchestra. ... ( )
asciilifeform: achtung, panzerz!
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu especially, because he, iirc, wanted this very much.
asciilifeform: and now it is here.
mircea_popescu: o hey!
mircea_popescu: bless you asciilifeform
asciilifeform: pleeez test!
asciilifeform: before blessing or creaming pants or other expressions of joy.
asciilifeform: i in particular will feel more cheerful once some patient fella actually reproduces the exact thing i did here, using
mircea_popescu: can't has joy ?
asciilifeform: it isn't hard.
asciilifeform: has.
asciilifeform: and i will repeat that the output of this, is not at this exact moment very useful. the antecedent hashes are eaten by 'v'
asciilifeform: a versioning system that is merely a few kb of script
asciilifeform: will be released also soon.
asciilifeform: (having spiffy commands like 'who-signed')
asciilifeform: i also did not preserve the dates in the original patches
asciilifeform: if someone wishes to do this, he can write a bit of awk/sed
asciilifeform: to edit rel1.patch and rel2-pre.patch.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 24400 @ 0.00064631 = 15.77 BTC [-] {4}
asciilifeform: also note that items like 'rotor', which are not mods of bitcoin proper, are not mentioned in the orchestra.
asciilifeform off to pet pet
mod6: <+asciilifeform> ben_vulpes, mod6, mircea_popescu, et al: << cool! i'll take a closer look at this tonight.
assbot: [BTC-dev] The Full Orchestra. ... ( )
trinque: damn cool; I'll take a crack at it too.
trinque: jurov: I still can't change my settings on the ML. when I save them, it kicks me back to the password screen, then back to config from there, where it has the previous values
trinque: cookie issue?
trinque wants each e-mail, not digests
pete_dushenski: since scoopbot_revived seems to have been asleep at the wheel earlier today :
assbot: Of trumpets and trombones. | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( )
assbot: The user and the rotor. | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( )
pete_dushenski: and yes, as expected, 'metro news edmonton' has failed to respond to my advertisement inquiry
pete_dushenski: because they're just not into that non-gay singles thing were straight men seek straigh womenz to take care of
pete_dushenski: because it's only twinks that wanna be taken care of now in this ever so progressive corner of the americas
pete_dushenski: having a masters in femtonism means that you're automagically skilled and whatnot, so being 'taken care of' is the ultimate insult to your intelligence and self-worth
pete_dushenski: i wanna say 'whatever. enjoy being 35 and barren. y'all get what y'all deserve.' but perhaps that's unfair
pete_dushenski: seeing through the muck and the mire is hard. but not impossible !
pete_dushenski: << i enjoyed this. a quick googling of 'coin4x' yields a highly active localbitcoins trader, though the '650' area code would indicate california, not quebec, so perhaps a different fella
assbot: Montreal Expo Postponed For Lack of Sponsors | Qntra ... ( )
pete_dushenski: <--> glhf mongotron
assbot: A Guide To Buying 5000 Ether/Bitcoin, 2.5x More Than Ethereum’s Genesis Sale Offers | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( )
wilbns: the process of writing a post comparing Ethereum to The Manhattan Project.
pete_dushenski: wilbns are you high ?
pete_dushenski: that's first and foremost
wilbns: pete_dushenski: no
pete_dushenski: also, wilbns do you have a blog ?
assbot: will binns — Medium ... ( )
mircea_popescu: pete_dushenski how's women and some local newspaper related ?
wilbns: ethereum vs manhattan project in a nutshell
pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu just an avenue
mircea_popescu: ya but i mean... not like they voted for it.
pete_dushenski: what's voting have to do with it ?
mircea_popescu: well i mean, teh women didn't elect metro something as the avenue for de-barren-isation did they
pete_dushenski: it has a sufficiently broad cross-section of readership that it doesn't need electing so much
asciilifeform: << best filipino
assbot: Edward Snowden on Bitcoin : Bitcoin ... ( )
pete_dushenski: young, old, poor, rich
pete_dushenski: they read 'metro'
pete_dushenski: "nobody really likes to talk about Bitcoin anymore"
asciilifeform: best comment: 'I respect him, but he sounds like a mumbling moron.'
pete_dushenski: classic.
mircea_popescu: pete_dushenski well they read it, but they don't edit it rite.
mircea_popescu: "Obviously, Bitcoin by itself is flawed. "
mircea_popescu: obviously.
mircea_popescu: i heard this said emptily by a large number of derps, so it must be so.
pete_dushenski: clear as the giant forehead on your face
mircea_popescu: there's a lot of things of which i can't really name anything but hey, a lot of vague vulnerabilities are better than one specifically.
pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu certainly so that 'teh womenz' don't edit the rag. makes it a two-stage deployment.
mircea_popescu: well don't blame stage 2 for the movements of stagr 1
mircea_popescu: especially seeing how stage 1 is precisely there to prevent stage 2.
pete_dushenski: aha.
pete_dushenski: how cruel, those stage 1ers
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pete_dushenski: "if i suck and can't have love and children and a successful husband, than neither can you !"
mircea_popescu: and how i wish for a successful husband.
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pete_dushenski: come and get us, because the window in which we pursued you closed when you turned 20.
pete_dushenski: at least anectodally
pete_dushenski: anecdotally*
mircea_popescu: wait, i thought it was the beard.
pete_dushenski: you're the one with the beard, man.
pete_dushenski: and the colonel sanders suit
asciilifeform: in other nyooz, 56 connections each on dulap and zulag.
pete_dushenski: blame americana advertising for ruining 'good things'
asciilifeform: much user.
asciilifeform: incitatus also runs, but is permanently ~50 blocks behind
pete_dushenski: in b-a, user select you.
mircea_popescu: was incitatus on home box ?
asciilifeform: oddly, no
asciilifeform: it is on a commercial farm.
asciilifeform: the home box, thus far, beats the shit out of all the others
asciilifeform: despite being a fanless little thing the size of a stack of 5 inch floppies.
pete_dushenski: << mp needs moar cane.
assbot: ... ( )
mircea_popescu: ...
asciilifeform: on the other hand, the pipe here is not cheap.
trinque: ethereum and the fucking... you know what, nevermind.
mircea_popescu: but i mean he got hair i don't, i got beard he doesn't ?
mircea_popescu: lol trinque
trinque: manhattan project my second ass
mircea_popescu: bitcoin OBVIOUSLY has flaws, unlike ethereum.
pete_dushenski: lel
trinque: thank god that vaguely russian kid is here to nuke the status quo, or whatever it is
mircea_popescu: because the things that are get the flaw talk, and the things that aren't.... you wouldnt wanna fud some kids' imaginarium nao wouldja./
trinque: burn it to the ground and make 'em watch
trinque: imagine that
trinque: :D
asciilifeform does not know precisely where buterin grew up, but does know that pretty much every kid from that generation dreamed of running a successful scam or racket
pete_dushenski: -great success-
asciilifeform: hey mr b is loaded
pete_dushenski: orly ?
asciilifeform: compared to yours truly
asciilifeform: for one thing, i'm not aware of him working for a living
pete_dushenski: hard to demonstrate
asciilifeform: pretty easy. which one drags ass to an office every day
pete_dushenski: i dun see vb buying stacks of pogos
asciilifeform: and which one doesn't
asciilifeform: QED.
asciilifeform: i bet his cock ring is worth more than a container of pogo.
pete_dushenski: see, now you're just letting your imagination run away from you
pete_dushenski: butering has cockrings like he has nipplerings
asciilifeform: to me, a fella who doesn't work and will never have to, is ipso facto rich
trinque: and he'll do what with it
pete_dushenski: 'never have to' is a long ass time
pete_dushenski: kid's, what, 21 ?
trinque: yeah, he's got plenty of time for more bad decisions
asciilifeform: at least he has the option of not making them
pete_dushenski: alas, an evening of spicy food beckons. i'm outtie. laters !
asciilifeform: i'm not even convinced that mr b knows he's a shill
asciilifeform: prolly just thinks 'i crapped this out and the grownups are so dumb! they love it'
asciilifeform: the kind of pauper2prince described in chuck palahniuk's 'survivor'
trinque: either way, if you anticipate ethereum going the way of other altcoins (or worse, look at the complexity of the thing), he'll have to live with that on his name forever.
asciilifeform: he'll be living with the golden toilet and the palaces forever.
trinque: if he does, that's somebody else's failing, for sure
asciilifeform: (or, more accurately, until the war)
trinque: yeah
asciilifeform: but i don't expect to see the other end of the war in person, either.
cazalla: i am hoping ethereum over takes litecoin in fake market cap just as its first halving occurs for extra lulz and butthurts
mircea_popescu: nah
mircea_popescu: it's been done before.
mircea_popescu: it'll take doge over in market cap
mircea_popescu: or whatever the scamcoin was before that.
mircea_popescu wonders if asciilifeform has pre-made file with the woe me stuff, or generates them on the fly.
cazalla: it already has over taken doge, only paycoin and that icelandic? coin has done so in the past
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: generates
trinque: ^ has a woe-coprocessor
asciilifeform: nah just a nonmaskable woe interrupt
trinque: haha
asciilifeform: triggered by mention of folks who sleep ad libitum
trinque: speaking of woe, ben_vulpes, imma probably go drink at bonfire
trinque: stop by if ya want
asciilifeform: btw, i will have mircea_popescu know that prisoners, at least in usa, do ~not~ get to sleep ad libitum.
trinque: nope, gotta pretend to work at least part of the day
asciilifeform: they get wakeup. just like i do.
trinque: gets them ready to rejoin the pretend workforce
mircea_popescu: cazalla ie all teh scamcopins ? lol
mircea_popescu: anyway, im vaguely contemplating hiring an indiancandy to counter woe-shannonizer with the -1 * equivalent
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asciilifeform: l0l!
mod6: well... heh. I thought i'd get the chance to dive into your new email asciilifeform. But, guess it'll have to be tomorrow.
cazalla: included in the photobook my missus and other folks bought from local play centre.. because that is what i always wanted, a photo of a photo of my son.. actually surprised they included a dvd minus watermarks all over the images
assbot: ... ( )
asciilifeform: mod6: it is very very simple, really
asciilifeform: mod6: just a replay of patch history, but this time with 'vdiff' in place of conventional diff
asciilifeform: ;;later tell jurov
assbot: Fefeleaga. on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( )
gribble: The operation succeeded.
trinque: ^ I greatly enjoy encountering this... actual culture
trinque: any I stumbled upon in youth was entirely by accident
asciilifeform: << related
assbot: MARYČKA MAGDÓNOVA @ Jaromír Nohavica # 82 - YouTube ... ( )
asciilifeform interestingly, understands the spoken cz much quicker than written
asciilifeform: ^ mega-song
trinque: will check it out upon leaving bar
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asciilifeform: << harsh americanized version
assbot: Patrick - Maryčka Magdonova + text - YouTube ... ( )
trinque: jesus christ my sister just quoted The Prince and called it a quote from The Office
trinque: if the point about culture wasn't made well enough already...
trinque: re: being loved and/or feared
cazalla: asciilifeform, in your rotor guide, can you help me understand what step 6 asks me to do?
cazalla: specifically "and fill distfiles with tarballs, etc. as before." is this just all the patches?
asciilifeform: it means: make a stator
asciilifeform: and place it in rotor/stator
asciilifeform on a hardcore cz kick now
asciilifeform: and it's all jurov's fault!
asciilifeform: cazalla: if you have an existing stator, clean out the guts and use that.
asciilifeform: << mega-winner of a statue! betcha the kidz think the chick died as a partizan in ww2
assbot: ... ( )
asciilifeform: what are the belching smokestacks doing in the background ?!!
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: is there a soviet mega-statuelith of fefeleaga somewhere ?
asciilifeform: wtf,
assbot: Celebrul personaj “Fefeleaga” a fost cât se poate de real. Află povestea fascinantă a eroinei! | Radio Enigma Romania ... ( )
asciilifeform: ^ claims she was somebody's grand-grandmom, and only ! only 3 of her 6 offspring died
asciilifeform: this is again reminiscent of 'grave of the fireflies', autobiographical animation, author's father - unlike protagonist's - came back from jp navy; author - did not starve in an underground station. but he WISHED that he had
asciilifeform: so extra-depressionified the story
trinque: a guy I respect told me that one could maybe hope to change the world in one specific way, but that intending to change the world arbitrarily was the mark of hubris
trinque: relates imo to the Fefeleaga story
trinque: look at her abjection, and yet, what could you possibly do to prevent future Fefeleagas
trinque: not a goddamn thing. as (*clears his throat*) MJK of Tool wrote, "The universe is hostile, so impersonal. Devour to survive; so it is, so it's always been."
trinque: and since such thoughts are usually associated with a sort of brutal perspective, let me ask: which is worse, the mind which accepts the harsh reality of existing or the one which struggles against it?
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