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pete_dushenski: !up Vexual
Vexual: you planning to inject some bc into the australian economy pete_dushenski?
pete_dushenski: fiat for sure
pete_dushenski: btc is tbd
Vexual: good timing
Vexual: dies gribble do fiat pairs?
Vexual: ;;google 1 aud in usd
gribble: XE: (AUD/USD) Australian Dollar to US Dollar Rate: <>; - AUD/USD Chart: <>; XE: (USD/AUD) US Dollar to Australian Dollar Rate: <>
Vexual: thanks
Vexual: did you buy any plastic money yet pete_dushenski? they don't take greenback here
pete_dushenski: cad is plastic too yknow
joecool: it smells of maple syrup too
pete_dushenski: and beavers
Vexual: you'll get a better rate at home
pete_dushenski: oh most definitely
pete_dushenski: not my first overseas rodeo ;)
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joecool actually wasn't kidding
pete_dushenski: lol how do you figure joecool ?
pete_dushenski: not like anyone here uses cash anyways
pete_dushenski: debit, credit, etc is 95% of cad transactions
assbot: Does Canada's $100 Bill Smell Like Maple Syrup? Many Say So : The Two-Way : NPR
Vexual: our money smells like chanel 5
joecool: pete_dushenski: i used it until i had interac (debit), a lot of places will not do credit
pete_dushenski: which part of canada was that in?
joecool: ontario
joecool: GTA
pete_dushenski: right. in ontario for sure
pete_dushenski: credit is widely used in alberta: hot economy, bezzlemania
pete_dushenski: only bubble tea shops are debit/cash
joecool: yeah i don't recall having much issue in the maritimes this summer, i was fine in montreal too
pete_dushenski: ontario is also a far larger province so there's a much wider range of businesses
pete_dushenski: alberta is mostly franchises, sorta the only thing that can keep up with the insane horizontal expansion of cities
pete_dushenski: montreal definitely likes its cash
Vexual: who doesnt?
pete_dushenski: i was in montreal last weekend and i gotta say it's downright enjoyable to be in a city with a proper mafia
pete_dushenski: the cops are nowhere near as uppity and self-important
joecool: heh, i'll head back there this winter sometime, fun city
pete_dushenski: it probably helps that the cops in mtl drive dodge caravans
pete_dushenski: the least threatening mode of transport since the segway
pete_dushenski: joecool one of my favs as well
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pete_dushenski: what takes you there?
joecool: a longtime friend of mine lives there
pete_dushenski: i'd definitely recommend checking out the anthropological museum if you haven't already
Vexual: is montreal qbec?
joecool: yes
pete_dushenski: plus this polish restaurant in the old town with the most fantastic borscht
pete_dushenski: Vexual mhm
pete_dushenski: lemme find the name of that restaurant...
assbot: Montreal Restaurant - Polish Food - Stash Cafe
pete_dushenski: the canard roti was most excellent as well
pete_dushenski: it was an entire half bird!
Vexual: one might arrive by horse drawn cart?
pete_dushenski: lol actually yes
pete_dushenski: saifedean:lol, i think i saw this on pete's blog before... << heh the guy's gone deeper into the archives that i'd thought. i like!
Vexual: bitchin
Vexual: whats to drink?, theres no list
pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu: saifedean for my own curiosity, google that string (no quotes) see what pops up ? << this is incidentally exactly why we should s/google/duckduckgo already
pete_dushenski: Vexual rotating list i guess
pete_dushenski: byob is pretty common in mtl though
Vexual: ill have the soup
pete_dushenski: only just starting to see this in alberta
pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu: turns out, it can keep the sane man about three years. << i lasted 3 months. maybe coulda gone longer?
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xanthyos: ;;gettrust bagels7
gribble: Currently authenticated from hostmask bagels7! Trust relationship from user xanthyos to user bagels7: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 0 via 0 connections. Graph: | WoT data: | Rated since: never
xanthyos: !up bagels7
xanthyos: sophie bagelz in teh wot!
xanthyos: ;;rate bagels7 1 known on efnet and tinychat 5 years. friendly, courteous canadian. average- to poor-skilled internet poker player.
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user bagels7 has been recorded.
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punkbot: pete_dushenski: Queued 1 valid deed for next bundle.
pete_dushenski: ^an experiment ;D
xanthyos: !up vexual
pete_dushenski: bagels7 is canadian eh?
xanthyos: montreal
Vexual: is sophie hot xanthyos?
pete_dushenski: lol what a coincidence!
Vexual: or does she just ug up tinychat?
xanthyos: !down Vexual
pete_dushenski: don't mess with xanthyos' girl
xanthyos: just a friend
xanthyos: !up vexual
Vexual: i was joking how tinychat isn't a thing
Vexual: unlees youre 15
pete_dushenski: saifedean:my idea is to prepare for the future of the triumphant return of hard money, low-time preference, and civilization, and to profit from it by doing good food properly, in a beautiful setting where you can relax around a big grill's fire and enjoy your meal like a civilized human << this does sound rather splendid.
pete_dushenski: good food never goes out of fashion, even if it might occupy a smaller piece of the pie in bezzletimes
Vexual: theres really nothing better to spend money on than food
pete_dushenski: saifedean: Vancouver is another possibility... << try affording to live there. bon chance!
pete_dushenski: vancouver is the worst major city, in essentially every regard, and all of which stem from a hyperbezzle housing market, in canada... after toronto.
mircea_popescu: pete_dushenski it's bonne chance you kno
pete_dushenski: so it is!
pete_dushenski: saifedean: they are the absolute world champions, along with the south africans << for steaks, alberta is up there.
pete_dushenski: as long as you avoid the hipster derps with their grass-fed sous vide nonsense
pete_dushenski: they try so hard, and fail so large
mircea_popescu: ahahaha eviction notice deed ?
Vexual: pete_dushenski: are you adverse to shellfish like lobster?
pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu something different eh?
pete_dushenski: Vexual ya, not much for shellfish, only started eating fish in the last 2 years.
mircea_popescu: punkman maybe add a "total deeds in total bundles" thing between the address and your contact ?
mircea_popescu: <<< tho i gotta say this is pretty sweet.
assbot: Trusted keys | #bitcoin-assets deed registry
mircea_popescu: could it be sortable by columns ? (most browsers support this afaik, needs a table class="datadisplay sortable")
Vexual: consider lobster, it's not really a shellfish
mircea_popescu: also, total trust prolly shouldn't be emphasized.
Vexual: yay
pete_dushenski: reading the logs about paleo, black coffee etc, the health-related upsides of this cult are readily apparent.
pete_dushenski: this should be part of our marketing hook
pete_dushenski: it's not enough to just pretend to be all-powerful and all-conquering and then execute
Vexual: no, one should always stop off for lunch somewhere nice on the journey
pete_dushenski: saifedean: if you eliminate grains, seeds and sugars, you effectively eliminate the possibility of developing most modern diseases, including diabetes, cancer, alzheimer's, obesity, and so on << aren't nuts part of paleo ?
pete_dushenski researching which "nuts" are actually seeds. can't remember
pete_dushenski: " 'nuts' that aren’t include Brazil nuts, Cashews, Walnuts, Coconuts, Macadamia nuts, Peanuts, Tom Cruise, and Pistachios"
Vexual: theres no good reasoning to a paleo diet, it's no bread no pasta no fun
asciilifeform: paleo << ahahaha.
pete_dushenski: oh, plus almonds
asciilifeform waits for paleobitcoin where we calculate the way the gods meant us to, with little calculi - pebbles.
cazalla: pete_dushenski, i don't know about cashews, there is a shortage didya know?
Vexual: really?
cazalla: Vexual, yeah big cashew shortage
Vexual: i got more cashews than chicken last night
pete_dushenski: bigger chicken shortage
pete_dushenski: it's all relative
Vexual: gotta prepare them properly cashews
asciilifeform: who remembers the zoologist who tried, for years, to live on the chimps' fruits, and ended with nothing but very ill digestion?
pete_dushenski: jane goodall?
pete_dushenski: cazalla: qntra continues to lose traffic, it's dead << chin up soldier!
assbot: Traffic and Demographic Statistics by Quantcast
Vexual: satoshi expose will fix that
Vexual: or you get foot in mouth
asciilifeform goes off for paleosleep
Vexual: or some variation of loose stool
asciilifeform or no, he won't, because likes box spring, rather than pit of own shit
Vexual: don't chew the pillow; it's cotton
assbot: Last 4 lines bashed and pending review. ( )
asciilifeform reminds listeners still tuned in that 'reversed stupidity is not intelligence.'
asciilifeform: avoiding mickey-d and other fine recyclable edibles does not lead to immortality. cheers.
pete_dushenski: cheers asciilifeform
pete_dushenski: and by extension of the same point, pure-mcd's diet does not lead to immediate death
pete_dushenski: these mortal coils being made out of some resilient shit
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assbot: Amazing Photos Of China's Newest Stealth Jet Show Growing Air Might
pete_dushenski: !up Vexual
Vexual: thanks, that cargo plane look sexy
pete_dushenski: china's air force has got it going on
Vexual: they don't fuck about thats for sure
pete_dushenski: ben_vulpes: ^^ for the third reich afficionados << damn. wayne still has it!
Vexual: even the awac version looks good like tey designed both at once
Vexual: the tail missile holds the radar
Vexual: i dont hink anything so useful ever looked so good
mats_cd03: twin engine f35
Vexual: meh
mats_cd03: oh god thats rich
Vexual: they dont even work yet
Vexual: do yo uthink that awac plane is pretend?
Vexual: nope , it needs a big arse runway
Vexual: ok f35s are pretty cool
mats_cd03: i doubt any of it is fake hardware
Vexual: f35 looks way cooler than chinese fighters
mats_cd03: it all exists already and its not like dod affiliates have good security
mats_cd03: thank usg taxpayers for latest advances in cn, ru aircraft design
Vexual: well a mig would prolly shoot the shit outta that thing today
mats_cd03: ;;ticker
gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 370.58, Best ask: 371.0, Bid-ask spread: 0.42000, Last trade: 370.58, 24 hour volume: 19077.46038459, 24 hour low: 360.0, 24 hour high: 377.77, 24 hour vwap: 370.039710474
Vexual: pilots fly planes
mats_cd03: go on
Vexual: i dunno i heard some people are dissapointed with f35s
mats_cd03: they are known to suck
mats_cd03: aircraft design by committee usually does
Vexual: leaving an fa-18 can't be easy
Vexual: those fucker lready go straight up
mats_cd03: footnote 7 is great
mircea_popescu: <asciilifeform> who remembers the zoologist who tried, for years, to live on the chimps' fruits, and ended with nothing but very ill digestion? << was this one of the lefty us "anthropologists" that keep going to sleep with apes in africa ?
mircea_popescu: !up saifedean
mircea_popescu: you really gotta get into the wot
saifedean: i do, and you really gotta get paleo :)
saifedean: it's just that computer literacy, wot, irc gpg, and all that is just too much to process at the same time
saifedean: until last week i spent my life using my computer like i use my washing machine, just getting my dirty deeds done as quickly as possible
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mircea_popescu: "Dovecot's author takes pride in secure design and implementation. A reward of EUR 1,000 (approximately $1,310 USD, £840 GBP, 130000 Yen as of May 2013) has been announced for finding any remotely exploitable security flaw."
mircea_popescu: !up saifedean
saifedean: thanks for the voice, mp!
saifedean: mp: " eh get out with the paleo stuff. what do you do for cake ?" <<< you stop being a teenage girl about it and enjoy life without these sugar highs and their crashes. Getting your energy from animal fats makes you constantly alert and with high energy reserves, not dependent on getting your next sugar kick to do anything, and not constantly crashing.
mircea_popescu: but... i am neither ?
saifedean: "you two are aware that if this were the normal about 90% of urban population would die off through simple starvation within the decade, yes ?" how very publicly spirited of you, sacrificing your own health so you can eat in a way that lets peasants survive in giant urban hell-holes!
mircea_popescu: i dun care either way lol
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saifedean: the point from looking at evolution is not to mimic the life of ancient humans, it is to figure out what are the things that make our lives better and what makes it worse. humans love to dip in streams, seas and rivers, and washing copies that. humans only recently developed condoms, and sex in condoms does definitively suck. having unwanted kids sucks more, so you do have to don one, but you would still rather not.
mircea_popescu: it doesn't suck, get out.
cazalla: saifedean, fuck yeah paleo, do you slaughter your animals with your barehands or what?
cazalla ripped the head off a rabbit and fried it in butter with rosemary for dinner.. PALEO!
mircea_popescu: cazalla you actually eat the brain ?
cazalla: no, that goes into compost
cazalla: i've read something about some rabbit brain disease that is not destroyed by cooking
saifedean: the brain is the best part!
cazalla: saifedean, i'll eat the kidneys/liver sometimes but compost the rest
saifedean: yeah i was kidding, ive rarely had rabbits and never had its brain, but i do love sheep brains, and all gizzards
mircea_popescu: well, all nervous accumulates prions, but i dunno what the situation is for rabbit
mircea_popescu: imbeciles doing "scientific" cattle raising in europe have sadly made oxtail soup too risky
mircea_popescu: a fie upon their early graves!
saifedean: lots of good research on the effect of grains on human brains...
assbot: Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers: David Perlmutter, Kristin Loberg: 9780316234801: Books
mircea_popescu: yeah yeah, quod me nutrit
saifedean: really, before you dismiss paleo, just try eliminating grains from your body for 2 weeks and see what it does to you. every single person i know who's done it has changed their life entirely.
saifedean: but anyways, enough diet preaching,
mircea_popescu: im not dismissing it per se
cazalla: saifedean, can i drink alcohol on paleo?
saifedean: the less sugary, the better, so i think vodka is the least bad
saifedean: obviously, you can do whatever you want, and you can always have things in moderation and your body will be fine. the problem is when you have things in excess, when they become a regular part of your diet, and that is true for alcohol as well as grains
mircea_popescu: well so then.
saifedean: i'm 34 and in better shape than i ever was, much fitter and stronger than when i was 18. i play football with my university's varsity team, the fittest 18-22 year olds in my college and i'm in better shape than most of them. when i was their age, i was nowhere near fit enough to get into a varsity team, 15 years later, with paleo, i am!
mircea_popescu: you should be on tv.
saifedean: lol, i had my own tv show when i was in college...
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saifedean: a young people channel's debate show, it was horrific, but fortunately predates youtube and so no evidence of it remains
mircea_popescu: luckly you
cazalla: i've been on tv too but not my own show heh
cazalla: actually, twice
assbot: !Mediengruppe Bitnik | Random Darknet Shopper
mircea_popescu: is this like the new tor ?
mircea_popescu: "nobody will think of wwwwww" ?
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assbot: Uber's Ratings Terrorize Drivers And Trick Riders. Why Not Fix Them? - Forbes
punkman: "At the end of the trip, the driver turned around and begged my fiancee to give him five stars, explaining that he was one bad review away from being deactivated and losing his access to the platform. He wouldn’t let us out of the cab until she promised to do so"
punkman: yep
cazalla: anyway this is me on tv, ya might need to turn the sound up to hear and look at the middle of the tv screen to see skype call pop up
assbot: i'm on TV, oh shiz, first cops, now this, imma be a star son! - YouTube
cazalla: guy on right did a toshiba laptop scam tv pitch and i pranked him over and over on live tv
cazalla: poor cunt didn't know what to do
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cazalla: first swatting i've seen that involved a fkn helicopter lol
assbot: Bungie exec swatted |
mircea_popescu: bet you it's a "feminist"
BingoBoingo: The problem is neither the caller, nor the swatted person. The problem is the proliferation of swat teams
cazalla: ;;isitdown
gribble: is up
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mircea_popescu: that groupon thing is such a scandalous failure.
mircea_popescu: i mean... it claimed to be worth money. then it turned out the entire thing was fraudulent, through and through. nobody got put away, of course, because this is the us and "tough on crime" maryjane
mircea_popescu: so on they trudge, unable to deliver any value to anyone, supposedly worth however many bezzelions.
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mircea_popescu: ;;later tell richih listen, your blog is down. there's no point sending broadcasts if your thing can't take the traffic.
gribble: The operation succeeded.
mircea_popescu: meh, guy's probably not in any relevant channel anyway huh.
mircea_popescu: !up _flow_
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assbot: gavinandresen comments on Peter Todd on changetip. Not a real Bitcoin app. Could be done in same way by PayPal
assbot: The SJWs Now Get To Police Speech On Twitter « The Dish
danielpbarron: great; probably gonna get my account suspended
BingoBoingo: Well, I've seen some become unsuspended
danielpbarron: my account is fairly old; hopefully thst gives me some leeway in woman hating
assbot: Russian military NASTY SUPPRISE in a box for US military - YouTube
asciilifeform: ^ science fiction, but not quite.
assbot: HBO Will Make Asimov's Foundation With Interstellar's Jonathan Nolan
BingoBoingo kind of expected the punchline to be quadrocopter actually delivered fresh fruit
asciilifeform: very fresh fruit.
asciilifeform: note the diesel-genset tether in the last one
asciilifeform: iirc we did that one right here.
asciilifeform: (it is hands-down the most practical 'wunderwaffen' shown in the film.)
mike_c: ;;isup
gribble: is up
mike_c: hm. not from here.
asciilifeform: naturally, the gigantic chopper is a monumentally-unimaginative idea.
asciilifeform: instead, truck ought to contain 1000+ little choppers.
asciilifeform: with thermite limpets.
asciilifeform: it takes, what, 100g to perforate an airplane?
asciilifeform: let them fly to and weld onto the victims at night, quietly and with no fanfare.
asciilifeform: or in the day, and let the idiots shoot one another with own small arms while trying to bag some.
asciilifeform: the large chopper is really more like something the americans would use.
BingoBoingo: Tiny chopper is definitely the more interesting concept
asciilifeform: 'asymmetric', to use the american term.
BingoBoingo: Well the benefit of many small choppers is that the people releasing them may escape long enough to die in the name of brining the enemy other pain
assbot: Ridiculous OA Journal Launches with Ridiculous Title | Scholarly Open Access
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ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: "githug" yes, i understand the weaknesses, and it deserves a callout
ben_vulpes: i weary of guarding fools from themselves already
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: this is not about fools; it's about something that is legitimately counter-intuitive to 'civilians' - who usually assume, correctly, that a www repo is authoritative.
ben_vulpes: civilians, right.
thestringpuller gives ben_vulpes a githug
ben_vulpes trudges back into the wordpress mines
thestringpuller: why are you in wordpress mines?
ben_vulpes: clients.
ben_vulpes: i am making an http redirect
ben_vulpes: because there are mysterious 'stage' strings prepended to some posts
ben_vulpes: some posts urls*
ben_vulpes: and nobody knows the history of why this whoopie is this way
ben_vulpes: and we don't have access to the original boxen
ben_vulpes: cruft cruft cruft it up
ben_vulpes: try not to fuck it up!
ben_vulpes: merrily merrily merrily merrily
ben_vulpes: peoples use of computers makes me want to kill myself
TomServo: BingoBoingo: Some wasted space on the right side, recent posts box ends up underneath the current stories.
assbot: imgur: the simple image sharer
TomServo: Let me know if you want to see landscape mode.
thestringpuller: lol mobile qntra
thestringpuller: you can still read it
thestringpuller: ben_vulpes: those clients sound special.
xanthyos: !up bagels7
ben_vulpes: ;;ident bagels7
gribble: Nick 'bagels7', with hostmask 'bagels7!', is not identified.
jurov: asciilifeform: want some? ^^
thestringpuller: my hypothesis is that asciilifeform is part robot
jurov: thestringpuller you haven't met him.
jurov: i have very hard time imagining a robot so... er... a bit pudgy?
thestringpuller: who da fuck is peter todd?
thestringpuller: and why is twitter telling me to follwo him
dignork: TomServo | BingoBoingo: Some wasted space on the right side << I suggest adding this to style.css
assbot: imgur: the simple image sharer
assbot: dpaste: 385MY23
mike_c: min-width of 800px? that would make it side-scroll, no?
dignork: i tried with resizing browser on pc, left menu drops to bottom, but the article stretches to full width
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 69074 @ 0.0006394 = 44.1659 BTC [-] {3}
mike_c: heh, that's because there is a bug
mike_c: you made it "min-width: 800 px", which is nothing
mike_c: "min-width: 800px" would make it side-scroll
dignork: a, lol, i see what you mean, it's a typo in original css, full text then:
assbot: dpaste: 0D7MGFD
asciilifeform: jurov: underpants << lol
mircea_popescu: ;;later tell pete_dushenski lol@ the derp on your blog. "i am ignorant, justify the world to me! because the stupid but lazy have inherited the earth at some point while nobody was paying attention and now that's how it works!!11"
gribble: The operation succeeded.
mircea_popescu: fucking alt-realities these people live in.
asciilifeform: /me fat robot << in america, no other kind of robot!
mircea_popescu: assbot: gavinandresen comments on Peter Todd on changetip. Not a real Bitcoin app. Could be done in same way by PayPal << todd has a point
mircea_popescu: danielpbarron: great; probably gonna get my account suspended <<< twitter is not exactly a good venue anyway. why would one wish to maintain a lifeline with the weirdo cult of america ?
mircea_popescu: let them have their fun on their own and they wonder why they're hungry.
mircea_popescu: "Thanks for being a class act, Gavin." hahaha srsly ?
mircea_popescu: team-libtard. "let's thank ourselves for being stupid, it's how they do it on the special olympics too! that's how you win!"
thestringpuller: Huxely strikes again.
mircea_popescu: *: ben_vulpes trudges back into the wordpress mines <<< wait wut ? why ?
asciilifeform: << these people spam 'pastebin' now.
assbot: #TakeDownRSD -
mircea_popescu: UPDATE tril_posts SET `wp_content` = REPLACE (`post_content`, '', '') WHERE `post_content` LIKE ''
mircea_popescu: 315 rows affected. (Query took 1.1584 sec)
mircea_popescu: should have done it long ago.
asciilifeform: << yet more? asking for spam?
assbot: >>> Real Social Dynamics <<< -
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform i duin get it ?
asciilifeform: the 'strangler' fellow who was thrown out of australia
mircea_popescu: "On behalf of myself and my peers, I am lodging a formal complaint regarding your provision of financial services to Real Social Dynamics—specifically Real Social Dynamic's co-owner Julien Blanc (pseudonym)—on the grounds that their employees, business practices and instructional literature promote violence against women, sexual harassment, rape and racism."
mircea_popescu: bnwahaha
mircea_popescu: wait, this is how it works ?
mircea_popescu: im pretty sure the license to provide services of any kind includes the obligation to provide them universally.
mircea_popescu: so in teh bitcoin future, a financial services firm is not allowed to be down, for anyone and for any reason, or else risks losing its license.
thestringpuller: mircea_popescu: but what about the terrorists!
mircea_popescu: what about them ?
thestringpuller: you can't serve the terrorists. it's unpatriotic
chetty: banks refuse to open accounts all the time ..or close existing ones ..
mircea_popescu: let the police do its job.
thestringpuller: what about the case when someone goes down for "due cause"
mircea_popescu: this "let the word processor be a browser and the browser be a music station and th phone a camera" trend is pure idiocy.
thestringpuller: i.e. MPEx webserver attack, Trade engine failure, etc.
mircea_popescu: there's no point in having a bank be the police. let the police be the police, and if they're no good at it let them go home.
mircea_popescu: thestringpuller then they suck.
thestringpuller: so in future MPEx will "never be down"
mircea_popescu: it's never been down for a while.
mircea_popescu: more on point, imagine if the blockchain "were down"
thestringpuller: then bitcoin, would die.
mircea_popescu: something that happens with regularity to fiat banks, "sorry, we can't process txn, our so-called system is down"
asciilifeform: i was in restaurant just the other day, fiat 'was down', delayed for no good reason.
thestringpuller: but there is a possibility (albeit improbably) someone bombs every mining facility on the planet, and the hash rate plummets making block times 10 hours per
mircea_popescu: there's also a possibility the aliens land and start mining.
chetty: I vote for the aliens
mircea_popescu: incidentally, i have a spot of work for a python guru. anyone bored ?
mircea_popescu: and speaking of that, i need someone to make me (another) site. anyone wanna make a b-a site ?
thestringpuller: there's already a b-a site
thestringpuller: isn't that kako's job?
mircea_popescu: you might have not noticed this, but! the model is fully decentralised, with delegated subdomains.
mircea_popescu: kakobrekla is like the dns cabal.
thestringpuller: so it's already done?
diametric: mircea_popescu: what kind of work in python do you need done?
mircea_popescu: wht is ?
mircea_popescu: diametric well, there's a format for computer models called "3d" something. it sort-of almost works in blender, there's an ancient convertor someone made. this : ttps://
assbot: UnoffLandz - Browse /Blender Scripts/Import Export e3d files at
mircea_popescu: i need this brought up to date, because it ties into blender from 2009 and uses python from 2007
thestringpuller: hahahaha
diametric: so you just need it to run in current blender/python?
thestringpuller: this is a pretty complex script.
diametric: i'll give it a cursory glance and let you know
thestringpuller: hopefully blender doesn't does do crazy stuff (like MS) between versions like change from lhs to rhs
mircea_popescu: wouldn't surprise me.
thestringpuller: who would be using this program?
mircea_popescu: what are you, oracle ?
diametric: this is pretty gnarly
thestringpuller: very funny mircea_popescu
mircea_popescu: For your reference, please see the following video. It depicts one of Mr. Blanc's instructional seminars where he advocates illegal and racist behavior as well as video footage of Mr. Blanc in the act:
assbot: "Pick-Up Artist" pushing Japanese women's heads down to his crotch 白人が日本で大暴れ「日本ではHしほうだい」(字幕) - YouTube
mircea_popescu: now this i gotta see, illegal and racist behaviour
thestringpuller: damn, this while loop is gross.
mircea_popescu: uhhh... srsly, staged crap ? these people need better concerns.
mircea_popescu: “When you go to Tokyo….if you’re a white male, you can do what you want. Just grab her, pull her in. She’ll giggle. Just say PIKACHU or POKEMON or something to take the pressure off. I’m romping through the streets (of Tokyo) just grabbing girls and it’s like (motions) head on dick (pfft) head on dick, yelling ‘PIKACHU’ with a Pikachu shirt on….Every foreigner who is white does this. When you see that
mircea_popescu: one foreigner in the crowd in Tokyo and your eyes will lock and you know that he knows and he knows that and it’s this guilty look like you both fucked a hooker or something.”
mircea_popescu: honestly this entire "feminist protesting" stuff reads a whole lot like the sort of crap that tucker max "strategist" derp would come up with
mircea_popescu: da fuck was his name.
mircea_popescu: Ryan Holiday.
asciilifeform: kgb disinfo agitprop that took own life of its own.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform well... not so much a life. more like a hottopic of its own.
assbot: Things That Turbo Pascal is Smaller Than
mircea_popescu: and judging how quickly it comes on the heels of the entire gamergate thing, i;m calling it.
punkman: mircea_popescu: what's the new b-a website?
mircea_popescu: punkman you seriously want to do ALL fo them !? this is very nice and all but imagine what happens if the aliens come to elect you their leader. all the shit drops off maintenance ?
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform i actually moved to turbo pascal from qbasic back in very long ago.
mircea_popescu: it *was* fast.
thestringpuller: yum qbasic. the first language I ever learned.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: to turbo pascal from qbasic << i, also.
punkman: well if I'm elected alien leader, I'll put a few of them to task
mircea_popescu: punkman what if you're elected cumrag.
punkman: problems
ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: mines << gotta eat.
mircea_popescu: support wordpress actually pays money ? i'm awed.
ben_vulpes: bezzleland.
mircea_popescu: well, if nobody speaks up punkman gets it tomorro, so. speak up.
thestringpuller: i'm interested. but want to know what it is fiiirst
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform actually ironically enough, pascal was supposed to be a shitty program. c++ was supposed ot be the cat's teats. yet the experience i had over a coupla summers with turbopascal is pretty much unmatched. maybe the only time i actually enjoyed coding.
mircea_popescu: borlandc++ sucked by comparison. maybe because i was too dumb to properly grok the language, or too lazy to learn the spec
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: cpp was not designed for humans, but for slave galleys.
mircea_popescu: but holy testlist on a stick mary, who wants it.
punkman: notary, status
notary: punkman: No pending deeds | Last bundle 15 hours and 8 minutes ago
mircea_popescu: o splendor of splendors
punkman: punkbot, balance
notary: punkman: Balance at 1LAwrWMbPLLSpt7nkD5Jv1Yf4cwPhD98ny is 0.06295 BTC (0.0 unconfirmed), enough for 572 more bundles.
notary: punkman: Of course, you wouldn't have any 'extra' tobacco
mircea_popescu: lol wait wut
punkman: poor thing got confused
mircea_popescu: $proxies
empyex: mircea_popescu: Proxies: Current MPEx GPG-Key-ID: 02DD2D91
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes anyway, you ever sorted out the whatever it was ? mah wp expert happens to be sitting across from me.
ben_vulpes: what is the part of wordpress that determines what things are prepended to the slug?
empyex: mircea_popescu: MPEx-Status: (119 milliseconds), (152 milliseconds), (242 milliseconds), (10266 milliseconds), (error)
empyex: mircea_popescu: Health-Indicators: Homepage: √ MK Depth JSON: √ VWAP JSON: √
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes apparently there's an interface in the admin to set it
mircea_popescu: settings > permalinks
mircea_popescu: and apparently you shouldn't get into those guts anyway, just pick custom structure and form a string
ben_vulpes: here's the wacky thing - it's the same on both the old site and the migrated copy.
ben_vulpes: just using "Post name" option.
jurov: Dunno if guru, but I do have few pull requests against py projects.
jurov: *Accepted pull requests.
mircea_popescu: jurov : see above ?
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes and so it doesn't use just the name ?
mircea_popescu: so add bar ?
ben_vulpes: no slashes in slugs
jurov: Oh you want to sort out weird old mess. Sounds like stuff I am good with.
jurov: i saw blender+py from 2007
ben_vulpes: old site has /foo/bar as uneditable zone in permalink area on page
ben_vulpes: new site only has /foo/
ben_vulpes: i have no idea where /foo/ is even configured
mircea_popescu: 's /foo/%postname%/ do ?
assbot: ClubOrlov: Twilight of the Oligarchs
mircea_popescu: anyway, there's a $prefix defined in wp-admin/options-permalink.php but "you really should not fuck with that"
ben_vulpes: i can't imagine that was set at any time.
ben_vulpes: something (perhaps js?) strips the '/', '%'
mircea_popescu: $wp_rewrite->set_permalink_structure($permalink_structure); is the call you care about
undata: asciilifeform: It is likely a failure of my imagination that I cannot guess what sort of violence-entrepreneurs might emerge in the US.
undata: maybe gangs
mircea_popescu: they already have emerged.
mircea_popescu: go buy some dope and some cunt,
mircea_popescu: same people wil be selling water and batteries soonish
undata: mircea_popescu: so gangs?
undata: I could see that.
mircea_popescu: no, not gangs. gangs are roughly what the police is. hardly entrepreneurial/
asciilifeform: undata: in many (most?) places in usa, they won't be readily distinguishable from existing policemen.
undata: asciilifeform: there we go; I was going to suggest "state govts"
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform yeah, they will. VERY distinguishable. recall the previous fall : who dared go around in a militsya uniform ?
undata: many in Texas (not on the fringe) are secessionist
asciilifeform: uniform << in that sense, yes
mircea_popescu: anyway, unlike stockpiling X Y or Z magical golden pill produced on antiquated thinking, going out and making friends with a drug dealer TODAY is both actionable and useful.
mircea_popescu: having those friends will pay in 2020. having a basement full of whatever might get you killed.
undata: mircea_popescu: haha, that's a wonderful PSA
undata: "Make friends with a drug dealer TODAY!"
mircea_popescu: and i dont mean no dime peddling doofus either.
undata: no no, someone with his own enterprise
mircea_popescu: buy a pound of cocaine, uncut, on the premise that it muyst be exactly one pound and exactly uncut.
undata: they've already shown they can operate with independence
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: works best if one can find a matching ethnomafia to go in.
mircea_popescu: then flush it down the drain for all it matters, you just want to meet the people involved.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform americans aren't a nation. no such for them.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: no flags involved. pure ethno-colourcode, dialect, mannerisms sort of thing.
mircea_popescu: that's what the flag is.
mircea_popescu: what did you think the flag was
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: at least where i live
assbot: The Obamacare Gestapo 012 -
mircea_popescu: did you just download and are now rummaging ?
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: a small experiment, yes
undata: mircea_popescu: here in Oregon there are plenty of farming operations that I wouldn't be surprised if later they take on a more political nature
undata: heavily armed, unfortunately christian, but otherwise seemingly fault tolerant
mircea_popescu: undata you act as if this political thing is a reserve ability all men have.
mircea_popescu: if they weren't worthless they'd be invovled NOW. since they aren't now, they won't later.
undata: mircea_popescu: the one I'm thinking of is better termed a distributor
mircea_popescu: well if the one you're thinking of is, then the one you;re thinking of might be, yes.
undata: but then again they could be the basement full of goods
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: if they weren't worthless they'd be invovled NOW << tricky bit here. 'involved now' almost always means 'share the fate of the new york death ray plot' or 'citadel corp.' or a thousand other stoolie-run shams.
undata: I am unaware of their total capacity to defend themselves
mircea_popescu: anyway, i'd say i'm the poster child for orlov's "violent entrepreneurs". it's not that i make an enterprise of violence, is that i clearly and pointedly reserve the right to use violence without limit.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform not so.
mircea_popescu: take ben_vulpes, he's involved now.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes, he's involved << wai wat.
mircea_popescu: he's not particularly powerful, at least not in any way the pete's derpy commenter would recognise. but that's an unrelated matter.
thestringpuller: mircea_popescu: how so? you have mercenaries now?
mircea_popescu: thestringpuller i always did, but that is besides the point anyway.
thestringpuller: ^- if greatest soldier alive is in your private army, you are automatically most powerful so very relevant?
mircea_popescu: i have servers, too, and as the ddos rises so do the servers. simple equation there.
mircea_popescu: in a sense, "entrepreneurs of violence" is just a particular facet of sovereignity. orlov was in a room with a sovereign elephant and what he came out with was the trunk.
mircea_popescu: " And as the unraveling progresses, the violent entrepreneurs develop agendas of their own, which, inevitably, involve having the cooperation flow the other way: instead of cooperating with those formerly in charge, they demand that those formerly in charge start cooperating with them. And it is here that the scene turns bloody."
mircea_popescu: "the sec wants to matter, the sec better get in the wot". hasn't turned bloody yet.
undata: mircea_popescu: ah I understand; I took it as "violence start-ups"
mircea_popescu: i dunno what he meant by it, but what he actually said does allow an interpretation that actually works, so. benefit of the doubt.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: mr o is fixated on the 'elephant's trunk' because that was the organ he saw in action personally while visiting ru in '90s
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform understandable.
mircea_popescu: undata violence is not merely physical violence. tim swanson got bludgeoned into the dirt, what is that if not violence ?
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: in his words, approx., 'violent entrepreneurs are special and distinct in that they will work whether or not you pay them, whether they're paid simply determines whether they work with you or on you'
mircea_popescu: exactly.
mircea_popescu: see ? sovereignty.
mircea_popescu: "the country works whether it's your ally or your enemy, as what it does"
mircea_popescu: <asciilifeform> mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes, he's involved << wai wat. << does this need elucidation still ?
mircea_popescu: " There tends to be a clean break with the old, collapsing society, which is motivated by money and prestige within society at large, because these entrepreneurial groups are motivated by honor and prestige within the in-group only." << what is the wot if not exactl;y that ?
mircea_popescu: guy pretty much has it, in the working parts.
assbot: Stuxnet: Zero Victims - Securelist
cazalla: ddos back or something?
mircea_popescu: looking.
mircea_popescu: there's something afoot with the dns service worldwide tho
mircea_popescu: a they found the domains huh.
asciilifeform: stuxnet << as i described in my article 'don't blame the mice' - imho, iran doesn't really want to live. how we know this? if they wanted to live, there would have been a public impalement of whoever said 'everyone runs winblows, it's ok for us to'
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform the only thing ever in deficit in the world is the working brain and the erect penis.
mircea_popescu: everything else is forever abundant. and so... they may well wish to live
mircea_popescu: but who among trhem can think ?
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i can't say that i agree. they're cheap as dust. but very far, typically, from the 'levers of power'
mircea_popescu: maybe our definitions of working differ.
undata: this topic might help me understand something, if someone wishes to explain
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: e.g., i like to imagine that i had 'working brain', yet here i am 'on mars', far away.
undata: Iran to me is a great example of why strict authoritarian systems do not work
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform is the engine spinning on the test bed a working engine or not ?
undata: but to ask a different question, how do we end up with authorities who are rational?
mircea_popescu: till you get your wheels on you're just a prototype. a good one, sure, but...
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: test bed << if the proper kind, with simulated loads - aye
mircea_popescu: undata wot ?
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform i don't agree. it doesn't do any work.
asciilifeform: iran authoritarian << poor country, and, afaik, run by populistic idiots generously helped by foreign wreckers from half the globe
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform there's a much larger issue there. iran is mostly ethnially persian. the leadership, ethnically arab. on their own, the arabs are usually poor. therefore they depend on govt dole.
asciilifeform: doesn't do any work << usually folks ask 'if x works' with the understanding that x may be on a shelf, in a crate, has not been used in anger yet
mircea_popescu: exactly manchuko scenario replaying itself.
mircea_popescu: what used to be fearless warriors are now blind old dependants.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform i don't disagree the brain works. im just saying, it's not working till it does work.
asciilifeform: manchuko << interesting and explains things
mircea_popescu: otherwise endlessly spinning the "simulated loads" of bezzle is a great way to keep a great engine away from the road.
undata: mircea_popescu: my question is how a parasitic overclass is avoided if one is to believe in soverignty and aristocracy?
mircea_popescu: what's your definition of "parasitic" ?
mircea_popescu: manking lives off the soil.
mircea_popescu: mankind*
undata: mircea_popescu: one that eventually wears out the thing underneath, leading to collapse
undata: maybe that's just the nature of it
undata: I'm not convinced I'm asking the right question.
mircea_popescu: listen, until you start doing your own photosinthesis, you can be accused of being "parasitic"
mircea_popescu: it's like accusing someone of us "rape". do they have a penis ? well....
undata: sure, but there's a question of degree there
mircea_popescu: yeah, and that question is called politics.
mircea_popescu: the apportioning of penance among the universally guilty humans, the temproal role of the church,
mircea_popescu: the first central government
undata: so the answer in Iran's case is "because an adjacent sovereign is not fit enough to destroy them?"
mircea_popescu: they're just lazy and stupid.
mircea_popescu: could also say "they're letting the women lead much to their detriment"
mircea_popescu: middle easterners have this problem.
mod6: asciilifeform: are you the author of these patches? : rm_rf_upnp.tar.gz https-snipsnip.tar.gz turdmeister-alert-snip.tar.gz goodbye-win32.tar.gz ?
asciilifeform: mod6: yes
assbot: ISPs Removing Their Customers' Email Encryption | Electronic Frontier Foundation
asciilifeform: mod6: except the 1st
mircea_popescu: mod6 shouldn't you be able to tell ?
ben_vulpes: not rm_rf_upnp you aren't
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: aha, i think you wrote that one
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: i already forgot most of this
mod6: mircea_popescu: eh yeah, just making sure i guess, those wern't posted to the mailing list.
ben_vulpes: gpg --verify should spit out the author
ben_vulpes: i've been a busy boy it's true
mircea_popescu: diametric i bet you it's a "cost saving measure"
mircea_popescu: "Some of the action is bound to be quite shocking; for instance, while the elites and the oligarchs themselves are rather well defended, at least initially, their children, ensconced in various elite schools, academies and universities, comprise a soft target, setting the stage for school take-overs, mass kidnappings and shootings of a very different sort from the ones seen to date. "
mircea_popescu: so orlovs' prediction is that in the near future i will be able to order oligarch underage daughter prostitute to my hotel room in odessa ?
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: well sure, more like hotel in london
mircea_popescu: why would i go to fucking london.
mircea_popescu: i'd rather BE the prostitute.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: idk why to go to london. just following mr. o's thoughts.
ben_vulpes: at the risk of point out the obvious if you can afford the bundling and transportation, you could have them in odessa
asciilifeform: odessa is under american occupation atm, afaik
asciilifeform: (well, more precisely, nato's unofficial little shitgnomes)
mats_cd03: such hostility
mircea_popescu: ;;isup
gribble: is up
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform kinda my point.
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes yeah, but the idea is for it to be done for free.
mircea_popescu: generally, that's the formative experience of failure. when one's daughters are given away as objects to they in the other system, because even as objects there they are still worth more than were they to stay in their parents' own system, much like infinitely nothing of something is still more than absolutely all of nothing whatsoever.
mircea_popescu: which is, i guess, what "traditional marriage" is all about.
mircea_popescu: jurov so give it a look let me know ?
assbot: ImperialViolet - A shallow survey of formal methods for C code
asciilifeform: !s formal means
asciilifeform: !s decaying urbits
asciilifeform: mathematicized, 'proofy' programming is one part grantsmanship, two parts organized pseudoscience, one part enemy disinfo.
assbot: Logged on 27-09-2014 02:45:16; asciilifeform: decimation: the cure for this depression is to understand that a machine can be built to be -understood-.
asciilifeform: (see also that entire thread.)
mats_cd03: yep, read it
mircea_popescu: 12-08-2014 05:29:50 <punkman> I am subjecting myself to Swanson's book << anything came of this ?
punkman: just the comments that followed
gernika: It's hard to go for more than a year here without the company you're working for being sold.
mircea_popescu: !up TheShrander
mircea_popescu: gernika i can see it.
undata: gernika: when I was 16 I worked for a software company which persuaded staff (myself excluded of course) to alter their stock options unfavorably given that they subsequently sold out to HP
undata: that was a formative experience
gernika: undata Pretty sure the same thing happened to me about 3 years ago.
gernika: term sheet change, sell company
TheShrander: i'm gonna hold a speech about the WoT in Italy next month. mircea_popescu we have already talk weeks ago, i'm wyrdmantis, remember?
BingoBoingo: dignork TomServo: Ty
cazalla: dignork: a, lol, i see what you mean, it's a typo in original css, full text then: <<< thanks, it's a bit of an improvement for mobile
assbot: dpaste: 0D7MGFD
cazalla: oh, you doing same thing BingoBoingo ?
BingoBoingo: cazalla: I was, but... you can go ahead
cazalla: done
TheShrander: i'm trying get some more people here, so they can understand and not waste money in fucking startups... we will see :D
mircea_popescu: RagnarDanneskjol << the 8th note you will prolly find of interest.
assbot: The thorny problem of violence, or the miracle of the talking ass. pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.
RagnarDanneskjol: oh yes very interesting indeed - I read it before - always get more the second time around. thank
mircea_popescu: i just published it
RagnarDanneskjol: oh -the title looked familiar
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: if orlov's a paid muppet, when do i get paid.
mircea_popescu: why would you get paid ?
asciilifeform: (what's sadder, paid shilling, or pro bono muppetry?)
mircea_popescu: i don't see you churning out an article a week about how "evil nato" and "nice putin"
mircea_popescu: muppetry is hard work yo.
asciilifeform: mostly on account of i can't be bothered to give a shit.
mircea_popescu: so then, again...why would you get paid ?
asciilifeform: but i give enough of a miniature shit to link mr. o
mircea_popescu: so wait, you COULD be a tailor ? cuz yo usorta like cut stuff now and again ?
mircea_popescu: this is your argument for payment ?
asciilifeform: 'whore, on account of the equipment' heh.
RagnarDanneskjol: this is the one i was thinking of - also worth rereading
assbot: The problem of enforcement pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.
gernika: Was Orlov paid first, and then he started writing? Or the other way around?
asciilifeform: iirc that's the one where 'we need a new fleanode'
gernika: Blog until you make it?
mircea_popescu: gernika the kgb does not recruit nobodies for this role.
mircea_popescu: either he's an officer, which is weird, but weird is not new in the game ; or else he's just yet another aspiring-talking head, except not working for X company but Y, or else i'm wrong.
gernika: I could see him as the "social media" branch of a wider effort that includes RT.
mircea_popescu: has he ever linked to rt ?
asciilifeform: let's posit paid muppetry. what is the client getting for his money?
asciilifeform: 'demoralize decadent west.' but why take a contract out on a corpse?
mircea_popescu: what does any other derp paying for "online marketing" ?
mircea_popescu: it's not quite as simple as all that.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform remember that rather accurate depiction of "typical agent" ?
mircea_popescu: how the fuck do you expect to reach him ?
asciilifeform: the one with the junkyard, yes
asciilifeform: that one had a perfectly pedestrian military logic.
asciilifeform: what's the logic here?
mircea_popescu: if you wish to reach those guys, how do you do it ?
mircea_popescu: put up a craigslist ad ?
mircea_popescu: do it on reddit ? on twitter ?
mircea_popescu: your best bet is exactly what orlov is doing.
asciilifeform: in the classic book, you had a fella going up to the junkyard keeper, offering him a bag of benjies 'for almost nothing'
mircea_popescu: sorta fringe-y, sorta-angry but not really, "let's make a new alphabet"
gernika: !s typical agent
asciilifeform: (the piece in question)
asciilifeform: 'A portrait of an ideal agent for spetsnaz emerges something like this: a man of between fifty-five and sixty-five years of age who has never served in the army, never had access to secret documents, does not carry or own a weapon, knows nothing about hand-to-hand fighting, does not possess any secret equipment and doesn't support the Comunists, does not read the newspapers, was never in the Soviet Union and ha
asciilifeform: s never met any Soviet citizens, leads a lonely, introspective life, far from other people, and is by profession a forester, fisherman, lighthouse-keeper, security guard or railwayman. In many cases such an agent will be a physical invalid...'
asciilifeform: the piece concerned folks who were given the job of preparing hidey-holes and providing materiel, however
asciilifeform: rather than 'influence agents'
asciilifeform: so perhaps mircea_popescu was thinking of another.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform again, how do you FIND these guys ?
asciilifeform: legwork.
BingoBoingo: !s Hal Turner
asciilifeform: same way i might find a mechanic
asciilifeform: or drywall master
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform specifically, legwork. orlov's blog, is that legwork ?
asciilifeform: let's play this 'chess' a few moves in
asciilifeform: say one bites.
gernika: Orlov reminds me of detective who has you in the interrogation room. He somehow befriends himself to you and makes you think he wants to help you. He lays out your options. Cooperate and you get life. Otherwise death.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform aha ?
asciilifeform: picture the letter: 'dear mr.o, where can i park my mystery crate that certainly does not contain a rocket launcher.'
asciilifeform: or the like.
asciilifeform: unless i dramatically fail to grok how this works, a public blog is very much not the correct tool in the box for this.
mircea_popescu: let's model it properly. you're the kgb special assets chain of command, and i'm orlov.
mircea_popescu: now, propose a situation, sketch a plan and give me an order.
asciilifeform: i thought the hypothetical was that mr. o is the commander.
mircea_popescu: lol get out.
asciilifeform: or at least a controlled muppet
mircea_popescu: well yes.
mircea_popescu: think cc server - rooted box. i'm the rooted box. say something to me!
asciilifeform: so, let's cast mr. o as muppet in charge of volunteer recruitment.
asciilifeform: moscow says 'find us some useful morons'
mircea_popescu: error #1 : unspecific command ; ignoring.
asciilifeform: moscow: 'we need to park a within 10km of 'camp david.''
assbot: Logged on 11-11-2014 15:03:50; asciilifeform:
mircea_popescu: select from blog_derps where location within 50 miles and factor 1..n in $criteria or has car etc
asciilifeform: except that if mr. o were so 'open' to volunteers, he'd be grunting in the oubliette with mr. nyc deathray
mircea_popescu: obviously.
mircea_popescu: but this is a technical objection.
mircea_popescu: if the car worked on an ideal carnot cycle it'd be pretty much fireworks show
asciilifeform: so one would have to posit some magic-trick in his pocket to explain why he is still around and kicking.
mircea_popescu: maybe he's not done anything useful yet.
mircea_popescu: maybe he's been lucky so far
mircea_popescu: who the fuck knows, it's a shitty life the junkies, whores and assets lead.
asciilifeform: not saying that this is an impossible picture.
asciilifeform: just that it fails on a few basics. for one thing, ru recruiters traditionally false-flag.
asciilifeform: (bugger: 'i wouldn't work for no russian scum' agent: 'aha, but we're mossad, friendlies, dontchaknow')
mircea_popescu: i haven't a clue if they mostly do or don't.
mircea_popescu: which year is this ?
mircea_popescu: "a stunted copulation between a woman who hadn’t been laid in decades and a man who interrogated mattress springs for a living"
mircea_popescu: ;;later tell hanbot win
gribble: The operation succeeded.
asciilifeform: (most folks, apparently, feel less 'edgy' re: the idea of muppeting for a small-time intelligence agency, than ru or us)
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: if you happen to have a w4r3z link to 'running rings of spies' by 'paladin press', it has some (authenticated and not) case studies.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform most folk get this idea that "they're in control of their own life" and that "they won't have to do anything they don't want to do" and so...
asciilifeform: very elegantly described in that tome.
mircea_popescu: what's the worst that can happen. and nobody reads anyway, and who's going to figure anything out
mircea_popescu: or keep tabs.
asciilifeform: in a, i dare say, psychiatric style.
asciilifeform: (an intelligence case officer is a kind of psychiatrist, in the same sense that a sniper is a type of surgeon)
mircea_popescu: i like it when hirelings go "hello micrea". on a first name basis with people you don't even know the first name of ? way to fail multiple times per line!
asciilifeform: micrea?!
mircea_popescu: apparently.
mircea_popescu: snatislav!
BingoBoingo: Micrea is the cleanshaven alternate universe version
mircea_popescu: maybe it should be my stage name. Mic Rhea
asciilifeform has read such letters, yes
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform at least it didn't get all the way to snotislav or something
asciilifeform: 'they called him rheostat. for the knob he twisted to turn up the current when they ended up in his chair.'
ben_vulpes: rheostan
thestringpuller: !s from:asciilifeform regex
thestringpuller: ^- did i do it wrong
undata: thestringpuller: wrong string.
thestringpuller: undata: did they remove the from: tag?
thestringpuller: there is to:
undata: thestringpuller: not a clue
asciilifeform: 'ring of spies' << when does #b-a get own w4r3z ftp?
asciilifeform: 'instant file hosting' crud - sucks.
undata: asciilifeform: spend magnet links into the blockchain?
undata: maybe I'll write that this weekend
asciilifeform: magnet links << and who seeds? you?
undata: asciilifeform: same question as who hosts, isn't it?
undata: of course you could get fancier and do some darknet thing
asciilifeform: point is not even entirely to host w4r3z - this is not an entirely unsolved problem - but to demonstrate 'fortress.'
thestringpuller: torrent boxes paid for with btc
asciilifeform: expensive proposition if they have short life expectancy.
ben_vulpes: temporary storage paid for with btc
asciilifeform: see above
thestringpuller: host on #b-a satellite in space
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform im not so sure there's that much validity to that demonstration.
mircea_popescu: the entire us carrier approach to war is expensive and unwieldy.
asciilifeform: not only this, but it helps to be able to link to a document in a thread.
asciilifeform: instead of crapping out a 'go find it, it's there somewhere on the net'
mircea_popescu: anything specific ?
asciilifeform: 'spies'
mircea_popescu: the thing linked above ?
asciilifeform: a curious little vintage monograph
mircea_popescu: so what's the problem ?
asciilifeform: iirc i posted it once, to a 'file host' thing, but of course long gone.
assbot: running rings of spies at DuckDuckGo
mircea_popescu: !s suvorov6
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: that's not a copy
mircea_popescu: dat tokenization. anyway, iirc it was on the same place last tiem
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: the top link is to a torrent which may or may not be alive
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: It's a path that leads to a copy, that lives
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: and may or may not be the actual scan or a questionable ocr turd
BingoBoingo: Pretty shitty photoscan, but scan
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i want to link to an actual document. with a known sha2.
asciilifeform: or it isn't a real discussion.
undata will just write said magnet link thing and report back
BingoBoingo: That's a harder problem.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform lemme see here.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: this is a different piece, not suvorov
undata: seems like seeding a trackerless torrent with your thing and a signature of the thing solves this
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: american 'can't say exactly who i was' vietnam vet.
mircea_popescu: the ideal would be to have a permanent file storage that works by incrementally adding chickens to the task
mircea_popescu: but taking chickens away degrades performance but not storage ?
BingoBoingo: Known sha2 for scans of print text is a very hard problem unless designated agent goes to Paladin press, buys dead trees, and signs hashlists
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: easy problem if canonical scan.
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo the other way.
asciilifeform: as in, the one you and i read.
mircea_popescu: just make a scan.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform incidentally, there is a lot of overlap between the problem of packing bits and the problems of blockchain and crypto isn;'t there.
asciilifeform: packing bits?
mircea_popescu: lzw or w/e
asciilifeform: the spittoon is all in one strand, yes
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: but perhaps you had something more specific in mind
mircea_popescu: well, the problem ehre is this : immutable datastore comes with the problem of, who may add to it.
mircea_popescu: if not, straight to spam pile.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i assume you studied some of the known bitcoin predecessors.
BingoBoingo: Fuck, whoever made this scan isn't very good at the whole scanning books business
asciilifeform: there was one called 'eternity'
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform in short, your complaint is legitimate but the solution unobvious.
asciilifeform: in fact, many folks arrived at 'proof of work' and something akin to our current concept of 'blockchain' by attempting to answer the 'who gets to add bits' question.
asciilifeform: ^ that one.
asciilifeform: and a few others
asciilifeform: ('eternity' was one of the more braindamaged ones, so perhaps that wasn't it)
mircea_popescu: problem goes deeper : if "who can add is finite" then you have a point of failure baked in quite nastily.
mircea_popescu: for that matter, the current state of the web, 50% or more linkrotted away
mircea_popescu: is clear testament to this being a major problem.
mircea_popescu: i know i've ranted about it on occasion.
asciilifeform: it's a serious problem, and folks who don't routinely discuss 20+ year old, moderately-obscure documents don't even know the beginning of it.
asciilifeform: it goes beyond 'where do i put l337 w4r3z'
mircea_popescu: how about this canonical formulation of it : most of what i know i know alone, because the "internet" is made out of knowledge in the sense the earth is made out of grass.
asciilifeform: warez censor is not the only mouse in the warehouse. there's moth and dust, father time.
undata: asciilifeform: what about torrent sites with seed ratio requirements? They seem to have done well as archives, even of the obscure.
mircea_popescu: and the body out of hair
asciilifeform: undata: 'obscure' here is almost by definition - that which is not found on 'pirate bay' and the like
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform how's the russian thing work ? mostly as undata's idea, right ? loosely affiliated, % enforcing warez sites
asciilifeform: it also works by having some specificity - as in, 'only books that were actual books once'
asciilifeform: and the language barrier mostly (not always!) keeps enemy at bay
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform i'll tell you something about obscure. perhaps the best franchise in the history of western pornography is best in purely aesthetic terms. now, their various brands, things such as i dunno, publichumiliation exist on the piratebay in the sense of maybe a dozen items out of what, 500 ? 1k total ?
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: none of the major 'libraries' have '% ratios' though
mircea_popescu: yes, it serves someone wanting to jack off just fine, because nobody needs three hours of video to rub one out
mircea_popescu: suppose i wanted to do something of the substance of actual reason, knowledge, science. da fuck do i do ? pray ?
mircea_popescu: imagine if libraries of the paper variety were organised on the principle that "well if you want something to read we prolly have a coupla books"
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: another example. want w4r3z copy of 'winblows' ? easy as fart. want the leaked microshit source? (why!?!? but that's another question) - harder.
mircea_popescu: rather than "we have every book ever made"
asciilifeform: though it's out there.
asciilifeform: well if you want something to read we prolly have a coupla books << prison library.
undata: the sites I'm thinking of solve this by making upload credits capital you spend on download, effectively
mircea_popescu: in fact, the way digital stuff is handled, it reminds me of how books would be handled in the house a functionally illiterate peasant from the 1900s.
undata: it seems that kind of incentive structure could be tweaked to reward preserving the obscure
mircea_popescu: "and here is where we keep the books" . "what's in them ? " " letter"
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: that's precisely it.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: reminds me of a tale from the pet. she was once given a bag of 'books' by a 'friend' who vaguely recalled that she 'likes reading books.'
asciilifeform: (it was all crud long-overdue for the recycling vats from the moment of printing, naturally)
mircea_popescu: careful what she says, next she gets a bag of fucks.
mircea_popescu: but the problem is not merely storage. retrieval is up there too. consider the simple task "let us watc ha movie". the girls now have to find one. i've distributed more lashes for failure to find good films than for all other reasons combined, in 2014.
asciilifeform: undata: you need 'wot' baked in or you get idiots gaming the ratio system, the way they did on 1990s bbs.
asciilifeform: zip-o-crud generators.
mircea_popescu: while the exercise is instructive, i don't really believe it's the girls' fault exactly.
undata: asciilifeform: certainly
mircea_popescu: how do you find a good film ?
mircea_popescu: as in, "only films that were actually films once"
asciilifeform: this, as often is, - is one of the 'insufficient wot in extant system' cases.
undata: given a BTC transaction which represents an "item" in the catalog, there could as well be transactions which refer to that one and rate it
undata: and so on.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform which is why the "unspecified" website i asked for someone to make a month ago and punkman volunteered is EXACTLY a wot-driven film database.
asciilifeform: (for reading fiction, some folks actually use primitive 'wot' systems like 'goodreads')
mircea_popescu: "see the films that people you trust liked"
assbot: Goodreads v. LibraryThing- Part One - BOOK RIOT
asciilifeform: (a review of the very primitive state of the art)
asciilifeform: for film - no idea, if exists
asciilifeform: !s kyristor
mircea_popescu: ure it exists. "metacritic rating"
mircea_popescu: hear what five hundred internet imbeciles thought about racism in THIS film
asciilifeform: ^ my ancient failed attempt at 'wot.' was to be used with another (never happened) apparatus, 'sollipse,' for running a 'multiverse' of wots.
asciilifeform: (an individual could be a 'node' on any number of orthogonal wots, such as film tastes, mathematics, etc)
mircea_popescu: this is where it's headed.
asciilifeform: in the sense that it is the only solution - yes.
asciilifeform: in fact, 'reddit' gizmos can be seen as a specially broken case of wot - having the same relationship to wot as baited rat poison has to food
assbot: Spamming reddit, an “experiment”. pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.
asciilifeform: which is, that to the victim's nose it distantly resembles the real thing - but has an ulterior motive baked in.
mircea_popescu: mircea_popescu The idea being that any current “social media” website is a defective implementation of the WoT, what I intend to do is prove this point. Because the sort of idiots involved won’t figure it on their own, and the assholes a la zuck and conde nast have about as much interest in the matter as your random bank cares about getting off shitty buggy ms software.
asciilifeform: except that it goes beyond active disinterest.
asciilifeform: they're certainly interested - in something quite else.
mircea_popescu: unsovereignty ?
asciilifeform: vox sheepuli.
mircea_popescu: "god help us if people are in charge of their own lives, anything b ut that" ?
asciilifeform: 'god help us if the thinking folks find one another'
mircea_popescu: now see, THAT is a fortress worth making
mircea_popescu: which is why it's here.
asciilifeform: well, the pieces are here.
mircea_popescu: a fortress is first and foremost an embodied fuck you.
mircea_popescu: just how well fortified it actually is =- that's a technical discussion'
mircea_popescu: but the unbreached fortress is exactly as fortified as any other unbreached fortress : infinitely so.
mircea_popescu: (and by "it's here" i means specifically, b-a)
asciilifeform: well, yes
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: incidentally, i lifted 'kyristor' name not from the obvious place, but from a zoological exploration of a peculiarly malignant femiderp re: 'kyriarchy'
asciilifeform: decided that it would be a particularly apt name for the ideal 'crucifix' against the vampires in question.
asciilifeform: but that's ancient history.
asciilifeform: interestingly, mr mold invented almost precisely the same scheme, afaik independently, neither of us lifted from the other
asciilifeform: imho it is an inevitable discovery, like semiconductor.
asciilifeform: (a rusty nail semiconducts, if you know where on it to stick a probe. this is how 'coherer' - first radio receiver - worked, though its inventor did not know this)
mircea_popescu: nothing as indomitable as an idea whose time has come eh
asciilifeform: ;;google railroading time
gribble: Quote by Robert A. Heinlein: “When railroading time comes you can ...: <>; Q&N: The Door into Summer (Heinlein) - <>; Railroad Time - Home Page - TimeZone: (1 more message)
mircea_popescu: "hard to keep people from observing water is wet once their wanderings take them to an ocean"
asciilifeform: no one will even think to mention 'wot-based' gizmo in the future, just as when you buy a pc now - the crate does not bother to say 'semiconductor-based'
asciilifeform: it's merely obvious.
asciilifeform: it's not even a 'technology' in the sense semiconductor is - but more as arithmetic is.
asciilifeform: namely - if you're operating using some other, incompatible abstraction - the result will be demonstrable nonsense.
decimation: re: spies << Stierlitz is a psychologist
decimation: I was amused the reference to the lady morse operator's "hand"
asciilifeform: morse 'hand' is a thing, ask anyone who still deals with it
undata: asciilifeform: how does it compare to emacs claw?
asciilifeform: not to be confused with 'telegrapher's glass arm' disease
asciilifeform: 'hand' here is in the sense of 'handwriting'
undata: ah
decimation: asciilifeform: when I visited Bletchley park, they told a story about this. Apparently the germans initially sent the 'headers' in enigma traffic in plaintext before the message
decimation: the uk operators at the "Y" stations became familiar with the 'hand' of each german operator
asciilifeform: hand >> incidentally, this was part of the reason why shortly after the war, most intelligence orgs moved to mechanical (punched tape) operation
decimation: later, when the germans started to encrypt the 'headers', they were able to sort out each crypto link by the intercept operator's ability to recognize his opponent's hand
decimation: as nearly all enigma traffic was sent by hand morse
asciilifeform: the ru version was a very simple stapler-shaped gizmo that punched holes in old 35mm film
asciilifeform: it was then fed into the telegraph.
asciilifeform: i have no idea what usa used, probably same.
decimation: actually morse was initially 'machine' sent
asciilifeform: it was mainly to shorten total 'on air' time, to make triangulation harder
decimation: the original idea was to mark a strip of paper with the morse characters, but very soon after the telegraph was introduced it was realized that operators could send by ear much more quickly
asciilifeform: and reduce mistakes (professional 'morse man' and skilled 'illegal' is like asking to hire a pro racing driver who is also an expert cocksucker)
decimation: yeah I also found it interesting in 'stierlitz' that he didn't send his own morse/radio traffic
asciilifeform: after the war, it was almost unheard of to have 2way traffic at all
asciilifeform: most return comms from illegals were via 'dead drop'
asciilifeform: simple, 'cheap and angry'
asciilifeform: grunt under diplomatic cover - fetches it.
mircea_popescu: <asciilifeform> it's not even a 'technology' in the sense semiconductor is - but more as arithmetic is. << quite agreed,
mircea_popescu: and to think the derps are going o nbout "blockchain technology". as if.
asciilifeform: decimation: 2way traffic is a forced wartime thing. when you have no one in diplomatic cover behind the lines.
decimation: asciilifeform: in Stierlitz, the poor English translation for the word that refers to when a spy is killed 'doing his duty' seems to be 'failed'
asciilifeform: провал?
decimation: "Stierlitz knew he would 'fail' if he did x"
asciilifeform: literally, 'fell through'
asciilifeform: as in, through a hole in the street
decimation: I get the feeling that's the wrong translation at times
asciilifeform: the closest translation would probably be 'blown'
decimation: so it's kind of idiomaitc
asciilifeform: (as in 'cover')
asciilifeform: (for folks reading this who have no idea - there was not a film called 'stierlitz', but it is the cover name of the hero in iconic ru multiparter '17 moments of spring.')
mircea_popescu: english has the funcitonal equivalent, "the deal fell through"
BingoBoingo: From the lulzmines: "Batman is a rich white psychopath who beats up poor people for fun. He is not now and never has been a hero."
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo also, blackface.
assbot: Logged on 26-03-2014 03:30:35; asciilifeform: nitpick with pediwikia - the 'batman' in the epic is not wearing a 'batman' costume. he's a bloke who smashes heads with a baseball bat.
mircea_popescu: "By their nature as vigilantes, acting outside or above the law, most superheroes have a troubling undercurrent of aristocratic, undemocratic, authoritarian values."
mircea_popescu: how dare they be better than the scumcrowd!11
decimation: yeah sorry for the shorthand. You can view the whole series here: (or download with youtube-dl)
assbot: 17 Moments of Spring - 1/12 - 1/7 - YouTube
asciilifeform: re: scumcrowd:
asciilifeform: ;;google harrison bergeron
gribble: Harrison Bergeron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; Harrison Bergeron - <>; Full text of "Harrison Bergeron (& Activity)" - Internet Archive: <>
asciilifeform: (if there remains alive even one who has not read it)
mircea_popescu: i have no idea what h b is.
mircea_popescu: oh, vonnegut. kay
asciilifeform: short story by k. vonnegut.
asciilifeform: about a 'glorious future of ikvaliti.'
asciilifeform: [insert w4r3z]
mircea_popescu is reading it.
undata: asciilifeform: social media is the shriek of the headphones
undata: what were we talking about?
asciilifeform: undata: except - for now - optional.
mircea_popescu: And she had to apologize at once for her voice, which was a very unfair voice for a woman to use. Her voice was a warm, luminous, timeless melody. "Excuse me-" she said, and she began again, making her voice absolutely uncompetitive.
assbot: RetroUpriser +v failed; L1: 0, L2: 0
xanthyos: !up RetroUpriser
RetroUpriser: Care to play a game of chess, mircea_popescu?
assbot: Highway seizure in Iowa fuels debate about asset-forfeiture laws - The Washington Post
mircea_popescu: ugh, ive not played chess in like a decade or two
RetroUpriser: Well the offer stands should you change your mind
mircea_popescu: why thank you.
mircea_popescu: heck, why the hell not.
mircea_popescu: what do you want, heads or tails ?
RetroUpriser: You can choose first
decimation: asciilifeform: "fiat 'was down'" << sometimes this happens because a geomagnetic storm knocks down a satellite - for example most gas stations in the us clear credit cards through satellite
RetroUpriser: And i was thinking of using
mircea_popescu: i dun have a login
asciilifeform: 'Minutes later, Trooper Vanderwiel arrived with the dog, which alerted on the back area of the car. That gave Simmons and Vanderwiel probable cause to search the vehicle without a warrant or the driver’s consent.' << lol re: the obvious implication, the beasts are trained to 'signal' on command rather than search
asciilifeform: !s clever hans
RetroUpriser: How would you like to play?
xanthyos: << no login needed
assbot: • Free Online Chess
decimation: yeah my understanding is that the results of the 'search dogs' are always an objective basis upon which one can search
asciilifeform: search dog != confiscation dog
mircea_popescu: bah all these people and their javascript already
asciilifeform: (if the latter are not yet standard - they are being grown.)
decimation: the dog smells money on you
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: dig out that 'ipad'
asciilifeform: chess is more or less what it's for.
BingoBoingo: <asciilifeform> 'Minutes later, Trooper Vanderwiel arrived with the dog, which alerted on the back area of the car. That gave Simmons and Vanderwiel probable cause to search the vehicle without a warrant or the driver’s consent.' << lol re: the obvious implication, the beasts are trained to 'signal' on command rather than search << Pretty much an open secret by now
mircea_popescu: i dun have an ipad here ;/
asciilifeform: no civilian computer at all?
mircea_popescu: fuck it ima play ascii art chess.
assbot: Heel
xanthyos: you don't need to physically see the same board
xanthyos: just announce moves
RetroUpriser: this is true, we could play through text
mircea_popescu: RetroUpriser ima do algebraic notation in about 5 minutes lemme type out some letters
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: likely hand-loaded shells with almost no powder
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: or would have ruptured
assbot: abcdefgh 1 TCNRXNCT 1 2 PPPPPPPP 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 -
BingoBoingo: That, but then again non-nagant revolver so there was an exit point for the pressure between the chamber and barrel
mircea_popescu: so now, is X the queen or the king in that arrangement ? or is white caps or no caps ?
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: normally folks play ascii chess using ordinary coordinates and physical boards
mircea_popescu: RetroUpriser e2e4
mircea_popescu: now where did he go
BingoBoingo: r is the queen, x is the king, white is on top (king's starts on e, queen on d)
mircea_popescu: so i got it right ? go me.
RetroUpriser: hold on finding an online board to use
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i was always curious why nagant forward-cam did not catch on
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: it seems like pure win
thestringpuller: Just play with the text board with pasties
RetroUpriser: d7 ~ d5
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: probably the cost of making of forward cam vs. retard resistant gas can escape two places design
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: is sidearm srsly a cost-sensitive application?
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: (aside from pathological cases like 'liberator')
decimation: re: semi quad-copter << I don't get how that's more effective than a semi-truck full of small guided ballistic missiles
asciilifeform: decimation: range
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: It is for the manufacterer and the purchasing agency negotiating on the specs. Maybe Police wants to spring for better than liberator, but forward cam... too much
BingoBoingo: RetroUpriser: How does king move two spaces?
BingoBoingo: Wait, king is x
BingoBoingo: Nevermind
BingoBoingo: non-standard lettering...
Apocalyptic: you guys are using weird notations
mircea_popescu: knight c3
assbot: Burst Encoders
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo is this even anything btw ?
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Game seems to be a thing, just the non-standard letters are messing with my ingrained encoding
decimation: asciilifeform: seems to me it would be easier just to send a pcm signal like bpsk or something, but I guess this was before that kind of stuff was well known
BingoBoingo: looks like RetroUpriser is playing some sort of French defense and mircea_popescu is just grabbing space
asciilifeform: decimation: mechanical.
decimation: radio teletype was mechanical too
decimation: mostly
asciilifeform: decimation: mechanical and man-portable here.
asciilifeform: decimation: and, potentially, received by another operator equipped with nothing more than consumer radio set.
asciilifeform: and pencil.
decimation: yeah those are tough specs
BingoBoingo: !up RetroUpriser
RetroUpriser: Thanks
mircea_popescu: aw shgit i had the pawn moved not the bishiop. my bad.
RetroUpriser: that cant be done
RetroUpriser: you knight is still on g1
mircea_popescu: somehow i was missing a knight o.o
mircea_popescu: dude this is nuts, ascii chess
RetroUpriser: im looking at a board and putting the moves in
asciilifeform: most folks use boards with tele-chess
asciilifeform: except when in jail
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform yeah well, if the WEB DIDNT SUCK
mircea_popescu: then perhaps i could.
asciilifeform: actual as in physical board
asciilifeform: on each end
mircea_popescu: im poor and destitute
mircea_popescu: wasn';t x the king /
Apocalyptic: why not using the standard algebraic notation ?
mircea_popescu: Apocalyptic because... i don't know it ? so ended up making some shit up on the spot ?
RetroUpriser: heh, i have my kings on e
mircea_popescu: RetroUpriser sorry man, i'll have to take a bow here. my table is too fubar for a 3rd debug attempt
mircea_popescu: you'll have to play with someone who actulaly knows how.
RetroUpriser: no worries
Apocalyptic: mircea_popescu, easier to learn than to ask your opponent to adapt, especially if he plays quite a lot
RetroUpriser: ill count it as a win in my books
RetroUpriser: so im satisfied
RetroUpriser: adios!
Apocalyptic: it's quite intuitive
asciilifeform: ♜ ♞ ♝ ♛ ♚ ♝ ♞ ♜
asciilifeform: ♟ ♟ ♟ ♟ ♟ ♟ ♟ ♟
decimation: ascii with the unicode
mircea_popescu: Apocalyptic no argument there, but i just don't happen to give a shit about chess, what can i tell you
Apocalyptic: then no argument there indeed
nubbins`: ♙♙♙♙♙♙♙♙
nubbins`: ♖♘♗♕♔♗♘♖
nubbins`: i guess i'll go first?
nubbins`: altho given the results of the tourney, maybe i should abstain
thestringpuller: ;;kitten lasers
gribble: Error: "kitten" is not a valid command.
thestringpuller: ;;kittenlasers
gribble: Error: "kittenlasers" is not a valid command.
thestringpuller: ;;laserkittens
gribble: ุ ₍˄.͡˳̫.˄₎ ุ ┌━ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ *pew*
assbot: Unicode chessboard in a terminal | DaniWeb
mike_c: sliding backgrounds!
assbot: Bitcoin Payment Gateway | Bitcoin Merchant Services
mircea_popescu: is anyone even keepiung count of all these braindamaged "services" the bezzle keeps pumping out ?
mircea_popescu: i mean, they all depend on being the only one as a business model, by now the only firm guarantee that can be made is that nobody will EVER make a dime in that market
thestringpuller: like bitpay?
mike_c: but this one is purty
mircea_popescu: like all of 'em.
dignork: mike_c: this one is more annoying:
assbot: Crypto Capital | Merging the Fiat & Crypto World | Exchanges, Investors, Traders
dignork: it scrolls sideways!
mike_c: it is moving around a lot
mircea_popescu: im waiting for the one that scrolls crazy shitstick on all sides
mircea_popescu: so the paleo fad diet experts among us : what the fuck do you do about sushi ?
mike_c: omg, that one does. it scrolls down then sideways then down
mircea_popescu: don't tell me the thing's intended for kansasites who are barbaric enough to never heard of and so never miss sushi
ben_vulpes: "rice doesn't count!!!1"
mircea_popescu: what about bechamel ?
mircea_popescu: am i to starve in france ?
mircea_popescu: also, wheat is verboten but what about beans ? pretty sure no paleoman ate lentil soup.
ben_vulpes: shit hangs together like camo netting
assbot: #bitcoin-assets blog posts
PeterL: mircea_popescu: paleo says fish is fine, can you make sushi without rice?
PeterL: there are other ways to prepare fish
fluffypony: it's called sashimi
PeterL: mircea_popescu: paleo says no beans
mircea_popescu: PeterL well it'd be sashimi then
mircea_popescu: which is ok... but i like sushi.
mircea_popescu: eh fluffypony beats m to it!
PeterL: I've had sushi, didn;t like it much, probably not high quality though
fluffypony: yeah you need to try quality sushi
fluffypony: stuff from a takeaway joint on the corner is reserved for sushimergencies
mircea_popescu: there's no point in having meh sushi.
mircea_popescu: and incidentally, that's another thing this town shines in. they got sushi.
mircea_popescu: PeterL anway, i was just illustrating a point. one of my fave meals is, pork wellington. my own invention.
mircea_popescu: you need crust to hold all that liver and mushroom
PeterL: simmilar to beef wellington?
mircea_popescu: exactly the sam, but using a whole pork tenderloin.
PeterL: yes, there are many dishes which just don't happen on paleo
PeterL: I tried it, like the way I felt physically, but was too bored with eating the same things over and over
mircea_popescu: yeah well, i'm not giving up on my culture for the sake of you know... preserving some bizarre prehistorical concerns
PeterL: sure
mircea_popescu: come to think about it... i would think deviled eggs is the pinnacle of paleo culinary achievement huh
mircea_popescu: as a craft i mean. obviously hard to fight a proper steak
PeterL: my wife managed to make some interesting dishes trying to keep things interesting
mircea_popescu: did you do the actual no beans no milk no nothing version ?
PeterL: yup
mircea_popescu: or more like "whatever, we just won't eat too many sugar frosted dumplings" version
PeterL: lasted a couple months
mircea_popescu is a firm champion of "eat whatever thoust will until you burst" diet, going on 40 years now
decimation: wait how is milk not paleo?
mircea_popescu: im not even that fat.
PeterL: then she decided she couldn't stand to see another sweet potato and we started adding lots of stuff back in
mircea_popescu: decimation well it's not manly enough, sucking on titties.
mircea_popescu: speaking of which, do paleo guys also fuck paleo ?
mircea_popescu: hair pulling and surprise insertions all the way ?
PeterL: milk digestion as an adult was one of the most recent enzymes added to the human genome
PeterL: some populations get it more than others
mircea_popescu: PeterL how does that make sense ? if you have it as a kid then it's there
PeterL: most animals don't eat milk as adult
mircea_popescu: but the enzyme, it gotta be there.
PeterL: yeah, but the body stops making it
mircea_popescu: the genome doesn't change over the lifetime of the individual
ben_vulpes: upregulation and downregulation is a thing
ben_vulpes: stop drinking milk long enough and it will hurt the next time
decimation: << "It all started pretty far to the East. There, some crazy locals first tamed the horse. I’m thinking that they were something like the Botai culture, riding and hunting horses, but not farmers. They may well have milked those horses – by the way, horse milk is much richer in lactose than human or cow milk."
assbot: Centum and Satem | West Hunter
asciilifeform actually knows a fellow who lost lactose digestion as adult
mircea_popescu: you ever had mare milk ?
asciilifeform: go figure.
asciilifeform: iirc not digestible by man unless fermented
mircea_popescu: i am pretty convinced the way milk became a part of the diet is because of animal husbandry.
mircea_popescu: mares literally love being suckled, and will love you if you suckle them
asciilifeform: кумыс.
mircea_popescu: this given, how long would it have taken some bored kids in central asia ?
joecool: <ben_vulpes> upregulation and downregulation is a thing < it's funny how many people forget this
mircea_popescu: joecool i was just keeping his hands to the coals on the technicality of it. "retaining milk digestion past childood is a recent adaptation" etc.
mircea_popescu: thestringpuller so basically, "mit sucks" ?
mircea_popescu: maybe they should start small, give the bright kids there lightbulbs
asciilifeform: !s mit battery
asciilifeform: ^ obligatory
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform afaik, the fermentation makes it accessible to wussies
assbot: imgur: the simple image sharer
PeterL: by the way, I added code to scoopbot, now if he disconnects he should reconnect, hopefully this will keep him running
mircea_popescu: splendid.
nubbins`: anyone know if you can carry money in a regular wheelbarrow or do they make ones w/ nets to keep the cash from blowing away?
assbot: Last 1 lines bashed and pending review. ( )
mircea_popescu: i am still frozen from having read that.
PeterL: nubbins`: use a paperweight?
nubbins`: currently using a couple of cookie sheets, but they slide around
asciilifeform: easy answer to riddle: money is typically heavy and does not blow away.
asciilifeform: benjies - might
nubbins`: asciilifeform actually knows a fellow who lost lactose digestion as adult <<< this happened to my wife
joecool: happened to my ex
joecool: must be a canadian problem
nubbins`: lactose-free dairy stuff is more common these days
nubbins`: you can get president's choice lactose-free cheddar AND marble now :0
asciilifeform: given that gene expression is a thing, this is actually a very easy way to give yourself food allergies
asciilifeform: simply abstain from something for a spell
joecool: nubbins`: it is, can buy regular milk without lactose and even ice cream
asciilifeform: (works for a number of things)
joecool: or eat lots of lactase
nubbins`: the lactase pills even stopped working
nubbins`: i mean, old cheddar doesn't have much lactose to begin with.
joecool: i told her this too, she never had an issue with aged cheeses
dignork: nubbins`: they just make them from money:
assbot: Extreme wheelbarrowing - YouTube
assbot: you know they put lactose in lactase pills
nubbins`: you got it all wrong buddy
nubbins`: stick to what ya know
PeterL: assbot: you know they put lactose in lactase pills <<< wth assbot?
assbot: what, its true
BingoBoingo: assbot is the bot with the hero butt
PeterL: is somebody playing with assbot?
BingoBoingo: I doubt it. Prolly a new feature.
ben_vulpes: things about ios 8 that drive me insane
ben_vulpes: app store search results are sorted above my installed apps
assbot: PeterL, have you seen the movie 'being john malkovich'?
cazalla: woot, cherries in season
ben_vulpes: on an entirely different topic, i'd like to derp in public about bisection in hunt of the commits that unwedged 0.5.3
ben_vulpes: my plan at the moment is to wait for my 0.5.3 binary to wedge itself, and then write a script that hooks into the git 'bisect' tool.
ben_vulpes: this script will take the wedged blockchain on disk; copy it into the testing dir; compile bitcoind from a different point in the source tree; and boot it pointed at the wedged blockchain; and check to see if the output of 'bitcoind getblockcount' has gone up
ben_vulpes: if yes, mark as good with git bisect and proceed with binary search, repeating the above process until the unwedging commit is discovered.
decimation: ben_vulpes: won't you need much disk space per 'try'?
ben_vulpes: 2x the size of the wedged blockchain
ben_vulpes: one for copying into the dir, one for launching from.
ben_vulpes: if i'm not being clear, i plan to clobber the data dir on each run.
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: doubtful plan
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: illuminate me
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: wedging almost certainly involves what ends up being saved as blockchain
asciilifeform: rather than how it is decoded
ben_vulpes: ah ha
ben_vulpes: well then shit i should copy this datadir while its yet unwedged
asciilifeform: but - assuming you've the time/energy - there is no reason not to try it
asciilifeform: (specifically - to see what, if anything, a >0.5.3 client will do with a wedged 0.5.3 chain)
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: were i to use a chain slightly downstream of the wedging to start the process, would that be less unlikely to work?
asciilifeform: how could i know.
decimation: ben_vulpes: what if the 'wedging' were caused by some dependency (memory leak, etc)?
asciilifeform: the catastrophic memory leak is also a fact.
asciilifeform: not directly a cause of the wedge though
ben_vulpes: <asciilifeform> how could i know.
ben_vulpes: <asciilifeform> not directly a cause of the wedge though
ben_vulpes: there is much contrast in the implications of these statements.
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: well, i was able to determine that wedging takes place prior to memory exhaustion
asciilifeform: no data on whether common bug behind both, however.
asciilifeform: here's another tidbit from 'valgrind' runs - leak is very slow prior to wedge, then appears to speed up
decimation: I guess my point is that if something external to the turd participates in the 'wedging' then the bisect plan won't really work
decimation: or at least, will have misleading results
ben_vulpes: what would be considered "external"?
decimation: bdb for instance
asciilifeform: 'boost'
decimation: if something is stomping on something in those libraries it could be quite subtle
ben_vulpes: would the libraries not be held constant between bisections?
ben_vulpes: provided i'm not doing something retarded like also updating packages
decimation: sure, but it is at least possible that is stomping on the code in such a way that it doesn't work in one version, but then works in another
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