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BingoBoingo: !up supay
BingoBoingo: ^ mircea_popescu
BingoBoingo: !up csshih
csshih: o.o
gernika: So Buterin's Waterfall works like this: Buterin announces scam coin sale. Chumps give him btc, bringing down the price of BTC which he then sells for fiat. Weak hands then sell btc for fiat on the market out of fear. Correct?
gernika: If that is correct, how does the cycle repeat? Or does it?
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo ferglubbssake write the waterfall likbez.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: likbez takes time unless a less ruminant thinker than myself writes likbez... (hint)
asciilifeform: (asciilifeform) what the anglos did to germany, will be remembered as -the- 20th c. crime... (gernika) what the russians did to germany after the war << gotta understand the anglo m.o.
asciilifeform: never shoot the dog.
asciilifeform: tease the dog until it bites.
asciilifeform: then the other fellow'll shoot it.
asciilifeform: all you gotta do - stand an laugh. then dine on fresh meat.
asciilifeform: aka the 'let's you and him fight' theorem.
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gernika: So post WWI reparations imposed on germany was the teasing?
BingoBoingo: Maybe...
BingoBoingo: Maybe germans imposed on Germany the teasing, or the Austro-Hungarians.
gernika: then the dog bit russia?
asciilifeform: from the pov of a wilhelmine german, culture is where he is, and the english are a buncha pedos.
asciilifeform: what's more, he's approximately correct.
asciilifeform: old deutschland did in fifty years what england (post-newton era) could not do in 200.
asciilifeform: almost enough to be dangerous.
asciilifeform: so the anglos did what they do best.
asciilifeform: incidentally, the colonies (as mircea_popescu helpfully points out) never really grew into their father's shoes.
asciilifeform: england had isambard brunel. usa has - steve ballmer.
BingoBoingo: <asciilifeform> incidentally, the colonies (as mircea_popescu helpfully points out) never really grew into their father's shoes. << They played, the Great White fleet was a thing for a few months in Siam
asciilifeform: China: U.S. Congress Renames Chinese Embassy Road for Jailed Dissident << looking forward to eric frein street in beijing.
asciilifeform: hope to live to walk on it one day.
thestringpuller: asciilifeform: riddle for you
BingoBoingo: !up ninjashogun
thestringpuller: why does my SNES from 96 outlast my friends' Xbox 360?
thestringpuller: s/outlast/outlive
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: i'm entirely innocent of the xbox, so you may have to say what the cause of death was.
asciilifeform: let's guess - hdd?
thestringpuller: I don't know what fails to be honest. HDD failure on XBox though isn't fatal failure.
thestringpuller: what failed to be honest*
asciilifeform: and this - was?
asciilifeform: as in, smoke?
thestringpuller: just that red ring. the general "This xbox is fucked, don't bother repairing"
asciilifeform: other candidates include thermal death from plugged fan/vents
asciilifeform: and the ubiquitous and pestilential bga (ball grid array) deballings.
thestringpuller: that is what I suspect. that these newer consoles have higher tendency to overheat and kill themselves
asciilifeform: ;;google bga defective
gribble: Head in pillow BGA defects - AIM Solder: <>; Ball grid array & lead-free assembly defects, parts 1 & 2 - Ersa: <>; Modern 2D/3D X-ray inspection - SMTnet: < (1 more message)
asciilifeform: ;;google bga defective nvidia
gribble: Why Nvidia's chips are defective- The Inquirer: <>; the nvidia defect | MetaFilter: <>; Index page • The Nvidia Defect Forum: <>
BingoBoingo: <asciilifeform> and the ubiquitous and pestilential bga (ball grid array) deballings. << red ring usually this
asciilifeform: 5 portables i owned with nvidia bga-mount packages, 5 died within a month or so of warranty expiration.
asciilifeform: 'greed is good, greed works'
thestringpuller: yet my SNES has stayed on 6 days, gotten much abuse, yet still runs like the day I opened it
asciilifeform: story doesn't have a happiend either. i still buy'em.
asciilifeform: because wtf else to buy.
ninjashogun: Hi. I was informed some people from here were talkiing shit about me? I don't have any interaction with this channel (and haven't for months) - if you have any specific complaints (or areas for room for improvement in the future) you can tell me. My reading is that this is a very low-signal troll community. (For example, cazalla's rating of my on WoT is after he gave me an Australian police department's number, not his own. Asciil
ninjashogun: ifeform and bingoboingo rated me as "us government" after I contributed 3 days of work via email, which they were free to ignore.)
ninjashogun: so let's discuss what your objections are if you have some.
ninjashogun: I am not coming by here anymore and otherwise have nothing to say. I hvae no comment on your community.
asciilifeform: notice what isn't in the picture.
asciilifeform: anything requiring active cooling.
asciilifeform: any really fine-pitched part.
asciilifeform: (not visible to naked eye) 'lead-free' solder alloy.
BingoBoingo: ninjashogun: You contibuted failing work on a simple paper about spinoza
asciilifeform: !s tin whiskers
asciilifeform: need i carry on?
ninjashogun: BingoBoingo - if you think that work is failing (though you aborted the draft early, but it literally included a dependency graphy exactly as you requested) then you're entitled to it. At least I did it as you requested.
ninjashogun: graph*
asciilifeform: incidentally, i wonder how many 'snes' and 'genesis' boxes are still in working order.
thestringpuller: hey mine is in perfect working order!
asciilifeform: i might like to release a proggy for them one day.
asciilifeform: because you never know when the trash turns into treasure.
asciilifeform: just look at that snes board.
thestringpuller: well you make good point. N64 almost doubled in value recently
asciilifeform: isn't it a beauty? how did they even get the bloody thing going without decoupling caps?
BingoBoingo: ninjashogun: You point to a machine generated graph you submitted as right, but which was wrong
ninjashogun: It wasn't machine generated. I made it by hand in a word processor.
asciilifeform: (anybody have the flip side of that thing?)
asciilifeform: (are they found there?)
thestringpuller: asciilifeform: i suppose you want me to open mine :P
asciilifeform: or let it stay a beautiful delicious riddle.
asciilifeform: ^ aha there they are.
asciilifeform: damn, no magic.
thestringpuller: only in the mind
thestringpuller: not much a of a gamer asciilifeform ? lol
asciilifeform never much liked machines where you're forced to pay for games.
thestringpuller: i guess i'm a baby. i don't remember a time when that didn't exist.
asciilifeform: it existed in 1980!
asciilifeform: i just never had any part in it.
asciilifeform: and playing on tv set (esp. ntsc crt) sucks.
thestringpuller: don't sit too close to the television
thestringpuller: how did we ever live with CRT's
BingoBoingo: <asciilifeform> and playing on tv set (esp. ntsc crt) sucks. << NTSC was the worst
thestringpuller: I remember taking those things to LAN parties
asciilifeform: love a good crt.
asciilifeform: e.g., 'trinitron' from 'sun'
asciilifeform: but not garbage.
thestringpuller: that big ass square that's flat?
asciilifeform not really much of a gamer today. games mostly ended for him with the sunset of ms-dos.
asciilifeform: at least - new ones.
BingoBoingo: <thestringpuller> that big ass square that's flat? << Great monitor
thestringpuller: checking google. i see.
asciilifeform: wasn't flat. (until the very last incarnations.) cylindric.
asciilifeform says goodnight
thestringpuller: asciilifeform has left the building?
punkbot: BingoBoingo: Queued 1 valid deed for next bundle.
BingoBoingo: ^ ninjashogun
ninjashogun: Okay, BingoBoingo, I accept that I am to treat you as drunk 100% of the time. In fact I will extend the same courtesy to anyone else here who acts like they need it.
ninjashogun: anyway other than if you guys talk shit about me I don't hang out here anymore. (as you might have noticed.)
ninjashogun: I am only interested in building real-world businesses with real income streams, not taking bitcoin investments for something and running off iwth it. (Not referencing anyone here, this was a recent case with Moolah, for example. Or at least accusation.)
BingoBoingo: ninjashogun: But you jsut addressed me. Trustrapist!!! Stranger Danger!!!
thestringpuller: we always think we have more time, but then it runs out
BingoBoingo: <asciilifeform> wasn't flat. (until the very last incarnations.) cylindric. << Flat square one was nice.
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BingoBoingo: ;;later tell punkman Thank you for doing deedbot right.
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assbot: Undersized Grouper Case Lands In Supreme Court - Slashdot
BingoBoingo: !up sgnb`
BingoBoingo: Or am I the only person who finds fish tastiest straight out of the water
thestringpuller: I'm not competent enough in the law to write it up
BingoBoingo: K, I may have to
cazalla: ninjashogun> Okay, BingoBoingo, I accept that I am to treat you as drunk 100% of the time. <<< don't forget me!
BingoBoingo: cazalla: You swore "no drink" november, beer isn't drink
cazalla: i didn't even last a day, or another day after that
cazalla: and the OCD means i cannot try again until Dec 1st
BingoBoingo: It happens
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mircea_popescu: !up aspho
aspho: thx, great work with the new real foundation btw
mircea_popescu: ha! thanks.
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BingoBoingo: ;;ident
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BingoBoingo: ;;google sheep counting video
gribble: The Best Counting Sheep To Go To Sleep - 1 Hour - Mini Monsters ...: <>; Counting sheep to help you sleep - 1 hour version - YouTube: <>; Counting sheep to help you sleep. - YouTube: <>
punkman: ;;ident
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punkman: what, I'm still authed
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mircea_popescu: anyone looking for some web gruntwork ?
RagnarDanneskjol: whats the job?
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mircea_popescu: lol so pankkake got butthurt because we don't like systemd, decided bitcoin "wouldn't have worked anyway" ? that's some pretty good fatlogic right there.
bounce: where'd that come from?
mircea_popescu: bounce contravex
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo:. << Generally the way this work in US [...] << yup, exactly that.
mircea_popescu: decimation: well, there's little doubt in my mind that the reason h1b visas are 'tech' targeted is because engineers have the least political pull in the us <<< they happen to be the only people who have an actual something to do, and so aren't quite as motivated to politics by the gnawing existential void that pushes the paper pushers.
jurov: yanks and canucks insist to test only when i am afk
jurov: is there anyone around who can test btc-dev mailing list around CET working time?
punkman: jurov, what do you need?
jurov: just check if it works with various email clients
jurov: if you send signed message as described, ti should appear even without registration
jurov: i just found bug that has bit ben_vulpes, he was the first one who sent message from email actually matching his gpg pubkey :)
punkman: assbot trust list (combined L1/L2), updated every 6 hours:
punkman: jurov, what was the bug?
jurov: i did not understood mailman code
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 26950 @ 0.00072752 = 19.6067 BTC [-]
punkman: jurov, I just sent a mail to the list
assbot: PC cooling specialist Zalman goes bankrupt due to fraud | Chips |
bounce rummages in the pockets for some spare change to snap this thing up without the loans
jurov: still not going through... brb later
asciilifeform: h1b engineers << afaik none of the folks who specialize in whining on the subject have publicly written re: how the particular kind of 'engineering' now popular in usa and its colonies makes the use of coolie labour not only possible, but mandatory.
asciilifeform: see also 'deskilling.' (actual term of art)
mircea_popescu: bounce interesting story.
mircea_popescu: !up poloux
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform you can't maintain intellectual dominance without political dominance, you can't maintain political dominance without social hierarchy. the us decided to scrap hierarchy. of fucking course it can no longer have intelligent people working in its workshops, whatever they may be.
asciilifeform: i'm just not seeing the 'scrapped hierarchy' thing
asciilifeform: that's rather like 'scrapped gravity'
asciilifeform: scrap gravity a hundred times, rocket somehow did not get the memo
mircea_popescu: the case study for this is renaissance france.
bounce: in spaaaaace
mircea_popescu: because france had a king and italy did not, it was able to import glassworks from france (and silk from china) and become a major producer, running it out of the market.
mircea_popescu: once france got rid of its king, it lost glass.
asciilifeform: and herr lavoisier.
mircea_popescu: back when shooting artillery upon the strikers was the publicly acceptable approach, ford and carnegie could dominate whole industries, and build the capital that's still to this day supporting us spending, that "full faith and credit".
mircea_popescu: once that was no longer the approach, the us was no longer noteworthy.
mircea_popescu: so... yeah. destructuring society -> deskilling economy.
asciilifeform: true, but not entirely connected to the h1b thing:
asciilifeform: who is being shipped in? it isn't factory grunts.
mircea_popescu: has entirely nothing to do with technology, as tardpedia emptily claims.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform i suspect the bulk of they shipped in are "luxury workers", which is to say cocksuckers.
asciilifeform: afaik it's 'java monkeys'
asciilifeform: and almost wholly male
mircea_popescu: cocksucking's not a gendered role.
asciilifeform: if so, they're sucking a titanic phantom cock that never shoots its load
mircea_popescu: would brownnosers work better ?
mircea_popescu: "really placid and obedient people" ?
asciilifeform: 'good soldiers' - sure. but they're serving in an 'army' whose sole purpose appears to be 'painting the grass green.'
mircea_popescu: well, you know the joke with the sinking boat ?
mircea_popescu: seaworthy vessels work at going places ; sinking vessels work at staying afloat.
asciilifeform: ford, carnegie, et. al. worked at a tech level where perfectly-legit products required battalions of semi-skilled labourers
mircea_popescu: my proposition is that this is entirely besides the point.
mircea_popescu: counterintuitively enough.
asciilifeform: the attempted point is that the h1b folks are quite analogous to 'zamac'
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform entertain this model for a second :
asciilifeform: the availability of zamac doesn't cause crud to be produced in lieu of genuine article. or does it?
mircea_popescu: suppose out of a hundred people, ninety-seven don't matter. ever. irrespective of any consideration, if god strikes them down tomorrow nothing happens.
mircea_popescu: allowing this as a fact : that at point A the three that mattered used thirty others to dance the ramma-butta, whereas at point B the three that mattered simply stayed indoors and piled items on top of other items is not what's relevant.
asciilifeform: where i'm from we have catch phrase for this, "отряд не заметил потери бойца"
mircea_popescu: whether at point A the three were motivated to work and at point B they were not is the clou of the matter.
bounce: quite a few rilly smrt people populating silly valley. they produce things like... "social networks" and many many cookie-cutter technology companies. it doesn't seem that h1b folks, no matter how smart or many, can hope to seriously dent that dominion
mircea_popescu: and so : technology has nothing to do with it. if the technology is "have 10 people do dances" or if the technology is "stay indoors and pile things"
mircea_popescu: what matters is : are you going to do it or aren't you.
mircea_popescu: to better understand this, consider doped uranium. some doped uranium is shaped in pellets, other doped uranium is shaped in bars. the only thing that actually matters is whether the uranium is doped with radioactive material or not.
mircea_popescu: what the DUP does is entirely irrelevant.
mircea_popescu: not the best word.
bounce: druuuugs are baaaad, hmkay
asciilifeform: depleted?
mircea_popescu: nah. hm.
bounce: "enriched"
bounce: we're talking about upping the u238 content, wasn't it?
mircea_popescu: neither. for the purpose of the above, "doped uranium" = natural uranium ore. inert uranium with traces of radioactive uranium.
asciilifeform: traditional name is 'non-enriched'
bounce: s/238/235/
asciilifeform: (U has no stable isotopes.)
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform yes, and in the sense that all uranium decays, all people are people and matter.
mircea_popescu: might be there a loooong time tho.
mircea_popescu: what was it, 10k 10 100mn years half lifes ?
bounce: a little more
asciilifeform: 'A few years back, one dreadful boy ran up to me and said, “Mr. Bradbury?” “Yes?” I said. “That book of yours, The Martian Chronicles?” he said. “Yes,” I said. “On page 92 where you have the moons of Mars rising in the east?” “Yeah,” I said. “Nah,” he said. So I hit him. I’ll be damned if I’ll be bullied by bright children.'
mircea_popescu: myeah, 150k the lowest. aite...
bounce: 4.4e9 years for u238, 7e8 for u235
bounce cheats with wikipedia
mircea_popescu: bounce 233 is 150k im pretty sure.
mircea_popescu: rare as shit, but for the sake of argument.
bounce: oh right. just about.
bounce: meaning that it's all new by now.
mircea_popescu: to try and heal this utterly scattered conversation : if you properly ignore most of society, the whole shebang depends on keeping the few that matter huming. if they hum too slow it cools and dies entirely. if they hum too fast it explodes, and you get a golden age.
mircea_popescu: in any case, whatever they need they get, and that means you'll issue hb1 visas to obedient indians if those are the only obedient people to be found.
mircea_popescu: harkens back to the entire "how come 300 milion usians living in the best world ever don't produce about 500 renoirs a year ?"
bounce: that's an easy one to shoot down. if they need that they're no good themselves and you need better people who matter no matter what.
mircea_popescu: exactly how a plate of uranium glass may glow under uv light, but won't warm anything much.
mircea_popescu: bounce i don't follow this logic.
bounce: leaders that can't lead lead to nowhere. if you can't anything but the meekest you're no good as a leader.
punkman: "we hired too many people, let's all make block explorers"
assbot: bitpay/insight · GitHub
assbot: coinbase/toshi · GitHub
mircea_popescu: not a matter of leaders.
mircea_popescu: let's not confuse things. leaders are leaders, adonis-18
bounce: it still stinks of running entirely on chumps, so all we got is a chumpatron. how does that matter?
mircea_popescu: i dunno what you're asking.
bounce: I think we started out trying for find some sort of raison d'etre for a steady stream of h1b-grantees, didn't we?
mircea_popescu: i have a computer here, it runs this irc session. right next to it, i have a wooden box. it is ALSO MADE OF MOLECULES. it runs nothing. they form a society of the items in my house. they're all molecules. i wouldn't fucking notice if the entire fucking wooden box went away.
mircea_popescu: god fucking help me if someone took away a single germanium atom.
mircea_popescu: so now : all these run entirely on quantum mechanics. the box and the cpu. this is directly equivalent to saying "stinks of running entirely on chumps, chumpatron". so ?
bounce: how?
mircea_popescu: "if you stab him, does he not bleed" === "all molecules run on qm"
bounce: inasmuch that a random motor block conducts electricity. sure, but that's not really the point of it being shaped like a motor.
mircea_popescu: the proposition that "all things that are carry purpose equally so" is fallacious, and for that matter gnoseosocialism!
asciilifeform: mats_cd03: i'm not seeing anything i actually want in there...
punkman: the ssh integration seems nice, but can be hacked together on earlier version I think
punkman: " The file "secring.gpg" is not anymore used to store the secretkeys." << so where did they put them?
bounce: shattered argument is shattered. also, brb gotta hug a tree.
asciilifeform knew it! mircea_popescu is running mirceabtc on soviet machine made of discrete germanium transistors!
mircea_popescu: bounce lol
bounce: the cloud maybe? (see new --extra-safe-honest flag)
punkman: "Creation of X.509 certificates has been improved. It is now also possible to export them directly in PKCS#8 and PEM format for use on TLS servers." << anyone here tried to generate ssl certs with GPG yet?
asciilifeform: 'The Dirmngr is now part of GnuPG proper and also takes care of accessing keyserver.' << ahaha, we just luv new lib deps
bounce: that'd be single-atom germanium 'tors. those wily soviets, keeping it secret all this time!
mircea_popescu: punkbot asciilifeform stop you two. we are NOT reimplementing gpg before bitcoind is done.
bounce generated a gpg key with openssl once. because gpg won't generate dsa keys != 1024 bits
bounce: oh, so no matter what you do gpg now auto-starts an agent.
mircea_popescu: bounce you understand this serves no practical purpose yes ?
bounce: how... friendly.
bounce: er, AIUI it ought to work just fine most of the time, but I did it more to see if I could do it than anything else.
asciilifeform: to round off my argument (i'm about to drive off for a spell) the 'pliant, obedient people who gotta suck it up or the lights won't turn on' aren't the h1b folks. they're the phactory gurlz in shenzhen.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8606 @ 0.00072923 = 6.2758 BTC [+] {2}
asciilifeform: the h1b folks are brought in mainly to churn out pseudoscientific papers (the ones i personally worked with at one point) and to crank out 'ruby on rails' and 'java' crud.
mircea_popescu: for one thing, dsa/elgamal uses dsa key for signing not encryption. for the other, the symmetric block cypher is not so very large anyway/
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform why all of this ?
asciilifeform: elgamal signature was removed on account of very simple fact of having been successfully broken.
assbot: CiteSeerX — Generating ElGamal signatures without knowing the secret key
bounce: even with the shorter key the symmetric cipher is thought to be stronger than the asymmetric cipher
asciilifeform: 'thought'
asciilifeform: where are the 'thinkers'
asciilifeform: !s elliptic
mircea_popescu never trusted dsa anyway
bounce: that too
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform bounce anyway, i don't think we've really managed to talk of the same thing, so i guess this entire quesiton will come back in teh futures.
bounce: multiple times possibly.
mircea_popescu: anyway, re the thinkers : i'm pretty sure the symmetric cypher is currently the weakest link in our entire crypto stack.
mircea_popescu: which is why its replacement figured majorily in the prev discussion of bringing pgp implementation up to snuff
mircea_popescu: it's just not that much of a prioritah jet.
bounce: what're your indications for this?
mircea_popescu: full rsa.
mircea_popescu: symmetric cyphers are also socialist
bounce: oh. because socialism. right.
bounce: the gn00 guys also socialist. poettering not so much, though. why u no liek systemd?
mircea_popescu: it starts with s.
mircea_popescu: do you know WHAT ELSE does ?
bounce: the section between r and t in my dictionary
mircea_popescu: yeah. and stalin.
bounce: only because that other guy's name doesn't. doesn't make for a winning argument though.
mircea_popescu: you can't possibly be serious.
bounce: now how do I say "seelance, I keel yoo" in soviet russian?
mircea_popescu: are you the dead serrorist ?
bounce: not last I checked. my name doesn't start with an s either.
mircea_popescu: a you're ok then. ever stepped on a dead wasp ?
bounce: not that I recall. how so?
mircea_popescu: ;;google "Have you ever stepped on a dead bee" bacall
gribble: To Have and Have Not (1944) - Greatest Films: <>; Walter Brennan - To Have And Have Not - YouTube: <>; To Have and Have Not (film) - Wikiquote: <>
bounce: The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence (pilot)
mircea_popescu: fuck you google.
mircea_popescu: ;;google "ever stepped on a dead bee" bacall
gribble: Walter Brennan - To Have And Have Not - YouTube: <>; To Have and Have Not (1944) - Greatest Films: <>; To Have and Have Not (film) - Wikiquote: <>
mircea_popescu: aanyway.
bounce: ah, this pop culture thing. too newfangled for me, I'm afraid.
z33andO_o: I do not see this mentioned here, honeypot Silk Road 2 finally taken down by the FBI. No effect on dark net markets since it's market share was dvindling but it does mean the US government has managed to steal more BTC
assbot: Operator of Silk Road 2.0, Blake Benthall, arrested yesterday by FBI agents in San Francisco, CA
assbot: over 18?
punkman: how much did they take now?
mats_cd03: brilliant criminal masterminds
mircea_popescu: z33andO_o not necessarily that much
mircea_popescu: !up valkenburgh
z33andO_o: We will just have to wait for some "news outlets" to tell us how much was in SR2 escrow at the time and how much this Benthall had personally (if they managed to steal his personal coins)
z33andO_o: As I understand it they got the SR1 wallet by recovering a deleted unencrypted version of it, who knows if he learnt from that
z33andO_o: Interesting: It is not just SR2, this is a coodinated. I took a brief look at the other darknet markets
z33andO_o: and a few others are just down
kakobrekla: what is hydra?
mircea_popescu: z33andO_o you have to appreciate, wallets were originally unencrypted. but this was remedied many years ago, and before this thing got started.
mircea_popescu: anyone know hfc-125 caloric capacity offhand ?
bounce: LD50 of > 700k ppm at least.
mircea_popescu: caloric capacity. joules per kelvin
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11000 @ 0.00070232 = 7.7255 BTC [-]
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: db_cxx.h would have the bdb functions used across the bitcoind codebase, correct?
ben_vulpes: bitcoin*
kakobrekla: >irc: Used by irc daemons. A statically allocated user is needed only because of a bug in ircd, which SETUID()s itself to a given UID on startup.
bounce: o_O what's the alternative, a dynamically allocated user?
z33andO_o: if anyone cares. It is not just SR2 and Hydra, (almost) all DarkNet markets are either down or showing a siezure message.
assbot: over 18?
kakobrekla: what's the alternative, ship gnu/linux with predefined users for all possible programs?
bounce: eg. freebsd packages will create users as needed
kakobrekla: thats not static :D
asciilifeform: anyone know hfc-125 caloric capacity << lol! mircea_popescu is fermi-estimating miner cooling ?
mircea_popescu: yah making a "whitepaper"
assbot: FBI — Operator of Silk Road 2.0 Website Charged in Manhattan Federal Court
asciilifeform: ^ mr. bharara does not disappoint! grade-a roland freislerisms!
assbot: FBI New York (@NewYorkFBI) on Twitter
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo cazalla ^
assbot: Congratulations to our colleagues /FBI for reaching 1M followers. /CIA, you have some work to do!
mircea_popescu: kakobrekla thats not static :D << the alternative is actually something a la usb drive mess discussed a week ago or so
mircea_popescu: <ben_vulpes> asciilifeform: db_cxx.h would have the bdb functions used across the bitcoind codebase, correct? <<< mmmmmmostly
asciilifeform: the bdbisms are soaked into just about all of it, though
punkman: is bdb used for anything other than the wallet?
mircea_popescu: it's how the chain is stored/processed
asciilifeform: just read the damn thing.
asciilifeform: srsly, these questions.
bounce: "facebook user interface indistinguishable from facebook scams" -- and people keep on coming back
mircea_popescu: gotta support the team.
kakobrekla: mircea_popescu so its ok to ship with 'ircd' user and not 'www-data' user
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform ^
kakobrekla: that will never work cause always idiots who will eat all margin possible
mircea_popescu: yeah, to have what to buy swarowsky encrusted buttdongs with
kakobrekla: buncha mining ops went down cause 1. too slow 2. margins too small
assbot: A humble proposal to Bitcoin miners pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.
mircea_popescu: answer't.
assbot: A humble proposal to Bitcoin miners pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.
bounce: ``in the last year or so, weve seen regulators such as the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) come out with guidelines. The challenge would be to not get over-regulated and kill innovation'' -- gavin.
assbot: Bitcoin is GREAT and SAFE, says, er, the Bitcoin Foundation • The Register
assbot: Silk Road 2.0 Seized, Blake Benthall Arrested |
assbot: Silk Road 2.0 Seized, Blake Benthall Arrested |
mats_cd03: ^ lol
BingoBoingo wonders why they drag all of these motherfuckers to New York for charging
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: 'cause that's where roland freisler^H^H^H^Hbharara lives
BingoBoingo: Almost like he's the aspersor Fuher or something.
asciilifeform: !s freisler
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform we dislike your zeolite sf stories!
thestringpuller: !up ilikebitbet
thestringpuller: !up darlidada
ilikebitbet: hi, mod from bitbet here ?
kakobrekla: you are a bitbet mod?
ilikebitbet: im looking for one
kakobrekla: speak up
ilikebitbet: i would love to see the expected winning amount in the confirmed bets list
ilikebitbet: maybe its possible for you guys :)
kakobrekla: well id rather not write the current estimation that changes through time under 'btc out' column
kakobrekla: but i get where you are coming from
punkman: maybe I should make the calculator work on windows
mike_c: ilikebitbet: that's actually being added to the bitbet analyzer on btcalpha, so you could check back there in a week or two.
kakobrekla: ah yeah , ilikebitbet have you seen - see 'alternative interfaces'
assbot: FAQ BitBet
ilikebitbet: kakobrekla, not seen, thank you :)
kakobrekla: its sad i have no place to write that on bb itself. totally user unfriendly.
mike_c: add it as a footnote
thestringpuller: ^- thought you were against footnotes :P
mike_c: i'm also against sarcasm.
kakobrekla: <mike_c> add it as a footnote < lucky i have an endless scroll
mike_c: oh.. that would be great trolling. footnotes at the bottom of an endless scroll :D
thestringpuller: !s buterin's waterfall
mike_c: buterin + bfl + sr2 + buttstamp..
thestringpuller: asciilifeform: regarding: << What's so bad about a little trappin? As the first commandment of the Book of Jeezy says, "Don't get caught"
thestringpuller: ;;ud trapping
gribble: | Trapping is a form of dance explored by the inebriated. It involves the elevation of your forearms above your head trapping your face into an x formation while ...
thestringpuller: ;;ud trap star
gribble: | trap star. one that is good at drug dealing, or someone that makes alot of money from drug dealing. See Trapper. Dat niggas sold so much weight this year, hes a  ...
rithm: the dope house or dope spot can be referred to as the trap or a trap
rithm: so drug dealing itself is ironically referred to as a trap
assbot: Logged on 18-09-2014 16:50:25; asciilifeform: 90% of my living expenses are not even payable in paper money.
rithm: or maybe that isn't irony at all
thestringpuller: it's not irony. whenever you get to the trap spot it's life or death man.
thestringpuller: gotta stay prayed up
kakobrekla: !up ilikebitbet me too
thestringpuller: asciilifeform: so you can't use laundered money to pay expenses (i.e. mortgage?)
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: aha. (rent, though, no mortgage, but right.)
thestringpuller: but it would seem dealing BTC is similar to drug dealing inside the US
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: point is, i could (if studied, hah) trade btc for benjies. but then what.
kakobrekla: all my expenses (the little that i have) are payable in paper money.
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: light cigars with them?
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: once you're on the radar, you're a walking corpse.
thestringpuller: you can always build yourself a prison like pablo escobar
xiando: thestringpuller: Several US states claim that you need a money transmitter license to buy or sell BTC worth more than $300/year, search and you will find several cases of people being arrested for doing so. :-/ (not a joke)
thestringpuller: and "pretend to do time"
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: can always build yourself << why not build a nuke sub, then. if you can.
thestringpuller: then you go from being asciilifeform the engineer, to asciilifeform the kingpin
thestringpuller: don asciilifeform
thestringpuller: xiando: the concerning issue for me is the US OTC market will become as dangerous as drug dealing. If you need a duffelbag full of cash to complete the transaction, then I'd be more worried about rival gang members.
asciilifeform: i'm not a concert violinist either. everyone sticks to what he at least vaguely knows.
asciilifeform: and somehow everyone carefully missed my explanation for why even a successful btc to benjies converter is useless to me in particular.
thestringpuller: asciilifeform: well it may not be to say, Tito Lopez, or Tyrone who live in the hood.
asciilifeform: they - can solve own problem. more power to them.
thestringpuller: peculiar. we may find cartels moving into the US otc space if that is the case
thestringpuller: asciilifeform: you could always move to "the hood" and live under the radar.
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: i 'could' under same logic become an internationally-renowned violinist. or olympic athlete. or wtf else.
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: in practice - i am what i am.
thestringpuller: I would pay for those tickets, and would support you!
thestringpuller: But alas, point taken. We are what we are.
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: wanna chip in, chip in for my coffin, should i ever end up in a position where forced to attempt the above.
thestringpuller: asciilifeform: as jay-z said, "Gave my life to the block, figured I get shot 'least I die on top"
thestringpuller: If the day ever comes where you want to switch professions from engineer to gangsta, I'm totally down to ride or die with you. Lets just hope it never comes to that ;)
asciilifeform: for some reason, no one ever says 'when you suddenly switch profession to surgeon, i wanna be the first fella you cut open!' etc.
asciilifeform: but really, same idea.
bounce: stick your fancy "research" paper in slideshare, so it's not really readable on screen and will only download on the very latest of browsers. share and enjoy!
mats_cd03: so thug
asciilifeform: '...could affect promising Bitcoin 2.0 projects such as Ethereum, MaidSafe, and Counterparty.' << let rabid dogs breed, then shoot them. such victory.
bounce: you know, if the IRS says that virtual currencies aren't currencies, how can the SEC keep on claiming they are?
dub: hahah garret
dub: what a goddamn disgraceful display of inbreeding that face is
bounce: ``Other than Garrett Keirns, none of the companies that WIRED reached out to this week have received SEC letters. But some of them also also want to work with the SEC to make these technologies more widely available.'' -- this is going to carry a heavy price.
thestringpuller: dub: read your comment first then opened the page. hilarity ensued by great means. thank you for that.
dub: those TEETH
dub: all 7 of them
thestringpuller: Ugh Ethereum is so unnecessary.
asciilifeform: so very necessary. (to the enemy.)
thestringpuller: how they convinced the masses to contribute millions...i just will never understand
thestringpuller: we just have to wait for this all to explode before the go away like magicaltux?
The20YearIRCloud: Met w/ bank today, loan program(s) look good they're continuing to offer us
The20YearIRCloud: Enough cash it looks like to continue normal operation and keep buying properties
mike_c: how many properties have you collected by now?
mike_c: quite the empire brewing.
The20YearIRCloud: Very happy with progress, want to get 2 more before end of year
thestringpuller: The20YearIRCloud what is average rent of tenant?
The20YearIRCloud: $645 or so
The20YearIRCloud: per unit. We have 10 properties, 15 units
thestringpuller: so these are apartments? duplexes? houses?
The20YearIRCloud: A mix of SFDs, duplexes, and multi-family
thestringpuller: paid for or is there loan?
The20YearIRCloud: no loans yet outside of LOC, we're starting to put loans on properties to buy more
thestringpuller: are the properties themselves part of the asset list?
The20YearIRCloud: All of em are
thestringpuller: ah. so in theory shareholders are also part homeowners? :P
The20YearIRCloud: Kind of the idea of the fund
The20YearIRCloud: At any rate, good progress. Especially when you consider the apprasials came within close margin of what i had them valued at, cementing the fact that we're making equity on each renovation we do. No equity cashout spiral problems to think of, bank is getting their LTV rate and we're making $15k per property in fanciable equity. So, I am getting the
The20YearIRCloud: proverbial cake and eating it too
assbot: Richard Branson calls for tougher bitcoin rules
jurov: i'd try to submit to qntra but am out of wits
jurov: damn mailman
jurov: at least finally put ben_vulpes' email through
cazalla: fark, someone is doing a doxx on silkroad guy same time as i am, so my article is not a copy/pasta job
assbot: The Blake Benthall Complain, full text |
assbot: The Blake Berthall Silk Road 2.0 Complaint, Fulltext /hashtag/deturdified?src=hash /hashtag/Bitcoin?src=hash
assbot: Bernthall Complaint Full Plaintext, Exhibits attached as images : Bitcoin
BingoBoingo: <jurov> i'd try to submit to qntra but am out of wits << Story's already out so whenever your wits are ready do some editorial?
jurov: Local Bitcoin exchanges such as Independent Reserve, which launched last month, depend on a stable ­regulatory environment to maintain legitimacy.
jurov: ^ how can i comment on such nonsense?
BingoBoingo: By calling it nonsense? But with wits?
jurov: maybe wehn i'll sleep on it
cazalla: i just wanted to get this up now it's a work in progress
assbot: Who Is Blake Benthall AKA Defcon AKA Veteran? |
jurov: An Old Fart Doing Everything To Support Bitcoin.. Except For Buying It.
asciilifeform: !s comrade ogilvy
assbot: Lluvia de bitcoins sobre /r/argentina : argentina
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 25200 @ 0.00068672 = 17.3053 BTC [-]
jurov: idea executor!
jurov: that would be good theme for oglaf
jurov: whole excerpt is hilarious
jurov: "i wont ramble here, have other stuff to do... to ramble on inkedin and twatter"
cazalla: this blake guy was reguarly active on github till sept 28th and then nothing
asciilifeform: this blake guy was reguarly active... << you meant to say 'an account by the name of xxx was active...'
assbot: Last 2 lines bashed and pending review. ( )
thestringpuller: asciilifeform: you're saying it was a set up?
asciilifeform: saying merely that usg loves 'crank bait'
asciilifeform: !s crank bait
asciilifeform: 'crank bait' is a deliberate (whether engineered or through sheer neglect) hole in an Official narrative, whose purpose is to do for doubters what a 'bug zapper light' does for insects.
thestringpuller: oh i see.
cazalla: asciilifeform, yes, that is what i mean :)
thestringpuller: "could you use it in a sentence" "asciilifeform: der wagen was decorated with a number of 'end the fed' stickers. apparently this is considered adequate crank bait."
thestringpuller: ^- there we go better than ;;ud
asciilifeform: i'd be surprised if it were in 'ud'
asciilifeform: given that it is my own term.
BingoBoingo: ;;ud crank bait
gribble: | crankbait. When screwing a man/woman doggy-style, you fish hook her mouth to one side so that she must look at you, then, you nut in her eye. Ohh, I just had to ...
cazalla: lol this guy worked at space x
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12300 @ 0.00068672 = 8.4467 BTC [-]
BingoBoingo: Crank bait also refers to a sort of fishing lure with parts that move in the water to increase the attention it commands of the fish
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 21352 @ 0.00068661 = 14.6605 BTC [-] {2}
mircea_popescu: jurov da fuck do they know.
assbot: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 This is to confirm http://as -
punkbot: mircea_popescu: Queued 8 valid deeds for next bundle. (invalid: 1)
mircea_popescu: punkman shit how the f do i know which one ?
mircea_popescu: punkbot status
punkbot: mircea_popescu: 8 pending deeds | Last bundle 17 hours and 20 minutes ago
assbot: Bitcoin Address 148MpUsfJvgv5xGWvVqKLeVuuvy3pN8QGg
assbot: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 MiniGame (S.MG), October 201 -
punkbot: mircea_popescu: No valid deeds found, try again. (invalid: 1)
mircea_popescu: omg wtf gpg doesn't veriufy its own clearsigned output
assbot: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 MiniGame (S.MG), October 201 -
punkbot: mircea_popescu: Queued 1 valid deed for next bundle.
mircea_popescu: cazalla omaigawd, traffic dropped. now you gotta fire someone!!
punkbot: Confirmed bundle 14r4VdZFYJnGG52B6w9Th7oKjGXU1pDzKX |
cazalla: well, BingoBoingo brought yesterdays traffic so if he can't maintain it for more than a day....
BingoBoingo: A, well. Hard to fire people when there isn't a payroll...
assbot: Re: [Bitcoin-development] The difficulty of writing consensus critical code: the SIGHASH_SINGLE bug
assbot: The guy who bought a Tesla with Bitcoin? It was the "DPR2" from Silk Road....pillar of industry : Buttcoin
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 25300 @ 0.00068807 = 17.4082 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10700 @ 0.00068794 = 7.361 BTC [-] {2}
mircea_popescu: lol tesla got confiscated ?
mircea_popescu: besides, i thought bugpowder bought a tesla.
mircea_popescu: decimation: most folks today never learn about the complete Apocalypse that faced german people after wwii <<< i hear berlin chicks had a lot of fun in '45.
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo: supay: Qntra takes a lot of things. <<< yeah, but not kidz! we do not take your kidz!
mircea_popescu: ;;isup
gribble: is up
mircea_popescu: dude who the fuck keeps upping ninjashogun
mircea_popescu: thestringpuller: If the day ever comes where you want to switch professions from engineer to gangsta, I'm totally down to ride or die with you. Lets just hope it never comes to that ;) <<< if you two do that, a film is guaranteed.
mircea_popescu: bounce: you know, if the IRS says that virtual currencies aren't currencies, how can the SEC keep on claiming they are? << you're new here aren't you.
mircea_popescu: anyway, gotta love how the us propaganda machine studiously omits to mention who this entire "sec letters!!11" trend is trying to immitate. totally works, boyz, srsly. cuz nobody knows anything, everyone gets his informations from
mircea_popescu: everyone at the retirement home.
mircea_popescu: thestringpuller: how they convinced the masses to contribute millions...i just will never understand <<< the same way they convinced the masses that russia invaded atlanta, georgia.
mircea_popescu: The20YearIRCloud: proverbial cake and eating it too <<< and yet none of your renters seem to want free money ?!
mircea_popescu: jurov: ^ how can i comment on such nonsense? <<< vitriol.
Adlai: here, we see the financier in his natural habitat, conducting the daily post-accounting scrollback review
Adlai: good morning
mircea_popescu: i need tougher regulation to be able to do mai business. also mary jo attached to my cock.
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes time for bitcoin foundation to issue a statement that the only thing bitcoin needs is for politicians and other leeches to stfu and go away ?
Adlai hopes you submitted one or both requests to the BitLicense committee
mircea_popescu: or toosoon.
mircea_popescu: Adlai waiting for them to prequalify via tits article first.
Adlai begins a slow-paced infinite brainstorm of how to monetize open source trading software
Adlai: participation in the brainstorm requires accepting into your heart the axiom that the market is a positive-sum game
mircea_popescu: there is exactly one avenue to do that : make it so good some actual trader starts using it, after which go work for him.
mircea_popescu: the shortcut to this being, go work for a trader, write software to improve process.
mircea_popescu: the market may be positive or negative-sum, it all depends.
Adlai: these are rather narrow paths, though. a nice path enables many to walk abreast.
mircea_popescu: just how much software do you imagine is needed ?
mircea_popescu: this isn't fucking farming.
Adlai: it's some form of statistical farming
gernika: Visiting FB tomorrow. Anything you all want me to mention to Zuckerburg?
Adlai: the amount of software needed is much less relevant than its quality, which isn't correlated to man-months in any simple/linear fashion
Adlai: gernika: "I slept through your assembly talk, but everybody who attended said it sucked"
gernika: ok noted.
mircea_popescu: Adlai no, it's correlated with " go work for a trader, write software to improve process." in a simple, lienar fashion.
mircea_popescu: in the sense that f(!x) = 0.
Adlai: damn you and your flawless logic
mircea_popescu: it correlates with logic in a simple, linear fashion!
Adlai: social scientists HATE him!
mircea_popescu: social(somethingsomething)ists
Adlai: in primary school, we had "social studies" class... let's just call them that, and the members of this field - "social students"
Adlai: Q:"what do you do?" A:"i'm a career student" Q:"damn, how are the student loans hitting you?" A:"actually, i just got tenured"
Adlai: out of curiosity, in the brave new GPG economy, what's the use of claiming "This contract is protected as copyrighted material. It may not be reused by different parties without the express permission of MPEx." ?
BingoBoingo: <Adlai> out of curiosity, in the brave new GPG economy, what's the use of claiming "This contract is protected as copyrighted material. It may not be reused by different parties without the express permission of MPEx." ? << Basically to hurt the copyrastas
mircea_popescu: Adlai at the very least that i'll negrate you if you do ?
Adlai: that turned personal quite quickly
Adlai knows it's just a figure of speech
Adlai: negrating doesn't hurt anybody who's not in the WoT, and a fair amount (all?) of copyrasta economic activity is done outside of the WoT...
mircea_popescu: well, english does not have a proper impersonal pronoun.
mircea_popescu: "you" in general. "one".
assbot: there were about 20 FBI agents searching my neighbor’s tesla and suv earlier today in the mission. /hashtag/mystery?src=hash
Adlai: well, english++ has "∀(violater) → negration"
mircea_popescu: and if the activity is done outside of the law,
mircea_popescu: then it is quite clear what it means. i'll sue.
Adlai: which law? :)
mircea_popescu: the contemporary equivalent of "i'll send a bunch of rogues to stab you in the throat"
mircea_popescu: wot. the only law.
Adlai: how do you press charges against wot violators?
Adlai: negrating is more akin to merely filing them
mircea_popescu: you don't follow. lemme detail it!
Adlai has read "GPG Contracts" and "Complete Theory of Economics" already, although may be fuzzy on the details
mircea_popescu: centuries ago, the natural mode of administering justice was, club over head. the legal system was developed as a better alternative to this. so, if one was reachable by the courts, you'd sue. if not however, club->head.
mircea_popescu: this lasted until a year or two ago , and which point the wot became the legal system. at this point necessarily the previous, obsolete fiat cvasi-legal system became the club->head method.
mircea_popescu: so today, if one is in the wot, he gets neg'd. and if is not... club->head, according to what that means currently, ie, sued in a fiat court of "law".
mircea_popescu: clear enuff ?
BingoBoingo: Goes back to if there is an unauthorized Penguin edition of a nubbins' #B-A book. Penguin gets real sued.
Adlai: "outside the law" and "sue" now take on tiered meanings, with each transgression offering up a new avenue of redress. i like this.
Adlai: although still missing is a way of negrating people who aren't yet in the wot
mircea_popescu: well, exactly like there was missing a way to sue people in the western terrirories.
mircea_popescu: for as long as the place is a dump inhabited by mexicans and indians, its not really needed
Adlai: something like "I negrate the person known as ABC and/or XYZ, holder of passport number 123456789"
mircea_popescu: the ONLY way it can become something other than a dump is inextricably linked to getting the legal system, so.
dub: my god that gawker article is retarded
Adlai: s/article/reader
mircea_popescu: dub hey, write a qntra piece! for me!
mircea_popescu: Adlai nothing keeps you from making that a deed right now.
dub: not sure i've read gawker before, its buzzfeed isnt it
dub: mircea_popescu: on?
Adlai hastily mutters something about the lack of proper impersonal pronouns
mircea_popescu: and since the b-a domain is so powerful, you'll prolly fuck up their google fu forever.
mircea_popescu: dub i dunno, what am i, the micromanaging tyrant of a cult ?
mircea_popescu: use yer noggin.
dub: praps in a month or two when noggin is operational
dub: split day/night weeks is like being on crack
Adlai: the deed system does seem like a step forwards from gribble-wot
mircea_popescu: dub what are you doing, guarding dcs ?!
Adlai: what exactly is your sleep schedule in such a week?
mircea_popescu: nanotube btw, give a spin sometime ? i think it may well be ready.
dub: wrangling internets per usual
dub: Adlai: its variable, 3 or 4 nights 0400-1000 balance trying to be useful during daylight
mircea_popescu: see, had you followed that bloomingdale's executive program you wouldn't have to work nights.
Adlai wonders when we'll start selecting for faster native garbage collection
Adlai: the phenotype is definitely out there
dub: then I'd be slumming on exec money
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 16450 @ 0.0006868 = 11.2979 BTC [-] {2}
assbot: Last 1 lines bashed and pending review. ( )
asciilifeform: shamelessly photodiddled.
asciilifeform: who wants, can use wherever.
thestringpuller: greatest thing ever!
Adlai: is it based off something?
asciilifeform: clipart from www.
Adlai has been out of the ethereum loop for just about as long as it's existed
mircea_popescu: shit that's good.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform why water tho ? fecal matter != water
Adlai: oh, not some official infographic thingy
asciilifeform: just crapped it out
asciilifeform: 'official' ?!?!
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: I'm going to put in on qntra. List the steps under it, as list you as the author so you get the shares for the text.
asciilifeform: whatever.
mircea_popescu: why is it
mircea_popescu: 'waterall"
Adlai: it almost looked like a satire of some hypothetical nice tidy explanation of how ether flows about or whoknowswhattardation
thestringpuller: buterin's water cycle?
mircea_popescu: you orgot how to f ?
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: I'm only doing this because you said who ever wants can use. Will then be used to put you on the cunt raw
BingoBoingo: In other news picked up a new sharp object today for pencil sharpening and protecting the starfish against less than state level malefactors.
Adlai: and there i was, reading it as "squinter"
asciilifeform: phixed.
asciilifeform: reload.
asciilifeform: lol, how many qntra 'words' does this score?
asciilifeform puts ancient 'wacom' away for another year or two.
asciilifeform not specialist.
asciilifeform: fecal << if somebody wants to do a similar job involving a 'nitrogen fixation cycle' graphic, why the hell not.
mircea_popescu: just make the water brown
mircea_popescu: ;;google until the water turns brown zappa
gribble: Let's Make the Water Turn Black - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <'s_Make_the_Water_Turn_Black>; Inventionis Mater - Wait 'till the fire turns green! (Frank Zappa) - Live ...: <>; Frank Zappa - Let's make the water turn black - YouTube: <>
asciilifeform: whither shitfalls in nature?
assbot: Frank Zappa - Let's make the water turn black - YouTube
asciilifeform: 'Let's Make the Water Turn Black' << see also the infamous operetta, 'urinetown.'
asciilifeform: actually, it's rather relevant.
assbot: Buterin's Waterfall, a Likbez |
BingoBoingo: cazalla does the wordcounting
BingoBoingo: I'm just supposed to keep his brain from breaking
asciilifeform: 'USG. (Bitstamp and Coinbase)' << might wanna fix
asciilifeform: those were dropped in simply as examples
asciilifeform: likewise, 'at the bottom' - on SR, SR2, idiot chumps' machines, etc
scoopbot: New post on by asciilifeform:
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: revised, reload
decimation: asciilifeform: you raise a good point about the h1b whining. the real problem is: how do 'tech' companies manage to profitably 'employ' legions of unskilled workers tasked with doing nothing of use?
asciilifeform: decimation: the original point was 'human compilers.'
asciilifeform: decimation: turns out, these don't work all that well.
asciilifeform: any software project with more than a handful of people - is inevitable crud. but this is a 'hatefact.'
BingoBoingo: Human compilers might have had a brighter future is 68k stayed a thing
BingoBoingo: Secret is you keep max RAM at 4MB
decimation: yeah, mythical man month and all that
asciilifeform: the seeds of rot are in any deviation from 'fits in head.'
asciilifeform: whether on present-day 64GB monster or pdp-10.
PeterL: speaking of visas, the group I work in is about 1/3rd immigrants, these are really smart people and the US is better off with them here.
asciilifeform: (see 'multics')
BingoBoingo: Well, data being manipulated has to go somewhere so...
decimation: this strongly argues for 'modular' design
asciilifeform: except that we haven't actually invented modularizable software yet.
asciilifeform: !s bedrock
BingoBoingo: <PeterL> speaking of visas, the group I work in is about 1/3rd immigrants, these are really smart people and the US is better off with them here. << This was the case when I TA'd pharm school. No AMericans apparently want to study/teach med chem
PeterL: Don't get me wrong, the group still has plenty of smart Americans as well
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: employers don't want to feed the mortgage, etc. bezzlatron. and this is perfectly logical.
decimation: PeterL: no doubt there are bright foreigners working in the us. I would suggest that they are here despite the existing immigration policy, not because of it
BingoBoingo: Right. The Usian profs, were profs part time and clinical pharmacists full time
PeterL: Speaking of bezzle, I just did my yearly health insurance signup. makes me mad how much I have to pay now, about 4 times as much as two years ago for the same crappy plan
PeterL: decimation: you might be right. My employer (from what my coworkers tell me) has to go through a ton of red tape and paperwork to keep them here
BingoBoingo: PeterL> decimation: you might be right. My employer (from what my coworkers tell me) has to go through a ton of red tape and paperwork to keep them here << Grandpa pays the same $80/month for medicare part B
decimation: BingoBoingo: you hit the nail on the head. 'health insurance' is basically 'health welfare' now
PeterL: my opinion is that the us should loosen the borders and let more people in
PeterL: but I might be a bit biased, all my girlfriends before I was 20 were immigrants
decimation: PeterL: would you also allow each one to collect health welfare too?
BingoBoingo: Why not?
asciilifeform: this is already happening. no need to advocate for it.
decimation: Sure, let's print up some more bezzle, why not
PeterL: decimation no, I would get the government out of the healthcare business, but I am resigned that will never happen
danielpbarron: do away with immigration restrictions as well as welfare programs
BingoBoingo: The US immingration issue is best understood when you consider that most prospective immigrants come to flee more restrictive and more socialistoid states (e.g. India, China)
asciilifeform: danielpbarron would make great fireman. holding a sign, 'do away with fire.'
assbot: Last 1 lines bashed and pending review. ( )
danielpbarron: or a sign that reads, "hang the fire starters"
BingoBoingo remembers now why he tries to limit his sharp object purchases. Imma have to sand and refinish this desk soon...
BingoBoingo: And waiting seems to be the only solution to get my arm hair back
decimation: look, if usg got out of the money manipulation game, hard money came back, and folks had to get by on their own achievements, immigration wouldn't be an issue
asciilifeform: if fire got out of the burning houses business...
decimation: hehe yeah exactly, about as likely
asciilifeform: stayed in furnace where it belongs, etc
PeterL: we could switch to building houses out of non-flamable materials?
asciilifeform: 'achievements' lol.
decimation: asciilifeform: instead we have the 'fire brigade' who show up with a tank full of kerosene
asciilifeform: usa has been running on batteries since when? wilson?
decimation: yeah at least then, if not earlier
asciilifeform: with a few embers of burning europe down helping stay warm
decimation: maybe teddy
danielpbarron: PeterL, satoshi built that
PeterL: just fill your house with argon and live inside a spacesuit!
PeterL: (credit to MP's post)
decimation: at any rate, the most amazing thing to me is that the chinese, indian pauper still dreams of 'coming to america'
asciilifeform: decimation: this is only partly due to bezzle. it is also because in usa, 'they don't piss in elevators like back home.'
BingoBoingo: decimation> at any rate, the most amazing thing to me is that the chinese, indian pauper still dreams of 'coming to america' << Is that so different from USian pauper dreaming of actual Galt's Gulch?
asciilifeform: every elevator pisser on the planet dreams of meeting a virginal elevator.
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PeterL: asciilifeform: my sister, lives in NYC, complains about the homeless bums who piss on the sidewalk
asciilifeform: there's plenty of delicious meat left on the bones of the gigantic dead dragon that was usa.
asciilifeform: considering that folks are -still- grinding down soviet army installations for metals...
decimation: heh I think usg still pays for highly-enriched uranium from soviet bombs
asciilifeform: corpse doesn't get asked what kind of worms shall eat.
decimation: asciilifeform: actually this is a good point. usg is ineffective at enforcing whatever 'immigration policy' it creates anyway, that's a sideshow
decimation: worms come when they come, eat what they will
asciilifeform: the only reason they even bother with visa bureaucracy is that a whole class of pestilential 'helpers' feeds off it.
decimation: and on the other side it's used as a club to keep the paupers in their servitude
asciilifeform: also a bludgeon for those who fall out of favour (employers, that is)
asciilifeform: they get 'cracked down'
decimation: heh yeah
decimation: I'm dubious that there is much real coordination of these things, more just random entropy in various usg departments
asciilifeform: no need for real coordination, just mildly guided inertia.
asciilifeform is aware of the threadbare physical metaphor here
decimation: yeah, if anything usg agents will do what the movies, newspapers, and tv tells them they should
assbot: Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/901
decimation: re: argon datacenter << I suspect dry nitrogen would be cheaper
BingoBoingo: <decimation> re: argon datacenter << I suspect dry nitrogen would be cheap << I suppose radon because heavy
decimation: yeah the most expensive part in any case is going to be air sealing
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: rc4 still used somewhere? lol
asciilifeform: transformer oil is probably cheapest.
BingoBoingo: It appears, BUT THEY HAD A "PROOF"
asciilifeform: afaik someone is using just this.
PeterL: you want something that will absorb heat, thus the cfc
PeterL: noble gases, while inert, will not absorb as much heat
decimation: asciilifeform: what about flourinert?
BingoBoingo: Radon is cheap if you move to Iowa
asciilifeform: decimation: costs like fine whiskey
decimation: heh I know
asciilifeform: dear glub, everyone, cfc does not 'absorb' heat. mechanical refrigeration works on ideal gas law / inverted carnot cycle.
asciilifeform: am i the only one who stayed awake in first grade?
decimation: PeterL: I would suppose that the first step would be to use a fluid heat exchange cooling system
asciilifeform: circulate the oil though whatever.
asciilifeform: it isn't like this was invented just today.
decimation: asciilifeform: pcbs!
PeterL: didn't cray supercomputers use liquid cooling?
asciilifeform: fluorinert.
asciilifeform: because infinite money.
decimation: yeah the best part was the flourinert waterfall
PeterL: some of my coworker were involved in a project making a transformer fluid replacement last year
PeterL: the stuff they made apparently had great properties, just not quite cheap enough to replace the incumbent technology (which suffers from high propensity to fire)
cazalla: scoopbot, you gonna get the scoop or what pal
asciilifeform: this is why i suggested small 'naval mines' with steel capsules in water pool.
asciilifeform: nothing to burn.
cazalla: qntra under ddos?
BingoBoingo: <asciilifeform> this is why i suggested small 'naval mines' with steel capsules in water pool. << plus side you can grow Tilapia further north
PeterL: cazalla: it only checks every five mins
decimation: yeah ideally one would locate the whole operation somewhere near a heat sink
asciilifeform: in a heat sink.
BingoBoingo: ;;isup
gribble: is up
BingoBoingo: cazalla: Fast for me
assbot: Lake Source Cooling Home
asciilifeform: 'vitrify' individual miners into glass balls.
asciilifeform: submerge.
asciilifeform: all comms - public key
asciilifeform: (private - on 'mother ship')
decimation: via hydrophone?
asciilifeform: via whatever. ideally, tethers.
asciilifeform: given the power requirement, tethers are probably a fact of life.
asciilifeform: tether should clamp inductively on outside of bulb, rather than penetrating.
decimation: yeah unless you have rtg's or something
asciilifeform: rtg is laughably wasteful.
decimation: indeed.
asciilifeform: (and i hope i don't have to explain the thermodynamic folly of trying to run waste heat through it)
asciilifeform: (didn't learn thermo in school? dig out a 1990s pc with 'peltier' cooler and connect a load to it instead of powering. then see how long until cpu melts.)
asciilifeform: tidal - a kind of poor man's hydro
asciilifeform: not really related
asciilifeform vaguely recalls a flight of fancy calculation of how much 'tidal plant' it would take to... yank the moon from orbit
decimation: no, but like all 'renewables' the energy is so widely distributed that it would require laughable physical plant
asciilifeform: at any rate, so long as each 'hedgehog' ball contains one chip, the surface-to-volume ratio is favourable
asciilifeform: and surrounding water, with its convection currents, is sufficient cooling.
decimation: neptune's data center
asciilifeform: the hedgehogs would be approximately the size of christmas tree ornaments.
asciilifeform: and about the same shape.
decimation: you could deploy them in strings off a buoy
asciilifeform: like towed hydrophone arrays on nuke subs.
PeterL: is this the NSA project after Cardano?
kakobrekla: cooking the fish, one hash at a time.
asciilifeform: (discussed at various points here as a handy cooling, power, and security solution.)
asciilifeform has no truck with mining and doesn't wish to
decimation: but you certainly do have truck with submarines!
asciilifeform: paper submarines.
asciilifeform armchair admiral, armchair general
PeterL: How many bitcoins for an old nuclear sub?
assbot: Australian government under pressure to hold submarine tender after eyeing Japan deal| Reuters
decimation: "Buying the vessels from Japan could threaten Abbott's hold on power at the next election, said Martin Hamilton-Smith, the defense and trade minister for the state of South Australia, which is home to 27,000 defense-related jobs including 3,000 in shipbuilding."
Adlai: any thoughts on making python a more tolerable interactive dev env? currently slogging through and in search of hidden wisdom...
assbot: EmacsWiki: Python Programming In Emacs
assbot: EnigmaCurry
assbot: Jedi.el - Python auto-completion for Emacs — Emacs Jedi 0.2.0alpha2 documentation
decimation: but it's kind of a turd to be honest
decimation: it does let you 'jump to definition', auto-complete, etc.
Adlai: anything.el is a turd
Adlai: but sometimes it takes a tough turd to season a savory salmon
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 21910 @ 0.00068666 = 15.0447 BTC [-]
Adlai: well that [pump] descelated quickly
decimation: PeterL: I think nuke subs are generally unobtainable, but diesel-electric ~$100 million depending on what you are getting
decimation: if you want something modern and not a rusty bucket you are talking ~$1-2 bn and your money can't buy one
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 14400 @ 0.00068582 = 9.8758 BTC [-] {2}
assbot: Buterin's Waterfall. : Bitcoin
decimation: lol ascii on reddit
asciilifeform was there back when it was readable
asciilifeform: see user box.
Adlai .oO( Bitcoin is actually VERY lispy... the entire blockchain is code-as-data )
Adlai: decimation: i'd think that if you have that kind of money, you wouldn't be buying an entire sub anyways
decimation: my openbsd port of bitcoind suffered a fatal exception at block 150872
decimation: Adlai: well, certainly not for your own use
Adlai: blueprint components are as fungible as the money used to commission them
mircea_popescu: PeterL: Speaking of bezzle, I just did my yearly health insurance signup. makes me mad how much I have to pay now, about 4 times as much as two years ago for the same crappy plan <<< terrorist doesn't understand how obamacare works.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: danielpbarron would make great fireman. holding a sign, 'do away with fire.' << he has a point. do away with borders and welfare. the latter will occur naturally once the first is done.
mircea_popescu: if the fiat state loses its alleged right to control geography, it loses.
decimation: the fiat state's bona fides in this matter are not exactly well established (controlling geography)
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo: decimation> at any rate, the most amazing thing to me is that the chinese, indian pauper still dreams of 'coming to america' << Is that so different from USian pauper dreaming of actual Galt's Gulch? <<< nope, you have it exactly right. same thing, except one is run by fraudulent "real estate" developers and the other by fraudulent "recruiters".
mircea_popescu: decimation "you are guilty of having crossed an imaginary line in a particular manner"
mircea_popescu: 3/4 of all us prison population.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: considering that folks are -still- grinding down soviet army installations for metals... << soviet military complex was objectively larger than us ever got tho. cheap plentiful raw materials.
mircea_popescu: the us military principally consists of paper.
decimation: well, it's one thing to have laws (silly or not), and it's another to lack the ability (or will) to enforce them
mircea_popescu: PeterL: noble gases, while inert, will not absorb as much heat << gases are shit for sheer caloric capacity anyway. the reason you want technologica gases rather than plain argon is the compress-and-cool heat extraction process. works better on the hfcs than on random neon w/e.
mircea_popescu: oh nm, asciilifeform said teh same.
mircea_popescu: PeterL: the stuff they made apparently had great properties, just not quite cheap enough to replace the incumbent technology (which suffers from high propensity to fire) << story of this business since its inception.
mircea_popescu: << cazalla would be worth investigating if the 1m was actually paid or merely fraudulently announced.
assbot: Sold For US $75,000 To Digital BTC |
mircea_popescu: lots of these domain "deals" are simple collusion, as it's in both parties interest to announce a high price.
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