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gernika: mircea_popescu great thanks
gernika: Is there a seminal discussion on deeds/deedbot I can read up on?
gernika: mircea_popescu ok. had been looking at palermo.
gernika: no
gernika: mircea_popescu: Can you recommend a good neighborhood for a short stay in Buenos Aires?
gernika: so true
gernika: mircea_popescu: agreed. not a viable outcome for employees. Although in my case they kept our product alive until it was killed in a second acquisition so it was sort of a semi-acquihire. Still a complete waste of money.
gernika: mircea_popescu lol seems to be better than other things I've tried
gernika: then there's the fact that when your house goes up in value, so does everyone else's, so its not like you can sell it and buy a bigger house. And if you don't buy another house with the proceeds of selling your house, you pay a lot of taxes.
gernika: decimation which is no compensation for giving up the flower of your youth for corporate america sadly
gernika: I made more consulting for a firm based out of Minnesota than I was working at the big name tech company that acquired a startup I had worked for. So yeah. Fuck startups.
gernika: decimation: I slaved at startups for years. Meanwhile my friends were actually making money consulting. I just started working for my friends.
gernika: I don't work with low wage people.
gernika: definitely the way to go IMO
gernika: I am a consultant in silly-con valley
gernika: peterl perhaps "permanently" was a bad choice of words. "Seriously" would be better.
gernika: petrel yes - everyone could update their constant manually. But that's only a temporary fix.
gernika: Unfortunately the POW cutoff level appears to be a constant.
gernika: To the point where people aren't getting messages
gernika: The network is being spammed with low POW broadcast messages.
gernika: peterl It may be permanently broken. But I did find it useful, yes. Currently looking at fixes.
gernika: peterl currently it appears to be broken
gernika: peterl I use BItmessage
gernika: `punkman tried to scam me as well.
gernika: mircea_popescu ok I think I see your point, though it seems like colonialism within Africa would have been more influential in transferring technology, especially in Rhodesia, from where very few slaves probably originated or to where the educated descendants may have returned. Sierra Leone and Liberia, where a lot of descendants of slaves actually returned to are serious shit holes.
gernika: mircea_popescu dead. I mean subsaharan africans though.
gernika: I'm not understanding the argument that, shall we say, the less fair skinned would be extinct if not transported to the americas. Seems to me like there are more deadly diseases originating from Africa that kill whites than the other way around. Whites trying to settle Africa near the equator died like tsetse flies.
gernika: In China there is also the concept of "face," which I guess is is sort of like a "Web of Shame."
gernika: I saw an interesting pricing model recently. An app I used allowed me to buy a specific new feature. That's an improvement over, buy once, get free updates forever.
gernika: ben_vulpes true more and more
gernika: mircea_popescu well the apple app store is full of people who do. Although it's not as popular is windows, the app store can be a good source of revenue as apple users tend to spend more money on apps.
gernika: mircea_popescu yes. The UI dev wanted a lot of control over the UI, and didn't want to build a js ui full of ugly compromises.
gernika: Yes it's compatible. It runs pybitmessage in the background without the qt UI (we made our own UI). Yes there are plans for a cross platform client, but that's a ways off.
gernika: I helped out with a better BM client:
gernika: eightyeight BM-2cVsnhcfNkU1D87u4hy7SfYw3qZ9m7Su55
gernika: eightyeight I am
gernika: Where is a good place to escape to?
gernika: Ah. Well, I'm interested in bitcoin. Been reading the logs for a few weeks now.
gernika: Hi
gernika: true
gernika: #bitcoin-assets is an oasis in a desert of bitcoin idiocy.
gernika: Thanks BingoBoingo. I'm just here to watch and learn for now :)
gernika: I knew !up wouldn't work without a higher rating, but wanted to see what would happen anyway.
gernika: I've just been reading through contravex and trilema for the past few days.
gernika: thx kakobrekla

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