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PeterL: I admit I was jumping up and down and shouting at my TV as the MSU Spartans pulled out a tight win
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thestringpuller: cazalla: "I helped run plenty of conferences. I do have an idea. The priority is to make sure you have a conference that runs well enough that people don't notice the problems, and that everyone who paid to attend it gets their money's worth. Who actually paid to make it happen is a bit lower on the priority." << LOL FUCKING L
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pete_dushenski: feliz nuevo ano!
pete_dushenski: ;;later tell peterl am i going to have to do my own post scooping until i'm *completely* grey?
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pete_dushenski: lots to catch up on...
assbot: An exercise in buying 17% Russian bonds | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( )
assbot: The big box store that wasn’t, and other Australian architectural marvels | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( )
assbot: Dear non-violent, cash-strapped governments: have you considered exile instead of prison? | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( )
assbot: Immigration policy is about barriers to entry, not fairness; or how Paul Graham thinks programmers are inventors | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( )
assbot: The search for decency and the opposite of iatrogenics | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( )
pete_dushenski: ;;later tell asciilifeform
assbot: Immigration policy is about barriers to entry, not fairness; or how Paul Graham thinks programmers are inventors | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( )
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cazalla: thestringpuller, top fucking kek eh but what can ya do, people love these events for some reason even if they are nothing more than an herbalife pitchfest
pete_dushenski: cazalla: he comes to australia, shits all over our costco monuments and leaves << hey now, i loved your costco!
pete_dushenski: re: conferences << this is an essential post-modern industry
pete_dushenski: every major city is either in the process of building a mega-opulent conferenceplex or has already done so in the last 5 years
cazalla: pete_dushenski, i can't say i've been despite one opening around the corner from here a year ago.. pay to enter? what sort of american scheme is that?
pete_dushenski: melbourne just finished one and sydney's is under construction
pete_dushenski: cazalla if you go on a busy saturday you can just point to someone else in line and say that you're "with them"
pete_dushenski: then borrow someone's card at checkout
pete_dushenski: at least that's what i did last time i set foot in one
cazalla: and then i can get a special deal on 20kg of hfcs eh
pete_dushenski: for your family of 9
pete_dushenski: the last time i was in a costco they didn't accept cash, visa, or mastercard, only amex and debit
pete_dushenski: such a weird flavour of bezzle
thestringpuller: oh its a pete_dushenski
thestringpuller: how come you haven't visited cazalla you big meanie
thestringpuller: LOL
thestringpuller: jkjk
pete_dushenski: thestringpuller heya rap star
pete_dushenski: what so i could give him a foot massage?
cazalla: thestringpuller, let the man tour oz without need to visit qntra office / kids bedroom
thestringpuller: XD
thestringpuller: a drinking buddy!
thestringpuller: lolol
ben_vulpes: ;;later tell gabriel_laddel stumpwm it is, although the nomenclature stems from ratpoison unless if i'm doing my archaeology correctly
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thestringpuller: "We only accept Amex" << that's the complete inverse of what you normally hear
pete_dushenski: ikr!
ben_vulpes: it's because amex rarely bounces, being a rich person charge card.
ben_vulpes: or has chargebacks, ibid.
thestringpuller: it's also expensive as fuck to accept it as a merchant
pete_dushenski: but the feez!
ben_vulpes: what's the restocking cost for 2 cosco-sized shopping carts?
ben_vulpes: costco*
pete_dushenski: right, you'd think low-margin operators like costco would do the bubble tea store style of cash/debit only
ben_vulpes: most american POS operators are debit/credit agnostic in my experience.
ben_vulpes: pete_dushenski: did you ever actually close on any ru bonds?
pete_dushenski: eh their staffs are huge and everything is on the ground floor in big piles
thestringpuller: that's cause the payment processors only validate whether or not the account should go through or not
thestringpuller: it's just a EBDIC file iirc
pete_dushenski: ben_vulpes well... no, not yet. though it seems like an appropriate thing to add to the 2015 resolutions
thestringpuller: I also think the timeout on a credit card transaction wire is like 15-20 seconds
thestringpuller: it's funny how Gavin is all "I want bitcoin to compete with Visa/Mastercard", when anyone in Payment Processing knows those systems are seriously nigga rigged as is.
cazalla: pete_dushenski, i'd wager costco isn't doing too well here. aldi enjoys far more popularity as an alternative to the main 2 coles and woolworths
decimation: re: costco & amex << I suspect amex gives costco a deal (pays them) to force a large percentage of the upper-crust customer-base to have an amex card in their wallet
ben_vulpes: thestringpuller: "nigga rigged" << til
pete_dushenski: cazalla speaking of woolworth's, canada used to have a department store by the same name. went bankrupt a couple decades ago
thestringpuller: ;;ud nigga rigged
gribble: | nigga rigged. Half assed way of fixing something that is busted. Often involving duct tape or whatever your broke ass has layin around the house. That fool nigga  ...
decimation: the original woolworths was a southern us store I believe
pete_dushenski: cazalla it was interesting to note where the same names popped up between canada and aus. everything from street names to stores to parks
pete_dushenski: mostly british-sounding
cazalla: we don't have a degrassi afaik
pete_dushenski: lol orly?
pete_dushenski: decimation hmm didn't know that
thestringpuller: LOL pete_dushenski watched degrassi jr. high ?!?!?
thestringpuller: hahaha yus!
thestringpuller: my year has been made
decimation: ah reading wikipedia, apparently the australian version of woolworths just stole the name, no actual business connection to the us store:
assbot: Woolworths Limited - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... ( )
pete_dushenski: thestringpuller omg no
decimation: same for south africa: "The chain was named after the United States chain F. W. Woolworth Company but, because of the contemporary trademark laws, the name was legally used without permission. No financial connection ever existed between the companies."
pete_dushenski: thieves!
decimation: man one can't get away with that kind of thing anymore
decimation: imagine some bloke in new zealand starting a store called 'walmart'
decimation: bezzle lawyers would sue you out of of your socks
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pete_dushenski: decimation speaking of things you can't get away with anymore, i was watching a bit of the breakfast club today and... can you possibly imagine a school giving students 8-hour detentions on saturdays anymore??
decimation: lol yeah
decimation: the bitching and moaning would raise hell
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pete_dushenski: like seriously imagine: no phones, no computers, just desks, writing essays
decimation: my dad (who went to school in the 60's) told me that back then children were reguarlly spanked for misbehavior
decimation: he recalls that the us supreme court stopped all that around the late 60's
pete_dushenski: o for sure
pete_dushenski: my dad got a stick across the knuckles
decimation: somehow that's not even a political issue anymore
pete_dushenski: and both his parents were teachers at the school too so that might've been easy treatment!
decimation: or harsher, as the case may be
pete_dushenski: ya true
pete_dushenski: but parents who found out that their kids had been disciplined at school often disciplined the kid again at home
pete_dushenski: "the teacher is right, you ARE good for nothing"
pete_dushenski: now it's all "bobby is a speshul trainflake"
pete_dushenski: "how dare you give him a 50% on his test!"
pete_dushenski: "think of his self-esteem"
decimation: ugh it's true. read the logs about the german system ca. 1800's
decimation: nearly all the great science of the era came from people who were spanked as children
decimation: lolz < "How is repressed anger often vented?[due to spanking as a child] By watching TV and playing video games to experience forbidden and stored up feelings of rage and anger, and by identifying with violent heroes. (Children who have never been beaten are less interested in cruel films, and, as adults, will not produce horror shows). "
assbot: Center for Effective Discipline Discipline at Home - Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center ... ( )
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decimation: yeah I'm real sure that lazing around and watching tv is CAUSED by spanking
pete_dushenski: such derps
pete_dushenski: ;;google contravex government funded research
gribble: No matches found.
pete_dushenski: not working eh? maybe time to switch to duckduckgo or something?
assbot: Why Government-Funded Research Is Totally Fucking Borked | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( )
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scoopbot: New post on Trilema by Mircea Popescu:
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assbot: Kaisa Group Defaults on $52 Million Loan After Chairman Resigns - Bloomberg ... ( )
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ben_vulpes: ;;ping
gribble: pong
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mats: a meow
assbot: longld/peda · GitHub ... ( )
mats: a gdb plugin.
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ben_vulpes: ;;ticker --currency xau
gribble: Bitstamp BTCXAU ticker | Best bid: 0.251384, Best ask: 0.25196, Bid-ask spread: 0.00058, Last trade: 0.251376, 24 hour volume: 2712.51049237, 24 hour low: 0.249568, 24 hour high: 0.253896, 24 hour vwap: 0.251760177176
mats: intel mgmt engine
assbot: ... ( )
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ben_vulpes: ;;seen xdotcommer
gribble: xdotcommer was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 25 weeks, 3 days, 12 hours, 21 minutes, and 1 second ago: <xdotcommer> <- chem noob
ben_vulpes: "ballmer peak" is kind of misleading. it's more of a surfing phenomenon.
ben_vulpes: and to those following along with the "minimum viable bitcoind" saga at home, while createrawtransaction and signrawtransaction entered ~0.7, gettxoutsetinfo is not included.
ben_vulpes: it may be unfair to tar all work done since satoshi with the power rangers brush. gettxoutsetinfo + createrawtransaction + signrawtransaction are pretty close to a minimum viable bitcoind.
ben_vulpes: and gettxoutsetinfo by my (late, addled) research doesn't seem to appear before 0.8 something
ben_vulpes: even conformal's implementation doesn't do that.
ben_vulpes: pretty horribly named command, though: "gettxoutsetinfo".
ben_vulpes: nominally, returns interesting data about the unspent outputs pool. the output of which one should be able to grep through to find ones own unspent transactions.
ben_vulpes: i say "should", as verifying this will entail building and booting an 0.8 or later node.
ben_vulpes: i've not found a clever way to encourage "git" to poop "tags" between given commits to STDOUT.
ben_vulpes: anyways, with the unspent outputs pool and ones pk's secured elsewhere on disk, a determined and angry bitcoiner should be able to manage their own wallets with a minimum of fuss.
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danielpbarron: ;;view 21866
gribble: #21866 Fri Jan 2 03:00:52 2015 Kingdom BUY 1.0 video of OTC member for 10 min in a leotard telling a story though dance which moves me. @ 0.3 BTC (None)
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thestringpuller: ben_vulpes: lol createrawtransaction is pretty thorough for setting up a transaction. i don't think it broadcasts though, just outputs a hash and string
mod6: sendrawtransaction
thestringpuller: i see how it is mod6
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mod6: thestringpuller: there are a simple/complex example in here, although, not sure on the accuracy:
assbot: Developer Examples - Bitcoin ... ( )
assbot: Developer Examples - Bitcoin ... ( )
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thestringpuller: mod6: "I run the streets all day, I don't get no sleep."
mod6: nope!
[]bot: Bet placed: 1 BTC for No on "Billion dollar bet?" Odds: 11(Y):89(N) by coin, 15(Y):85(N) by weight. Total bet: 18.32065114 BTC. Current weight: 35,755.
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HeySteve: wishing you all the best for 2015
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thestringpuller: any love for ctags?
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jurov: qntra does not have extra section for its own monthly reports?
thestringpuller: goes on the frontpage usually
jurov: i'm interested in previous month, have to google it
thestringpuller: you can go to archives
thestringpuller: and it'll be the last article of each month
thestringpuller: (or at least toward the ends)
jurov: thestringpuller you obv did not do that :)
jurov: otherwise you'd know it's near start of next month
jurov: anyway, found it
jurov: PeterL: abut qntr shares see this:
assbot: Qntra (S.QNTR) November 2014 Statement | ... ( )
thestringpuller: haha. yea. i'm just a lowly qntra correspondent
jurov: and all others
jurov: will start doing any requests next day after tmrw, or when the shares come, whichever is later
thestringpuller imagines MP releasing shares inside his harem on some yacht somewhere.
jurov: iirc it was submarine,no?
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jurov: !t m f.mpif
assbot: Quest for vision is a great blessing.
jurov: i have it too easy
jurov: !mpif
assbot: F.MPIF Tracker estimated NAV per share: 0.00021461 B (Total: 469.31 B). Delta: 0.11 B. Last trade for F.MPIF on MPEX was at 0.000195 BTC [-]
mod6: ;;bc,stats
gribble: Current Blocks: 337146 | Current Difficulty: 4.064095501657649E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 338687 | Next Difficulty In: 1541 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 1 week, 2 days, 5 hours, 27 minutes, and 39 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 45502189987.1 | Estimated Percent Change: 11.96142
thestringpuller: turn da rigs back on
thestringpuller: hash it up
danielpbarron: 21-year old Oscar Otero Aguilar lost his life when he tried to take a selfie with a gun for his Facebook page in July of 2014. The Mexican gun enthusiast accidentally shot himself in the head and didn't survive.
assbot: ... ( )
assbot: ... ( )
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assbot: ... ( )
jurov: ^ cazalla the bitcoin foundation and f.mpif statements. i'll make blogposts from them later
jurov: i should prolly make an overview who paid the tax, but such bureaucratic overhead would cause them to rise :DDD
thestringpuller: is anyone paying the tax?
thestringpuller: i've kept an eye on the depository but can't distinguish tax vs donations
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jurov: iirc mpoe and bitbet did
thestringpuller: gotcha
thestringpuller: i hope MP includes it in future statements
jurov: well.. it is already these 2 months
thestringpuller: ah
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jurov looks at thestringpuller sternly
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kakobrekla: !up null123
HeySteve: just found a holiday project
assbot: Modified Ogre Catapult ... ( )
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ben_vulpes: jurov: thanks!
ben_vulpes: fwiw, i don't see any need for tracking donors. anonymous charity is best charity.
ben_vulpes: (but also many thanks to our supporters :))
mod6: indeed. :]
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scoopbot: New post on The Whet by han@thewhet:
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cazalla: thestringpuller: is anyone paying the tax? <<< qntra yet to turn a profit, i'm yet to sell any shares so i don't believe i owe any, no gains from anything else to speak of
thestringpuller: Should just be BitBet and MPOE
thestringpuller: ;;seen nubbins`
gribble: nubbins` was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 3 weeks, 1 day, 1 hour, 48 minutes, and 38 seconds ago: * nubbins` scampers
thestringpuller: oh damn nubbins` has vanished too :(
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scoopbot: New post on by Bingo Boingo:
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mircea_popescu: ahh, happy new year everyone!
mircea_popescu: and now, to the log!
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mod6: wb mircea_popescu
mircea_popescu: how goes mod6 !
mod6: it goes! been busy. :)
mod6: foundation got a lot accomplished in December, but still have at least one defect to eradicate.
mod6: hopefully, won't be too bad.
mircea_popescu: :D
mod6: how was time afk?
mircea_popescu: actually... ok at first, but it wears thin pretty fast.
assbot: Your Friendly North Korean Network Observer by nknetobserver ... ( )
mircea_popescu: i ended up fucking reading, which is roughly the equivalent of a gamer that ends up firing his nintendo gameboy because fuck this "real world" shit.
thestringpuller: huh?
mod6: heheh i hear ya
thestringpuller: game gear is where its at
mircea_popescu: low tech b-a, on dead trees. because the dirty little secret nobody wants to admit is that people sorted by geographical proximity yields an incredibly limited and ultimately boring set.
thestringpuller: you nintendo fanboiz pffft
mircea_popescu: that's why we don't fucking talk to people on the bus, in the train, at the bank. because outside the novelty of it, it's so god damned boring.
mircea_popescu: thestringpuller nono it was just an example.
thestringpuller: srsly tho, how can b-a be as boring as florida?
mircea_popescu: uh ?
cazalla: thestringpuller, game gear + tv = blown away back in the day
mircea_popescu: !s sporadic
assbot: 13 results for 'sporadic' :
mircea_popescu: look at that, like two weeks. wonder how long this'll take.
thestringpuller: cazalla: yah i think it did for all da kidz
mircea_popescu: << here's what blacklists are : some inept "Architect" designed a house that doesn't stand up, so some of the construction crew are left behind supporting walls and whatnot with their backs.
assbot: Logged on 16-12-2014 19:11:15; jurov: prolly not many
mircea_popescu: how long can this last ? and why would anyone do that instead of you know, architecture school ?
thestringpuller: because architecture school is hard
thestringpuller: you have to do maffs and stuff
mircea_popescu: "the cock is hard" is no excuse.
mircea_popescu: if it weren't hard then yeah, one'd be excused.
mircea_popescu: but when teh cock is hard, there's work to be immediately done.
thestringpuller: funny, the PE requirement really do force out the n00bs, at least in this state
assbot: [MPEX] [FT] [X.EUR] 321 @ 0.00383342 = 1.2305 BTC [-] {4}
mircea_popescu: whoa this Luke-Jr getting murdered thing... apparently b-a does a perfectly fine job of rendering derps with or without mp.
mircea_popescu: encouraging.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 31663 @ 0.00061415 = 19.4458 BTC [-] {3}
mircea_popescu: "mats: but yes. be less poor." is this in the bash even ?
mircea_popescu: danielpbarron: this "spam on the blockchain" is only a thing because blocks go unfilled for the most part << exactly.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AMHASH1] 8374 @ 0.00085687 = 7.1754 BTC [-] {10}
mircea_popescu: Luke-Jr: Adlai: I favour absolute monarchy and small government. <<< afaik that's pretty much ... the majority view here ?
mircea_popescu: "Adlai: what criterea would you expect a monarch to use when picking a successor?" <<< welcome to the "none of your business, pleb" side of the monarchy stick. why would you expect you're qualified to discuss that ?
mircea_popescu: anyway, there's no "bootstrapping" a monarchy just like there's no training a virgin. a monarchy exists because it exists, if it does. that's all it can do.
mircea_popescu: Adlai: the question still stands. how does humanity pick a monarch, or conclude that a currently serving (because it's both a privilege and a duty) monarch is incompetent << humanity does not pick a monarch. and a monarch is not serving, the humanity is serving. if it doesn't [do a good job] of serving, or if it's not lucky to get stuck with a good monarch, it will diminish and eventually extinguish. while both of thes
mircea_popescu: e are essential matters for its future, only serving is much in its control, and even then, rather vaguely.
mircea_popescu: !up GuyJean
ben_vulpes: hola mircea_popescu
mircea_popescu: Vexual: Luke-Jr: Is it the current one that really annoyed you? << im pretty sure he held the same opinion at the time of jp2. since then there's been one who... abdicated ?!?! (i didn't know they could do that) and all sorts of innovative bs. i can readily see his argument, in that the papacy since perhaps Pacelli has little to do with what is preserved in the literary record of the renaissance and a lot more to do wi
mircea_popescu: th its historical roots during the french years.
mircea_popescu: hey ben_vulpes !
mircea_popescu: Adlai: kakobrekla: i don't think i've been politically correct or pretending. in case there's any doubt, i also think that there's some level of delusion involved... but i also value conversation over insult <<< how do you distinguish ? "insult" is a subjective construction, like love. it has nothing to do with phenomenology.
mircea_popescu: "Luke-Jr: adlai: Catholicism has always made a big deal of any attempts to change doctrine; one couldn't do that unnoticed" << now s/catholicism/bitcoin/ and pray. i know ben_vulpes is at times worried on the score.
ben_vulpes: block scarcity must be preserved!
mircea_popescu: *: Luke-Jr wonders what kind of former Gentoo dev hates USE flags <<< always fascinating just how facetious this dude gets. i wonder if they have like, a special school in Stupid Kingdom or it just somehow naturally occurs. like radon pouches.
mircea_popescu: fluffypony: Catholicism is a snare and a racket. If you're going to have belief in a higher power, at least choose a religion that isn't controlled by a central body with billions of USD at stake. << "if you are going to use shitty software, at least use some fly by night operator rather than microsoft" ? not logical, this. obviously you want the biggest, richest one there is.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: Luke-Jr: 'spam' debate aside - how do you intend to filter the dice txes when the dicemeisters let go of the idiocy of reusing addrs ? <<< why idiocy ?
mircea_popescu: fluffypony: it must suck to be universally accepted as mind-numbingly stupid and yet not have the intelligence to be introspective enough to see it within yourself and change for the better << guy's wilful. intelligence can do relatively little, and it generally manifests in people who don't have much will to speak of.
mircea_popescu: "Where do anti-good ideas come from? They come from misguided attempts to do the impossible" quite.
gernika: hello from buenos aires
mircea_popescu: o hey there. how you liking it ?
gernika: loving it
gernika: beautiful city
mircea_popescu: mhm
mircea_popescu: didja score any local tail ?
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22000 @ 0.00059782 = 13.152 BTC [-]
gernika: no. my wife would not approve of that
mircea_popescu: oh :p
mircea_popescu: Over the course of my career, I've noticed that dramatically fewer of the "early adopters" build successful, secure, mission-critical systems.
mircea_popescu: i've noticed trhe same. in fact, on a broad look, i fail to think of any particular field in which early adopters are top performers. not even idle chit-chat, where they should be supported by their endless stream of novelties.
mircea_popescu: they don't; get better sex, they don't drive better cars, live in more comfortable houses or enjoy happier lives.
mircea_popescu: in fact, "early adopter" will probably go the way of nigger : from a statement of fact to a slur.
gernika: even early adopters of bitcoin?
mircea_popescu: anyway, this ranum thing is pretty great : it even cites feynman
assbot: The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security ... ( )
mircea_popescu: gernika they're all bankrupt. look at the people who adopted before me, see who's still moving.
gernika: mircea_popescu: ok so early adoption stopped in 2010?
mircea_popescu: mid 2011 actually ?
mircea_popescu: obviously everything's going to become "Early" as time goes by, but you gotta draw a line somewhere.
ben_vulpes: sub dollar.
ben_vulpes: sub ten dollars.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 19734 @ 0.00061302 = 12.0973 BTC [+] {2}
ben_vulpes: sub hundred.
ben_vulpes: etc.
gernika: early adopters are a strange sort
mircea_popescu: yes. like lunatics.
mircea_popescu: !up badon
gernika: self sacrificial almost
badon: thanks mircea_popescu
mircea_popescu: how's the pm racket
gernika: mircea_popescu: i do notice a sigificant police presence here.
mircea_popescu: where ?
mircea_popescu: oh in ba ? maybe they've got a game or something.
gernika: mircea_popescu: palermo
gernika: no sign of crime though except bars on everything
mircea_popescu: Number of visits: 141,392 - Average: 141 s.
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 141392*141 / 3600
gribble: 5537.85333333
mircea_popescu: gernika i wouldn't be too worried, argentine policemen are harmless.
mircea_popescu: mats: i apologize for making this a topic of discussion <<< it was kinda lulzy.
mircea_popescu: adlai: in the case of multiple business addresses, it's easy, but in the case of the business using a single address, you can still see which input from the customer transactions was used <<< but it's meaninless.
kakobrekla: >Fuck, the NEWSBTC site said people who are “against paycoin” are “cryptoextremists”.
kakobrekla: lulz
cazalla: yeah, that site was sold in november because the guy running couldn't keep up the pace of coindesk seeing they're funded by gaw adverts and newsbtc was not at that time
cazalla: i was going to write up a big time line of past 2 days events with this gaw garza shit but i'm quite over it all
cazalla: 38c, windy as fuck, watermelon vine taking a beating :\
mircea_popescu: o hai kako
kakobrekla: heya
mircea_popescu: cazalla as a general rule, the two bullet approach is probably best. (news outlet can write on any matter at most twice)
mircea_popescu: mike_c: i hear bitcoins in argentina are dirt cheap too <<< nah, they just don't really exist. yet.
mircea_popescu: kakobrekla: i dont leave the house if i dont have to. << this can turn into a debilitating issue you know.
cazalla: mircea_popescu, yeah, i'll leave the mac 10 spray it everywhere and hope it hits to someone else
mircea_popescu: :p
cazalla: damn, so many fires
assbot: ... ( )
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mircea_popescu: mats: looks like an oversized nintendo ds << irlol
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: 'can't delete avahi-0.6.31p10 without deleting cups-libs-1.6.3p0 gtk+2-2.24.20p1 gvfs-1.16.3' << brain damage beyond belief <<< "can't delete usg without deleting roads and the sky above".
mircea_popescu: the exact sort of interested stupidity the gnomes like to peddle.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: just as the cattle rancher. he will be zapped, when the story is sufficiently forgotten and no longer media-enabled << "we never forget. expect us."
mircea_popescu: the media is not the point here.
mircea_popescu: gabriel_laddel: BingoBoingo: dosen't matter really. have you met any American cattle? when the country fails they'll find themselves rejected everywhere / killed outright. << the younger females will still be usable.
mircea_popescu: which really is the best outcome of a failed civilisation anyway.
mircea_popescu: PeterL: so to become king, you just have to outlive all the other leaders << this is a good half of what the catholics used to do too.
mircea_popescu: punkman hey, deeds ?!
mircea_popescu: what the hell's going on with that thing, what has it been, a straight month /
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: gabriel_laddel: the very reason why it is still trivial to leave usa is the lack of an obvious destination. << this is not much unlike proposing that the reason the gun's not fired is "because the bullet has nowhere to go".
mircea_popescu: when it fires, it fires. it'll go wherever it goes.
decimation: << happy public domain day, the day that nearly nothing enters the public domain (under us law)
assbot: Public Domain Day ... ( )
mircea_popescu: heh.
decimation: the 'window' for new copyright expiration will open in 2019 I think (right now, frozen at works copyright 1923 and earlier)
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: i'm a... sorta what naggum was. <<< ulcerous misanthrope ?
decimation: someone should start a bitbet that disney will get congress to save mickey mouse again
mircea_popescu: decimation i dunno, seems to me all sorts of bathroom pics as well as sony's latest crud got public domaine'd just fine
mircea_popescu: (and yes they're about same-value items)
decimation: well, of course. that's why they fear old works going into public domain - they are well aware that old works are generally superior in nearly all aspects
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo: gabriel_laddel: If USia disappears Israel probably becomes untenable as a state <<< i have my doubts. for all their noise, the palestinians do not seem genuinely interested in running a state.
mircea_popescu: taking old western women for all the charity they're worth, sure. actually working ? meh.
mircea_popescu: they're like greeks, except on the other side of the same old sea.
decimation: they have an interest in running a mafia it seems
mircea_popescu: that's always fun.
decimation: or at least, a semi-criminal organization
mircea_popescu: PeterL: If US disappears, then many of the other US allies will be having problems, so will be unable to help Isreal << fwiw i suspek the us is on the balance of things more of a problem than a solution.
mircea_popescu: so yeah the allies will ahve some new problems. easier to solve than their current problems that alliance is causing.
decimation: yeah I suspect Israel would be able to figure its shit out with out the us just fine
mircea_popescu: if there's no longer a "public opinion" in the sense that term has been abused by usian know-nothing all-one aunt pollies, all sorts of anal child behaviour will necessarily go away.
mircea_popescu: there's not large groups of unemployed but healthy youths swarming around crossroads glaring at passengers in places that arent usistans.
mircea_popescu: random example : somehow the black community in buenos aires - which is ACTUALLY being oppressed into the dirt - is neither hostile nor in any case fearsome to anyone.
mircea_popescu: somehow they can go about peacefully earning their existence.
decimation: I suspect that all the Palestinians who have more ambition than scamming old women or stealing 'aid' money have already left the place anyway
mircea_popescu: so no, it's not "genetic", and pointedly no, the statal measures intended to help do not in fact help, they massively hinder.
mircea_popescu: decimation wouldn't you ?
decimation: absolutely
mircea_popescu: right.
mircea_popescu: gabriel_laddel: cazalla: consider this a request for a qntra article entitled <<< what makes you thik he'd be in a position to write it ? guy never left australia.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AMHASH1] 1568 @ 0.00089999 = 1.4112 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: for instance, afaik, white man anywhere in east asia is either a miserable wretch, a hermit, or largely confined to an enclave of his own kind. <<< from what i hear it's mostly "just grab any girl and fuck her, ask later".
mircea_popescu: i guess it depends on the sample.
mircea_popescu: gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform: absolutely correct. should be something more along the lines of "unemployment rate for skilled programmers". <<< programmers who depend on some sort of regionalized unemployment rate can't possibly be all that skilled.
mircea_popescu: and god help me this log is tough... barely on the 17th ?!
decimation: it gets much thinner later
mircea_popescu: that's a releif.
mircea_popescu: gabriel_laddel: wtf is even being discussed. <<< nerds doing metaphores. it's a sight.
TomServo: calc
TomServo derps.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: i don't own any bitcoin assets, incidentally. << you're on the public record owning a majority of s.nsa lol.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: gabriel_laddel: iirc, that was mircea_popescu describing the virtues of working on inventions in a yurt <<< iirc that was mostly a joke built on the probleblems of garbage collecting.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: PeterL: i do in theory, but it doesn't work yet <<< an asset is not predicated on whether it works or not lol. whether you own the house and whether anyone's paying you rent for it so far are different matters.
mircea_popescu: holy shit Luke-Jr raises kids and plans to buy sheep, has no clue about anthrax before reading up on b-a ?
mircea_popescu: !up AdrianoOliveira
mircea_popescu: these logs are like better than average.
AdrianoOliveira: thanks!
mircea_popescu: sure.
mircea_popescu: kakobrekla: he is just caught in a local pain minimum. <<< kako is like our blind slovenly prophet. he knows teh truths!
assbot: The Most Dangerous People on the Internet Right Now | WIRED ... ( )
mircea_popescu: mats: no buttcoin option <<< considering what they want to do is "continue development" i'd much rather they never got a dime anyway.
BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> holy shit Luke-Jr raises kids and plans to buy sheep, has no clue about anthrax before reading up on b-a ? << Why so surprised?
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo at some point you run up against the inevitable "how did this guy make it so far"
mircea_popescu: i suppose that's the best proof he's entirely correct on his religious observances. his continued existence -> best miracle yet.
BingoBoingo: Sheer inertia of luck
mircea_popescu: which is exactly the proper context to link ...
assbot: Assorted Fruits of Wrath ... ( )
assbot: Geewoks ... ( )
mike_c: you're on the public record owning a majority of s.nsa lol. << he actually doesn't own any
mike_c: lots of options though
mircea_popescu: i think that qualifies.
mircea_popescu: otherwise if you could skirt reporting by structuring instruments nobody'd own anything anymore.
assbot: Last 4 lines bashed and pending review. ( )
BingoBoingo: !b 4
mircea_popescu: << this one rocks actually.
assbot: Semi-Final ... ( )
mircea_popescu: ahahaha jesus she's been on a roll
assbot: Hot Buttons ... ( )
decimation: yeah that last one was pretty good
decimation: "you can't just curse a district to democracy" lol
mircea_popescu: nono, it's "you can't just A then B"
mircea_popescu: << o look, the world outside is starting to figure out reddit is made by the retarded, for the retarded, and everything it touches smells ?
assbot: ChangeTip Must Die ... ( )
mircea_popescu: iiiincredible.
thestringpuller: yea it's a good article
decimation: !up ascii_modem
decimation: lol ascii are you logging in from the arctic
ascii_modem: nah just from not home.
ascii_modem: turned this thing on just to put to record the vomitory power of the 'changetip' piece
mircea_popescu: aha ?
ascii_modem: subject & critique both
ascii_modem: 'brigaded a nobel laureate' ahaha
mircea_popescu: "First of all, every time I strike up a random conversation with a stranger, I discover that they have already heard about Bitcoin. Every. Single. Time."
mircea_popescu: this is my experience too. then again, it has been, for a while.
ascii_modem: 'academics fixed flaws in protocol'
decimation: yeah I find that to mostly be the case, except all the know is that mt gox got hacked
mircea_popescu: "We need to work as a community to buy advertising like normal people, and perhaps work on our collective image."
mircea_popescu: lmao.
mircea_popescu: who is this idiot.
mircea_popescu: decimation this is also true, but adding a "they donate grains of sand" isn't much of an addition.
decimation: no that's fucktarded
mircea_popescu: After years of acting like enfants terribles, perpetrating a prosecution complex, fearmongering about an inflationary collapse that refuses to happen, veering into antisemitic rants about Jewish bankers, blaming Mt. Gox victims, brigading a Nobel laureate, badmouthing core developers, attacking researchers including yours truly (for finding and even fixing a flaw, and making predictions that were later borne out; you k
mircea_popescu: now, things that were actually good for Bitcoin),
mircea_popescu: again, who is this derp ?
decimation: bitcoin is for entities to move money, not for the little people to pay hobos
mircea_popescu: somehow when i say "Gün Sirer" no "flaw that was fixed" pops intoi memory.
mircea_popescu: lol and of course disqus comments.
mircea_popescu: anyway. "clean up the act" = no more tim sweneys and other gun sirers, plox.
ascii_modem: meat - is for flies, by god. ask any fly
mircea_popescu: meanwhile, intel has the "flaw" in question. from the selfsource :
assbot: Bitcoin Is Broken ... ( )
mircea_popescu: "Bitcoin is broken. And not just superficially so, but fundamentally, at the core protocol level. We're not talking about a simple buffer overflow here, or even a badly designed API that can be easily patched; instead, the problem is intrinsic to the entire way Bitcoin works. All other cryptocurrencies and schemes based on the same Bitcoin idea, including Litecoin, Namecoin, and any of the other few dozen Bitcoin-inspi
mircea_popescu: red currencies, are broken as well."
decimation: "Some people seem to believe that microtipping can bring about the end of advertising. This doesn't quite make sense, because microtip systems like ChangeTip cut out the platform operator: a user directly transfers a tiny amount to another user, leaving out the platform (e.g. Reddit, Twitter, etc)."
decimation: lol
mircea_popescu: basically, they dressed up the ancient block withholding attack, a fully documented andf fully fixed problem cca 2012
ascii_modem: if i had a satoshi for every academtard who went 'this thing diesn't implement lamport's byzantine consensus...'
mircea_popescu: typical us-style academic, dress up something commonly known in the trade for a grant, act as if he's done science.
ascii_modem: naggum's 'library of cheap books'
decimation: oh no, imagine a world where twitter and reddit were cut out of business! inconceivable!!
mircea_popescu: advertising is a dead thing anyway. the cattle processors don't need to advertise to the cattle, the rest of the world doesn't want the cattle.
decimation: yeah. the future is content for the minority willing to pay; porn for the masses
mircea_popescu: isuppose either of these could be rechristened "advertising"
mircea_popescu: but in point of fact it'd have as much truck with that concept as the present day us has with a constitutional republic.
kakobrekla: ;;seen ukyo
gribble: ukyo was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 39 weeks, 1 day, 2 hours, 37 minutes, and 17 seconds ago: <Ukyo> mgio_: ping
kakobrekla: ;;seen ukto
gribble: ukto was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 1 year, 6 weeks, 0 days, 5 hours, 59 minutes, and 33 seconds ago: <Ukto> I dont want to work on anything other than weexchange heh
mircea_popescu: wait, asciilifeform wasn't even on a cloaked connection ? what, the haxxor gave up and went away ?
mircea_popescu: fucking unreliable haters.
assbot: Logged on 19-12-2014 19:38:15; kakobrekla: btw ddos is gone (temporarily?)
mircea_popescu: aha.
mircea_popescu: in memory of that great joke,
mircea_popescu: !s beer cunt
assbot: 1 results for 'beer cunt' :
mircea_popescu: "16-11-2014 bitbethelp: so, cazalla, what's your plan on running qntra when it's going to be down 7x24 if it gets any sort of traction?"
mircea_popescu: then guy's never heard from again. because yes, totally. that's what permanence means, two weeks' worth of three hourlong intervals.
undata: I've been uncloaked thanks to freenode derpitude several times, never ddosed
decimation: hey, he exposed your fucktarded routing for free!
mircea_popescu: Bloke sitting at the bar when a woman comes in and sits on the stool next to him, he buys her a drink and asks her name. "Carmen" she says "Because I like Cars and Men, whats your name?" "Charlie Beer-Cunt"
decimation: heh
decimation: actually your servers became stronger when faced with adversity from the spammer
decimation: thus, some degree of anti-fragility. but it wasn't in the software, or the networking - it was in the people running things
mircea_popescu: well for one thing it bestowed upon me a huge list of wordpress blogs which can be used to leverage a packet stream about 1mn x and automattic does not want to fix.
mircea_popescu: for another thing it gave me an elephant rifle to shoot at some dreamhost employe derp
mircea_popescu: and in general... lemons an' melons.
decimation: yeah exactly. it was an interesting thing to watch unfold
cazalla: lulz
assbot: theymos comments on What happened to this subforum? All posts about some shitty altcoin? Moderators on strike? WTF? ... ( )
mircea_popescu: imagine this, by the way : after three months of the practical equivalent of going to people's houses and leaving them a post-it note, the fix rate is under 1%.
mircea_popescu: well under 1%.
mircea_popescu: i think the derps who imagine their publishing of threat advisories and so forth actually does anything are off their rocker.
decimation: it's worse then that - that n00b escalated to the designer of wordpress and was shot down
mircea_popescu: the entire "security holes are in there deliberately" dirty secret is getting more and more air.
mircea_popescu: thanks the bitcoin.
decimation: I suspect he didn't want to bother writing the code required to intelligently filter pingbacks
mircea_popescu: nope.
decimation: why not let the little people suffer when you can rake in the $$$ and push the costs onto others
mircea_popescu: i suspect they literally are under orders to maintain a certain structure on the webs. one where the middle class so to speak can at any time be ganked by "nefarious", "mysterious" entitites that are not either.
mircea_popescu: basically the usg is trying (through its "vc" agency) to run the web exactly the way it's running the country : use the poor to scare the productive.
mircea_popescu: !up gabriel_laddel
mircea_popescu: !up soypirate
mircea_popescu: and it'd work just fine, too, if it weren't for btc. this construction where someone could be a secure billionaire and not part of the usg club simply wasn't being planned for.
decimation: no, that's pretty much the glue that holds usg together (quashing folks before they pose a threat)
mircea_popescu: it's all such retarded virginal bullshit, too. why shouldn't folks pose a fucking threat!
mircea_popescu: "o noes, what could happen". sigh.
decimation: this guy wrote another paul graham rebuttal >>
assbot: Chris Pepper's Resume ... ( )
assbot: Paul Graham Appears Confused about Supply and Demand, Labor and Visas, and “Great Programmers” — Medium ... ( )
mircea_popescu: cliffnotes ?
mircea_popescu: "In particular, if IRET executes on a writeable kernel stack (this was always the case before 3.16 and is sometimes the case on 3.16 and newer), the assembly function general_protection will execute with the user's gsbase and the kernel's gsbase swapped."
mircea_popescu: bwahahaha o god.
decimation: "But be honest. H-1B visa demand is not high because companies are striving for excellence. The visas are being used to preserve the existing labor market (salary levels) rather than paying higher salaries as dictated by supply and demand. Paul’s suggestion would help US companies find employees, but drain brainpower from the rest of the world, and leave the US workforce uncompetitive for US jobs. "
mircea_popescu: ...
[]bot: Bet created: "BTC price to rise above 1oz of gold in 2015"
mircea_popescu: so the author is struggling with brain damage.
decimation: which is pretty much what ascii was saying (paul graham wants cheap coolies)
mircea_popescu: how is that not striving for excellence ?
mircea_popescu: i mean, yes, it's what stan & everyone sane's been saying about it, but dressed up in a clown costume for some reason.
[]bot: Bet created: "Bitcoin main net block size to increase in 2015"
mircea_popescu: "The Centralized Zone Data System (
mircea_popescu: The attacker obtained administrative access to all files in the CZDS. This included copies of the zone files in the system, as well as information entered by users such as name, postal address, email address, fax and telephone numbers, username, and password. Although the passwords were stored as salted cryptographic hashes, we have deactivated all CZDS passwords as a precaution. "
mircea_popescu: im taking bets the thing was md5.
gabriel_laddel: mircea_popescu: what makes you thik he'd be in a position to write it ? guy never left australia. << He (or another) can supply the aforementioned article without getting up from their chair all that often. I'm just looking for some basic/tedious research - not boots on the ground scouting (though I am not opposed to this).
mircea_popescu: "For additional information about the attack, please monitor the ICANN website." "we're still not using gpg tho, so you'll never know."
decimation: well, they have an unsigned webpage
decimation: like the toilet stall in the truck stop
mircea_popescu: gabriel_laddel i get it i get it, my point was more along the lines of, nobody can really do this for you, as a "consumer" sort of thing.
mircea_popescu: it';s not really a pret-a-porter sort of job.
mircea_popescu: decimation point being, if we monitor "the site" and something appears there, all we know is that either the attacker put it up or icann did, and it's either true or false.
mircea_popescu: which... i'd rather monitor definite things.
adlai: now we're fucking talking
assbot: BitBet - Bitcoin main net block size to increase in 2015 :: 0 B (50%) on Yes, 0 B (50%) on No | closing in 10 months 2 weeks | weight: 100`000 (100`000 to 1) ... ( )
mircea_popescu: heh that's not happening.
adlai: easy money if you fall over sue the government?
mircea_popescu: wait wut ?
decimation: while asciilifeform reinvents data transport, he ought to consider reinventing dns
mircea_popescu: dns needs to go die in a fire.
mircea_popescu: if anyone wants prettified shorthand for resource locators, let him write his own symlinks.
adlai was pretty pleased about the changetip bitbet
gabriel_laddel: mircea_popescu: programmers who depend on some sort of regionalized unemployment rate can't possibly be all that skilled. << this is true, however if an economy thinks itself of being in dire need of programmers anyone with a brain can fly blind into the country and remain relatively assured of their future prosperity without having to put too much thought into it. This is going to go away at some point in the futur
gabriel_laddel: e, but for now...
mircea_popescu: if all the idiotic websites could not in fact control their own domain name, imagine all the chilling effect on the idiocy of "branding" and generally the stupid internet.
mircea_popescu: gabriel_laddel my point was more along the lines of, unless you actually work in hardware maintenance, you are connecting to your job over the internet anyway.
adlai: all the internet branding will rely on middlemen, until your audience learns pgp
mircea_popescu: if you're hired for chair warming rather than sshing you are really not much better than the pr chicks.
gabriel_laddel: mircea_popescu: also, thanks for upping me. my keys got destroyed in a botched backup and I don't know if I'll be able to recover them. until I sink some time into that task - no L2.
mircea_popescu: o.O
[]bot: Bet created: "JPY to top 140 per USD in 2015"
mircea_popescu: im sending sexy_saffron over to your house to whip you.
decimation: no she's too busy whining about b-a on tard's news
gabriel_laddel: r.e., chair warming, there is such a thing as interpersonal chemistry.
mircea_popescu: decimation nah it was proven that wasn't her.
gabriel_laddel: sometimes it's nice to interface with people - mostly - no.
mircea_popescu: your hunch was correct.
decimation: yeah I'm being silly, hopefully mr. spam learned his lesson
mircea_popescu: undata: what is this doublespeak where they 'stand by their filmmakers' while scrapping the film? << business as usual ?
undata: yep, and they caved yet again to 'bama and released the thing
undata: the film's probably garbage either way
decimation: yeah in retrospect the whole sony thing was a crass marketing ploy with usg cooperation
undata: how does a language retain its meaning?
gabriel_laddel: again, r.e., chair warming. Maybe I'm the odd one out here, but I've had the distinct pleasure of interacting with people who I enjoy seeing on somewhat regular basis.
undata: I wonder too if the degradation of the language isn't a major factor in the decline of a civilization.
BingoBoingo: <undata> the film's probably garbage either way << Actually not bad. It's a typical Seth Rogen movie. People who like that sort of flick will enjoy it, other people won't.
decimation: Thomas Cole painted the decline of empire >
assbot: The Course of Empire « Isegoria ... ( )
gabriel_laddel: <mircea_popescu> gabriel_laddel i get it i get it, my point was more along the lines of, nobody can really do this for you, as a "consumer" sort of thing. << So you do all your research by hand? Also, do you have a rotating 3D globe on your computer that allows you to highlight/heatmap known uranium deposits, nuclear reactors, oil reserves, population stats etc.?
mircea_popescu: undata yeah i imagine it is.
mircea_popescu: gabriel_laddel but that is a wholy distinct matter from working and job discussions.
gabriel_laddel: mircea_popescu: please elaborate?
mircea_popescu: ok, let me summarize this so perhaps you see it for the transactional (psych term of art) pseudoreasoning i see there.
mircea_popescu: you establish that A is desirable. you then deny A on the grounds that B, which is unrelated.
mircea_popescu: when B is pointed out to be unrelated, you bring in the discussion C, which is not only unrelated to B, but also to A.
[]bot: Bet placed: 1 BTC for Yes on "JPY to top 140 per USD in 2015" Odds: 95(Y):5(N) by coin, 95(Y):5(N) by weight. Total bet: 1.1 BTC. Current weight: 99,998.
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mircea_popescu: !up gesella
mircea_popescu: on the structure of that, should C be pointed out to be unrelated the subject'd normally become aggressive.
gabriel_laddel: mircea_popescu: A = programmer unemployment rate, B = you do all your research by hand?, C = 3D earth populated with interesting information?
BingoBoingo: !up ascii_modem
mircea_popescu: nah. A = living in the us ; B = being employed at computerizing ; C = meeting people who fuck enjoyably.
decimation: !up gabriel_laddel
mircea_popescu: or whatever your definition of "enjoy personal interaction is", i suppose the discussion as to how all that = fucking is too much to meld in here.
ascii_modem: lol programmer unwhateverthefuck rates
gabriel_laddel: mircea_popescu: thanks for explaining. This aside I must admit I'm interested in knowing if you've got the 3D earth populated with all sorts of interesting information.
mircea_popescu: sort-of
decimation: who doesn't derp with google earth?
mircea_popescu: actually i don't use it.
mircea_popescu: (why would i give google info ?! not like they're pickig up my intel bills ?!)
gabriel_laddel: decimation: you can't mod google earth, can you?
decimation: sort-of
decimation: you can load custom kml files to plot various things
decimation: they charge a shitload of $$$ to actually use their 'pro' tools
ascii_modem: from i learned the one solitary fact that the yard i played in as a boy is now a parking lot. boo/hiss.
decimation: I think 'high-end gis' types typically use arcgis tools
mircea_popescu: ascii_modem this seems altogether a common experience.
decimation: I think NASA even made a google-earth knockoff called "world wind" that you can use 'off-line'
mircea_popescu: whenever girlie takes me on a virtual trip of her childhood space, it's usually "o shit, a parking lot ?!"
decimation: cars gotta park, need garages, free highways
ascii_modem: it parks six rattling toyotas , too. when i was there i would have sworn it would land a bomber.
mircea_popescu: ^
decimation: the median us resident without a car is pretty much just a hobo
mircea_popescu: it's not like the us can actually compare with i dunno, the russians on car pools.
ascii_modem: was small. world - big
mircea_popescu: they generally drive cheap crap.
gabriel_laddel: mircea_popescu: do you depend on opengl, use 2d, directx, proprietary graphics library written in assembler...?
mircea_popescu: gabriel_laddel i am fortunate to not be much of a visual thinker.
mircea_popescu: i use stuff like grep.
scoopbot: New post on by cazalla:
decimation: tables & text > graphics
gabriel_laddel: mircea_popescu: I'm not a visual thinker either - at least, never have been described as such. That said, GUIS are nice in certain circumstances.
mircea_popescu: decimation not sure if really >, because i used to be total shit in geometry, all the chicks doing pretty much an impersonation of elaine with the tyres "saw" things that took me days. nevertheless, it DOES do a lot for reducing one's ability to... be scammed, i guess. slef scamming especially, where you end up making unfounded assumptions that arew predicated on whatever weird visual crap going on.
ascii_modem: tyres?
mircea_popescu: gabriel_laddel sure, but the gui of "google earth" is a needles contrivance.
mircea_popescu: lemme find it.
assbot: Elaine Benes Watching Tires Spin - YouTube ... ( )
decimation: I often find myself distracted by 'pretty graphics' rather than looking at the content
ascii_modem: don't confound 'graphics' with 'mouse gui'
ascii_modem: not automagically same
decimation: no, I'm writing about a presentation meant to communicate
decimation: there's a thing in academia/business where graphics (esp. on a powerpoint) are held as some kind of standard for communication
decimation: ed tufte made the point that baseball scores are a giant dense table, and are comprehensible by someone with a 4th grade education
mircea_popescu: so you know, put it on google maps, so you can drink the presumption that the us is a lot larger than canada while doing whatever else.
ascii_modem: visual scams << carnival / conjurer trickery ?
mircea_popescu: (and since we're doing this ; russia's almost larger than the sum of them. and this is without the rest of the "all-union" landmass)
mike_c: latitude is important though
mircea_popescu: ascii_modem just the very simple fact that if i say "a man" then that's that, whereas if you try to show "a man" you won't be able to. which is how most films are shittier than the books they're based on. the forced mistake of having to provide all the data visual requires to work.
mircea_popescu: mike_c for technologiclaly inferior tribes, yes, it is.
mike_c: hehe
ascii_modem: if big fat landmass could uproot, get up, walk over & sit on small landmass's face till its guts pop out - sure
mircea_popescu: in this sense, "having holly nearby" is important too
ascii_modem: but generally not how works
mircea_popescu: if you're a roman veteran about to get dismissed
mircea_popescu: ascii_modem except no "embargo" by the small against the large ever worked in fucking history.
ascii_modem: when 'large' is an abo reservation that can't even refine own molybdenum - works
assbot: Last 6 lines bashed and pending review. ( )
BingoBoingo: !b 6
mircea_popescu: this theory is always intellectually appealing, like the theory that you can get rich by cornering the market.
mircea_popescu: people occasionally get cocky enough to try. it never works out. the reasons it never works out aren't directly palatable, so the dream remains.
gabriel_laddel: ascii_modem: do you have any favorite organic chem programs or books you'd care to recommend?
ascii_modem: gabriel_laddel: for what?
mircea_popescu: Luke-Jr: BingoBoingo: tx fees != non-spam << o.O
mircea_popescu: dude how long did the luke wankfest carry on ? by now it's like one of those fabled 3 day weddings.
BingoBoingo: Well, it took... about 3 days
ascii_modem: gabriel_laddel: try chemgroup's 'MOE'
gabriel_laddel: ascii_modem: thanks. a concise phrasing for my project still hasn't come to mind....
decimation: !up gabriel_laddel
decimation: !up ascii_modem
ascii_modem: ty
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: who has 60 hour battery now ? << do a battery time / mips or flops thing to for fairness.
ascii_modem: wins still
ascii_modem: if this is re: old thread about hp lx - it had passive matrix unlit lcd
mircea_popescu: some reddit threrad you made me read.
ascii_modem: and nothing today - save wristwatch - has.
decimation: some calculators maybe
mircea_popescu: the lit lcd bs is absolutely insane. i use brighness at 1-2% on all these lcd things.
mircea_popescu: it'd be so much more helpful if they simply didn't backlight them with evil fucking uv diodes
ascii_modem: unlit != modern with light off
ascii_modem: need reflective backing . and must be monochrome
decimation: I recently found f.lux for macs and redshift for linux
mircea_popescu: ascii_modem doesn't have to be ancient tech!
ascii_modem: colour lcd absorbs far too much light to be reflectively lightable.
decimation: they both allow you to 'redshift' your screen to match the local night-time
mircea_popescu: but no, they can't light them on orange or something. gotta be that god awful pseudo-white
decimation: unfortunately they don't dim brightness
ascii_modem: also all extant dimmable backlights use pwm
ascii_modem: and i can see the chop.
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo: Obligatory slogan: "Come and get Tanked!" << better yet, "tank top off tuesday"
decimation: ascii_modem: even LED backlights?
ascii_modem: esp those
mircea_popescu: where chicks come with their tank tops to sit atop your tank's top and take their tops off
undata: ascii_modem: I spent a bit of time today researching e-ink displays
undata: not much to find
ascii_modem: worthless for interactive anything
undata: the vaguely defined dream would be to have something which functions as a terminal, nothing more
undata: I'm trying to code on a shit-tier lenovo "x1 carbon"
ascii_modem: even vt100 is a stretch for eink
undata: everything's broken
undata: trackpad stopped working, goes to sleep, fails to wake without disconnecting the battery, etc
ascii_modem: classic laptoppery
decimation: lenovo is supposedly better for that stuff
undata: neh, it's a lie
ascii_modem: was
undata: I believed "thinkpad"
undata: I had a pentium 3 thinkpad that was a tank compared
ascii_modem: also had. yes, worked.
ascii_modem: those days - long gone.

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