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verisimilitude: This JavaScript-pro hipster faggot is helping the cause you guys!
asciilifeform 100% in favour -- using shitware is its own punishment
mangol: asciilifeform: unless you're exhausted from yesterday's log, would be nice to hear your latest thinking on fits-in-head solutions vs big systems like CL and Ada. do you have an up to date blog post on the topic?
asciilifeform: mangol: much of asciilifeform's thinking re subj is readily found in the logs. will comment tho, that 'cl is obese' begins to seem like a rather dated ('90s) observation if stood next to current-day atrocities
asciilifeform: mangol: as for ada, asciilifeform uses a subset of the lang, compactly summarized in his ffa series, which imho fits in head rather well.
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-05-02 15:14:12 asciilifeform: verisimilitude: if you read asciilifeform's adaisms will find that asciilifeform's variant of 'move beyond' was rather 'in' than 'out'. i.e. 'the better ada is a strict subset of standard one'
shinohai wonders if asciilifeform cringes when people ask to be "pointed" to his Ada works ....
asciilifeform: mangol: speaking moar generally of fits-in-head -- a good % of asciilifeform et al's softs could be readily rewritten in a fits-in-head scripting lang if one were to be baked.
dulapbot: Logged on 2020-01-13 19:25:45 asciilifeform: re 'sh' etc : there's a dire lack of civilized scripting lang presently.
asciilifeform: ( see also e.g. thrd )
dulapbot: Logged on 2020-07-18 19:55:54 asciilifeform: trinque: since you mentioned script langs: considering, after ffa, to attempt a 'dethompsonizing' simple gc-less scheme in asm, in style of 'M' as a scripting lang. can't speak for erryone, but i've wanted a <32kB scripting lang that 'compiles with bare hands' for many yrs.
asciilifeform: << i've nfi how mangol found his way here, possibly wasn't via asciilifeform's www, so wainot point him.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-17 11:35:15 shinohai: wonders if asciilifeform cringes when people ask to be "pointed" to his Ada works ....
shinohai: But in ffa coad there are no pointers!
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-17 11:07:31 mangol: the module's bug tracker is a trash fire
asciilifeform wonders how many shitware libs need to be updated to 'rm -rf /' for folx to wake the fuck up
asciilifeform: recall recent case, where not ukrwank but maintainer simply 'tired of working for ms for phree' ?
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-01-09 18:08:08 verisimilitude: In brief, some JavaScript pro hipster dipshit is upset his code primarily useful to corporations is being used by them without any payment.
asciilifeform: << outta curiosity, mangol , how wouldja 'let go of the matter' if yer local stationary bandit were to take up sending you bills for $maxint ? (and if not paid -- and you won't, cuz you aint got $maxint -- with +interest)
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-16 19:27:57 mangol: << i got my info from the same comment as you, asciilifeform. did i misinterpret it? seems he was right to object to the tax, but couldn't let go of the matter
asciilifeform: iirc naggum found that the only way to make'em stop was to quit working entirely and become a registered pauper. eventually succumbed to some easily preventable malady, from this.
asciilifeform: ( who wants to wisecrack 'just fucking move' -- naggum moved, spent iirc 7+y in usa, ~went back~ to native shithole, could not endure usa )
asciilifeform: ( for ref: moar re naggum's tax )
shinohai: I made an ad for verisimilitude 's website, think it'll draw in the HN crowd?
asciilifeform can't be the only 1 who learned of the existence of these 'standard' icons from verisimilitude's thrd
shinohai: ^_____^
asciilifeform: or hm, maybe was actually shinohai who found'em
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-02-08 15:43:39 shinohai: Must suck to see hex in place of emojis of pregnant men.
shinohai: " .... giving birth to great content since xxxx"
jonsykkel: would insta clik that ad
verisimilitude: Oh, hello again, jonsykkel.
verisimilitude: Did we exhaust discussing ancient software, or not?
mangol: pregnant with diverse possibilities
jonsykkel: idk, u tell me
jonsykkel: tervetuloa mangol, tää on pastirol päivä
mangol: lol
mangol: you have been pastirolled
verisimilitude: I suppose I should release another article about my method, before we continue.
jonsykkel: go for it
verisimilitude: I've planned it for a while.
verisimilitude: I'm still ignorant of the details of ordinal and cardinal Latin numbers; I may split the article in twain because of this.
verisimilitude: Say, care for a hint about a related program I want to write within the year?
jonsykkel: sure
verisimilitude: I noticed the part of an Elision targeting Latin which is responsible for taking in character sequences and converting them to the Elision representation could be made into a Whitaker's Words program with very little extra effort, only the effort needed to hook up a component differently and to provide for specialized output of results.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-17 12:38:19 mangol: pregnant with diverse possibilities
jonsykkel: a bit outside my wheelhouse verisimilitude, not sure what a whitakers words is but make sure u hire shinohai and mangol for marketing ur new app, they got the talent
shinohai: top kek
mangol: <<< the word "talent" came from money
mangol: when "university" is divided in two, do you get "diversity"?
verisimilitude: No, ``biversity''.
mangol: that's the frathouse
mangol: bivalent bonding. double dative.
mangol: - what's your orientation? - am bivalent.
mangol: <<< via www. thanks for the extensive pointers! i do know about the ada series, but was asking about the philosophical aspect
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-17 11:37:50 asciilifeform: << i've nfi how mangol found his way here, possibly wasn't via asciilifeform's www, so wainot point him.
mangol: <<< i have some pointers and ideas for scripting lang, if you're happy with scheme-like
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-17 11:48:47 asciilifeform: thread iirc
mangol: most recenty, -- "A small and portable Scheme implementation with AOT and incremental compilers that fits in 4K. It supports closures, tail calls, first-class continuations and a REPL."
mangol: from Gambit Scheme's author
PeterL: expand AOT?
mangol: ahead-of-time compiler (as opposed to just-in-time aka JIT)
asciilifeform: mangol: loox like a translator ('supports the target languages C, JavaScript, Python and Scheme') rather than compiler. snoar.
asciilifeform: (or did i misread)
verisimilitude: Well, a translator is a compiler, but still.
asciilifeform: it dun target x86, loox like
shinohai has been toying with here and there ...
mangol: asciilifeform: you wanna pre-compile scripts to machine code?
asciilifeform: mangol: imho even a plain interpreter, so long as fits-in-head, would be useful
verisimilitude: This reminds me of something.
mangol: ribbit is an bytecode interpreter
asciilifeform: 'The Ribbit compiler is written in Scheme and can be executed with Gambit, Guile or Chicken' << it aint a standalone
mangol: code runs in a VM. the VM is just unusually puny and retargetable
asciilifeform: mangol: see e.g. this thrd re what asciilifeform wanted.
dulapbot: Logged on 2020-07-18 19:55:54 asciilifeform: trinque: since you mentioned script langs: considering, after ffa, to attempt a 'dethompsonizing' simple gc-less scheme in asm, in style of 'M' as a scripting lang. can't speak for erryone, but i've wanted a <32kB scripting lang that 'compiles with bare hands' for many yrs.
verisimilitude: The primary issue is Intel machine code sucks, so many decent tools are going to try to avoid it.
asciilifeform: mangol: what's imho needed is a fully 'autarkik' scripting lang, which sucks in 0 shitlibs and runs, like 'M', on any extant pc iron under all linuxen from past ~15y
asciilifeform: where e.g. 32kb of asm core, and the rest written in 'itself'
asciilifeform: i'm seeing a .c, that's quite enuff to know it aint it
verisimilitude: Thirty-two kibibytes is still huge.
asciilifeform: mangol: good % of the objective is to shed the gcc/toolchain dependency
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: quite. e.g. 'M' fit in <13 and emulates an entire machine arch
mangol: you could implement a vm directy in asm
asciilifeform: 32 is upper bound
asciilifeform: mangol: exactly what proposed
mangol: M is 13 K?
mangol: impressive
asciilifeform: and uses 0 libs, not even libc
mangol: thanks, will peruse
asciilifeform: mangol: orig. posts re subj.
mangol: yeah, just noticed!
asciilifeform: mangol: it was not a successful experiment in that the emulated machine runs (on 2010s 'opteron') at roughly '486 dx' speed
mangol: ok :D
asciilifeform: but demonstrates the style in which asciilifeform believes a 'bootstrap' oughta be written
asciilifeform: i.e. with 0 invocations of anyffin other than kernel abi (and even this could be substituted readily for raw machine i/o, turning the thing into a kernel if desired)
asciilifeform: requires no c compiler to build, and certainly no existing lisp
mangol: you probably know about
asciilifeform: does need an assembler, so imho 1st order of biz once 'm'-style interpreter exists would be to write asmer in it, so can asm self
asciilifeform: mangol: aware of various attempts, afaik all 'cheat' in some laughable way
mangol: "Stage0 starts with just a 280 byte Hex monitor"
asciilifeform: lol demands glibc
asciilifeform: this is exactly what asciilifeform means by 'cheats laughably'
asciilifeform: it's fucking insulting to one's intelligence to see '200 byte hex monitor' 'but also glibc, gcc, guile, but Doesn't Count Because Reasons'
verisimilitude: I prefer my method, which generates machine code and separate metadata; there's never any ``building''.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-17 13:51:05 asciilifeform: does need an assembler, so imho 1st order of biz once 'm'-style interpreter exists would be to write asmer in it, so can asm self
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: what's diff b/w 'generate machinecoad' and 'building' ?
verisimilitude: I'll rephrase.
verisimilitude: I prefer my method, in which the machine code is manipulated directly, and separate metadata is also produced.
verisimilitude: Press a key; give a register, say; and then see the direct machine code generated at the current address.
verisimilitude: An assembler can have one or multiple passes; the MMC has no passes.
mangol: not sure whether they've built anything up from there
asciilifeform: mangol: loox like simply bootloader, these are 'dime a dozen'
asciilifeform: (this 1 doesn't even init longmode.)
mangol: what's the missing piece?
asciilifeform: ~any hardware init whatsoever? lol
asciilifeform: ... or interrupt table; or i/o... x86 is a bitch
asciilifeform: behold, e.g. pci bus init on x64 pc. book-length horror.
asciilifeform: and if miss a step (not all of which documented) dead in the water
mangol: jesus
asciilifeform: if you want e.g. nic to work -- aint optional
mangol: IIRC ACPI is also mandatory, and everyone who returns from that quest seems scarred by the experience
asciilifeform: ( and this doesn't even touch on the black magick req'd to make ~any particular~ nic chipset go.. )
asciilifeform: mangol: on past ~10y of irons, can't get interrupts w/out initing acpi
mangol: ^ this kind of thing is why i gave up pursuing minimalism
mangol: like many things, it mainly has value to the extent that the rest of the world also pursues it
asciilifeform: mangol: is why need new irons
mangol: otherwise you'll just make a minimalist piece to put on a maximalist contraption, and the total system will be almost exactly as maximalist as before
asciilifeform: exactly
mangol: i moved from minimalism to standardization as a bedrock value
asciilifeform: the legacy tub o'shit largely prevents meaningful standardization
mangol: yep. to stay sane on PCs, you basically have to ignore hardware
mangol: just put *nix on it and say "everything below this level of abstraction is magic and none of my business"
mangol: build something that can be moved to simpler iron if/when such arrives
asciilifeform: ... until the unixism no longer boots
asciilifeform: on acct of the endless churn and spiralling complexity hell of chipset, nic, etc
mangol: yeah. i heard a rumor that the main reason vendors wanna keep firmware blobs binary-only is that if people saw the source, they'd lose confidence in the hardware
asciilifeform: this + moar or less overt intimidation from microshit et al
mangol: can imagine
mangol: my tentative OS plan is to take NetBSD (simplest ~comfortable Unix) and gradually replace pieces of it until the user-visible portion resembles a Lisp OS
mangol: a handful of people are working on more pure Lisp OS. if we standardize what a lisp OS "userland" should look like, i hope code can be shared
mangol: these are lispers we're talking about so convincing them to work together on anything is like pulling teeth, but i'm not easily deterred
mangol: the only viable plan to get a lisp OS going which can support applications in the next couple of years is basically to put SBCL on some kind of unix
mangol: you can get Maxima on it, and start working toward some kind of emacs. Nyxt may offer palatable webkit integration
signpost: mangol: this is more or less the tale of gabriel_laddel from the logs.
signpost: and his "masamune"
mangol: signpost: never heard. will check
asciilifeform: mangol: afaik absolutely nobody is working on a c-free bare-iron lisp atm
asciilifeform: << doomed to impedance mismatch and eternal dependence on ocean of c liquishit and its toolchain
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-17 14:26:58 mangol: my tentative OS plan is to take NetBSD (simplest ~comfortable Unix) and gradually replace pieces of it until the user-visible portion resembles a Lisp OS
asciilifeform: you can get exactly same result by simply booting an existing unixlike into e.g. sbcl.
asciilifeform: i.e. nuffin worth writing home about.
verisimilitude: The concept of ``userland'' is an abomination.
asciilifeform: the fundamental proble, mangol , is the ~iron~. e.g. valiant attempts at 'from 0 os' from 2010s no longer function on anyffin you can currently purchase. (or even good % of vintage irons from period) on acct of 'peripheral babel'
dulapbot: (trilema) 2016-09-17 asciilifeform: oh did i mention that i surveyed other folks' attempts, e.g.,
mangol: <<< Loko Scheme and Mezzano are both C-free AFAIK
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-17 14:36:18 asciilifeform: mangol: afaik absolutely nobody is working on a c-free bare-iron lisp atm
dulapbot: Logged on 2020-02-04 21:49:07 asciilifeform: shinohai: last looked in 2018. couldn't get it to run on any irons i had.
mangol: was just going to point out that c-free means driver-free
verisimilitude: ``I fully understand that removing contributions of such users like nikic will break php as a script, but I think that this is the only viablle way to protest against what Russia is doing; to show that Russian people are welcomed no more anywhere.''
asciilifeform: 'loko' docs : 'Loko Scheme needs an R6RS Scheme implementation for bootstrapping. It can currently be bootstrapped with Chez Scheme.'
asciilifeform: how's that 'c-free' ?!
verisimilitude: These are the same people who say they would've protested what was done to Jews in National Socialist Germany, yet they can be compelled to hate anyone by the TV.
shinohai: iirc I got mezzano running, albeit painfully slow and got bored with it.
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: difficult to object to this, asciilifeform a++ in favour of over9000x moar of this behaviour, what else could possibly stand a chance of curing ru, cn, et al from reich shitware
mangol: asciilifeform: after the initial bootstrap, think it can be bootstrapped using itself (as most scheme implementations are)
asciilifeform: mangol: is it unclear what asciilifeform means by 'c-free' ?
asciilifeform: if the thing needs gnumake, 'existing scheme', etc. even 'to bootstrap -- how the fuck is it 'c-free' ?
verisimilitude: It won't, asciilifeform; they'll just illegally share it.
mangol: a c-free bootstrap is a nice-to-have for these people, not a primary objective
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: well yes. using shitware per se needs to become over9000x moar painful. so from asciilifeform's pov a liquishit lib that suddenly 'rm -rf /' is a win.
verisimilitude: The JavaScript was already painful.
asciilifeform: mangol: 'these people' very carefully avoid all of the actually hard parts, and consequently avoid doing anything asciilifeform considers interesting or meaningful at all.
mangol: myself, i've cheerfully resigned to basing everything i do on things written in C
asciilifeform: mangol: over9000x moar honest approach than the pretense displayed in the linked 'lisp os' idiocies
mangol: the main point of a lisp OS is hackability, which is not all-or-nothing. GNU Emacs is no lisp machine but it's certainly more hackable than MS Word
asciilifeform: the problem is that software actually ~is~ 'all or nuffin' in long run.
mangol: i don't quite where's the pretense, or the preoccupation with bootstrapping
mangol: *quite get
asciilifeform: if you can't boot the unixlike, or get it to drive yer vga card, etc. -- there'll be no emacsing either
mangol: that's a given if you refuse drivers written in C
asciilifeform: mangol: the pretense is that they offer supposed liberation from pile of legacy shitware and crashlang
asciilifeform: whereas entirely bogus
mangol: i don't think they claim to offer any such thing. these are hobby projects
asciilifeform: mangol: 'it's a hobby proj' aint an excuse for smoke&mirrors games
asciilifeform: if i need gcc, gnumake, libc, to build it, it aint a fucking 'lisp os', and to use the phrase is disingenuous at the very least.
mangol: anyone smart enough to know what lisp is will soon realize that you can't achieve any practical "liberation" from C with these projects
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: a++
mangol: ... or with anything else for that matter :-/
asciilifeform: mangol: can, with new irons.
mangol: except quitting computers and becoming a gardener or something :p
asciilifeform: simply question of cost.
asciilifeform: cost somewhere b/w sat launch & moon mission, sure. but aint infinite.
mangol: do the new irons provide a feasible path toward browsing the web, watching videos, etc.?
asciilifeform: ideally new 'web', but why not.
asciilifeform: ( 1st order of biz -- piss on 'web standards' )
mangol: i've checked out of minimalism like that :)
mangol: actually i'd like a minimalist web next to the conventional one, but won't be checking out of the latter
asciilifeform: upstack, even w/out any prospective of 'moon missions', could start by 'localized' minimalism of defining a usable prog lang that can actually be implemented in <32kB x64 asm.
asciilifeform suggested this yrs ago at this pt, sadly has ~0 time to attempt
signpost: mangol: one social problem here is the world full of "I just want to..." hobbies probably sums to a few finished items of actual benefit, were the effort reallocated.
signpost: folks that could otherwise ^ have been trained into behaving themselves in their assigned box.
mangol: asciilifeform: does that matter though? if you're still using *nix and x86. why not postpone the prog lang implementation until you know what instruction set the new iron is using
signpost: this doesn't change practical matters, but neither does an individual's practical constraints change the broader context
asciilifeform: mangol: the instruction set of the new iron will presumably be identical to the emulated one.
asciilifeform: it's a 'chicken & egg' problem that has to be solved at one end or the other.
mangol: signpost: can't quite parse whether you're saying hobby projects that languish in obscurity are good or bad
PeterL: could do like pest: write spec, make protocol, adjust as needed?
verisimilitude: A workable iterim solution is to write portable programs that can easily be moved to anything else.
verisimilitude: Pest is one example, actually.
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: portability aint sufficient tho
verisimilitude: I mean in a decent language.
mangol: verisimilitude: that's exactly why i've increasingly moved toward standardization
signpost: mangol: quickly brings us back to the ethics thread, doesn't it, lol
asciilifeform: for instance, imho the scheme-83 people published a perfectly edible instruction set.
dulapbot: (trilema) 2017-01-07 phf: << scheme83 is like a "canticle for leibowitz" artifact. "published design" is overstatement of the century. scraps of published memos and reports spread over out of print conference proceedings, the bulk of actual technology needed to recreate probably somewhere on a TAPE. i don't know where you got that mask generator runs on scheme83. the entire production stack was for mit cadr
mangol: signpost: :D
asciilifeform: ( in re PeterL's pt )
mangol: someone from GNU is resurrecting MIT CADR btw
dulapbot: (trilema) 2018-11-16 asciilifeform: cadr was a horrendous thing because designed around two tonnes of 74xxx
asciilifeform: none of the limitations which produced its gnarl apply today.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-06 18:58:50 asciilifeform: << 'people' who behave amoebically (i.e. follow gradient of 'tastier right there right now'). and see also.
signpost: mhm. if one wants to get into "why not be an amoeba", wrong question.
signpost: question is why the ones that aren't, aren't thumping your head until you stop.
asciilifeform: in fact wrong question. 'if you gotta ask, will never know'(tm)(r)(c)
mangol: signpost: do you know how far Masamune got?
signpost could fart around with a case that if anything at all is desired, wisely using finite time must also be, and from that other sensible decisions, but eh.
signpost: isn't this that drives my own behavior but a growling inside.
asciilifeform: mangol: afaik it began ( & ended ) with a gentoo which booted into sbcl
signpost: mangol: guy apparently sawed his foot off or something, and then died or went to jail
asciilifeform: !q seen-anywhere gabriel_laddel
dulapbot: gabriel_laddel last seen in #trilema on 2018-05-02 00:59:35: F-
mangol: ouch. for real?
signpost: he was one of those extreme types you were discussing
mangol: peculiar?
asciilifeform: fella had a substances problem
asciilifeform: iirc ate stims by the kg until brain melted
mangol: can cause psychosis
asciilifeform: textbook case
dulapbot: (trilema) 2016-12-01 asciilifeform: which is why i said to laddel 'dope requires discipline', because a lone programmer in a cellar is both general and soldier
verisimilitude: I'd do drugs, but I fear damaging my mind.
mangol: ^ good stuff in the logs
signpost: verisimilitude: "When you get the message, hang up the phone." - Alan Watts
signpost: amusingly, drank himself to death iirc
mangol: lol
dulapbot: (trilema) 2016-12-01 asciilifeform: briefly revisiting upstack, imho 'mapper' and 'packer' as depicted in the essays are only 'types of people' in the sense that there were two types of inmate at auschwitz - folx who immediately jumped the fence and died on the wire, and ones who 'checked out' and turned 'Muselmann' ;
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: see e.g. dope threads.
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-08-08 23:52:04 asciilifeform: << performance dope aficionados -- unless ~uncommonly~ disciplined -- get nailed by tolerance buildup.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-01-16 11:34:33 asciilifeform: 'warriors on drugs' simply not interested in even admitting that folx take'em for reasons which often make sense, i.e. where life in usaschwitz in fact suxx palpably less on the dope than off
dulapbot: Logged on 2020-08-01 19:57:25 asciilifeform: he admitted to taking dope regularly, and of the kind that exacerbates 'delusion of grandeur', was genuinely convinced that he had 'rebuilt lispm'...
verisimilitude: What, signpost?
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: doin' dope 'correctly' is as much a skill as e.g. running a table saw or flying a 'cessna'
verisimilitude: I'll just continue to drink large amounts of coffee, asciilifeform.
verisimilitude: Maybe once I accomplish some major goals, I'll try mind-altering drugs in a few decades.
asciilifeform: even caffeine, most folx 'botch' by overdoing, simply is 'light' enuff that the consequences dun gum up their lives perceptibly
verisimilitude: Yes, so it's fine.
signpost: verisimilitude: gonna need more question than "what" bub
signpost: what was he saying?
signpost: drugs have a finite and non-linearly diminishing utility
verisimilitude: Alright.
verisimilitude: Returning to this, I can build tables under any computing system, and later I can take my tables to one sane.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-17 14:58:34 verisimilitude: A workable iterim solution is to write portable programs that can easily be moved to anything else.
shinohai eagerly awaits Tables for workgroups v3.11 ....
crtdaydreams has thought just-under-the-water about various lispm designs
crtdaydreams: ... mostly incorporating modern technology
crtdaydreams: i.e. FPGA, Fast Matrix Multiplication ((('tensor cores'))) et cetera.
crtdaydreams: eh whatever. also my single-page html serving machine is up.
dulapbot: (trilema) 2018-05-04 asciilifeform: 'brekekekekex' 'whatddayamean frogs have nuffin to say and aint welcome, i've plenty to say! brekeke.....'
dulapbot: (trilema) 2014-08-26 asciilifeform: 'pardon my cynical twist, but what are you doing with that 20,000×20,000 double-precision floating point matrix you say you need to invert _today_? If you answer "nutt'n, I jus kinda wondered what it'd be like, you know", you should be very happy that I am most likely more than 3000 miles away from you, or I would come over and slap you hard.'
verisimilitude: ``Like, you don't buy a 150-million-dollar printing press just because you got an idea about publishing a newspaper -- you upgrade from the 75-million-dollar printing press when you approach 20 out of 24 hours running time 7 days a week and want to not run out of hours of the day before the new press can be delivered and run in.''
verisimilitude: I'd forgotten from where I'd read this.
verisimilitude: Thirty-two gibibytes is still enough for most things actually worth doing, I'd figure. A mebibyte that doesn't go wasted is enough for plenty.
verisimilitude: I meant four gibibytes.
PeterL: how did we jump from kB to GB?
verisimilitude: I referred to what Naggum had written.
shinohai: You guys will argue about anything, so Lithium manganese dioxide or Lithium poly-carbonmonofluoride? GO!
shinohai: $ticker btc usd
busybot: Current BTC price in USD: $40723.05
asciilifeform: lithium deuteride!11
PeterL: dilithium sodide?
shinohai: If only I had a nuclear reactor to use it in ...
shinohai kicks sand
signpost: asciilifeform: << putin going after
signpost: curious if there are any other lulz in the original russian post.
asciilifeform: signpost: orig txt in eng. ( paste, as the .ru www is under heady ddos ) for your enjoyment.
asciilifeform: 'I do not in the least condemn those who have villas in Miami or the French Riviera, who cannot make do without foie gras, oysters or gender freedom as they call it. That is not the problem, not at all. The problem, again, is that many of these people are, essentially, over there in their minds and not here with our people and with Russia. In their opinion – in their opinion! – it is a sign of belonging to the supe
asciilifeform: rior caste, the superior race. People like this would sell their own mothers just to be allowed to sit on the entry bench of the superior caste. They want to be just like them and imitate them in everything. But they forget or just completely fail to see that even if this so-called superior caste needs them, it needs them as expendable raw material to inflict maximum damage on our people.' etc
asciilifeform: ( see also apropos. )
dulapbot: (trilema) 2018-05-14 asciilifeform: there's a common set of jokes from su, q: 'if only we let germany win, we'd be drinking bavarian! riding in mercedes!' a: '... yes, ride in mercedes. but -- as the leather seat.'
verisimilitude: That joke's less funny each time I read it.
verisimilitude: It's really tiring seeing people act as if communists, with their higher kill count, be better than national socialists, just because they had different intents. It's a meme.
verisimilitude: ``With foreign technical support, the pro-Nazi Kiev regime would have obtained weapons of mass destruction in the foreseeable future and, of course, would have targeted them against Russia.''
verisimilitude: Am I misunderstanding something, or is this ``pro-Nazi Kiev regime'' led by a Jew, asciilifeform?
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: supposedly! and, for over9000x moar laffs, famous standup comic, who played role of... accidental president. and who then ran for presidency on a 'peace' ticket
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: initially 'peace', then was handed new script.
verisimilitude: ``Let me add that the seizure of foreign assets and accounts of Russian companies and individuals is also a lesson for domestic businesses that there is nothing as reliable as investing in one’s own country. I personally have said that a number of times.''
verisimilitude: I can think of some issues Russian businesses have had. It would be nice if US businesses would learn this lesson already, or at least stop cutting off air from everyone else.
verisimilitude: ``We will focus on protecting mothers and children and supporting families with children. We have already made a decision – you know about it – to introduce as of April 1 payments for children aged 8 through 16 in low-income families. The size of the payment will range from 50 to 100 percent of the subsistence minimum for every child. Currently the national average is up to 12,300 rubles. Thus, we will have a uniform system of
verisimilitude: It's nice to see Russia and Ukraine agree on valuing women more highly than men.
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: spoiler: the 'pay people (chicken change) to birth' thing didn't work
verisimilitude: I can see the US telling TSMC to stop supplying chips to Russia.
verisimilitude: ``What, you think Russia will protect you from the CCP?''
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: tw is a usg muppet, stopped even before formally ordered
verisimilitude: See, I saw it so well it already happened.
verisimilitude: Do we agree with the perspective of every country seemingly being in major disarray?
verisimilitude: That is, that it feels less like ``Which fighter will win?'' and more like ``Which retarded old man will shit himself to death last?''.
verisimilitude: I may have a warped perspective, but every government seems hopelessly incompetent.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-17 21:08:25 asciilifeform: signpost: orig txt in eng. ( paste, as the .ru www is under heady ddos ) for your enjoyment.
signpost: << from over here, looks like both systems failed.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-17 21:24:24 verisimilitude: It's really tiring seeing people act as if communists, with their higher kill count, be better than national socialists, just because they had different intents. It's a meme.
signpost: doesn't look like putin's resurrecting communism either.
signpost: << sign of humanity eh? any society that doesn't treat men as expendable ends up drowning in xy weaklings.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-17 21:44:44 verisimilitude: It's nice to see Russia and Ukraine agree on valuing women more highly than men.
verisimilitude: Any society that allows women to vote ends up fucking itself to death, as well.
signpost: entertains the hell out of me to bring this up to american feminists. "we agree without reservation that more men must die"
signpost: made several friends with that one!
signpost: verisimilitude: voting doesn't look like it works for anyone.
verisimilitude: Not with so many voters, certainly not.
verisimilitude: I saw a funny joke, signpost.
signpost: problem is we ran that experiment, and over time the standards weaken.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-17 22:38:51 verisimilitude: Do we agree with the perspective of every country seemingly being in major disarray?
signpost: will be remembered as such if anyone left to remember.
signpost: verisimilitude: go ahead with the joke
verisimilitude: Two feminists are holding signs. One reads ``Kill all men.'', and the other ``Kill all REAL men.'', with the former holder disgusted at the ``trans-exclusionary'' attitude of the latter.
signpost: that one's pretty good
signpost: somebody called my wife a TERF once, and she had to look it up.
signpost: this in response to her believing that males shouldn't be beating the shit out of women in sports.
signpost: even if they're castrated.
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