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billymg: the pest bot now more stable, imagine that
billymg: not sure what's going on but noticed after moving the bot to kiev the reconnects to dulapnet sometimes fail (or always fail and just don't happen that frequently)
billymg: worked on second restart
billymg: ok, there it is
billymg: bot logs look fine, not sure why the bot didn't make it
billymg: though, hrm, doesn't seem to be here...
billymg: << apologies. bot restarted and missed lines imported
billymg: cool, yeah, i believe the published source is up-to-date with what i'm running myself, except an extra line i added recently to ignore loopback addresses (which didn't cause any noticeable problems until i started running a trb node on the same box as the crawler)
billymg: if you meant the crawler data, no export feature at the moment, but running the crawler yourself is fairly trivial and the source can be grabbed here:
billymg: mats: do you mean the logs or the crawler? if logs, then as asciilifeform mentioned (same url structure on since they're the same proggy), plus the entire db dump linked in the footer
billymg: asciilifeform: even includes working browser?
billymg: i still like using gentoo though, to have the ability to build programs with only a minimal set of deps, and set up a graphical environment sans desktop
billymg: TomServo: at some point i just gave up trying to have my daily driver configured to republican standards, and now simply use separate machines for separate tasks
billymg: i also wrote the guide partially for myself (i've used it twice now for setting up non-mission critical gentoos, and i sometimes reference it for commands i forget)
billymg: part 3 is probably where i should include steps for adding gcc 4.9
billymg has part 2 saved as a draft (where installs xorg), and part 3 (setting up v dev environment) as loose notes
billymg: if on non-musl, it goes more like: spin up dulap/pentacle chroot -> build static bin
billymg: you will be able to build and run trb though, see
billymg: asciilifeform: i'd love to see your recipe for xorg on dulap
billymg: however, some of these questions are making me reconsider the point of that particular guide. i meant it more as a beginner's intro into the basics of gentoo / portage config, but the resulting system won't be completely systemd-free by the time you get to installing xorg, etc. (will be free of "systemd" but not other "systemdisms", such as tmpfiles)
billymg: regarding gcc 4.9, i think you can emerge that even on bleeding edge gentoo, you just need to find an ebuild for it and add it to your local repo
billymg: << "bug" on my part, that guide should probably drop the gnupg >= 2.0.22 ban also. as asciilifeform pointed out, only option for truly hygienic is dulap or pentacle
billymg: hey TomServo
billymg: looks like i'm on blatta 9976 for billymg (bots are on 9974)
billymg: gregorynyssa: can you send me your ip so i can try adding you to my at?
billymg: gregorynyssa: ack. added your key. my ip is the same that resolves to, port is 7778
billymg: gregorynyssa: yeah, let's try it
billymg: and they're both peered directly with bitbot and myself, so not sure why that is
billymg: it's interesting because i don't see your message in my pest console either (where awt and jonsykkel say 'hi' i'm guessing)
billymg: << no, no whitelisting required, just as long as your messages make it to bitbot they'll be written to the logs
billymg: thimbronion, shinohai: nice, glad it works
billymg: on blatta 9976
billymg: just*
billymg: shinohai, thimbronion: hrm, i juste generated them with `%genkey`
billymg: it's not just for the upvotes, it's for "getting out of the responsibility of attempting to become man"
billymg: asciilifeform: like you said though, most stop short of the mutilations
billymg: becoming a man has always been hard, becoming one in modern society where ~all paths lead to dead end is even harder. so with the choices 'try to become man and probably fail' and 'become woman and get updoots on reddit' -- choice for some is easy
billymg: << i believe mp's theory was that the phenomenon is the result of mass self-imposed "solution" to the surplus male problem
billymg: still made out ok though, in total (taxes + bakshish to various palms) only about 18% extra on top of the cost of the cargo
billymg: had it been me traveling, yes, would've packed things differently
billymg: in fact people who work in the import business here will look at you funny if you *don't* deeply discount the declared value, it's just sop
billymg: basically it's 1) hide the fact that any of it is new and hope you can slip it through, 2) if that doesn't work, or you're shipping via mail (not through an airport), then go as low as you're brave enough to go on the declared value
billymg: but because brokers have to be licensed by region he had to find someone that worked in this region. and even so, the guy was as helpful as he could be in estimating the value of the goods
billymg: << i worked with an importer in my wot to find the broker. he told me if it had come through the main airport and not the one in the boonies where i live he probably could've gotten the items out with a handshake at the warehouse
billymg: horrifying
billymg: imagine the man-hours spent working on scam chains
billymg: looks like debian 8 ("jessie") includes python 2.7 and 3.4, so should work
billymg: centos 7?
billymg: but not one of the choices
billymg: i searched the logs re debian/centos, seems people prefer centos 6 (pre systemd apparently)
billymg: asciilifeform: this is really just to get something up asap, so i'm limited to OS options that are not their "client sends ISO" option
billymg: i imagine both will have python 2.7, which is my only hard requirement (even the ec2 "amazon linux" box shipped with that as the default iirc)
billymg: if both of those suck, i'll choose debian because i like the name more
billymg: and until that one is ready, a shitbox running centos 7 or debian 8
billymg: asciilifeform rack box for various www services
billymg: my cr box will be used for pest
billymg nods
billymg: centos 7 or debian 8? (the other options are newer versions of the former or ubuntu flavors)
billymg: i'm going to rent a server as a stopgap until another dulap becomes available in asciilifeform's rack. i'm going to move the crawler (currently on ec2) and the logger (currently on an rk) to this box. additionally i'll spin up a trb node on it, wainot
billymg for some reason thought that pg_dump flag actually produced gzip format output
billymg: i'll update the format on the log dump too, apparently gzip compression has some gains over whatever pg_dump uses
billymg: it should
billymg: yes
billymg: change s / e indexes to what you want
billymg: for run with e.g. : ./ 1006546 1006561 ml.txt
billymg: script for ripping ilogs:
billymg: i have a script for that, one sec...
billymg: asciilifeform: if you just want the lines for pest to import with you can grab them from my ilog
billymg: asciilifeform: should've included in the readme if it was supposed to match 1:1
billymg: `pg_restore -U nsabot -d nsalog < log_db.gz` works for me to import
billymg: format: compressed
billymg: phf: i thought that's what the -Fc flag did
billymg: asciilifeform: it's produced by this command:
billymg: <<yeah, bitcoin works, it's the people who are broken
billymg: "whatever bro i trust coinbase more than myself. dude where are my keys. dude weed lmao"
billymg: constant repetition of "nor your keys, not your coins" for the last decade and still...
billymg: it saddens me deeply how many coins are tied up in goxes
billymg: adlai|text: "redux" is a state management framework for "react", a frontend javashit framework for sending bloat to web clients
billymg: ^ no major problems really, works well enough for daily use for months now
billymg: asciilifeform: of course, but assumed punkman wasn't looking for "thwart the nsa" levels of security when he asked for "something that you can tell friend to grab from app store"
billymg: punkman: (ios only, and not meant for back and forth chat, but very easy to use for normies) technically open source but who knows what you're getting when you download the binary from the app store
billymg: as part of this i also fixed the "from:user" search for pest chans so that it ignores the hearsay handles
billymg: ty signpost
billymg: it will return 0 results because it simply ignores the words
billymg: what i think is most broken with it currently is how it handles queries consisting only of stop words, e.g. (picking a random example from the list of words) "against yourself"
billymg: but the results are still valid
billymg: highlighting is broken for some queries with special characters, e.g. /at
billymg: everything is backed up so feel free to try to sql inject and pwn the server
billymg: this is the list of "stop words" that are not indexed and therefore completely ignored (this list is customizable on the server but i've left it at the pg default for now)
billymg: can also do searches for 2-character strings now and get meaningful results, e.g. cl or ai
billymg: where it shines is with queries like this
billymg: new search is live on
billymg: also says can't use bank safety deposit box because 240 british pounds per year
billymg: asciilifeform: in the fiction claims he has a fireproof safe but isn't "lightning proof"
billymg: and yeah the tl;dr is hilarious. "we need centralized bureaucracy to rule over us forever to protect us from the all too common event of... lightning striking our homes"
billymg: lemme guess, this got updooted to the top of the HN homepage already?
billymg: ah, honestly thought he meant the concrete foundation/frame
billymg: asciilifeform: wait, it's not even real? i missed that while skimming
billymg: verisimilitude: i avoid hacker news so i don't have to know that blog posts like that exist, tyvm
billymg: crtdaydreams: the comment indeed cuts off, even in what i can see in the admin panel. would you like me to delete the comment so that you can resubmit? otherwise you're free to add the chopped off bit in a subsequent comment, up to you
billymg: !. version
billymg: << this could work too but would mean redoing results pagination, which currently comes for free via sql limit/offset
billymg: << this was actually the next thing i was going to try, i'm reading up on it now and it looks like it might be the right solution. the downside is that the weight of the table will increase, because it requires a separate field to store the tokenized version of the payload (and the additional index on that field)
billymg: and the query i was trying to produce didn't work with "regex light"
billymg: yeah, i'll have to take another look at it and read more of the docs. my initial takeaway was that postgres gives you some "regex light" tools that are fast but that if you try to use "real regex" it's gonna be slow
billymg: asciilifeform: i agree, but my first attempt did not produce anything sufficiently performant to release on public www
billymg: verisimilitude: i'm talking about the way search is currently implemented in the logotron
billymg: my use case was: "how do i see what the logs think about ai / ml?"
billymg: actually, re search, the regex i constructed was meant to solve the other problem mentioned: "though [it] also greps lots of `real men`". perhaps just searching for a contiguous string (and ignoring word beginnings/endings) could be done easily without sinking performance
billymg: << in my working branch i implemented this using some postgres regex features but was way too expensive to make available on www. i didn't look too much deeper into it so if any postgres experts here have an idea to point me in the right direction i can take another stab at it
billymg: and no one has busted down my door yet to send me to a labor camp, not that bad!
billymg: hey, at least our internet tokens still work
billymg: yeah, it really does seem like there are no good outcomes in all of this
billymg: and i don't think the US has the leverage anymore to make them
billymg: i just can't see russia and china going along with a world order where the US sits on top
billymg: whenever the snakes talk of "rules-based" they always omit who gets to make and enforce the rules
billymg: `/at` still shows 'no packets received' from shinohai
billymg: shinohai: from 'u0_a280'?
billymg: shinohai: nice!
billymg: and power supplies, sata backplate, pci riser, etc.
billymg: so notbad in the end, now i have a set of spare matching cpus/fans
billymg: i think alf's first guess was right
billymg: even with all 256gb of ram plugged in
billymg: yes, already tested and boots into gentoo livecd!
billymg: when i get the new server set up i'll try from there, maybe will magically work, then can try and see what the hell is the difference
billymg: but for other 60% of peers, worked fine, with the same steps, so dunno
billymg: shinohai: yeah, i haven't gotten around yet to digging into that (also never successfully paired with signpost or mod6 -- or my own crawlerbot!)
billymg: shinohai: iirc our peering never worked properly, so the bot was seeing your messages through asciilifeform
billymg doesn't mind peering the bot with others, if they want a direct link
billymg: shinohai: ah, for the log bot to see you you'll have to be peered with asciilifeform or myself
billymg: strange, i didn't do anything except connect in weechat and issue a test message (which the bot logged properly)
billymg: just got my new server in the mail, from the same ebay vendor. this time it worked, unlike last time
billymg recently met a smart boomer though who's very much into bitcoin for the right reasons. also uses a ledger but after our discussion he concluded that "i think i've been doing this wrong this whole time"
billymg: and whenever i meet some boomer who's "into crypto" and self custodies it's always with a ledger
billymg: shinohai: never tried it but based on who promotes it (like that BI article) i've always assumed it was compromised from the start
billymg: perhaps it's from a similar angle as e.g., corral people into "ledger" rather than old laptop running linux
billymg: << i'm not sure how to feel about things like this, a few days after the heavily publicized "coinbase keeps your coins in the event of bankruptcy" disclosure
billymg: i imagine the 6'6" guys would just beat his ass in this hypothetical
billymg: do they really think like this?
billymg: me, think they're filth"
billymg: "<klardotsh> let's take this to hypothetical neutral turf here for a second: imagine I'm the non-anonymous-at-all author of the "I Hate Tall People And Think They're Filth Zine" and show up to a sports bar frequented by a bunch of 6'6" folks wanting to talk football. it's gonna cause a bit of a problem, isn't it? those folks aren't going to feel safe talking about football with me, because I've publicly announced that I, as
billymg: verisimilitude: kek
billymg: the series of "good boy emojis", as i remember them: raised fist (blm) -> syringe / mask (meme flu) -> ukr flag
billymg: hm, i guess you can
billymg: can't remember if you can even do anonymous functions with the function keyword in js
billymg: (a,b) => a + b vs. (lambda (a b) (+ a b)) vs. old school js: function myFunc(a, b) { return a +b; }
billymg: i like arrow functions, makes it more "functional" and lisp-like
billymg: lol i thought there were still only two ways
billymg: punkman: that was my intuition just going by the people who were pushing it
billymg: i'll have to check out alpinejs. i've heard vue.js is supposed to be the new, lighter-weight, react, but haven't tried it myself yet
billymg: punkman: it's a nightmare
billymg: exactly
billymg: and zero else
billymg: i've come to the conclusion that any surveillance system sold to consumers these days is 100% for surveilling the consumer
billymg: re: drones, if it's the republican model then the customer gets the base version and can add "upgrades" as he sees fit
billymg: right, even having a grid of fixed cameras scattered around your property, that are not Amazon Nest(tm), would be a win
billymg: impact with target only ideally, not tree branch
billymg: small disposable ones that self destruct on impact or whatever
billymg: imo best offensive application of drones is kamikaze style
billymg: would get fiat as well as btc customers most likely
billymg: very cool!
billymg: who in the fearful middle wouldn't want a swarm of these patrolling his ranch
billymg: signpost: embedded widgets for fearful middle -- perhaps you're thinking of some kind of autonomous home defense / surveillance system that isn't part of amazon's botnet like every other product in that space?
billymg: phf: that's what i meant when i said i found it bizarre. you'd think (or i'd think at least) that those with less time invested would find it easier to move on afterwards
billymg: i regret it too, and regret that he didn't take over the world (would've preferred that to globohomo). but now that that's not the case, seems silly to continue to hitch your wagon to that horse
billymg: i got the impression that signpost still aligns with what it once was/could have been -- the ideal -- not the mad king run thing at the end
billymg: signpost: i don't mean "aligned with the cult" in sense of "still consider myself a republican", but still aligned with what it devolved into in the end
billymg would welcome either one of them if they showed up here or in #pest and wanted to work towards any number of things being worked on here
billymg: asciilifeform: i thought the way the events played out was bizarre. here are two guys, one a talented cs guy, the other a talented sales guy (as far as i can judge), who come late to a dying cult, and after the cult is fully dead, and leader himself dead no less, they continue to... align with the cult
billymg: did troll another "i'll keep them on coinbase thankyouverymuch" friend though
billymg: verisimilitude: lol, have not trolled them with the recent news yet
billymg: but yes, i've dealt with it first hand and know that in practice it's sometimes hard to say no when the client says "but could we just make this one section a little bigger" and how those start to add up
billymg: signpost: the trick is managing their expectations upfront, outlining "cost-per-tweak" upfront
billymg: but also have nfi what this looks like with actual numbers and in the actual market right now
billymg: that's what i thought, but narrow marigins can be mangeable if you can stay lean and still scale
billymg: then it's just a grind of cold calling and accumulating customers/subscribers
billymg: which keeps the costs way lower than paying squarespace/shopify on the backend
billymg: so i was thinking do the same thing but with a dulap/pentacle self-hosted box running mp-wp (easy to build/customize templates in there)
billymg: and just pocket the difference
billymg: some of these freelancers/small shops charge monthly to the client, so the client subscribes to them, and they subscribe to shopify/squarespace
billymg: there's squarespace / shopify which have platforms for small businesses to create templated websites. there is also a cottage industry of freelancers / small shops that do the work of configuring/maintaining these (because in reality even the point-and-click of squarespace/shopify is too much for some small biz owners)
billymg: will describe it, might as well:
billymg: i've got one idea, but it wouldn't be any fun
billymg: signpost: with my 2+ years of freedom i've regained the energy to do another fiat grind, but don't know yet what that would be
billymg: very cool
billymg: answer*
billymg: would be satisfied even with a vague ansewr
billymg: signpost: what did your business do/provide? i'm always curious when people figure out a way to carve out a sustainable small biz in the software industry
billymg: "spotting", that's the word
billymg: asciilifeform: i don't think it's meant to be mounted on a rifle, like a scope. they're for scouting / sighting
billymg: shinohai: i'm impressed he's still at it, that's real dedication
billymg: retards will read this and still keep their coins on coinbase
billymg: "3) ...and such customers could be treated as our general unsecured creditors...""
billymg: "2) "Moreover, because custodially held crypto assets may be considered to be the property of a bankruptcy estate, in the event of a bankruptcy, the crypto assets we hold in custody on behalf of our customers could be subject to bankruptcy proceedings..."
billymg: << "1) $COIN included new language in latest 10-Q warning crypto investors what might happen to their coins should the company file for bankruptcy"
billymg: /hunk/mp-wp/wp-comments-post.php#L64934][hardcoded in the call to strip_tags]
billymg: $allowedtags is set here, which are displayed in the themes via a call to this function. however, that variable is not used when filtering comments during submission, instead a set of allowed tags is simply [
billymg: ok, found out why. works as designed (e.g. behaving same way as in the genesis). imo a bug though
billymg: crtdaydreams: indeed a bug, haven't had a chance to look into it yet. the <code> tags were stripped in my reply as well, i had to edit the comment and save again for them to be added
billymg: not sure about your nvidia card troubles but you shouldn't have to bulldoze and start over unless you somehow got your portage tree into an unworkable state
billymg: crtdaydreams: approved your comment and responded
billymg: crtdaydreams: awesome, sounds good
billymg: or if you're going to publish on your own blog maybe drop a link in the comments
billymg: crtdaydreams: that would be great, plz leave as a comment on the article if you can that way other readers can see what you learned if they get to it before i have a chance to update the article
billymg: the easiest build of bitcoind yet
billymg: 1 2 3 4: bitcoind 0775cb2ccc737e224806beeb4978bff59ca0db6f2be7b55c03d08efefb055859 installed.
billymg: crtdaydreams: no, have not
billymg: even if just locally
billymg: crtdaydreams: have you stood one up yet?
billymg has also been having fun lately going down the emulation gaming rabbit hole, currently with "dolphin" (gamecube/wii emulation) and pcsx2 (ps2). great way to get a large library of games on linux
billymg: crtdaydreams: can't say re: virtualization
billymg: even asciilifeform admits (or once admitted) to using crapple
billymg: crtdaydreams: when i first got here i similarly stumbled trying to go down this path of "want latest and greatest, but also hygienic" -- was quickly told by several people here that the best approach is really just separate boxes for separate applications
billymg: ^ exactly
billymg: crtdaydreams: what do you plan on doing with a 3060 other than gayming? (not that there's anything wrong with that). and if gaming, what do you care what OS it's on?
billymg: (which shows btc still doing its job quite well, even if only measured from 2017 to now)
billymg: i'm trying to find a chart of real estate priced in btc, but best i could do was a % scaled overlay with the two (in tradingview)
billymg: thimbronion: yeah, finally
billymg: the pantsuit press calls the new president "trump-like" and "populist" and "blah blah blah women are wary blah blah"
billymg would be happy to show signpost around here if he decides to add it to his short list
billymg: they*
billymg: i also don't think the dollar is making a comeback after the civil asset forfeitured russia, even if they stop printing
billymg: i know this is a meme chart but it still feels like the most likely trajectory for btc
billymg: i'm amused at the thought of NFLX comp reviews though "sorry, no budget for raises this year" "but my rent just went up 30%!!"
billymg: yeah, i have a feeling cost of living ain't coming back down
billymg: of the dollar? or the other side?
billymg: will be interesting to see if they manage to crash the stock market while keeping rent, groceries, and other essentials inflated
billymg: he didn't get the updoots he was looking for here for his geiger rng so he switched to talking shit about trb instead
billymg: yeah now seeing that seen-anywhere response i think i get it
billymg: !. seen-anywhere raw_avocado
billymg: lol btw was searching twitter the other day for mentions (out of vanity, purely) and saw this:
billymg: might be something worth time series charting on the crawler www now that i think about it (trb distance behind prb)
billymg: ah, so i just haven't noticed much before
billymg: re: your note above
billymg: whaack: i noticed on the crawler a day or so ago all the trb nodes stuck at like 133XXX (i wanna say 133411 or around there) when prb was well into the 134XXX range
billymg: very sorry to hear that signpost, my condolences
billymg: ok fixed
billymg: !. version
billymg: tail should still be in sync though
billymg: which makes sense since the bots log their echos as they're sending them