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crtdaydreams: alright, so I managed to get shell. turns out it was framebuffer support in the kernel config that needed enabling
crtdaydreams: now I'm trying to do something a tad unorthodox, but I see no reason why it's not possible
crtdaydreams: my gpu lacks a dvi port, and instead of buying a dongle I'm trying to "passthrough" the X display I/O from my GPU I/O to the motherboard
crtdaydreams: I've actually gone ahead and disabled the integrated graphics on the motherboard, so proof that it works (at least with GNU screen) is in that I get shell through the motherboard port.
crtdaydreams: that shell is being rendered on the GPU (as far as I can tell, it's not possible otherwise.)
crtdaydreams: Which means that it works. (It works on windows, so can't see why it won't work on *nix)
signpost: billymg: woohoo!
billymg: the easiest build of bitcoind yet
crtdaydreams: But I'm having a hard time describing it to google.
crtdaydreams: billymg: signpost: congrats!
crtdaydreams: signpost: would like some clarification on exactly *what* pentacle is? Is it a package manager? A "distro"? An addon for Gentoo?
signpost: I'll get a writeup soon, but "v-tronic distro" is about right.
signpost: among other things, I wanted to solve ease of building and deploying republican works.
crtdaydreams: oh ok. so, it's like emerge w/ extra steps? (i.e. forced gpg verification and wot integration)
signpost: it's a much smaller item than emerge
crtdaydreams: what's it written in?
signpost: shell script. as little as possible.
crtdaydreams: specifically bash standard or is it more portable than that?
signpost: busybox's "ash" actually.
crtdaydreams: oh hmm
crtdaydreams: very cool
signpost: the intent is to build outward from nothing, bringing in only what is absolutely required to first, build the compiler itself, then whichever items members of the wot deem via V.
signpost: post will elaborate, and give another intro to some of the underlying ideology.
crtdaydreams: mhm, will be hanging out for that
crtdaydreams: if you'll excuse me, I just got root access after having to re-chroot to add to wheel. :/ will nao continue with final config and getting dwm running :D
crtdaydreams: billymg: If you're still interested in refining your article, I can compile a small list of some hoops I had to jump through
signpost: enjoy gentoo quest, entirely worthwhile.
crtdaydreams: signpost: will do
billymg: crtdaydreams: that would be great, plz leave as a comment on the article if you can that way other readers can see what you learned if they get to it before i have a chance to update the article
billymg: or if you're going to publish on your own blog maybe drop a link in the comments
crtdaydreams: billymg: I think it'd be rather rude if I did that. I'll be quite happy leaving a comment.
billymg: crtdaydreams: awesome, sounds good
signpost: crtdaydreams: nothing rude about writing an article on "I followed this guy's guide and here are my notes"
signpost: entirely civilized, even.
signpost to bed
mats: what an epic market combustion
mats: there is nowhere to hide
crtdaydreams: so my tribulations with nvidia continue, for whatever reason it fails to show up in lsmod, so I can't modprobe or nuthin. I've installed all the kernel modules, recompiled the whole shebang over and over again. I'm wondering if I have to bulldoze and start again.
crtdaydreams: Really don't want to do that.
adlai: << please accept my belated, digital, condolence; may her story live on through you and yours.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-05 18:38:40 signpost: dang, my mother just died of a heart attack.
billymg: crtdaydreams: approved your comment and responded
billymg: not sure about your nvidia card troubles but you shouldn't have to bulldoze and start over unless you somehow got your portage tree into an unworkable state
asciilifeform: << asciilifeform suspects: e.g. rembrandts haven't fallen.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-10 01:11:45 mats: there is nowhere to hide
asciilifeform: but yes, umpteenth round of the great theft (tm) going as scheduled.
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-07-13 14:38:31 asciilifeform: mats: it doesn't seem like we disagree re 'what' is happening. but possibly disagree in pov. per asciilifeform , what it all is -- is a massive theft.
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-07-13 14:36:26 mats: middle-upper class americans competing, and losing, against upper class
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-24 03:16:03 mats: i don't give a shit about the middle class
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-24 03:18:26 mats: i don't buy the premise that a monied middle class is necessary for a stable society
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-07-07 16:04:14 mats: while the wealth gap is unfortunate and its very sad all sorts of people are hopeless, its entirely predictable with the advance of science, technology, civilization's collision with the internet, and i don't see a problem with that
asciilifeform: ugh, 'can't unsee'!11
asciilifeform: but yes, lizard inflation shelters work a++. or otherwise what'd be the point in engineering hyperinflation to start with.
mats: what did i say that makes you think i have a problem with it
asciilifeform: << very nifty. ( asciilifeform not tested yet tho, but intends to as soon as excavates self from current flood of liquishit )
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-10 00:36:42 signpost: the intent is to build outward from nothing, bringing in only what is absolutely required to first, build the compiler itself, then whichever items members of the wot deem via V.
asciilifeform: mats: well, the 'nowhere to hide' comment implies giving a shit. nfi
signpost: cool, sounds good
signpost: 19700101000054 3ffc8e18 ada%s << speaking of pentacle, check out this lul
signpost: somehow just the seconds are squeaking through!!!
signpost: in .ali files
asciilifeform: signpost: yet anuther timestampism ?
asciilifeform: for so long as they dun end up in the built bin, harmless, tho
signpost: oh yeah. has to be 90% of the bit-churn
signpost: right, but I want the whole damned bit-turd emitted from a build to be predictable
asciilifeform: binturd yes. timestampisms in intermediates prolly not escapable, if one wants gnumake-like functionality where the thing knows what to rebuild after a change
signpost: this is in /lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-musl/4.9.4/adalib/s-widcha.ali rather than a file in the gcc build process
asciilifeform: ( 'rebuild errything!111 always' gets old rather fast with a proggy of even trb scale )
signpost: just needs to be shat with same timestamp in all of 'em
asciilifeform suspects that a solution that doesn't result in '5 hour rebuild after changed 1 line' must involve treating final linked bin as 'special' (presently idjit linker treats it as simply another linking) , rather than abolishing ~all~ gcc timestamps ~errywhere~
asciilifeform: ( i.e. they gotta be stripped out in the ~end~ , rather than abolished entirely )
signpost: also bit-reproducibility can sit behind a use flag.
signpost: I do need it to be able to have signed builds, but it's not like this has to happen while developing an item. helps nothing there, hinders.
asciilifeform: signpost: could, but can't think of a reason not to have it always, if can be done correctly (i.e. without losing partial rebuildability)
signpost: happy to bump into this problem and see what must be done.
signpost: defo reasonable to retain incremental builds.
asciilifeform wonders if 'strip' could be augmented to remove timestampisms
verisimilitude: The JavaScript is commented, oddly.
verisimilitude: // [ENS-1253 SK:] When a user is using uBlock then AI snippet is throwing an exception which results in search error.
verisimilitude: // To avoid ingerention into the AI snippet we are trying to load the script first and execute the snippet only when it will succeed
verisimilitude: I've never before seen this word ``ingerention''.
verisimilitude: My dictionary doesn't list it.
asciilifeform: maybe in 'indian' dictionary, next to e.g. 'updation'(tm)(r)
verisimilitude: Oh yes, ``Do the needful.'' and all of that.
signpost: asciilifeform: looks like debian's bit-reproducibility project uses an env variable as per following patch
signpost: seems like a tidy way to handle this; that'd not interrupt you when working with the system gnat, but would make .ali timestamps uniform when an item's built via pentacle, yielding a bit-for-bit identical install.
signpost will consider every vpatch currently in pentacle up for debate, so long as I can achieve my bit-for-bit outputs.
crtdaydreams: billymg: I've noticed a potential bug on your site, in my comment I put <code></code> flags around those filepaths. I may have missed one or something, but I'm fairly certain I didn't. It would have still rendered the complete ones anyway.
crtdaydreams: It evidently works fine for <a href="" title=""></a> and in your comment you've managed to get <code></code> ?
billymg: crtdaydreams: indeed a bug, haven't had a chance to look into it yet. the <code> tags were stripped in my reply as well, i had to edit the comment and save again for them to be added
crtdaydreams: ok, as long as you're aware
billymg: ok, found out why. works as designed (e.g. behaving same way as in the genesis). imo a bug though
billymg: $allowedtags is set here, which are displayed in the themes via a call to this function. however, that variable is not used when filtering comments during submission, instead a set of allowed tags is simply [
billymg: /hunk/mp-wp/wp-comments-post.php#L64934][hardcoded in the call to strip_tags]
billymg: << "1) $COIN included new language in latest 10-Q warning crypto investors what might happen to their coins should the company file for bankruptcy"
billymg: "2) "Moreover, because custodially held crypto assets may be considered to be the property of a bankruptcy estate, in the event of a bankruptcy, the crypto assets we hold in custody on behalf of our customers could be subject to bankruptcy proceedings..."
billymg: "3) ...and such customers could be treated as our general unsecured creditors...""
shinohai: lol billymg
billymg: retards will read this and still keep their coins on coinbase
shinohai: I'm still loling @ conbase because Hoaxtoshi is suing them for "misrepresenting Bitcoin".
billymg: shinohai: i'm impressed he's still at it, that's real dedication
vex: ever interacted with the guy shinohai?
shinohai: Nah, I only like sewer rats I can troll.
vex: why not him?
signpost: in which we learn vex himself is shitoshi
vex: lol
shinohai: Go ahead vex, sign block 9
vex: someone stole the privkeys
shinohai: Goddamned wifi pineapples
vex: i'm suing every last one of you motherfuckers
vex: I don't reckon he gets much fanmail, but is likely ammnable to it
shinohai: << he's also dedicated lately to claiming that all copies of the blockchain are illegal since "no one connected directly to him and got permission to use".
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-10 19:35:59 billymg: shinohai: i'm impressed he's still at it, that's real dedication
shinohai: vex: surprisingly he has a few hundred troo believers
vex: I'd like to have a look at the coingeek budget
vex: can you get on the payroll?
shinohai: Doubtful, Ayre knows who I am - has had me blocked on twatter for some time.
shinohai: Guess he didn't like Qntra articles with Hoaxtoshi in 'em.
phf: vex was satoshi all along, just sitting in a lawn chair in the badlands, drinking a pint, watching sunset "oy mate let me tell you what life's all about"
vex: right, now this hoaxtoshi comes along, giving "vexatious" a bad name
vex: I'd actually like to have a beer with the guy
vex: just to see how much of a nutjob he is
whaack: at my MIT history of finance class lecture the professor stated that... "Satoshi revealed himself, his name is SCW" with a small footnote that there is a plausible conspiracy theory it is not actually him
whaack: he is so dedicated that people who pay no attention to btc can easily fall for it , he puts so much absurd effort into it that it is hard for a normie to comprehend how someone could live like that
asciilifeform: whaack: recall how reich activated just about erry single asset in the 'tech' blabbersphere to parrot the 'wright is shitoshi!' thing
dulapbot: (trilema) 2016-08-17 asciilifeform: 'it never happened, and, oh, incidentally, hanno boeck! and hey craigwright is satoshi, and hey, big blox! and it never happened.'
signpost: MIT never taught lisp either.
asciilifeform: ( or how d00d was, supposedly, convicted of xyz and fined 1e8$ or whatnot in au but still 'somehow' loaded enuff to bankroll lawsuits etc )
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-04-11 14:33:08 asciilifeform: fwiw in asciilifeform's cosmography, a sublizard is a 'human' who directly executes orders from lizard, while exposed to 'humans' in daily context
signpost: yeah, epstein appears to have been another.
vex: wright did move his whole house to london days before the raid.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-10 21:21:56 signpost: MIT never taught lisp either.
dulapbot: (trilema) 2016-02-23 phf: sussman was there though, when mit switched from sicp to python for their intro programming course, and he defended that decision with his remarks at ILC
asciilifeform: vex: assange also to london. 'somehow' didn't help, lol
vex: mhm, assange had the clothes on his back
asciilifeform: imho hilarious just how easy it is to spot reich assets -- the folx who echo $partyline entirely in unison, on whatever topic of the day, have seemingly bottomless bags of dough despite doing 0 actual biz, etc
asciilifeform: ( e.g. hearn, boeck, in unison, on one day 'phuctor is bogus, move along', next week 'wright is shitoshi', then 'bigblox nao!', etc )
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-11-04 11:16:20 asciilifeform: shinohai: i wouldn't be so sure there are 'troo believers' at all -- wright had an extensive apparatus of usg shills pushing his nonsense (recall hearn, boeck, et al)
dulapbot: (trilema) 2016-01-23 asciilifeform: or why not demand bottomless bank account ?
dulapbot: (trilema) 2016-01-23 asciilifeform: i remember reading as a kid, about some south american dictator who gave his phriendz such a thing, and being horrified
asciilifeform: ... but is precisely how it worx in the current reich.
asciilifeform: lizards -- connected directly to printer,brrr; sublizards -- can run outta dough, but pick up phone, get moar (for so long as playing ball)
vex: are chicks still rocking the hairspray in Moscow phf? I love that
phf: rich hearing about slave mills from a minstrel. i like how his wikipedia aritcle doesn't have "early life" section, but his moms was cindy breakspeare a canadian "miss world" who married a senator after bob marley's death, ffs.
phf: vex: nah, that culture is dead, moscow is as globohomo as anywhere.
phf: << was trying to figure who's the peak 80s hair spray cool, decided to go with Anja Huwe
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-10 21:46:23 vex:
phf: could've been debbie harry, if she wasn't such a basic bitch
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-05 13:05:32 asciilifeform: eh it aint as if there's some kinda hurry. let fella fix his tractor, feed horse, etc lol
vex: I'm glad you're around phf
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