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(pest) u0_a280[asciilifeform|asciilifeform|asciilifeform]: Guess it depends on latency, cosmic rays, etc.
(pest) billymg: yeah, i'm fine to chalk it up to (some very persistent) cosmic rays for now
(pest) u0_a280[asciilifeform]: Guess it depends on latency, cosmic rays, etc.
(asciilifeform) shinohai: Virtually unscathed by the cosmic rays even.
(trilema) asciilifeform: on utterly defective iron (under cosmic rays??) they will print eggogs, cuz answer of some modexp somewhere dun match the given.
(trilema) mircea_popescu: asciilifeform consider the case of stupid kid coming back to his stupid mother from "School" ie daycare, face all blodied up. case 1. "Who did this to you ?" "Joe Nobody!!!!" vs case 2. "Who did this to you ?!" "It was the cosmic rays!"
(trilema) asciilifeform: 'what dragon, it was cosmic rays' i imagine.
(trilema) mircea_popescu: but, to put meat on before cosmic rays fuck the wetware memory of it, the impetuus for c) was very much spyked, as per
(trilema) asciilifeform: and besides, remember , it was Cosmic Rays and at the same time There Are No Broken Keys and incidentally cosmicrays and remember , craigwright is satoshi, and oh oh bigblocks.
(trilema) asciilifeform: aaha, 'cosmic rays' !
(trilema) lobbes: damn cosmic rays
(trilema) mircea_popescu: << cosmic rays behave in mysterious ways.
(trilema) sina: trinque: you might not have the specific form of syphilis which induces number diddling, but can you protect against... COSMIC RAYS
(trilema) asciilifeform: cosmicrays!!!111
(trilema) mircea_popescu: otherwise it'll be nothing but "hey guise, some bits flipped because cosmic-rays and that's how the deed got deeded" all over the place.
(trilema) mircea_popescu: maybe that's where the cosmic rays are.
(trilema) asciilifeform wonders, was #eulora hit by cosmic rays, or wat, why are these folks here
(trilema) asciilifeform: ancient xss 0day ended up reencoded as pgp key userid field by cosmic rays, and submitted to phuctor also by cosmic rays ?
(trilema) asciilifeform: though now we learn that cosmic rays are attracted to debian and popular windowmanager devs.
(trilema) mod6: but "i swear this werks!!", then someone runs your shit and it ~should~ work, but doesn't because of unforseen hardware, or configuration or cosmic rays.
(trilema) asciilifeform: (either this, or 'cosmic rays')
(trilema) asciilifeform: even ~actual~ cosmic rays can be dealt with. we know how.
(trilema) asciilifeform: fucking cosmic rays, aha
(trilema) asciilifeform: plus many, many 'cosmic rays'.
(trilema) punkman: asciilifeform: no cosmic rays on that key right?
(trilema) ben_vulpes: cosmic rays!
(trilema) asciilifeform: y'know, cosmic rays love update signing keyz
(trilema) punkman: lots of cosmic rays in germany eh
(trilema) ascii_field: either mircea_popescu, or i, or both, is suffering from 'cosmic rays'
(trilema) punkman: asciilifeform: ^ non-'magic' ! << oh did we run out of cosmic rays?
(trilema) mircea_popescu: <asciilifeform> 'cosmic rays' did this. << beats null op heh
(trilema) asciilifeform: 'cosmic rays' did this.
(trilema) assbot: Logged on 22-05-2015 15:23:45; Apocalyptic: quite amusing that 281479271743489 has 65537 as one of its 3 prime factors, those cosmic rays have a sense of humour
(trilema) Apocalyptic: quite amusing that 281479271743489 has 65537 as one of its 3 prime factors, those cosmic rays have a sense of humour
(trilema) asciilifeform: (modern gods fire cosmic rays at sinners. earthquake - passe)
(trilema) mircea_popescu: A Method To Insulate Aircraft From Cosmic Rays Digitally. "just carry a large bunch of e's in a pile outside hte ship"
(trilema) mircea_popescu: asciilifeform incidentally, we have now experimentally found the wavelength of cosmic rays.
(trilema) asciilifeform: we now know how to deflect cosmic rays from spacecraft!
(trilema) mircea_popescu: cosmic rays come from Social Justice not from god you heathen
(trilema) mircea_popescu: you see chitlin, cosmic rays don't often interfere with digital computers. but when they do, they always stamp in 281479271743489.
(trilema) mircea_popescu: "nsa's pgp keyservers not responsible for fraud - there is a history of cosmic rays having done this before"
(trilema) ascii_field: cosmic rays and memory corruption, apparently, can not only create valid self-sigs, but spare boring folks like you & i.
(trilema) ascii_field: 'cosmic rays', 'bad blocks on disks'
(trilema) trinque: self aware cosmic rays... sounds like greg egan
(trilema) ascii_field: cosmic rays know how to do this also, we learn
(trilema) ascii_field: 'cosmic rays!!!111!!1'
(trilema) ascii_field: did you know that cosmic rays could perform signatures ?
(trilema) ascii_field: but it was cosmic rays, dontcha know.
(trilema) asciilifeform: so we can put the 'cosmic rays' folks to rest.
(trilema) asciilifeform: incidentally, this is consistent with 'cosmic rays'
(trilema) asciilifeform: lucky cosmic rays?
(trilema) mircea_popescu: << this. people have nfi what level of radiation counts as "background". if cosmic rays were as energetic as you know, actual matter ? we'd have serious problems. and some pretty kickass satellites.
(trilema) decimation: although it seems that the cosmic rays might not be the major/primary cause of issues
(trilema) decimation: asciilifeform: < " Nevertheless, this means that when you buy a computer, you are playing "DIMM" (and motherboard) roulette . You have something like one chance in three to ten of getting a computer that will experience memory errors at the frightening frequencies (one every few days) that I talked about but attributed to cosmic rays, and that AMD talks about in their whitepaper . "
(trilema) Chillum: <-- due to cosmic rays you should always expect the possibility of a bit flipping at random in your memory
(trilema) jurov: lol.. someday maybe we learn how to generate cosmic rays with scotch tape
(trilema) decimation: ideally one would find a simultaneous set of 'hits' over an area so one could backtrack the cosmic rays
(trilema) decimation: "Some experts reading these reports on have pointed out that X-rays and gamma-rays represent only a fraction of the radiation present at aviation altitudes. The true dose could be doubled or tripled by neutrons, a component of cosmic rays known to be especially good at delivering energy to human tissue. "
(trilema) decimation: I wonder if a computer made of discrete chips would be more fault-tolerant against cosmic rays, etc
(trilema) mircea_popescu: this, because cosmic rays kill the weaker male making sperm
(trilema) punkman: there's this cunt of a website I'm trying to borrow data from, I ask for it goes HA I KNOW YOU WANTED DERP.COM/FAT-HERPBURG INSTEAD. Cosmic rays? Someone fucking with me?
(trilema) asciilifeform: the correct engineering philosophy here is to treat law the way satellite designers treat cosmic rays.
(trilema) asciilifeform: (if cosmic rays are insufficient, someone might be so kind as to pump some ionizing strange through your server. or merely turn up the thermostat in the cage. etc.)
(trilema) dub: the look on their face when they find out you weren't joking when you said 'cosmic rays'
(trilema) asciilifeform: dust TX, if they exist, could be interesting. bit flips from cosmic rays?
(trilema) Vexual: blame it on the cosmic rays
(trilema) Vexual: those cosmic rays are a bitch
(trilema) mircea_popescu: anyway. the fsck is complete, the drives are fine, the failure was due to cosmic rays.