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boolcrap: guys, do you like funny things?
trinque: all these damn kids that can't handle their drugs these days
boolcrap: haha
boolcrap: maybe the dentist gave her too much
boolcrap: her parents must be proud, now they know how shes spending their hard earned money
boolcrap: stan why aren't you rich yet
trinque: prolly saw all that educational material on the superior black seed or w/e
trinque: the chick I mean!
boolcrap: black power.
boolcrap: that is what you learn in college now
trinque: cuckotronics 101
mircea_popescu: the idea college kids do it is so fucking 1980s
boolcrap: you mean its not like one giant frat party gang bang?
boolcrap: girls gone wild is a lie?
mircea_popescu: no, it's a production.
mircea_popescu: the one giant frat party gangbang was pre and immediately after cellphones.
boolcrap: well as long as i didnt miss out on it by not going to college
mircea_popescu: you know how it goes, if you're the kind to miss out on it you'd have missed out on it if you went to college just as well.
mircea_popescu: if not, not.
boolcrap: i think if i went to college now i would still miss out on it.
boolcrap: how do you get all the chicks, you just drive around in your beamer?
mircea_popescu: i dont drive
boolcrap: uber?
mircea_popescu: nah. i actually never tried uber so far.
boolcrap: do you have winter where you are?
boolcrap: whats the extreme low for the year?
mircea_popescu: sort-of. they think so, but meh. i've not yet seen frost.
mircea_popescu: maybe 9 or so
boolcrap: dam so
boolcrap: like all year
boolcrap: is strawberry season?
mircea_popescu: just about.
boolcrap: that is nice.
mircea_popescu: they sure have them on sale pretty much year round
asciilifeform: boolcrap: you can go from one end of mircea_popesculandia to another by cab for a few bux.
boolcrap: but then you can also commit suicide by stabbing yourself in the back
mircea_popescu: anyway, most often is "hey, come over, i want you to meet X".
mircea_popescu: wait, shit, this is actually on trilema already innit.
boolcrap: stan told me his favorite pickup line
boolcrap: "heres my dick, where do we go from here"
mircea_popescu: wait, stan picks up male coworkers ?
boolcrap: not that i know of
mircea_popescu: so then why'd he tell it to you ?
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform does this pass for trolling in your country ?
boolcrap: hahaha
boolcrap: what other fruit do you have down there
boolcrap: that i have not eaten
boolcrap: anything exotic ?
asciilifeform: boolcrap must also have weird dreams.
boolcrap: i really do.
mircea_popescu: wtf is "exotic"
boolcrap: i dont know like
boolcrap: stuff they dont have in america
mircea_popescu: this is america.
boolcrap: i thought it was a 3rd world banana republic
boolcrap: oh wait
boolcrap: ok its america.
asciilifeform: 'kokakola! sometimes - war!!111' (tm) (r) (rammstein)
mircea_popescu: anyway, they have the same fruits they have everywhere. papaya and apples and whatever the hell. cherries at two bucks a pound.
boolcrap: 2 bux a lb is really good
boolcrap: if i were to buy from "farmers market"
boolcrap: would be 5
boolcrap: we dont really get papaya here at all
mircea_popescu: chicks make some epic cherry pie. one inch of cherry matter in a thin pastry wrapping.
boolcrap: whipped cream?
mircea_popescu is kinda ruined for non-homemade pies now.
trinque: ever have some mascarpone along the bottom of the crust in a cherry pie?
trinque: goddamned excellent.
boolcrap: america is fucking shit for food
boolcrap: theres not a god dam place i can eat out
trinque: so cook
boolcrap: well there is one italian place
boolcrap: we do, we cook every night
boolcrap: but its nice to go out to eat every now and then
boolcrap: give the wife a break
trinque: eh, chick I'm seeing is thrilled when she makes something good
boolcrap: rofl
boolcrap: where do u live?
mircea_popescu: how often does she make bad shit ?
trinque: not very
boolcrap: if she makes something bad
trinque: runs as bad as could be better, but I like it
boolcrap: just throw it out and make her start over
trinque: boolcrap: houston
trinque: $up boolcrap
deedbot: boolcrap voiced for 30 minutes.
mircea_popescu: o you got back to texas ?
trinque: she'd throw it out before I said anything
trinque: I did
mircea_popescu: cool. does it disappoint ?
trinque: nah, 'tis home
mircea_popescu: even better then.
boolcrap: yeah its hard to get a good wife
boolcrap: in america
boolcrap: maybe its all the opression thats going on
mircea_popescu: unlike where ?
boolcrap: other countries
boolcrap: like romania
trinque: "it's hard to get a good job / live well / know how to dress"
mircea_popescu: "o hey, i heard in merv they issue you a pair from the dmv"
boolcrap: wtf is merv
mircea_popescu: merv is a city that was.
boolcrap: dude america is a the head of the fucking feminist nazi movement
boolcrap: cooking is frowned upon
trinque: chick still wants to please
mircea_popescu: how much time do you folk spend reading shit online ?
boolcrap: i read the chat long when i want to feel like an idoit
boolcrap: i dont read alot
boolcrap: stan reads the most
trinque: stay, feel like an idiot more often, learn.
mircea_popescu: so how dja know about lal this feminist nazi thangs ?
boolcrap: well im living in it
boolcrap: i had to pull my wife away from it
trinque: plenty of chicks in tx still that fuckin glow when they made something you like to eat
trinque: i.e. not broken
boolcrap: texas is a conservative state
mircea_popescu: i confess in my (perhaps maginal) experience, the whole "feminist" charade is mostly a (very transparent) defense for shy teen/early 20s chicks. more pretense than anything, and very strongly correlated with "i'm not sure what to do once clothes come off"
boolcrap: cruz is the governor :)
trinque: senator
boolcrap: my bad
boolcrap: nah its this whole crazy idea that men are not superior to women
mircea_popescu: at what, lactation ?
boolcrap: care taking
boolcrap: women are the best care takers around
boolcrap: so stop going back to work 2 weeks after ur baby is born
mircea_popescu: if i actually had to milk dudes i'd prolly give up cappuccino
boolcrap: i dont think thats milk
trinque: >b 1
trinque: shinohai: how dare you
trinque: boolcrap: chick that gripes at you with controlling "feminism" is instinctively demanding you nut up. it's her child-raising instincts trying to shove you along to adulthood.
trinque: and she resents you for evoking that
trinque: mircea_popescu has treated this subject amply
boolcrap: maybe you are right
boolcrap: maybe feminism is running rampant because there are no more men in america
mircea_popescu: the talking points memo!
boolcrap: im here to regurgitate the republican talking points
boolcrap: didn't you get the memo
mircea_popescu: can we call you boosh-v ?
boolcrap: i dont get the reference
mircea_popescu has now accidentally checked out josh marshall's blog, is amused at all the butthurt.
trinque: guy seems to love trump
trinque: he can't stop talking about him
mircea_popescu: liberals, you know. mouth says one thing, ass says another.
trinque: ahaha
mircea_popescu fondly remembers all teh brexit "polls" being wrong by just about 50%
boolcrap: whoa
boolcrap: this is the first time ive ever seen anyone be called a liberal blogger
boolcrap: on wiki.
mircea_popescu: "notable because no reason"
boolcrap: everyones always "conservative" something
boolcrap: so i guess if you are born without gag reflex
boolcrap: you always have career options
boolcrap: can your gag reflex be removed?
mircea_popescu: apparently.
BingoBoingo: $up freebtcwebsite
deedbot: freebtcwebsite voiced for 30 minutes.
BingoBoingo: hallo freebtcwebsite
shinohai: <<< too much bickering over what trigger characters to use, so don't blame me. I just tried to make nice things.
a111: Logged on 2016-09-01 04:26 trinque: shinohai: how dare you
shinohai: mircea_popescu: tx id added to post, thx
diana_coman: mod6 or anyone else who already did this: I'm installing gentoo on a box with the view to run a node on it; any specific/recommended sw requirements/setup? box is i5 2.6GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB hdd
shinohai: Should be able to do new offline build with minimal unix toolz
diana_coman: kk, will see how it goes then
thestringpuller: shinohai: u get my message about pitchers?
shinohai: o hai thestringpuller
shinohai: Didn't get that until late yesterday sorry :/
shinohai: You like the pizza there?
thestringpuller: It's aite, but on Tues Thurs it's 10 dollar pitchers
thestringpuller: Basically I go straight there after work, and drink with buddies until traffic dies down then it's like a chill 25 minute drive home instead of 40 minute to 1 hour drive.
thestringpuller: and like 10 Dollars of good stuff, like Sweetwater.
shinohai nearly always drinks at home.
shinohai: I do have a beer or 2 out sometimes though.
thestringpuller: it's labor day
thestringpuller: and D*C weekend
shinohai: Oh shit I forgot about that
thestringpuller: Have fun fun!
shinohai: $up sellbtctraderz
deedbot: sellbtctraderz voiced for 30 minutes.
shinohai: sellbtctraderz: you the guy from bitcoinztalk ?
sellbtctraderz: I am another guy from BCT
shinohai: ah ok. You have your GPG key registered yet?
sellbtctraderz: I am pretty new to this, I have a finger print but can't import it, Do I need any specific user id or password?
shinohai: sent you a PM sellbtctraderz
trinque: << I was just kidding about teh epicness of the bash
a111: Logged on 2016-09-01 12:31 shinohai: <<< too much bickering over what trigger characters to use, so don't blame me. I just tried to make nice things.
mircea_popescu: so i watched a southpark episode last night, it was one about how all the canadians moved to the us because they had elected a trump and canada was turned into a total detroit by his idiocy BECAUSE THEY WEREN'T PAYING ATTENTION, and it made me think of
mircea_popescu: yea, it's totally because not paying attention to ~trump~ that place's going to shit. not because not paying attention to the soul eating, all consuming bureaucracy. that's a-ok, will make the country not-great again because it doesn't need to, because to them it's always been great.
mircea_popescu: !up hotgirlchandai
gribble: Error: "up" is not a valid command.
shinohai: $up hotgirlchandai
deedbot: hotgirlchandai voiced for 30 minutes.
shinohai: hello hotgirlchandai
shinohai: What brings you here?
mircea_popescu: shinohai it's not "bickering". toldja 2x to use !~, an hour apart. next day you had changed it to > or some stupid shit and people were complaining, so it got devoiced. next time do critical fixes - such as the control sequence of a chatbot - in real time or remove it yourself.
shinohai: Sorry that bot surgery was low on list of priorities at the time.
mircea_popescu: so then say "sorry, i couldn't maintain my bot to spec" not "bickering. truth helps.
shinohai: ok hotgirlchandai do you have a gpg key ?
hotgirlchandai: no gpg key :(
shinohai: Well technically there *was* bickering. Some ppl were happy with original, some didn't like >,
shinohai: other wanted !~
shinohai: windows user hotgirlchandai ?
mircea_popescu: people doesn't enter in this conversation, it's not a fucking vote.
mircea_popescu: i guess all this can get pretty confusing.
mircea_popescu will write an article.
hotgirlchandai: Not understand anything: D
shinohai: Your language/region?
shinohai: We aren't vagabonds here, some of us speak languages besides queen's English
shinohai: { "ip": "", "hostname": "No Hostname", "city": "Thanh Hóa", "region": "Tinh Thanh Hoa", "country": "VN", "loc": "19.8000,105.7667", "org": "AS45899 VNPT Corp" }
shinohai: However, vietmanese isn't my specialty
mircea_popescu: oh you speak thai ?
mircea_popescu: oh not even thai hehe.
asciilifeform: ;;later tell diana_coman << yes, there is a magical recipe, << thread.
a111: Logged on 2016-09-01 12:32 diana_coman: mod6 or anyone else who already did this: I'm installing gentoo on a box with the view to run a node on it; any specific/recommended sw requirements/setup? box is i5 2.6GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB hdd
a111: Logged on 2016-03-03 17:24 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: << preliminary crib sheet
gribble: The operation succeeded.
mircea_popescu: in other news, i downloaded "modern" browser. the shit proceeds to download "an update" by itself when left alone for five minutes. then upon examination it turns out that it has no setting to fix this. nor for that matter any setting to disable javascript. nor anything else. it has : a star ; and a smiley face. that's all. "would you like french fries with that ?" level of interface design. i guess menus and whatnot were "to
mircea_popescu: o confusing" and this is "better technology" because it "just works" etc. but holy hell, it so fills me with furious rage...
mircea_popescu: $key sellbtctraderz
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: lemme guess, 'chrome' or some variant ?
mircea_popescu: firefox ten millio nsomething
mircea_popescu: you should see the version numbers of these beople.
mircea_popescu: yes, ick, but it nevertheless exists.
thestringpuller: asciilifeform: is there a write up of the pogo yet?
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: not satisfied with the cookbooks on trb mailinglist ?
asciilifeform: and here i thought i beat the subject to an agonizingly pedantic death...
thestringpuller: asciilifeform: nah i'm sourcing it in my own docs. i'm doing a big write up of trb for n00bs.
asciilifeform: i even described how to boot kernels off the net, for quick turnaround when working on a kernel-cum-bitcoind shitball
asciilifeform: (off lan via tftp, that is)
diana_coman: thank you asciilifeform !
asciilifeform: diana_coman: iirc phf followed my recipe to a happy result. might want to ask him when he comes back from desert planet.
thestringpuller: asciilifeform: ugh. every mention of burning man makes me extremely jealous.
thestringpuller: I love going to burns. It's a break from any real world problem you might have.
mircea_popescu: with burning rage.
mircea_popescu: plus there's blond girls there.
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: so why aintcha there.
thestringpuller: cuz i iz too deep in the uranium mines to take leave. maybe when my shift is up.
shinohai: Come to Columbia with me thestringpuller, mebbe there is still a trilema girl down there you can hook up with
mircea_popescu: you're actually going ?
shinohai: 2 weeks
shinohai: *in 2 wks
thestringpuller: trilema girls in columbia?
thestringpuller: how did mircea_popescu know i like blondes?
mircea_popescu: shinohai you know there ~is~ a slight possibility you're walking into a trap, yes ?
shinohai: I know, but I haz friend meeting me there from Venezuela
mircea_popescu: thestringpuller i took a shot.
mircea_popescu: ah ok then.
shinohai has been through centra America how much worse can Columbia be?
mircea_popescu: that's not it ; colombia itself is fine. if you have sense to travel on own arrangements, not share with random ho you met online, establish your own base and meet her from a position of power / in public / whatever like sane people will be ok.
mircea_popescu: if it's like "oh, random chick i met yesterday will meet me at airport and her... uhm... brothers... will drive me to their estancia in the interior" you're setting self up for lulz.
shinohai: I needed some adventure
mircea_popescu: $up Yipdard
deedbot: Yipdard voiced for 30 minutes.
Yipdard: What is this?
shinohai: a chat
Yipdard: lol
Yipdard: voice chat?
Yipdard: wtf?
mircea_popescu: no, this is irc.
Yipdard: fine
mircea_popescu: anyway, who are you and what are you looking for ?
shinohai: I got him mircea_popescu
shinohai: he will join #eulora shortly
thestringpuller: mircea_popescu: So the Eulora world will inevatibly allow different "modes of play" i.e. "Stealth game" or "Action game"? via >>
thestringpuller: but how do you prevent "feature bloat" or is that non-issue?
mircea_popescu: why would i have to prevent it ? there's specific space in the design spec for third-party developed maps. they run by whatever rules third party comes up with ; player doens't have to enter it. if he does enter it, client loads up more data.
Yipdard: $register DF94F889FDFDB1F30545A985AD292D96188A3B0C
deedbot: Import failed for DF94F889FDFDB1F30545A985AD292D96188A3B0C.
mircea_popescu: Yipdard might need a few minutes to propagate.
mircea_popescu: thestringpuller will work in practice a little bit like majesty, if you know that game : after a certain level, your castle gets a sewer. you can set some rules for it. eventually you get moar complex submaps etc.
thestringpuller: mircea_popescu: aha! So same context of one "modding"? Or third party as in, "Dude can have his complete own game running as long as it fits _this_ interface"
Yipdard: what i will have to do?
shinohai: same thing again
shinohai: but wait abt 10 minutes or so
Yipdard: i will receive 0.01btc?
mircea_popescu: once you talk to me in game yes.
Yipdard: take time to download this game?
thestringpuller: mircea_popescu: Lol. I like how S.MG is already what Everpoop Software (or whatever spells of genesis guise are doing) wants to do.
mircea_popescu: bout 500mb it was iirc.
mircea_popescu: thestringpuller for instance, the intention is to have, say, "game board". players craft it, and if they want play. so you can make your own pinball machine, and play pinball in eulora.
BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> if it's like "oh, random chick i met yesterday will meet me at airport and her... uhm... brothers... will drive me to their estancia in the interior" you're setting self up for lulz. << lol
shinohai: If lulz occur, I'll give BingoBoingo the scoop
BingoBoingo: Why U No Scoop Self?
mircea_popescu: he might be busy holding in the poop
shinohai: Well if I get kidnapped by Columbian drug lords I can hardly access my gpg keyz
mircea_popescu: with both hands
mircea_popescu: shinohai columbian drug lords have much better things to do than play bitch for random gringo tourist.
mircea_popescu: random street urchin with gang lord delusions however, may perceive you're in not as good position to check their priviledge as the ganglords are.
shinohai: Hence my scary Venezuelan friend as backup.
mircea_popescu: from what i hear (from chicks that ran away) venezuela is truly in the shit nowadays.
mircea_popescu: wanna be a pirate, go there.
shinohai: Yeah it is a shithole from all reports
shinohai: That crapcoin xchange Cryptopia is full of Venezuelans trying to make bitdust
BingoBoingo: shinohai: Don't forget to carry your Kleins, hammer, and other tools of privilege inspection on your belt. Always dress for trabajo
BingoBoingo: Or more like Traba-ho
shinohai: I thought if I wore jeans and a flannel shirt with hammer in belt I might fit right in.
BingoBoingo: Really you should wear that everywhere, but seriously gotta have the Kleins to show you are srs about bsns.
BingoBoingo: Knipex makes an acceptable substitute. Channel locks are right out.
asciilifeform: << meanwhile, in the belching smokestacks of lulzschwitz...
shinohai: I gotta get me one of those orange and white Handy Manny baseball caps too
BingoBoingo: shinohai: Just get a Baltimore Oriels cap
shinohai: check.
asciilifeform: somebody milking phf's box again ?
BingoBoingo: ;;bc,stats
gribble: Current Blocks: 427831 | Current Difficulty: 2.2075590833037228E11 | Next Difficulty At Block: 429407 | Next Difficulty In: 1576 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 1 week, 4 days, 6 hours, 10 minutes, and 17 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: None | Estimated Percent Change: None
asciilifeform: ;;later tell mircea_popescu << for your psychiatric collection
gribble: The operation succeeded.
shinohai: $up VAodminnTer
deedbot: VAodminnTer voiced for 30 minutes.
asciilifeform: aaaaaand how long has been a spam farm ?
asciilifeform: with wonderful 'articles' such as 'Key Points To Consider When A Buying Car In Kansas City', or 'Choosing The Right Dirt Bike For Your Child'.
shinohai: Been like that for a loooooooooooooooong time
asciilifeform: ;;later tell BingoBoingo << or anyone else interested in 'arkencides'.
gribble: The operation succeeded.
mircea_popescu: $up Yipdard
deedbot: Yipdard voiced for 30 minutes.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform my collection doth grow
shinohai: Imma have to bill for the noob tech support soon.
shinohai: Thats like 6 today
mircea_popescu: lol srsly.
mircea_popescu: make an account already, i'll give you a pile o' picks.
shinohai: I have account just no way to actually do anything useful in game
mircea_popescu: why not ?
Yipdard: 3d game?
shinohai: Shitty laptop grafix
shinohai: yup Yipdard
mircea_popescu: ah. toning it down from config dun help ?
Yipdard: can someone explain me goal of the game?
shinohai: Not to die
Yipdard: i can become an advertiser for you
mircea_popescu made the mistake of encouraging girl to sushi. girl is now insanely good, to the degree all the previous great sushi places in town are meh, and i just want to have sushi at home.
Yipdard: ah lol
mircea_popescu: Yipdard well basically, to make money.
mircea_popescu: or to figure out how it works. either way.
shinohai mircea_popescu also encouraged me to qntra but I got no better :/
Yipdard: that's why we are all here, you know
mircea_popescu: bolt tits on
mircea_popescu: Yipdard the largest pop to date, 82.x mn ECu, aka 0.82 btc, came from a click that cost the owner maybe 10k satoshi or somesuch.
Yipdard: wtf
shinohai: $up VAodminnTer
deedbot: VAodminnTer voiced for 30 minutes.
shinohai: now try VAodminnTer
VAodminnTer: == Cannot send to channel $register 08119972876B78EB07B107C840911EAF3ABA24C0
mircea_popescu: my best is only like 50mn, but anyway. game has no upper limit, in principle you could loot 100 btc worth.
VAodminnTer: $register 08119972876B78EB07B107C840911EAF3ABA24C0
Yipdard: i can become an advertiser for your game, mircea_popescu
deedbot: Import failed for 08119972876B78EB07B107C840911EAF3ABA24C0.
mircea_popescu: alright ? how'd that work ?
Yipdard: i speak french, and i know a lot about games, so IT'S STRONG!
shinohai imagines Eulora overrun with Algerians
mircea_popescu: does it make a difference ?
Yipdard: lol, they're everywhere
Yipdard: i said frenchs, not fucking algerians, don't like them
mircea_popescu: i actually knew a super hot chick who was algerian.
Yipdard: where in algeria? please say me that it's not an arabic guy
shinohai: And yet Yipdard, Algeria supplies you with internet!
Yipdard: yeah that's it shinohai
mircea_popescu: i dunno, if she was muslim she must've been not very practice-y
Yipdard: problem is that algerians are arabisated
Yipdard: their origin is not from this fucking sauds
mircea_popescu: that escalated rapidly.
Yipdard: yeah, you know kabylians?
Yipdard: amazighs, berbères, don't really know their name in english, there probably don't have one
VAodminnTer: $register 08119972876B78EB07B107C840911EAF3ABA24C0
deedbot: Import failed for 08119972876B78EB07B107C840911EAF3ABA24C0.
shinohai: VAodminnTer: I just sent your key to server let it propagate a sec
mircea_popescu: you mean like soumaya, elliot rodger's stepmother ?
Yipdard: don't know
Yipdard: you know that zidane is a kabyle?
Yipdard: nofake
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: neh, like the piratez of barbary !1111
mircea_popescu: ;;google soumaya akaaboune
gribble: Soumaya Akaaboune - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; The Agony of Peter Rodger, a Dad Whose Son Became a Mass ...: <>; somaya - YouTube: <>
asciilifeform: ;;google barbary corsairs
gribble: Barbary pirates - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; First Barbary War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; Barbary Pirates Battled By US Navy 200 Years Ago: <>
Yipdard: Ah yes, barberousse
Yipdard: but that's after the arabisation, kabyles are white peoples, mixed with some "bruns" (in french)
Yipdard: soumaya akaaboune is from morocco, there is berbers there
Yipdard: algerians are everywhere in the world, from canada to australia omg
shinohai cannot help but be amused today
shinohai: <<< moar social media but on the blockchain experimentz
Yipdard: what different?
Yipdard: how old are you guys?
VAodminnTer: $register 08119972876B78EB07B107C840911EAF3ABA24C0
deedbot: 08119972876B78EB07B107C840911EAF3ABA24C0 registered as VAodminnTer.
mircea_popescu: Yipdard you can google me you know.
mircea_popescu: $key VAodminnTer
shinohai: $up Yipdard
deedbot: Yipdard voiced for 30 minutes.
Yipdard: thanks ^^
Yipdard: hey mircea_popescu, GIVE ME AN ACCOUNT, NOW!
Yipdard: please :)
mircea_popescu: $key Yipdard
Yipdard: Ah yes! thanks
Yipdard: $key fuckyou
Yipdard: lel
Yipdard: i am downloading with 15ko/s
Yipdard: thanks algeria
asciilifeform wonders, was #eulora hit by cosmic rays, or wat, why are these folks here
Yipdard: have a 4g connexion with this download speed
Yipdard: mircea_popescu what is it?
shinohai: That's your login info
mircea_popescu: you decrypt that.
Yipdard: with Kleopatra?
Yipdard: don't know how
shinohai: Yipdard: see part 8 of the manual I gave you
Yipdard: yes, just opened it
Yipdard: it's ok, thanks!
Yipdard: i will contact you when download is finished
mircea_popescu: ever since shinohai got so well involved i've been pondering a fair way to handle rewards for this, though with little success ;/
mircea_popescu: where are ye dao experts and philosophers of abstract contracts when there's actual economic need of yer "skillz".
Yipdard: you really earned your money creating scripts?
mircea_popescu: uh. what ?
Yipdard: you have more than 1'500'000$ lel
mircea_popescu: closer to a billion, yes.
trinque cracks up
Yipdard: you will vote trump?
mircea_popescu: i live in argentina.
mircea_popescu: besides, i don't vote ; i just publish articles.
Yipdard: oh fuck it, shinohai live in usa, sorry
shinohai: mircea_popescu: I will always accept payment in shares in lieu of picks
Yipdard: so you influence peoples but you don't vote
mircea_popescu: shinohai now this is a good point. you know what, ima put you on the list next month.
shinohai claps
mircea_popescu: knock yourself out. and also - make a "how to key" page on wiki, collect all the stuff you tell these people in one place.
thestringpuller: shinohai: lets go ride the D*C train
thestringpuller: n00b heaven
shinohai: 99% of it seems to be explaining gpg4win parts, but yeah time has come for a noobs guide
mircea_popescu: save yourself the typing.
shinohai: I don't mind, typing @ noobs = job security.
shinohai: $up VAodminnTer
deedbot: VAodminnTer voiced for 30 minutes.
trinque: << /me perceives more of "republic describes the structure of meaning" here
trinque: cannot find the log line where this was first stated thus
trinque: in other words, that "republic" describes how information flows among the nodes of the WoT
shinohai: Also:
shinohai: ;;ud bicken
gribble: | Bicken Back Being Bool means kicking back being cool... Blood gangs use b's instead of C's or K's because the letter K sounds like a C.
shinohai: lolz
mircea_popescu: trinque not a bad approximation at all.
mircea_popescu: the impressive thing, at least to me, is that it is an ideal artefact so utterly interpretable. from a purely political, or religious view it's one thing ; but a purely gnoseologic definition is also available, and it doesn't even have to import "person" or "reality" to work just fine. besides, it can be stated in any other systematic approach one cares to.
mircea_popescu: shinohai footnoted!
shinohai: ty mircea_popescu I will take my lumps but for the proper reason!
mircea_popescu: the mystery of lumps is that only the fallen may ever get any. to everyone else it's figs an' dates.
mircea_popescu: in other omg i can't believe this shit, apparently there's an entire ecosystem built around "faucets".
shinohai: That's why all the eulora noobs have to PM me 3 times to ask if this is a scam.Most of them are likely faucet farmers.
mircea_popescu: << pewrhaps a fine example
PeterL: And if it was a scam, you would tell them if they PM to ask?
mircea_popescu: shinohai amusingly enough i'm pretty sure we've already paid out more than the entire "faucets" this whole year.
mircea_popescu: apparently they do thinks like 200 satoshi at a time
mircea_popescu: PeterL btw, you ready to do some mining i neulora ?
PeterL: welll, yes (if I could get it to run...) just a sec
shinohai: 1 bitcent is roughly 6 months of average fauceting I'd say, yet some of these guys do it religiously.
mircea_popescu: and holy shit they solve captchas. like... by hand ?
PeterL: when your time is worth 0, solving capchas by hand is a great way to spend it
shinohai: lol yeah,someone made a shitcoin once, iirc where pow and distribution was accomplished by filling in captchas.
mircea_popescu: alternatively you could just spend a week reading about gardening, grow some potatoes.
trinque: somewhere a fart bubbles through goo in a glass cylinder
mircea_popescu: lol trinque has transcended, he will now speak in koans.
PeterL: but growing potatoes requires some initial capital investment (and physical work!), filling out capchas is basically free!!!
mircea_popescu: except needs computer and internet
mircea_popescu: go steal a potato from market stall, plant it by side of road wut.
mircea_popescu: somehow people dun do this irl, but online - no qualms about it.
PeterL: well, if you are living in your parents basement, you already have computer and internet, right?
mircea_popescu: socialism, the tool of insanity. getting people to ruin their lives since forever, through the surefire method of confusing the cost structure.
mircea_popescu: "The sports casters are blaming back to school shopping, as if kids never before got outfitted for school at the and of August." << ahahaha. mno. as if anyone in the us has any money to spend. that's the big fucking point. usg.agitprop is talking about some wholly hallucinated shoping, that in their feverish imagination is so outsized as to keep people away from baseball even ?
mircea_popescu: long live the soviets lmao.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: as if anyone in the us has any money to spend << waiwat??
asciilifeform: no shortage of 'shoppingists'
asciilifeform: (~where~ they get the printolade, whether from redditcard or from turning tricks, i do not know, but there is never such a time that the shops are not packed)
PeterL: plenty of bezzle to go around
asciilifeform: << can't steal potato 'while you sleep!111'
a111: Logged on 2016-09-01 20:33 mircea_popescu: somehow people dun do this irl, but online - no qualms about it.
PeterL: cant fill out capchas by hand while you sleep either
asciilifeform: eh sure you can.
asciilifeform: 1,001 ways.
asciilifeform: (all known 'captcha' systems fall into category of either 'unusable' or 'trivially breakable.')
asciilifeform: << these, like roof over house, are not part of ~anybody's cost calculus.
a111: Logged on 2016-09-01 20:32 mircea_popescu: except needs computer and internet
asciilifeform: because, again, ~everyone already has them.
asciilifeform: and wouldn't even consider not having.
asciilifeform: ( e.g., gabriel_laddel, a homeless dude, still has'em )
mircea_popescu: i dunno, it sounds to me like queues and rations are just about next.
asciilifeform: 'next' in what sense ? plenty of folks have been standing in queues and eating rationed liquishit since fdr
mircea_popescu: in the mainstream sense
asciilifeform: do we have to review the photos i took in bmore ?
asciilifeform: of 'food depot'.
asciilifeform: $s food depot
deedbot: << » Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski - The blueprints.
BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> in other omg i can't believe this shit, apparently there's an entire ecosystem built around "faucets". << lol, you've been so sheltered from this fount of idiots
BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> and holy shit they solve captchas. like... by hand ? << Seriously the captcha problem as been solved by the poverty solution.
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo it's a tad ridiculous you know. to quote from the other chan, "kinda funny, over the course of the week the faucet folk managed to get a little more than one of a pair of old style tits"
mircea_popescu: i mean seriously, the 0.1 chicks used to get exceed the total gdp of that entire many-thousand strong community
asciilifeform: of what are made new-style tits? beryllium copper ?
asciilifeform: 6-axis machined ?
mircea_popescu: nowadays only 0.02 see
asciilifeform: ah this.
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: You gotta remember that poverty also colonizes their minds kinda ruining them for anything else. But yeah seriously none would find a pair of tits to photograph.
BingoBoingo: Gotta remember these are slime that wants to do the work of python scripts et al.
shinohai: Pretty sure I got tit market wrapped these days
mircea_popescu: well, nothinh wrong with that, their labour is actually useful in eulora
BingoBoingo: Are you sure?
asciilifeform: iirc there was entire thread re subj
asciilifeform: where mircea_popescu advanced the argument that 'eulora needs dungbeetles'
mircea_popescu: the irony of how eulora is better utilization of these people's time than their own life is not lost on me
asciilifeform: or sumthinglikethat
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i dun play, so i cannot say, but if indeed the thing ~needs~ dungbeetles, to work correctly, this is a risk.
asciilifeform: because dungbeetles are fickle and fashion-driven.
asciilifeform: today - eulora, tomorrow - shitquest etc.
mircea_popescu: it needs ~some~
mircea_popescu: and i'd be much surprised if there can be such a thing as competition.
mircea_popescu: shitquest costs money to play after all.
asciilifeform: fair'nuff.
BingoBoingo: I kinda worry about the dung castles lining the shore.
mircea_popescu: eh, how'd that work ?
BingoBoingo: Honestly I dunno about the game, but I trust the beetles can find a wrong way to play it.
mircea_popescu: dun think so.
mircea_popescu: this is after all the gambit here. i say they can't.
BingoBoingo: Well I guess the worst case is you might have to accelerate the development of oppression mechanisms in the game.
Framedragger: mircea_popescu: just to update, i've cleared my "things owed to relatives etc in short term" list and will move on to log bot+web feature stuff. realistically things will happen on tuesday (or before), because $job from monday onwards. will let y'all know.
BingoBoingo: Framedragger: If you call it $job you have the wrong attitude towards it. Call it "hobby"
asciilifeform: Framedragger: the second parcel of keyz has been digested today.
asciilifeform: (and yes, getting them ~into the db~ takes ~100% of the time)
Framedragger: asciilifeform: \o/
Framedragger: BingoBoingo: yah i've to take better care of my hobbies eh
asciilifeform: ^ from the 'trump as ru spy' thing.
mircea_popescu: Framedragger cool deal.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform oh, i thought it was isisterrorists.
mircea_popescu: but anyway, lulzy "duel" of talking points from the libtards and really-not-libtards-promise. they all agree russia doesn't matter and that hillary will somehow win the "elections", but you're more than free to connect the rest of the dots any way you please ? hurr durr.
mircea_popescu: a) in a us-ru confrontation, ru wins ; as they have won the past three ; b) only thing hillary wins is another pint of hagen dazs. woman's a born loser, and always ahs been.
mircea_popescu: heck, she probably still has the icecream ladels from back when she was the... second lady of the first man.
mircea_popescu: $up Farksers
deedbot: Farksers voiced for 30 minutes.
asciilifeform: hey, recall, dhs took jurisdiction of 'critical infrastructure, which now includes elections' not so long ago.
mircea_popescu: a right.
mircea_popescu: so she loses election and gets anointed by bureaucracy, is the last ditch of a hope ? mmmkay,
mircea_popescu: just as long as we agree woman doesn't have a prayer.
asciilifeform: the 'right' numbers - come out.
mircea_popescu: so you're saying "she loses, but gets anointed by bureaucracy anyway"
asciilifeform: nobody, afaik, cancelled diebold et al.
mircea_popescu: yet, at any rate.
mircea_popescu: you know diebold headquarters burns just like any other vinyl siding construction ; vaginal pear splits up andy matter's wife just as well as any other.
mircea_popescu: so far it's the republic that published the dnc emails ; not the other way around.
asciilifeform: what's an andy matter ?
mircea_popescu: diebold ceo.
asciilifeform: clitler wields the pear.
mircea_popescu: you entertain this delusion, whereby the bureaucrats somehow have freedom to act ; republic does not
mircea_popescu: reality in the field is exactly opposite, but hey.
asciilifeform: mno, bureaucrats are gloves
asciilifeform: on lizard hands.
mircea_popescu: gloves filled with gloves. there's no substance.
mircea_popescu: there's no meta-nsa, there's no anything. the dogvomit is dogvomit all the way down.
asciilifeform: dogvomit dun carbombate hastingses.
asciilifeform: $s arkencide
mircea_popescu: there is no substantial difference between hillary rodham clinton, ross william ulbricht and adam james susan.
mircea_popescu: they're all the exact keyboard warrior, lost in a fantasy world where they "call assassinations" and "resolve problems" and whatnot.
mircea_popescu: the modern variant of the scape goat.
asciilifeform: eh when clitler takes out contract - patient dies.
mircea_popescu: this is provably not so.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu's model, in ru sphere is called 'inverse cargocult' - i.e. 'there are no airplanes, anywhere'
mircea_popescu: more like "there are no wizards, unless you mean 30 yo virgins"
mircea_popescu: (incidentally, the elliot kid is a fucking self-parody, like a comic book character irl)
asciilifeform: it dun take a wizard to nailgun a defenseless schmuck or two.
mircea_popescu: defenseless. a fucking wasp colony can take out the defenseless.
asciilifeform: and for the well-defended, they have ghaddafization.
mircea_popescu: the 90s are over.
asciilifeform: i do hope to live to see them over, yes.
asciilifeform: but not convinced that i will.
mircea_popescu: you know they recently found a russian fellow with his family, in the woods.
mircea_popescu: he was pleased to hear the tsar was finally overturned
mircea_popescu: a century ago.
asciilifeform: this actually happened
mircea_popescu: he died soon thereafter ; likely from salt poisoning.
mircea_popescu: no, i know.
asciilifeform: in '60s
mircea_popescu: no, in like 2013
asciilifeform: must've been his grandkid.
mircea_popescu: well yes.
asciilifeform: lol salt?
mircea_popescu: split the difference : it was 1978
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform yeah, salt is toxic to the innocent.
mircea_popescu: in other retarded people lulz,
shinohai: dafuq is that atrocity ... 2000 sats? srsly ?
shinohai: "Note: We are getting low revenue from ads since we have few players/views/clicks."
mircea_popescu: grep for "Ok guys, I found a general failure on the defense system of the game and don't know how to fix that making the game unable to play at this point."
mircea_popescu: or alternatively i guess for " For everybody, sorry my windows got some bug yesterday while I was doing the banners to promote the game Embarrassed and I'm busy trying to fix that, after that I'll give all atention to you all! Thanks for all!"
shinohai: Interestingly enough, admin needs to wear paid signature to get extra 0.02 btc a week to pay server costs
mircea_popescu: oh look at that, "binary options"
mircea_popescu: "Develop Decentralized Applications & Sidechains in JavaScript with Lisk!"
mircea_popescu: omfg that place. what have you done to me!
asciilifeform: $up boolcrap
deedbot: boolcrap voiced for 30 minutes.
asciilifeform: do they still make you leave the house, boolcrap ?
boolcrap: oh hello
boolcrap: yeah i went in today
asciilifeform: that must suck.
boolcrap: i dont work for the old people u know
asciilifeform: must suck even moar.
boolcrap: its not a bad gig actually
boolcrap: ive had alot of time to work on side jobs
boolcrap: i only go in once a week or so
asciilifeform: that's 1nce too many imho.
boolcrap: well
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: that horror is pure gold. e.g., 'У меня пропали ракетные установки и лазеры. Даже те 4, которые вчера построил!!! Shocked Админ ИСПРАВЬТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА...'
boolcrap: you can only make so much money not interacting with the ppls
asciilifeform: boolcrap: y'know, it is possible to interact with people via newfangled telegraphs'n'such.
boolcrap: u mean, google hangouts? ;p
mircea_popescu: consensteemit or what waseet
asciilifeform: 'all deuterium is gone. It just disappeared. Give me back my deuterium please, i need it!!!'
mircea_popescu: gets better, "i don't know how to fix that 500 error so will close the game"
asciilifeform: 'Since the game is full of bug, it does not mean i don't work hard to get to the first position. My mines is working full power and bring more than 60000 resource per hour'
asciilifeform: ahahahaha
mircea_popescu: anyway, someone found a reimplementation of eve online in php made by some mexicans (literally), edited some stuff in his notepad ; but then the machine "caught some viruses" when he was making banners (ie, downloaded random photoshop crack) and well...
asciilifeform: boolcrap: re: side jobs, do you still suffer with that restaurant orderbook thing?
mircea_popescu: kinda burned, fell over and then sunk into the swamp.
boolcrap: haha no thank god
boolcrap: i can only stomach so much c#
boolcrap: im working on tbm3
asciilifeform: boolcrap: i went there not long ago and half-expected to find you inside.
boolcrap: really you went to il pizzico?
asciilifeform: boolcrap: aha. but it was closed, i had nfi when it opens/not.
asciilifeform: and 3? why not 4. 5.
asciilifeform: think - big..
boolcrap: dam that sucks
boolcrap: were u in the area?
boolcrap: its closed on sundays and from 2-5
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: 'Listen you, i wont say donk, but spam accusin with no evidence, before accusing someone of using bugs better check with that player why he has so much points, and does he even know why he has so much points. I am sick tired of jelious players who don't know how to play game and everyone else is than using bugs and i don't know what else. SO, Please, what is your igm NICK? I gave you mine. I have 3 words for you - L2P
mircea_popescu: jelious ?
asciilifeform: i had nfi that sewer rats had pc and net pipe.
mircea_popescu: JELIOUS RAYE
asciilifeform: stray dogs - yes. raccoons - yes. but rats..
BingoBoingo: <asciilifeform> stray dogs - yes. raccoons - yes. but rats.. << AHA! This is what makes me wary of reaching out to faucetologists!
mircea_popescu: check your priviledge bro. there's more people who don't javascript because they can't than the ones who don't because won't.
asciilifeform: what's it take to can't?
mircea_popescu: and more generally : for every one person who won't do x because stupid idea - there's at least 79 who don't because it never occured to them.
asciilifeform: missing both hands & feet ?
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform braindamage.
asciilifeform: i suppose at the 'tie my shoes for me or i'll shit everywhere' level, not much javascriptin' happening
asciilifeform: but then again!
asciilifeform: having seen the 'software industry', it is difficult to be certain even of this.
mircea_popescu: "do you know why it's called software, sonny ? it's because i shit better code than this!"
asciilifeform: in other 'news', i found the ~1 remaining maker of non-chinese-shitsteel screwdrivers (yes) on the planet.
asciilifeform: they cost > own weight in silver.
mircea_popescu: eh. food costs own weight in silver.
asciilifeform: well yes.
mircea_popescu: silver is really not what it used to be.
asciilifeform: 90% of chineseness is simply from bizarre expectations
asciilifeform: e.g., that tool 'should not cost...'
mircea_popescu: JELIOUS RAJE
asciilifeform: for that matter, how many folks here have ever used or even seen a proper pair of tweezers.
asciilifeform: (they converge to a needle point, that is lathe-turned conical, and ~stays that way~ after years of stabbing into various objects)
mircea_popescu has / had various surgical implements ; knows.
asciilifeform: aha, surgical
asciilifeform: this is not even dirigible material, pretty basic item.
mircea_popescu: it's also a dying item. pre laparascopy it was a major tool of the trade.
asciilifeform: eh nobody canceled tweezer.
asciilifeform: just as no one will cancel hammer.
asciilifeform: $up boolcrap
deedbot: boolcrap voiced for 30 minutes.
mircea_popescu: computer assisted / robot arm did, yes.
BingoBoingo: <asciilifeform> in other 'news', i found the ~1 remaining maker of non-chinese-shitsteel screwdrivers (yes) on the planet. << Who?
mircea_popescu: very little of what used to take skilled hands and tweezers in the operating room still does.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: 'wiha' (germany)
mircea_popescu: wiha is good ppls.
BingoBoingo: There's a few other makers, but yes. Costs weight in silver.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: and who knows for how long. wouldn't astonish me if they are opening the first chinese plant as we speak.
asciilifeform: or 10th.
mircea_popescu: and in other surgical news, the problem with boob implants is that the boob becomes a two-medium item, and now you experience refraction etcf.
asciilifeform: impedance mismatch!11111
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Then they lose "Charge weight in silver." Hand tool market has solid atm homeostasis between gradations of chinese shitsteel and leap to functional metal.
boolcrap: what is this heterosexual shit
boolcrap: post more gay porn plz
mircea_popescu: this is fundamentalist chat!
boolcrap: dam this bitch is amazing
boolcrap: im not clicking that
boolcrap: rofl
asciilifeform: hey mircea_popescu do you suppose fauxtits are susceptible to free surface effect ?
boolcrap: i clicked it, and it wasnt gay. that was a suprise
BingoBoingo: lol, I've trained everyone so well
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform yes.
mircea_popescu: happens all the time, "migrating pouch"
BingoBoingo: boolcrap: It was the GAYEST. Nothing gayer than self fucking.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: that has to suck.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: is that electric drill ?
asciilifeform: such bakelite.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Which thing?
asciilifeform: object in background
BingoBoingo: I did not look at background.
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo i dunno that teeny self-opening herself counts as self fucking.
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Progress, not perfection!
mircea_popescu: but since we're apparently doing gay now, i give you
mircea_popescu: father and son enjoy their savings
boolcrap: not so bad
boolcrap: thats not quite gay
boolcrap: i mean are their balls touching, i cant tell
mircea_popescu: they're still essentially rubbing their underdicks on each other.
boolcrap: yeah but, it is for the pleasure of this nice slut
boolcrap: does rubbing shafts make you gay in this situation?
BingoBoingo: ;;8ball "does rubbing shafts make you gay in this situation?"
gribble: Yes!
BingoBoingo: boolcrap: ^
boolcrap: yeah im going to disagree
boolcrap: because i could easy be in this situation but
boolcrap: im not gay.
boolcrap: ;;8ball "will i die a free man"
gribble: Naturally.
boolcrap: winner winner
BingoBoingo: $up boolcrap
deedbot: boolcrap voiced for 30 minutes.
boolcrap: thank goodness
mircea_popescu: lol dude's rotting alive, watching manga.
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