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awt[asciilifeform]: $ticker btc usd
busybot[asciilifeform]: Current BTC price in USD: $20026.41
awt[asciilifeform]: Damn I always miss the sub 20k level
asciilifeform misses 'abstractly', as has nobody to buy from (won't use goxes)
awt[asciilifeform]: A mutable web UI for pest might not be that hard to put together. Wouldn't even require js.
awt[asciilifeform]: lol why hope for cheapcoinz if even then you can't buy them?
shinohai[asciilifeform]: I won't KYC either, usually get BTC from shitcoin consulting, but the sad thing is *no one hires you* when exchange rate is this low. So haven't had any coins in months now. :(
asciilifeform: << hypothetically, for some value of 'cheap', sumbody in l1 might offer to sell
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-06-29 10:33:18 awt[asciilifeform]: lol why hope for cheapcoinz if even then you can't buy them?
asciilifeform: shinohai: wai would the consulting dry up or otherwise depending on exch rate ?
shinohai[asciilifeform]: asciilifeform: I believe their thought process to be "You charge $1K USD to do `x` job, paid in BTC - so we pay you 0.05 and then 1-2 weeks later price skyrockets and that 0.05 is worth $2500!!!!"
shinohai[asciilifeform]: i.e. they always think solely in fiat terms.
asciilifeform: hm but if they thought in fiat terms, and given that they aint averse to using goxes, would expect they'd think e.g. 'it's still 100$ no matter what exch rate is' neh
asciilifeform: i.e. client can walk straight to a gox and pay you the '100$' regardless of exch rate
asciilifeform: ( so long as takes care to do it at the time of the deal, rather than some unspecified later )
shinohai[asciilifeform]: One would think, but above is the main objection I get - nevermind that year or so later it could do exact same thing or even 4x in fiat terms.
shinohai[asciilifeform] suspects this is why so many folks now try to offer you "tether" coinz .....
asciilifeform: would naively expect algo would be 1) contract shinohai to do $job for $x 2) immediately buy $x of btc at gox 3) wait for $job result 4) send the coin
asciilifeform: then no 'exch risk'
shinohai[asciilifeform]: Folks in the shitcoin sewers rarely have ideas like that it seems, the folks behind "zclassic" being notable exception. Paid 50% of agreed fee up front, no quibbling or questions asked at all.
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