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signpost: sure, it's a reasonable admonition. "we called it republic, and therefore..."
signpost imports the traditional definition of republic in TMSR, because there's an R at the end.
signpost: one guy being loudly wrong becomes more costly the more that guy declares himself monarch of a republic.
signpost: among other things, I wanted to solve ease of building and deploying republican works.
signpost: << at some point mp turned from republicanism to this kind of monarchial thinking, continued to call it republicanism.
signpost: I'm not an anarchist, but a republican.
signpost: << a republic is a machine which evaluates this question for as long as it can.
signpost: sounds like an echo of "no republic without mp" but I'm not going to keep trying to infer.
signpost: w/e processes are running the nodes sending me useful packets. the most successful topology of these looks to be a republic.
signpost: in re: what happens when the nukes end up outside your shitty new republic.
signpost: bad dream, we'll wake up listening to mp address the first republican congress momentarily.
signpost: seeing republican ideology work was formative for me.
signpost: the needs of the republic with a halfway sane leader would've been "I need you to build the next version of MPEX; get your ass down to CR to get started."
signpost would rather infect .mil with the subversive idea of a free republic, have them question why the tooling from such beats the shit out of their plasticware.
signpost believes that the solution to that problem will necessarily be republican, which means distributed and gradual hierarchy, inequality, public defense of reason via argument, all these.
signpost: republic's a manner of interacting with other men.
signpost: *but* this does not make the communist state just, that there's nothing left but larping on IRC about republicanism.
signpost still calls himself ideologically republican.
signpost considers this a primary mechanism in a republic, the social constellation of balanced counterpressure.
signpost is curious whether some folks thought tmsr invented "republic", rather than imitated forms long-standing in history.
signpost expects he will be dead before crypto-republicanism lives too, or at best being very old.
signpost still firmly a republican, and this is what it means.
signpost: let's pull it all the way back to republic, with monarch, eh?
signpost: in some ways more obvious now, the first attempt at republic had this conceit, "and once the world has bowed before the unfurling of our cocks, then we'll..."
signpost has observed several folks just stick a minus sign in front of the "republic bullshit" and think they've fixed their heads.
signpost: yeah, that was why btc needed a republic, since the flaw there's social, not solvable in the money.
signpost: whole fucking point of republic, as I saw. get stack, then works.
signpost: on the timescale of republics, I don't think that's such a bad score.
signpost: I was serious about the republic of free, thinking persons. much less so the "mp is god-king".
signpost: fuck the republic. as asciilifeform points out, if the algo breaks it was always broken.
signpost ftr sees "the" republic as a fundamental design flaw
signpost: I find that glimmers of republic disappeared under this shitpile the only tragedy present.