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asciilifeform: phf: laff if you like, but is essentially valid q. and eternal headache for folx who not invented vtronics yet.
asciilifeform: the morons who, when shown vtronics, react w/ e.g. 'arduous crackpottery' -- let'em enjoy the rm -rf or backconnect shell 'libraries', wainot
asciilifeform: wrote, among many other things, the best vtronics guide to date.
asciilifeform: is what vtronics are for.
asciilifeform: ^ sensationalist, imho, title, but basic observation is troo -- if you actually found how to reach one of the given magic states, then you have fucked the algo (at least for arbitrary-length inputs, e.g. vtronics)
asciilifeform: persistent identity -- specifically vtronics -- is the only potential mouse poison known. and the very prospect of such a thing catching on -- terrifies'em.
asciilifeform will have to mirror the vtronics intro somewhere.
asciilifeform: adlai: i have reason to think that you aint entirely deaf to reason : for instance, you wrote yer proggy in common lisp. so evidently capable of recognizing 'i did not bake this, but is worth building on.' would be curious to hear yer objection to vtronics .
asciilifeform: shinohai: would luvv to have proper (i.e. w/ his actual vtronics-to-html) mirror of item. but coad never published.
asciilifeform: newland0: correct. how to get patches from their disk to yours is entirely outside the scope of vtronics.
asciilifeform: adlai: if yer genuinely concerned re 'slip xyz into whateverbot', consider to use civilized vtronics instead of microshit phree-wwwsite kolhoz
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: if yer interested in vtronics, this remains the imho best intro.
asciilifeform: consider something like 'rsync' but w/ proper vtronics.
asciilifeform: loading things from net is a process entirely orthogonal to vtronics, and rly oughta be kept strictly separate and responsibility of user.