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(asciilifeform) crtdaydreams: not supposed to be "crypto made with quantum computers" and whatnot, just supposed to be perceptively unable to crack in $n cycles
(asciilifeform) verisimilitude: ``Pre-quantum computers, crypto was by and large a joke.''
(asciilifeform) asciilifeform: the (a) folx continue to buy crypto-ag & co's $20,000 'quantum' black box (welded shut.) (b) continues to happily lap up e.g. intel's on-die rng.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: probably same programs that harp on quantum decryption and steadfastly ignore their own failures to produce constanttime encryptulators.
(trilema) apeloyee: on novel physical substrate << you must be designing not just post-quantum, but post-thermodynamic crypto. :P
(trilema) shinohai: You may remember Vitalik from other great books such as "How to run a quantum computing scam to raise capital for a crypto scam" and "Dress like a furfag and cook your own meth!"
(trilema) asciilifeform: << sooo i look at his pcb -- antenna track?! then read, 'key exchange over 2.4GHz', 'post-quantum crypto (newhope and symmetric)'
(trilema) a111: Logged on 2017-02-03 17:21 asciilifeform: the one 'quantum comp' that is a reasonable possibility is the perpetuum mobile sort. where, e.g., a class of weak (i.e. cheaply breakable from birth, or from a few published signatures) rsa keys is discovered in the dungeons, and dressed up into a 'we haz magical rsa breaker box, go switch to $shitcrypto'
(trilema) asciilifeform: the one 'quantum comp' that is a reasonable possibility is the perpetuum mobile sort. where, e.g., a class of weak (i.e. cheaply breakable from birth, or from a few published signatures) rsa keys is discovered in the dungeons, and dressed up into a 'we haz magical rsa breaker box, go switch to $shitcrypto'
(trilema) mircea_popescu: "Jump forward to 2030, give them the benefit, and assume that Beijing can securely distribute quantum encryption keys that cannot be broken. Can they guarantee that by 2030 their average Soldier will be any less susceptible to phishing attacks and won’t click on links embedded in unsolicited emails?"
(trilema) Framedragger: a working computer *may* just not be available in the future, i do believe that fully. not to go all cliche dystopian, but neural implants based on Secure Microsoft Quantum Encryption(R) and the likes may be what people use to "compute" in the future
(trilema) asciilifeform: so, via this heathen pit, : 'Dr. McAfee, I have spent the past thirty years perfecting an unbreakable encryption algorithm. My algorithm is not just unbreakable for all practical purposes it is theoretically unbreakable. The advent of quantum computers will not change this. The mathematics confirming my claim is indisputable. You no doubt have sufficient knowledge of mathematics and program
(trilema) asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: 'quantum crypto' is a marketing term for that thing where you serve up random bits for otp using 'entangled photons'
(trilema) mircea_popescu: there is no such thing as "quantum" cryptography.
(trilema) phf: "Is the security of quantum cryptography guaranteed by the laws of physics?" i have no expertise to make a comment on it though
(trilema) mircea_popescu: "Lattice-based cryptography is another important candidate for post-quantum public-key cryptography, and is the main topic of this blog post. The main practical reason to consider lattice-based encryption rather than code-based encryption is that lattice-based systems advertise much smaller public keys." << WRONG.
(trilema) assbot: GitHub - exaexa/codecrypt: Post-quantum cryptography tool ... ( )
(trilema) assbot: Satoshi's unmoved coins are the world's biggest prize in quantum-decryption, the canary in bitcoin's quantum coalmine : Bitcoin ... ( )
(trilema) mircea_popescu: "Although the potential development of quantum computers threatens the security of many common forms of cryptography such as RSA, "
(trilema) assbot: Break RSA encryption with this one weird trick — Quantum Bits — Medium ... ( )
(trilema) mircea_popescu: " err I mean "searching the web," is enough to turn up some pretty solid knowledge on any imaginable infosec topic, from post-quantum cryptographic systems to gritty OpSec-spy advice, and off to baked-in processor hardware attack models."
(trilema) asciilifeform: tandards bodies to ensure there is a clear plan for getting a new suite of algorithms that are developed in an open and transparent manner that will form the foundation of our next Suite of cryptographic algorithms. Until this new suite is developed and products are available implementing the quantum resistant suite, we will rely on current algorithms. For those partners and vendors that have not yet made the transition to Sui
(trilema) assbot: GCHQ boffins quantum-busted its OWN crypto primitive • The Register ... ( )
(trilema) fluffypony: "Absolutely stability cryptographic system – it’s a system that CAN BE DECIPHERED NEVER AND BY NOBODY AT ANY LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT OF A SCIENCE AND COMPUTER FACILITIES (it can’t be cracked even with the help of supercomputers, for example – with the use of the developed quantum computer, even if it is completely developed in the future, because the RMX protection system is released on a new class of mathematical functions unknown to moder
(trilema) benkay: cryptography, quantum computing, feminism, racism, eugenics, communism, socialism, capitalism, stochastic calculus, multivariate calculus, rockets, random numbers, state compromise of crypto toolchain...
(trilema) fluffypony: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are ready and proud to announce, to educate the rest 99% of the population who has never heard about crypto currencies. The CHECKMATE Trading System. Using Eccentric Trade Matrix Harmonic Acceleration Technology. The one & only truly revolutionary trading platform based on quantum physics & electron flow dynamics mathematical formulas. A 6 dimensional chess game we have invented that will forever change how crypto
(trilema) Apocalyptic: everyone is a quantum crypto expert
(trilema) cads: I mean, you're familiar that QUANTUM is allegedly a massive attack and risk mitigation suite with a huge encyclopedia of attacks and expert systems for deploying them. And that other aspects of the tailored access unit have allegedly done such things as pushing backdoors into cryptoprotocols.
(trilema) Apocalyptic: "<QuantumQrack> No, I'm saying the true leaders have massive power. But in a cryptocurrcency wold....the mass has the power."
(trilema) asciilifeform: unrelated: neat find, from today's trip to library, for all crypto aficionados: 'Post-Quantum Cryptography.' Bernstein, Buchmann & Dahmen. (2009)
(trilema) ozbot: Toshiba has invented a quantum cryptography network that even the NSA can’t hack – Quartz
(trilema) KRS-1: they're using quantum computing for encryption atm