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(trilema) gabriel_laddel: like, since we already know WHO-MACROEXPANDS, just iterate infodb & re macroexpand.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ben_vulpes okay, so where do fexpers stand? Can we do away with them given our SETF-editor & populated infodb?
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ben_vulpes what do we get out of populating the infodb with s-expression sources and editing with SETF rather than working through files?
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ben_vulpes fair point. But at least it isn't netbeans
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: But adali? BB? The old ex-mit-ai-lab guy I met who now just tutors kids in math & DOESNT EVEN TEACH THEM LISP?! Or the other ex-symbolics people?
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform loper-os is utterly revolutionary & I wouldn't dream of implying that.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: I'd rather sell crack/arms/precursors than milk moocows.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: but no, they want to "be reasonable", "hold jobs", "have a place to stay", "not do hard drugs" and on and on it goes
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: fuck patience. That attitude is why we don't have one now. If people had just generally been less of a bunch of complete girly-men at symbolics, or the MIT AI lab, or Franz, or or or we'd have something that's close enough to "troo lispm" for me, even if ascii would be unhappy about it.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: *shrugs* I'm interested in the lispm. BTC is incidental. Interesting, but incidental. Have sold my absolutely-not-a-lispm in the past & plan to continue doing so in the future. Last time around I was homeless, couldn't get rides to meetups, no ebay account etc. This time around, not so much.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: same one. lisp machine. bulletproofed case & sold to mass market as "save your kid in event of school shooting"
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: trinque: well okay Mr. utterly-on-point, was JFK an addict?
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ^ incidentally, what an ungrateful fuck. He SURVIVED.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: trinque: No. That was conditional on someone sending me medical resources. Turns out you can IV cocaine into spine & it will knock out all feeling from there down if you want to be mentally present during such an operation (somewhere in ).
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform: Not starving, am just poor (for the time being).
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: mircea_popescu lisp jobs exist for ~anyone who is willing to spend some time working for it. Sorta like northstar electronics & the dragonfly
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Carbon fiber & epoxy.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: mircea_popescu I got a stopgap for the time being.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform I quit
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ben_vulpes That said, will be in touch.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ben_vulpes I've no problem with working in BTC, but you have to understand that when I say things like "no really, I've 1 computer, ~400 usd to my name and a package of camels" I really mean it.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: mircea_popescu aside from lisp stuff for money, rewriting some code:
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: < Not sure why the land of untouchable females & stoners would be "my land", but I'm doing the same thing I always do. Work. FFS, the _point_ of drugs is to be _more_ productive, or to _learn something new_.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: lobbes is why Uncle Al is known, though the rest of his work is great. There are 2-3 other pages that go along with it if you really dig
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: mircea_popescu American Honey review, or totally unwatchable?
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: wanted to know how ready-for-anything people are making electronics nowdays, seeing as I know literally nothing about hardware. ben_vulpes hola & idk, never soldered anything before so should be fun
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: managed to kill a x220 circuit board by swapping the screen to another, identical while machine was running. is this the sort of thing to 'fry' circuitry, and as a general rule I suppose no life fire electronics around CPUs?
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: beetlejuice is suffering gainful employment writing java for the time being
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform: unfortunately not. Am here because I finally have a nice setup where I won't get kicked regularly. While I have been reading some FFA and DC I do not have anything running at the moment
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform: exact same thing you or anyone else get from it. Focus, awake, music sounds real nice suddenly interested in life
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform: yes and yes. coffee still works fine too. no cross tolerence with meth
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Inventory arrived from CA a few days ago and am rebuilding M. mircea_popescu well you certainly know how to get my attention..
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform we're cohered.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: you said LEAVE DUMBASS. I thought about it -- left.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: trinque I'm in ohio now, fwiw
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: I never got a chance bc fighting all the idiots in CA myself. Same with archiver.Got banned before was able to host in house someone OK'd me for.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: training a NN on FG output to see if it trains faster so I can sell them
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: I'm here for the lispm, and staying for the FUCKGOATS
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: the order I was anticipating was: M release for tmsr (free, obo), then NNFG, then RSA. lobbes has done/ is doing archiver
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform sorry, this is tasks I HAVE ACCEPTED onto stack.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: never pdf to text, but yes, archiver, NN via FG, RSA impl in CL, yes linux distro
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: trinque girlfri^H^H^Hintern
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: how about lispm-prime
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: aite. but ftr you can ASSIGN me stuff that I will do. eg, leaving CA, finding job. Eventually was convinced.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: and can I call M a NOT-LISPM?
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform should I even bother stopping in then?
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: I did. Nobody grokked. ARSTTEP.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ticket is like240 so I'll see about signing bonus and then first weekend of job
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: if you want to drop by out here, im in forest park
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: aite. see you in next ~6 months. what city
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: danielpbarron where are you located? I'm in cincy getting a job now to pay for some flights to see people like you
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: thats a damn good idea, I was referring to DanG who hosted the youtube video tho
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: am trying to get passport so I can just show YOU rather than fking around with low-fidelity comms
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: eh, the rabbit tunnels will connect. is my motto & the world is a small place
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: In my mind, lispm, or interlisp editor + fixed clim comes first. hence, have been following that route
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: I am catching up on logs now, but until now have not bought into V whatsoever.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: will read her blog in full tonight tho
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: mircea_popescu: I have not followed anything diana_coman has done, whatsoever.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: FTR: what I bring to the table is the closest thing to LISPM available, and direction + productive discussion for those already down the rabbit hole. Non-alices need not apply.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: well for one, I'm not really prepared to sell M to the mass market & recently reached the conclusion that CLIM is backwards in a few fixable ways. #1, commands are to be computed by code walking rather than define-command & by using (declare) and FUNCTION-LAMBDA-LIST
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: no? explain please?
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Daniel can be seen for sales. He has right of way to sell M as he sees fit.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: trinque are there some local kids I can pay to ship me some senegalia berlandie?
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: dumbass. the reason I say nothing is because there is nothing to say about it other than "WIP". What, you need to hear about how pleased I am with (ALIAS 'f 'cl::defun)? gtfo'
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: sigh what would you like to know about my lisp trinque
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: pity. I was going to ask you what you know about there coca plants.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: which, incidentally, do they market crystal or "work" to you at all down there?
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ty but no pot for me. stim convention where and when, im there then.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: the party was in the train tunnels!
(trilema) gabriel_laddel has new inventory in CA, new machine here, no biggie
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ben_vulpes I destroyed my machines, usb sticks using the BART track before leaving. recover my harddrive bitches.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: I can get it from customer was pasting to then
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: I dropped some code in there I'd like to not rewrite. Destroyed old machines on traintracks before leaving CA...
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ben_vulpes is there some way to search wotpaste for "sb-c::info"
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: semetic strange = paki / nosed indian / arab
(trilema) gabriel_laddel doesn't care about 'white', but just so happens WMD (white male doctor) is far more talented than stanford semetic strange
(trilema) gabriel_laddel is getting photoID etc here in Ohio so can go to SA.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Nope. ISY in Ohio. Saw a COMPETENT WHITE DOCTOR today and got CAT scan + surgery scheduled
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: BingoBoingo Ohio for now, prolly Ky soonish
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: well actually democrats are less sexually satisfied in day to day life, which ~= sickly
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: PG was right about CA fwiw. temp matters
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: police were impressed with me
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: I was computing so they stuck me into mental.. no charge
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: on roof wasn't supposed to be on
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: not caught up on logs
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Just got out of jail, in SF, scored & M install
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Uncle Al: ~"I had IV drip of morphine for 3 months. opiates are boring pharma"
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: some people learn about sex and go MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMME. Some people hear about sports and find it appeals to them. there is a wide variation in genetics & environments.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: trinque: dude whatever I heard drugs existed and sought them out by iterating through every human I could find.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform people end up in jail, the people who do "annie" typically are not the guys running an assay on it, etc. etc.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: the cartels are not sophisticated enough to read the logs & go "hey, if there is enough variation in alcohols for one of the world's most wealthy men to comment on them, perhaps also for our product"
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: see adderal vs. dexedrine.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Kansas 'annie' from the 90s was supposedly far more powerful than the crystal available today because of the "dirty leftover reagents".
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Matter... matters. If you have leftover reagents you might get what is known as "shooter's dope". Got extra l-isomer for meth? Biker crank. Phosphorous? Pink champagne.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: My interest, incidentally is what OTC d-amph looks like on societal level. The yanks had racemic amph, Erdos had that + ritilan. Japs & Germans had meth. Nobody has had a d-amph free-for-all afaict.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform do you have a book recommendation for use of amphetamines in ww2? I looked a few times and nothing caught my interest
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Nothing in particular that I can say "aha! crazy!" as the whole story is totally alien
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Well for one, awfully interesting comparison - to a chinaman!? Completely out of the blue (yellow?). That his eunuchs did anything at all continues to be surprising to me, thought I guess floggings are useful motivation when you've no sexual drive?
(trilema) gabriel_laddel finds the story of Puyi totally insane
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: welcome to the club
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform: < check out the bottomost answer he gave, also
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: MP is the MP of our generation
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Anyways there are no imaginative+curious people in SF, but the guy offering his sister had the right idea. Hm. Actually there was one now that I think about it. Two if you count the negro "man, I need some of what you've got". Fuck yeah Black America. Better showing than whitey.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: c infrastructure in CA. Easy enough to calculate.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: he city, because I didn't see a soul four hours (maybe two, idk). Found a doorbell with arab lettering and rang it furiously. I hope it disturbed them something awful anddsfsdfsdfewdshdslkhfdslhlkjfdshdskjfhds AHEM. Wasn't thinking that at the time, but a terrorist attack & subsequent rebuild seems more likely than any other route to improved publi
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ome and a weekend nights end at like 11pm because my generation deserves holocaust). This involved dancing around all over the place, even going so far as to pull out my computer & code onehanded, balancing on one foot, bobbing like a maniac, with lightbulb affixed. Honest to god, I can't tell you if ANYONE even lives in the whole western half of t
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Example: had the thought -- ~ _someone, somewhere_ in this godforsakken sodom must have an imagination, and a curiosity to match it! So I took a light bulb, placed it above my head like a cartoon 'idea emoji' and walked all of SF many times over trying to elicit some sort of novel reaction from the fri night 'partygoers' (ED NOTE: sf is a nursing h
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: st, strip you of giving a fuck and you're off.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: n idea, or some form of sensory input bodily electrical resonance. MP's 'women are only useful as slaves' comes to mind. Are men only useful when tweaking? 'Bennies' were readily available at Los Alamos during MP. Did no-sleep-drive-and-read-johnny use? I can't find primary sources and am also digressing... Tweaking. Something WILL grab your intere
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: not a choice in the matter. A state of (Csikszentmihalyi) flow - forgetting to eat, drink, sitting in one position beyond any reasonable limit - we all do this when thinking anyways, but it can be interupted. When you remove the very notion of interruption what you're left with is tweaking, which is an awful lot like being enslaved, perfectly, by a
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: rable' it is simply has no academic interests & probably spends most of their time seeking or finding sexual release (ie #tweaker nation tumblr females. Notice, very few post about meth and the read much closer to 'Ive no purpose, need to reproduce, NOW. What you like meth? OKAYSUREWHATEVERMETOOJUSTFUCKMEALREADY'). The catch however is that you've
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: An effective summary of d-amph: it works, you're in control it and has no comedown (due to l-amph in adderal). Whereas meth (again no negative comedown aside from sleep & need to eat like pregnant (with ideas?)) will grab your conciousness and irreversiby chain it to your own interests in the span of 5-15 minutes. Anyone rambling about how 'pleasu
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: I have to move because people are coming into the room, but will drop an actual story with details here in a sec, or at least PM to you ascii
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform nah. understanding through observation can be performance-enhanced. is useful too.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: lolno. But when you "tweak" the ideas in your head start to drive rather than sane human things like "I shouldn't be fooling around with these love-glasses and the way they make the girls look in broad daylight" go out the window.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: then did that -- for 3-6 hours in the dead of night. Some guy offered me his sister's hand in marriage.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Nono, just different. Fuck can't find the link -- but anyways, I had the idea that it'd be easier to hold a lightbulb over my head and head out on a Sat. night in sf than to network with people one by one
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform d-amph is better in that it far less physical, doesn't cause oxidative stress, isn't as much of a "scheming" high and won't make you tweak to the point of tripping face.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel doesn't drink fwiw.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: What, pray tell, did she take, and for how long, and how clean, and by what ROA?
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: You have no idea
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: gtfo or do more drugs
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: this is not withdraw
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: BingoBoingo hur dur mind altering substances alter the mind.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform regarding addy: you're looking at this the wrong way -- people with shit security ALREADY hold btc. And tracking me down is easy. Can come find me anyday in PA.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: (incidentally d-amphetamine is WAY BETTER than meth)
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: BingoBoingo do tell since clearly you know more about clean mexican meth than I do.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: or something. but I know I've not seen it yet.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: yo it'll sound like a bunch of excited / nervous engineering types discussing IP addresses, fake names & locations over lunch
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform palintir is right around corner from me. if I hear them discussing how to track down someone from btc addy over lunch == axe time sword time
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: BingoBoingo meth has no withdraw
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Some panic'd phrasing of "my USD investments are worthless!"
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Oh I think I'll hear fear / desperation in the voice of one of these government people while getting a coffee.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform anyway I respond it'll boil down to "gut instinct". And that's fine, because we've all got different T levels, peni lengths, brain structures, heights and this determines what you're up for / can do.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: "yer not a man then!" OK ya, am total wage slave / bitch to someone willing to kill for it. fine by me
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: I specifically have no intent to hold btc until after some people get murdered for it
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform wait what. I intend no such thing
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: where was the thread where MP notes the only stable life is in ransacking other's castles...
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: "stabilizing time" == building a castle
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform gut instinct + talking to people out here + overhead conversations
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform because the coke-selling part of the CIA has not yet wanted to own btc
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: 2. build masamune, sell (CHECKMARK)
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: trinque 1. get a job at startup without having graduated from anything ever, with no network (CHECKMARK)
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ben_vulpes I'm not afraid, just not particularly adept with guns/poison
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: I aim to use btc AFTER that whole ugly period
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ben_vulpes yeah -- when suddenly the _general public_ (ie gov/cia/fbi pensioners) realizes they need to hold btc and come to beat it out of whoever
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ben_vulpes yer right regarding the lack of cash...
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: I don't want to hold btc until the inversion happens
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: plus was listing off interesting things you could build with masamune
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: but beyond that, I was applying to accelerators with this company because I don't want a real job
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: fu am going to take on all the things anyways
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: trinque have not used in ~week
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: < ty for pointer, did not grok this from logs
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform has to do with my hand hurting from overuse
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: I switched from colemak back to qwerty
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: or maybe neato allows more fine-grained control than I am aware of
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: afaict, the lack of a CAD program to input the clean routines is the only reason I get interrupted by cleaners in whatever lounge I happen to be working in
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: totally hypothetical, I'm just sticking this on the end of "gimme job plz" emails along with some connective tissue
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: and thanks for input re Neato
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: antecedent ventures == those who failed to venture far enough
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Spiffy! Thanks.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: anyways, I'm not worried about my own supply, just curious about microscopes is all
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: acetone wash doesn't lose any weight
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Melting poing can't tell ISO from meth. MSM & other cuts can be acetone washed out.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: #! the people in real life are the people from movies not the people from real life
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Wait a minute. Pasteur separated racemates by hand -- so I should at least be able to tell "biker crank" (racemic meth) from "crystal" (d-meth)
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: I'm curious about the utility of microscopes. Don't really care about meth purity too much.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Humans cannot. N-ISO can co-crystalize along with it. But a NN? Idk
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Anyone made use of these digital usb microscopes in any context & have thoughts?
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: 1000x magnification seems unrealistic - that being said: if I crush some product, take hundreds of images of each sample & use them as input into a neural network along with a 1-10 (bunk-absolute fire) rating y'think it'll get trained to recognize the real deal?
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: BingoBoingo: Nil.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: phf: the point being? Fwiw, I'm trying to forced march myself into some stable employment while crippled.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform: There is still plenty to do. CLIM's COM-FOO machinery has to be cut & replaced with "functions most often called on / FTYPE matches this as a valid ARG"
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: (after coffee, ofc)
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: then -- BLAM. Tweaking.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Eg the other day it "didn't kick in", so I had another few mouthfuls of methwater, only to remember "oh fk, I have to have coffee or it won't work"
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform There is jaw clenching if you accidentally take too much
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: BingoBoingo I'm aware.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: BingoBoingo The INSTANT I have an option out, I'm gone.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Nor have I forgotten $ELSE. Simply overestimated own ability / underestimated the complete idiocy of surrounding populace
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: While I'm here: At no point did I forget that I'd agreed to build the archiver - however I was banned from the place I'd arranged to host it on 3(!) separate occasions.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform Lispm.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Every.Single.Time.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Brånemark spent almost 30 years fighting the scientific community for acceptance of osseointegration as a viable treatment. In Sweden he was often openly ridiculed at scientific conferences.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Finally figured out how to score meth tho. Tis the bomb diggity & works exactly as I noted here in the logs prior to finding it.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: After that call + several others failing to pick up, I gave up on the whole thing. If you lived out here, you'd not expect sanity from the court system, or any established entity tbh
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: < "Are you employed? The courts are looking for lost wages in medmal cases"
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ben_vulpes: tsmr as the only honest, straightforwards, USEFUL collection of humans I'm aware of...
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: BingoBoingo am here to visit a friend in psyc ward, totally unrelated to my issue.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: BingoBoingo am in el camino hospital right now, getting a phonebook & phone..
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: BingoBoingo having dated an aspiring stanford doctor -- is where the failed engineers go.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: (and my fault, of course)
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Will compile a report with names of doctors & so forth from paperwork I have, this adhoc bs is silly.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ben_vulpes I have nfi. Never used insurance before.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ben_vulpes yep.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ben_vulpes Stanford hospital is a scary place. They lied to me MANY times about how many xrays I'd get, that they'd let me get copies...
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ben_vulpes grabbed edge but couldn't pull myself up.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ben_vulpes I jumped from one roof to the other with electricity.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: BingoBoingo I can't parse that.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Fed me too much fluid prior to anaesthetic, which flooded lungs when knocked out. Ended up in ICU for 4 days.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform surgon irritates me on a personal level + the first time stanford tried it, they fucked up
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: mircea_popescu Glad I brought this up. Am insured, have option of surgery.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: mircea_popescu why not?
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: BingoBoingo right heel is totally shattered and collapsed into my upper foot.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Anyone who gives me good resources (pubmed refs etc) can have the video whenever I get around to it
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Speaking of which, am going to be performing self-amputation of right foot as it is in the way + I don't trust or want US doctors.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: Could do more, but my foot is busted & surgery takes ages to schedule b/c US 'healthcare' isn't etc.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: ~1 sale a month since last wave isn't enough.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel: asciilifeform nah. Same old thing -- selling M, treading bitch niggas and getting ~nowhere fast.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel_p: mircea_popescu: I have key, but cannot up due to the -1.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel_p: for the record, my "unacceptable behavior" was stating outright that windows has no place near the codebase. nor osx.
(trilema) gabriel_laddel_p: still months behind on logs, few days to catch up.