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(ossasepia) whaack: since about the time I started the guitar practice logs
(ossasepia) whaack: consulting. (A birdy told me that billymg was toying with this idea as well.) Apart from that, I'd like to continue my Spanish and guitar studies and return to writing more on my blog.
(ossasepia) whaack: Apologies for the late response, I was away from my terminal for a couple of days and then continued to leave it hanging. I would like to do something; it felt good seeing some improvement on my guitar playing from adding structure to my practices and I'd like to return to organizing (or at least attempting to) my time wisely on more
(ossasepia) whaack: diana_coman: i'm alive and kicking, but after the fainting episode I was unmotivated to do anything for a couple of days and then when I returned to normal health I put my effort into surfing and guitar while avoiding writing
(ossasepia) whaack: c0ncord: i've been practicing the guitar, jfw played the violin, and diana_coman the piano, but so far no albums yet
(ossasepia) whaack: the only need i've thought of for it is printing out some scores for the guitar, which i'm not really playing much anymore anyways. but yes i think it may be a good investment.
(ossasepia) whaack: I believe I was more focused today. I had some time where I wasn't working though: an interruption for ~40 mins when a surfpal stopped by, and I played guitar for another ~20 mins at sunset.
(ossasepia) whaack: diana_coman: EOD Report: I did roughly 9hrs of saltmines and 30 mins of journaling. I practiced the guitar for 1hr as well. An expected-unexpected task was I had to exchange the gas cylinder for my stove, which took a little bit over 45mins.
(ossasepia) whaack: diana_coman: EOD report: Today was a regression in terms of discipline. I did chores slowly and was overall distracted throughout the day. I also sinned and played guitar for 45 mins without having deserved it. What I got done was an article on the ordered computer parts + following up with cococo to make sure they were delivering my items. (The UPS and monitor should be here by Monday.) I also read the two trilema articles on [htt
(ossasepia) whaack: diana_coman: EOD report: I was focused today in the sense that my ass was on the chair & again I did not indulge in nonsense (although I admit I took 30 mins on the guitar to watch the sunset.) That said I think I am 'spinning' throughout the day at various points since I still did not get much done. I knocked out four hours of saltmines, and had a conversation with bestcomputersa that turned out less than ideal. I tried to follow
(ossasepia) whaack: diana_coman: Re guitar + surfing. I have no inclination to do either at the moment as I would get no enjoyment out of either knowing that until I fix a concrete list of problems I am spiritually and even physically dying.
(ossasepia) whaack: diana_coman: what do I have to do to earn time to surf and play guitar?
(ossasepia) whaack: diana_coman: The first reason I am so late with the draft is that throughout the week anything that interrupts my work flow takes too long. For example when I go to eat breakfast, i'll waste time doing activities such as watching an instructional video on surfing or playing guitar before beginning my grind. The second reason is that there was extraneous work i did that was avoidance behavior. For example I spent time yesterday fixi
(ossasepia) whaack: ogramming, cryptography, reading, spanish, guitar, and surfing. (Although i think programming/cryptography should be combined) From there I categorize the first 4 into academic/tmsr and the last 2 into non-academic/relaxation. then as mentioned before i list for each one my i) history 2) why i'm interested and 3) future goals
(asciilifeform) whaack: asciilifeform: Okay, I think that itself deserves a blog post. The short answer is: programming (i have enjoyed going through SICP quite a bit, although its on hold, I want to learn how to program faster to eat through lots of saltmine work quickly), cryptography (i want to have trb "fit in head"), learning 2nd language (Spanish) , playing the guitar

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