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vex: ever bin to jail?
phf: i've only been to кпз
vex: can u trnslate pls?
phf: holding cell
vex: ah]
phf: aparently now it has new term in ru, ИВС (same meaning though)
vex: wer're u too drunk for life?
phf: no, for urban exploring
phf: of course joke in the 90s was "beats getting shot"
vex: I bought a porno mag in paris at the newsagent just b4 the metro\
phf: that's haram my man, 50 lashes
vex: not then
vex: still got it. helfty skulls interlaced dvd
vex: can't walk through melbourne tho
phf: oh is it because melbourne is under covid lockdown?
vex: they were. the citizens went wild. no longer left
phf: citizens no longer left? is it because all the protestors got relocated to quarantine camps?
vex: i'm not really attuned to th ecommon man
vex: i have thats a lie
vex: strichty scheme
phf: state of hardware: can't find suzyq cable anywhere, and whatever random forums i come across when googling all say "why you even want to install custom linux on your chromebook when chromeos now has linux emulation layer!!"
asciilifeform: phf: thought you were using asciilifeform's cable ( takes maybe 15min to bake from standard usbc breakout pcb )
asciilifeform: worx 100%
asciilifeform: needs only 1) breakout board 2) 2 x 5.1k resistors ( in picture, can see that asciilifeform didn't have'em handy, used old trimpots, lol ) 3) a usb 'b' cable (who doesn't have a pile of these)
phf: asciilifeform: i made a bad mistake, when going to russia last year took more than half of my electronics bits with me (i've had better chance working on that kind of stuff there, because still has "radioshack", real hackerspace < 30min, etc) ended up forgetting to grab any when jumping on return flight
phf: like i can't even find a bag of resistors, though i had a large variety pack, but pretty sure didn't take it to russia :o
phf: i have a solid setup to work on rear axle, smh not so much for small electronics
phf is envious of polymaths who can do both without one going by the way side
asciilifeform: phf: if you can get lulazon deliveries in yer backwoods, 1 + 2 + usb 'b' from dumpster + solder
phf: but also what is this dark ages! there's like bazilion chromebooks actively for sale that have cr50 in em. i had some intel asus fall off the back of a truck and i was thinking of setting it up to try out trinque's project
asciilifeform: ( if lost soldering iron, cheapest from ^ or whatever local shop will suffice )
phf: that's the flip side of things, i have nice little hakko here, and while i was trying to buy it in russia discovered that _all_ for sale are chinese knockoffs. very high quality chinese knockoffs, but knockoffs never the less
asciilifeform conversely to phf's setup, doesn't yet have 'rear axle'-grade setup, tho working on it..
asciilifeform for many yrs used cheapo soldering irons, finally bought proper hakko when needed to affix jtag pins to 100 fg at a time (board house somehow ran outta 2.54mm pinheaders lol)
phf: "can i open your hakko to make sure it's real? -- no you crazy -- if i buy it, open it, and it's chinese knockoff will you accept a return? -- ... it's hakko like technology, man, you want it or not?"
phf: i opened one at garbushka because old man was curious himself, "if you know what to look for", was genuinely surprised that it was a knockoff, sell direct from china for 95% of original price
asciilifeform was gonna buy a 'metcal' , even, but could not bring himself to disgorge the dough , not solders quite enuff
asciilifeform for almost all solderings in fact uses a quite plebian 'weller' that runs off 3 x 'aa' battery. heats up in ~15sec, won't zap finicky ics, adequate for just about anyffin
asciilifeform: ( similar item on lulazon ftr, but afaik sold just about errywhere one can buy cheapo tooling )
asciilifeform: fits in jacket pocket, asciilifeform even took the thing to the dc one time ( fix temp sensor. obv dun 'smoke' in the hall proper, where could set off the halon, instead in the 'board room' , lol )
asciilifeform: phf: rather astonishing that the vendor cable outta print. (afaik it fit not only the cr50 lappies, but various pnojes)
phf: there's a series of chinese irons that run of usb, and have programmable hardware, very popular in russia, can be had for 20$
asciilifeform: for almost all jobs (not involving microscope / smt , or , e.g. desoldering of ancient electrolytics ) it dun matter worth a damn which iron to use, cheapest worx 100% as well as 'rolls royce'
asciilifeform even still has the 1 bought , as a boy, in '92 'fresh off boat' at 'rat shack' for 5$
phf: our common bolix acquaintance often times makes a point "why not best tool always", was the one who convinced me that i need hakko
asciilifeform: if you've a house and spacious workshop, then yes wainot hakko or even metcal
asciilifeform: ( the portable things still have their place tho, if you go places )
asciilifeform: at uni , had handy butane-fired thing , could solder on picnic tables where no annoying smoke detectors ( battery-powered irons not commonplace yet then )
asciilifeform: lit with match.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-06-23 14:59:30 phf: there's a series of chinese irons that run of usb, and have programmable hardware, very popular in russia, can be had for 20$
asciilifeform: aaha, seen these in a # of places
asciilifeform not sure wai a soldering iron needs '32-bit riscv and 128kb of flash', lol! but if it worx...
asciilifeform: ... prolly just to run the slow-charge for the lithium batt
asciilifeform not fond of 'modern' li-ion batts where a pair of 'aa' will do -- they wear out after ~100 charges and then gotta look for a new one, which not always gettable
asciilifeform: whereas 'aa' can buy even in godforsaken argentinistan
asciilifeform not in fact soldered anyffin in months, unless, lol, counts water pipes
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-06-12 22:41:28 asciilifeform: finally has, lol, hot water in new pad
phf: nor i
phf: tbf even messing with a chromebook is kind of a mistake
asciilifeform: ^ was asciilifeform's conclusion, if recall
asciilifeform: init. draw was 'cheap!!' , ~then~ asciilifeform found the boobytrap, then not satisfied that can be defused meaningfully, ~then~ thing outta print afaik entirely
asciilifeform still would like 8-10in. lappy thing that 'emacs for 12hrs' and sleepmodes properly, but 'if wishes were horses' etc
phf: asciilifeform: i don't know what machine is not boobytrapped
asciilifeform: phf: is moar of a q 'which 1 obviously mined' vs 'which 1 not known to be', sadly
asciilifeform still has ye olde x60, rather long in the tooth, as portable box
phf: "can run emacs for an hour" portable, yes :>
asciilifeform: lol hour is a nostalgic memory. really only runs if plugged into wall
asciilifeform gave up on idea of finding chinesium battery for the thing that lasts >coupla dozen cycles
phf: i have maybe one or two that can last about 40 minutes
asciilifeform: mine also ~40m if not 'overly exerting itself'
asciilifeform: annoyingly tends to cut out 'all at 1ce' tho, the '% gauge' seems to be the 1st thing to die in these
phf: hehe
asciilifeform in fact owns a batt welder rig , tried restoring x60 batt but hilariously to similar result -- chinesium cells
asciilifeform: there at one pt were such a thing as a decent li ion cell, e.g. asciilifeform's 'toshiba libretto' batt still holds charge, can run for whole hr (and this -- a box circa '98 !!)
asciilifeform luvvd that box, x86, ~1kg, no fans of any description, working suspend-to-disk from any os (!). but sadly nearly useless on today's softs.
dulapbot: Logged on 2019-12-06 17:25:59 asciilifeform: 1990s lappies, e.g. 'toshiba libretto', that had bios-powered 'suspend to disk', usually implemented via smm.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-30 15:36:08 asciilifeform: has 1 remaining openbsd box -- toshiba 'libretto'. was the 1 and only thing could get reasonably runnable on it, as support for truly ancient irons evaporated from linux long ago
phf: mine just runs dos, daggerfall :>
asciilifeform also nao with dos lol
asciilifeform: drives crt a++ via the dock thinger
asciilifeform: phf: x60 in its prime in uruguayistan. was last time the batt sorta worked, lol
dulapbot: (trilema) 2018-10-07 asciilifeform: phf: << subj. no mains socket on that roof.
signpost: << yeah, tidy statement of what we find in common here, among other things of course.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-06-22 00:49:05 phf: signpost: i like this yarn, but i believe humans have protective mechanism, that monkeys lack: some % of humans have a intentional mutation, will approach the table no matter what. e pur si muove and all that
verisimilitude: That does seem very nice, the proper way to do it.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-06-23 16:20:31 asciilifeform: luvvd that box, x86, ~1kg, no fans of any description, working suspend-to-disk from any os (!). but sadly nearly useless on today's softs.
mats: the m1 and m2 series meet most of those requirements
mats: 18h battery life with no fan is pretty nice
asciilifeform: mats: maybe would, but asciilifeform had his fill 'up to neck' of crapple's os yrs ago.
asciilifeform not fond of idea where 2-3k$ machine that's 100% 'disposable' on acct of soldered-in ssd, either
asciilifeform: ssd for which they charge, lol, ~4x the usual going rate
asciilifeform: if the thing can't run dulap-gentoo (or rk-gentoo, or equiv.) it's a toy, not a comp
asciilifeform: crapple et al demonstrate that '18h box w/out fans' is physically possible, yes. but nobody makes a usable (for actual work) one, nor, suspect, is anybody aboutta
mats: condolences
asciilifeform: mats: do you have the new crapple?
mats: yeah, it runs talon voice very quickly
mats: at the same time as a vm
asciilifeform: i.e. emulator of x86 ?
mats: yup lol
asciilifeform still has a crapple in torture room, in fact mostly for running vm's, but is old-style x86 crapple
mats: hm wait, its actually an arm64 windows
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-30 17:29:28 asciilifeform: can't wait to throw that thing out -- it bloats like botulismic tinned can ~erryyr like fucking clockwork, 'needs new battery' despite ~never running off the battery
asciilifeform: in ^ battery hot-glued in, but turned out can be extracted with some effort. in 'm1'/'m2' iirc epoxied...
asciilifeform: 'ipnoje w/ keyboard'. ( and iirc if break the keyboard -- also straight to bin, 'disposable' )
asciilifeform: could say 'they're selling a chromebook for 3k$' but would be a libel against chromebook, where at least no epoxies
asciilifeform: last crapple portable where ssd & battery removable afaik the '15 one.
asciilifeform: asciilifeform's to date eaten 4 batteries and 2 ssd's
verisimilitude: I was thinking more about what a hardware trie would be, and it's just a connection machine.
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: indeed. see also e.g.
dulapbot: Logged on 2020-08-12 11:33:12 asciilifeform: note that lmi & smbx were not the only firms involved -- 'thinking machines co.' (danny hillis) for instance had a audacious 65536-cpu monster, controlled from a symbolics box and programmed in an oddball multiprocessistic lisp. died with smbx (and spectacularly, they drank through the remaining money and partied like it were berlin '45, iirc discussed in earlier threads)
asciilifeform: last, afaik, gasp of (funded) genuinely original work in comp irons.
asciilifeform: ( tho ftr 'thinking machines co' in its last yrs beat a hasty, futile retreat into off-shelf components. similarly for that matter to bolix )
asciilifeform: e.g. sgi co. similarly
asciilifeform: 'please spare us, reich, we'll help intel sell 'xeons' at 4000% markup to academics'. didn't fly.
asciilifeform: tho e.g. cray co. 'survived' in this form all the way to '19.
verisimilitude: I learned as much from ``Out of Their Minds'', yes.
asciilifeform: mats: lulzily, there's apparently a linux, of sorts, for yer crapple (minus gpu, as typical on arm)
asciilifeform surprised that anyone bothered
asciilifeform wonders how many of those boxes will still boot 3-4y from nao, given epoxied battery & soldered ssd
asciilifeform: 'you'll own nuffin and be happy!'(tm)(r)(lizards)
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