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asciilifeform: << well, cars (lappies) and 'belaz' (proper comp, w/ opterons etc)
billymg: $125 for the board, chassis, and two opterons
asciilifeform encountered this kinda thing many times, but typically on the ancient opterons he uses, where capacitor plague, rather than new laps
asciilifeform regularly inhabits not-so-recent irons, e.g. kgpe-d16 opterons, x60 lappy, similar
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: you know those 32core ecc ram 'dulap' opterons i offer customers at my isp ?
asciilifeform: trinque: iirc the 'unmatched' came up last yr in a thread -- it's rk-level box -- but priced (new) like the princely 32core vintage opterons i've racked
asciilifeform: the other possib. choice, afaik, is 'now i have editor, compiler, kernel, that'll run for so long as my stash of opterons lasts, oughta be good for 40yrs' and 'let's design new irons'
asciilifeform: arguably not so interesting given as 'coreboot' traditionally has simply 'ret' in its smm handler; and afaik on all opterons where can connect 'sage', can emplace 'coreboot' in place of heathen bios.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: for instance, i bought 4 fg , wrapped in opterons, for 22m. jurov meanwhile bought 4 fg wrapped in cellophane for 40m. why not occurred to jurov to buy the former and offer BingoBoingo 1m to detach fg and have the remainder pissed on & set on fire... ?
asciilifeform: hypothetically, a pc mobo designed for classic opterons, w/ a heavy aluminum ground layer , designed to be sat down on top of a 1x1metre hedgehog, would do the job. but of course dun exist presently.
asciilifeform: at any rate, currently 'workstation' to me means at least 2 pre-2013 opterons. and swappable nics , as cards. and expandable ecc ram.
asciilifeform: the classic opterons included 0 oddball on-die periphs (nics, remote managers, etc) unlike the newer, and have published init code. so hard to picture of what would consist an effective mine in'em
dllud: Did someone do it for the Opterons?
dllud: Yes. But I can argue the same about the old Opterons, can't I?