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asciilifeform: << ty billymg. congrats on renewing your subscription !
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asciilifeform: billymg: you are now good through 11 feb 2022.
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asciilifeform: attn. trb noad operators : asciilifeform's .27 noad will be take offline for maintenance today. i expect to bring it back after new year, likely under new ip.
trinque: heh, after a certain -jN the gnat build process just says "fuck it, no RTS for you", and succeeds, happily trashing your existing rts and therefore your existing gnat in the process.
trinque: and in other things I never wished to know, gnu make has a dynamic loader!
asciilifeform: trinque: pretty interesting on both counts. why btw was it able to trash existing rts ? was building while root ?
trinque: yep, working on "pentacle" (actually like the name; it's sticking) and the build process on that thing doesn't do any kind of sandboxing
trinque: make 4.2.1, not a particularly ancient vintage
trinque: anyhow, got this turd bootstrap-building on a debian oldstable, which is nice. seems like gcc's gnat of around version 6.x can build gnat-2016 without much complaint.
asciilifeform had a rather unpleasant week+ re-capping ye olde s2915. finally threw in towel and replaced w/ kcma-d8, only to find that it has rotten pcie...
trinque: what'd they do to it?
trinque: broken by design or bad life?
asciilifeform: it aint clear. middle slot doesn't seem to function properly. and apparently not only on mine. the hilarious bit, is that fsftards are selling these at 1000% markup! (mine's from elsewhere, lol)
asciilifeform will prolly try the infamous kdpe-d16 next. this an' the other one, were the last 2 opteron+ecc mobos before the great fritzchipping.
asciilifeform: went through ~3~ s2915 spares, all had rotten caps. plague years.
asciilifeform: recapping'em is a 1st class bitch, also, they're all 1) pb-free solder 2) sitting on massive copper traces. 20+min. per. even w/ 100w iron.
trinque: curious how long these things will be available in working order
asciilifeform: trinque: atm regularly found on e.g. ebay (and in this particular example -- factory-sealed) for ~100 $
asciilifeform: as for the s2915, apparently even virginal spares rotted from time. electrolyte in 'plague' caps evaporates even on shelf.
asciilifeform: it's a 2006-7 vintage board. prime plague yrs.
trinque: yep, unsurprising. the cheapening of industrial processes was already rolling well before the time of opteron
trinque: not that I discourage anymoe from collecting; I've got a fat stack of ppc mac waffle irons
asciilifeform: trinque: not mere cheapening. the great capacitor plague (tm)(r).
asciilifeform: just about all gear '05--'08 afflicted. (and often enuff, later vintages. the dud caps sat around in warehouses, and sold 'hot potato' for years after scandal blew)
trinque: ah, I wasn't even aware of this
asciilifeform: 1 of the costliest -- even if not 'sexy', a la chernobyl -- technogenic catastrophes in history..
asciilifeform: infested not only mobos, but hdds, ps, even turned up in autos etc
asciilifeform: see e.g. my monument to subj circa '17 (when the 1st ones finally blew in mine)
trinque: knock on wood, my macs still run, and they're over two decades old by now
trinque: what was your critique of sifive again btw? not that I have a counterpoint, just don't recall
trinque: seems like the only even remotely open-ish contemporary hardware
trinque: (aside fabless, of course)
asciilifeform: which sifive item ? iirc they make a (virtually undocumented) small fpga; and a riscv microcontroller
trinque: I've got one of their tiny devboards otw, was thinking of picking up this too
asciilifeform: trinque: i have their little riscv micro board
asciilifeform: trinque: iirc the 'unmatched' came up last yr in a thread -- it's rk-level box -- but priced (new) like the princely 32core vintage opterons i've racked
asciilifeform doesn't see a board w/out at least 2 pcie x16 orifices as a workstation -- where to put the 3ware raid an' the 4-output video card ?
trinque just noticing that arm appears to be in questionable hands, exploring alternatives
asciilifeform: arm always sucked from 'head' pov
asciilifeform: 700+ instrs!!
asciilifeform dug into riscvism, found that it resembles mips (i.e. very fascist 'no flags' pipelined thing) , i suppose not surprise given that it was originally birthed to circumvent mips patent (since long expired)
asciilifeform: 'unmatched' would make a rather spiffy replacement, imho, for rk -- if not for the fact that it costs like 14 rk's...
asciilifeform: trinque: whole thing reminds me of raptor co. an' their ibms
asciilifeform understands perhaps better than most, the fact that baking pcb in small runs is costly. but at same time not eager to pay opteron workhorse price for the equiv. of a rk.
asciilifeform: esp. since would have to bake gentoo for it from ~0.
asciilifeform: (similar tru re the ibm thing and similar exotic irons)
trinque: will have to see if their prices decrease at scale
asciilifeform: wonder wai they (like arm vendors, somehow solid wall..) skimped on expandable ram
trinque: not sure why that became ubiquitous; the brackets and connectors can't be expensive
trinque afk for a while, later
asciilifeform: trinque: i suspect it makes board easier to route
asciilifeform: from some forum, re subj, imho pertinent comment :
asciilifeform: 'Once development pc meant cheap hardware, no frills, where the manufacturer most of the time sold it below price so that it could be adopted and tested by as many people as possible. Now it’s completely the opposite: this hardware is sold at crazy prices and bought most of the time by people who will keep it in a museum.'
trinque: figured it had to be cost of *something*
asciilifeform also bbl

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