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asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: it is difficult to resist a good ol'fashioned gloves-off flamefest , but i give my word re to not spam your chan ( in fact will be mostly afk for next coupla d. )
asciilifeform: the final output i'ma put on own www, as mp_en_viaje explicitly req'd.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: you ordered a full iron inventory of anyffin that may fall under snsa, so it's happening.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: will put. gotta sort out who the FG must go to tho, before can sign on these.
asciilifeform: ( pet (who ate 100% log) to a: 'so, finally '38, he declared you a враг народа, eh' ; a:'aha. i expect transport crate that fits you will be showing up soon; as you know, mp claims ownership of all gurlz, yer gettin' repossessed' p : 'lol' )
asciilifeform: if asciilifeform is 'thief', then what he 'stole' is , i suppose, republic's tech stack. and 'stole' via same mechanism that mp 'steals' gurlz from castratos, i.e. by simply showing up. it aint my fault that asciilifeform's left hand flew circles around errybody else's collective pairs of hands historically.
asciilifeform: while mp_en_viaje prolly intends to try an' paint asciilifeform as a thief, on top of charlatan, i've no intention of making ~that~ job easy for him.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i'ma put this in the signed statement, but 2 of the fg here belong, presently, to piz. the rest (in fact factory tailings that were never on the official books) -- to mp. and ideally he'll say where he wants'em mailed, when properly proclaims liquidation.
asciilifeform: trinque i rec to print out this log and reread it at your own tribunal. which will come ifnot this april, then next april, or whenever mp_en_viaje decides to rip off yer epaulettes for not coming up with 'biz plan' where you live on threepence/day to rewrite deedbot in php.
asciilifeform: ( vs a ' mp_en_viaje proclaimed damnatio memoriae , and we'll all follow along like automata ' )
asciilifeform: trinque: why would i bother to expand, if 'had contempt' ? i entirely respect the l1. which is why would like a proper, well-reasoned bullet from each remaining lord.
asciilifeform: again w/ the psychobabbles. as if i've any need to 'excuses'. i'm speaking strictly to spell out the logical implications of what mp_en_viaje said, for the thick. ( and incidentally i dun disagree w/ him, if you want to be rid not only of asciilifeform but of his ghost, you gotta rewrite it all in php, cpp, on microshit... )
asciilifeform: trinque: where's the line where asciilifeform blames mp_en_viaje ( or trinque , et al ) for an item that aint done ?
asciilifeform: trinque: you think mp_en_viaje needs echoes, 'yes men' ? fella knows what he wants. ( what wants, is to somehow have working tech, while cutting off own hands. incidentally yer prolly next hand to be cut. )
asciilifeform: diana_coman: my observation is that mp_en_viaje set up ~circular~ firing squad, that is sure to continue after asciilifeform properly drummed out.
asciilifeform: diana_coman: you in fact read & signed the patches of all items i touched that were put to use in smg. so per mp_en_viaje's philosophy, that makes you equal to the orig author. if the item you signed indeed was product of artful sabotage, you an' i are equally answerable .
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: but of course. 7y+ waste of pixels, obv. so let's then settle all the objectively unfinished biz ( trinque where is tx 5e2b91f003f4af577244005ee0fd57701a03abeae76323716d06eb71f49b7837 ? ) and be done.
asciilifeform: this is spelled out in asciilifeform's resignation, which ( as mp_en_viaje 'can't be arsed to larp!11' ) i'ma drop into deedbot when the tx clears and BB returns photos etc.
asciilifeform: << ftr ~asciilifeform~ likes his 7o of works just fine. and will continue to make'em available, and developed, in the obvious place. (for whom? for folx who get tired of 'php republic'; for folx who stuck b/w mp_en_viaje's hammer and anvil , having to actually make the systems go, while elaborately pretending to do it with properly blessed 'aryan physics' ; or for no one at al
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: actually i disagree that it's unpleasant. i fully expected you'd stall for weeks. but much better to have the firing squad when ready, and not when 'weeks of reflection', this is sumthing i think sovok got right
asciilifeform: << right, the only trooly intentional act is to sit in cafe and smoke cigar made of benjies. whereas to try an' sew some sorta usable purse outta 30 yrs of 'tech market' sow's ear , is what furniture does. ( at least mp_en_viaje is 100% consistent with his greeks, aristotle would sign under this. 'kings -- intention, while work is what livestock does' .)
asciilifeform: ( it aint clear for what mp_en_viaje wants'em, aside from outta spite, if they're a work of sabotage; but it aint my place to ask )
asciilifeform: asciilifeform for instance is aboutta put'em back into production. ( mp_en_viaje asked to repossess whole current stock, which he'll get, when posts where he wants'em to go ; and so happens that i'ma need new ones. )
asciilifeform: indeed i expect mp_en_viaje is very busy nao, what with mailing out razor blades an' page #s where asciilifeform has to be cut outta the great soviet encyclopaedia.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i can't resist to ask, why did mp_en_viaje not yet accept asciilifeform's resignation ?
asciilifeform: i dun even grasp, mp_en_viaje , why mp_en_viaje et al are in 'omfg wat-do' mode. the Right Thing to do , per mp_en_viaje's handbook, and all written tradition, is ~exactly~ this.
asciilifeform: or, even simpler, go straight to microshit, they've a ready-made stack for errything, incl. crypto, with absolutely 0 asciilifeform 'worm shite' in it.
asciilifeform: so, it happens that i agree 100% with mp_en_viaje's 'wat-do' -- yes, throw out the poisoned offerings. all of'em. go to stone age circa 2013, remake yer tech stack w/ own steam ( and remember to properly steal the asciilifeform creations you can't actually do without, pick a designated aryan to assign credit. )
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i dun have kilometre of buffer, maybe half dozen moar. ( atm waiting for walletron refill tx to get mined so i can settle invoice , and BingoBoingo to post photos for final manifest. )
asciilifeform: << there's no chance we're going to the same hell, mp_en_viaje . we're going to different hells, aint room enuff in 1 for both of us.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: maybe, which is why bothering to answer.
asciilifeform: << apparently mp's allegiance is to the inca state. with ~himself~ in role of the great inca.
asciilifeform: pretty great 1938 sovok trial going here. ( tho for some reason mp, in role of andrey vyshinsky, forgot to unplug asciilifeform's microphone ? and process the confession ? )
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: meanwhile ( per tradition of asciilifeform's homeworld ) here is my resignation. mp_en_viaje can unseal if he wishes, or wait until march or whatever fits his aesthetics.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i expect to sign the final inventory today, after BingoBoingo cuts my seals and inspects the inside of the 'dulap's.
asciilifeform: fwiw mp_en_viaje made it quite clear in june '19 that he intends to close snsa. and this was part of the reason why i set up private rack, it will host phuctor in-exile, asciilifeform's www, and anyone else who has the courage and dun insist on marionette control of the entire thing simply as condition of hosting a box or 2.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i'm hosting a demo box for diana_coman , so it aint purely 'your' .
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: if you intend to fatwa all properly orthodox folx from subscribing, plox to let diana_coman know, give her time to find new blog host.
asciilifeform: re 'play dc', asciilifeform's 'evil, useless dc' will be there 1y, 2y, from nao. and open to anyone of asciilifeform's l1 who wants, even mp_en_viaje.
asciilifeform: also i hate to piss on mp_en_viaje's freudian parade, but i haven't got 'self image' or whatever other nonsense phlogistons tlp et al persuaded mp_en_viaje of existing.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: the only missing piece is BingoBoingo's count of the items currently in his flat. after it matches mine, will sign.
asciilifeform: anyways after BingoBoingo counts , i'ma post signed text where mp_en_viaje asked, so long as he gives his word that will actually read it.
asciilifeform: asciilifeform worx 14h+ days. mp_en_viaje sits in cabaret and smokes 100$ bills. but somehow the former is 'avatar of lazy', eh.
asciilifeform: i could ask same of mp_en_viaje
asciilifeform: the blog mp_en_viaje dun read? lol
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: do you want this as a signed text ?
asciilifeform: this afaik completes the list.
asciilifeform: all pre-april2017 inventory, mp had written off .
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: there are 4 FG here; 12 spare analogue boards. at piz there is a , a , and 34 FG (that were sold to piz, and i have still nfi whether mp_en_viaje wanted'em back physically or as coin.) there also were 4 x 256GB mostly spent ssds, they are in the mail and i've nfi whether will see'em again, neither
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: plox to gen an' sign that addr. otherwise if there aint a hole into which asciilifeform can pay, i suspect even the still-hypnotized folx won't buy then 'ran off!111' .
asciilifeform: moar alive nao than ever. as for mp_en_viaje , plox to post the signed addr. piz liquidators, plox to take proceedings to #p. folx who intend to continue to crib off asciilifeform's work, which continues, or want functioning hosting : to #a. (which i'ma take is no longer official mp castle, i'ma take off the sign shortly.) next gen of FG will still be produced, on asciilifeform's dime ( and i'ma respect mp_en_viaje's wishes if he wan
asciilifeform: as for this -- can read nao, or never, or year later, will still be there, when asciilifeform operating the only 'gossip' hosting backbone-sitting isp, and mp_en_viaje excommunicated 5 moar people for failing to lay atlantic fibers for him, and still has none.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: also plox to generate an addr where you want it, and sign. ( i dunno if will be able to operate deedbot after we're through and asciilifeform is unplugged in #t. )
asciilifeform: that being said, let's make it faster , iirc mp_en_viaje valued the snsa gear at piz at 0.9. invoice asciilifeform for 0.9, i'm already warming up cold wallet to pay mp_en_viaje the earlier 0.3 invoice .
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: explain what diff it oughta make to asciilifeform whether gets fraudulent '-10 : ran off with the gear' or '-10 : ferrocranium refused to go on isp suicide mission' from mp_en_viaje ?
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: the inventory's in piz.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: re snsa, it was always yours to do with as you wanted, was structured in such a way (w/ the e.g. 'mpex fee' exponential growth) that asciilifeform was guaranteed never to see a bitcent from it. ( and knew this; worked w/ mp_en_viaje strictly outta principle. )
asciilifeform remembers that mp_en_viaje dun read #o
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: might want to let diana_coman know, to 'stop follow the amateur exertions', she's been assigning e.g. '' as homework.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: can persuade to read ? can then barf correctly. ( the #s dun lie, in fact show what intake can expect per subscriber, etc. ) even if you build own isp, the ~same mechanics will apply.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: didja barf before or after reading ( as promised ) 2nd ed of #s ?
asciilifeform: ohai mp_en_viaje
asciilifeform: 'make me a can opener.' 'here's a can opener, mp' 'fuck you tard, where's the steel mill and coal, iron mines, to go with that!?'
asciilifeform: not many dc can even ~house~ 1000+. was mp also proposing to build a dc ?! ( if so, why specced 'rack' ? )
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: fwiw, afaik all of the iron that's actually on the books, with the exception of 4 very worn 256G ssd (~50 $ if were new) that i had BingoBoingo mail , is at piz. so you can liquidate even nao if you like.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: why not detail what you had in mind, before we do the mutual -10 / declaring each other traitors thing.
asciilifeform: << i dunget: per mp's lights it was shoddy isp. but he wanted to buy it ?
asciilifeform: ftr i do not in fact disagree with mp's 'expand the republic, you maggot' . but i also have a principled objection to selling things that dun physically exist, and rely on unknowns in order to come into existence. ( recall, i refused to offer FG for pre-order until it was in fact rolling off conveyor at factory.) hence i built multiphase rocket, that does not ~hard-depend~ on a rate of expansion in order to stay alive.
asciilifeform: (among other things, full BOMs for the irons (as per mp_en_viaje's crit) are given in the article.)
asciilifeform: there's people there at all hrs, apparently. last time asciilifeform went to set up that box for mp, the liveried 'coloco' limo was in fact running and standing by front door, opened up, and driver was waiting for somebody...
asciilifeform recalls as a 3yo playing w/ grandfather's set of rubber stamps; no fewer than dozen, and in astonishing variety of shapes/sizes
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: afaik, anglo 'law' is ~100% this. ( and, as superset, mp's description. )
asciilifeform: diana_coman: right, but mp_en_viaje is also right, i dun have a heavy-industry grade operation atm. possibly after successfully serving blog-grade rk's etc such as yours, for a while, can build 'tower of go-for-broke'.
asciilifeform: would rather read mp_en_viaje gripe about idiot dependencies than set up another titanic tho.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: aite. but if you did, a mp_en_viaje mirror would be a++ test of pipe.
asciilifeform would offer to mp_en_viaje another pilot, w/ properly written instruction manuals, but sadly cannot yet, the 'dulap' crates aint here yet, grr
asciilifeform: Bingoboingo: fwiw i was entirely fooled by latech's dressing up as 'actual datacenter', so cannot say 'yes, indeed, this is surely it'. but fwiw very diff. picture than what saw there. (e.g. each of the 3 halls is fully 4+x the size of latech's 1, and inhabited mostly by actual comps, not old 'dell's stacked in a heap, tho at least 1 halfcab in fact contained those). only time/actual usage can tell the diff b/w sham and troo dc, afai
asciilifeform: ( why 30amp plug, when 10amp feed ? no one knows )
asciilifeform: Bingoboingo: also came w/ a pdu but with 1 of those 30amp ameriplugs (90 degree prong) and could not be plugged into the new meter'd pdu, had to mothball
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: right, seems like they're on 'indian call center' level
asciilifeform: Bingoboingo: it's pretty strange, at least by human standards ( usually dc tried to impound gear if it thinks yer in default )
asciilifeform: goodnight mp_en_viaje
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: makes sense.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i'm pretty much sold on 'aint no ddos, but only sad czechs' item.
asciilifeform: wb mp_en_viaje
asciilifeform: aand 'Although debuting at the height of the telecom industry, Cogent soon found vast market wealth eradicated and many other ISPs thrown into a state of turmoil. In a survival of the fittest competition, Cogent became the consolidator in a consolidating market. Over three brief years, Cogent completed 13 acquisitions of other flailing providers. Whether it was an entire company or just select assets, Cogent was able to acquire valua
asciilifeform meanwhile found a : 'Cogent Communications is a public company trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol CCOI. Cogent is headquartered in Washington, D.C., United States of America.' from horse's mouth.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: do the books, but imho oughta get mp's pov before actually paying anyone.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo, mod6 : thinking about it, i realized i have nfi what the priority order of creditors is. thought, 'customers go 1st' strictly from example of bitbet unwind.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: and iirc you already filed the fraud complaint, neh ?
asciilifeform: diana_coman: will do. ( as for spam trap, until i actually get chance to move my www to mp's wp system, the spam trap stays, i dun have slaves to filter the 400+ spamolas was getting erry day prior to installation of traps )
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: mp did warn, that the only way to get ~genuine~ (vs 'meal ticket') legal service is to retain and groom for loyalty a trusted specialist for yrs.
asciilifeform: fwiw when heathens are asked to do the things they actually advertise, sometimes very good service. e.g. asciilifeform asked coloco at 0hrs to fix this nonsense , and by 0300 hrs they ~did~ fix. genuine 24/7 repair, i was impressed.
asciilifeform admits that slightly surprised that neither mp_en_viaje nor diana_coman made the yet-darker criticism, i.e. 'what is even the use of ssh fp on box w/out trng'
asciilifeform: << always forgotten ? or only i forgot. ( looked in archive, and in fact when mp gave me boxes he always remembered to fp. it's quite necessary. )
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: pretty interesting post. seems to be exactly as mp predicted.
asciilifeform: aaand that noad ( , mp's demo box ) synced. 500+ blox in <5h, notbad.
asciilifeform: reminds me, i have a still-sealed crate w/ temperature logger...
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: if after all you dun need a znc , leave the thing switched on, i'ma reformat when next test pilot volunteers, until then will run trb , i want proper test of trb perf on apu1. but if you decide you want a znc, su znc ; znc -c will run promptistic configurator. then reboot, and you'll have it.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: very good pt re fp! i'ma put it in the standard preflight checklist.
asciilifeform bbl,tea. ty mp_en_viaje for taking up test pilotage.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: item is general-purpose pilot box, plz feel free to mutilate any way you like. the trb is a copy of 'zoolag', can replace w/ own favourite build, or switch off, etc. there is a nearly full chain. znc is set to smoketest knobs, if using , must reconfig.
asciilifeform: !!key mp_en_viaje
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: prepared, however, box, if still interested. runs trb and znc ( the latter w/ default config, presently logs into fleanode as 'pilotplant' and joins #a , can fill in yerself or switch off by removing the crontab ) on boot.
asciilifeform prepared pilot box for mp! nao will smoke test &amp; he can pick up when ready
asciilifeform: *mp_en_viaje
asciilifeform: for mp_en_viaja, i have the choice of 1) standard rk, cum znc 2) apu1 w/ 1gb samsung ssd, cum znc, and in fact prepared trb on it also.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: plox to gpg ssh key you want to use (or otherwise i'ma gen random pw and gpg to mp_en_viaje , and he can put in at leisure )
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: welcome aboard then, test pilot ! i'ma bake it.
asciilifeform: i'd have already smashed my desk if i had to live with irc conn like mp_en_viaje's
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: meanwhile does mp_en_viaje believe in bouncers ? could have 1 within 3h if you want.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: let's come back to this after article, with your permission.
asciilifeform: can i persuade mp_en_viaje to take a (pro bono!) bouncer rk in asciilifeformstein ?
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: plox to elaborate ?
asciilifeform: why ty mp_en_viaje . ( i appreciate the tutoring even if mp_en_viaje dun want to subscribe )
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: in reality i dun think ever had this experience of 'do w/out trying', i suspect mp_en_viaje is drawing from own biography. asciilifeform was not 'child prodigy' and never had this .
asciilifeform actually had > beard in 20 than nao but dun want to ruin mp_en_viaje's flamemetaphor
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: uninterested -- then uninterested. and i'd rather find out nao, than later, so ty. i dun have the capital to spend fulltime, and find it odd that mp_en_viaje only nao realized this.
asciilifeform: fwiw a mp-wp extension that lets folx 'download these-here patches' imho may be useful. but really ought not to be ~in vtron~ .
asciilifeform: << will say this : several folx expressed interest. but presently i do not know if will have ~any~ takers: for instance mp &amp; diana_coman have very specific reqs that i dunno if can in fact fill. they might have to make own, heavy-industrial hosting system. all depends there on outcome of the costs-draft-then-flame process. i do not want to somehow bamboozle folx into buying pr
asciilifeform: << i'ma do it whether takes little work or much, my wp is obsolete . suspected that 'much' simply because i have custom renderisms in mine, for the 'peh' examples.
asciilifeform: and incidentally, if asciilifeform cannot actually supply the service mp_en_viaje needs (e.g. if he needs a 24/7 staff of 4 working in shifts ) would rather know about it sooner than later.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: re those '200 hrs' , if there are actually 200hr/mo required for any part of this, i'ma have to hire ( BingoBoingo ?? ) an assistant. i dun have 200h/mo hidden up sleeve.
asciilifeform: ( concretely : 4 'dulap'-style units , while (w/ mp_en_viaje-corrected set of constants) putting op +240 in +ev, in fact exhausts the energy allotment (not overruns, but leaves room only for rk plant.) and there already were requested, counting everyone who answered, tentatively 4 dulap's worth . (5 if counting shared-box) . )
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: not done w/ the 2nd set of numerics yet, but seems i may have ~opposite~ problem atm
asciilifeform: hmm mp ddosated again ?
asciilifeform: ( iirc mp already detailed this. )
asciilifeform: ( all folx considering emplacing ~anyffin~ in asciilifeform's rack -- plox to write in. no commitment is implied, would like to simply gauge the immediate prospects. )
asciilifeform: for intervals of expansion : would also help if had any way to gauge demand. ( atm i have 1 ~maybe~ dulap-install being considered by diana_coman &amp; mp. anyone else ? )
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo and mp were right, btw, it appears that a well-populated rk fixture (and, possibly, shared-machine) are the only way to actually cross that bridge w/out further raising subscriber colo charge.
asciilifeform: ( ^ in the simplest formulation, a full occupancy that brings in net >200 $ (the added expense of upgraded tower) w/out eating into irons amort. budget. )
asciilifeform will post in #2 example scenarios for 'full occupancy' and what is required to permit expansion of plant.
asciilifeform: ( in the black revenue-wise, that is; to cover the outlay for the machines per se would take at that rate 10y, supposing an improbably static btc exch rate )
asciilifeform will begin proper rework of costs draft #2 tonight. prelim. spreadshit however suggests that w/ 45% margin, three leased 'dulaps' already would bring in enuff to upgrade the tower (+20u, 10x pipe, 2x amperage) ~and~ remain in the black...
asciilifeform: << ftr would have fixed, that wasnt the issue; simply wasn't literate enuff in phpism to do a proper cleanup. ( arguably still even nao , php to asciilifeform is ~= cobol )
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: my wp is squarely a 'legacy system', analogous to e.g. 'mpb'. i dun propagandize its use, nor intend to separately genesis it, imho mp has the wp question 100% covered .
asciilifeform: it's a manually gardened wp (if not as elaborately cultured as mp's) .
asciilifeform: the human-readable urls thing in particular, in mpwp, is quite appetizing.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i expect to move entirely to mp's wp when i get to moving www finally. but atm hands quite full. ( it'll be somewhat tricky, will have to port the coad printer extension thing to it, and various other things i changed over 12yrs+ of my www)
asciilifeform: tangentially, other mp_en_viaje point -- anyone readily recall how to banish mutilation of quotes from wp? ( aka 'microshit quotes' )
asciilifeform: diana_coman &amp; mp_en_viaje are the king/queen of the prospective customer base, by weight, and so if no one adds anyffin in next few hrs, i'ma work w/ what's been given so far for draft 2.
asciilifeform: but will have to be specific crit, like mp_en_viaje's.
asciilifeform: diana_coman: it's simple logical consistency. why apply 1 standard for rack where park 0.1btc of box, and an entirely diff for wallet where park dozens of btc ?
asciilifeform: that being said, if diana_coman has specific 'what about x', plox to comment, i'ma address in 2nd draft along w/ mp_en_viaje's crit.
asciilifeform: << diana_coman what, in your pov, is missing, that mp_en_viaje did not mention ? ( and incidentally did e.g. trinque ever publish biz plan / expense sheet for walletron? )
asciilifeform: << i considered pre-ordering ( it'll be 62, 14 for 1us and 48 for rk plant, i.e. a /26 ) but that'd be 200/mo vs the current baseline 25, and hesitated to do this until rack actually populated by paying customers, it is steep cost for an empty-for-indefinite-time rack.
asciilifeform: << the idea was that time is amply compensated by the margin. (certainly w/ mp_en_viaje's 45% figure, it will be!)
asciilifeform: << imho this is a+++ idea. tho as i understand all of the prngism applies strictly to /dev/urandom and so not particularly important how it is wired, no one in his right mind will use urandom for anyffin serious
asciilifeform: other omissions in the draft include FG -- i dun presently have a 'equip erryone who asks' supply of'em here. can equip mp_en_viaje &amp; co, but others will have to wait for wat-do re recovery of FG from piz crater
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: nitpick to commentary posted.
asciilifeform: aite, will then post mp_en_viaje's crit manually when wake up. ( and eat into draft 2, lotsa good point )
asciilifeform: can persuade mp_en_viaje to xor ?
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: for my debuggification, what was the xor prompt when got 'wrong' ?
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: how come moldavia 35eu tho..
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: it's strange, i was convinced ~errybody~ would flame re 'outlandish prices'
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: do you address'em in deutsch, so to instantly trigger lordosis ?
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: how's czechia ?
asciilifeform waves to mp_en_viaje
asciilifeform: each will sit on individual rail clamp.
asciilifeform has no intention of attempting gentoo port to 'raspberry' or any other 'boot blobs'-laden arm machine
asciilifeform: i expect mp will have other, harsher crit, also.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: for l2 n00bs can do shared hosting , per '1y phree' scheme suggested earlier by mp.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i did not want to start right off the bat w/ explicit pipe rationing, because it in itself imposes some loss of total capacity. but the provisions for rationing are in place.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: my other intention is to demonstrate that i can actually run a satisfactory ( to the standard of mp &amp; co ) rack.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i'ma stfu tho until mp has chance to comment, it seems likely that i made a coarse error of pilotage somewhere.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i omitted discussion of shared hosting strictly because the provisions do not yet exist. but it should be simple to compute the cost of emplacing the necessary machine, via this draft.
asciilifeform: ^ mp_en_viaje , diana_coman , &amp; all other panzers, achtung!
asciilifeform: billymg: i've a rack, and about to post very pedantic analysis. so i dun need temp host, but ty.
asciilifeform polishing off the scientific cost analysis piece, but grr prolly wont finish until after mp_en_viaje asleep...
asciilifeform: << BingoBoingo was that an unconditional capitulation?! or attempt at himmler-style 'separate peace' ? plox to fill in.
asciilifeform: diana_coman: that thing is on insulator pedestal, under it is a 3mm steel sliding plinth. the temp in the dc is a comfortable ~20C when i last measured. (surprisingly, very quiet vs latech's, they have civilized freon cooling, entire back lot fulla chiller towers. and, interestingly, coupla thou. litres of genuine pre-ban halon 1301 for fire suppression.)
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: re agglutinatives -- turks, jp, also, but they have human-sized words..
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: right, but seems like there's an ancient never-flushed cache somewhere ?
asciilifeform: they sell clamp thing that goes around arbitrary stick.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: ever try using that riding crop as monopod ?
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: you're entirely right : i find myself still using the old soapbox to this day
asciilifeform often looks at mp_en_viaje's fullsize photos, read restaurant menus etc
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i usually put out 640x480, lolyes. but find it useful to have from what to cut, hence moar pixels aint necessarily imho a waste.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i got last yr the (also sony, i like'em) 'a6000', but it aint quite pocket-sized
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: what does it weigh ?
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: a++ camera btw. imho considerably + vs prev.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: prague ?
asciilifeform: << i cannot resist to ask : hungarian kbd lacks space bar ? or they missed out on that great 12th c. invention, the whitespace ? how did this happen, mp_en_viaje ?
asciilifeform: << BingoBoingo , iirc i already said, this is strictly l1/l2 setup. (and i'm in favour of mp's 'give noobs phree year' ftr. but they gotta get in wot.)
asciilifeform: << loox proper to asciilifeform ; but before sending, let mp weigh in
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: proprietor informed that upgrade of tower is logistically painless, simply will give key to the upper half.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: congrats on getting that rubber stamp btw.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: currently asciilifeform suspects that BingoBoingo's 'mp simulator' is better than asciilifeform's; if it were used moar, we'd have better results. mine still needs work.
asciilifeform: mod6: if you send it in nao, i'ma emplace it on same arrangement as w/ diana_coman . (if want it back later, costs -- postage strictly.)
asciilifeform: mod6: also ok ; and if you want to pause until price sheet posted an' approved by mp_en_viaje , also ok.
asciilifeform: mod6: the very idea of continuing to sell coin from piz piggy in order ton pay extortion to a scam latech, is batshit beyond contemplation. if BingoBoingo bungles lawsuit and we gotta evacuate him so he aint sold for organs -- then evacuate. but wtf already, nomoar to latech, can this q be settled definitively 1ce and for all time ?
asciilifeform: enjoy mp_en_viaje
asciilifeform: << wb ossasepia ! btw. and yw diana_coman . service is phree until 1month after : cost sheet posted (i expect mon. 21 oct) and passes rigorous mp_en_viaje crit .
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: said, at least.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: re ic , it aint clear that we disagree. mp: 'req'd component dun exist' a: 'here's why dun exist' but point taken
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i like yours moar, actually, will refer to it henceforth
asciilifeform: doubly so if indeed trinque is the only genuine article besides mp, errybody else -- charlatans . wai involve charlatans ? do w/ own hands.
asciilifeform: << since apparently 'open season' -- fella had 2 posts in 2+y , 1 (imho quite interesting) about getting dr.mengele'd , the other, incomplete cuntoo draft
asciilifeform: << 100% of the req'd algos &amp; proofs for same, published on asciilifeform's www. trinque in fact could attempt the item with own hands, if he wishes, w/out asking anyone's permission , if he thinks it can be done w/ his avail. resources.
asciilifeform: << it's presently impractical, but not for the reason stated here. in e.g. 35nm, ~could~ fit a fast 4096x4096 multer. but ~riotously~ expensive , very high risk (any given production run, even with simulations and 'measure 7777 times, cut 1nce' , can produce a dud) ; wholly unknown prospects for earning back the spent
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: you could actually get 100% of the shared hosting revenues -- in exch for colo rate for the req'd machine, if you like. ( asciilifeform still baking the entire thing, as specced by mp_en_viaje , doing a 'measure 7 time, cut 1nce' but no one will be invoiced for anyffin until passes criticism. )
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i took a naive stab at calculating the 'floor' for this locale. the util co charges presently 7.83 cents per kW/hr. the halftower is supplied with a 1.2kW baseline . 24*30*0.0783*1.2 ~= 70 $ of mains current ; warehouse sq. metrage goes for ~30 / m^2 here, this yields 100; and the remaining unaccounted for portion of price is then 295 , which presumably includes net pipe , upkeep of the grounds (maintenance, cooling, sla
asciilifeform: 'coloco' co. made the (so far , i've nuffin to dispute it with) claim that it's a regional nexus w/ 4 separate fiber hoses in 4 compass directions to 4 peers, 2 power grids, etc.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: presently i suspect there is a glut of supply in this geography.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: my principal ill feeling is re the price, it is suspiciously small. 'there has to be catch'.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: meanwhile 5min ago i was informed that the leased ips (initially, 6) are prepared.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i will be speaking in person to proprietor to help fill in all of the constants for numerics ( in particular, the cost of additional amperage, when required ; and the stability of the (suspiciously low) price , in particular re desirability of locking it in through advanced payment . )
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: it would appear that you're correct re 'hold value', at the very least : death of 'moor's law' is palpable.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i also like the thermal margin offered by ecc. but the point is made.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: this is valid but cost differential for 'dulap'-types is negligible .
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: moar concerned with 'box goes down' or 'writes garbage to disk' or 'permits login from rando' than 'garbage www output'.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i only buy ecc, last thing i need in list of headaches is neutron . have enuff headaches. (ftr asciilifeform detects 2-3 ecc corrections each yr. per box.)
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: this is very smart imho. it shall be done.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje, diana_coman : i'ma have to re-do the whole numeric orchestra, and write proper summary, w/ rationally-founded constants and at length. will need , potentially, entire day. ( still guarantee cost less than piz, however, for analogous machines. )
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: 100 is a rounded-off output of complicated arithmetic similar to ^ including cost of cage, % of max amperage eaten by $box at peak load, cost of ip, amortization of iron. i'ma post for criticism after tea.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i'ma post the exact breakdown momentarily
asciilifeform: ( piz colo , for comparison , was 141.7 u.s.$ / mo, for empty hole, machines were moar )
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i propose price : equiv of 100 orc$ per mo per such leased machine, inclusive of full service . to be paid either monthly, quarterly, or yearly, as customer so wishes.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: do you wish to purchase the irons or to lease ?
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: inhabitants !
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: already made arrangements to park arbitrary sums in'ere.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i determined that dc knows how to eat wires. when comes the time to expand the tower, will run BingoBoingo-style auction , to fill this.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: mp_en_viaje is my sole tutor for 'how to serious'.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: can appreciate 9000 things. which is wai show up to mp_en_viaje's whipping post.
asciilifeform: will keep spares around, likewise, ate mp_en_viaje's flame re 'what kinda tard are you, no spare irons?'
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i dun anticipate buyin' anyffin but rackables until further notice, lol
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: my current understanding is that yer done w/ '1 cage' regardless, asciilifeform's edifice is to house mirrors, spares ?
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: fill 1, go +ev, get 2nd, get 3rd..
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: in fact i'm continuing the dig for spare dc's. cuz this is the obvious, kindergarten problem.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: there's 2 separate qs.: a) whether it is possible to run a comfortably +ev miniature isp for use of l1/l2. b) is how to run large isp, hosting 1000 heathens, to make 100k's. presently it would be a lie if asciilifeform said that knows how to (b) , and suicidal if tried to (a) + (b) simultaneously right off .
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: propaganda/l2 growth is ~the~ project. and req's asciilifeform's 'weak arm' to properly exercise. which is 1 of the reasons i took up 'bake isp again'. but presently weak arm. intent is to use strong arm to build exercise machine for weak, among other.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: is this actual q, or simply constructed to give asciilifeform a banana to slip on ?
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: can haz concretely ? 'i won't subscribe until this idjit shows how can actually afford to run working isp' is faircop. but am i even parsing mp_en_viaje's objection correctly ?
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: what, exactly, do you want ?
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: actually 6 users at ~40usd ea. already put asciilifeform into profit. asciilifeform was paying >100 for sadhostings, and can finally stop.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: 'properly' == 'delivers what's printed on the box' and +ev so can be carried on in fact indefinitely.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform arrived already at conclusion 'must run isp for rest of life', apparently is the only way to get proper isp is to physically build.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: plox to point to missing pieces, lately have been occupied with the actual bringup of the physical plant.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i intend to run the cage indefinitely (will house own www also.) and properly.
asciilifeform: wb mp_en_viaje
asciilifeform: diana_coman: if diana_coman &amp; mp_en_viaje would like to set up smgtron on 1 of the new boxen, plox to let asciilifeform know asap, so can purchase the desired type and qty of disks. there are 4, as before , disk rails in ea. 'dulap'.
asciilifeform: there is a stockpile of emergency spare FG here. will install on request of mp_en_viaje , there is enuff for 3 boxen w/ paired sets.
asciilifeform: diana_coman: atm plan is to properly handle all evacuations ( data, afaik, evacuated, BingoBoingo uploaded gpg'd backups, yours is afaik done but BingoBoingo forgot to send me login to fetch it before went to sleep ) ; after this, publication of cost for evacuations of irons ; after this , auctions of jettisoned irons, liquidation ; then to pay mp_en_viaje , he is owed ; then BingoBoingo returns output re cost of action vs latech ; t
asciilifeform waves to mp_en_viaje &amp; diana_coman
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: lol you fughot sumthing important in there