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trinque: << awesome, pop into #trinque and we'll talk about it
ossabot: Logged on 2019-10-23 04:47:07 spyked: <-- defo interested and my schedule is open for changes/amendments come november. I am currently working a full-time saeculum gig, so I wouldn't be able to take this as a full-time thing, but I could do this in small weekly/monthly pieces, as with previous published work. so if you think this works and I'm th
spyked: trinque, aite
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mp_en_viaje: ahhh, the fogs of prague. i'm so happy i came here in autumn, fucking beautiful.
diana_coman: if only they also had internet in autumn ?
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mp_en_viaje: diana_coman, eh, i don't think they have it any season tbh.
asciilifeform: << it needs another fix on my end, is going on conveyor.
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Bingoboingo will be attempting equipment removal today.
Bingoboingo: This morning I had in my inbox from Maxi of the damned: "Buen día. Está bien por mí. No hay problema en proceder a dicho retiro. Ello no implica renuncia o dispensa de la obligación de cumplir plenamente la obligación de pago prevista hasta la finalización del contrato."
mp_en_viaje: Bingoboingo, they'll prolly show up to pester you about nonsense, feel free to shrug.
Bingoboingo: I replied by stating my lone intent today is peacefully retrieving my things, and that it seems in everyone's best interest to allow our legal empires the opportunity to discuss the other matters. Included the contract information of muh boy for their convenience and cc'd them
asciilifeform: Bingoboingo: it's pretty strange, at least by human standards ( usually dc tried to impound gear if it thinks yer in default )
Bingoboingo: cc'd te attorney
Bingoboingo: asciilifeform: Their contract lacks a retention clause. Also I am not in default with them
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, their legal is outsourced shit, can't deal with the police report and so... they;ll takr their losses.
asciilifeform: ah right, not for another 6d
mp_en_viaje: which is the position here : you can shrug, you can just as well laugh in their faces. they've been bitched, it's done.
Bingoboingo: Per the contract language on late payment this time next month would still merely be late rather than default
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: right, seems like they're on 'indian call center' level
mp_en_viaje: the things diana_coman was saying re dc isn't JUST dc
mp_en_viaje: can very well walk into house of "leader of the house" in washington, piss in his plate, and "lessee what you can do, big man ?"
Bingoboingo: My impression of their counsel is differently pinoy
mp_en_viaje: he'll call a call center. just like any pleb upset at his washer/dryer.
Bingoboingo: Just in case I will be bringing my receipt from making the "hecho policial" and the laywer's card so I can make a phone call if they are dumb enough to do something REALLY stupid.
mp_en_viaje: it'll prolly work ~same as "free condo florida vacation", dweeby dude there in polyester shirt talking your ear off
mp_en_viaje: orcs do a lot of thse "copies of human land extremities as ordinary business"
Bingoboingo: Well due to orc tower hosting among other things on other floors, small country embassies... there's almost always one officer on site during business hours.
mp_en_viaje: unless they hit you in the head with a power supply or something, you dun have what to talk about with the local cops.
mp_en_viaje: if they don't let you go in, just go back to original sectional.
Bingoboingo: But with the dump I've seen from them...
mp_en_viaje: you don' tsign anything, or even care, feel free to disdain the rats if you like that, they might as well feel the burn of their inconsequential arrangements,
mp_en_viaje: man willing to die for his 3 ring binder should feel the burn, not merely "conceptual death"
mp_en_viaje: basically, they're one of those dudes with no gf tryina talk to you at the swing club. "find a hand somewhere, talk to that"
Bingoboingo: Wait, they let those in?!
Bingoboingo: I expectd the rule with those places to be "No pussy, No pass"
Bingoboingo: And if they guys aren't bringing pussy, I don't expect they'd be micro-MPs exempt from the rules
mp_en_viaje: neways, i shall be off to town nao
mp_en_viaje: Bingoboingo, they sure let them in frankfurt. socialism kills.
Bingoboingo: << To be clear they wrote their contract in a way that allows then to charge interest specifically LIBOR + 12% on late payment rather than declaring immediate default and suspension of service.
snsabot: Logged on 2019-10-25 14:57:09 asciilifeform: ah right, not for another 6d
Bingoboingo: Everything is out of the cabinet in WTC 4. Uneventful other than I was received by a new face. Heavier, ginger bearded fella that had a private security/investigator look.
Bingoboingo: There was an east indian fella working on a 1/2 cabinet. He borrowed my pliers to cut something. Did not ask why I was emptying a cabinet.
asciilifeform: congrats Bingoboingo
Bingoboingo: All that's left in the cabinet is their gray C13/C14 power cable
asciilifeform wonders if they'll have the 'chutzpa' to 'hey, there were 14 m2 screws when you moved in and now there are 13!' etc
Bingoboingo: And the patch panel
Bingoboingo: asciilifeform: If that happens I will have them fedex'd or DHL'd around the block.
Bingoboingo: And no m2 screws at all. Just oodles of my black #3 philips bolts the rack nuts eat. Rack nuts stripped as well so they can put their plastic airflow strips in.
Bingoboingo: Rails came out MUCH easier than they went in.
asciilifeform: Bingoboingo: interestingly, mine came w/ buncha square nuts but all for some peculiar/nonstandard screw, had to take'em all out.
Bingoboingo: asciilifeform: This may be the same screw. I got them with the nuts.
Bingoboingo: Or they came with the switch, QntraCase, etc
Bingoboingo: But every single one a #3 philips
asciilifeform: Bingoboingo: also came w/ a pdu but with 1 of those 30amp ameriplugs (90 degree prong) and could not be plugged into the new meter'd pdu, had to mothball
asciilifeform: ( why 30amp plug, when 10amp feed ? no one knows )
Bingoboingo: Probably because if you ask they'll wire you for 30 amps
asciilifeform: asked about it, 'this was the prev fella's, take it'
asciilifeform: Bingoboingo: they only do 10a per halfcab (i.e. 20 for full), apparently .
Bingoboingo: The 9" needle nose also is THE tool for the retaining tabs on the supermicro rails. I imagine Linesmans would also work in a pinch, mebbe
asciilifeform: the sad dc i talked to earlier, was same. i suspect is how they meet thermal density spec.
Bingoboingo: Well cooling makes or breaks their tier
Bingoboingo: The wheeling back was much more challenging than either 1U trip
asciilifeform: Bingoboingo: fwiw the place was comfortably cool, and, more unusually, quiet (i.e. could have conversation standing 2m apart)
asciilifeform: Bingoboingo: another ameri-dc oddity -- they dun seem to have a one standard voltage. the bmore people offered strictly 208v (where else in usa 208 ?!)
asciilifeform: coloco -- standard usa 120
Bingoboingo: Some of the other racks in that basement closet just spit heat
asciilifeform: erryone here seems to offer same watt/m^3 density, i suspect comes from fire code.
Bingoboingo: asciilifeform: The damned's other halls you didn't have the chance to visit, also loud
Bingoboingo: Basement spaces
asciilifeform: Bingoboingo: here, 3 halls, 1 packed, 2 ~half-full, none was anywhere as hot or loud as latech at the time i went there
Bingoboingo: asciilifeform: I expect your new home is far more resistant to fraud complaints concerning their failure to actually be a datacenter
Bingoboingo: Judging from the size of the crowd in the humans box today, I suspect offering them contact information for the counsel I did was a surprise.
Bingoboingo: I suspect they anticipated I would have been dumb enough to declare their boy as counsel or invite a nagfest despite... Their receipt of a certified telegram from muh boy.
Bingoboingo: Anyways, this shit is for the blog
asciilifeform: Bingoboingo: fwiw i was entirely fooled by latech's dressing up as 'actual datacenter', so cannot say 'yes, indeed, this is surely it'. but fwiw very diff. picture than what saw there. (e.g. each of the 3 halls is fully 4+x the size of latech's 1, and inhabited mostly by actual comps, not old 'dell's stacked in a heap, tho at least 1 halfcab in fact contained those). only time/actual usage can tell the diff b/w sham and troo dc, afai
mp_en_viaje: well the downside of al lthe travelblogging is that trilema's bustin' at the pipe seams again, da fuck i'm gonna do
asciilifeform: Bingoboingo: the diff b/w 'troo' and untroo is in ~heads~, not irons, imho. any idjit can buy spiffy-looking irons, classy fire extinguishers, other costume props.
Bingoboingo: mp_en_viaje: Oceanic cable? Sell "peering" relations?
asciilifeform would offer to mp_en_viaje another pilot, w/ properly written instruction manuals, but sadly cannot yet, the 'dulap' crates aint here yet, grr
mp_en_viaje: idiots fucked tumblr now everyone's reading trilema to get their jollies off
Bingoboingo: Well, "own goal" in sporting terms
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, sokay, i dun intend to become youtube2 anyways.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: aite. but if you did, a mp_en_viaje mirror would be a++ test of pipe.
Bingoboingo: asciilifeform: Mebbe if you were starting with more pipe
Bingoboingo: Those photos, they add up
asciilifeform: Bingoboingo: even the baseline pipe, came with all sortsa fancy guarantees. i'd like to find what they're actually worth.
Bingoboingo: asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje doesn't have the problem of derp weather. He's got the problem of actually moving data.
asciilifeform: Bingoboingo: for both.
asciilifeform: !q uptime
snsabot: asciilifeform: time since my last reconnect : 2d 19h 34m
asciilifeform: ^ too early to talk of 'unsinkable pipe' there
asciilifeform: esp. given that there aint much load atm
asciilifeform: ( there's diana_coman , ersatz-dulap hosting + bot, and a trb . )
asciilifeform: the trb's been keeping up better than any i've operated to date, but would be unscientific entirely to say that 3d of it mean anyffin.
asciilifeform: the 2nd ed. of 'costs' piece is still on track for oct 27. but currently asciilifeform's conscience torments him, feels wrong to actually charge anyffin until i know whatthefuck it is that the upstream is worth. would like to persuade folx to test, like diana_coman .
mp_en_viaje: nonsense.
mp_en_viaje: you keep coming up with completely idiotic, spurious dependencies.
asciilifeform: would rather read mp_en_viaje gripe about idiot dependencies than set up another titanic tho.
mp_en_viaje: you're setting up another titanic every time you build one of these towers of non-committal.
diana_coman: asciilifeform: you know, I already told you that I *want to pay you*, no free testing, all right?
ossabot: Logged on 2019-10-20 16:39:24 diana_coman: works; for now I'd say the main focus is on that business plan ; fwiw I would totally pay asciilifeform for the hosting right from the start, can calc what it amounts too once the data is published and plan is made.
asciilifeform: diana_coman: right, but mp_en_viaje is also right, i dun have a heavy-industry grade operation atm. possibly after successfully serving blog-grade rk's etc such as yours, for a while, can build 'tower of go-for-broke'.
mp_en_viaje: you can say ~whatever it is, he'll listen patiently, not along, and switch right back to his one track.
mp_en_viaje: it's like talking to one of the website process dcs, just different 3ring contents
asciilifeform: piz died on asciilifeform's operating table, and its corpse aint even cold yet. that's what's in asciilifeform's '3ring'.
asciilifeform bbl, to get some night air.
feedbot: << Qntra -- Only Anti-War US Presidential Candidate In Contested Primary Quits Congressional Race Despite Long Odds
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