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(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: one last thing. in re verisimilitude i'm not going to be bound by any fixed set of words you propose i limit myself to
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: bonne soiree ascilifeform
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: yeah i have this annoying problem that the woman insists on shitting out valuable modifications no matter whether i rent or own
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: wild stuff, even here in liberal texistan lite the fence posts are steel tube in concrete
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: and yes, that fence will stand until the pressure treat rots.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: that's not a fence that's an eyesore
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: i have nfi what else you would do; metal stakes and hog wire panels?
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: there's no hammering a wood post 4 feet into the dirt, get out of herre
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: then lay a gravel bed, then pack the gravel (four feet down there), and only then can one rig the post and cast it
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: first one must establish a hole for the concrete
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: the luxuries we had, nobody else has to this day
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: my dear asciilifeform these were 4x4s going into concrete and i demanded a 2/3 sub/surface ratio
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: not even later? my we are living in trying times aren't we
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: since when is being a skinflint about labor a strip activity
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: what'll you be lasing?
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: what has you back on the mill?
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: all of my mistakes are all my own.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform my problems only set in after i set 30 fence posts myself without a hydraulic drill
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: briefly looked at the pretrained "mobilenet ssd" and found that it's only trained on some 80 labels, one of which is "pottedplant", so i put it down and did something simpler.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: bolted a "realsense" D435I to the tilt stage and wrote a pid controller last night, intended to plug the pid into error from facedetection today but mein herr the pianist trolled me into 3kw on ergonomics instead
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: way the hell upstack asciilifeform i have 2 axes more or less wired up; i'm blocked on coming up with a good mechanism to connect the pan stage servo to the pan stage itself, but aside from that things are coming along rather swimmingly
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: well if the fellow comes around again, i'm leaving this here for 'im:
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: merci, monsieur gregorynyssa
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: << what has the scawwy mawwidge word have to do with either being boring or monogamous
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: that it's not hierarchical, over others
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: do you know "StJohn Piano" of
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: buenos noches a tous
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes off to mull this fpga knot-cut
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: jurov: please to report in re "tbf mess"; don't hold luls in abeyance
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: on far side from torso
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: thought placement was remarkably stupid on far side of ball, but asciilifeform attests otherwise?
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: it was a brilliant piece of hardware, simply could not tolerate life without a scroll wheel
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: "pi engineering" now owns the brand, is out of stock on everything interesting
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: cst meanwhile out of business
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: this was my mistake, yes
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: oh don't be ridiculous
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: somehow missed memo on this
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: mine, i admit, does not have scroll
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: drag and drop is pointless too
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: and the scroll ergonomics are utterly impossible
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: the radius is so large that i found it caused just as much pain
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: "can you open this jar for me lover?" "i mean i can but i really don't want do" "what do you mean?" "well i'm entirely strong enough but the wrist is aflame and i don't need more accrued damage"
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: rat is the sole point of pain; maginificently bad after a day of cad
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: ergo buys me time in pilot seat; without something of this shape i'm done with this line of work in another five years
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: my generation is poor, we've done this thread to death in the old wankpublic, can skip this time
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: i have a reproduction of that on order
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: Vexual: "ergodox ez"
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: fucking www is the penultimate duck cunt. will eat entire humans alive effecting the most trivial shit.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: i lost my first-republic-era workstation to precisely "the minute you try `emerge --sync`..."
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: and this is why i'm putting in the time to think and ask; i'm still putting bounds on the problems and what tools get me how far along which trajectories.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: notrly a design goal; not shooting for high speed cnc here
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes hopes to avoid 'silent like partizan', but mustest exercise a skosh of discretion.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: right, servo libary grows day by day.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: fuuuuuck but open source cad is bad.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: my physicals woes aren't 20 fpga chips, but good to know
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: how much had you in your head before?
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: you say 'shallow hole' in one breath and 'book and domain crossing' in another
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: there's no chip getting made sans a windows toolchain, neh? attempting else is tilting
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: i dunno that i'm necessarily phobic of 'circuit design', but i am certainly wary of getting ratholed in technological duck cunts. one of the compelling ideologies from the first republic was 'tear their arms off and beat them to death with 'em'
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: i'm going to focus on the effector controller for now
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: it's all just maffs, i dun understand the hesitation
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: or put another way, what advantages do they have over fpga work?
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: in what situations do 'microcontrollers' win?
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: determinism and fistinhead the largest wins from fpga?
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: how would you start analyzing tradeoff of 'high level lang' a la ada vs i don't even know what the upside to biting off fpga toolchain is
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: heh this is ultimate 'rtos'
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: need to eat some amount of serial data defining a pair of coords and then shit those coords out on another serial port; it's nigh trivial. would like, however, to use this as an autodidactic and toolchain prototyping exercise for more devices in the same vein.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes should know better. goes to castle alfenstein for advice on running ada on small chips of computronium; leaves with conundrum of 'should ams reorient face and mind and butt towards fpga?'
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: also smoked museum pieces generating rsa keys
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: high level i need something that eats from uart and shits to same (albeit different pins) and that's ~it
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: which leads me to my second question for asciilifeform tonight; have you blessed a 'microcontroller board' for use with ada? what remains of my sense of honor from the first republic recoils at the notion of "simply compiling c or rust" for use with the common-or-garden boards on the market.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: naively, "i'm going to have to network them eventually" "dummy, focus on making something first"
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: other nodes said 'uart'
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: Vexual: well there's an effector, and i need to get it commands.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: no!
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: frankly i'm so behind the curve on this aspect of my education that i think i'm better off snipping complexity aggressively and reintroducing it selectively as i find compelling cases
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: i have a somewhat more prosaic question; i gather from questioning others in my wot that i should probably not consider mixing microcontrollers and NICs if i want something working in human time. asciilifeform; have ye commentary or insight to shed?
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: 'no ragrats', as we said when i was a bairn.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes regrets the question immediately
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: what is mp's "foundation mess"?
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: i am unpredictably woefully behind on logs
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: i don't really care about garage openers
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: ty asciilifeform , and ty for the time already
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: not to give the game away, but yes i know
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: one doesn't want just anyone suborning a hardport though.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: should be adequate.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: cat5 should be adequate.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: fiber seems overkill
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: i'm not convinced that i have a use for 'heathen pipe'
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: what does the relaying, in this model? each node?
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: doesn't this mean one is on the hook for a router in addition to everything else?
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: on the other hand, a hostile node can take everyone else on the LAN down with eg ping floods. this is a classic "threat modeling" problem, i realize now.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: i honestly don't know how to make the call on the necessity of real-time.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: i'll be satisfied with hard connections.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: did you abandon the esp32?
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: for the near term, tens of ms are acceptable. i'm not driving a mill body or anything.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: i'm not convinced yet (innumeracy); the combination of commodity hardware and relaxed timing is compelling
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: anyways, upstack, some subset of nodes must decrypt, but all must verify
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: but enough maudlinnery, i'm not here for the feels
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: ben_vulpes, sank; republic, shattered
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform must have forgotten that i was once a human
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: where dma is "whatever strange it must"
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: sub ms is not even a problem; i am more interested in 'can eat udp packets, verify sigs and act on contents without disappearing for a half second to service dma'
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: no, in the absence of counsel to the contrary, i think i'd prefer to rely on eg 'Pololu Maestro' for that sort of work
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: mm, no see previous 'innumeracy' comment.
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: this line of thought is what brought me to RTAI/Xenomai; that and their preexisting incorporation into buildroot. i have but one life etc
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: do the other niceties (scheduler, for one) require heap?
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: forgive the innumeracy, but what is the upside of no-heapism outside of crypto?
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: how are {version of the library with no OS support} and {one withe 64-bit arm support} mutually exclusive?
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: reasonable? or should i just write everything in C and use RTAI to make my life easier
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: buenas noches, asciilifeform. i'm considering running some Ada code in a "real-time" environment; one where i don't have to worry about the kernel fucking off to massage the NIC for arbitrary periods of time. i'm inclined to use Ada, and would like to solicit your input on going down the "bare metal ada" rabbit hole. is something in the vein of
(asciilifeform) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: can you imagine? i go to stand up a pxeboot server and find nigh unto zero documentation on how to produce a pxelinux.0 anywhere; builing syslinux from source doesn't even produce something named even vaguely like what i want
(trilema) ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: in theory the logs are endlessly educational! in practice, learning takes practice.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: can't buy sheetrock nor coin without waylaying stagecoaches, asciilifeform.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: politely decline, but should the merry bandits catch the tax collector's carriage unawares i know where to place my buy orders.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: either tending to my manorial lands, or carving my fortune out of passing stagecoaches, depending on the day. the glittering court, most elevated discourses, high-octane cultronium etc readily distract me from the husbandry that capitalizes. also spooked me.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: nothing so exciting; simply stacking up a tiny pile of variously purple and pink 'greenbacks' to exchange for sheetrock and buttcorns.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: ty asciilifeform, but it'll be short and i'll dive for some more time yet.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: place is the 3rd or 4th largest population-wise and has much more humility and concomittantly a vastly greater depth to the sell-side of pretty much everything.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: for all that the place is nominally filled with capitalists, nobody here drives like time is a rapidly exhausting resource. i seem to have landed in a town largely flavored like portland. nobody knows how to make coffee, and the region doesn't produce much by way of wine. but! where portland was the largest metropolis for a good hundred and fifty miles in any direction (and cavorted with airs to match), this
(trilema) ben_vulpes: ty BingoBoingo
(trilema) ben_vulpes: noches, todos
(trilema) ben_vulpes: << i did not know that statically-compiled mysql was solved; is it?
(trilema) ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: couldn't get your pg to work; psql shits out with "symbol not found"
(trilema) ben_vulpes: robo-production, or ripe for surfacing through mp-wp.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform, BingoBoingo: here's the accounting-side statement for november: . production of these numbers is largely automatic, the stitching together is largely manual. now that i've coughed up november's numbers, i'll go back and apply this methodology to regenerating september and october statements, in the process identifying the bits to mechanize for future
(trilema) ben_vulpes: who's the anniez character?
(trilema) ben_vulpes: typically a quiet desperate plea for more than three neurons that flash when rubbed against each other. it's rare! desirable! easier to say you want it and pray the filter works than to go out and filter.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: random return of db contents sorta related to what one asked for not so readily distinguishable from ai engagement-driving recommendations. toddlers put stuff in their mouths to figure out wtf it is, news at at eleven.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: ty BingoBoingo
(trilema) ben_vulpes: hallucinations of control over 'our kommyunity!'
(trilema) ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: thanks
(trilema) ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: one's a four-month period and the other a three-, does the hosting subscription start a month before the rockchip?
(trilema) ben_vulpes: i long ago gave up on the notion that i'd be working on anything approaching techne in american corpistan; but to wail about it instead of ekeing some amount of capital out seems fruitless. lessons of Mocky and phf instructive here.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: i'm not saying that i *like* this world, but that i'm going to eke fortune i can with the tools and men at hand.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: and yet steam engine needs a governor asciilifeform; factories gotta crank, ben_vulpeses gotta shepherd cows through funnels.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: << i would dearly love a compiler i could tell "please figure out how we X and write a one-pager for review", but this stinks of sv aiwilldoeverythingism
(trilema) ben_vulpes: that postgres can build an index concurrently under load was pretty valuable just today, and nobody over here had to write it.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: << still quite a bit of value in sqlthings in managing fungible programmers. in the same way that common lisp fails at making cogs, mmmapped custom $whatever can be marvelously conservative of time and space, fit entirely in head, and also be anti-cog.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: ah no, i missed log lines. both cleared?
(trilema) ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: please also stand up a postgres somewhere convenient for me to import and continue to work on this spreadsheet; this is ready for you to do your own data entry on fiat/btc incoming/outgoing
(trilema) ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: logs suggest we have 2 outstanding wires; i don't suppose either have cleared yet, have they?
(trilema) ben_vulpes: write the calculator of change in customer equity account for a given month (which is the biggest manual backbreaker); after that i will do depreciation on the tangibles by hand, update assets and liabilities tables.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: data entry of btc transactions and usd transactions is complete; data entry for prepaid customers and monthly paying customers is quite nearly so. BingoBoingo: please dig through notes and break customer nrCgvFMWCqpO's october payment into one for the rockchip and another for the shell. since they have different time horizons, they need separate subscriptions. asciilifeform: next thing i do is
(trilema) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: now that would be some grade a arbitrage, if i could squeeze utility out of such
(trilema) ben_vulpes: aaah yes precisely. has an ee phd! from back when that meant something, even.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: and lol, save thanks for delivery, both of ye
(trilema) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: sorry, i don't follow
(trilema) ben_vulpes: << old-timey DSP/IC gent i hired for degrading mobile ui work recently overheard myself and teh boss riffing on john denver; boggled: "that music is older than either of you! in chorus: "sure beats ~anything recorded in our lifetimes, though"
(trilema) ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: send me pizarro transactions s'il vous plait, note payments for service in advance; i'll put them into the hopper and produce statement numbers. asciilifeform: next girthy table and calculation to write is the customer equity tracker, i will draft and populate with historical data over the next few days and let you know if i hit any puzzlers (low odds, i'm well-acquainted with the process).
(trilema) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: i've sketched out a set of tables that could hold all pizarro data accounting data and generate statements; the only remaining puzzlers are modeling subscriptions, prepay, and asset depreciation. would you like me to complete the design, put sql to disk and turn this into an accounting spreadsheet for pizarro?
(trilema) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: i believe this report settles the reported discrepancies. i will have to respond to queries asynchronously, as i'm traveling for the next week.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform, mod6, BingoBoingo: (these missives have not been encrypted, only signed. if any would like to read, please do.)
(trilema) ben_vulpes: amend that question to include the detail that *your* submitted ledger does not contain either of those transactions.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: why does mod6's ledger show a transaction for 0.1 btc to you on august 12th and then back from you on august 17th? it doesn't affect the accounting, but i am perplexed as you both stated that your ledgers in these shared notes contained all of your pizarro transactions with noted exceptions that do not include that transaction.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: mod6: why does the net change in pizarro's cash account for august not equal the difference between the sum of incoming and outgoing cash transactions?
(trilema) ben_vulpes: in retrospect, doing any of this in pm was entirely unnecessary and counterproductive.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: works for me, ty
(trilema) ben_vulpes: mod6: sorry for the obtuse ask last night. it's not strictly necessary, but i would like you to corroborate that i wrote those two lines to you in a private message on that date. if you grep for "once i get your signoff", you'll find what i'm talking about.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: << that's the transfer from a trb wallet to my deedbot account, notice that 'tx_to' is 'ben_vulpes'
(trilema) ben_vulpes tragically intimate, ftr
(trilema) ben_vulpes: clickin buttons in bezosnet and mashin tab in intellij?
(trilema) ben_vulpes: provided the shit getting done is largely the same time and again.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: one of the things dbs are good for is the shared spreadshit and enforcement of only one way of saying things. razoring off places to get creative is a boon to getting shit done.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: i certainly will on both points, although not tonight. i don't see sticking subscriptions into a db as a particularly difficult thing at all.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: glad to be of service
(trilema) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: i will let you know if i need more time to finish the august audit by tomorrow eve.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: mod6: i ask for your corroboration of a log line in that letter.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform, mod6, BingoBoingo: the mistake in july's statement is all mine:
(trilema) ben_vulpes: << asciilifeform i estimated weds to determine if i had what with to find the error, and followed up later with a gpggram saying i would deliver the errors in the two months in which i found errors.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: after i find these two roots, i would gladly serve and spreadsheetize this into the pizarro mysql/mp-wp
(trilema) ben_vulpes: viewport was way down in the ledgers.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: ah it's in the shared notes, i see.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: do you have a provisional statement for october?
(trilema) ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: ty
(trilema) ben_vulpes: prior to september 7th, i mean.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: 2 q's: how much pizarro btc were you holding in your deedbot account as of september 7, and how much elsewhere?
(trilema) ben_vulpes: in addition to the furnace door being taped on and the dishwasher motor being burned out, the washing machine drain hose is trying to wiggle itself free today.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: ty BingoBoingo
(trilema) ben_vulpes: i'm walking from july forward, comparing cash position on the pizarro book at the end of each month to cash held for pizarro in both of your accounts, want to ensure that i'm not rolling any personal transactions into the calculations.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo mod6: are there any non-pizarro transactions in the ledger outputs that i have from both of you?
(trilema) ben_vulpes: i will find where it came from.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: i could dig up the reams of satoshi-addition on my eng pad if it would ease your mind
(trilema) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: i betcha you're conflating my confusion in with there being a program written.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: i will know when this discrepancy crept in by wednesday.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: i'm thinking that i actually want to rerun the numbers at sept, because i was damned certain that everything was kosher at that point.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: footsoldiering task for me: regrind financials from april forward, april being the second-to-last time i audited cash held against statement claims (last time was before handoff to mod6, the correctness of which mod6 apparently doubts per )
(trilema) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: never existed. i tabulated in org-mode and did all of the calculations by hand.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: (ftr about 8 days behind on log, eating from both ends atm)
(trilema) ben_vulpes: ~bedtime until ~midnight by memory), then at least another four to check my results, which frequently included mistakes like mis-markings of which services which customers had paid for and for how long.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: it may be an 0.3s job to you or one of the ladies that you've trained. every time i sat down to categorize the list of incoming/outgoing into cash account vs customer equity; depreciate the hardware; walk the customer list to determine how much to debit the customer equity line; calculate the value of the btc and uyu i spent about eight hours on it in i estimate in retrospect two four hour shifts (from
(trilema) ben_vulpes: it takes quite a bit of time, and is full of manual ops, missteps on any of which foul the whole thing. my inclination is always to automate these and sweat the correctness of the automation instead of the correctness of the process again and again.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: and i never used a program because, (again cannot find the log link in reasonable-response time) at one point i was working on a schema for tracking customers and what they were paying for and mircea_popescu said something along the lines of "wtf this is a simple text file and accounting problem"
(trilema) ben_vulpes: << i never used a program. i documented and shared the accounting process with mod6 when i took sabbatical. i lack the log link atm but here's a copy of my original instructions
(trilema) ben_vulpes: will be making new contacts in the next month to find a shared cab for racking the foundation machine i lugged across the continent
(trilema) ben_vulpes: and workstation back online. gentoo happily boots from its original sata port on the motherboard, but hangs at "loading the kernel" when that drive is plugged into any other other sata port.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: Mocky: there's not much stomaching involved with operating an mp-wp. it's a pretty feature-complete blog; if you really want a custom template you can buy one.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: >
(trilema) ben_vulpes: not much to report, still assembling personal workstation
(trilema) ben_vulpes: mod6 asciilifeform BingoBoingo: the remaining stateside fuckgoats are packed in a specific box that i will relocate with my person.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: reading satoshi's varint gave me no ends of headaches with binary-types, i eventually cheated out
(trilema) ben_vulpes: apologies for the stink
(trilema) ben_vulpes: it is pretty novice cl; heavily java-flavored clos
(trilema) ben_vulpes: c6f427266725bc5166979cdee5010a7cf417fa788b87e1a05f430f07fdc52719cf697d71730a498fa12faea302908fbf34ea616079530a30dbd88fb00cafb8f7
(trilema) ben_vulpes: asciilifeform:
(trilema) ben_vulpes: i'm sure that i did but cannot recall where immediately, sec
(trilema) ben_vulpes: fence is done, transpocubes for possesions arrive tomorrow. house still unleased and one car yet needing transportation scheduled. other than that, girl and child fly out soon, and i drive out with dog shortly before.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: i've since just cut over to using postgres' own godly datetime knobs because a) better in every way b) works with timezones trivially
(trilema) ben_vulpes: i lost a few hours to cl-postgres/postmodern/simple date over the past two months; there is now some cl-postgres-simple-date-glue package that needs loading in order for postmodern to use its local-date set of classes. once upon a time loading simple-date after cl-postgres was enough to get the mechanisms in place.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: << largeish place, live music of poor quality on the first floor, asciilifeform and i had the top balcony to ourselves for an hour at least
(trilema) ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: both are logging, mine has a gap of several days i must stitch in.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: << this is what happened to that node when i ran it without the increased aggression patch
(trilema) ben_vulpes: phones to line up nexthouse like a champ; the only things left are to get someone to install grates over the roof vents, rent the house, and skeeeeeedaddle.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: in boring meatnyooz i liquidated the corvette (at a 16 2/3% loss from purchase, notbad given the damage i did to it experimenting with exciting nonstandard control regimes), hired cleaners, scheduled pianoanchor for transfer to a good friend remaining in libtardistan, basement is packed; girl has mucked augean stables of corporeal art school baggage, booked temporary housing at $dest and has been working the