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ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: in theory the logs are endlessly educational! in practice, learning takes practice.
ben_vulpes: can't buy sheetrock nor coin without waylaying stagecoaches, asciilifeform.
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: politely decline, but should the merry bandits catch the tax collector's carriage unawares i know where to place my buy orders.
ben_vulpes: either tending to my manorial lands, or carving my fortune out of passing stagecoaches, depending on the day. the glittering court, most elevated discourses, high-octane cultronium etc readily distract me from the husbandry that capitalizes. also spooked me.
ben_vulpes: nothing so exciting; simply stacking up a tiny pile of variously purple and pink 'greenbacks' to exchange for sheetrock and buttcorns.
ben_vulpes: ty asciilifeform, but it'll be short and i'll dive for some more time yet.
ben_vulpes: heya mod6
ben_vulpes: place is the 3rd or 4th largest population-wise and has much more humility and concomittantly a vastly greater depth to the sell-side of pretty much everything.
ben_vulpes: for all that the place is nominally filled with capitalists, nobody here drives like time is a rapidly exhausting resource. i seem to have landed in a town largely flavored like portland. nobody knows how to make coffee, and the region doesn't produce much by way of wine. but! where portland was the largest metropolis for a good hundred and fifty miles in any direction (and cavorted with airs to match), this
ben_vulpes: ty BingoBoingo
ben_vulpes: noches, todos
ben_vulpes: << i did not know that statically-compiled mysql was solved; is it?
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: couldn't get your pg to work; psql shits out with "symbol not found"
ben_vulpes: robo-production, or ripe for surfacing through mp-wp.
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform, BingoBoingo: here's the accounting-side statement for november: . production of these numbers is largely automatic, the stitching together is largely manual. now that i've coughed up november's numbers, i'll go back and apply this methodology to regenerating september and october statements, in the process identifying the bits to mechanize for future
ben_vulpes: who's the anniez character?
ben_vulpes: typically a quiet desperate plea for more than three neurons that flash when rubbed against each other. it's rare! desirable! easier to say you want it and pray the filter works than to go out and filter.
ben_vulpes: random return of db contents sorta related to what one asked for not so readily distinguishable from ai engagement-driving recommendations. toddlers put stuff in their mouths to figure out wtf it is, news at at eleven.
ben_vulpes: ty BingoBoingo
ben_vulpes: hallucinations of control over 'our kommyunity!'
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: thanks
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: one's a four-month period and the other a three-, does the hosting subscription start a month before the rockchip?
ben_vulpes: i long ago gave up on the notion that i'd be working on anything approaching techne in american corpistan; but to wail about it instead of ekeing some amount of capital out seems fruitless. lessons of Mocky and phf instructive here.
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: i'm not saying that i *like* this world, but that i'm going to eke fortune i can with the tools and men at hand.
ben_vulpes: and yet steam engine needs a governor asciilifeform; factories gotta crank, ben_vulpeses gotta shepherd cows through funnels.
ben_vulpes: << i would dearly love a compiler i could tell "please figure out how we X and write a one-pager for review", but this stinks of sv aiwilldoeverythingism
ben_vulpes: that postgres can build an index concurrently under load was pretty valuable just today, and nobody over here had to write it.
ben_vulpes: << still quite a bit of value in sqlthings in managing fungible programmers. in the same way that common lisp fails at making cogs, mmmapped custom $whatever can be marvelously conservative of time and space, fit entirely in head, and also be anti-cog.
ben_vulpes: ah no, i missed log lines. both cleared?
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: please also stand up a postgres somewhere convenient for me to import and continue to work on this spreadsheet; this is ready for you to do your own data entry on fiat/btc incoming/outgoing
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: logs suggest we have 2 outstanding wires; i don't suppose either have cleared yet, have they?
ben_vulpes: write the calculator of change in customer equity account for a given month (which is the biggest manual backbreaker); after that i will do depreciation on the tangibles by hand, update assets and liabilities tables.
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: data entry of btc transactions and usd transactions is complete; data entry for prepaid customers and monthly paying customers is quite nearly so. BingoBoingo: please dig through notes and break customer nrCgvFMWCqpO's october payment into one for the rockchip and another for the shell. since they have different time horizons, they need separate subscriptions. asciilifeform: next thing i do is
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: now that would be some grade a arbitrage, if i could squeeze utility out of such
ben_vulpes: aaah yes precisely. has an ee phd! from back when that meant something, even.
ben_vulpes: and lol, save thanks for delivery, both of ye
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: sorry, i don't follow
ben_vulpes: << old-timey DSP/IC gent i hired for degrading mobile ui work recently overheard myself and teh boss riffing on john denver; boggled: "that music is older than either of you! in chorus: "sure beats ~anything recorded in our lifetimes, though"
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: send me pizarro transactions s'il vous plait, note payments for service in advance; i'll put them into the hopper and produce statement numbers. asciilifeform: next girthy table and calculation to write is the customer equity tracker, i will draft and populate with historical data over the next few days and let you know if i hit any puzzlers (low odds, i'm well-acquainted with the process).
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: i've sketched out a set of tables that could hold all pizarro data accounting data and generate statements; the only remaining puzzlers are modeling subscriptions, prepay, and asset depreciation. would you like me to complete the design, put sql to disk and turn this into an accounting spreadsheet for pizarro?
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: i believe this report settles the reported discrepancies. i will have to respond to queries asynchronously, as i'm traveling for the next week.
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform, mod6, BingoBoingo: (these missives have not been encrypted, only signed. if any would like to read, please do.)
ben_vulpes: amend that question to include the detail that *your* submitted ledger does not contain either of those transactions.
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: why does mod6's ledger show a transaction for 0.1 btc to you on august 12th and then back from you on august 17th? it doesn't affect the accounting, but i am perplexed as you both stated that your ledgers in these shared notes contained all of your pizarro transactions with noted exceptions that do not include that transaction.
ben_vulpes: mod6: why does the net change in pizarro's cash account for august not equal the difference between the sum of incoming and outgoing cash transactions?
ben_vulpes: in retrospect, doing any of this in pm was entirely unnecessary and counterproductive.
ben_vulpes: works for me, ty
ben_vulpes: mod6: sorry for the obtuse ask last night. it's not strictly necessary, but i would like you to corroborate that i wrote those two lines to you in a private message on that date. if you grep for "once i get your signoff", you'll find what i'm talking about.
ben_vulpes: << that's the transfer from a trb wallet to my deedbot account, notice that 'tx_to' is 'ben_vulpes'
ben_vulpes tragically intimate, ftr
ben_vulpes: clickin buttons in bezosnet and mashin tab in intellij?
ben_vulpes: provided the shit getting done is largely the same time and again.
ben_vulpes: one of the things dbs are good for is the shared spreadshit and enforcement of only one way of saying things. razoring off places to get creative is a boon to getting shit done.
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: i certainly will on both points, although not tonight. i don't see sticking subscriptions into a db as a particularly difficult thing at all.
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: glad to be of service
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: i will let you know if i need more time to finish the august audit by tomorrow eve.
ben_vulpes: mod6: i ask for your corroboration of a log line in that letter.
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform, mod6, BingoBoingo: the mistake in july's statement is all mine:
ben_vulpes: << i assumed this to be an 'ack'
ben_vulpes: << asciilifeform i estimated weds to determine if i had what with to find the error, and followed up later with a gpggram saying i would deliver the errors in the two months in which i found errors.
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: after i find these two roots, i would gladly serve and spreadsheetize this into the pizarro mysql/mp-wp
ben_vulpes: viewport was way down in the ledgers.
ben_vulpes: ah it's in the shared notes, i see.
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: do you have a provisional statement for october?
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: ty
ben_vulpes: prior to september 7th, i mean.
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: 2 q's: how much pizarro btc were you holding in your deedbot account as of september 7, and how much elsewhere?
ben_vulpes: in addition to the furnace door being taped on and the dishwasher motor being burned out, the washing machine drain hose is trying to wiggle itself free today.
ben_vulpes: ty mod6
ben_vulpes: ty BingoBoingo
ben_vulpes: i'm walking from july forward, comparing cash position on the pizarro book at the end of each month to cash held for pizarro in both of your accounts, want to ensure that i'm not rolling any personal transactions into the calculations.
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo mod6: are there any non-pizarro transactions in the ledger outputs that i have from both of you?
ben_vulpes: i will find where it came from.
ben_vulpes: i could dig up the reams of satoshi-addition on my eng pad if it would ease your mind
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: i betcha you're conflating my confusion in with there being a program written.
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: i will know when this discrepancy crept in by wednesday.
ben_vulpes: i'm thinking that i actually want to rerun the numbers at sept, because i was damned certain that everything was kosher at that point.
ben_vulpes: footsoldiering task for me: regrind financials from april forward, april being the second-to-last time i audited cash held against statement claims (last time was before handoff to mod6, the correctness of which mod6 apparently doubts per )
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: never existed. i tabulated in org-mode and did all of the calculations by hand.
ben_vulpes: (ftr about 8 days behind on log, eating from both ends atm)
ben_vulpes: ~bedtime until ~midnight by memory), then at least another four to check my results, which frequently included mistakes like mis-markings of which services which customers had paid for and for how long.
ben_vulpes: it may be an 0.3s job to you or one of the ladies that you've trained. every time i sat down to categorize the list of incoming/outgoing into cash account vs customer equity; depreciate the hardware; walk the customer list to determine how much to debit the customer equity line; calculate the value of the btc and uyu i spent about eight hours on it in i estimate in retrospect two four hour shifts (from
ben_vulpes: it takes quite a bit of time, and is full of manual ops, missteps on any of which foul the whole thing. my inclination is always to automate these and sweat the correctness of the automation instead of the correctness of the process again and again.
ben_vulpes: and i never used a program because, (again cannot find the log link in reasonable-response time) at one point i was working on a schema for tracking customers and what they were paying for and mircea_popescu said something along the lines of "wtf this is a simple text file and accounting problem"
ben_vulpes: << i never used a program. i documented and shared the accounting process with mod6 when i took sabbatical. i lack the log link atm but here's a copy of my original instructions
ben_vulpes: will be making new contacts in the next month to find a shared cab for racking the foundation machine i lugged across the continent
ben_vulpes: and workstation back online. gentoo happily boots from its original sata port on the motherboard, but hangs at "loading the kernel" when that drive is plugged into any other other sata port.
ben_vulpes: Mocky: there's not much stomaching involved with operating an mp-wp. it's a pretty feature-complete blog; if you really want a custom template you can buy one.
ben_vulpes: >
ben_vulpes: not much to report, still assembling personal workstation
ben_vulpes: mod6 asciilifeform BingoBoingo: the remaining stateside fuckgoats are packed in a specific box that i will relocate with my person.
ben_vulpes: reading satoshi's varint gave me no ends of headaches with binary-types, i eventually cheated out
ben_vulpes: apologies for the stink
ben_vulpes: it is pretty novice cl; heavily java-flavored clos
ben_vulpes: c6f427266725bc5166979cdee5010a7cf417fa788b87e1a05f430f07fdc52719cf697d71730a498fa12faea302908fbf34ea616079530a30dbd88fb00cafb8f7
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform:
ben_vulpes: i'm sure that i did but cannot recall where immediately, sec
ben_vulpes: fence is done, transpocubes for possesions arrive tomorrow. house still unleased and one car yet needing transportation scheduled. other than that, girl and child fly out soon, and i drive out with dog shortly before.
ben_vulpes: i've since just cut over to using postgres' own godly datetime knobs because a) better in every way b) works with timezones trivially
ben_vulpes: i lost a few hours to cl-postgres/postmodern/simple date over the past two months; there is now some cl-postgres-simple-date-glue package that needs loading in order for postmodern to use its local-date set of classes. once upon a time loading simple-date after cl-postgres was enough to get the mechanisms in place.
ben_vulpes: << largeish place, live music of poor quality on the first floor, asciilifeform and i had the top balcony to ourselves for an hour at least
ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: both are logging, mine has a gap of several days i must stitch in.
ben_vulpes: << this is what happened to that node when i ran it without the increased aggression patch
ben_vulpes: phones to line up nexthouse like a champ; the only things left are to get someone to install grates over the roof vents, rent the house, and skeeeeeedaddle.
ben_vulpes: in boring meatnyooz i liquidated the corvette (at a 16 2/3% loss from purchase, notbad given the damage i did to it experimenting with exciting nonstandard control regimes), hired cleaners, scheduled pianoanchor for transfer to a good friend remaining in libtardistan, basement is packed; girl has mucked augean stables of corporeal art school baggage, booked temporary housing at $dest and has been working the
ben_vulpes: apologies for the degredation in service, i have personal irc logs and will stitch them back into history
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: tyvm for bringing that to my attention. i dropped the ball on service cutover. as mp astutely observed, the temporary host for these services is not a cuntoo, but some heathen convenience, conveniently different enough from my normal remote home that the logger for the ircbot refused to start, which (somehow!!!!!) fouled the bot's self reboot capabilities.
ben_vulpes: mod6: iron safely stowed
ben_vulpes tearing personal and foundation iron out of hometown dc, bbl
ben_vulpes: the many sleepless nights of the rural amphet didn't help.
ben_vulpes: sad fate to be remembered for failing to take out agents of the imperium given ~unlimited time and inclination to prepare.
ben_vulpes: << ruralia continues to deliver lulz: "booby trapped wheelchair", "hot tub attached to tripwire" "elder abuse"
ben_vulpes: mod6: ack
ben_vulpes: i was going to ask for a traceroute
ben_vulpes: that's odd, i'll look
ben_vulpes: those reluctant to diddle /etc/hosts without seeing signed material first may: curl --header 'Host:'
ben_vulpes: taking mimisbrunnr down for a spell
ben_vulpes: << absent the fence, coulda been done vastly more quickly.
ben_vulpes must bbl
ben_vulpes: well obviously someone sees the value in it as at least a testbed, what cost to him of registering a key.
ben_vulpes: not surfacing every single person capable of operating a v for subsequent filtering of whether or not they are ready to convert also yields.
ben_vulpes: pizarro seemed a) worthwhile endeavour b) could be let fail and the experiment run again c) had good odds of rescue mission succeeding for a time.
ben_vulpes: << absolutely. however i see risk of a tendency to 'lender of last resort' misbehaviors if unchecked (by whom?! forum clearly. which you address in your point re not throwing out everything the pantsuits touch.)
ben_vulpes: heh see thread with asciilifeform
ben_vulpes: "ensure access to the mainline set of patches" was the best i ever came up with for an operating thesis.
ben_vulpes: on the thread of, upon meditation, tbf was willing to host kids' projects at various points. didn't, in the case of lobbes, because he didn't take funding. kids ever-declining cost next to tbfs kitty inclines me to continue considering these projects.
ben_vulpes: is there some fetlife for nerds funnel under optimization?
ben_vulpes: so then what loss? if heathen has changed religion what are they doing out of church
ben_vulpes: mm, i didn't mean to suggest 'republic only' trb net. it is however a pretty sane client for the extant network, and perhaps there is value in gating access to such a gem from teh hoi polloi. what with trinque's impending hotwallet patches and his demonstration of their value with trb services, the gem will become only of more value.
ben_vulpes: i do not advocate that tbf hide the sauce away, dun fear
ben_vulpes: inner popscu suggests "what, as if its used by anyone outside the republic anyways? if joe blow wants a sane client (which republicans should be mentioning in their blogs etc), he can join the republic and ask for the vpatches." but perhaps i'm undercalibrated.
ben_vulpes: did what, as far as mod6 and i could tell, it needed to.
ben_vulpes: (elsewhere, saws buzz, coats of poly are applied, a decade of life-dross triaged and arrangements made to ship the most-valued and useful posessions across the continent continue...)
ben_vulpes: it also carves off an unsightly imho pantsuit wart upon the side of the republic, a "non-profit organization" with names and caftans etc.
ben_vulpes: this has the advantage of aligning tbf with how things actually work in the republic, as driven forward by the hands of those doing the work.
ben_vulpes: for that reason, largely only spending cash on hosting services. recently also a few hardware nodes. it creates work for mod6 in the vein of the monthly reports. perhaps a nutty suggestion, but it could cleanly be wound down (the charter modified), and mod6 to continue the monthly reports on his blog.
ben_vulpes: by and large i saw the responsibility to ensure that the reference bitcoin client source stayed available to the republic, although at the time i recall a more "to everyone" flavor in my own thinking.
ben_vulpes: yeah who even wrote that thing :P
ben_vulpes: mod6: ack
ben_vulpes: << winklevii taking a crack at "tether" market
ben_vulpes: why that particular block height for all the other entries, mod6 ?
ben_vulpes: once you understand double entry accounting it's not so difficult; glad the documentation made your life easier.
ben_vulpes: i'm mock offended at the notion i'd let a liability kick around off sheet
ben_vulpes: not as far as i can recall.
ben_vulpes: i believe it's topologically identical to a call option that doesn't expire with a strike price of the "per share price".
ben_vulpes: should i exercise them, the corporation takes in the btc i pay for them and adds them to the cap table.
ben_vulpes: nono, warrants are the right to purchase shares from the corporation at a price.
ben_vulpes: mod6: i'm pretty sure that we're all squared up.
ben_vulpes: mod6: trying to give away btc or what
ben_vulpes: should probably just take the loot lest anyone accuse me of virtue signaling!
ben_vulpes: it's a sticky position, being stuck between my jewish scruples and having zero desire to ding the isp pointlessly.
ben_vulpes: not that i want to not get paid, but i don't recall a previous agreement
ben_vulpes: so mod6 you want to pay me for services already rendered?
ben_vulpes: horee shit mircea_popescu in stunna shades will wonders never cease
ben_vulpes: << "synthetic brands to sell synthetic food to synthetic people"
ben_vulpes: ooh ooh; pisicologist ~='cuntologist'?
ben_vulpes: girl in question has been admirably sinking holes, casting posts, hanging cladding.
ben_vulpes: wives are chattel property!
ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: has it
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: not selling, leasing on, incomplete upgrades are a pretty serious ding in negotiation.
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: ah ah, well i started on the fence *first* and then i decided to move.
ben_vulpes: it speaks!
ben_vulpes: i also happen to enjoy my privacy.
ben_vulpes: oh no, this is a statal bezzle where the local cps takes "at risk" children and sells them to "foster care". statal human trafficking ring.
ben_vulpes: aha, "child protective services"
ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu hails from lands where the children roam free, are eventually returned to their parents, right?
ben_vulpes: well one
ben_vulpes: children too
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: i would like to pen the pets, this isn't quite the free-range wild wild west where i can brand them and expect them back later in the week
ben_vulpes: trinque: hey i like finding shitty bars in shitty neighborhoods and talking up the locals; don't want to live there
ben_vulpes: "fucking, a guide"
ben_vulpes: Mocky: "reach and balance"?
ben_vulpes: ah teh barge
ben_vulpes: works now
ben_vulpes: is associated in my head with a post i recall as "river of sluts", which i'm sure has an actual title.
ben_vulpes: i recall this
ben_vulpes: all of the pics redirect to random trilemaz
ben_vulpes: i'd written europe off largely on the basis of 'natoreich', but if there are habitable holes i'd rather live in stone than plastic
ben_vulpes: huh cool!
ben_vulpes: uruguay or sa most likely; while marseilles sounds lovely and i vastly prefer french to spanish it is unfortunately in france and so also the eu for the forseeable future. pretty fed up with not living near major airport hubs; access to surf also a criteria for expatquest
ben_vulpes: and should it suck, well, i've at least snipped the girl's attachment to the easy comfortable lifestyle of the pacnw
ben_vulpes: north of california, west of the rockies the humanpaste is ~entirely undifferentiated, curious to see if this holds for louisiana, tx, fl.
ben_vulpes: pretty grade a story, am looking forward to meeting different americans
ben_vulpes: is this why you're always going on about san antonio?
ben_vulpes: im also evaluating this claim that the lone star state is somehow not the same thin plastic veneer over zamac the rest of the country's made of. it at least has endogenous oil stores and the locals carry a reputation for being profit minded
ben_vulpes: a bit, yeah. i've also lived in the same libtard shithole for nigh on three decades at this point; far past time to meet the rest of america.
ben_vulpes: i remain available and actively supporting mod6 and BingoBoingo when they need something from me on the pizarro front
ben_vulpes: tenative schedule is to have current domus released by end of october and new digs established ~same time.
ben_vulpes: days are mostly wake -> grind out food credits -> grind out more holes in ground -> sink posts -> fabricate and erect cladding -> sleep, with the occasional beer
ben_vulpes: new destination, clean + lease the illiquid asset, and then set up shop in the new area
ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: the inane shit occupying my time instead of republican efforts is embarrassingly trivial, but since you ask: i'm moving to texas, and so now must wrap fence that was supposed to be a two-season relaxed affair by mid september; throw out a decade+ of crap that i shouldn't have been so lax as to let stick around in the first place, pack my whole existence into transpocubes, get it moved to the
ben_vulpes: iirc he let the hosting account lapse.
ben_vulpes: oh this is for shared hosting, my mistake.
ben_vulpes: mod6: the last rev of your notes says that he's paid up through october 2018
ben_vulpes: mod6: fixed. moved the log directives out of the directory block and into the top level virtualhost, and made the logdir for the user in question
ben_vulpes: if it's that simple, that'd be spiffy indeed
ben_vulpes: incorporation-related*
ben_vulpes: iirc lacnic wants to see the existing block more heavily used than it is right now before allocating more, BingoBoingo was there something else incorporation that LACNIC wanted to see?
ben_vulpes: antenna? shitton of copper if it's solid.
ben_vulpes: i say, this coordinated attack on the republic is underimpressive
ben_vulpes: "homeopathic"? almost but not quite exactly ersatz ersatz or what
ben_vulpes: triclosan!
ben_vulpes: eyy, anyone want to guess what i found in the toothpaste?
ben_vulpes: mod6: ty
ben_vulpes: lol hey check it out; this guy gets a haul of 300kusd+ for not responsibledisclosuring and douchebags of the world wank themselves raw over 5K and a spot on the altavista hall of fame
ben_vulpes: hm lemonde blocks
ben_vulpes: never skip leg day
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: i don't actually know of this deformity
ben_vulpes: head UP! tits OUT! hips TILTED BACK!
ben_vulpes: the problem isn't your /posture/, kids, it's your /lifestyle/
ben_vulpes: haw someone just sent me an ad for a nylon "posture brace"; not that a brace is going to do anything for the lump of muscle developing at the base of millenial skulls from supporting their heads at a thirty-degree angle all day
ben_vulpes: shed thirty years and three tonnes, do css on fiverr for bitdribbles
ben_vulpes: and while the uncleals are convinced it'll be highway maintenance that blows a crater in the usg budget, i have high hopes that the heavy metal poisoning from 'vape pen' use will eclipse it by a few orders of magnitude
ben_vulpes: ~only place builtup pre auto, not surprising
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: but for humans
ben_vulpes: is auto optional in cr?
ben_vulpes: cult of motor is not for poorfags
ben_vulpes: cars are expensive, what of it
ben_vulpes: sadly, am peristalted into cardboardhouse bigzone
ben_vulpes: haven't even heard a peep about putting trans rights into the corporate handbook in at least three years!
ben_vulpes: ain't complaining
ben_vulpes: less blue hair and fewer kilts as i move through the digestive tract
ben_vulpes: juarez is right there
ben_vulpes: got lured into a bezzle
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: i mean the 'fly to terristostan, come home, get apprehended for aiding and abetting'
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: pretty sure the brits do it too
ben_vulpes: there's always the jail stiped if you fly over and then turn tail
ben_vulpes: looool
ben_vulpes: 'haskellism' thread for those who mighta got something out of socrates.
ben_vulpes: kids would rather sit around the table gabbling about whatever problems 0.00003% of the population have instead of sitting down and reading old shit about universals as what apply to 99.99% of the population
ben_vulpes: which you, what this lol
ben_vulpes: trinque flagged whitaker's words for me as a latin dictionary (an ada artifact even!)
ben_vulpes began the exercise as a form of entertainment during a road trip recently; "hey baby what do you think of this translation" "what does X mean in context of Y"
ben_vulpes: turns out, absolutely no replacement for a large desk and several dictionaries
ben_vulpes: all this time no auto-interlineated de toqueville; and on and on
ben_vulpes: << the otherwise-invisible failure to implement anything even approaching intelligence augmentation (or even the statistical AI crap) is never so obvious as when translating works in other languages on the touchscreendevices: why does 'iBooks' waste all of this time animating between the french and english translations of the book i'm working on; how is there after
ben_vulpes: inserter-between-in-chief
ben_vulpes: macports is the portagealike, homebrew is ~canonical apt-get