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mp_en_viaje: BingoBoingo, lulzy usgistani rag you got there!
snsabot: Logged on 2018-08-26 11:09:26 mircea_popescu: finally! let's make the links : <-> <-> (note how correct figure was ~40k not 50k, but w/e, rounding).
mp_en_viaje: ; also hey asciilifeform :
BingoBoingo: I find the scale of the China drama more humiliating for the US than anything else.
BingoBoingo: With their years in the white house, senate, etc... Did the Clintons pull better than some mayor on the other side of the Pacific?
mp_en_viaje: nope. are you fucking kiddiong me, epic lulz like "uaw investigation" revolve around piddly ~million~ spent on personal luxuries. what the fuck, a mn worth of luxuries, really ? so like... a bathroom ?
mp_en_viaje: hoffa made out better than the entire pile-up of contemporary usgistani bureaucrats.
mp_en_viaje: crime doesn't pay ; and working for the socialists is the capital crime.
BingoBoingo: It also highlights how damn poor the US is
mp_en_viaje: speaking of ; possibly the best compressed illustration of "why ancient, what's wrong with modern" could be had reviewing the phonetis of hoi polloi. so : it was [hoi polloi] in the ancient world, with gemminated l and everyting else good right and proper. it's... well, it's [i poˈli] these days, because "do we still have to DO th
mp_en_viaje: at" and assorted nonsense.
mp_en_viaje: modern greek "no longer needs" the glottal stop h, nor does it use double-l's for anything, it's "progressed past that, see". sounds like lazy dogs talking, also, but that's ok -- everyone's a dog anyway rite ?
mp_en_viaje: (except, of course, for cyprus, this republica moldova slash sicily of the greek world. there, still geminated. )
mp_en_viaje: BingoBoingo, also highlights where the gold supposedly in new york actually is.
BingoBoingo: mp_en_viaje: The outside outlets that ought to be hammering this story are all incredibly silent in English.
mp_en_viaje: well for one thing, it's an ~indepedent~ "corruption investigation" aka beheading. the "only socialism that could be" gets nothing from it
mp_en_viaje: so they don't understand "how the news relates to them"
BingoBoingo: Well, I plan to use this as the go to link in the future when US Pantsuits get busted while poor. Like this guy
mp_en_viaje: no but he had fun, see. that's the important part. "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal." yes ? pile up treasures in "heaven", which in the anglican/protestant/derpitarian/whatever tradition no longer means the popish plot, of course, but still means something experimentially-ridiculous.
mp_en_viaje: so buck the tard built himself up treasures in heaven as indicated by his self-disavowing pedestrian restatement of catolicism as some poor scottish farmers could best manage to restate latin cancer.
mp_en_viaje: he fucked a buncha crackwhores or w/e it is he did, he "had experiences". that's the important metaphisical, yes ? experiences ? having experienced ?
mp_en_viaje: a treasure trove of prescriped goodness nobody inexplciably seems to envy him. so what is there to write about ?
mp_en_viaje: if the world came to its senses, if i engaged tards on their own terms, if parents lived their lives such that they're comprehensible to children, if china correctly saw the incredible importance of ustarded delusions... then maybe they could write about it. but as it is ?!
mp_en_viaje: actually, is my point here coming through or do i have to restate it ?
BingoBoingo: I think it's coming through.
BingoBoingo: Buck fellow was a good Calvinist, and surprisingly active for a pre-ordained
mp_en_viaje: they ~all are, actually. their bizarro cvasi-religion, poorly formulated and even less considered, is for these sins nevertheless very deeply implanted.
mp_en_viaje: what they do, "complex" and "inexplicable" as they might like to pretend it, nevertheless can be very well predicted on a decerebrated read of the medieval catholics. basically calvin was the original hollywood, writting really stupid yet simple stories for a certain kind of [
mp_en_viaje: 86329][orphan].
mp_en_viaje: and the annoying part is that i can't apparently find now where i discussed in detail the relationship between "noir" as the form of cinematic expression and the sadness of abandoned counterfit-urban male youth (not REALLY urban because too new, like in new york).
mp_en_viaje: there's the two liner above linked ; there's another one line in a discussion of another film. but i clearly remember taking the time to discuss this over paragraphs, i just don't remember where the fuck
BingoBoingo: I'm going to grab some sleep and see if it shakes out any recollection of where that may be hiding.
mp_en_viaje: nighty
mp_en_viaje: a no, actuaslly, it IS fracture. just cut up in two footnotes.
mp_en_viaje had been reading what's apparently some 2016 drifter's rather extensive homespun copy. includes log with personally relevant tidbits of 2017 vintage and so on.
mp_en_viaje: occasional gems in the celentano vein (played straight, too!), like "The past year has been a year of failures for me. I failed to persuade any of my old friends about any of my strongly held beliefs concerning morality, politics, and economics. Not only did I fail to persuade them, I failed to maintain them as friends." ; otherwise apparently likes cha
mp_en_viaje: i an' uses it to learn greek because reading trilema's changed his life for the better.
mp_en_viaje: anyone actually knew about this all along / from before ?
snsabot: Logged on 2019-08-27 11:43:20 mircea_popescu: i specificalty recall describing this situation in munchen whereby i took cab driver all over bars, trying to find some with decent seating, didn't find any, at end dude was like "well, there's no more left on the list, you have to sit here" and i was like "bitch, i dun have to anything"
snsabot: Logged on 2019-04-03 15:41:03 mp_en_viaje: but anyway, what the fuck is wrong with picking the prestige coffee house of the town for your bitcoin meet ?
feedbot: << Trilema -- The problem of complexity.
asciilifeform: << ty mp_en_viaje , found culprit: a built-in idjicy in the pythonism that asciilifeform used to implement doublequotes. i'ma have to rewrite that mechanism.
snsabot: Logged on 2019-09-29 02:03:59 mp_en_viaje: ; also hey asciilifeform :
asciilifeform observes that 9 times outta 10 this is what 'oh hey there's a library knob for this?' leads to...
asciilifeform: << and 'pre-classical' greeks had the digamma... and the classical folx already had a silent iota in various dipthongs, previously voiced per archaeologists. also 'lazy dog' ? ( where lived the non-lazy dog, in stone age ? )
snsabot: Logged on 2019-09-29 02:21:18 mp_en_viaje: modern greek "no longer needs" the glottal stop h, nor does it use double-l's for anything, it's "progressed past that, see". sounds like lazy dogs talking, also, but that's ok -- everyone's a dog anyway rite ?
asciilifeform: this is btw a long-standing q in asciilifeform's head -- wai is it that lang knobs only ever seem to ~fall off~ in archaeologically-visible period. almost as if they were only formed in 'supernovae' of some sort, and then afterwards only decay
asciilifeform: errybody seems to only ever ~lose~ sounds (and cases, and...) never ~gain~
asciilifeform has been slowly eating greeks for a while, and the (sovok) texts take special care to rub this in, and asciilifeform finds interesting
asciilifeform: i can easily see where ideas like this may've come from
snsabot: Logged on 2018-01-07 09:46:50 asciilifeform: << the classical j00z have the 'past is moar important' jumpers set to max: iirc they have a 'the further we get from moses, the moar of god-given wisdom is lost', i.e. nonrenewable resource.
asciilifeform: erry lang asciilifeform ever bothered to study, when dug found that it lost sounds over all recorded span (with the eventual, if delayed, loss of the glyphs that represented'em)
asciilifeform: ru and jp in fact in quite recent (300-400y) period
asciilifeform: ( in the former, most famous case, 'Война и мiръ' turned into 'Война и мир' by decree of lenin, but the 'i' had already stopped being phonetic 200+y prior )
asciilifeform: and of course ye olde ѣ . lenin gets the credit/blame for the cuts, but 5 successive monarchs in fact proposed to cut the dead glyphs, each time ran into opposition from 'ohnoez, ornament of the language!111' academicians
asciilifeform: ( for folx who aint archaeologists -- 'ѣ' ended up turned into 100% 'е', but at one pt was a distinctly elongated æː )
asciilifeform: ro cyrillic variant had it. ( bulgaria -- till end of ww2 )
asciilifeform: not even clear to me that the 'decay' is necessarily disaster -- do indo-european folx miss the 15 declensions of finnish ? ( has e.g. 'into', 'out of', buncha other 'extras' cases )
asciilifeform: ro's vocative, if modern text is anyffin to go by, is 'falling off' just as ru's fell off
asciilifeform bbl,meat
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, what's the problem with having a consonant equivalent upsilon ?
mp_en_viaje: latin kept it, as f.
mp_en_viaje: << the way to gain such is the same way as gaining a lot of new children. if the russians stayed in berlin -- but for reals, not just one quickie rape passing throiugh, then modern eastern german'd conceivably have been as sluttily hybridized as phoenician-dri
snsabot: Logged on 2019-09-29 11:17:57 asciilifeform: has been slowly eating greeks for a while, and the (sovok) texts take special care to rub this in, and asciilifeform finds interesting
mp_en_viaje: ven mycenian greek
mp_en_viaje: that'd be the supernova : 1. go in, 2. kill all the dudes 3. chain all the women nude to poles, let the kids crawl out of them come to terms with the megalanguage.
mp_en_viaje: of course, this can't happen if you have writing, that'll preserve the two as distinct rather than creatively merge them to save on memory space
mp_en_viaje: << not all loss is disaster, of course not. but the same argument as contemplated in is seen in "o look at linux, lost init, now systemd".
snsabot: Logged on 2019-09-29 11:33:48 asciilifeform: not even clear to me that the 'decay' is necessarily disaster -- do indo-european folx miss the 15 declensions of finnish ? ( has e.g. 'into', 'out of', buncha other 'extras' cases )
snsabot: Logged on 2019-09-29 02:20:46 mp_en_viaje: speaking of ; possibly the best compressed illustration of "why ancient, what's wrong with modern" could be had reviewing the phonetis of hoi polloi. so : it was [hoi polloi] in the ancient world, with gemminated l and everyting else good right and proper. it's... well, it's [i poˈli] these days, because "do we still have to DO th
mp_en_viaje: talking of the matter "in general", as of loss in principle, "he lost some shit off the sole of the boot" not at all the same as loss of the very boot. "but mp, where's the shit end and the boot begin ???" "shut it."
mp_en_viaje: and damn, now i can't find the joke in the log anymore ;/ "don't worry, itll fall off once it dries"
asciilifeform: i was gonna share a crackpot model of the item but mp_en_viaje already hinted that he has same 1
asciilifeform: for thread-completeness tho :
asciilifeform: consider what other natural object follows 'damn these only ever break apart, but for most of recorded hist we never saw'em get bigger' : nucleus
asciilifeform: suppose typical shaved ape can only 'lift' so-much lang -- ~4 cases, ~20-30 phonemes, ~4 tenses, roughly. so, per model, 'heavies' form from inelastic collisions of 'stables'. 'lights' -- from elastic collisions.
asciilifeform: observe that 'ultraheavies' e.g. the finns tend to only survive in geo-isolates
asciilifeform: where there aint a chingis han to come an' take a hammer to'em
asciilifeform: 'ultralights', the jungle men, ditto, they dun have enuff 'temperature' to 'fuse' into sumthing like what civilized folx speak
mp_en_viaje: this argument works for anything but phonetics.
mp_en_viaje: a "simpler" language is not in fact simpler.
asciilifeform: 'simpler' is possib. wrong word. speaking here of macroscopic part count.
mp_en_viaje: the reason every balkan country mocked the shit out of the greeks throughout late antiquity and middle ages was PRECISELY their dropping of the waw.
mp_en_viaje: "these people sound like retarded preschoolers with a lisp"
asciilifeform: that digamma , right
mp_en_viaje: there's about six to twelve vowels and about eighteen to twenty-something consonants that are naturally available in the mouth
mp_en_viaje: you can make slight movements, turning everything an eight one way or the other ; you can put more focus on labials or africates and less on velars of w/e.
asciilifeform did work through the 'mendeleev table' of these in kindergarten, aha
mp_en_viaje: but by and large, losing major lines is an unmitigated loss. english appears in no small part retarded because, phonetically, it utilizes poorly the available spoace
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: also from getting a foreign alphabet welded to it , kazah-style, and the users lacking the spark of life to fucking fix it
mp_en_viaje: classical greek and to a large degree republican latin appear so dignified because the balance's good. modern italian similarly, have you heard a civilised older male speak italian ? it instantly connotes all the things anglos want and can
mp_en_viaje: t get, "gentleman and scholar". even if he;'s a waiter
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i cannot disagree. observed, tho, that even the utmost classical greeks were already spewing out loose neutrons, if you will, per model
mp_en_viaje: insanely obscure folk sicilian, while deeply irrelevant culturally, is still rewarding enough one wants to figure out wtf is mp's quote maritari bs even about. meanwhile quite interesting culturally hungarian fails to interest anyone -- and this mostly because terrible notation connotes horrible phonetic balance (which isn't even the case)
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, greeks got democracy early, fucked them up good.
asciilifeform: the orig 'zombie apocalypse' aha
asciilifeform: the 1st one, that is, pre-demoocracies, where the minoans bit it
mp_en_viaje: though the discussion as carries elides the important point : excellent speaking helenists existed throughout the history.
mp_en_viaje: just as here : i will bring forth "elided" from the pits of "wtf, that's not even english!!!" because the phrase needs and demands it.
mp_en_viaje: even in english, most ravines can be bridged.
asciilifeform: ( to run w/ the model -- homeric era folx, 'well-balanced', get a load of red hot 'sea men' pirate spoodge right up arse, and new 'heavier' lang forms, then proceeds to 'lazy dogs' leprosy-shed pieces, then... rinse, repeat )
mp_en_viaje: this is amusing because the most fucked of the greeks (in cyprus) got allegedly the better greek.
mp_en_viaje: sardinian's defo more interesting than contemporary french ; and so following.
asciilifeform: in asciilifeform's model, looking only at 'stable' rather than 'better' (in whatever measure, e.g. the 1 where english is fucking ~impossible to write quality lit , not even speaking of poem, or unambiguous argument, etc. in )
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, but stable in whose mouth /
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: in mouth of 'scholar' just about anyffin can be 'stable', as in your quality italians. even oddball conlangs. recall the tears of the folx who made up 1945 hebrew when their spawn started speaking it tho.
mp_en_viaje: this neatly doubles the "great progress of ourdemocracy -- life expectancy". if you inflation-fudge the data to include babies, you get the numbers you want ; but if you don't you end up with much better everything, by letting most kids die rather than carrying them on the books pointelliottly.
asciilifeform: in mouth of redditus, possibly aint even such a thing as 'stable nucleus'
asciilifeform: arguably medieval latin was a deliberate attempt at 'stable for scholars'
asciilifeform: still -- drifted.
mp_en_viaje: do you believe "life expectancy" is better for you now than was for seneca ?
asciilifeform: fuckno (and noshit) , mp_en_viaje described this imho 100% correctly in linked piece
mp_en_viaje: so then -- not drifted.
mp_en_viaje: if that didn't drift, why do you think this did. needs some heavy argyments.
asciilifeform: the meat drifts pretty slowly.
mp_en_viaje: did bitcoin drift because a buncha idiots do whatever the hell ?
mp_en_viaje: who are you going to sample ?
mp_en_viaje: i'm not even proposing a closed form solution here ; but it seems to me that elementarily even english works ok in my hands, and in general the discussion will be more a matter of how you do your sampling than of anything else.
asciilifeform: as asciilifeform sees it, almost definitionally 'civilization' as in written , organized culture, is attempt to stall the drift.
asciilifeform: is why even in simple man-made tooling gotta have 'written standards'. otherwise result is pythonism etc.
asciilifeform: the natural process being stalled, is what was speaking of.
mp_en_viaje: the natural process of reversion to the mean ?!
asciilifeform: of reversion to 'what fits in turnip head' mean aha.
mp_en_viaje: this then is uncontroversial : wind blows. on a long enough timespan, all man made things revert.
mp_en_viaje: your capitol shall be pasture again, look on his wonders and despair, etc.
asciilifeform: the imho interesting aspect was trying to pry open is, from where comes the larger items from which then decay.
asciilifeform: i suspect mp_en_viaje's formulation is equivalent to mine.
snsabot: Logged on 2019-09-29 12:00:43 mp_en_viaje: that'd be the supernova : 1. go in, 2. kill all the dudes 3. chain all the women nude to poles, let the kids crawl out of them come to terms with the megalanguage.
snsabot: Logged on 2019-09-17 15:22:21 mircea_popescu: and pike changed society from matriarchy to patriarchy, because provided effectual control to female wail behaviour : poking with sharpened stick.
asciilifeform: the pike, the axe, the sword
mp_en_viaje: Nici Afrodita, cea in solduri lata, nici Joe cu alaiul lui ceresc nu s-au ivit din bolta instelata, ci dintr-o amfora cu vin grecesc ; voi, moralisti ilustri, ginditu-v-ati vreunul ca opere eterne, antume si postume, n-ar fi luat fiinta de n-ar fi fost pe lume femeia, treponema, alcoolul si tutunul ?
asciilifeform: 'axe-time, sword-time, shields a'sundered, wind-time, wolf-time...'(tm)(r)(elder eda)
asciilifeform bbl:moarmeat
mp_en_viaje: !q later tell thimbronion you know your blog is still broken, click for instance on any comment or title link from
snsabot: mp_en_viaje: my valid commands are: src, uptime, seen-anywhere, help, s, version, seen
mp_en_viaje: !Qlater tell thimbronion you know your blog is still broken, click for instance on any comment or title link from
lobbesbot: mp_en_viaje: The operation succeeded.
feedbot: << Qntra -- USG Week In Review: Trump, Ukraine, Biden, Phone, Impeachment, Trap
BingoBoingo: Had to get the taste of yesterday's news out of my head
mp_en_viaje: they're doing lulzy desperations on the tv too, "historic week interviews with pelosi's daughter" and assorted festivist nonsense.
mp_en_viaje: i hope everyone got all the democrat voting they wanted to do out of their system already, because with the bidden clan gone there's literally nothing left. that was their last functional moneyraising center.
mp_en_viaje: turn't off da robinette
BingoBoingo: All they have left are the HR departments
mp_en_viaje: those contribute to costs.
BingoBoingo: And the assorted non-profit awareness drummers about to rot on the vine when the spigot stops
BingoBoingo: I suspect the HR departments last a bit longer than the drummers for reasons of Indian caste and tribal loyalties.
BingoBoingo: And for the absence of a professional managerial class in the US
BingoBoingo: << iirc someone was looking for this Trilema recently
billymg: mp_en_viaje: "I want to add here a link to that "they live meaningless lives" cartoon thing, which is already in the footnote of a relevant Trilema piece, which of course I can't find." << and
billymg: came across the first link recently so it was still fresh in the browser history
BingoBoingo: billymg: Nice find!
mp_en_viaje: billymg, ty!
billymg: it's a good comic, i sent it to my pet recently when she protested that my expectations were too high
mp_en_viaje: o hai diana_coman !
diana_coman: hello mp_en_viaje !
mp_en_viaje: (approx -- these whores & cunts are bad news, only men can be loving & trustworthy!)
mp_en_viaje: i think he even says prostate.
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diana_coman: !!up thimbronion
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BingoBoingo: "se trataría de un subfusil, posiblemente Cal. 45, sin numeración ni marca, solo se distingue una impresión en el mismo con las letras CCT y contenía 5 municiones"
diana_coman: thimbronion: go ahead
asciilifeform: billymg: lol! loox like cross breed b/w 'tec9' and schmeisser ??
asciilifeform: dafuq is that
asciilifeform: err, BingoBoingo
lobbesbot: thimbronion: Sent 6 hours and 19 minutes ago: <mp_en_viaje> you know your blog is still broken, click for instance on any comment or title link from
ossabot: Logged on 2019-09-29 13:08:24 mp_en_viaje: !Qlater tell thimbronion you know your blog is still broken, click for instance on any comment or title link from
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: I suspect home-ish made, maybe off plans from te late Paladin Press
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: observe , no muzzle break, either , dollars to doughnuts 'plumbing shop' build
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: just about 100% a basement-built , fire-from-open-bolt design ( these are Officially proscribed in usa even when half-auto , so unlikely to be industrially-baked )
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: lacking the gas brake, most of salvo is likely to end up in ceiling. hasty, shoddy work.
BingoBoingo: Well, this isn't the US. Could be a Brasilero or Paraguayo product of Jungle Industry. Or could be Industria Defensa de Argentina
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: rright but for some reason most of the brasil people build vaguely to usa spec, historically
asciilifeform: kinda like that samsung air conditioner, built with flammable coolant to europistani spec despite moar than half being sold in usa
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Brasil has a big regular industry that builds to specs competitive on the international market.
BingoBoingo: Another possibility is its an "Operation Condor" artifact of US origin
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: the colt acp also afaik uncommon outside of north amer
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: this last 1 sounds likely
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: .45 ACP is used here as a sporting round.
asciilifeform: interesting
asciilifeform: iirc large qty was surplussed by usg in bush II yrs (gestapo moved to some oddball newfangled caliber, iirc .40)
BingoBoingo: It is used here because it's the international standard high caliber competition pistol caliber round
asciilifeform: .45 is imho pretty good , of the historic calibers. usually subsonic right outta the box, even (i.e. silenceable)
BingoBoingo: Sure the Olympics use .22 rimfire or after London "simulated gun" toys, but .45 ACP is a standard
BingoBoingo: Also leaves decent holes
asciilifeform: entirely decent holes afaik
asciilifeform never grasped why nato picked up luger as Official standard rather than colt's
BingoBoingo: I suspect because more bullets fit into the supply truck
asciilifeform: ~10% moar
BingoBoingo: The NATO caliber standarding also happened during that time where the soft-serve consensus was the next fight will be nuclear so its possible there wasn't much concern over small arm supremacy
feedbot: << lobbesblog -- Charting the Charlotte BDSM Scene, Part Two: Choking on Socialist Spores
asciilifeform: the slow, blunt 45 is moar of a police interest item than for any kinda war. there's an infamous case where 2 drunken red army sargeants had 'duel at dawn at 50 paces' w/ lendlease 'thompsons' . both scored, neither penetrated the wool greatcoat.
asciilifeform: ( maybe in the warm continents, where even grunts issued armours tend to throw'em out , a la vietnam -- moar relevant ? nfi )
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: .45 ACP came about because .38 just wasn't doing the job against Pinoys
asciilifeform: famously aha
asciilifeform recalls a great mircea_popescu thrd about a 7kg rhinoceros-calibre pistol, but sadly cannot immediately find
asciilifeform: that 1 !
asciilifeform saw 1 fired at a local shooting gallery, pretty great fireball. designer oughta have given it a screw-on barrel extender imho, nobody cancelled physical law
asciilifeform: similar problem with 1990 ru police favourite, the 'short kalash'
asciilifeform: lotsa wasted joules in that fireball. the powder wants a barrel to do its thing in.
BingoBoingo: There's a shop here that produces a single shot .50 BMG bolt action for the local armed forces, because Ministry of Defense doesn't want to pay the tarrifs
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: 'barrett' . (btw moar hits for ~this~ barrett than for the other barrett in ~all searchtrons, lol)
asciilifeform: pretty common among moneyed folx in usa.
asciilifeform: if sudden infestation of elephants (or ww1 tanks) -- folx well-equipped!111
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Well barret prices are why the local ministry of defense buys arms for that caliber made in Uruguay
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: 4-5 k $ in gringolandia typically.
asciilifeform: approx same as for decent pc.
asciilifeform: shells are ~5 $ ea. usually.
asciilifeform: made temporarily famous by that black policeman fella who 'postal' coupla yrs ago.
BingoBoingo: Consider the local Army's primary defense purpose is armed bridge standoff against Argetine forces during Peronist times, and... seems to explain why it
asciilifeform: ( recall, he had 1 of those mysteriously-incombustible passports that lay , Officially, on his corpse when they napalmed the house he was in )
BingoBoingo: Note that Brasil is treaty obligated to do the quashing of actual Argentine invasions of Uruguay.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: for what argentards to invade uy ? to steal the pot-flavoured empanadas ??
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Historically the did do for ego reasons like Bush in Iraq II
BingoBoingo: "Regime change" etc
BingoBoingo: Back when Uruguay had under 100,000 non-feathered bipeds and still managed respectable civil wars
BingoBoingo: << "Also transit times between Cerrito de la Victoria and Ciudad Vieja were probably shorter during the 19th century when the government of Uruguay under General Oribe in Cerrito de la Victoria held the other government of Uruguay lead by General Riveria in the old city under seige for 8 years."
BingoBoingo: Competing Argentine and Brasilero intervention resolved that domestic dispute. Then everyone got together and nearly genocided Paraguay as a bonding exercise.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: in re ye olde 'paladin' co , found a kind of bio of the late owner , apparently very frustrated vietnam war d00d .
snsabot: Logged on 2017-10-04 12:55:14 BingoBoingo: In other sads, Paladin Press closing at end of year
asciilifeform has fond memories of 'paladin' from olden warez days, had a coupla very entertaining, if not 100% practical, pieces
asciilifeform: ( and, lulzily, what was 1nce '31337 w4r3z' is nao hosted by the beast itself on national archive www...
asciilifeform: 452 scans , no less.
asciilifeform: and indeed BingoBoingo , there lies yer uruguayan '45 ...
asciilifeform: ( warning : oddball format )
BingoBoingo: AHA, tyvm
asciilifeform: many of'em had a distintly la delle flavour. but for archaeologist not entirely uninteresting .
asciilifeform: *distinctly
asciilifeform always wondered whether this and similar publishers, printed such marvels as 'course of cryptography' where caesar's cipher was presented as state of art, or the various 'wonderful explosives in kitchen' schemes ~guaranteed to homogenize the experimenter , at usg behest, or via the ample ameri-supply of naturally occurring idjicy
asciilifeform: most likely, imho, 'a little of 1, a little of other'.
asciilifeform: collection says moar about ameritard audience than about any given subj. there were half a dozen tomes on e.g. summoning devils, cultivation of opium, etc. for erry 1 that contained ~reality-applicable trivia
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