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PeterL: crtdaydreams: any idea what happened here ^ ?
crtdaydreams: << yeah, dw it's my end. link wasn't resolved to my domain in .coleslawrc and splash was in place of website title, so I ditched the splash and fixed the link
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-07-19 08:20:57 PeterL: crtdaydreams: any idea what happened here ^ ?
crtdaydreams fwiw doesn't think either of those articles will be of any interest
PeterL: Joke of the day: A couple are in bed. Wife says "I'm just not feeling it today, just get off." Husband responds "That's what I'm trying to do here!"
shinohai: ba dum TISS
asciilifeform: PeterL: oblig. (translation further down in linked log)
dulapbot: (trilema) 2014-05-09 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: re: languages and the arts: see if you can digest this russian tidbit: 'Штирлиц встал с позаранку и отодрал занавеску. Он не знал, что Позаранку и Занавеску - румынские разведчицы.'
crtdaydreams: $ticker btc usd
shinohai: solo disponible en #pest ahora crtdaydreams
vex: crtdaydreams, acma will come and take your toys pretty quicksmart. mebbe worth sitting exams before experimenting
vex: ^new HAREC compat. syllabus effective 15 aug 22
asciilifeform: vex: he was prolly interested in the uwb thing.
vex: Prolly still worth learning the regs tho
vex: I suspect asciilifeform would pass if sat right now
asciilifeform: considering that whole point is 'aint receivable by folx w/out the key', not much point in reich license. instead, learn the req'd physics, you won't be building a uwb w/out pretty good grasp
asciilifeform: vex: asciilifeform's reich license study started and stopped with the discovery of the idjit 'crypto verboten' law
asciilifeform: ( bonus lulz : not only crypto, but... music, Officially verboten on 'amateur' sw )
vex: possibly a big one
asciilifeform: the 1 'law' errybody oughta know is '11th commandment' -- 'not caught -- not thief'
asciilifeform not presently working on uwb, as has no one to uwb with
dulapbot: Logged on 2020-12-16 13:06:17 asciilifeform: cgra: i ought to make clear that i do not atm have any plans to mass-produce any kind of irons (beyond handful of prototypes for own use.) simply because it -- afaik -- cannot be done economically.
asciilifeform: it is simply too expensive (chiefly, in re: time) for sumthing with 0 payback even prospectively.
vex: Yeah, I'm not too sure how your undectectable uwb theory works
asciilifeform: vex: roughly similarly to how usg gps worx. (signal below thermal noise)
vex: Can imagine a cell right next door to ross
asciilifeform: vex: or straight to woodchipper. if enemy can see you, you've fucked it, tho, definitionally
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-06-13 18:34:43 asciilifeform: uninitiated folx would be surprised to learn what 'pirate sw radios' they already own...
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-20 19:21:09 asciilifeform: an e.g. otp pirate hf radio text communicator would be in principle valuable (to ~some~, it aint much good for shooting and you can't eat it..) but again there aint, as far as asciilifeform knows, any biz model that'd support the baking of such a thing
shinohai: heya vex
vex: ola
shinohai: morning m8 i guess
vex: asciilifeform, i'd agree, unless you're looking for a free woochipper ride, there is no biz model
vex: mebbe overinsured microsats, with accidental potential to get shot down
asciilifeform: vex: 'this is too expensive, let's make it 1e5x moar expensive' ?
vex: lol
vex: is crypto allowed on LoRa et al?
vex: I don't even know how that stuff works at all, what is it like 900 Mhz?
vex: afternoon, and I'm just saying words
asciilifeform: vex: in all reichs, only joak crypto is Officially allowed on Official radio of whatever sort.
vex: I read that lada nivas are rolling off the line despite chip shortages. comes with no abs etc
vex: socketed for am/fm radio etc
vex: I'd love me a 2022
vex: has your rx7 got abs shinohai?
vex: of course not, shinohai might wanna do a skid
vex: I wonder how many FUCKGOATS you'd sell if it was a pihat?
vex: for the uninitiated, i'm not trying to make apoint there, it's only smellz
vex: also signpost, re pinebook gentoo, how the actual fuck to boout from sd?
asciilifeform: lol vex i expect next q will be 'how many would sell if came with mswin driver'
asciilifeform: dafuq's the point ?
vex: do you have a mswin driver?
vex: It'd be awesome if you bought one of those containerised pick n place machines
vex: Just for everyone elses entertainment as you try to get it working properly
vex: swearing in russian etc
vex: not that anyone would hear it, but you'd just knoiw
vex: How much did they cost originally?
vex: nevermind, you said you won't run fuckgoats again
vex: Serious question tho. How did snsa come about? mp put some capital, you did the rest?
vex: you had lot's of capital, but you did it all at a pretty low cost
vex: 400 bc wasn't a whole lot back then, how much of a dent did you put in the company coffers?
vex: inb4 read da logs
vex goes to keyup with some delicious musak. ah fuck it
vex: rocco><smellz
vex: confabulation
vex: it's a symptom
vex: I don't mind it
vex: 20^17 in a row
vex still wonders if crtdaydreams found any coiners, or whether everyone plays their cards close
vex: ;seen punkmnan
vex: oh bot
vex: shinohai describes the space correctly.
vex: I see you didn't find the dioecious goodness crtdaydreams
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