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asciilifeform not actually expects to encounter 'La RĂ©sistance', where 'phd' is a pgp sig, 'dark academia'. there's afaik no evidence that such a thing exists, or could. but would like to believe, as the 'ufologists' do...
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-06-30 15:23:37 asciilifeform: the 'fermi paradox', if you like, of the modern-day net
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-06-30 18:49:47 signpost: roger penrose recently melted my pleb brain with the question of what happens when there's nothing left in the universe but photons.
dulapbot: (trilema) 2016-12-01 asciilifeform: asciilifeform refers to this genre of writing as '10th-dimension', after infamous pseudoscientific b00k/www by same name, which consisted of highly refined 'imponade' (to borrow naggum's) , that is, writing designed to pull the reader's intellectual cock and give a sensation of 'profound insight', 'yes, NAO i UNDERSTAND FIZZZIX!' or similar.
asciilifeform: << where, asciilifeform would like to know, are the 'dark academia' bl0gz where folx picked up and revived e.g. physics before the vitalismtards fucked it ..?
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-06-30 18:50:11 signpost: there's a pretty terrible "interview" with him and jordan peterson somewhere, not really worth watching except for this.
dulapbot: (trilema) 2016-04-08 asciilifeform: i have 0 respect for the vitalist bohr.
dulapbot: (trilema) 2016-12-21 asciilifeform: have dispensed with ~100% of what used to be called fundamental method - incl. testability
asciilifeform: ... and minus the petersons, the martians, the schizos, et al
verisimilitude: I want a unicorn, asciilifeform.
verisimilitude: Help me in this, and we could ask her where the blogs are.
verisimilitude: Joking aside, wouldn't the real scientists who pass through that filter wind up killed anyway?
vex: you'd have to bork the titration pretty hard to worry about actually blowing a seal, but have no preconceptions about what rabbits might be pulled, just know it's all good
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-06-30 21:56:59 asciilifeform: suspects that he could, perhaps, with sufficient lsd, e.g. fuck the pythagorean theorem, but prolly wouldn't meet any gods or devils. afaik only helps you 'pull out rabbits who are already in your hat'
vex: ie, you'll be sober in the morning
crtdaydreams: hiya vex
vex: hey cdd, how goes?
crtdaydreams: struck the first arc on new welder a couple hours ago
crtdaydreams: for sum reason kept melting tungsten tig electrode "wtf wrong, i can't be this retarded, it's striking an arc"
crtdaydreams: turns out tig terminals are swapped
vex: did you real the manul?
crtdaydreams: i rtfm sorta
crtdaydreams: re-read and "ohshit.jpeg"
vex: got more tips?
crtdaydreams: didn't burn thru a whole tip, but close enuff
crtdaydreams: only a 1/16th one
crtdaydreams: (cooked the 3/16th one)
crtdaydreams: but now I shouldn't be going through my tungsten like no toomorrow
vex: first time, grind em back go again
crtdaydreams: i learnt quick not to fuckup
crtdaydreams: you get sick of grinding real quick
vex: she arc up okay now?
crtdaydreams: beautifully
vex: that's a thing tho right? grind it back to a tip?
crtdaydreams: yeh, 30 degree taper
crtdaydreams: all the way to a point
vex: will it do titaniums?
crtdaydreams: dunno yet, just threw a couple arcs on some mild steel
crtdaydreams: don't have any aluminimum filler rod yet or know enough about running AC to try
crtdaydreams: did a scomo a couple times, helmet shade wasn't high enuff
vex: lol
vex: getting blind on friday night
vex: safety squint engaged
crtdaydreams: vex: fuck me what's that song called
vex: wait, you're not actually pissed up too are you?
crtdaydreams: no, but ought to be
vex: good. I was gonna get all manopausal on you
crtdaydreams: behehe
crtdaydreams: I've been thinking about stickers
crtdaydreams: for my helmet
vex: it's best not to hold big currents in your hands after drinking
crtdaydreams: "Not to be operated by fuckwits"
vex: oh, you definately need stickers,
crtdaydreams: pepe is already taken in the workshop, so cross that off
crtdaydreams: "Carefulling in progress" is a good one
vex: these are ave creations? don't send that guy money man. he's already minted
crtdaydreams: perhaps
vex: buy some ti rods and make rainbows
vex: while you can still see em
crtdaydreams: Bwahahahaah
crtdaydreams: don't spook me
vex: nah it's all good man.
crtdaydreams: the idea of going blind is somewhat terrifying
crtdaydreams: i'd freak the fuck out
crtdaydreams: almost like a claustrophobia, i would be completely useless, wouldn't be able to program, weld, grind, write etc.
crtdaydreams: fuuuck that
crtdaydreams intends to fuck around with methanol in the near future, so mebbe asking for it
vex: goes in cars, not humans. pretty easy
vex: I've had some fucky moonshine
crtdaydreams: first pint goes in the motorbike
vex: now there's a mission for the tig, ti exhaust on the two stroke
vex: no stickers required
vex: might wanna tool up to cut out the flange too
crtdaydreams: I don't think I quite ready for titanium
vex: not even ave fucks with titanium
crtdaydreams: I haven't done anything with it but a couple plates, I'll get a bit more dexterous before I do a project.
vex: buy the stickers
crtdaydreams: is that meant as an insult?
vex: no. i've reconsidered my postition. I might actually buy some myself
crtdaydreams: Bwahahaaha, they just work so well
vex: his wrokbench is just too legit
crtdaydreams has only one of the green mats and uses it for soldering
crtdaydreams: not quite ballsy enough to throw an arc on one of em
vex: what is this green mat?
crtdaydreams: the cutting mats
crtdaydreams: the ones with the gridlines
vex: ah yes, for scaplelling stuff
crtdaydreams: they get a bit of abuse
vex: ave sells green mats?
crtdaydreams: he's got two on his bench
vex: under all the shit. I think I remember
crtdaydreams: got plenty of character
vex: I thought we were talking about our spapper friend mats, after a hektik blunt
crtdaydreams: i couldn't make all your fancy blues and purples anyway, I don't have a pedal
vex: does it accept one?
crtdaydreams: ye, but it's 260 bucks
crtdaydreams: i guess
vex: you'll buy it
crtdaydreams: it's got a 4 step latch
vex: what does that mean?
crtdaydreams: meaning it'll hold arc with your finger off the button
crtdaydreams: so I can turn the scroooooll wheel
crtdaydreams: 2 step is press and hold then release
vex: sounds pretty fancy, I'm guessing you kept the receipt for the tax man
crtdaydreams: i already paid gst on it
vex: why does that matter?
crtdaydreams: wdym, you telling me i gotta pay more taxes on it?
vex: I know less about tax than most subjects
vex: I don't even have a man to ask
crtdaydreams: i was under the impression that after income tax and gst they dun get any more
crtdaydreams: but mebbe i'm wrong
crtdaydreams: im still learning how to adulting
vex: i tuned out after gst
crtdaydreams: i've been considering turning my car into a sleeper
crtdaydreams: I want to set up a valve to switch between two different exhaust system for shits and gigs
vex: hektik blowert?
crtdaydreams: neva heard of hektik til nao
crtdaydreams: dun do a lot of online shopping, or shopping in general
vex: hecktick.. eek now I caN'T SPELL IT
vex: it's not a brand name, I just can't write properly
vex: heya return
crtdaydreams: int main {return 0};
crtdaydreams: a bit verbose, but she's got the spirit
vex: I dunno what you'd use for a hectic sleeper in Australia right now.
crtdaydreams: hehe mebbe one day you'll see
vex: prolly an ancient volvo wagon. p plates, lady drivers
vex: Oh I can't wait to see
vex: I wonder if verisimilitude really wants to battle to be the second most useless cunt. Dude we could just sign adlai up to every boooze subscription and both win.
crtdaydreams: night vex
vex: here have a thought, you fat fuck, b4 I rurn you into a sopressa style
vex: o see
vex: <vex> i win
vex: fibber
vex: i only know how to make normal metwurst. sorry
vex: you'll never be sopressa
asciilifeform: << they're mundanely 'killed', most typically by not even finishing uni and thereby Officially 'not scientist(tm)' (and forced to make living in salt mines). no gestapo intervention req'd.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-07-01 01:29:59 verisimilitude: Joking aside, wouldn't the real scientists who pass through that filter wind up killed anyway?
asciilifeform recalls a naive relative who 'hey wai dontcha publish yer closed-form rsa in an actual journal' etc lol
d4: Google CTF's crypto challenges featuring AES branching, timing attack.
asciilifeform: d4: 'yesterday's olympiad is tomorrow's homework'
dulapbot: Logged on 2020-03-03 14:36:55 asciilifeform: the AES standard that allows to construct very efficient side channel attacks with little effort. We
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-12-30 23:32:59 asciilifeform: d4: serpent was the original winner of the old 'aes' contest, was vetoed by reich supposedly because 'too expensive in hardware'.
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