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vex: food secoority mats, if people know they can buy food with bc, it just flows
vex waves hand
vex: when I hear those phrases; bitcoin and money flow, I think more of whats in the mempool right now rather than exchange rates etc
vex: mats is like a one man hedge fund, I'd listen all day
d4: asciilifeform: ty for recap :)
vex: meanwhile, awaiting phf return
scoopbot: New post on A Syndication of Verisimilitudes: More Manipulating Mania
vex: you're not smoking shard are you verisimilitude?
vex: don't do it. you're cannon fodder
verisimilitude: The only drug I'm addicted to is caffeine, vex.
vex: sounds good
verisimilitude: I've considered taking drugs, but if I were to damage my mind, the only recourse I'd see is suicide, so I don't. I don't take risks when I can avoid them.
vex: i've got caffine, booze & cigs
vex: when I was smol I thought about my brain and thought I'd never try drugs. what if my brain can't go back?
vex: Impossible to tell, but I'm sure I don't think the same way more
verisimilitude: It helps I already think myself better than others, without aid.
vex: you're a yonger man if i'm not mistaken
verisimilitude: I've not specified.
vex: spooky
vex: what's a coffee at casa `d verisimilitude look like?
verisimilitude: I use a French press or a moka pot; I buy roasted coffee beans and hand grind them.
verisimilitude: I don't use the moka pot very often, really.
vex: got a big stick to beat the girls away?
verisimilitude: I don't need one, most of the time.
verisimilitude: I've had some women try to give me attention, but none I would have.
vex: some babe is gonna smell your grind
verisimilitude: I'd rather stay home and continue my Latin studies.
vex: got any ond roman poetry?
vex: *old
vex: pls to translaTE
verisimilitude: It has some stories later on, and the second book is apparently annotated writings from Roman authors, but I've reached neither yet.
verisimilitude: Note that I can't yet translate ILLVSTRATA perfectly well, but I'll try.
vex: blog it
verisimilitude: The Latin Language shone through itself first part.
verisimilitude: I'll be doing so with this next year, vex.
verisimilitude: I wanted to be more mature. I write just to write sometimes, but I'm not so desperate.
vex: I can't read latin. I watched plebs, but I don't think it's historicaly accurate
verisimilitude: Now that my Latin is maturing, I'll be able to write about it well soon.
verisimilitude: I want to have a Latin Elision, which I'll write about heavily.
verisimilitude: I want to translate some of my work into Latin, as well.
verisimilitude: I've some Latin art I'll be releasing soon enough.
vex: did you watch plebs? it funny
verisimilitude: I've not.
verisimilitude: I don't tend to forget what I watch, so I'm careful about what I view.
vex: don't look, it's basically retarded
gregory5: << I fear that I am not too familiar with this segment of history.
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-12-30 14:30:13 asciilifeform: imho 'blame fed' is rather like to 'blame gosplan' for su collapse. it aint 'blameless', but is merely instrument of lizards
gregory5: so was Gorbachev working for NATO? was he trying to destroy the USSR?
gregory5: << The Latin Language, Illustrated through Itself, Part One.
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-12-31 01:47:17 vex: pls to translaTE
verisimilitude: I wanted to avoid using what's obviously the same word in the translation, gregory5.
mats: bialetti moka race
mats: i prefer caffeine pills for my regular dosing, but drink coffee from time to time
vex: fuck here we go.
mats: 100mg jetalert pills are like $0.04, i cut them in half and spread it out through the day
verisimilitude: I don't like the caffeine, just the coffee.
gregory5: << I did not see your translation when I wrote that message.
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-12-31 02:01:09 verisimilitude: I wanted to avoid using what's obviously the same word in the translation, gregory5.
mats: its a lot less work, no grounds to clean up, and i don't need to whiten my teeth regularly
mats: do you like decaf?
gregory5: nonetheless, with working with Neo Latin, the avoidance of cognates is not always possible.
gregory5: the authors themselves are often thinking in temrs of cognates.
mats: there's a swiss water decaf process now that is really good
verisimilitude: Why whiten one's teeth?
gregory5: even in recent papal encyclicals.
verisimilitude: It's silly.
mats: if you don't care about caffeine i recommend trying it, allegro makes a decaf that i like
mats: teeth whitening because i'm a young and vain man
gregory5: correction: "when working with Neo Latin..."
verisimilitude: I'm vain in ways that don't involve buying nonsense.
mats: and it makes a difference socially
vex: evrr bin hcmc mats?
vex: worth a look
mats: don't know what that is
mats: nam?
vex: ho chi mihn city. coffe comes triple shot erry time
mats: oh, i like viet coffee
vex: I buy it at home
gregory5: << I have thought about ordering the arguments of functions based on the eight Indo European cases.
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-12-31 01:50:43 verisimilitude: I want to have a Latin Elision, which I'll write about heavily.
gregory5: more or less in the sequence of: vocative, nominative, accusative, genitive, ablative, dative, locative, instrumental
mats: vietnam is a pretty interesting place, successfully resisted western and chinese invasion for a long time
verisimilitude: I've tangentially-related work which will touch on something similar.
vex: check the numbers, saigon is pumping
gregory5: in practice, though, this rule is inferior to "most frequent arguments first."
verisimilitude: That exact name matching is omnipresent for programming languages is a sign of English dominance, perhaps.
mats: vietnamese people tell me that the state education system glosses over the entire war with the americans, and its widely understood to be for political expedience
vex: old blokes are full of info
vex: mebbe bullshit too. big city
mats: the chinese, after all, are their historical enemy
vex: I detect no enemy.
vex: all busininess
mats: vn looks to be playing both sides effectively
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-12-31 02:11:06 mats: the chinese, after all, are their historical enemy
vex: since eva
vex: go on ...
gregory5: Vietnam was founded by China during the Han dynasty.
vex: always wanna hear old grogor
vex: dead set. no joke
vex: you're not always on
mats: 2000 year old claim, lol
mats: chinese nationalism is so exhausting
vex: I've never been to china
verisimilitude: It amuses me how the various flavours of Asian fight so. However the various flavours of white also do it, but still.
mats: its colourism of a different kind
verisimilitude: The Japanese discriminate based on blood type, because they had to find something.
vex: we're all speaking english
mats: east asians on top, jungle asians in the middle and bottom
vex: .vn is eastest of the jungle type?
gregory5: cf. Seven Rules of Nationalism:
mats: and a buncha others like the turkic and central asians who are totally forgotten
mats: maybe that will change though, i hear that uzbekistan is rising fast
vex: anyone got a finance license. mats & gregor and vex should have a hedge fund
gregory5: I don't know that much about economics.
vex: just listen to mats
mats: i don't know anything
verisimilitude: Economics is foolishness.
verisimilitude: Money is evil.
vex: fuckin here we go
vex: care to qualify your statement verisimilitude?
vex: fair enough
mats: i do read a little, and have carefully catalogued every interesting url with a premium account
vex: dafuq?
vex: what is that?
vex: Are you smoking shard mats?
mats: get one if you can afford it, i highly recommend it. it has full text search and archives, and i've a few thousand bookmarks from the last decade or so
vex: not sure if mats is joking or not
mats: my memory is shit and pinboard is a nice way to augment
vex: i'll investigate tommorrow when i sober up
gregory5: bookmarking is something too important to be outsourced.
vex: ^
verisimilitude: I don't use bookmarks.
verisimilitude: I have almost seven hundred WWW browser tabs in my Firefox, currently.
mats: they have an export function
mats: the full text search plus my bookmarks enables a kind of private google, in a sentence
vex: That's my wall st hasn't scalped you yet
vex: it's a good thing
mats: being able to do a keyword search of everything i've read is what i imagine its like to be a rainman
vex: old matty always looking for new input. deffo recommend greggor
vex: cunt's a wizard with languages
vex: gregory5, whats an unkown cantonese proverb?
vex: or known
vex: shinohai stuffing sluts into the back of a mazda
vex: just get a ute mano
verisimilitude: I'm glad to have been an inspiration, d4. I often joke with others about how my basic recognition that a program should handle its entire domain is met with amazement to some others, although not in this case.
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-12-27 05:42:50 d4: And in case you missed,
verisimilitude: I've used whitequark's IRC logs before. I wasn't aware he was some anime tranny by now; what a shame.
verisimilitude: I suppose it be possible, but one has an existence proof and the other doesn't.
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-12-28 08:53:46 gregory5: << for those who don't know, that was the entire thesis of his "Good News Bad News How to Win Big" essay: LISP upon x86 can be just as good, if not better than the real thing.
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-12-28 14:25:57 asciilifeform: considering switching pest spec from 'markdown' (which makes renumbering endnotes a 1st class bitch) to ~anyffin~ else, even e.g. the loathesome 'texinfo' if no one suggests a workable alternative
verisimilitude: I currently write the SVGs on my website by-hand.
verisimilitude: Despite my care, that wasn't the message to which I'd intended to link.
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-12-28 15:14:05 dulapbot: Logged on 2021-12-27 13:08:55 asciilifeform: in search of a decent text-driven diagram shitter, if not finds one may use latex
verisimilitude: I've not been able to find the code Knuth uses for TAoCP, I figure it's not public, and don't want to write TeX to make them myself.
verisimilitude: I read a Trilema article lately, discussing the USG. It doesn't read with its intended impact now that Neptune killed Mircea.
verisimilitude: If and when I've a Pest station, I'll have a bot named servi serving me from it, because that word's form is the same in its nominative and vocative case.
verisimilitude: MIHI MVLTI SERVI SVNT
verisimilitude: To me, many slaves are.
verisimilitude: Well, servants.
verisimilitude: I like to translate my thoughts into Latin, as best I can, and I did one that was amusing lately.
verisimilitude: I only needed to look up ERIS.
verisimilitude: Thou always wilt be not a woman.
verisimilitude: The very next chapter of my book uses NVMQVAM, the word for ``never'', so it's a shame I looked it up to learn this barely ahead of time.
verisimilitude: TV NVMQVAM ERIS FEMINA
verisimilitude: Thou never wilt be woman.
skylamer`: howdy
skylamer`: have a great nye !
skylamer`: wishing you to have a nice day today thats all , even without fireworks in ma city
verisimilitude: Oh, that was ``New Year's Eve''.
verisimilitude: Had it been capitalized, I would've noticed it.
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-12-31 02:26:28 verisimilitude: I have almost seven hundred WWW browser tabs in my Firefox, currently.
shinohai: <<< I got a hash mismatch when trying to press, but the .tar.gz also linked to v98K works a++
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-12-30 19:45:49 jonsykkel: shinohai: patch key
shinohai: <<< Is ute one of those Commodore with a Chevy LS in it or some shit?
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-12-30 23:49:19 vex: rx7 sounds like a buy shinohai. if you really wanna piss off the highway patrol & burn circles into the road, i'll send you an aussie fgx ute
jonsykkel: shinohai: strange, using esthlos-v? tested now (with the one from shithub), appears to press fine here using both that and 99991k
shinohai: maybe i got a bad char in curl or some shit, ill try again in a bit
jonsykkel: cool
shinohai: jonsykkel: nuked my vtree and repressed, worx fine now. Added `-static` to LDFLAGS and got portable station, nice work!
jonsykkel: exelent stuf. i shud add -static to makefile by default, forgot
asciilifeform: nifty. jonsykkel does it talk on pesttestnet if getdata commented out ?
jonsykkel: asciilifeform: should, tested exactly that locally anyway
thimbronion: I won't be able to restart serious work on Blatta again until late Jan. In the mean time I may take a stab at creating a patch that prevents Blatta from crashing on unknown commands.
thimbronion: Can't really release what I've got right now because it requires a db migration, which I have yet to write.
jonsykkel: i see, alternatively i could bake tmp. blatta hack that fixes incompatibilities. theres couple more things that prevents smooth comms (version = 0xfe, and selfchain thing)
jonsykkel: (selfchain problem should be hackabl without changing db struct by just ensuring that created_at is monotonic by force)
shinohai: jonsykkel: peered and added yer key do you need any of my info for yer at ?
jonsykkel: shinohai: not sure, i see your msg, sent one bakc now
shinohai: heh still not seeing anything from you
jonsykkel: dam, try gimme ur port
shinohai: im on port 7778
jonsykkel: ok, updated at and sent couple msgs
thimbronion: jonsykkel: yes the way I fixed the selfchain problem is one of the changes that requires a migration.
jonsykkel: thimbronion: makes sense
asciilifeform: thimbronion: what makes ya think it was tlp?
thimbronion: asciilifeform: seems to be a nym used by tlp on Quora.
asciilifeform: then i suppose possib
jonsykkel: appears to work with these mods
asciilifeform: aand nao there are officially 2 mostly-working pestrons! nifty.
bitbot: (pest) 2021-12-31 asciilifeform[billymg]: ohey via jonsykkel's pestron? nifty
asciilifeform: ^ ohey working pestlog echoes? also nifty
signpost: amazing
mats: teach was the pirate blackbeard
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