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(trilema) asciilifeform: 'pruning of middle' happens, in re konsoomer tech, but consider also that moar goes into garage, or even iraqi roadside mind,
(trilema) asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: we had this thread. if 'pruning' is a thing -- monetary mass is no longer demonstrably capped.
(trilema) asciilifeform: no 'prunings', no 'simplified' nonsense.
(trilema) asciilifeform: a pressed-blockchain aluminum disk set would help to cool the enthusiasm of idiots pushing for 'pruning', 'tx replacement', whichever lunacies crafted for 'let's make'em forget history'
(trilema) asciilifeform: tx replacement , and the mere contemplation of 'pruning', are a carefully crafted enemy rot weapon.
(trilema) asciilifeform: lol 'pruning or full?'
(trilema) asciilifeform: proponents of 'pruning' want to replace 'the weight of 400k blocks' with a promisetronic 'checkpoint list'. which, i imagine the game plan is, to eventually include deviations from the usual proof of work, per gavin's unabashed declaration where 'WE say what the blocks were'
(trilema) asciilifeform: 'where did this money come from, how much exists in total' 'dunno, in the Great Pruning of 2050 the scrolls of the ancients were lost'
(trilema) asciilifeform: pruning for fucks sake.
(trilema) asciilifeform: 'The list of all used transactions isn't readily available, and once pruning shows up, it might not even exist at all. So, it only makes sense to compare the new coinbase to the list of transaction hashes that are unspent at the time ... ' << holy fuck the 1) idiocy 2) nobody challenged it, afaik
(trilema) asciilifeform: 'Fully-spent transactions are allowed to be duplicated in order not to hinder pruning at some point in the future. Not allowing any transaction to be duplicated would require evidence to be kept for each transaction ever made.'
(trilema) asciilifeform: pruning ain't a thing
(trilema) asciilifeform: 'pruning' is for the birds, folx.
(trilema) ascii_field: pruning the resulting include-fixed directory. Thus, the only people who have to deal with fixincludes are people who build GCC from the source packages, or who are setting up build scripts for their own deployment/distribution.'
(trilema) asciilifeform: Error! The resulting file count after pruning did not match\n
(trilema) asciilifeform: post-pruning: 1
(trilema) asciilifeform: no 'pruning' bullshit.
(trilema) asciilifeform: gavinandresen: and disagree with the entire concept of 'pruning'
(trilema) asciilifeform: pruning << the shitgnomes don't dare a hardfork. so they'll happily try a 'lossy softfork' - see how much functionality can be degraded (in this case, how much of the blockchain can be alzheimered) without hardforking.