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(asciilifeform) asciilifeform: btw verisimilitude , this leads naturally into question : pcb routing is ideal fit for machine optimizer. constraints are easily expressed ('don't cross wires'; 'make'em all as short as possible'; 'reduce layers') and 0 intrinsic text involved. pcb routing is still hell. and 0 movement on this front in
(trilema) asciilifeform: when you see 'tumour mass', that there's autorouter at work.
(trilema) asciilifeform: ... which makes the hdd-like approach described in earlier thread even moar appealing -- dun have to laser'em out, can simply map the dead blocks, and tell autorouter not to use'em
(trilema) asciilifeform: from what i can tell, 'eagle' actually used a similar algo in their (surprisingly good) autoroute.
(trilema) phf: minimal helping hand is the kind of stuff you would manually do to an autorouted schematic, i.e. explicit xy placement for some of the components. algo can simply unpin each component in order and see if autolayout still results in same placement, in which case the explicit coordinate is unnecessary
(trilema) asciilifeform: ('deepblue scan' does not mean 'human committee played'... means that the playing was done the same way as asciilifeform does pcb autorouting.)
(trilema) asciilifeform: phf: i put in the sweat, actually learned to use geda, it is imho an acceptable design, and i found plenty of complicated items purportedly having been designed with it, but it is BROKEN, the autorouter blew open polygons
(trilema) mircea_popescu: so you know, "autorouting" is "a small matter" and "a solved problem" except in reality it's exactly something to be solved via "artificial intelligence" as understood today, ie, mega-matrix of mostly 0 parameter running a markov process.
(trilema) asciilifeform: it is trash in the sense that it is physically impossible to autorout 100% of board
(trilema) phf: same, though i was told by experienced cad people "autorouting is trash" early on, but soon discovered that they mean "for the purposes of my giant multiboard layout" not "everything that you'll be touching for the next 10 years of your learning"
(trilema) asciilifeform: fucktards, for all of the man-hours on gui idiocy, SOMEONE could have implemented sane autorout?!
(trilema) asciilifeform: phf: i tried 'kikad', geda, etc. NONE OF THESE AUTOROUT FOR MOTHERCFUCKSSSAKE
(trilema) asciilifeform: and, even were this fixed, its autorouter is dumb as rocks
(trilema) assbot: NEVER trust the autorouter | Teespring
(trilema) decimation: asciilifeform: they probably just click the 'autoroute' key
(trilema) asciilifeform: decimation: don't bother. it isn't just the autorouter.
(trilema) decimation: supposedly the kicad autorouter has been improved
(trilema) assbot: Logged on 11-06-2014 02:35:54; decimation: what part failed - the autorouter?
(trilema) asciilifeform: (no one but children, afaik, uses cad without autorouter entirely)
(trilema) asciilifeform peeks at autorouter window mournfully
(trilema) mircea_popescu: let's start with what autorouter does. it fills in routes you didn't make yourself ?
(trilema) mircea_popescu: ok, here's another thing. asciilifeform: there are not (and probably cannot be) 'good' autorouter, but there are plenty of terrible ones. << intuitively it seems to me there should be good autoruters. why not ?
(trilema) decimation: I remember orcad's autorouter was crap back in the day. I would be deeply disappointed to shell out $$$ and have crapware
(trilema) asciilifeform: there are not (and probably cannot be) 'good' autorouter, but there are plenty of terrible ones.
(trilema) decimation: wrt the autorouter, I think it is well known in the pcb industry that they all suck
(trilema) decimation: what part failed - the autorouter?
(trilema) asciilifeform: i've yet to meet an autorouter 'worth the electrons it's printed on'