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BingoBoingo: !up Vexual
asciilifeform: i do not know the payload yet.
asciilifeform: but srsly wtf
asciilifeform: and why did it have to be so obvious.
mircea_popescu: in yet another shade of lulz : berkshire does not offer its many directors dso. because buffett believes you know, officers should face the music like any other shareholder. except it does offer it to buffett. because...
mircea_popescu: insurance for being on a public corp board.
mircea_popescu: d&0 not dso.
asciilifeform: what does it insure against ?
mircea_popescu: any liability that may attach to one from his being a director or officer.
asciilifeform: iirc it is not permissible in usa to insure against criminal prosecution
asciilifeform: at least, not directly
mircea_popescu: this'd be for civil not for criminal matter.
decimation: asciilifeform: > "Creating 3 MTD partitions on "phys_mapped_flash": 0x000000000000-0x000000080000 : "boot0" 0x000000080000-0x000000100000 : "boot1" 0x000000300000-0x000000310000 : "eeprom""
assbot: Lost password? - Ubiquiti Networks Community ... ( )
assbot: Self-Proclaimed slut | dirtiestdepravedfilth: Happy new year! ... ( )
pete_dushenski: asciilifeform how can you tell that cryptome pdf is laced ?
asciilifeform: pete_dushenski: buggy
asciilifeform: pete_dushenski: in that it demands to be viewed on genuine winblows crapobat
asciilifeform: explicitlu.
pete_dushenski: that's pretty fucked
asciilifeform: decimation: eeprom !?!
Vexual: here, jewintro, rub the front and the back of your hands.
asciilifeform: incidentally....
pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu so i finally mod'd your fix_trackbacks.php, uploaded it, and... it doesn't even show up. now i'm supposed to call customer support or some shit
assbot: Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite ERLite-3 – Internal USB Storage Failure | hilo90mhz ... ( )
asciilifeform: don't throw it out!
mircea_popescu: pete_dushenski lulwat.
asciilifeform: phisons are rare, precious
asciilifeform: (or soon to be.)
decimation: asciilifeform: yeah, it does appear to contain something specific to their hardware
decimation: in the airOs mtd2 is labeled 'kernel'
decimation: but as we already established, the kernel is in the usb key
Vexual: here i remember when that kid rode in on a tricycle
joecool: phison, now that's a name i haven't heard in awhile
asciilifeform: !s phison
assbot: 3 results for 'phison' :
joecool: my ancient eeepc 901 had phison ssd's in it, first ssd's i ever had
pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu << my understanding is that this should yield errors if it doesn't work, but it's blank as a freshly painted wall.
asciilifeform: joecool: phison is a maker of cheap usb keychain drives that contain general-purpose micros. an ad hoc sdk was published recently. i had something quite like it, unpublished, in 2012; and hell knows how many other folks also did
mircea_popescu: pete_dushenski didja set up your db pw etc in there ?
asciilifeform: you can convert the thing into a disk that perverts blocks in a particular way, or emulates a keyboard and types in obscenities, etc, etc.
pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu i did indeed, though you're right that i should fiddle with those values because there's a reasonable chance i got them wrong!
pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu btw should "table_prefix" be set to "wp_comments" or similar ?
mircea_popescu: i think the structure's copied after wp-config or /we the file is called where wp keeps its password in plaintext.
mircea_popescu: so w/e you got there.
decimation: of interest in the 'macrofab' podcast: apparently they load the pick n' place with house parts only, and all the other 'unique' chips for each design are hand-placed
decimation: they do all the assembly in houston, but currently contract pcb out
decimation: but they are looking into in-house pcb for 24-hour turnaround assembly!
asciilifeform: decimation: their 'hand-placed' probably involves a mechanically-cranked apparatus. or someone with much better hands than i
decimation: I suspect they pay good rates for competent techs
decimation: they are 'angel funded' but I think he said they can turn a profit at current prices
asciilifeform: who, one might wonder, do they use? chinese gurlz flown in for the occasion ?
pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu ok, i'll keep crackin'
asciilifeform: or simply the fact of the p&p machine being loaded by hand from clips instead of magazine ?
decimation: asciilifeform: I suspect retired old women who worked in electronics assembly
asciilifeform: at any rate, this is not 'woodcollector' and i don't much give a hoot -how- the parts get on the board
asciilifeform: so long as they - do..
decimation: he said they use trays with mixed chips
asciilifeform: decimation: trays are typically for items above soic16 or so in size
asciilifeform: at all small houses
pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu and thx for the tech support :)
decimation: they found all of their machines used at auction
asciilifeform: i have trouble believing they put 0805 resistors on by hand, ever
asciilifeform: because, elementarily, there is no reason to, if you have the machine.
decimation: no, he said those would go on p&p
decimation: they go down to 0402 on the p&p
asciilifeform: decimation: but if not 'house part' ?
decimation: well, if in large quantity, in p&p, otherwise by hand
asciilifeform: virtually none of my items were 'house'
decimation: I suspect mostly hand placed
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asciilifeform: if so - someone has excellent hands and ought to be earning a living horseshoeing fleas for a flea circus or the like.
decimation: heh there are such folks
decimation: apparently houston has 30 assembly houses
decimation: so there's probably a quantity of skilled labor
asciilifeform: surgeons once did (still do?) have the habit of tying knots in fishing line inside a matchbox, every day
asciilifeform: (very short piece of line)
asciilifeform: decimation: most 'assembly houses' do nothing remotely like placing any quantity whatsoever of 0402 by hand
asciilifeform: for any amount of money
assbot: Manual Pick and Place Machine, Low Cost SMT System, Model MPP-21 DDM Novastar ... ( )
asciilifeform almost bought this item once
asciilifeform: i'll let herr woodcollector decide if this counts as 'by hand'.
decimation: well, with that I must retire, good evening
decimation: !down decimation
Vexual: poor fuck is prolly suicide oney on aussie dollar
Vexual says no rate cut
Vexual: its monyly oney
Vexual: well the rba is going to say in less than aminute whether or not they change the interest rate
Vexual: it will have an effect on foreign exchange markets
Vexual: and.. the market was wrong
ben_vulpes: !up Vexual
mircea_popescu: <decimation> heh there are such folks << yeah, ever since surgery moved to computers.
Vexual: who gives a shit about the aussie dollar now anyway
mircea_popescu: most of them unemployed
Vexual: why can't i trade sundried tomatoe futures? its supposed to be the fooking future
Vexual: !s hotsauce
assbot: 3 results for 'hotsauce' :
Vexual: cute
Vexual: there an article in the afr about fast algos on treasury bonds, and its wanting
Vexual: let me find the name
Vexual: prolly "staff writer"
Vexual: nope i think someone stole the tech pages
Vexual: here it is,; shapiro
Vexual: and page 16 is trolli
Vexual: choke on your cherry kid, you dont get it
Vexual: tell the editor you want the article on one page, otherwise it editorial
BingoBoingo: !up Vexual
BingoBoingo: !up liquidassets
Vexual: like how do these unnamed organisations do what theyre doing
Vexual: !up marteen
Vexual: indeed
Vexual: yo ben10, i can notarize your nameing
Vexual: might not float tho
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cazalla: !up Vexual
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Vexual: loooks like allen ginsberg
assbot: Know your meme , Le happy merchant (the origin) - YouTube ... ( )
cazalla: a /pol/ fav
Vexual: i emplore you to learn your memes
Vexual: this shitsgot ben10, where we know its useful
Vexual: obvo some punkman versio'
Vexual: her we might describe that best curly haircut
Vexual: very lisp
cazalla: Vexual, i swear i better understood you when i was drinking more
Vexual: yes, im approaching rehabness
Vexual: i understood you wehn you were drinking moar tooz
Vexual: such is lief
cazalla: have not been able to do so the past few weeks
Vexual: this is good
Vexual: oh,myou know this one?
cazalla: which?
cazalla: your jukebox? can't play atm
cazalla: wouldn't want the missus to actually think i'm enjoying myself while she feeds bubs
cazalla: much the same until puberty eh?
Vexual: es no importante
Vexual: kids need the mp4 script eh?
Vexual: ie not kids, but kids
cazalla: the fuck is an mp4 script
cazalla: you're too drunk.. or not drunk enough
Vexual: liek when yr 6 mo ya dont need jewtube
Vexual: whaaa?
Vexual: hear al lotta no fLASH, OR I PREFER THIS PARTICULAR SONG,,
Vexual: romainians say htgis song or that
Vexual: cunts preferent a bus
Vexual: or a plane. if they check da specs
Vexual: ben10 dissed me once, hoped i dont have kids
Vexual: only tiem my feeling ever got hurt, its ok tho, hes my cousin
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Adlai: BingoBoingo: sup
BingoBoingo: Adlai: Not too much, just playing ;;seen who
Adlai: ;;seen gabriel_laddel
gribble: gabriel_laddel was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 2 days, 14 hours, 32 minutes, and 34 seconds ago: <gabriel_laddel> <mircea_popescu> gabriel_laddel he's very tender on the topic for some reason. << the lady doth protest too much, methinks
Adlai still waiting on matasune dox
Adlai: er, masamune
mircea_popescu: << actually, that's how people compile code these days. jam and autom4te.
assbot: Logged on 07-04-2015 07:44:42; cazalla: the fuck is an mp4 script
BingoBoingo: !t m x.eur
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kakobrekla: i guess it will be relevant for some;
assbot: Using the docker command to root the host (totally not a security issue) // reventlov's silly hacks ... ( )
assbot: Anonabox Analysis - Reclaim Your Privacy ... ( )
assbot: Students fret over Venmo payments to alleged drug dealer | Capital New York ... ( )
assbot: ninjadoge24's blog ... ( )
assbot: Hospira MedNet Vulnerabilities | ICS-CERT ... ( )
kakobrekla: > Shellshock was almost discovered a decade ago... but then it wasn't.
mircea_popescu: "A representative for Venmo would not respond specifically to the question whether they were helping police with their investigation into Getzler"
kakobrekla: lol check it out > anonabox bad news: can get a root shell via local ipv6 with hardcoded root password "admin"
mircea_popescu: aint that weird.
mircea_popescu: dude the way the world spins. the dons of the 50s didn't approve of drugs, at all. then in the late 60s it was like, "whatever, sell them to blacks, they don't have a soul anwyay". then in the 80s it was "whatever, sell them but don't let anyone know". by now it's like... "sell drugs and write opinions for the spectator and send the customer list spam emails to upvote you"
mircea_popescu: kakobrekla wait im still digesting your dump lol.
mircea_popescu: meanwhile "criminal possession in the seventh degree", they are going to run out of degrees. best talk to imperial china for some more degrees.
mircea_popescu: and columbia's not even a party school.
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes check it out yo, docker's no good >:D
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mircea_popescu: !up vorandrew
vorandrew: Put some options quotes
vorandrew: BTC/USD
mircea_popescu: but << this is actually a pretty great read.
mircea_popescu: "If the siteA string is empty, it is taken to be the local machine. A target like @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@victim would cause high load by recursive finger invocations, and could be used to contribute to a DOS attack. Michael H. Warfield reports that in a SUN NIS environment it is easy to kill a network using finger."
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mircea_popescu: "So yeah, the Anonabox appears to be working but it is downright shocking that the WiFi connection is running unencrypted. Anybody within range of the Anonabox can connect to the network and sniff all network traffic."
mircea_popescu: it's fucking weird it uses wifi i nthe first place o.O
mircea_popescu: wouldn't you want your tor router quietly on a cable ?
mircea_popescu: that Lars Bøgild Thomsen dude... nice work on the anonybox piece of crud. however... he's embedding facebook, running a wiki and a phpbb forum he wants you to comment on, there's no way to leave a comment on his article (wp blog) without "being logged in" and in general what the shit already.
mircea_popescu: "BACKGROUND Hospira is a US-based company that maintains offices in several countries around the world." ... srsly ? is a pr service now ? "please god anything, some text in here to dilute this shit o lord"
chetty: that must be logged in or use whatever social media thing is getting very annoying for sure
mircea_popescu: and for the record, github has given up on being on the web.
assbot: dpaste: 0ZQN8Q7 ... ( )
mircea_popescu: who the fuck thought this is a good idea ?
mircea_popescu: let's make glibc no longer compile statically and github not work. that'll make the foss so much better.
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mircea_popescu: in today's lol at people who are not lawyers but think they are : quora has a tos and a special-for-usg tos. the tos says it's the only agreement between user and quora. the special-for-usg tos says "language in the Quora ToS and Quora Privacy Policy indicating it alone is the entire agreement between the Parties is waived"
mircea_popescu: sadly... this isn't how this works.
mircea_popescu: but in any case, the comparison between the two is kind-of funny, for the very bored student of decaying empires, and of the cruft their decay pushes into the margins.
punkman fondly remembers the "by entering this website you promise you aren't a USG agent"
mircea_popescu: that was a thing ?
mircea_popescu: "Quora hereby agrees not to serve or display any third party commercial advertisements or solicitations on the profile page of any user who uses the Quora Services on the Agency's behalf as identified by associating a .gov or .mil email address with the Quora account"
punkman: oh yeah, super common in the olden days
mircea_popescu: etc. lol.
mircea_popescu: punkman was this on script kiddie venues ?
punkman: various things like that, yes
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assbot: Man Prosecuted for Price Fixing on Amazon Marketplace | Re/code ... ( )
mircea_popescu: ahaha what
mircea_popescu: "saying a man has agreed to plead guilty to conspiring to illegally fix the prices of posters he sold online."
mircea_popescu: posters.
punkman: there's a ton of companies selling price fixing software, they call it "repricing"
mircea_popescu: meanwhile you can't get a competing quote on your fucking health insurance.
punkman: maybe the guy didn't pay enough taxes?
mircea_popescu: but hey, protecting "the american consumer" from price fixing in commodified markets by actors who are in no way in control of the production flux is worth the federal dime now.
funkenstein_: good morning
funkenstein_: takes me all day to (barely) catch up on logs here
funkenstein_: i hope i get quicker
funkenstein_: !up dub
mircea_popescu: you're not teh only one.
mircea_popescu: << why's this guy have such a thug mug, and wtf happened to his eyes ?
assbot: emsec/ChameleonMini · GitHub ... ( )
funkenstein_: am i correct in summing up turd polishing discussions, that once DNS is fully removed static linking will be back on the table?
mats: contactless smartcard emulator.
mircea_popescu: funkenstein_ static linking of what ? as far as bitcoind specifically goes, iirc nubbins` reported he managed one.
funkenstein_: yes bitcoind. I'm glad to hear that, i was worried by some of the discussion revealing more issues in gcc / linux.
funkenstein_: "version" : 50301,
funkenstein_: "balance" : 0.00000000,
funkenstein_: "blocks" : 339415,
funkenstein_: lunchtime, back soon
mircea_popescu: lulziest shit of all time : "Drone strikes are associated with decreases in both the frequency and the lethality of militant attacks overall and in IED and suicide attacks specifically." ~RAND Corporation.
mircea_popescu: orly ? this is like romanian electoral polling data. strictly contradictory to plain evidence, but hey, "it's an institution!111"
mircea_popescu: yeah. an institution you made for the purpose of putting out false "studies".
mircea_popescu: meanwhile everyone in pakistan thinks the us the enemy, and their interior minister thinks ~2k out of ~2k strikes actually missed their mark and killed random people instead.
chetty: that publishing of 'studies' and 'polls' may be one of the greatest ills of our times
funkenstein_: A is associated with decreases in the frequency of A
funkenstein_: more is less
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assbot: Where the Argentine Debt Case Stands Now, and Why it Still Matters | NACLA ... ( )
nubbins`: i did indeed report one
nubbins`: can post the turd if anyone's curious, but without instructions on how to replciate, it's just that -- a turd
nubbins`: <+mircea_popescu> posters. <<< oh fuck
nubbins`: mircea_popescu:what was nubbins` situation wit hthat btw <<< my current boot order is mmc->usb->tftp->nand
nubbins`: altho fwiw i suspect tftp-boot just hangs if there's no kernel present on the wire
nubbins`: ben_vulpes:perhaps i am behind the times, but is there a buildroot config that's been passed around? <<< it's a bit of a frankenstein... i run make pogoplug_defconfig and then i run make nconfig to set a handful of extra flags
nubbins`: haven't had the time to actually diff a .config before and after and turn it into a patch
nubbins`: but in nconfig, you'll need to enable at least: large file (>2gb) support, ipv6 support, rpc support, wchar support, c++ support, stack protection
nubbins`: some of those maybe can be ditched once bitcoind gets trimmed down... but these are all just toolchain options, so if you can bear the extra compile time, it's not like it'll make your kernel any fatter
mircea_popescu: nubbins` i took it you were working on teh instructions
nubbins`: duod they're right there ^ !
mircea_popescu: "but without instructions on how to replciate, it's just that -- a turd"
nubbins`: oh THOSE instructions, yeah
nubbins`: still can't replicate the build
nubbins`: i know *what* to do -- rip out unused parts of boost with bcp -- but i keep cracking eggshells in the batter
mircea_popescu: on the "compile time" front, i'm happy to announce eulora got tested on ancient athlon i + 768 mb ram and ancient nvidia 5k series vid card. it compiles in like an hour, and runs.
mircea_popescu: 0.5 fps, but nevertheless...
nubbins`: i saved my entire bitcoind dir from the successful build, so i know precisely which boost headers and libs are needed
nubbins`: just can't figure out the BCP options to auto-strip the crud
nubbins`: may have to just to a manifest and then modify pinkposixw/e's script
nubbins`: mircea_popescu woo!
mircea_popescu: still testing to see what'll be minimum rec spec, but anyway.
mircea_popescu: doesn't look like it'll be an issue
nubbins`: exciting
nubbins`: when's the conference anyway
nubbins`: wait, isn't there a thing?
nubbins`: %conference
nubbins`: or something
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nubbins`: o fun, i'll be in cleve-land thne
nubbins`: *then
mircea_popescu: cleveland ?!
nubbins`: imagine
nubbins`: lil nubs in the medium city!
nubbins`: i'll be seeing this guy
assbot: Sufjan Stevens - Casimir Pulaski Day & Jacksonville @ ACL - YouTube ... ( )
nubbins`: and these guys
assbot: Lightning Bolt " Dracula Mountain " - YouTube ... ( )
nubbins`: and these!
assbot: Metz "Wet Blanket" (live) -- Polaris Music Prize 2013 - YouTube ... ( )
nubbins`: the juxtaposition isn't quite clear w/o viewing the videos, unfortunately
mircea_popescu: hm, when a motherboard comes on when the supply comes on, no buttons or anything, and then won't atx powerdown
mircea_popescu: this isn't a good isng is it
nubbins`: almost certainly no
nubbins`: wow, one of woodcollector's shills turned on him, and now wc's socks are accusing the shill of being wc
nubbins`: this is some daytime-drama shit
mircea_popescu: yeah it's dead.
mircea_popescu: a well. was a great mobo
assbot: OPEC Faces $750bn Losses From Market Share Strategy - Oilpro ... ( )
nubbins`: well, there goes $20/barrel...
mircea_popescu: bs, marginal doggies barking.
mircea_popescu: what the fuck do the dollar values even mean ? the dollar's worth in 2020 is drastically indeterminate
mircea_popescu: and that applies to pricing goods. oil above the dollar in the pricing hierarchy.
nubbins`: this is true
assbot: Baghdad not sincere about KRG budget ... ( )
nubbins`: mats, drop bombs on x for a decade and a half and see how sincere the Xers are about anything
mats: "When the last KRG delegation visited Baghdad, it was told that the [Iraqi] government literally has run out of money."
mats: kek'd
nubbins`: LITCHRALLY
nubbins`: run out of money
nubbins`: as if this is a problem
mats: "A month before Maliki left office, there were $18 billion in the Development Fund for Iraq at the New York Federal Reserve Bank, plus the KRG’s share of 2014’s budget. When Abadi was sworn into office, there was only $1 billion left."
mircea_popescu: "Other governments, urged by the IEA and IMF, will reduce or eliminate subsidies to end users of petroleum products. Such modifications to end-user price regimes are most easily implemented when consumers perceive prices to be relatively low. Robert Mabro correctly anticipated such developments following the 1986 oil price collapse. OPEC members will end up with an even smaller percentage of the end-user value of their
mircea_popescu: principal export than they received prior to adopting the market share strategy – and this will be a permanent shift."
mircea_popescu: derp. opec must sell less oil because otherwise we will steal even more of their revenue via internal taxation.
assbot: Clarke and Dawe - Quantitative Easing - YouTube ... ( )
mats: lol.
nubbins`: ^ worth a watch
mircea_popescu: mats what exactly do the americans expect local traitors to do other than steal as much as possible ?
mircea_popescu: that's the entire fucking point. why exactly else would maliki or anyone else EVEN TALK ?
mircea_popescu: what, they like nuland or something ?
mats: who knows. i'm sure most of the staff guys over there are busy avoiding locals for fear of catching a bullet.
mircea_popescu: "bring a billion or two, we'll take you out tonight"
mats: ye good ol' "green on green"
nubbins`: ahahahaha these guys
nubbins`: srsly
nubbins`: "once you ascertain you have the alignment correct, you open the window, alert the banking sector, and press 'print'"
mircea_popescu: "John Gault is Co-Director, Executive Master in International Oil and Gas Leadership, The Graduate Institute, Geneva."
mircea_popescu: co-director & executive master of the international word word leadership fictional entity, geneva.
nubbins`: who is john ga... oh, you just said
nubbins`: (MFW ayn rand died on social assistance)
mircea_popescu: after a fashion.
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mircea_popescu: all sorts of experts experting expertly.
mats: this 'Executive Master' construct is new to me
mats: imma add that to my list of titles.
mircea_popescu: i kinda imagine "the graduate institute" to be like... the film, the graduate. except in an institution.
mircea_popescu: mats i suppose ima import it in my harem. i can be the master, and the slavegirls could be executive masters.
mats: heh
mircea_popescu: socialist bdsm.
danielpbarron: height=316322 vs height=221389
funkenstein_: ohio has been mentioned a few time here recently so
assbot: Mike Duffy silent as he arrives for Senate expenses trial - Politics - CBC News ... ( )
nubbins`: fuck mike duffy
mircea_popescu: nubbins` i don't get what the issue is. can you summarize ?
nubbins`: duffy was caught a while back charging a ton of frivolous expenses to his senate expense account
nubbins`: like a house he never lived in
assbot: Canadian Senate expenses scandal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... ( )
mircea_popescu: ah, so plain fraud. mkay.
nubbins`: unanswered is why the Canadian senate is stuffed with washed-up former journalists
nubbins`: and nobodies like Patrick Brazeau
nubbins`: who, after being suspended from the senate, got a job at a strip club and threw his girlfriend down a set of stairs
nubbins`: oh also
assbot: Google Discussiegroepen ... ( )
nubbins`: It was all on live TV yesterday morning. Pierre Trudeau's grieving ex-wife had come to view the Centennial Flame shortly after a ceremony marking the departure of his coffin to a funeral train bound for Montreal. Margaret Trudeau was trying to compose herself and nodded quietly as people offered their condolences.
nubbins`: Suddenly, somebody pushed his way through.  Margaret turned and said "Oh, hi Mike," and smiled broadly.  "This was Misha's birthday," the man said, referring to the Trudeaus' youngest son Michel, who died two years ago.  Her face froze and she burst into tears.  She turned around and quickly walked away.  "It's Michel's birthday today," she said in a strained voice to those around her. "I didn't remember." Michel, the youngest of her
nubbins`: three sons with Trudeau, died nearly two years ago in an avalanche and his body was never found.
nubbins`: ladies and gentlemen... mister mike "dr. robotnik" duffy
nubbins`: somewhat more succinctly from the toronto star: "In 2000, four days after Pierre’s death, Margaret went out. She was confronted by a TV reporter, the punchably cruel Mike Duffy, now a senator, who barked at her, “How do you feel today, Mrs. Trudeau? Have you remembered it’s Michel’s birthday?” She collapsed."
nubbins`: "punchably cruel" is nice
mircea_popescu: who's trudeau ?
mike_c: danielpbarron: experiment is over, yes? given pace over the last few days the slow version is literally never going to finish.
nubbins`: former prime minister pierre trudeau, who famously enacted the war measures act in 1970 when couple politicians got kidnapped and murdered
nubbins`: "what of the bleeding hearts?", he was asked
nubbins`: "let them bleed"
mircea_popescu: so then what problem do you see ?
nubbins`: only that the senate is full of subhumans
nubbins`: appointed by our own lizard hitler, stephen harper
nubbins`: mircea_popescu incidentally, trudeau's son (because this is what politics in north america is now) is currently the leader of the national liberal party, w/ maybe a 50-50 shot at the big seat next election
nubbins`: srs.
assbot: Justin Trudeau -- Patrick Brazeau Charity Boxing Match -- English Coverage of Complete Fight - YouTube ... ( )
nubbins`: there's trudeau and the strip-club-managing, girlfriend-stair-down-throwing senator... /boxing each other/
mats: << similar gig as you, i imagine: working for 'the man' in compartmentalized ops, churning out weaponized exploits and such.
assbot: Logged on 07-04-2015 02:43:33; asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: the ubiquiti example dovetails nicely with the thread re: unemployed reversers. if persians happily buy turdware, they either haven't many, or haven't any competent ones, or they are all occupied with something else (what ?)
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mircea_popescu: oh motherfucker.
mircea_popescu: fine. that's it. i'm gifting a friggin bitcoin and whatever, the gods have spoken.
mircea_popescu: !up deedbot-
assbot: dpaste: 08761FT ... ( )
deedbot-: Bad URL or network outage.
deedbot-: accepted: 2
mircea_popescu: yay. cool.
assbot: FedEx to buy TNT for $4.8 billion to take on rivals in Europe| Reuters ... ( )
punkman: oh great
mircea_popescu: all things must be shittified.
punkman: TNT was reasonably fast last time I used them
lobbes: !up ascii_field
ascii_field: mircea_popescu:hm, when a motherboard comes on when the supply comes on, no buttons or anything, and then won't atx powerdown << what did you do to it
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 21466 @ 0.00027219 = 5.8428 BTC [+] {2}
ben_vulpes: ascii_field: 'what did you do to it' << walked down a dark alley all unsuspecting like
BingoBoingo: !up stunna
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 26491 @ 0.00004 = 1.0596 BTC [-] {2}
asciilifeform: !up ascii_field
assbot: D.C. hit by power outage - ... ( )
lobbes: 'The power went out during the daily State Department briefing, with Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf using a phone light to continue taking questions from reporters.' << heh
punkman: do all power outages make the news over there?
ascii_field: quite certainly not.
asciilifeform: !up ascii_field
ben_vulpes: dc really is the center of all american rot, isn't it?
ascii_field: ben_vulpes: at least on paper
ascii_field: ben_vulpes: in practice, rot is a very 'peer2peer' affair
ben_vulpes: brownouts and power outages *do not happen* here.
ascii_field: ben_vulpes: not only do they happen where i live, but with sufficient frequency that i'm stuck using very elaborate power conditioning gear
ascii_field: but i'm not in dc city gates proper
ascii_field: it is quite unusual there.
ben_vulpes: this is madness, man.
ascii_field: 'no, it is sparta!'
punkman just replaced old UPS
ascii_field: at present time, i have a massive double-converting ups
ascii_field: before that, a ferroresonator
ascii_field: before that, a dynasty of ordinary ups, which tripped so often that they frequently died
chetty: well with the greenies shutting down power plants all over its only gonna get worse
ascii_field: chetty: largely a cover for existing infrastructural decay.
ascii_field: the kind of thing that dying empire cannot really hide for long
ascii_field: it also shows where the -actual- usg priorities are
ascii_field: (-not- the elected muppets, for one thing)
ascii_field: mats: ... similar gig as you, i imagine: working for 'the man' in compartmentalized ops, churning out weaponized exploits and such. << believe or not, i was never in this business. not even from ethical considerations, but starting with the fact that it is a -terrifyingly- dreary kind of work, carried out largely with brute force 'fuzzing' by gigantic stables of fungible slaves.
ascii_field: afaik that is where the bulk of the 'salable' vulns actually come from.
ascii_field: anyone interested in becoming this kind of 'agricultural' labourer - knows where to go.
chetty: I cant help but find it delicious it hits dc
ascii_field: chetty: wake me up when it hits something important
chetty: jajajajaja
ascii_field: (for n00bz: the subcontractors which do most of the practical 'usg-ing' are headquartered largely in north virginia, and have massive backup power and other every other conceivable luxury, large and small, on the grounds.)
chetty: well as I heard the power went out in 'useful' places, the white house,the state department ... :D
ascii_field: useful l0l
BingoBoingo: !up ascii_field
BingoBoingo: << "Bitcoin has had shaky beginnings with big Bitcoin exchanges like Mt Gov suffering huge thefts."
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9425 @ 0.00026703 = 2.5168 BTC [-] {2}
ben_vulpes: "wheels have had a shaky beginning - several have fallen over when their rotational inertia dropped below critical stability thresholds or ran into other unforseen obstacles."
asciilifeform: !up ascii_field
ascii_field: ben_vulpes: wut
assbot: Logged on 07-04-2015 19:28:16; BingoBoingo: << "Bitcoin has had shaky beginnings with big Bitcoin exchanges like Mt Gov suffering huge thefts."
BingoBoingo: Oh, I was loling over "Mt Gov"
ben_vulpes: looked like an x at this tiny fontsize
BingoBoingo: ben_vulpes: Well there's two solutions to your problem. Optometrics or Moar fontsize.
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: it's a bit more complex than that. fontsize is nearly irrelevant, as i parse visually first by the structure of the code and then by wordshape. mispellings are rare, due to backround jobs that compile/evaluate text buffers on save and linters that have rules about symbol definition.
ben_vulpes: my goal is primarily to cram as much text on the screen as possible before losing structure or wordshape
BingoBoingo: Option 3, More Screen
ben_vulpes: i've got 2 24" monitors.
ben_vulpes: 'tain't enough.
ascii_field: ben_vulpes: desk not full - could have moar
ben_vulpes: indubitably.
ben_vulpes: but for now, this is adequate.
ascii_field: when full - can hang'em up
BingoBoingo: Consider 4 36"s I say from my adequate to purposes 11.6" screen.
mats: hue
ben_vulpes: heh yeah something like that, trinque
ben_vulpes: there's a van with a setup akin to that first link in Snow Crash of which i was always enamore.d
ben_vulpes: enamored*
ben_vulpes: what I *really* want, though, is not even a desk but 2 six-axis arms that keep my keyboard and monitors in the appropriate ergonomic relationship.
BingoBoingo: !up ascii_field
assbot: Affidavit: Volunteer firefighters used sausage in videotaped sex assault at Ellis County fire station | | Dallas Morning News ... ( )
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mircea_popescu: ascii_field wasn't me
mircea_popescu: but from what i gather, it got the 6 pin cpu power in its 8 slot
ascii_field: magic smoke ?
mircea_popescu: <ascii_field> ben_vulpes: not only do they happen where i live, but with sufficient frequency that i'm stuck using very elaborate power conditioning gear << you and fucking indians, i swear.
mircea_popescu: everybody warned me when i came here, "o may gawd power outages". i ended up overprovisioning power by such a wide berth it's ridiculous.
mircea_popescu: a village's worth of african children could have gone through prostitution school for that dough.
ascii_field: aha i recall, that diesel trailer
mircea_popescu: i saw ONE power outage in a year, which was most likely the building bus being old.
ascii_field: outages are not even as annoying as brownouts and, especially - spikes
mircea_popescu: i've seen neither of those. ever.
ascii_field: generator does nothing against these
mircea_popescu: spikes used to be reasonably frequent in the 80s in ro. but not major spikes, just, 5-10% sort of things. but then they upgraded the infrastructure and it no longer relies on its own inductance
mircea_popescu: so pretty much gone
ascii_field: spikes were a perennial plague in su
mircea_popescu: yeah well, probably because they're running on obsolete romanian transformers
ascii_field: to the point that it was a given that a tv set would have a 'stabilizator' underneath, buzzing steadily
mircea_popescu: like fucking india
ascii_field: (ferroresonator)
ascii_field: iirc india runs on old su gear wholesale.
mircea_popescu: yeah, because why make the 100kv transformers weigh 180 tons. make them 24 and then fuck up the entire power supply.
mircea_popescu: !up ascii_field
ascii_field: the type of habitation traditional in american suburbs makes civilized power distribution astronomically expensive
mircea_popescu: o wow, fucking sprawl. you probably can't just get a huge 100kv - 2kv stepper and feed a whole neighbourhood, must have like 100kv - 12kv - 1,x kv multistep hu
ascii_field: 120v (america) also entails 2x the current for given wattage, on the low transformer end
ascii_field: >> more copper
mircea_popescu: allthewrongchoices.jpg
ascii_field: similar to situation with net pipes
ascii_field: early to the game - does not translate to 'better', when the result is massive antiquated crud everywhere, that no one contemplates replacing because $maxint
mircea_popescu: the 120 volt choice was a bad idea.
ascii_field: it is a marvel that they didn't stick with edison's direct current grid
ascii_field: think of the 'l337 job creation'
ascii_field: a substation on -every- street...
ascii_field: it was a bad idea -inherited directly from edison dc grid-
ascii_field: (for light bulb - and resistive heaters, similar - compatibility.)
assbot: Log In - The New York Times ... ( )
mircea_popescu: you know... the more i think of this the more it appears a major strategic problem for the us. larger than fucking isis, larger than the chinese fmi, larger even than their inability to maintain railroad infrastructure.
ascii_field: mircea_popescu: think of their peculiar system of weights and measures
ascii_field: used... where else, today? zimbabwe ?
mircea_popescu: think : in the coming economy, the ability to easily get good clean power in the 10 to 100kw range of european towns is going to weigh very heavily
mircea_popescu: because production in future is going to look more like your garage than ford factory.
mircea_popescu: so the fact that giancarlo milanese can ask for a 380v line today and have it working in may whereas joe washington can't even get it... well...
mircea_popescu: if you got stuff to do you move.
ascii_field: mircea_popescu: one thought that i can't possibly be the first to think is that miners have a tremendous incentive to get off their government mains grids.
ascii_field: (gives away their position, among other problems)
mircea_popescu: not where that rose is getting cut.
mircea_popescu: cheaper for miners to cut the head of the governments in question than to create alt-powergrid.
mircea_popescu: you're thinking of govt as this fixed item. it is the least fixed item of all.
ascii_field: mircea_popescu: power grids as we know them are an inherently totalitarian institution
mircea_popescu: there's nothing wrong with authority.
ascii_field: literally centralized power, by design
mircea_popescu: there's somethin wrong with authority in the hands of the stupid,
mircea_popescu: but that never lasts.
ascii_field: egypt went on for a good long while, iirc.
mircea_popescu: stupid is a relative term.
funkenstein_: maybe people will finally turn off the lights
mircea_popescu: why would people ever do that ?
mircea_popescu: i'd run the lights if the lights ran on your liquefied babies.
mircea_popescu: some things are important.
funkenstein_: not street lights
mircea_popescu: oh, those.
mircea_popescu: you should see the us lmao.
funkenstein_: europe from space at night is quite a sight
mircea_popescu: they got it in their head that "parking lots are dangerous" because "women get raped" because hey, it's a literary conventions, and nobody can accuse us writers of not being lazy.
mircea_popescu: nevermind that the rapes that do happen happen in parking garages not lots.
mircea_popescu: so... now you have to have a pole every 10 meters, and can't even turn because LIGHT OMG
mircea_popescu: parking lots are scary.
funkenstein_: could be a good use for all that ammunition
mircea_popescu: shooting a streetlight is not trivial. try sometime.
ascii_field: street lamps where i live often suffer from a peculiar glitch where they switch -off- if someone walks near
ascii_field: (light from adjacent poles falls on you, reflected back to photocell on the light in question)
mircea_popescu: dude there was a light like that on the road out of timisoara, he was the lol of all time. we'd like visit to make fun.
ascii_field: especially fun to watch folks suggest nonsensical explanations for the effect
funkenstein_: think of their peculiar system of weights and measures <-- nasa made official call to move to metric system once
funkenstein_: the order moved down the command chain, arrived in machine shop
funkenstein_: request for new tools went back up the command chain.. end of that attempt
ascii_field: $maxint.
ascii_field: literally.
ascii_field: the loss in physical plant would be comparable to a world war
ascii_field: so no one ever really took it seriously
mircea_popescu: yeah, these aren't things people can actually do.
funkenstein_: it is conceivalbe to slowly phase in on replacements?
mircea_popescu: it's one of those "all at once" things.
funkenstein_: slug-feet is is then
mircea_popescu: which reminds me of a joke : when they entered the eu, the romanians starting bidding on all sorts of contracts. like for instance, a 1947 british rfq to move the country to european style driving.
mircea_popescu: the police dept of bumfuck offered to write a plan and outline strategy and everything.
mircea_popescu: the brits were pretty scared.
mircea_popescu: then the outline showed up. "the change will be introduced in phases. for the first five years, only trucks and vehicles over 5 tons will switch to driving on right"
assbot: Last 4 lines bashed and pending review. ( )
mircea_popescu: <ascii_field> the loss in physical plant would be comparable to a world war << actually, not anymore. the us has already lost so much physical plant since the 50s it might have been through half a dozen world wars.
ascii_field: mircea_popescu: ... and i -still- have to keep two sets of drill bits
ascii_field: and wrenches
ascii_field: and ... etc
ascii_field: that was the only real effect of the u.s. botched metric push
mircea_popescu: and i gotta keep two sets of womenz. what's your point.
mircea_popescu: not everything fits the same way.
mircea_popescu: << this much is true. but hey, beats webcams.
assbot: Logged on 07-04-2015 19:00:57; ascii_field: mats: ... similar gig as you, i imagine: working for 'the man' in compartmentalized ops, churning out weaponized exploits and such. << believe or not, i was never in this business. not even from ethical considerations, but starting with the fact that it is a -terrifyingly- dreary kind of work, carried out largely with brute force 'fuzzing' by gigantic stables of fungible slaves.
ascii_field: webcams ?
mircea_popescu: ascii_field there's exactly three things a woman can do with herself that doesn't work as the housemaid of a dude.
mircea_popescu: one is working the pick-n-placers. the other's working the masturbatrons. the third's you know, "using her head", as in, this fuzzer, that fuzzer...
ascii_field: mircea_popescu: there are quite likely more women in the deep-water oceanic oil prospecting industry than in vuln digging
mircea_popescu: the sortage is generally, "whether she thinks she's pretty", "whether she thinks she's smart"
mircea_popescu: ascii_field mno.
mircea_popescu: every farm i ever saw was eastern european / azn women. like, 9:1 women or more.
ascii_field: not same as spam farms
ascii_field: assuming that is what mircea_popescu was thinking of
mircea_popescu: at the level we're discussing here, there's really no difference between working as " gawker vp of pr" or working as "candi19874 on myfreewebcams". srsly.
mircea_popescu: !up ascii_field
ascii_field: but between looking for 0days and these two items - yes, difference
mircea_popescu: yes. because this is for "girl think she's pretty" and those for "girl thinks she's smart".
mircea_popescu: but difference between spam farm and 0day farm, and "code farm" generally .. also nil.
ascii_field: i have yet to meet, or even hear of, any females in that business other than the two or three world-famous ones
mircea_popescu: these are the three female professions. the differences within them are minute.
mircea_popescu: ascii_field why would you ever meet them ?!
ascii_field: mircea_popescu: let's phrase it this way - my circle 3 degrees out includes perhaps a thousand such slaves, and i was told in no uncertain terms that there were no females.
ascii_field: this is not 'god's word' but hearsay, yes.
mircea_popescu: maybe strange cultural difference at work ?!
ascii_field: possible
mircea_popescu: the argument i always hear is, "dudes have no focus and can't be trusted to pay the fuck attention"
ascii_field: the pick-n-place argument, yes
mircea_popescu: eh, pick and place is like waitressing. so you missed a spot. big deal.
ascii_field: same with fuzzing
ascii_field: the next slave will notice what you missed, is the notion
mircea_popescu: yeah but you need to know / learn a shitload more to do this than to wipe the table / put the pin in the hole.
mircea_popescu: and to learn you must read. and dudes don't read.
ascii_field: for what it's worth, my hypothesis for the maleness of the profession is that it is the very epitome of greenspun's tournamentmarket
mircea_popescu: no it's not !?
ascii_field: virtually the whole motivation comes from 'what if -i- catch the big one'
mircea_popescu: they make a salary.
ascii_field: many ways to make salary
mircea_popescu: uh. they wouldn't even know if they did.
ascii_field: mircea_popescu -might- be thinking of a different profession than i was
mircea_popescu: how would 0day slave distinguish between what he's told he's doing (unit testing) and what he's actually doing ?
ascii_field: if it's one that includes gurlz to any detectable extent, then almost certainly
ascii_field: aha mircea_popescu was thinking of testers/qa.
mircea_popescu: it's how you look for 0 days!
ascii_field: any more than pigs make ham
mircea_popescu: you hire a huge team of those and cut the job up to them
ascii_field: it is butchers who make ham
mircea_popescu: oh, then yes we were thinking of very different things.
ascii_field: the qa meat robots determine 'yes it crashes if you feed it an odd number of letters in the address field' etc
mircea_popescu: but i say the pigs make ham. as that one butcher observed, "i only follow the lines already there"
ascii_field: the folks i was speaking of - determine whether said crash was exploitable
ascii_field: normally they forgo the meat robots and use scripts
ascii_field: this practice is traditionally called 'fuzzing'
mircea_popescu: no, fuzzing is when you forego scripts and use humans.
mircea_popescu: because humans to some degree heuristic.
mircea_popescu: the thing where you use scripts is bruteforce i guess. ripper-it
ascii_field suspects a 'national' variation in terminology
mircea_popescu: mebbe so. anyway.
ascii_field: over here, 'fuzzing' is done with machines.
mircea_popescu: testament to over there illiteracy.
mircea_popescu: there's nothing fuzzy about a numeric machine.
ascii_field: we spoke, for instance, of fuzzing gpg format.
mircea_popescu: !s fuzzing gpg
assbot: 0 results for 'fuzzing gpg' :
mircea_popescu: no we didn't :D
ascii_field: 'high-tech' fuzzers actually spot differences in branch outcomes at every conditional jump as consequence of nth bit in input having changed
mircea_popescu: what if no code ?
mircea_popescu: << this is a bad idea and it will make you as blind as an old jew.
assbot: Logged on 07-04-2015 20:07:39; ben_vulpes: my goal is primarily to cram as much text on the screen as possible before losing structure or wordshape
mircea_popescu: listen to me, never read text not > 1 cm tall.
ascii_field: whaddayamean no code
ascii_field: was speaking of raw cpu instructions.
mircea_popescu: i dunno, i'm not aware it's a solved problem.
ascii_field: not 'solved' as such
ascii_field: but there are productive approaches that don't reduce to pure brute strength
ascii_field: but only -mostly-
mats: instrumenting tool e.g. afl plus qemu
mircea_popescu: and Brittany Leanne Parten, 23 were arrested << o.O
mircea_popescu: "Court records say the laughing men initially tried to use a broomstick for the deed, which was videotaped on a cell phone. But then one of them said, “I have something better” and retrieved a chorizo sausage from the station’s refrigerator, the records say."
jurov: waitwhat? my dad worked in QA of "tesla elektroakustika" and pick and place was considered woman's job
ascii_field: jurov: it -is-
jurov: "i was told in no uncertain terms that there were no females" was about which occupation then?
assbot: How Heartbleed could've been found - Hanno's blog ... ( )
jurov: spam farms?
ascii_field: jurov: spam farms is what mircea_popescu might have thought i was speaking of
mircea_popescu: i srsly think your distinction is entirely arbitrary.
mircea_popescu: the "spam farms" and the monkey-on-a-stick farms where microsoft code is actuallywritten, and this stuff... really, what's the difference ?
mircea_popescu: people coming out of any of them come out with the same sorts of "ideas"
mircea_popescu: (for a real world example, the derp with the btctc exchange is certainly a victim)
mircea_popescu: i suppose this may be the issue, i classify culturally, ie, by the beast's mental excrement. ascii_field you prolly classify by some sort of "what the job is". as if jobs actually are about something.
ascii_field: the difference is, as al schwartz phrased it, 'does your assembly line require phds? if yes, your firm is doomed'
mircea_popescu: "Heartbleed is a read buffer overflow. What that means is that an application is reading outside the boundaries of a buffer. For example, imagine an application has a space in memory that's 10 bytes long. If the software tries to read 20 bytes from that buffer, you have a read buffer overflow."
ascii_field: and yes, to me - jobs are about something.
mircea_popescu: for the record, this seems to me disqualifyingly dumb.
mircea_popescu: ascii_field not these jobs. these jobs are about the narrative in the "worker's" head.
ascii_field: that's not called industry, that is called 'psych ward'
ascii_field: 'i am a carpenter.' 'show me some wood.' - patient pulls out wad of own shit
mircea_popescu: !s engineering psychiatry
assbot: 0 results for 'engineering psychiatry' :
ascii_field: !s engineer psychiatrist
assbot: 0 results for 'engineer psychiatrist' :
ascii_field: b0rk3d
asciilifeform: !up ascii_field
ascii_field: the tool which mats linked to requires having source, yes
ascii_field: it is only moderately difficult to build a variant which does not.
ascii_field: (exercise for alert reader!)
ben_vulpes: <mircea_popescu> listen to me, never read text not > 1 cm tall. << why aren't you talking about arc-seconds?!
mircea_popescu: moreover, that's not what a buffer overflow is.
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes because arc seconds don't actually matter in this discussion.
ben_vulpes: 1cm doesn't make sense in that 1 cm is huge if close and tiny if far away
mircea_popescu: but as long as it's 1cm you'll seat yourself at a convenient distance.
pete_dushenski: that depends on desk, keyboard configuration too
mircea_popescu: if you're looking at much finer detail you push it in too close and do all sorts of damage.
assbot: Foreign aid : assuaging your guilt and ruining lives… since forever. | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( )
ben_vulpes: that's an interesting normalization, mircea_popescu.
mircea_popescu: the body is complex, the brain the most complex part, and the circuitry that drives vision the most complex of that. let it work rather than try to be smarter than it on fewer neurons.
pete_dushenski: a family physician i know also recommended looking at least 20 ft away from the screen every 20 mins to allow eyes to relax
mircea_popescu: the specifics vary, but the red thread always is, "the thing works fine, the less you fuck with it the longer you'll enjoy it."
ben_vulpes: yes but whence the 1cm number -- whence!?
ascii_field: i can also tell that the work of mircea_popescu is not ever i/o bound.
mircea_popescu: ascii_field like how ?
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes that is a mystery.
ascii_field: in that try reading disassemblies with 1cm tall characters.
ascii_field: and see how far you get
mircea_popescu: hey, i am not proposing every blind figurine carver can be a king.
pete_dushenski: ben_vulpes sorta like why is the golden ratio so golden ?
trinque: bind size up/down sensibly, good to go
mircea_popescu: im just proposing that people don't cook like they're carving figurines.
pete_dushenski: mm so think nachinka, not netsuki
ascii_field: pete_dushenski: foreign aid article << it's a surplus-burner
pete_dushenski: but where do you see surplusses?
mircea_popescu: now that's a q eh. what surpluses.
ascii_field: 'The war, therefore if we judge it by the standards of previous wars, is merely an imposture. It is like the battles between certain ruminant animals whose horns are incapable of hurting one another. But though it is unreal it is not meaningless. It eats up the surplus of consumable goods, and it helps to preserve the special mental atmosphere that the hierarchical society needs. War, it will be seen, is now a purely
ascii_field: internal affair....' (orwell's 1984)
ascii_field: of free time, for instance
mircea_popescu: except the us is not particularly hierarchical, and it has no surplus of anything.
mircea_popescu: if it were doing that it'd bring back the draft.
mircea_popescu: but the "aid army" w/e it was called never took off.
pete_dushenski: "peacekeepers"
mircea_popescu: best thing that could happen to the us is force every citizen under 18 to live a year in africa.
mircea_popescu: but not "allow". force.
mircea_popescu: and shoot escapees.
ascii_field: modern usa's 'aid' is about the dough coming back to the right coffers, washed, yes
mircea_popescu: then import as many african kids to live within the now empty nests
ascii_field: something rather different than mr o's concept
mircea_popescu: and after the year let the family pick which one they wish to keep.
pete_dushenski: china seems to be sending a few, though not all, young men and women to africa, likely to beneficial effect
ascii_field: pete_dushenski: they live on reservations with no locals permitted, iirc
pete_dushenski: for the chinese mainly
mircea_popescu: pete_dushenski terribru for them. chinese women that go black definitely won't go back.
ascii_field: like martian colonies
ascii_field: mircea_popescu: do the ones who 'go' horse - ever 'go back' ?
ascii_field: and of which is there more.
pete_dushenski: ascii_field every country's aid is intended to come back to 'right coffers'
pete_dushenski: tis my argument at least
mircea_popescu: ascii_field the whores that go hoarse don't go back, no.
mircea_popescu: shoulda put hearse in there too i guess.
ascii_field: horse, mule, ...
ascii_field: elephant ?
mircea_popescu: i imagine sea mammals.
pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu terribru for the chinese? does chinese woman really desire random african suitor?
mircea_popescu: the sea has a +penis effect.
mircea_popescu: pete_dushenski i have nfi.
ascii_field: 'go dolphin, never go back' ?
mircea_popescu: jus' messin' around a little.
mircea_popescu: ascii_field you ever been in one of those cars with memory seats ?
ascii_field: aha got one
ascii_field: pretty useless
mircea_popescu: well, kinda how vagina works. whenever excited, it kinda goes back to wherever it had fun last.
pete_dushenski: there's no shortage of african gents here, ones crafty enough to game their way over the border, none of whom seem to be knocking up any girlfriends of mine
pete_dushenski: that makes the vagina like an old man with a mid- or late-life crisis
pete_dushenski: buying muscle cars because that's where the fun was!
ascii_field: muscle computers.
mircea_popescu: i doubt they actually did it in muscle cars.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20734 @ 0.00027016 = 5.6015 BTC [-] {2}
pete_dushenski: well, the ones who didn't are now buying the cars to reimagine themselves as the ones who did!
ascii_field: what will a muscle computer be ..?
mircea_popescu: 1000 chickens!
pete_dushenski: given that the sportier metal goes for $100k+, it's the former qb of the football team buying it
pete_dushenski: 1000 chickens is more like a muscle grocery store
mats: ascii_field: there's a decent amount of work done with afl to enable black box testing
assbot: mothran/aflpin · GitHub ... ( )
mats: (i spent some time this month experimenting with afl -- good stuff)
pete_dushenski: ^*it's NOT the former qb...
pete_dushenski: mebbe the 12-core mac pro, booted with danielpbarron's openbsd hack, will be our "muscle computer" in 30 years
pete_dushenski: i can't think of anyone else selling desktop hardware for $10k
pete_dushenski: even if intel turd
BingoBoingo: <ascii_field> what will a muscle computer be ..? << DEC Alpha overclocked and cooled by Olympian means
assbot: Vintage DEC VX42B F2 Multia Alpha Terminal 233MHz 543MB HDD 32MB RAM FDD | eBay ... ( )
BingoBoingo: pete_dushenski: Look for the ones listed with an extra figure or two in their price to this day
assbot: HP AlphaServer GS1280 Model 32 with 64GB Memory and Unix Licenses | eBay ... ( )
pete_dushenski: um ya. those are straight up servers.
assbot: HP DS15 Alpha Server 2 4 1000MHz w 4GB RAM in A Good Condition | eBay ... ( )
BingoBoingo: pete_dushenski: Nah, these are potential hot rods
pete_dushenski: they're pretty fuckin badass is what they are
pete_dushenski: imagine those in your study, with custom ducting to the outside, just awhirin' away
pete_dushenski: "whatcha doing, honey, plotting launch trajectories?" "just chatting with the boys"
pete_dushenski: "At various points in the budgets, [Rand] Paul questions the constitutionality of progressive income taxes, eliminates almost all federal education and housing programs, ends the biggest anti-poverty tax credits, eliminates foreign aid, institutes large defense cuts, slashes the State Department budget by more than two-thirds, and cuts the Food and Drug Administration budget to limit government "intrusion into
pete_dushenski: the nation’s food supply." "
pete_dushenski: ^speaking of foreign aid
pete_dushenski: sounds like paul has himself a functioning head, relatively speaking of course
pete_dushenski: too bad he looks so dweeby
assbot: Vessenes Foundation Attemps Janssens Rebuttal | ... ( )
funkenstein_: rand is using bitpay for donations
punkman: "continue helping on a volunteer basis to help the Foundation during this financially austere time." << austerity strikes again
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo top kek ty.
assbot: Keywords for the Age of Austerity ... ( )
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform a muscle computer is an amd fx + 64 gb of memory + swap on a ssd 1+0 raid array.
mircea_popescu: coupla grand or w/e.
trinque: pete_dushenski: it will be interesting to watch what happens there, if anything
trinque: I supported his father in 2008, felt pretty "mehhhhh" about doing the same by 2012
trinque: had his father been elected, the whole rest of the govt would've obstructed any substantial changes he'd want to make, so I don't know what good would've come of it
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12300 @ 0.00027526 = 3.3857 BTC [+]
trinque: I suppose he could send the executive branch on extended vacation
pete_dushenski: fair enough, there's huge bureaucratic momentum, but i'll definitely have some popcorn at the ready for the 2016 run
trinque: I'd love to see Rand Paul get in
trinque: but more yes, to do with popcorn than anything else
mircea_popescu: guy's already a senator neh ?
BingoBoingo: Rand Paul walks awfully close to the traditional "neo-conservative' line
mircea_popescu: trinque president can actually fire the entire government. and, logically, any serious president would have to.
trinque: there's a vast bureaucracy he could shut down in a day, yes
assbot: North Charleston officer faces murder charge after video shows him shooting man in back - Post and Courier ... ( )
trinque: it'd probably result in a power struggle with the congress trying to mandate certain shitty programs remain operational
mircea_popescu: the thing is, the congress can not tell the president what to do.
mircea_popescu: merely what not to do
mircea_popescu: and principally through not giving him money.
mircea_popescu: as powerless as congress proved itself to be trying to reign in a profilgate obama,
mircea_popescu: congress is actually entirely powerless to stop someone who does not wish to spend.
mircea_popescu: there's literally nothing anyone can do to force the president to spend money, a bias that actually comes from the olden days that's never been challenged, ever.
mircea_popescu: i suppose they could impeach him, of course, but that'll be the lulz of all time. "he was impeached for not spending!!1"
BingoBoingo: Emergency Powers Act
mircea_popescu: like "honey, i noticed our credit cards aren't even maxed anymore. i thought you promised to go shopping with the girls ? you know what... fuck this, i want a divorce"
trinque: heh could he declare an emergency due to infiltration by communists?
trinque: arrest congress
BingoBoingo: Arrest Congress during recess, then don't spend... win
mircea_popescu: trinque in similar circumstances yeltsin ordered the duma bombarded.
assbot: #1993coup: Russian White House burns after being bombarded by tanks - YouTube ... ( )
trinque claps
trinque: I've met his dad several times, and he's the only politician I've enjoyed speaking to
trinque: either Paul would not conceivably stand in the way of bitcoin, among other sane perspectives
pete_dushenski: by the time 2016 rolls around, there will be no one nuts enough to 'stand in the way'
pete_dushenski: they'll be pointing the hoover dam at a mining farm
pete_dushenski: ok, mebbe that's 2036...
trinque: we shall see
trinque: by then the hoover dam might be gone, or the colorado river might be dry
pete_dushenski: "In a prototype, aluminum was used to make the negatively-charged anode while graphite provided material for the positively charged cathode. A prototype aluminum battery recharged in one minute, the scientists said."
pete_dushenski: trinque anything's possible
funkenstein_: colorado river is already dry when it reaches the grande
pete_dushenski: << apparently worth $5.3 bn to canada pension plan and permira
assbot: Informatica: Data integration leader for Big Data & Cloud Analytics ... ( )
trinque: ipad.. check
asciilifeform: <mircea_popescu> trinque president can actually fire the entire government. and, logically, any serious president would have to << and get jfk'd.
asciilifeform: and he only tried to close one ministry.
assbot: Jesse Ventura talks about CIA implanted in State Government, his CIA interrogation and trip to Cuba! - YouTube ... ( )
asciilifeform: <pete_dushenski> ... A prototype aluminum battery recharged in one minute, the scientists said." << what charges in 1min, can discharge in 1m.
asciilifeform: there is no counter-argument possible.
asciilifeform: in fact, typically what charges in 1m can discharge in 1ms.
pete_dushenski: haha suppose so
asciilifeform: pink meat mist.
trinque: in the vid Jessie Ventura recounts being summoned to the CIA to be questioned after election to the minnesota governorship
asciilifeform: a modern 'jfk' might not be shot, but petraeused or childpronned instead
asciilifeform: depending on the acuteness of the need.
trinque: they know not to let another JFK in to begin with
asciilifeform: and before mircea_popescu observes that 'no one has the balls' - if the 'balls-enabled' jfk appeared, a 'counter-jfk' would materialize out of thin aether
trinque: Ventura mentions the CIA questioning was about "how did you get elected?"
asciilifeform: trinque: ergo we know who -actually- rules usa.
trinque: of course
trinque: the actual government of the USA is a national security secret...
assbot: 1981 Chevrolet C70 Fire Truck Beautiful Truck | eBay ... ( )
assbot: ... ( )
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: what is this horror
trinque: "I'll leave this up to your discretion... if you ever put a tail on me again without telling me, you're gonna fine your tail floating in the river. Now you take that back to whoever needs to know it."
trinque: god damn Jessie Ventura is a bad motherfucker.
trinque: *find
pete_dushenski: BingoBoingo yw
assbot: 1983 Ford Tanker F 800 | eBay ... ( )
pete_dushenski: you're really an emergency vehicle kinda guy eh ?
pete_dushenski: lemme guess, childhood wall poster of ghostbusters wagon ?
BingoBoingo: pete_dushenski: Maybe, but now I'm just thinking of the pranks they enable
BingoBoingo: Also with all of that storage would make a great RV
BingoBoingo: Fill the thing up with tents, condoms, and lube and you could have a mobile orgy center
pete_dushenski: and hoses for cleaning off after, i could sorta see it if you were into rv'ing
mats: lol.
pete_dushenski: though i'll take a plane and high-end hotel room any day, and i'll still come out ahead on costs compared to 'high-end rv'
BingoBoingo: And seriously what isn't to like about a giant toolbox that just happens to have wheels and a motor
pete_dushenski: hard to compete with the price of those old beaters tho
pete_dushenski: um, other than needing the physical space to store it ?
pete_dushenski: if you have a farm, then w/e, but avowed urbanites need not apply
BingoBoingo: What is this storage business. This is the thing you store other things in.
pete_dushenski: right. in the walmart parking lot where you live.
trinque: I'd live in a sufficiently large vehicle
mats: you people...
trinque: wouldn't mind getting one of the vw camper vans at some point
assbot: New 2015 Lifestyle Luxury RV Alfa Gold 3905SH Motorcycle Storage Area Fifth Wheels at Kansas RV Center Chanute Kansas Kansas RV Center ... ( )
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 459 @ 0.00274 = 1.2577 BTC [-] {4}
punkman: I like this, if only it had less hippies
assbot: Unbelievable House Truck Transforms Into Fantasy Castle - YouTube ... ( )
BingoBoingo: Firetruck is immenently useful in post USG world. Break out the hoses on former desk jockeys.
BingoBoingo: Also if you get one with a big tank, maybe some money smuggling freshwater into california.
trinque: punkman: I wouldn't mind seeing a non-hippy/burner version of that
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: jekyll and hyde in america gone horribly wrong
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 14200 @ 0.00027685 = 3.9313 BTC [+] {2}
assbot: Countries That Have Developed A Small-Molecule Drug. In the Pipeline: ... ( )
pete_dushenski: !s backbox
assbot: 0 results for 'backbox' :
BingoBoingo: !s blackbox
assbot: 8 results for 'blackbox' :
pete_dushenski: was looking for the linux distro..
assbot: Home | BackBox Linux ... ( )
BingoBoingo: !up nubbins`
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: there's a reason orlov et al live in boats and not trucks
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Sure, but I'm not just contemplating trucks, but trucks with flashing lights!
trinque: BingoBoingo: put a snow plow on the front too
trinque: good crowd control
asciilifeform: land vehicles are not only lacking in the distance-from-other-schmucks aspect of the boat, but in usa are specifically (ianal - check with up-to-date sources) excluded from the juridicial definition of 'home' for the purposes of search&seizure
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Excluded when moving or on a public right of way. when not moving on any private property they can rapidly convert to domicile
asciilifeform: iirc, only if said property is your own
BingoBoingo: Maybe.
BingoBoingo: Still in international waters pretty much any navy/coast guard reserves the right to conduct colonoscopy
asciilifeform: likewise, if your vehicle contains a toilet - you are more or less stuck at least frequenting the dismal ghettoschwitzes where such machines are typically kept at anchor
BingoBoingo: firetrucks don't have toilets, but they have shovels for digging your own toilets as needed
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: in international waters, they need a reason to take detour
BingoBoingo: need is an awfully loaded word considering the incursions on the somali coast by nation-state actors
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i've often wondered who will be the first in this century to fill a fire truck with petrol.
asciilifeform: the water tank, that is
asciilifeform: best done on a column of soldiers.
asciilifeform: don't light it!
BingoBoingo: I'd be worried about unloading petrol through pump designed for water. Pump might ignite itself
asciilifeform: it usually sinks in, goes the folk story, before anyone fires.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6190 @ 0.00026897 = 1.6649 BTC [-] {2}
asciilifeform: surrender - get a shower.
BingoBoingo: Just have to avoid the tempation to follow the Roman firefighting tradition
BingoBoingo: Builds ill will with the locals
BingoBoingo: See Crassus
asciilifeform: (source of the 'flameless flamethrower' stratagem - u.s. grunts in vietnam, applied to rice paddies with hidden men)
asciilifeform wasn't there, cannot vouch for efficacy
BingoBoingo: !up Pierre_Rochard
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform ill believe it when i see it.
mircea_popescu: << exactly zero chances of that sort of dumb shit to stick.
assbot: Logged on 07-04-2015 23:43:05; asciilifeform: a modern 'jfk' might not be shot, but petraeused or childpronned instead
mircea_popescu: it wouldn't stick on anyone else, like p, except they keep confessing like the pastiass dickless shitheads they are.
assbot: Logged on 07-04-2015 23:44:14; asciilifeform: and before mircea_popescu observes that 'no one has the balls' - if the 'balls-enabled' jfk appeared, a 'counter-jfk' would materialize out of thin aether
assbot: Logged on 07-04-2015 23:48:55; ben_vulpes: apropos of nothing:
mircea_popescu: << not to mention you wouldn't be stuck with the impotent sort of potheads that crowd a "orgy rv" to the point of total cockblockage.
assbot: Logged on 07-04-2015 23:57:31; pete_dushenski: though i'll take a plane and high-end hotel room any day, and i'll still come out ahead on costs compared to 'high-end rv'
mats: i'm watching "Blackhat" atm, p funny so far
mats: .cn sysop uses yubikey at his terminal, "he's using gpg encryption... it'll take me at least a month to crack it... it must be at least a 512 bit key"
mats: er, these are distinct things, but anyway.
danielpbarron: the kmikeym thing is "the first publically traded person"
danielpbarron: Of course it's not a real share like you might buy on the NYSE or NASDAQ. There is no company behind KmikeyM and so the "ownership" you hold is actually a just a metaphor for trust. We have built a fully-functional market simulation and we borrow a lot of language and concepts from the business world in order to make the process easy to understand.
BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> ... << not to mention you wouldn't be stuck with the impotent sort of potheads that crowd a "orgy rv" to the point of total cockblockage. << But... Firetruck. They put the lotion on the skin, or they get the hose again
mircea_popescu: yeah. right.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20041 @ 0.00027723 = 5.556 BTC [+]
asciilifeform: mats: wut.
assbot: Blackhat (2015) - IMDb ... ( )
asciilifeform cannot bring himself to watch 'hacking' films newer than 'war games'
asciilifeform: !s zebra hitler
assbot: 2 results for 'zebra hitler' :
mircea_popescu: i never saw a good "hacking" film.
mircea_popescu: alw\ays loathed the genre.
asciilifeform: afaik there are none
asciilifeform: nor could there be.
mats: i was told michael mann is known for making relatively accurate movies
mats: oh wow these chinese shooters don't know how to clear rooms
assbot: Last 2 lines bashed and pending review. ( )
asciilifeform: who clears rooms by shooting, anyway
asciilifeform: i thought the civilized way was with frag
mats: civilized way is with four dudes and a perimeter.
BingoBoingo: <asciilifeform> i thought the civilized way was with frag << With flash and bang unless you know walls actually protect yourself
asciilifeform: 'you enter a room in pairs. first your frag, then you' (ru adage)
mats: those fatal funnels are a bear.
TomServo: mircea_popescu: ever seen Sneakers?
TomServo: Best 'hacking' movie I can think of.. maybe check it out.
TomServo: That's the one
mircea_popescu: robert redford dan akroid ok im not watching this.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 34137 @ 0.00027034 = 9.2286 BTC [-] {2}
mircea_popescu: but thanks for playing.
mircea_popescu: magical box that breaks secrets, this isn't a film about hacking, this is scherezade in a "modern" color scheme.
mircea_popescu: has as much to do with computers as with aladin.
asciilifeform: somebody (greg egan?) had a short story with such a box, that wasn't utterly retarded
asciilifeform: the catch was that the magical box didn't really break the crypto, but distorted the universe to fit the operator's preconceptions of what the plaintext was.
asciilifeform: to lulzy result.
mircea_popescu: this is why i fucking hate sf.
assbot: [2015-04-03] The 5,000Btc hidden treasure, and the key to finding it. ... ( )
assbot: So who's running the Courts circus ? on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( )
mircea_popescu: mats you rly should add sources to all that, impossibru to follow in snippets like that.
mircea_popescu: nubbins` no fucking way. you actually recognized a... WINDOW AND PLUG assembly ?
mats: sources? the url is appended to the end
nubbins` snaps on hat
nubbins`: detective nubs
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 21800 @ 0.00027723 = 6.0436 BTC [+]
mats: the ones that don't, i found on westlaw but not the crawlable internets
mircea_popescu: ps. nubbins` : Your an idiot, and that is not the argument i am having.
hanbot: <mircea_popescu> i never saw a good "hacking" film. << for prime cheese: WarGames, 83
nubbins`: i'm starting to think that it is i who is wc
mircea_popescu: hanbot yeah i skipped that.
mircea_popescu: mats ah look at that right you are! nice.
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: mats has been on this for a while. I almost contributed then... qntra. Dude's been digging like mad.
nubbins`: mats doin that homework
mircea_popescu: 0 In U.S. v. Scarfo (Criminal Action No. 00–404 (NHP)), Politan denied << that one has nothing for instance.
mircea_popescu: 0 In U.S. v. Friedman (No. 95–CR–192 (S–3)(ARR), < etc. but they do have the indexes so that's pretty good
mircea_popescu: what was the problem, no internet available data ?
mats: no data available on the specific action, usually
mats: usually data available for the relevant case
BingoBoingo: ;;google B-52 polar growl
gribble: B-52s fly to North Sea, Arctic for NATO exercise - Air Force Times: <>; POLAR GROWL strengthens Allied interoperability, essential ...: <>; Polar Growl strengthens allied interoperability, bomber navigation ...: (1 more message)
mircea_popescu: !rated mats
assbot: You have not rated mats.
nubbins`: damn, no donations to payout address for task 1.
nubbins`: why'd i spend all that time looking up judge names anyway ;/
assbot: Request successful, get your OTP:
assbot: So who's running the Courts circus ? on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( )
mircea_popescu: nubbins` i thought it was global ?
mircea_popescu: people had a way to donate specifically, if they wanted, but the bulk is global.
nubbins`: ahh, i see
mats: i'm fairly convinced this project has gone as far as it can go without professional input
nubbins` re-reads actual article
mircea_popescu: there is no such thing as "professional"
mircea_popescu: !v assbot:mircea_popescu.rate.mats.1:060bf7cf7cce64b6ee03db87caa7bb232b33ee77d9fe4a7c4e07fcbfff58b46d
assbot: Successfully added a rating of 1 for mats with note: Lotta paralegal work on
mircea_popescu: "and viola Nubbins is a monkeys uncle."
mircea_popescu: slowclap.
nubbins`: morbidly fascinating neh
mircea_popescu: well... "the people have rights", right ? and everyone's the same, right ? at which point we can spend forever talking over the internet with clearly disturbed ignorant idiot.
BingoBoingo: mats single handedly took on the legal equivalent of pogo linux and won
mircea_popescu: mats how much did you spend on this btw ?
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 31900 @ 0.00027602 = 8.805 BTC [-] {2}
mats: the legal database access was free due to my use of a university's subscription and something in the neighborhood of 400 hours
mircea_popescu: no i meant time
mircea_popescu: this has to be a meme. mats pic and the caption "i don't always go on research binges on the internet. but when i do, we're talking 400 hours bish!"
punkman: nubbins`: lol, how many accounts does that guy have on the forum
mircea_popescu: nubbins` your such an idiot man.
mircea_popescu: i did it in my digital print dirivitive. also i added some ants, because it kinda looks like a spider web which makes sense.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Alt flameless flamethrower, various ergot products and DMSO
punkman: ants love playing in spider webs
mircea_popescu: "i have 0 cookies and am so locked down that i have to log in every time a page changes"
nubbins`: in the meantime, i realized that another one of his old customers is also into casascius coins, as he bid on my auction
mircea_popescu: 7.5 proxies.
nubbins`: so it's uh, not just blazed that paid the guy $$$$ for wood :o
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: this was considered by various folks (in somewhat different variant) and the answer is that the product breaks down in water unacceptably quickly.
mircea_popescu: nubbins` i have my doubts blazed paid him anything.
mircea_popescu: more like "here's something, say you paid me a lot for it, it'll look good on both of us"
mircea_popescu: sorta like ver "invested" in whatever the shit.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Can store seperatley though, especially in complex apparatus with multiple pumps and tanks
asciilifeform: <BingoBoingo> mats single handedly took on the legal equivalent of pogo linux and won << considerably more interesting than pogo linux
mircea_popescu: different things, not serializable.
asciilifeform: (which, after all, is a pretty standard 'we have a router, now let's a linux' affair)
mircea_popescu: "I'm calling you out on this one, answer or lose whatever credibility you had because there is 1 MILLION percent no way you have a single shred of proof that i am anyone or anything especially some guy in vietnam who sells wooden shit and if you ain't going to back up your BS i will rally every single body that you pulled your fake "probable alt of _____________" and lead a campaign of ensuring you never have the credi
mircea_popescu: bility to do it again."
nubbins`: where's the threat post...
mircea_popescu: badbear being i suppose one of the very few people who managed to wade through the tardsforum and more or less retain some sort of credibility.
assbot: I need your creativity for 2 minutes PLEASE ... ( )
nubbins`: was the email used to register the weird cats website, as well as a bunch of random asic mining-related domains
asciilifeform: when did sc4mz0rz stop using 'reg by proxy' services ?
punkman: "I have decided to use half my bitcoin ( about 3,300 coins ) to form a self funded organization with the sole purpose of helping to spread information about bitcoin to the world through mass media, local "troops" or small groups, a website, blog, billboards, magazine ad's, TV. and whatever else 3,300 bitcoins will afford me."
asciilifeform: i mean, wtf, elementary
punkman: "Guerilla marketing is probably the most effective means, vinyl stickers at urinals on mirrors under drive thru windows under the drive thru speaker bumper stickers and the great thing about bitcoin is the stickers could actually have a qr code that links you to some free satoshis so people that never considered buying bitcoin just have to pull out there phone"
punkman: good thread
mircea_popescu: check it out, it's like 2011.
punkman: 2011 or 1981, I mean stickers?!
mircea_popescu: when all the world is young lad, and every scribble a business plan...
punkman: "Nitrogen i totally agree with you on the gorilla marketing idea, I have had lots of ideas on how to move forward, but lost myself in aggravation for 2 days not being able to name it."
assbot: A deal can be anything. on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( )
asciilifeform: the marvel is not the continued existence of the woodcollectors, as such, but of the plankton they eat
nubbins`: i give up, it's socks all the way down
nubbins`: guy makes socks to call out his other socks for being socks
mircea_popescu: the wonders of a living wage, and generaly welfare etatism.
mircea_popescu: people gotta do *something* with all that time.
mircea_popescu: dirivitives.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i'd be surprised if this character didn't have a grueling day job
punkman: grueling day job and time to make 250 forum accounts?
mircea_popescu: his wife/mother supports him.
mircea_popescu: women are fucking dumb like that.
mircea_popescu: recall the case of the "forum banker" dude ?
mircea_popescu: cartels, stuff ?
asciilifeform: grueling day job could easily be -where- he made 250 accounts
asciilifeform: not on official orders, naturally
punkman: then not grueling
asciilifeform: but while waiting for bell to ring
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punkman: more like browsing job
nubbins`: grueling day job walking the aisles, looking for shoplifters
asciilifeform: nubbins`: can you picture how many folks are paid to sit (not necessarily even at a computer, could be a pNohe in one hand) and wait for a bell to ring ?
nubbins`: actually no i'd say he's a full time scammer
nubbins`: the wood coins, the digital prints, the cats for sale, the bullets...
nubbins`: he gets enough dribbles from actual suckers to make it worth doing
asciilifeform: then - not a 'welfare case', no ?
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform guy's not doing anything sueful. he's too broadly illiterate to ever be able to get a job, and his attitude precludes the sort of job you're thinking about.
mircea_popescu: his manager would basically make him crawl six hours a day.
nubbins`: prob on social assistance, prob supplementing it with scams.
nubbins`: prob sells dope too.
mircea_popescu: nubbins` not even. just, full time internet imbecile. like a "wikipedia editor" or something.
mircea_popescu: "twitter famous"
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: he could easily be something like a sysadmin
asciilifeform: or some other 'guardhouse' type
mircea_popescu: and i bet you he does not. he gets enough dribbles in the sense of, attention, to keep whatever unfortunate woman paying the bills.
nubbins`: sysadmin who smokes and owns a lathe?
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform sysadmin ? DUDE
nubbins`: although
mircea_popescu: gtfo already. sysadmins CAN SPELL
nubbins`: his hands do look purdy.
asciilifeform was once a sysadmin
mircea_popescu: WTF WAS IT
mircea_popescu: nado stuff.txt
mircea_popescu: hisbory | greb "wut u sae"
decimation: < speaking of welfare state. derp decided to stop paying power bill, power was cut, derp then decided to run gas generator inside the house, killed self and offspring
assbot: Power company investigated after carbon monoxide kills family - CBS News ... ( )
asciilifeform: ^ l0l saw that earlier
asciilifeform: darwin nominee
mircea_popescu: power company should get subsidy.
mircea_popescu: "$1000 for each head"
decimation: Todd had received assistance paying his utility bills in the past, but did not apply for help this year, said Tom VanLandingham, who directs the Office of Home Energy Programs in Somerset County. Families can apply once a year, and assistance is based on household income and energy use, among other factors. "We're all kind of baffled as to why he did not apply this year ... that's the million-dollar question," VanLandingham said
decimation: before the utility's announcement.
asciilifeform: interesting detail that it was generator and not a stove
asciilifeform: typically they try to set up a stove and gasenwagen
decimation: so in the us, you can work to pay usg tax, or work to beg from usg
nubbins`: ^ i suppose those qualify as sysadmin hands
decimation: "Court records identified the boys as Cameron and ZhiHeem, and the girls as Tyjuziana, Tykeria, Tynijuzia, TyNiah and Tybreyia. "
mircea_popescu: nubbins` imo looks like a woman's hand.
asciilifeform: that was my thought
decimation: me too
mircea_popescu: yeah, harem agrees. that's a woman.
decimation: is the ring finger shorter than the index?
mircea_popescu: actually, i'l; go on a limb and say that is THE woman.
asciilifeform: ^ iirc that heuristic doesn't werk
mircea_popescu: guy is "managing" her, they make up "a team". he's the "marketeer" because he "can bullshit"
decimation: asciilifeform: sure it does
mircea_popescu: "Tyjuziana, Tykeria, Tynijuzia, TyNiah and Tybreyia." << ;/
mircea_popescu: who wouldn't want to try out an orgy with these five ?
asciilifeform: decimation: which way was it supposed to work again ?
assbot: Finger Length Predicts Health and Behavior | ... ( )
BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> recall the case of the "forum banker" dude ? << Kludge!!!
decimation: longer ring finger = more manly
mircea_popescu: and by "predict" we mean "random correlations"
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo ayup
asciilifeform: decimation: i oughta be a eunuch if it were true
decimation: you have a longer index finger?
decimation: supposedly one study found it correlated with prenatal testosterone
asciilifeform: i remember reading this crap years ago and calling bull
asciilifeform: maybe we oughta do phrenology next
mircea_popescu: if by it you mean "this looks like a woman's face" ?
asciilifeform: it makes considerably more sense on the surface than the finger thing
asciilifeform: the weird thing about woodsc4mz0r's hands is the lack of whiskers
asciilifeform: (perhaps he did feynman's magic trick with petrol hands one too many times?)
assbot: Human 2D (index) and 4D (ring) finger lengths and ratios: cross-sectional data on linear growth patterns, sexual dimorphism and lateral asymmetry from 4 to 60 years of age ... ( )
decimation: are you left handed ascii?
decimation: it's amusing to me that this is actually a controversial point
decimation: how hard would it be to recruit a few thousand people to get a hand xray on a calibrated machine
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BingoBoingo is alternately left or right handed depending on the task at... hand
decimation: apparently 'medical researchers' have better things to do
asciilifeform: decimation: no need for xray, just buy off some outfit that handles 'palmprint' door locks for usg
decimation: yeah a camera under glass would work
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decimation: asciilifeform: reading more about the ubiquiti thing, it's not obvious to me that replacing with freebsd would do anything
decimation: one would have to replace the bootloader, and apparently they are refusing to release their mods to u-boot source code
asciilifeform: decimation: it gets rid of the read-only mtd
asciilifeform: decimation: you don't need their mods, except if you're working on exposing the particulars of the fraud
asciilifeform: decimation: just build from scratch as i did for 'pogo'
decimation: asciilifeform: aye, would have to dick around with u-boot and the data sheet
decimation: < But it was a 230,000 volt line that shorted. Partially charred ceramic insulators show electric crews what went wrong at a Charles County switching station, causing midday confusion and triggering a widespread blackout across D.C. and its suburbs.
assbot: Pepco: Downed Transmission Line Responsible For D.C. Power Outages « CBS Baltimore ... ( )
decimation: it's rare that a major distribution line fails like that
decimation: they are supposed to inspect those for exactly this kind of issue
decimation: ^ the power line was probably coming from the nuke plant on the chesapeake bay
BingoBoingo: decimation: Last summer My town suffered a 12+ hour blackout because the largest incoming transmission line melted
asciilifeform: the 'one fallen wire' story is a lie of omission
asciilifeform: there is normally redundancy in the grid.
asciilifeform: the 'one wire,' even if true, can only be the 'straw that broke camel's back'
decimation: yeah, that's a good point
asciilifeform: none of the mouthpieces will discuss this, no surprise
asciilifeform: but it remains.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform if the line falls right out of the transformer, like first 100 feet, it may cut it out
assbot: Cascading outages hit Maryland and DC; conflicting reports emerge over cause | Utility Dive ... ( )
decimation: it does sound like someone fucked up
decimation: beyond the line failure
asciilifeform: or chinese '3 point' test.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform btw, turns out luxury not so luxurious after all ?
decimation: re: earlier discussion about power generation
BingoBoingo: <asciilifeform> the 'one wire,' even if true, can only be the 'straw that broke camel's back' << It was August during peak consumption. Amren stopped delivering anything through the town's 5 MW backup line so the 30 MW transmission line failed at 38.5 MW and started a small swiftly contained brush fire. (/me thinks he got the units right)
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i heard nothing about caviar spoiling in the fridges at 'lockheed' or 'raytheon'
decimation: actually I think the end result is going to be a mass migration away from centralized power to solar
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform white house was out of power.
decimation: solar has dropped to $3 per watt installed
mircea_popescu: dja understand how un-american htis is ?
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: whorehouse was also out of power, i bet
decimation: in certain areas of the us, you could buy enough solar panels to power yourself indefinitely for the price of a car
mircea_popescu: "However, there were also multiple reports about an explosion or fire, including a reported explosion at a southern Maryland power plant. "
asciilifeform: decimation: power in the middle of a clear day, sure
mircea_popescu: odds are this was a successful terrorist hit, actually.
asciilifeform: decimation: when not including airconditioner
mircea_popescu: exactly matches the denial pattern
decimation: asciilifeform: yeah, I'm including overage
BingoBoingo: <decimation> actually I think the end result is going to be a mass migration away from centralized power to solar << local hillbill town is about to add solar farm on abandoned manufactering ground to supplement diesel, on coop's dime
decimation: obviously one needs batteries, and that's the rub right nwo
BingoBoingo: NiFe Ftw
mircea_popescu: "Pepco cited a "dip in voltage" as the cause of the outage in its release." derp. the cause of the outage was caused by the cause of the causative agent.
decimation: right, what that means is "Pepco said some stuff, hoping folks would quit asking"
decimation: generally the strategy for utilities is to smile and nod, and wait until next week when nobody gives a shit
mircea_popescu: this was actually bombed.
mircea_popescu: "A Charles County, Maryland official confirmed to Utility Dive that an explosion occurred at a substation. However, CBS reported that their sources tell them there was no explosion at all, while the Associated Press reported that the explosion occurred at a power plant."
asciilifeform: there is -always- explosion at substation!
asciilifeform: this is what happens on overload
mircea_popescu: three people three stories and fractured exactly on the lines of, local authority | propaganda mouthpiece | international agency
asciilifeform: of american-style grid, at any rate
mircea_popescu: actually it should just cut off.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: how knows when to cut ?
asciilifeform: overcurrent
asciilifeform: it's a classic 'how to get fuse that blows before the rest of it' problem
asciilifeform: and is only solvable to a limited extent
assbot: Power Plant Substation Explodes - YouTube ... ( )
mircea_popescu: afaik mostly a solved problem on 200kv lines
asciilifeform: while we're at it,
asciilifeform: << piss-poor t3rr0r1s7, did not even nail my puny hovel
decimation: asciilifeform: that's a serious ups!
assbot: Log In - The New York Times ... ( )
assbot: FBI: Attack on PG&E South Bay substation wasn't terrorism - SFGate ... ( )
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform right, it's only terrorism when mentally retarded derps do nonsensical shit.
asciilifeform: the rest is called 'war'
mircea_popescu: when lifelines are taken out by unidentified parties with access to a lot of resources, it's... uh.
asciilifeform: specifically, 'losing a war'
mircea_popescu: "a cause caused a causation"
nubbins`: here's woodcollector a year ago, with a miner group buy scam:
assbot: [ CLOSED ] VX-1 Miner Group Buy - Free 1 TH/s Miner Giveaway ... ( )
nubbins`: feb 2014 :o
decimation: it's complicating, our brain trust is taking care of it
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