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diana_coman: shrysr: thanks; and no, one title is enough anyway, lolz; see the comments for a bit more on both how to translate and what does castle license mean
whaack_travel: greetings from Japan. I am delayed with . I have two main problems (1) my laptop battery is about to die. they do not have holes for the 3rd ground plug here, so i have to resolve this issue. (2) I struggled to figure out how to structure my blog post. I came up with 5 main interests and then went into i) history of my involvement with that interest ii) why that
snsabot: Logged on 2019-09-25 13:06:04 whaack: re deadline for post - i say Saturday 28/09/19. I can get it done on the plane ride, so should be done by Friday, and then I'll leave an extra day in case i have some trouble connecting to the net
whaack_travel: is an interest to me iii) my future goals to cultivate the interest. For i) for programming i started to write quite a bit, and so my post turned more into mostly my history of programming (and even with what i wrote it still feels incomplete since i just listed things off without going into much detail for any of them)
diana_coman: whaack_travel: heh, adapters ftw; *every* time you travel -> check what adapters you'll need.
whaack_travel: heh i'll have to search for one here. i'm off to bed, i've been awake for about 28 hours now.
diana_coman: sleep well!
shrysr: the last time I actually tried being awake all the time was in Leeds i guess. iirc made it ~6 days with only snatches of sleep now and then.. around 15-20 min max at a time, after which i conceded it was.... extra-retarded and there were better things to do. lol.
diana_coman: eh, he's been travelling so quite a different context.
shrysr: yeaaa it is. i've never been able to do any substantial work on a flight except perhaps reading. airport to some extent yes.
shrysr: << i'm having trouble understanding how this is rare, though I see the part about 'against gods plans with you'. Preusming it is a specific problem of those who cross the intellectual barrier - so is rare referring
ossabot: Logged on 2019-09-26 05:45:53 diana_coman: shrysr thimbronion whaack whaack_travel crucial and therefore mandatory reading:
ossabot: Logged on 2019-09-26 05:12:31 mircea_popescu: it's valuable because it is rare, and because it is, quite pointedly, going against god's own plans with you.
shrysr: to the trap of desiring to be 'part of' something or perhaps anything 'not mainstream'?
diana_coman: shrysr: the bootstrap is rare; feedback that allows you to *notice* which bit/part you are doing is stupid is quite rare indeed.
diana_coman: the world usually let's you get on with whatever stupid you want for as long as you can...bear the consequences; but discerning which specific bit is screwing you over can be quite difficult indeed, when it's your own bit (if you already knew it was stupid, there'd be no need, ofc)
shrysr: hmm. ok. I guess i was thinking the ones who cross the intellectual barrier have indeed used the bootstrap to do so, but then still fall pray to the persuasion winds and tavern wench chorus by ... not thinking, say beyond a point and presuming that every perceived problem is to be solved... and those who can still bootstrap further or perhaps even continuously and discern the above are rare.
diana_coman: thimbronion: turns out eudev is known and acceptable.
snsabot: Logged on 2017-12-19 18:23:09 trinque: "eudev" exists as an alternative to the systemd-udev. dunno what else the heathens stapled to systemd meanwhile
thimbronion: diana_coman: excellent.
diana_coman: shrysr: that's obviously your attempt to match what you're reading to your own personal experience
diana_coman: shrysr: it's a very poor habit on first read, and doubly poor when/if you don't even notice you're doing it.
diana_coman: shrysr: when you read something it should be a lot more the *other* way around - you may look at how you fit the description there (even how you change to fit the description there) and certainly NOT "how to change the description to fit me"
diana_coman: shrysr: re intellectual barrier - it's not just one ie you cross it and you are on the over side; there's an infinity of them as you advance, that's all.
diana_coman: you cross one and you are on the other side of *that one* but that doesn't mean you'll notice the next one before/without banging your head on it, let alone manage to cross it
diana_coman: hi maxim_mivo
diana_coman: oh hey, you registered your key, nice
maxim_mivo: I'm the legal representative of MivoCloud.
maxim_mivo: If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
diana_coman: maxim_mivo: when you say legal representative do you mean "lawyer"?
diana_coman: or what's your role there?
maxim_mivo: I'm the CEO
diana_coman: maxim_mivo: your irc connection is not a very good advertisement for stability of pipe at mivocloud, lolz.
maxim_mivo: It's the first time for me using an IRC client (i closed the wrong window).
diana_coman: maxim_mivo: I'll rate your key when I get to mine and there will probably be people wanting to talk to you
diana_coman: maxim_mivo: did you figure out the WoT thing?
maxim_mivo: Sorry, didn't have time to dive in
diana_coman: maxim_mivo: ah, take your time, there is no rush; this works at people-pace but you'll want to set up possibly a znc bouncer so you remain connected at all times and check the logs to answer what people asked you
diana_coman: this channel is logged and one of the logs is hosted precisely with mivocloud - the server I have with you
diana_coman: aha; nobody is at the keyboard at all times but people leave a connection on and when they get to the keyboard they read the log and reply to any pending questions
diana_coman: asciilifeform: maxim_mivo here is from MivoCloud
asciilifeform: oh neato
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: does your company offer colo ?
diana_coman: maxim_mivo: asciilifeform here is Stanislav who enquired earlier and basically prompted me to write the article and invite you here
maxim_mivo: <asciilifeform>, yes, we do offer colocation
maxim_mivo: <asciilifeform>, based on your name, FYI: we speak russian
diana_coman: maxim_mivo: glad to see you here really, hope you get your head around the WoT and all the rest; I've rated you, though it might take a while for to update
diana_coman: atm I really need to go offline but will talk more on Monday for sure
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: excellent. do you have a price list on www ?
maxim_mivo: Do you mean a price list for the colocation service ?
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: for entire menu of services, but yes colo also
maxim_mivo: The actual prices can be found here:
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: thank you, i will read
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: hmm, doesn't seem to have price for sent-in colo machine ? or is this elsewhere
maxim_mivo: The colocation service is not public yet.
maxim_mivo: Just a minute
maxim_mivo: Colocation prices:
maxim_mivo: 1U (300 Watt included) - 35 EUR/month
maxim_mivo: Each additional 100 Watt: 7 EUR/month
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: this is very good price. what is the cost of installation ? and of kvm service (if i am installing own os) ?
maxim_mivo: Additional socket for the second PSU: 5 EUR/month
maxim_mivo: No installation fees
maxim_mivo: We don't offer a KVM service since all our servers are equipped with an OOB Managment module (iDRAC, IPMI, iLO, etc.)
maxim_mivo: We recommend our customers to have an OOB module too.
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: so you have no kvm in the facility at all ?
maxim_mivo: We don't need it. All our current colocation customers have OOB included in their servers.
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: i physically disable the oob on all of my machines as it is a known security risk.
maxim_mivo: We provide a VPN service for that.
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: if i am supplying own machine, there is no kvm available to connect to it ?
maxim_mivo: That's strange. It's very hard to find a server these days without an OOB module.
maxim_mivo: What's the server model ?
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: i just said, i remove the oob from all machines that i build ;
maxim_mivo: We are aware of the risks for open OOB to internet and because of that we provide a VPN service for the customer in order to access his OOB
maxim_mivo: We leave the OOB open to internet only if the cusomter asks that.
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: the machine i was considering to colo in europe , in fact is a 20 x 20 cm brick, with only network, serial port , and mains socket connections.
maxim_mivo: is it rack form factor ?
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: it will have rack ears welded to it, if the hoster does not offer shelf
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: but more importantly, it has only serial port for out of band access .
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: is your facility able to house such a machine ?
maxim_mivo: No problem. Does it require something like Serial <--> Ethernet converter ?
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: only temporarily, in order to configure ip etc.
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: but if you can supply the necessary config in advance, before machine is sent in, then does not need at all
maxim_mivo: We can supply the IP config in advance. Also we can connect your device via serial to a temporary physical server so you can configure it.
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: very good. i will open an account . my pgp public key is in .
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: is the postage address for colo machines posted on your www ?
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: and what is the best way to contact you ? right now we are taking up space in diana_coman's channel. i am usually found in #asciilifeform . when it comes to actually setting up machine, would like to do pgp via email.
maxim_mivo: We are on telegram 24/24: @mivocloud
maxim_mivo: And of course via the ticket system:
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: email, then.
maxim_mivo: The shipping address can be found:
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: i will encrypt all messages to the key .
maxim_mivo: Please don't forget the customs clearance when shipping your device.
maxim_mivo: We'll have to pay taxes.
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: it is difficult to know what they'll charge in advance. i assume if i deposit money in account, you can charge against it ?
maxim_mivo: Yes, of course.
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: ok, very good. some time in the next few weeks i will prepare a machine and pre-pay for the service, then if it works well, will buy year+ in advance.
asciilifeform: thanks maxim_mivo
maxim_mivo: You're welcome
maxim_mivo: I'll be here for another couple of hours. If you'll have any questions after that, just write to asking for Maxim to join a #chat on freenode.
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: incidentally i co-run an isp myself, in south america -- . but i also have boxes in other places, for emergency copies.
asciilifeform: maxim_mivo: diana_coman recommended your company, so i decided to try it.
asciilifeform has to go, will be back later.
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