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feedbot: << Thimbron -- Exploring WoT Search Project
adlai: oh look asciilifeform someone's building a kyristor again
adlai: or perhaps, an exercise in disambiguation?
adlai: << there is no 'again', yet, although i actually do have a "receipt" of some sort for the last time!
snsabot: Logged on 2020-05-20 09:32:29 asciilifeform: lol adlai , thrown outta the corps again ?
adlai: it says something along the lines of "adlai? we probably can remember who that was, if it really matters, but it doesn't"
adlai: it actually contains a surprisingly nonexistent amount of information, although these things often hint at much more than they explicitly claim.
adlai: for example, it contains too little information to neither value, nor price, the soldier, although as stalin may have quipped, the soldier outta formation, ain't worth none in formation
adlai: (one of the easiest commands to remember is the information disclosable to captors, and that actually does have enough information to price a soldier)
asciilifeform: << the 'official' search engines have degraded to the point where it would be ~very~ difficult to do worse
snsabot: Logged on 2020-05-24 11:32:48 adlai: or perhaps, an exercise in disambiguation?
snsabot: Logged on 2020-05-24 11:45:48 adlai: (one of the easiest commands to remember is the information disclosable to captors, and that actually does have enough information to price a soldier)
adlai: aha, almost!
adlai: name, rank, job, and the average airspeed velocity of an F-16i
adlai: (the number is in the identification document)
asciilifeform: lol, what else is in there... logarithm table ?
asciilifeform: sounds rather '30s sovok-esque
adlai: believe it or not, some sort of identification stub is actually considered essential! in case you need to give an ambulance or somesuch a list of its contents.
asciilifeform: adlai: they never invented 'dog tags' ?
adlai: well israel was built, fed, and defended, on the bones of soviet expats
adlai: yes, there are dog tags
adlai: although dog tags are heavy pieces of metal. if you need to collect 300 pieces of id, and you're not quite cypherpunk enough to scan each soldier's neck chip, yet, then you collect 300 pieces of paper.
asciilifeform: neck chip already sop or notyet ?
adlai: not yet, although they are probably quite close to archiving uncompressed genetic samples.
adlai: iirc, my first ~2 hours consisted of ... fingers, palms, retina (maybe both?), blood, and dental
adlai: could be that retina was not an actual retinal scan, and just an, uh, "eye exam"
asciilifeform: in usa, standard, entirely ordinary eye exam includes retina photo. since '90s.
Joe65: asciilifeform I found the forums from Qntra and BingoBoingo was nice enough to point me here. I am interested in Bitcoin, specifically I am trying to archive classic Bitcoin posts/essays in a github repo.
asciilifeform: Joe65: why shithub?!!
Joe65: I am not super technical
adlai: free markdown postprocessing
Joe65: It hists GitHub pages for me, so I can have a pretty front end for people to browse the archives
adlai: also, iirc, you have to opt-out of them archiving your content in their subglacier volcanoproof bunker
Joe65: *hosts
asciilifeform: Joe65: sure, but really, 1st choice to host something is ms ?!
adlai: no guarantees that they'll give you a copy of the archive after the supervolcano turns the sky into nitrous oxide
Joe65: I wish I had a good answer for you
Joe65: I don't. I was looking for good places to freely host the repo and website and found GH pages
adlai: Joe65, how about just reading the classics, writing on a piece of paper or notepad links.txt the addresses of the particularly good ones, and afterwards making sure that e.g. and have a copy ?
adlai: alternatively, become super technical
Joe65: I am trying to become more technical
adlai: excellent. i'm gonna go play taps at the setting sun, something that nobody ever asked me to do :)
Joe65: My goal is to republish the articles in the repo, so there is a place to find them in case they are deleted or not indexed
asciilifeform: Joe65: such item disappear considerably more often from shithub, then from orig. sources
Joe65: I have had a good experience (so far) with GitHub. I appreciate your concerns. I am open to more open solutions.
Joe65: Besides this being on gh, I am trying to track down content from the early days, before 2015
Joe65: Somehow I found myself on Trilema and was floored at the years of conent, TMSR, and all the folks involved
Joe65: 404
Joe65: nm
Joe65: Thanks for sharing
Joe65: That is a ton of information, I appreciate that
asciilifeform will bbl
adlai: Joe65, to dmca-proof a github repo that serves purely as a mirror, include detailed, and legally compliant, license information
adlai: "crap was found on the internet without an explicit license, and is thus treated as having been placed in the public domain by the authors" is probably good enough, fwiw, although not watertight
adlai: (there are quite a lot of jurisdictions where "public domain" is worse than "your honor, kindly tell the witness to hire a bodyguard after leaving the courthouse")
asciilifeform: the approach to censor-proofing that actually worx is 1) mirror the bloody thing 2) get 9000 people to do same.
asciilifeform: errything else is an exercise in self-delusion
asciilifeform: ( the most effective censor is -- nobody giving a damn. is how we lost most ancient works. )
asciilifeform: conversely, euclid survived, even tho 'forgot' to 'include explicit license'.
asciilifeform: the ultimate 'mirror' is: 1e6 paper copies, widely circulated. but 1st you gotta actually produce something that folx would give a damn about.
asciilifeform: ( most recently, this approach worked for the orig. pgp. )
asciilifeform: i cribbed from this when included paper copy of complete src w/ each FG .
asciilifeform: ( not 1e6 copies; nor even 1e3; plus, errything still on www. but erryone who wants, indeed has a copy )
asciilifeform: this is specifically the maximally wrong approach. for ~exactly~ the same reason why vpnism is the maximally wrong approach to privacy.
snsabot: Logged on 2020-05-24 12:14:32 adlai: Joe65, how about just reading the classics, writing on a piece of paper or notepad links.txt the addresses of the particularly good ones, and afterwards making sure that e.g. and have a copy ?
asciilifeform: 'oh i dun need crypto, i use $vpn' == 'oh i dun need to mirror, i put link in' .
asciilifeform: the 'archive services' aint working for ~you~. and their interest in 'anti-censorship' is quite selective .
Joe65: asciilifeform I've got nearly 500 Bitcoin articles loaded in the repo in markdown, also each month contains a pdf that could be printed out. Another 400 need to be loaded.
asciilifeform: Joe65: what do you mean by 'bitcoin articles' ?
asciilifeform: cuz what typically passes for this on the net, no self-respecting fish would want to be wrapped in, and no self-respecting parrot would want lining his cage
asciilifeform was put off ~entire subject~ for ~years~ by reading 'bitcoin articles'...
adlai: glad as ever to identify global minima!
adlai: at the second-least, stick a disco ball on the suspected global extremum, and wait for someone else to measure the relevants
asciilifeform: adlai: i'm quite content to mark the minefields w/ flags. if other folx want to mark'em with their sprayed guts, it aint any of my biz
adlai: what kinda mine you been stepping on! sheesh.
trinque never had acid connects good enough to produce adlai-grade word-salad.
Vexual: tbf conference in goa perhaps?
feedbot: << The Montevideo Standard -- Ships With Iranian Fuel Make It To Venezuela
Joe65: asciilifeform "Bitcoin articles" means blog posts and essays. I am trying my best to filter through the bullshit. Everyone here has many more years experience with Bitcoin than me. I am sure there are some gaps and this is just a personal project I am running.
shinohai: Joe65: is this Shithub repo public yet?
shinohai will read ....
Joe65: posts folder has the markdown\
Joe65: Html there
Vexual: publish or perish
adlai: cool soap film thingy, Joe65 !
adlai: please consider removing some of the excess gloss; it seems surprising to me that there are ~5GB of, uh, 'words'
Vexual: Joe, BingoBoingo is otherwise engaged these days, so I gotta ask: "Who is your daddy and what does he do"?
adlai: Vexual: how long has it been since your last profession?
Vexual: What's 0 divided by zero ?
Joe65: error
Joe65: adlai what soap film thingy? what do you mean gloss?
Vexual: I'm always professional
adlai: Joe65, at the top of the readme, you have a cool image, that's the "soap film thingy"
Joe65: Okay, I thought a screenshot would be helpful to direct people to the website
adlai: by "gloss", i mean everything that is not text in markdown files.
Joe65: I see what you mean
adlai: specifically, over a gigabyte of metadata created by git. you can significantly optimize your usage of git, if you insist on using it.
Joe65: I am a git noob, I use gh desktop fwiw
adlai has never used github's desktop tool
Joe65: I foundthe soapfilm image on unsplash
Joe65: I am sure you haven't used GH desktop!
Joe65: lol
adlai: maybe it's an oil thing, like the displays behind the performers half a century ago? possibly just a digital effect.
adlai: whatever it is, it looks cool in the browser, although it is extraneous in the _minimal_ archive of the articles.
adlai: if GH desktop supports "submodules", then have the directory with the articles themselves be a submodule; then, you have one repository with only the articles, and one with all the webpage metadata
Joe65: is it possible to mute people in freenode?
adlai: /ignore
Joe65: thanks
adlai: your IRC client handles the muting
Joe65: this is the first time I've ever used irc
Joe65: pardon the ignorance
adlai: ignorance is not a sin!
Joe65: Regarding the separate repo, I have not thought of moving posts and images to a separate repo
Joe65: it performs pretty well, page load etc
adlai: when asciilifeform shows up, he'll probably berate me for suggesting ways to make git less horrid.
Joe65: yesterday I was dealing with hazing about the fact it is on gh, period.
adlai: here's your "git for people who are on IRC for the first time, and only came here because of Bitcoin" summary: git is a tool for building private blockchains. github is microsoft's archive website, for directories structured as git trees. there is no fee structure built into git itself, so you don't notice that your git tree contains excessive data until you reexamine the entire structure of an
adlai: existing copy of the entire archive, as I just did, in order to obtain an independent copy of your repo.
_joerodgers: thanks for the explanation
adlai geeked out on git for about a year before rediscovering bitcoin
adlai: in my case, "rediscovering" just meant "encountering the existing Bitcoin implementation for the second time", rather than inventing it myself.
_joerodgers: for me, it is a hosting provider for a webpage. It can also be easily copied and I can use git to push new articles and cosmetic changes easily with gh desktop
adlai is a little younger than some of the other folks you've been reading, who actually were busy inventing a bitcoin when they encountered the already-invented Bitcoin
adlai: it is quite a convenient tool
adlai: if you dig deep enough in the old IRC archives (of other channels) you'll find me arguing several times with asciilifeform about this specific tool, and a few other similar ones.
_joerodgers: I still don't understand how to understand that the tree has excessive data
adlai: what content do you want archived?
_joerodgers: Not sure if i care because it just works for what I need it to do
Vexual: not a flight commander then young joe?
_joerodgers: The goal of the project is to track down great Bitcoin blog posts and put them in the repo, with authors consent.
adlai: what you have currently setup for archival is, not only a website of articles, but also your own work history, of every change made to the structure of that website, for its entire history
_joerodgers: Vexual yesterday I sent my first pgp and got on IRC so no, I am not a captain
adlai: if, for example, you resize the image at the top of the README, and make it a few pixels narrower in each direction, or change the saturation to be thismuch instead of thatmuch, and then `git commit` that change, you get another image in there. the old image is not gone.
_joerodgers: oh really
_joerodgers: I had no idea
adlai: analogized to bitcoin: every transaction destroys one coin and creates another, yes, but every transaction also creates a new transaction. so each transaction increases the amount of transactions by... one! and another. and another. etc.
_joerodgers: I thought it was just gone
adlai: the whole point of systems like git, and bitcoin, is that things are not "just gone", rather, they become part of the readable archive.
Vexual: here i thought joe had me on ignore
_joerodgers: Vexual you just posting shit videos, I wanted to know if it is possible
Vexual: try it cunt.
_joerodgers: adlai well fuck, I didn't realize it saved every resized image too. I run a image compressor like once a month on new things I upload
adlai: git, unlike bitcoin, makes it possible to rebuild the history so that you actually do delete things; in bitcoin, this would defeat the whole point of bitcoin, whereas with git, this lets you structure repositories more efficiently
Vexual: personally I like your www
_joerodgers: but I guess that doesn't really matter
adlai: ideally, git would store the fact of compression as the difference between the two images, rather than a copy of each :)
adlai: however that is slightly smarter than the aptly-named git
_joerodgers: you know more about this than me, I am just trying to save blog posts in a library for future bitcoiners
adlai: there's a chance that my understanding is already outdated. i studied git during the same years when everyone's favorite romanian expatriate was studying bitcoin.
adlai has not studied git much in the last ~5 years, beyond silently raging at changes to the commandline interface to the exact same backend tools that have not changed in over a decade
_joerodgers: I don't build the "gh pages website" locally, so every little change I have to push to the repo in order to see it.
adlai: the good news is that your article archive can actually be quite compact, whether or not you use git
_joerodgers: the articles and images are the two important folders
Vexual: no. listen
Vexual: not fml
adlai: the git metadata is ~10x the size of those
adlai: consider ditching the covers directory
adlai: after all, this is the high-level algorithm recommended by book publishers to those who are most interested in the contents of the book!
_joerodgers: Vexual takes me back to the skating rink days
adlai: my guess is that github have their own optimizations in place - proprietary, of course - for updates to the website
adlai: does the GH Desktop client let you make rebases?
_joerodgers: I don't know what that is
adlai: rebase is git's way to delete commits, among other things
_joerodgers: no clue
adlai: so you can make several changes, settle on what you like, and then delete all the history except for one grand commit that includes all the changes you made
_joerodgers: I would be 100% cool to delete all the previous commits lol
adlai: a form of 'regrind' in the cool kids' version control system
Vexual: call the waambulance
adlai: waats a waambulance, Vexual ?
Vexual: I'm not sure. never needed it
Vexual: wzlk on precision
adlai: they're often good for getting places fast
Vexual: i've heard that
adlai: when you have to go so fast that you can't even go real quick
adlai hopes that after reading enough adlai, trinque will be able to make such finely chopped wordsalad too, and adlai can retire to never using irc again
Vexual: let it be known that twinque in chine is almost precisely twink
Vexual: i'll protect twink
adlai: isn't it just a name? that's like saying that mircea in idiotistan is meerkat, and adlai in japan is adoodai.
Vexual: good point
Vexual: joe trader quit
adlai: probably busy reading about something other than Bitcoin, for a change!
Vexual: did you go to goa whewn you quit the army?
Vexual: heya joe
_joerodgers: Hey, I can't figure out how to get the channels to stay subscribed sorry I keep dropping
_joerodgers: chappy is underrated
Vexual: chappy best flik
adlai: _joerodgers: there are publicly-readable logs of several channels linked from the /topic for exactly this reason, and so that I can, without ever having been in that channel, do things like:
snsabot: (agriculturalsupremacy) 2020-04-15 shinohai: TIL A policeman and news editor in Uruguay were given permission by gov to participate in a duel:
adlai: now, to find out whether that archive
adlai: a job for "a greater liar than Baudolino"
_joerodgers: I bookmarked the logs of several channels
_joerodgers: gonna be a heroic effort to start reading (scanning/searching) through them for blog posts of interest
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