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BingoBoingo: thimbronion: Comment in you hopper
thimbronion: BingoBoingo: approved
thimbronion: Replied.
BingoBoingo: tyvm
BingoBoingo: thimbronion: And replied. Did you ever recover from that flu?
thimbronion: BingoBoingo: Still coughing, but much better.
thimbronion: Worst flu I've had in a very long time though.
BingoBoingo: That's how you know its the real deal
BingoBoingo: thimbronion: When do you expect you can produce a Qntra piece this week?
thimbronion: BingoBoingo: Was shooting for Thurs. night.
BingoBoingo: thimbronion: Cool. If you find something interesting on the Chinese California beat, cool. If not, don't be afraid to take a stab at something a bit different.
thimbronion: Ok will do. I am currently considering digging into the Feinstein personal driver lulz.
BingoBoingo: What's going on ther?
thimbronion: For example:
BingoBoingo: Interesting, looks like you have something here that could get juicier as the week goes on. Here's a bit from the archives that might provide a useful contrast
thimbronion: Ah yes I recall that.
BingoBoingo: For all the marketing the CIA and the rest of the US intelligence community buy from Hollywood... China can have spies and the US can't
thimbronion: Indeed.
thimbronion: Oh another item that struck me as interesting is Trace Mayer shilling some mimblewimble shit at a conf last week. He's the guy who funded Armory.
thimbronion: He's been going on about how "Not your legal title; not ‘your’ coins."
BingoBoingo: Interesting, that thing only got a brief mention back in October 2016
BingoBoingo: And here's Trace Meyer in the archives
thimbronion: Hm yes looks like that investment didn't pan out. He also invested in Kraken.
BingoBoingo: Either of these stories could be good. I'm inclined to suggest you take the Trace Meyer thing for some practice writing an indictment-type piece.
BingoBoingo: But if you have the time to do both the Trace Meyer thing and a China-Big US-Small story, that would be great
thimbronion: Ok. I can't promise both by Thurs. Perhaps 1 by thurs. the other by Sun.
BingoBoingo: That's alright.
BingoBoingo: Since the Trace Meyer thing is already being reported by spammier outlets, I want you to do the reading necessary to outdo them at the task of putting Ol' Yeller down behind the barn.
BingoBoingo: Feel free to ask questions, especially if you get stuck on which line of attack you want to make your focus.
thimbronion: Ok. Will ask.
thimbronion: lol old yeller

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