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mircea_popescu: anyways, ff they had known they might have found a world of joy... but as they lived on the midnight side of the mountain...
mircea_popescu: i guess they'll have their own cristian topescu. it's unavoidable.
mircea_popescu: anyways, contrary to the purportings and pretences traditionally required by their culture, i do kinda suspect ye pantsuit gets pretty well overwhelmed in this here copacetic copse of #trilema
mircea_popescu: i can kinda see it in their eyes of the mind.
jfw: - I'll be so kind as to fix the reference for him; I suppose raster graphics must seem as good as text when your alphabet is unbounded:
ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-18 19:33:08 tecuane: which is weird af when you consider the second line of the first link on your ml post:
jfw: trinque: hm, I thought you had implemented selection there but doesn't appear working.
mircea_popescu: so what's the point, casual usage of the word sin is triggering ?
feedbot: << Trilema -- Are you a sovereign citizen ?
hanbot_abroad: << wait, wouldn't this family name be "melter"?
ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-18 20:10:44 mircea_popescu: incidentally, cristina topescu died recently, as in, over xmas (this was the daughter of just such a wonder, the ONLY romanian sports commenter, one cristian topescu. socialist romania had one of everything, you knew what panties the girl has on before looking and you knew who was gonna narrate the game on the radio while you're looking). the chick was only famous for once on tv -- because hey, she followed the
mircea_popescu: hanbot_abroad, why melter ?
hanbot_abroad: afaik a topi, topesc means 'to melt'?
mircea_popescu: ahahaha. the guy's name is topescu with a tz, like ințoapă ; not with a plain t like in to melt.
mircea_popescu: for some reason these couldn't be further apart in the romanian mind.
jfw: Latest from the musl thread, from the main guy Felker: ( ). In brief - perhaps I'm underinformed on specifics but in general full unicodeism has been their goal from the start
jfw: "Not treating users like they're "illiterate" if they want to be able to write their own name has always been the most important
diana_coman: it reads to me exactly no user matters and ~all reducing to "we wanted this anyway/for a long time", huh.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-18 19:29:06 diana_coman: mircea_popescu: to my mind the "no one user matters more than another" means of course "no user matters at all" ; because it follows by necessity.
jfw: core value of the project, and your attitude towards the matter here does not make me interested in going out of my way to cater to you."
jfw: well at least he puts it in terms of HIS interests rather than all users worldwide in the abstract
jfw: ...or I suppose he does that too, hm.
jfw: mircea_popescu: who/what was this to btw?
ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-18 22:00:03 mircea_popescu: so what's the point, casual usage of the word sin is triggering ?
diana_coman: jfw: eh, that's the usual way socialism always goes - it's "the people's interests" except of course they get defined discarding any given individual's input if it does not match "what the interests should be" etc.
jfw: easiest way to "resolve" the nonexistence of a singluar "people's interests" I guess
jfw: *singular
diana_coman: well, they are certainly stuck to "resolve" through pretense of one sort or another; whether that is the easiest pretense or not doesn't even matter all that much, it's more like a forced move really, what *else* are they going to do since they rule out entirely addressing the root cause?
hanbot: !!3C52E2676A9A4524C392165ADB10AEE263FFD8FEF60806A3965121C503630037
hanbot: !!v v
hanbot: !!v 3C52E2676A9A4524C392165ADB10AEE263FFD8FEF60806A3965121C503630037
deedbot: hanbot updated rating of asciilifeform from 3 to -1 << For all his pretensions to personhood, this guy actually needed me to save him from a hotel bill he couldn't handle as he was too stupid, neglectful, or both, to check out on his own. Years later he's decided to keep raging against acquiring basic skills by attempting to tarnish those who tried to help him. In a word, the ficklest friend I ever thought I had.
hanbot fumes a little.
jfw: << my reply to musl, couldn't resist rubbing in a bit more salt.
feedbot: << Qntra -- Airstrip One: NHS To Deny "Non-Critical" Care To Racists, Sexists
hanbot: "This will allow non-English speakers the ability to understand the errors that are happening on the computers they own." << jfw lol check out the thinly-veiled ownership hierarchy. "you need us in order to pretend to ownership!"
jfw: hanbot: haha yes. Their code is the complete and exclusive source of ability!
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