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cazalla: ddos back
xanthyos: ;;rate thomas_d -1
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating for user thomas_d has changed from 1 to -1.
xanthyos: wtf is wrong with you lol
xanthyos: [12:12:03 AM] eric: shouldn't have brought yotu ointo the wot
xanthyos: [12:12:17 AM] eric: i saw that fuck slater come on earlier with "weboftrust" as nis name to troll sophie and me when we were on tinychatr
xanthyos: [12:12:19 AM] eric: your doing i presume
xanthyos: thomas dickov
cazalla: ;;rate -10 xanthyos uses tiny chat
gribble: Error: 'xanthyos' is not a valid integer.
cazalla: anyone know what knife is used in
xanthyos: i use tinychat because i'm fucking depressed and i get stuck in my room for weeks at time or stuck at the ktichen sink for a 40 minute block
xanthyos: and i don't see other faces otherwise
cazalla: why the kitchen sink?
xanthyos: i got stuck there
xanthyos: i find myself under a faucet of some kind or other for several hours a day
cazalla: like junior did in sopranos?
xanthyos: i try to pretend it's nto a serious medical problem
xanthyos: because i don't externally show symptoms
xanthyos: having to hide my hands when i'm webcam so people don't see me comparing my left index fingernail to my right
xanthyos: to see if any friction amde them uneven
cazalla: i dunno, not having anyone in the house sounds pretty sweet to me, nice and quiet
xanthyos: for 15 years?
xanthyos: i haven't had sex since 2005
cazalla: neither have my wife and i for some time plus she is getting fat so you know, prob won't ever again!
xanthyos: maybe it's good that my emotional vomit is taken with such a cavalier attitude here
xanthyos: it's actually grounding
rithm: what is a tinychat
cazalla: what is wrong with your hands anyway xanthyos
ben_vulpes: so cheery tonight guise wd
rithm: oic
xanthyos: it's an ocd thing
rithm: ^5 i'm ocd
cazalla: xanthyos, it just sounds like you're bitching about a bachelor pad
ben_vulpes: lady v and got stoned and can't remember if we fed the dog
ben_vulpes: see this is why i stopped smoking pot
xanthyos: it sounds one way and is another way
xanthyos: if i could enjoy a bachelor pad i'd love it
cazalla: what do you ocd about?
xanthyos: everything
xanthyos: i count like in the shower
xanthyos: and have to repeat a perfect sequence to get out of it
xanthyos: it's like the most maddening thing and i can't imagine having gotten into it if i didn't get into it
cazalla: xanthyos, come and clean my house then, wife is useless
xanthyos: like painting the brain into a corner
xanthyos: it's not about clean
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo: Oh response<< any idea what that's supposed to mean ? << Not much, I think @TheRealSolid impiled my stupidity is why qntra is under constant DoS
cazalla: xanthyos, maybe you just need to get laid, i dunno, i mean 10 years is a long time
cazalla: just go out and harpoon the biggest whale you can find, no-one has to know
xanthyos: i don't even want it
nubbins`: ben_vulpes welcome
mats_cd03: embrace the dysfunction
nubbins`: <+cazalla> neither have my wife and i for some time plus she is getting fat so you know, prob won't ever again! <<< lel show her how to irc, maybe you guys can hang out in here together
mats_cd03: the most skilled reverser i have ever met has OCD
mats_cd03: you got that govt dole, what do you do with your free time? smoke pot and go on tinychat?
cazalla: nubbins`, she has facebook and her ipad, too busy with that
mats_cd03: choose something you want to be good at it, and own it.
nubbins`: bummer
nubbins`: guess that's that
cazalla: nubbins`, bummer? yeah right lol
cazalla: xanthyos> i don't even want it <<< but it was the first thing you complained about
xanthyos: not the first, more of a symptom of the whole
hanbot: !up NumberSix_
assbot: BitPay Begins Promoting Bitcoin Black Friday 2014 | ... ( )
BingoBoingo: !up n6
cazalla: <xanthyos> and have to repeat a perfect sequence to get out of it <<< is this like, numbers like 2 4 6 8 10 are ok, 5 gets a pass because it can be mulitply to 10 but 1 3 7 9 are annoying?
TheNewDeal: ;;bc,stats
gribble: Current Blocks: 330676 | Current Difficulty: 4.03000303278914E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 332639 | Next Difficulty In: 1963 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 1 week, 5 days, 10 hours, 10 minutes, and 37 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 42839414253.6 | Estimated Percent Change: 6.3012
xanthyos: cazalla: i write down numbers and have to later check them for significance
xanthyos: i google integers often
assbot: What's Special About This Number? ... ( )
assbot: Man recovering from Ebola quarantined at Delhi airport - The Times of India ... ( )
BingoBoingo: !up dartv
dartv: qntra blank page?
mircea_popescu: !up Blutano
mircea_popescu: dartv hit a reload or something.
cazalla: Blazedout419, you paid 14k bezzlers for ?
assbot: "The Hive" a $14,000usd Bitcoin Art Piece ... ( )
dartv: oh thanks
mircea_popescu: xanthyos: stuck at the ktichen sink for a 40 minute block << this is called "doing the dishes"
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes: lady v and got stoned and can't remember if we fed the dog << it'd be funnier if you had a cat.
TheNewDeal: they didnt accept bitcoin for the bitcoin art?
mircea_popescu: well starving artist gotta eat.
dartv: kabab
BingoBoingo: !up dartv
dartv: blockstream inc smells like ripple
BingoBoingo: Haven't looked into it too much yet
BingoBoingo: !up Vexual
dartv: SPV = so-so security unacceptable for money
BingoBoingo: Eh, SPV wallets have a nich if they are simple, but probably a poor solution for building anything complex
dartv: BingoBoingo: there's a difference between SPV wallets and SPV blockchains
BingoBoingo: dartv: SPV wallets exist. Multibit and the Schildbach Android wallet for example.
BingoBoingo: Dunno how an SPV blockchain works, seems like almost a contradiction...
punkman: dartv: I doubt they'll ever get their sidechain circus running
Vexual: whats spv??
BingoBoingo: Superior Pussy Velocity
Vexual: special purpose?
Vexual: it either is or it isnt
dartv: here's the thing
BingoBoingo: Well, if you try to build a whole chain of Simplified Payment Verification... Probably going to get Sybil attacked to hell
dartv: blockstream will add a few operations that allow locking or unlocking of Bitcoins, called transferring to a sidechain (or transferring back)
dartv: the "unlock this coin" operation uses SPV proof (SPVP)
punkman: dartv, do they need the revised nlocktime stuff for that?
dartv: punkman: no totally unrelated
BingoBoingo: Do they need some other forking behavior?
dartv: this means that the state of Bitcoin's UXTO / ledger is dependent on miners accepting SPV proofs from sidechains
punkman: they need an opcode/softfork
dartv: yeah they need to add these opcodes
BingoBoingo: Ha, they're doomed.
BingoBoingo: No more room for forks
dartv: doesn't mean it won't be attempted. i feel bitcoin will be fractured in the near future
BingoBoingo: Eh, it's always fractured
assbot: practiCal fMRI: the nuts & bolts: A failed quench circuit? ... ( )
BingoBoingo: !up free
BingoBoingo: !up free_
dartv: BingoBoingo: so far most people agree which address has how many BTC. i think I mean hard fork
BingoBoingo: Vexual: You run a pool now?
Vexual: Not me
Vexual: I just saw two in two hours
dartv: BingoBoingo: there's definitely room for hard forks
BingoBoingo: I'm not so sure.
dartv: it just has to be uncontroversial enough. something like sidechains? most likely won't pass, but behavior of the bitcoin ecosystem is hard to predict
BingoBoingo: dartv: Well, what sort of hardforks do you imagine could happen?
dartv: BingoBoingo: blockchain forks in reference client, eg apr 2013
BingoBoingo: dartv: Well, that wasn't intention for anyone other than Herr Hearn's handlers
punkman: !up dartv
punkman: ;;gettrust [ident dartv]
gribble: Error: You provided an empty string as argument. Your command: ;;gettrust [ident dartv].
dartv: changes might be snuck into emergency hardforks
BingoBoingo: dartv: Well, that's why there's a new Bitcoin foundation
BingoBoingo: !up Vexual
Vexual: I haven't paid my dues yet
Vexual: I loathe to calc the jukebox rate
assbot: Last 2 lines bashed and pending review. ( )
punkbot: [trust-update] added: phillipsjk | removed: phillipsjk
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punkman: punkbot: [trust-update] added: phillipsjk | removed: phillipsjk << there's the bug again. How is that possible when added = new - old, removed = old - new. Also doesn't seem phillip received or lost any ratings.
assbot: Foundation Survey Results: Only half of members even like what they do : Bitcoin ... ( )
gribble: The operation succeeded.
assbot: Vessenes' Bitcoin Foundation Publishes Telling Survey Results. | ... ( )
BingoBoingo: It's a pete piece
BingoBoingo: Can't expect less than not bad
assbot: Abolitionists knew definitions of race were insane. Used it against slaveholders by depicting "white" slaves.
assbot: Log In - The New York Times ... ( )
mircea_popescu: well obviously race as a legal concept is going to diverge from sanity.
mircea_popescu: that's the point of having legal definitions in the first place.
BingoBoingo: ;;ticker
gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 383.45, Best ask: 385.16, Bid-ask spread: 1.71000, Last trade: 383.43, 24 hour volume: 13935.50747318, 24 hour low: 371.0, 24 hour high: 387.84, 24 hour vwap: 378.330944475
assbot: Angry Ram takes on a 6 ton digger - YouTube ... ( )
assbot: The Angry Ram didn't want me touching his sheep nuts - YouTube ... ( )
BingoBoingo: !Up Vexual
Vexual: thats it, im buying peacefulram
Vexual: .cagefight
Vexual: mfc?
Vexual: mma, mad mutton a...
BingoBoingo: * assets_idle_bot (~fivezerot@unaffiliated/fivezerotwo) has joined #bitcoin-assets << You know... there's a log...
BingoBoingo: Well I guess it is time for anyone who doesn't already have a cloak to prolly get one.
assbot: Research Blog: A picture is worth a thousand (coherent) words: building a natural description of images ... ( )
Vexual: its wrong more often than its right
mircea_popescu: i guess maybe it's time to stoke that
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Vexual: google?
BingoBoingo: Angry Ram?
Vexual: cat?
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punkman: !up Vexual
Vexual: rubber ducky just went soft
Vexual: this is where sd had an advantage; bill gates didnt braintsotorm it
punkman: sd cards?
Vexual: well you still camt get one thats all writable, so dont get too excited
punkman: "Everything in our lives is connected to the internet, so why not our toilets? Take a tour of Smart Pipe, the hot new tech startup that turns your waste into valuable information and fun social connectivity."
Vexual: peek poke at a smart toilet
Vexual: yep, it's poo
Vexual: thats basic
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davout: ohai all
thestringpuller: ;;isup
gribble: is up
thestringpuller: ;;isup
gribble: is up
thestringpuller: stop lying to me
davout: lol
davout: such timeout, very down
mats_cd03: whoa whoa
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xanthyos: i broke my penis. ocd was so bad i folded my penis to crack but now it's all deformed and i think i have to go to the ER
TomServo: holy what the fuck.
TomServo: Thanks for letting us know.
xanthyos: dude i have a physical and metal problem
xanthyos: mental
xanthyos: make fun of me
xanthyos: that's waht this room does
BingoBoingo: xanthyos: ER
xanthyos: i can't
xanthyos: theyt contaminate me
xanthyos: i can't be seen or touched by a doctor
BingoBoingo: xanthyos: The longer you take to get medical attention the less chance your penis has of surviving
Azelphur: not sure if trolling or legit...
mod6: ^
Azelphur: but just in case, most places in the UK will offer to sedate people for treatment if they have extreme anxiety/OCD
Azelphur: just go, explain your condition, they can work around these things
TomServo: what is "folded my penis to crack" ?
xanthyos: TROLL
Azelphur: xanthyos: then I just answered your question, go to ER :)
xanthyos: :( :( :(
xanthyos: SHIT MAN
mod6: then dude, don't be an irc-hero, go get your shaft fixed.
xanthyos: FUCK
xanthyos: I'M SO UPSET
Azelphur: xanthyos: you can't be upset while your sedated, sedation is the solution to lifes problems.
BingoBoingo: Call 9-11, they'll take you in.
xanthyos: YOU KIDDING ME
xanthyos: TO COME TO MY HOME?
TomServo: idk, a beating for a working cock might be worth it.
BingoBoingo: Just tell the operator you broke your dick and need an ambulance
xanthyos: PEOPLE THINK I TRoll because no one on the internet is as overt as i am
xanthyos: i have taken a picture
xanthyos: but i dont' think it's appropriate to link
BingoBoingo: xanthyos: Then convey yourself to the hospital in the most expedient manner available
xanthyos: on phone w/dr now
xanthyos: waiting
BingoBoingo: xanthyos: You've seen how much porn is on here
BingoBoingo: !s hula hoop
xanthyos: just bitched at the receptionist for trying to timeslot me when i said i hav ean anxiety disorder, no car, and a broken penis
xanthyos: she doesn't fucking listen
xanthyos: i'm in pain
BingoBoingo: xanthyos: You need an ambulance, they'll drug you sooner
xanthyos: that means police
xanthyos: you don't understand that cannot happen
xanthyos: has dpb shared the video with you where they beat the shit out of me, throw me out he ground so my mouth bleeds, and when i shit my pants they say "Good"
xanthyos: i filmed it, it was so truamatic i had to run away and be homeless for 5 months
BingoBoingo: I did not see that one. You however need conveyance to an emergency room
BingoBoingo: !up danielpbarron
xanthyos: i have been shaken uop and truamatized by that since march 2013
xanthyos: i never leave the house
xanthyos: people come over and i don't let them in
xanthyos: i look thru the window which often i cant' even touch
xanthyos: not a troll, promise i'm just exposing my very fragile and sensitive self
xanthyos: maybe the wrong place for it
xanthyos: if it bites me in the ass it won't be the first time
BingoBoingo: xanthyos: You need conveyance to a place that can swiftly deliver you to a surgeon.
xanthyos: i only have a bike and it's 30 degrees out
punkman: call a cab or something?
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BingoBoingo: !up devthedev
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6096 @ 0.00049941 = 3.0444 BTC [+]
xanthyos: i'd show a pic to prove no troll
xanthyos: but then it'll be out there forever to be used against me as a joke later
TomServo: We've come this far...
xanthyos: i'm in a panic
xanthyos: and i can't call a taxi
punkman: you don't need to prove shit right now, focus on repairing cocks
xanthyos: so i'm going to ignore the problem
TomServo: That'd be the wrong choice.
xanthyos: and jump in teh shower ande take advil
xanthyos: really?
BingoBoingo: If you ignore the problem you might not hace a dick
xanthyos: what about cavemen
xanthyos: what if there was no doctor
xanthyos: oh i'd be dead by 34 in caveman times
BingoBoingo: Then caveman you would be out of the gene pool, and the rest of your cave tribe would learn from the example
xanthyos: i already have a mood disorder, scoliosis, and bad eyesight
xanthyos: i'd have been dead as a child
xanthyos: i know the things i talk about in this channel are off-topic from bitcoin often
xanthyos: i hope that's not seen as a troll
xanthyos: i act and speak with total sincerity at all times
BingoBoingo: Eh, most thing in this channel are still... to the hospital with you
TomServo: Being off topic is not at all uncommon here, but for the sake of log readers - just go get your shit fixed.
mike_c: srsly.. i could barely read that article on fractures.
assbot: Penile fracture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... ( )
TomServo: I stopped at 'audible'.
mike_c: totally not clicking
lampelina: xanthyos, how about if you go to your GP tomorrrow morning
nubbins`: <+mircea_popescu> xanthyos: stuck at the ktichen sink for a 40 minute block << this is called "doing the dishes" <<< hahaha
nubbins`: if it takes you 40 minutes to do the dishes, maybe you should do them more often than once every two days 8)
nubbins`: in 8 hours i've gone from block 190k to block 194k
xanthyos: what's a gp
mike_c: it continues to slow down
nubbins`: general practitioner
xanthyos: i only have a psychiatrist
nubbins`: mike_c no kidding, at this rate i'll be getting a block every ten minutes before too long
nubbins`: xanthyos what if you get strep throat
mike_c: I know, right? that is exactly how I felt when I was loading up a DB with the blockchain.
TomServo: ;;blocks
gribble: 330723
nubbins` sighs
xanthyos: not doing dishes nubbins`
xanthyos: that's the cavalier attitude that is passive bullying that is thrown out in this channel a lot
nubbins`: ;;calc (330723-194584)/12000
gribble: 11.3449166667
xanthyos: it must be nice to have all the money in the world and no empathy
nubbins`: xanthyos if you'll examine closer, mp suggested you were doing dishes and i had a lel at his suggestion
TomServo: xanthyos: cavalier is not heading sound advice
TomServo: heeding*
nubbins`: further, get out w/ your "passive bullying"
nubbins`: you want me to rub you behind the ears instead?
BingoBoingo: !s angry ram
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 70000 @ 0.00050349 = 35.2443 BTC [+] {3}
nubbins`: <+cazalla> Blazedout419, you paid 14k bezzlers for ? <<< :0 whoa
xanthyos: my doctor just hung up on me bcv i said he's a faggot
xanthyos: i was testing him to see his empathy and he failed
xanthyos: when i'm in crisis
nubbins`: !down xanthyos
nubbins`: wat.
nubbins`: what the fuck good is being a lord
BingoBoingo: xanthyos: Emergency room.
BingoBoingo: Bike there if you must
xanthyos: how can i do that
nubbins`: by chatting on itc
nubbins`: *irc
nubbins`: BingoBoingo cazalla let's see a qntra story about blazedout's 28btc piece of wood
xanthyos: my doctor hung up bc i spoke out in pain on the line
devthedev: I want to see the pictures so bad.
BingoBoingo: xanthyos: Is there anyone local who can drive you?
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 7938 @ 0.00052983 = 4.2058 BTC [+] {2}
kakobrekla: blazedout's 28btc piece of wood < wha?
xanthyos: it's 911 or walking
xanthyos: that's the problem
xanthyos: one of the problems
punkman: xanthyos: pick one of those two and do it
xanthyos: 7 miles walk, 29 degrees
BingoBoingo: xanthyos: Gird yourself
TomServo: ;;gettrust xanthyos assbot
gribble: WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user xanthyos to user assbot: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 1 via 1 connections. Graph: | WoT data: | Rated since: Fri Apr 11 02:04:55 2014
kakobrekla: what the fuck did i just read
nubbins`: kakobrekla inorite
xanthyos: you read it, i lived it
xanthyos: it hurts man
xanthyos: and doc's hanging up
BingoBoingo: xanthyos: 7 miles is barely a 2 hour walk
nubbins`: fwiw i see "turning squares" (for lathe work) of this wood selling for $80, 3x3x13"
nubbins`: yeah
nubbins`: what, you can't walk two hours with a broken dick?
xanthyos: it's about the anxitey of being seen
xanthyos: the mental problem makes the physical so much worse
xanthyos: overwhelming
xanthyos: all i have is a shitty 5 year old computer
xanthyos: i can't even go shopping for a new one because of the ocd in choosing a new one i'm totally locked up
xanthyos: and trying to avoid getting physically locked up in a jail or hospital
xanthyos: i've never trolled this channel
BingoBoingo: xanthyos: Could danielpb1rron perhaps convey you
xanthyos: he's an hour away
nubbins`: an hour closer than the hospital
xanthyos: at work
kakobrekla: xanthyos i was talking about the wood.
kakobrekla: anyway go see a doctor. somehow.
nubbins`: yeah
nubbins`: dude, your dick's been broken for an hour
nubbins`: you could be halfway there
nubbins`: smarten up
xanthyos: they won't even see me because i called the dr a faggot
xanthyos: when i was testing his empathy level on the phone
xanthyos: in pain
xanthyos: that's the borderline personality disorder
nubbins`: uh, the hospital does not, in fact, turn people away for calling doctors faggots
kakobrekla: idk call wildlife control so they shoot you with a tranquilizer then docs can fix you in the while
BingoBoingo: xanthyos: You have to be decisive... for your dick's sake
kakobrekla: of administer yourself, call ambulance beforehand.
nubbins`: ooh ooh i know
nubbins`: call your psychiatrist
davout: also wtf am i reading
thestringpuller: "Buterin gets award for inventing Buterin's Waterfall"
BingoBoingo: xanthyos: If you really can't call 9-11, maybe pirate some surgical urology textbooks on thepiratebay and practice of a few hotdogs before self repairing?
BingoBoingo: !up devthedev
devthedev: Ha, it's funny that they include Bitsafe first on the list.
kakobrekla: >Open Whisper Systems partners with WhatsApp to provide end-to-end encryption
kakobrekla: avg yearly supercomputer speedup in top 500, between the years 1993 and 2008: 90%
kakobrekla: this years: 9%
xanthyos: cops are here wtf afk
xanthyos: dpb call
xanthyos: my phone
TomServo: Did xanthyos just get a broke penis swatting?
BingoBoingo: I dunno. Maybe one of the inevitable FBI lurkers that must be here called it in.
devthedev: Maybe
kakobrekla: to save his penis?
nubbins`: "As of October 2014, Pi Wallet is currently sold out"
nubbins`: wat.
nubbins`: "we are currently sold out of raspberry pi. you can buy one yourself from a thousand different places, but uh... we're sold out"
nubbins`: ;;google FBI don't you be watchin' me
gribble: F.B.I. don't you be watching me – Got Your Money - Genius: <>; Ol' Dirty Bastard feat. Kelis - Got Your Money - YouTube: <>; ODB - Baby, I got your money [*original uncencored video*] - YouTube: <>
assbot: 8 Explosive Finds in Wu-Tang Clan Member Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s FBI Files - The Daily Beast ... ( )
BingoBoingo: kakobrekla: Well, mircea_popescu says erect penis is a scarce resource. US can't have a penis gap.
BingoBoingo: How else does one fill the mineshaft gap?
BingoBoingo: !up gx
BingoBoingo: !up danielpbarron
danielpbarron: weird; i thought !up without auth was supposed to give a notification
danielpbarron: anyway his mom called the cops
davout: the guy seems to have a weird mix of sanity and insanity
asciilifeform: ;;isup
gribble: is up
asciilifeform: wtf, while i slept, madness here & broken peni.
BingoBoingo: So it seems
kakobrekla: aha usg stoped making plutonium 238 in 1988, they just ordered it from russia
asciilifeform: why make when fire sale.
kakobrekla: and they got 16kg of it but ru doesnt make it anymore as well
asciilifeform: kakobrekla: building underwater miner?
kakobrekla: RTG sucks for this.
asciilifeform: feel free to use another power source.
asciilifeform: if you can park it on a deep sea volcanic vent, you can omit the R- from the RTG.
asciilifeform: still need heat exchanger.
davout: $10 well spent :
nubbins`: <+danielpbarron> weird; i thought !up without auth was supposed to give a notification <<< !up without trust gives notification in-chan
BingoBoingo: !up cb_bitcoin
nubbins`: i should make some more kimbap tonight
TomServo groans.
TomServo: Co-workers creaming themselves over using applepay at mcdonalds.
TomServo: It's like...the future.
thestringpuller: uh. what?
thestringpuller: they said that about google wallet a decade ago
thestringpuller: and the only reason I use it is because google play forces you to use google wallet
TomServo: Nah dude, google wallet is super clunky and slow. /s
thestringpuller: how apple managed to get everyone to use them as a payment processor really kinda mind boggles me
thestringpuller: did the prepaid card scammers finally get found out?
TomServo: Bandwagon effect? I'm not sure.
thestringpuller: payment processors are a dying breed.
mats_cd03: i'm sure it was an easy sell
mats_cd03: 'apple users have money and they want to spend it here'
thestringpuller: so they piggie back on Visa?
thestringpuller: fees already high
thestringpuller: << via reddit (on changetip)
BingoBoingo: Re: smart pipe, apparently World Toilet Day is a thing
assbot: It's World Toilet Day. Why the world must build toilets to save lives /hashtag/econarchive?src=hash
BingoBoingo: !s from the sewers
asciilifeform: !s the answer lies in the sewers
assbot: 9 results for 'the answer lies in the sewers' :
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo ^
thestringpuller: more turd jokes?
thestringpuller: dunno who like turd jokes more, south park, or #b-a
BingoBoingo: I really need to start waking up later than midnight.
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: nah. a very perverse article re: a figure of the spanish civil war.
thestringpuller: BingoBoingo: moar diphenhydramine!
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: << reposted link just for you
thestringpuller: asciilifeform: d'awww you're so thoughtful!
BingoBoingo: ;;nethash
gribble: 284875346.75
assbot: . /DevinSenaUI I guess it is a good time to remind everybody that in the event of genital injury /hashtag/TimeIsTestical?src=hash
BingoBoingo: !up devthedev
nubbins`: "christ followed"
nubbins`: *follower
nubbins`: i actually thought he was joking
devthedev: Negative
nubbins`: BingoBoingo one of my friends went to the ER with testicular torsion in HS
nubbins`: thanks, local police!
BingoBoingo: nubbins`: Went this spring
BingoBoingo: Dunno how anyone could not go if it struck them
devthedev: nubbins`: That hurts just thinking about it.
nubbins`: no kidding
asciilifeform was just reading n. m. penzer's classic 'the harem: inside the grand serraglio', specifically the chapter concerning eunuchs, the other day...
chetty: jesus asciilifeform that even bothers me, and I am a girl :P
asciilifeform: i recounted various passages to pet, who cringed
asciilifeform: funny thing is, i haven't the 'cringe reflex'
asciilifeform: perhaps ought to have become a surgeon, or the like.
asciilifeform upon reflection remembers that he doesn't especially like working with meat or similarly ill-behaved materials
nubbins`: meat is perfectly well-baheved if you chill it properly
nubbins`: *behaved
BingoBoingo wonders what better bedrock abstraction asciilifeform might propose to replace meat
mats_cd03: a submarine, obviously
assbot: Buterin Beats Zuckerberg for Award | ... ( )
BingoBoingo: !up SonsofCrypto
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 14531 @ 0.00051048 = 7.4178 BTC [-]
BingoBoingo: Hello SonsofCrypto
SonsofCrypto: thank you!
SonsofCrypto: ...and hello.
BingoBoingo: So what do you do?
SonsofCrypto: I'm currently on workers compensation, playing with exchanges and more recently assets within the cryptocurrency community.
BingoBoingo: Interesting
SonsofCrypto: I've come across this channel and was interested in what it might provide. Hoping to add new revenues.
asciilifeform: 'Victor Mayer-Schönberger -- professor of Internet Governance and Regulation' << lol!!!
asciilifeform: (from qntra link)
mircea_popescu: ;;ident SonsofCrypto
gribble: Nick 'SonsofCrypto', with hostmask 'SonsofCrypto!46b9eb74@gateway/web/freenode/ip.', is not identified.
mike_c: what. the fuck. awards for vapor-ware now?
mircea_popescu: sooo... get in teh wot.
mike_c: i mean, if they had given him the marketing award i would understand
BingoBoingo: mike_c: Well... Time & Life still gets the name of a building while being dyingware.
asciilifeform: 'Paul Graham, Jessica Livingston, Robert Morris, and Trevor Blackwell --- Co-Founder, Y Combinator'; 'Blair Glencorse --- Founder, Accountability Lab (Washington, DC, USA; Liberia; Nepal)' << what kind of satanic circus is this
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform the kind.
Namworld: BingoBoingo, what's your url again? cazalla too. And anyone publishing Bitcoin related content, really.
assbot: | Bitcoin News, Views & Commentary ... ( )
assbot: People have made blogs pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. ... ( )
assbot: Bingo Blog | - of Bitcoin and Boingo ... ( )
mircea_popescu: so am i the only one displeased but unsurprised that not.a.single."foss".implementation out there has yet come up with a way for the user to bind a sole keyboard to kernel bus ? and all others get rejected ?
mircea_popescu: if i was running things that'd have been the only thing being worked on.
mircea_popescu: but no, fucking systemcocks.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: my machine presently works this way.
mircea_popescu: EVERYONES MACHINE works this way.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: unreleased for the same reason as your bitcoind
mircea_popescu: this is the fucking point. it's not just bitcoin "core" that's irrelevant
mircea_popescu: the entire fucking movement is in point of fact about as related to the reality of computers as party clowns are related to fucking.
mircea_popescu: sure, they occasionally rape kids.
mircea_popescu: that;s not so much.
Namworld: Need to have enough traffic. Probably only qntra has enough. Messaging you Bingo
Namworld: Hmm, looks like I'm talking to wrong person.
Namworld: Would need to talk to cazalla or mircea.
mircea_popescu: Namworld so talk ?
Namworld: I have a feeling partner program is not your thing tho. Flat fee for advertising only. You're kind of a no fluff deals guy.
Namworld: We're rolling out rev share program with publishers at Coinroll.
mircea_popescu: ah, that may work well for qntra actually.
BingoBoingo: cazalla should be awake between nao and a few hours from nao
Namworld: So far I've sent email out to gambling directories. It's functional but no interface yet, wao is working on it.
Namworld: So I'm generating reports for now.
BingoBoingo: Oh look advertising on Qntra might start because advertisers are soliciting qntras instead of qntras soliciting advertisers
thestringpuller: Namworld: have you started advert campagin on bitbet yet?
Namworld: We had an ad placed there in the past.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: movement << lol. perhaps in the sense of 'bowel movement.'
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform it's sad yo, back as a wee kitten in romania i had a lotta respect for the whole shebang.
wao: and also chat loaded, but need some styling and polishing over it!
mircea_popescu waves @wao
wao: thanks for + !
mircea_popescu: ;;gettrust assbot wao
gribble: WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user assbot to user wao: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 4 via 4 connections. Graph: | WoT data: | Rated since: Tue Nov 12 12:50:16 2013
mircea_popescu: you know you can self-voice. just pm assbot !up
mircea_popescu: an' that's permanent.
Namworld: He has to complete many things, will push all new features along partner interface.
wao: oh, yes, I'm sometimes lurk here but mostly dont have that opinion that could be readed any other of you .)
wao: not that in nsfw meaning!
wao: yeah, I plan refactor whole coinroll code and convert it to responsive web, as now it's fixed :|
mircea_popescu: lol! dun worry about it, just making sure you know.
wao: just catch up year 2013..
wao: yeah, I know :D
wao: Coinroll - first gambling site that will pay you for UX opinion. <- suggestion for AD
wao ducks
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i had a lotta respect for the whole shebang << it was a different shebang in those times.
kakobrekla hates responsive web
wao: bit on opinions
kakobrekla: now gimmeh 100 btc
wao: kakobrekla: wai? )
kakobrekla: cause its retarded
wao: sometimes.
mircea_popescu: let the man run his own business eh.
wao: mostly of sometimes
kakobrekla: NO I WILL RAIN
wao: people want consume digital content on their smartwatchs!
wao: I lately seen Watch SDK
wao: I see it comming, like Swift made it.
asciilifeform: when digital content on smart dildo ?
wao: ^ ^ ^
wao: oh I have content for you!
assbot: The Salad Mixxxer | Infomercials | Adult Swim - YouTube ... ( )
assbot: Too Many Cooks | Adult Swim - YouTube ... ( )
wao: ok, this is why I dont have voice, spent lot of time of talking )
mircea_popescu: now where was that young whore pic...
assbot: Angry ram takes down a drone... and its owner - YouTube ... ( )
wao: oh btw
wao: mircea_popescu: did you catch that friends of mine opened only bitcoin caffe?
wao: in Prague
wao: they called it Institue of Cryptoanarchy :)
mircea_popescu: there we go, balance is restored.
mircea_popescu: wao not bad.
assbot: Paralelní polis | Page about Paralelní polis project ... ( )
wao: Ztohoven art group founded the Cryptoanarchy institute
wao: Ztohoven in english means like One hundred shits
wao: it's pop-art group, which hacked czech parlament
wao: oh
assbot: The Moral Reform ... ( )
wao: our older project ^
wao: we 'hacked' their phones :)
wao: use timeslider there
wao: see the chaos!
wao: and go with mouse over line
wao: one mistake there was
wao: they found that, that one politic doesnt hold his phone in hand, so how he can send sms? :/
wao: or another was like asleep or sleeping :D
wao: during work hours of parlament :)
mircea_popescu: not bad.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 26150 @ 0.00046347 = 12.1197 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: and for our fellow usians watching this : the guy isn't in jale, either.
wao: oh yes, they also did Direct Democracy == published all politics cellphone numbers on wall and attached phone with spoofed sms.
mircea_popescu: because eastern europe is the fucking bastion of western civilisation these days,
mircea_popescu: like the fucking arabs were during the dark ages.
wao: :D
mircea_popescu: which isn't tht far off.
wao farts
wao: right.
wao: here are all messages if you have little time to read it up
assbot: The Moral Reform - all messages ... ( )
mircea_popescu: pretty cool
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10000 @ 0.0004891 = 4.891 BTC [+] {2}
assbot: U2 Singer Bono to Receive 'Intensive Therapy' After Injury | Rolling Stone ... ( )
asciilifeform waits for BingoBoingo to discover motorcycles
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: I'm vaguely familiar with the concept
asciilifeform: vroom, vroom.
BingoBoingo: I just have trouble beliving in them given the lack of compelling use cases
BingoBoingo: And physics
asciilifeform: 'cheap, angry' low-tech always has use case.
asciilifeform: e.g., someone, somewhere, is loading a bolt into a cranequin as we speak.
BingoBoingo: The concept of the motorcycle also leaves me a bit wary as it can be heisted by a cheap angry compact pickup truck
asciilifeform: cars are 'stolen' (well, officially held for ransom) using an also compact towing crane, where i live
BingoBoingo: Sure they were frequently so in one place i lived.
BingoBoingo: Compact mobile crane "can have problems" too
asciilifeform doesn't see a scenario where 'weight' is a worthwhile pill against vehicle theft
BingoBoingo: Submarines?
BingoBoingo: For distant readers Clayton is separated from Ferguson by most of St Louis City.
BingoBoingo: URL to static image of google map
assbot: dpaste: 2GV3VR2 ... ( )
thestringpuller: asciilifeform: how have you gotten your machine to only recognize one keyboard?
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: see my response to mircea:
assbot: Logged on 19-11-2014 19:36:54; asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: unreleased for the same reason as your bitcoind
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: all i will say is that it is not especially hard to arrange.
BingoBoingo: !up Betcha
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: you will need basic literacy (familiar with building kernel, and at least a rough idea of what the 'moving parts' are therein)
BingoBoingo: Hello Betcha
BingoBoingo: ;;isup
gribble: is up
kakobrekla: that function doesnt function
mike_c: ;;isup
gribble: is down
kakobrekla: turns out is really down.
mike_c: maybe it just pings the server?
mike_c: who knows. it does seem too optimistic.
kakobrekla: its using some external service
kakobrekla: lets see
kakobrekla: ;;isup
gribble: is up
kakobrekla: - - [19/Nov/2014:21:10:42 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 2418 "-" "SiteCheck -"
assbot: Down For Everyone Or Just Me -> Check if your website is down or up? ... ( )
mike_c: hm. that seems legit. I guess they just have better routes or something.
kakobrekla: or brokd
kakobrekla: my up/down monitor sez its down also not working for me this time
BingoBoingo: So we need BTC to hit the moon already so we can roll our own transoceanic fiber.
kakobrekla: if its going to the moon you need lazers or dunno space elevator
kakobrekla: actually you need both
kakobrekla: (the lasers are for the kitties)
BingoBoingo: kakobrekla: Prolly can encode BTC transactions in Baudot and send to the moon with lasers
kakobrekla: yeah but need some mighty lazerz and clear sky
kakobrekla: prolly just like the one ascii has or something
BingoBoingo: Not so sure about clear sky, can prolly just use stronger laser
asciilifeform: outdoor laser in usa without approval of the crown -> gasenwagen.
kakobrekla: well yeah if you can burn a hole in the universe you can prolly flash to moon
kakobrekla: i guess it strongly depends on recipient
kakobrekla: if you have phone camera or a kepler on the other end
BingoBoingo: Oh, the recipient is simply the moon.
cazalla: holy fuck logs, what reading!
thestringpuller: ;;isup
gribble: is up
thestringpuller: lies again
BingoBoingo: !up mp_ohwhoa
assbot: Democratic Caucus Angry Tammy Duckworth Denied Proxy Vote ... ( )
cazalla: BingoBoingo: <<< that's mean! to tempt his penis while broken
BingoBoingo: cazalla: People need to understand the urgency of their situations
BingoBoingo: And maybe he'll get revenge with pictures of the gross sutures
cazalla: xanthyos: my doctor just hung up on me bcv i said he's a faggot <<< that's a good example of "passive bullying"
cazalla: nubbins`: BingoBoingo cazalla let's see a qntra story about blazedout's 28btc piece of wood <<< identifying wood.. it's wood type article? heh, i wouldn't buy that but i'll leave the man alone to enjoy his wood collection
cazalla: xanthyos: when i was testing his empathy level on the phone <<< are you sure you're not a woman?
cazalla: danielpbarron: anyway his mom called the cops <<< is she trying to get him killed or what
mats_cd03: hey man, you're actively bullying him
mircea_popescu: sooo, here's a bit of adventure :
mircea_popescu: an outbound router i sometimes use got attacked earlier.
mircea_popescu: no idea exactly how this worked, will know more once the cutup shop is done cutting it up. in any case, it had an over-the-net update somehow.
mircea_popescu: the funny part being :
mircea_popescu: one sec here lemme get this stuff.
mats_cd03: huhu
mircea_popescu: over http
mircea_popescu: the only problem being that the server is supposedly inactive, HOWEVER
mircea_popescu: originally it actually showed an favicon.ico.
mircea_popescu: holy shit all these image pastebins want you to "malke an account wtf"
BingoBoingo: ^ no need for accounts on either
kakobrekla: sez bbr
mircea_popescu: now wtf is that.
kakobrekla: idk, something to harvest our ips
mircea_popescu: nah, im preliminary convinced this is the nsa something-or-the-other
assbot: Logged on 19-11-2014 09:07:55; BingoBoingo: * assets_idle_bot (~fivezerot@unaffiliated/fivezerotwo) has joined #bitcoin-assets << You know... there's a log...
chetty: trying to install a sniffer?
mircea_popescu: anyway, that favico was briefly reditrcting to earlier, which is why i went to all the trouble of pasting it etc.
mircea_popescu: chetty, i imagine some sort of dns mitm or whatever noob "techz" the nsa script kiddies worship\
punkman: icon is from
cazalla: well, fivezerotwo did tell me he would have a surprise for #b-a in a few days
punkman: ip is LiquidWeb
cazalla: i thought it would amount to nothing more than ddos of pizza deliveries though
mircea_popescu: punkbot, yeah, but supposedly nothing was ever hosted there.
punkman: it's a nameserver, has like 10k websites associated
mircea_popescu: yes, but not on port 80
BingoBoingo: I suspected he was going to DoS home ips
mircea_popescu: what is this, the 90s ?
kakobrekla: ;;isup the 90s
gribble: the 90s is up
BingoBoingo: The 90's are far enough in the past for some people to have nostalgia
mircea_popescu: anyway. bbl.
BingoBoingo: << Vessenes foundation is pivoting to address the mod6 - ben_vulpes foundation
assbot: Everybody Pivots | The Bitcoin Foundation ... ( )
davout: ;;isup
gribble: is up
davout: seriously, it's just me, on different computers, with different connections
davout: dafuq
rithm: sometimes i can't get to things on the internets and usually may tracerout to that ip fails but ymmv
cazalla: for anyone interested in how nigga rabbit is turning out,k70wuHr,rKfwm6Z,BQjmVpr
cazalla: davout, it's down here too, all morning as well as last night before zzz
davout: rithm: thanks for the tip, just had a look seems DNS related
rithm: DNS is a good place to start too
davout: dig NS doesn't yield shit
rithm: i was gonna type that but i thought it was condescending :)
rithm: you know i manage like Tier A support peeople
davout: ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: SERVFAIL, id: 64465
gribble: Error: "->>HEADER<<-" is not a valid command.
rithm: i have to remind them of what the fuck DNS is every goddamn day
rithm: like. every. day.
davout: SERVFAIL
davout: SERV. FAIL.
davout: hmm
davout: "SERVFAIL means that the domain does exist and the root name servers have information on this domain, but that the authoritative name servers are not answering queries for this domain."
kakobrekla: this works if whitelisted
assbot: | Bitcoin News, Views & Commentary ... ( )
davout: kakobrekla: domain names, too fucking mainstream
kakobrekla: also link, sortof works
kakobrekla: davout totally hipster
davout: kakobrekla: what exactly do you mean by "whitelisted" ?
kakobrekla: !s whitelist
davout: as in name-mapped in my hosts file?
assbot: Logged on 19-11-2014 02:41:42; mircea_popescu: well, if you can't see it, send me your ip and you too can be whitelisted!
kakobrekla: but yeah, hosts fix would fix dns issue
kakobrekla: but that whitelist is separate from dns
davout: kakobrekla: so you need to be whitelisted only when accessing it directly by IP?
davout: or is this some whitelist-only mirror?
kakobrekla: going by ip works most of the time but apparently not all the time
kakobrekla: when it doesnt, whitelist helps
davout: deterministic behaviour, too fucking mainstream
davout: :D
davout: who configured the DNS ?
BingoBoingo: idk either
danielpbarron: 05:22 <+BingoBoingo> I suspected he was going to DoS home ips << p.sure that's what happened to me this morning
BingoBoingo: Well, prolly best to not connect or join chan without cloaks
kakobrekla: cant you stone someone to death over the internet?
BingoBoingo: Can't hide daggers in our IRC cloaks either, scam
BingoBoingo: !up RagnarsBitch
danielpbarron: for those interested in an update to the "broken penis" drama; xanthyos went into surgery today
davout: danielpbarron: good for him, he seemed to be in quite a bit of pain and stress earlier
mike_c: did they unbreak it?
davout: mike_c: no everything went ok, they didn't have to cut it
danielpbarron: i don't know the results of the operation yet
mike_c: hehe. too much whining led to the penis just falling off ;)
assbot: Until The Ribbon Breaks - Revolution Indifference - Feat. Run The Jewels - YouTube ... ( )
BingoBoingo: <mike_c> did they unbreak it? << Reading up on the surgery today what the surgeon probably did was open it up to clear out the colugulated blood, sutured the broken boner fascia, and then put the whole thing back together as best they can
BingoBoingo: danielpbarron: Did he make it out of surgery yet?
mike_c: that's going to be a hell of a scar.
danielpbarron: i don't know; no contact since he was about to go in
davout: not to mention a story that's carved in the logs rock
mats_cd03: i will pray for the safe return of his dong
mats_cd03: in all of its glory
danielpbarron: to which god(s) will you be praying?
davout: lol
danielpbarron: does he do cock restoration now?
mats_cd03: i have faith he does
mats_cd03: (on another note: if mp's ego explodes, and no one is around to see it, did it really happen?)
danielpbarron: "This one really hurts.. like I got punched in the gut and betrayed by a friend." << lol thief is now his friend, or bitcoin is his friend; guy got his feelings hurt
danielpbarron: the address he included doesn't have any transactions, so i'm guessing he still has just the 0 bitcoin he probably started with
BingoBoingo: davout: Paymium should have an option to dispay BTC amounts in Butts, where a But = 210,000 BTC
davout: sounds like a plan
BingoBoingo: davout: Butts simplify the monetary base since there's only 100 of them
BingoBoingo: davout: And when you implement the optional Butts denomination pls tell Qntra first for exclusive story and great /r/Bitcoin troll
davout: incidentally 1 butt-bit ~= 2.1 bitcoin
davout: i would totally click on qntra's contact link, if only it accepted to load
BingoBoingo: Magic how powers of 10 work. And a bitty bit butt would be 210 satoshis so still better than reddit currency.
BingoBoingo: Could be huge on /r/bitcoin and /r/buttcoin
davout: i think we could make a better headline : "How decentralized micro-tipping helped a man get his broken cock fixed"
BingoBoingo: Now, that could be two stories.
assbot: Virus may be the culprit in a disease that’s wiping out starfish | Ars Technica ... ( )
cazalla: he could even use tips to pay for extension/reduction depending on the circumstances, in for surgery anyway so why not
BingoBoingo: And if the surgery doesn't work out, with the malpractice insurance money maybe he can reverse Buterin's waterfall.
BingoBoingo: WHile buying more cock repairs
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform, wth is that
asciilifeform: as if i knew
asciilifeform: but there's yer favicon
mircea_popescu: seems like some sort of pared down btc client, from the desc ?
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 24549 @ 0.00049322 = 12.1081 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: - c99shell
mircea_popescu: it seems its all over the place,
punkman: asciilifeform: nah just the common image format parts match
assbot: The unofficial BBR newtab button for Firefox 3.5... - Mozilla Software | DSLReports Forums ... ( )
mike_c: i believe dslreports used to be broadbandreports (bbr?)
asciilifeform: full match
mircea_popescu: mike_c, correct.
BingoBoingo: !up xanthyos
BingoBoingo: You live!
asciilifeform: kakobrekla: idk, something to harvest our ips << lol, all you lot probably port-scanned that thing, consider yourselves 'harvested' for what it's worth
asciilifeform: kakobrekla: no favicon exploit necessary!
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform, it not having anything open is part of why it's so suspicious.
mircea_popescu: no derp running with :80 open but "forbidden" and a random camo-favicon is going to be running that tight a portship.
asciilifeform: listens for udp; uses 'knocking'; is switched mostly off; take yer pick
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: what was the role of that box again ?
mircea_popescu: unjustified outbound connection by recently owned router upon bootup
mircea_popescu: nfi what role that is.
mthreat: mircea_popescu: back from patagonia. kilometers driven: 6900
mthreat: nice article about dolar blue: freenode:#bitcoin-otc:0d814a126fafb4ac3a424df77e3b4bd2f5390401b2814245f184a087
mthreat: oops
mircea_popescu: it took a brief dive while you were away
mthreat: yeah, which worked out great for me
mthreat: I changed a bunch before leaving, at 14.4 / dollar
BingoBoingo: !up xanthyos
BingoBoingo: ;;bc,stats
gribble: Current Blocks: 330780 | Current Difficulty: 4.03000303278914E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 332639 | Next Difficulty In: 1859 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 1 week, 6 days, 11 hours, 18 minutes, and 15 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 39043350482.5 | Estimated Percent Change: -3.11831
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13151 @ 0.00049322 = 6.4863 BTC [+]
mats_cd03: is disclosure of your knowledge of the pwning such a good idea?
BingoBoingo: !up sga4gawerga
BingoBoingo: Hello sga4gawerga
mats_cd03: now counter intel may be harder.
asciilifeform: i assume that if mircea_popescu wanted to play funkspiel with the fellow on the other end of the wire, he would have kept the discovery to himself...
asciilifeform: how the hell does one say funkspiel in english, anyway
BingoBoingo: radio play is close
BingoBoingo: But strips any particular context
BingoBoingo: BEcause English sucks
asciilifeform: say 'radio play' and folks think 'war of the worlds'
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 34249 @ 0.00048938 = 16.7608 BTC [-]
asciilifeform: what funkspiel is, i think, is now obvious from context
mircea_popescu: mats_cd03, i don't care.
mircea_popescu: nao someone try exposing a hostmask and see if it still gets flooded.
asciilifeform has not noticed a great flood, prior
mircea_popescu: it's directed at noobs.
asciilifeform: incidentally, i have long expected that the day will come when all the world's idiots, with their bags of cheap tricks, arrive here.
mircea_popescu: obviously.
asciilifeform: the quiet, thoughtful idiots, one ought to expect, will put on a more interesting performance than the loud and noxious ones
mircea_popescu: the problem with putting up an adult flag in a world of children is that you get crowded by all the kids that are trying to mature but don't know how
mircea_popescu: and obviously, they would "prefer it" if it worked the way they want it to work, rather than the way it actually works.
mircea_popescu: anywya, bbiab.
asciilifeform: if this was spamzero's 'beautiful surprise' - disappointment!
BingoBoingo: !up devthedev
kakobrekla: next time pick a image host with more ads
BingoBoingo: Well, in encouraging news apparently the value of a Mosin Nagant is still well under half a BTC
devthedev: kakobrekla: It's the only one I can access.
BingoBoingo: devthedev: IMGUR?
devthedev: Nope
BingoBoingo: parental filtering or something?
devthedev: No, filtering on this school issued Mac Book.
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BingoBoingo: devthedev: You know... OpenBSD and Gentoo have Mac PPC ports
devthedev: The bootloader's locked
BingoBoingo: No such thing
danielpbarron: just got a call from xanthyos; he's out of surgery, and said that his surgnesergen
danielpbarron: surgen's* name was Richard O. Frank
BingoBoingo: Good news? Or neutral news because he was a bit to drugged up to be intelligible still.
devthedev: BingoBoingo: There's firmware password protection
BingoBoingo: devthedev: Needle, steady hand, current.
devthedev: danielpbarron: Do you know if everything went okay?
kakobrekla: devthedev even better: window. throw out.
danielpbarron: i'm talking to him now, he called back
kakobrekla: tell him we are happy for his penis
devthedev: It's too cold outside to open the window.
kakobrekla: throw it though a closed one then , i dont mind
asciilifeform: devthedev: find nearest scrapyard, under the cover of night - steal an actual computer
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BingoBoingo: I really don't know many computer vendors atm with compelling offerings other than Ebay and surplus auctions
assbot: Apple Macintosh Color Classic Computer w Keyboard and Mouse 5554 | eBay ... ( )
assbot: Macintosh Color Classic Ethernet Card Apple LC 575 PDS Farallon New Networking | eBay ... ( )
kakobrekla: only if it werent crapple
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: yours ?
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Nah, the price of color is you don't get the 6830 and ability to run A/UX
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: remember to explain one day why so fond of a/ux
dub: [18:01] <PBminingDotCom> hi can you up me please
dub: seems legit
devthedev: Without a doubt
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: It's just another 80's unix. Just this one is build for the late 80's
BingoBoingo: And compact learner friendly machine
asciilifeform: so many compact learner friendly machines to choose from that period! why BingoBoingo went with the one covered in gui menstruade...?
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Also what other OS could I run on a $10 computer when I got bored with Mac OS?
asciilifeform: netbsd ?
BingoBoingo: netbsd's cost was too high in the need to know it existed at the time
BingoBoingo: At the time my knowledge of the internet was that some how you can go from HTML to porn according to Newsweek
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: but somehow ended up with a copy of (nearly unobtainable) a/ux by accident ?
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Also at school auction in the free bin
BingoBoingo prolly should have splurged for the Apple II GS
nubbins`: books
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nubbins`: dem hand-sewn bindings
BingoBoingo: nubbins`: not many stiches
nubbins`: nah, not many required. they'll be bound tight and then the spines will be glued to the covers
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assbot: Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time (Extended Cut) - YouTube ... ( )
nubbins`: i wanna start printing the covers tonight but i'm a bit intimidated :o
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BingoBoingo: Wow, there's a city actually named Moroni
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PeterL: What's strange about Moroni? In Utah they also have Bountiful and Nephi
PeterL: and Lehi
BingoBoingo: PeterL: The Moroni I spotted is in Comoros
PeterL: does that make it interesting?
BingoBoingo: PeterL: In the context of Kuwait giving a bunch of its natives who are currently illegal immigrants citizenship in Comoros sure.
PeterL: Is comoros politically connected to kuwait?
BingoBoingo: PeterL: Comoros is poorer than liberia. Kuwait is paying Comoros to give these people passports, because... Why not?
BingoBoingo: Comoros has all of the disadvantages of being east african, island, and 21st century majority muslim all bound into a single turd
PeterL: I still don't see the significance of a city named Moroni?
BingoBoingo: PeterL: Drop the terminal i
BingoBoingo: ANd consider the teritory is francophone
BingoBoingo: It is in name literally a city of idiots
mats_cd03: lol. bingo with the flourish.
BingoBoingo: mats_cd03: Well, words have origins
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BingoBoingo: Nikker is a perfectly valid way to express frustration at a person's complete ignorance in Dutch befor ethe language was tainted by acquiring the UK in the Orange revolution
BingoBoingo: Fucking anglo trash were the people who mixed the latin Negro with the Dutch Nikker to create a racial slur
decimation: Moroni: isn't that the name of the Mormon prophet guy
PeterL: yeah, one of them, hence why I mentioned it along with Nephi as a Utah city
decimation: Google: "Q: who owns the internet? A: nobody" << fuck you. if I have a router and a server, I 'own' that piece of the internet. Imagine some peasant showing up in the court of Henry VIII claiming that 'nobody owns' the land under his hovel because the list of owners is large
PeterL: who owns the Earth? Nobody
decimation: sure, why not toss out every law and then split the world into 81 equal squares each owned by 'the people'
PeterL: Like you said, you can own a small piece, but nobody owns the whole thing
decimation: it's true that nobody owns "the whole thing" but that doesn't mean that it is "unowned"
decimation: and it is certainly true that those who own nothing have anything to say to those who do
decimation: at any rate, property rights don't get many facebook likes
mike_c: idk about that. i don't own the electric company, but i have plenty to say to them.
decimation: if you live in the us, the electric company is owned by the people anyway
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mircea_popescu: davout:deterministic behaviour, too fucking mainstream <<< i didn't make the internets!
mircea_popescu: mats_cd03: (on another note: if mp's ego explodes, and no one is around to see it, did it really happen?) << i don't have an ego anymore. it couldn't keep up.
mircea_popescu: "I’ve been thinking about all the ways you could have found the necessary passwords to get into my computer and actually be using it overnight. None of them too easy. You put some pieces together in a pretty clever way and worked around my many accounts with 2fa." << 2fa works.
mircea_popescu: "edit: Summary of lessons learned
mircea_popescu: Remote Control solfware (i.e. TeamViewer) does not belong on a computer where you may have browser windows open or important files."
asciilifeform: run moar winblows.
mircea_popescu: the only concerning point in all of this is that guy has a wife, and a house.
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asciilifeform: why concerning? that he was not darwined earlier ?
mircea_popescu: poor woman.
kakobrekla: ben_vulpes and whoever else cares i managed to get .7 unstuck from block 252450 with such DB_CONFIG; .. also it took a while.
mircea_popescu: set_flags DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE << wow that actually works ?
asciilifeform: kakobrekla: DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE << aha
mircea_popescu: will wonders never cease.
asciilifeform: kakobrekla: but the $64k question is, didja have to restart the demon
kakobrekla: i dont think its db log autoremove, it was there before stuck
asciilifeform: because i did try the max_locks thing, to no avail
mod6: nice kakobrekla
asciilifeform: when mircea_popescu first suggested it
kakobrekla: what do you mean if i have to restart it, i have to restart it every 6 hours as it leaks blood
asciilifeform: lol aha
asciilifeform: there we go.
kakobrekla: what the problem, its automated!
asciilifeform: not fit for launching to orbit.
asciilifeform: (before you say 'ram quotas!', think about how well defined the behaviour of the moments prior to leak death is)
kakobrekla: its also true im running this on a 512 remote instance
kakobrekla: my net is poor here, waiting for an upgrade but im quite far from the central and its just so much they can do
kakobrekla: i guess i should run locally and force local network only or smth
kakobrekla: think about how well defined the behaviour of the moments prior to leak death is < not really
asciilifeform: at the risk of turning into naggum - must say, this actually matters.
asciilifeform: the general case.
asciilifeform: of 'how well defined is $behavior-in-pathological-condition'
asciilifeform: for instance, what might actually happen when it gets a SIGKILL
asciilifeform: at -any- given point.
decimation: asciilifeform: thus the need for a programming language that cares about such things
kakobrekla: when you see the green line at 1 gig is when i first tried mps suggestion i think
kakobrekla: last one or two rounds are with 40000
kakobrekla: crossing the magick stuck block
decimation: asciilifeform: what do you think about the 'exception' mechanism in c++, python, etc? To me it seems like a hack to attempt to account for the shiftiness of system calls
mod6: so first one was with locks=500000?
asciilifeform: decimation: anything short of cl's programmable condition system is retarded.
kakobrekla: most probably all three spikes on daily are with 500000
kakobrekla: at least two
kakobrekla: but i think the third was was 40k already
asciilifeform: decimation: i love it how retarded folks continue to pretend, 30 years later, that one cannot build a system where program is able to go back and correct the cause of an exception
mod6: ah, then the last one looks like it only spiked above .4G briefly.
kakobrekla: anyway i mapped the memory hole
kakobrekla: by making charts.
asciilifeform: if anyone wonders, incidentally, how long that kind of thing can go on - you have an answer. at least that long.
decimation: yeah, they seem like a good idea on the surface, until one realizes that it really saves no work over making a gigantic 'switch/case' statement
mircea_popescu: kakobrekla ? :D
decimation: around every system call
mircea_popescu: !up gesella
assbot: Logged on 04-06-2014 00:08:26; asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: the buggers' traditional defense is to pretend that the event was a non-event - or, if this is impractical, to continue living in an imaginary world where they 'scooped' the story first, and all of the 'unsanctioned' discussion never happened.
decimation: speaking of which mircea_popescu: so you called it with the debian GR re: systemd, they 'voted' to make init scripts 'optional'
asciilifeform: decimation: they actually voted for surrender to enemy
mircea_popescu: i was merely following the hints.
asciilifeform: because that is what 'meeting halfway' is.
asciilifeform: 'camel's nose' etc.
asciilifeform: achilles said to tortoise, let me stick the cock in halfway.
asciilifeform: and then again halfway.
asciilifeform: (recurse)
decimation: I don't blame redhat, like larry ellison, they are just exploiting what they can exploit
asciilifeform: lest anyone think tortoise gets nothing from this deal - think again. he gets to derp in front of the other cartoon animals, that - even while his shell is bursting from megacock thrust - that nothing at all is happening
asciilifeform: because it isn't really in.
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asciilifeform: or something like this.
mircea_popescu: well, in truth the entire "free software" thing was dead a while back.
mircea_popescu: so the remaining pretenders don't manage to cling on to the shoes of their forebears. this should be shocking or what ?
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