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asciilifeform: $ticker btc usd
busybot: Current BTC price in USD: $61900.8
phf: asciilifeform, i shall investigate. i haven't had to do any kind of maintenance on it for a few years (that sbcl instance is clocking 3+ years of continous uptime), so it'll take a bit to get everything in order
asciilifeform: ty phf! asciilifeform in fact finds that page a++ useful and hopes it does make a return eventually
asciilifeform freshly outta work and has some time on his hands...
asciilifeform: 3y of continuous sbcl -- notbad
phf: lol, all this effort for nothing. btcbase doesn't support https! but i guess since there's no longer a fatwa i can throw in lets encrypt
asciilifeform: lol that was a browser artifact loox like
asciilifeform: and the www in fact up
asciilifeform: damned chromism
asciilifeform: (imho no need to mutilate the thing with sslism, instead asciilifeform needs a patched browser on his toilet box)
asciilifeform dusting off various things, scraping off the cosmoline, shaking out scorpions, etc
phf: i reprovisioned the whole system from scratch, so lost the uptime, because i also didn't notice it was https. but i needed to recover root password, and do some bookkeeping anyway
asciilifeform fwiw has 0 intention of emplacing sslisms on any of his www's
phf: << ams who runs tumbleweed is even less a fan of scheme than i am, but generally all things there are related to running a cadr
dulapbot: Logged on 2024-02-25 04:40:50 crtdaydreams[asciilifeform]: i'm looking at setting up a website to index everything unless phf would be interested in making space on tumbleweed?
phf: 􏿽there's a version of hdl cadr there, which runs on a pipistrello board, and the core is automatically translated netlists. a project more aligned with goals of tumbleweed/lm-3 would be to port that to a different board that is otherwise still in production, or rewrite the core manu
phf: 􏿽ally instead of using netlists. those are weclome hacks
phf: 􏿽scheme cpu is a project without beginning, middle or end. it's at its core an attempt from the 80s to autogenerate cpu layout using programmatic tools. so its focus is to build an anemic cpu, which itself was supposed to be used as a manager of various other useful coprocessors. (y
phf: 􏿽ou want math, you talk to scheme cpu, and it will talk to math co-cpu)
phf: 􏿽so if the goal is to replicate the scheme cpu path, the output must be something like an input for a foundry. if otherwise you're going to run it on fpga, then it's trivial to construct a scheme "core" yourself of similar complexity to scheme cpu from first principles, because you
phf: 􏿽don't have the baggage of trying to figure out vlsi. and then once you have a scheme cpu, building a useful system out of it (bus, peripherals) and on top of it (actual scheme code) is left as an exercise for the reader
phf: where's tumbleweed is a avocation project of getting cadr code base to a state where you can use it as a casual hacking machine, simlar to e.g. project medley. i hope that clarifies things
dulapbot: (asciilifeform) 2024-02-20 Vex: wonders if phf got a dinghy. a "non trivial" rig is sure to make acquaintance around the waterfront.
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