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Vex: totally plausible. like kitteh chasing laserpointer
dulapbot: Logged on 2024-02-18 18:44:15 mats: i'm talking about a foreign power actively interferely with IR sensors, and radar ghost objects
Vex wonders if phf got a dinghy. a "non trivial" rig is sure to make acquaintance around the waterfront.
dulapbot: (pest) 2024-02-19 phf: ˘Ć┐Żout in this direction we have "the lake" which is deep creek lake, which is where various pittsburgh and DC rich buy summer beach houses. it's a kind of local C list wealth destination. so there's also a lot of contractors that are good at doing big dollar installations. "oh you ha
Vex: ve HVAC issues, we'll replace the entire system for 40k" etc. <sounds reasonable. lurk for a free ee degree
Vex: old mate gets a reprieve from tendering on multi millions. everyone's happy. feed they boys good, especially if you're remote. help out. next one'll be cheaper.
Vex: selling some reasonably good bullshit for maxint has always been the path to the right thing
dulapbot: (pest) 2024-02-19 asciilifeform: still of the pov that 'the Right Thing' would be an iron on which it'd be conceivable to slowly rebuild sane system, incl. in the ways demonstrated by bolix, but to this day not knows any plausible way to finance such an effort
Vex: I profess that what you know is more important than who you know
Vex: I say that partly because I don't think in statute miles
dulapbot: (trilema) 2014-04-10 mike_c: ;;laserkittens
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