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asciilifeform: << imho could make sense to have a lubytron where can ask >1 peer for $frag; but not l2+ (cuz ruinously, 'geometrically' expensive, and the traffic will be pure noise to all but the 1 intended recipient)
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-07-25 22:31:56 phf[asciilifeform]: i only briefly looked into relationship between fountain codes and torrent protocol, and not knowing either don't have much to add to conversation yet. my initial guess was that one can probably significantly simplify torrent protocol, when knowing topology of trusted counterparties. but maybe not.
asciilifeform: << bt proper is not only a shitsoup of oddball crapola (incl. tcp), but is rather the antithesis of pest, i.e. scheme for swarm of unauthenticated anons ( which, observe, easily 'poisoned' in various ways , the copyrasts maintain entire shops to do this )
bitbot[asciilifeform]: Logged on 2022-07-25 23:35:40 crtdaydreams[jonsykkel|awt]: << when mentioned earlier, flamed
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-07-25 22:29:37 phf[asciilifeform]: why not torrent
dulapbot: (asciilifeform) 2022-03-21 crtdaydreams: re DHT/PEST: perhapse we could utilize some form of bittorrent while wrapping i.e. a tracker in pest?
dulapbot: (asciilifeform) 2022-03-21 signpost: time to stop trying to satisfy your urges by making noise, and read *deeply* the pest spec, all of loper-os, and come back with questions or not at all.
asciilifeform: the abstract 'bt-like' idea of 'cut $warez into packets where order of arrival not matters' has obv merit
asciilifeform: but oughta be done, if in pest, pestronically. imho not mega-revelation.
asciilifeform: there's afaik very little to be learned from ye olde bt re precisely how.
asciilifeform: a key idea of pest, in asciilifeform's lights, is 'nuffin to the stranger', which is rather contrary to traditional mechanics of p2p warez nets.
asciilifeform: ( in the latter, typically one ~wants~ to be introduced into direct connections w/ randos )
asciilifeform: pest designed primarily for unddosable, unspoofable (and these arguably logically entwined) comms; errything else is distantly secondary, per asciilifeform's pov
asciilifeform: if in given application these objectives aint of interest, is best to use some other, traditional protocol, 0 reason to bother with the gymnastics of pest
asciilifeform: ... which is ~not~ to say that 'grab 'spider man xviii' from phriend' via pest aint a possible application. simply, any addition to the protocol oughta not lose sight of 'pest aint principally for grabbing spider man xviii 50% faster'.
crtdaydreams[asciilifeform]: phuck, made the fatal mistake
crtdaydreams[asciilifeform]: $ emerge --update --newuse --deep @world
crtdaydreams[asciilifeform] now fully understands wai asciilifeform et al despise this updating nonsense, e.g. gcc
crtdaydreams[asciilifeform]: phf: what are you using for crypto might I ask? did you write your own impl. of serpent or are you using ironclad? or some other lib unbeknownst to me
crtdaydreams[asciilifeform]: it's evident that historically ironclad "isn't all there" in some parts, but I can't comment in depth, haven't __read__ it yet
billymg[asciilifeform]: << this isn't the command that gets you into trouble, all it does is rebuilds your packages based on config changes, but it still uses your current local repo (and leaves it intact). it's `emerge --sync`, which updates your repo to the latest upstream copy, that can clobber yo
bitbot[asciilifeform]: Logged on 2022-07-26 06:40:55 crtdaydreams[jonsykkel|awt]: $ emerge --update --newuse --deep @world
billymg[asciilifeform]: i also always use the --ask flag (muscle memory for me is `emerge -av` regardless of what i'm doing next with the command)
asciilifeform: billymg: asciilifeform has seen over9000 times that even the above bombs, where sufficiently sad state that the thing has nfi in which order to rebuild
billymg[asciilifeform]: yeah, i don't run either on say, a 'dulap' gentoo
billymg[asciilifeform]: also why i always use the --ask flag, so i can read through what it's about to do before letting it start
billymg[asciilifeform]: but even on dulap, i don't see how the --update --deep @world would be "fatal" (though not tried)
billymg[asciilifeform]: since it doesn't clobber your local repo you still have all your packages and can revert the problem builds
signpost[asciilifeform]: phf: "online codes" is one of the kademlia d00d's work, seems a good fit to me.
signpost[asciilifeform]: modeling after torrent, but on udp, gonna have to resurrect detection and retransmission of loss, whereas an erasure code efficiently tolerates loss.
signpost[asciilifeform] has kept the notion of eventually being on radio in mind, and one can imagine a station that broadcasts a particular payload with zero messages received from those listening. if one can estimate the lossiness of the channel, can properly tune OC such that there's strong assurance the receiver can reconstruct.
signpost[asciilifeform]: bbl, will hack at the lisp encoder today. I'll aim to produce an item that can fart an encoded file stream at a list of IPs and ports, either from disk or as received from somebody else.
signpost[asciilifeform]: unrelatedly, just had to point out an air-bubble to the nurse giving me allergy shots, wtf.
billymg[asciilifeform]: signpost: jesus
billymg[asciilifeform]: signpost: what was her reaction when you pointed it out?
signpost[asciilifeform]: sputtered some crap about getting close to the end of the vials.
billymg[asciilifeform]: sad. but what i expected
signpost[asciilifeform]: US inmates were well into "you pretend to pay us and we'll pretend to work" before the covid inflation.
whaack[asciilifeform]: !e view-height
trbexplorer[asciilifeform]: block_height: 746674
trbexplorer[asciilifeform]: mins_since_last_block: 2
bitbot[asciilifeform]: Logged on 2022-07-26 12:27:13 signpost: unrelatedly, just had to point out an air-bubble to the nurse giving me allergy shots, wtf.
whaack[asciilifeform]: signpost: do you struggle with congestion? After moving to CR and reading something BingoBoingo posted a while back called "Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life" I very rarely have any allergies that last for a prolonged amount of time
whaack[asciilifeform]: (exception being if i pet a cat and touch my face etc.)
whaack[asciilifeform]: Also, I have never used this exercise yet, but i imagine it would help : close right nostril with a finger, breath in 8s through left nostril, close left nostril open right nostril, exhale through right nostril 10s then inhale through right nostril 8s, bounce back and fourth
whaack[asciilifeform]: theory is basically congestion causes a negative feedback loop where your sinuses are clogged, so you breath through your mouth, so then the air does not filter/clear your sinuses, so you breath through your mouth even more,
signpost[asciilifeform]: makes sense, but I breathe through nose. even when I had worse allergies I was using a neti pot and antihistamine enough to keep my nose usable.
signpost[asciilifeform]: at this point the shots have had significant effect, so doing even better.
signpost[asciilifeform]: one just has to manage american medical derps like they're household help.
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