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feedbot: << Young Hands Club -- JFW review, March 9 - 22 2020, part 2
billymg: update on things here: i've been talking to my lawyers about the residency process and learned that the immigration offices are closed until May 17th. additionally, the government just announced that even anyone who is a resident of costa rica (foreigner, not a citizen), no matter for how long, will [lose their residency if they leave the country][
billymg: ll-lose-their-residency-status/]. apparently this is unprecedented and law offices are trying to get further clarification
billymg: on top of all that there is now a "dry law" in effect from the santa cruz municipality, apparently due to the "national emergency"
BingoBoingo: billymg: Well, on the plus side is there somewhere other than Costa Rica where you'd rather ride out this panic?
billymg: BingoBoingo: honestly, no, which is why i'm nervous at the possibility of it being taken away from me if the madness continues/escalates ("sorry, border's closed kid, time to go home")
billymg: whaack: is the booze in stores all locked up where you are too?
BingoBoingo: billymg: Well, on what planes will they see you out?
billymg: BingoBoingo: lol good point
BingoBoingo: We're down to just charters and repatriation flights as far as people moving planes go.
billymg: ah, looks to be similar here
billymg: what a mess
BingoBoingo: It is, but I prefer the shape the mess is taking down here to the one it is taking back in the zone so far.
billymg: BingoBoingo: absolutely
billymg: << if it is pressing to get a patch out soon for server-side selection then perhaps best if someone else took on the task, i've got plenty still to keep me busy here on the finca and tbh my mind lately has been directed towards more immediate/personal concerns
ossabot: Logged on 2020-03-25 17:23:31 jfw: I'll wrap up about WP patches: I can't say who's the source of truth, perhaps billymg but MP spoke to him about the futility of continuing that role.
whaack: billymg:
whaack: billymg: You can try asking cashiers if they'd be willing to sell you alcohol. Make sure you bring a backpack that they can fill up behind the counter, they will not want to use their own bags for the purpose. If you want booze and have had trouble I can try to do another liquor run.
trinque: billymg: don't take me as having meant this is more important than sorting your life
trinque: if you want to huck me a signed tarball of w/e you have, I could take a look
billymg: trinque: ack, ty. i meant that i had not yet gotten around to starting it, so nothing to share atm
billymg: whaack: ah, good to know! we'll have to try some small stores then
diana_coman: trinque, billymg: is there some mp-wp code that is not already published or why is now talk of signed tarballs all of a sudden?
diana_coman: I get the impression trinque is looking for some mystical mp-wp code that never was really; as far as I know there's the V-tree of mp-wp that billymg has on his site and otherwise MP's article on trilema and that's all there is.
jfw: diana_coman: been sitting on the following question a bit but as there's no gain in silence I'll have it out: if you've had a chance to consider it yet, how do you interpret and specifically 'take my advice and do not ever indulge in the activity depicted. It is infinitely better to shoot any "smart" bois you run into on the spot than to
jfw: indulge them with a view to maybe helping. There is no fucking helping, shoot them all outright directly.' ? Is there a difference between the sort of help he advises against and what you're going for here?
jfw: It's not out of character for his "slaps", to be sure, but seems to quite close off any possibility of recovery or improvement.
jfw: I haven't fully digested the thread it follows fwiw.
diana_coman: jfw: the problems you make for yourself, seriously.
diana_coman: jfw: listen, do you want to go away? then go away, I won't chase you or anything; is that what you are asking?
jfw: Not so long as there's value in staying, which I quite think there is.
diana_coman: so then what exactly are you concerned with there? whether I'm wasting my own time? whether I'm going to (or whether I should rather) shoot you or what?
diana_coman: whether MP will?
diana_coman: whether you are exactly the sort of "boi" he talks about?
diana_coman: what, are you entirely out of things to spin on so you finally found a mighty one to keep you from doing anything, is that it?
jfw: I don't surmise the "shooting" is literal. and yeah, I trust you to manage your own time, so, not sure.
jfw: I don't know if I'm the sort he talks about.
diana_coman: jfw: to put it plainly, it is none of your business really; ie sure, it is a warning and perhaps a warning I should heed; but I don't quite have to explain what/if about it.
diana_coman: jfw: you know, if you are then you are and if you aren't then you aren't and in either case spinning about it will do nothing at all.
diana_coman: that part with do more and spin less, seriously.
jfw: diana_coman: right, right. no end of practice for me on that apparently.
diana_coman: jfw: to be perfectly clear - I still think it's good you asked the question since you were wasting time on it; should have asked earlier and wasted even less; but it's quite stupid for you to waste time on it to start with.
jfw: aha, figured that was it but thanks for clarifying.
diana_coman: you're welcome.
diana_coman: jfw: since we uncovered that need for more practice - what are you actually *doing* today?
jfw: looking into local health insurance, V work and writing that up are at the top of the list.
diana_coman: looking forward to reading that write-up of V work soon enough then.
jfw: alright
diana_coman: lobbes: what happened to you?
billymg: diana_coman: re: mp-wp i'm guessing he just thought i had already started on something for the server-side selection task (which is a reasonable assumption). but yes, the only incomplete work is the embeddable code draft vpatch (which is published)
trinque: diana_coman: there's the patches, and whatever selection mechanism everyone bitches every time I don't have.
trinque: have former, want latter.

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