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Vex: sat pondering this with the smell of flux.
dulapbot: (pest) 2023-09-27 asciilifeform: box behaves per spec, regardless of what comes in via the 'black' jacks (even if that's 220v or whatnot)
Vex: ran out of diodes. eureka! there's more diodes.
Vex: yeah, i still don't get it
Vex: let it peculate
Vex: ie percolate
Vex: ;lasers
Vex: this bundle of fun looks like it were created by gabriel himself. see. breadboards are for amateurs
Vex: will it 3φ
Vex: this whole tirade today might obviously be a thought experiment, but I can truthfully say that I don't precisely understand the problem, but I think it's designed like that
Vex: realistically, i just don't understand a clearly defined probelm
Vex: now watch me pop some diodes (to the tune of bush junior hitting the initial ball in a game of golf)
Vex: see. imma have to ramble on now
Vex: jr wern't that great at much, but with tool in his hands, well, he could swing it
Vex: now thats orthogonal. the term is often used here
Vex: we watched 911 at night. they sat the fool in a kindergarten
Vex: I didn't realise it was terry wrists until the second plane.
Vex: whaa? oh!
Vex: Same as every other dumb fuck
Vex: good at math bumb at life
Vex: evryone has a unique experience all the time.
Vex: I do worry about people dropping grenades on each other with drones. that's kinda personal
Vex: anyone tries to fly a letric rotocopter at me with explosives. i might just march you home to ur mom
Vex: he followed me home
Vex: like the kid that stole my bike. soz mrz its bum sechs or a criminal record. oh no. pls stop
Vex: i don't wvwn like poo on my dick, but sometimes you've gotta tell em
Vex: that's the problem in usa. theft goes unpunished. see the mom, nope.
Vex: newcomers might find that the vast majory of logs on bum sechs are between alf and mp
Vex: mp spoke for. alf against
Vex: I can speak for both.
Vex: I've got a huge dick, so most girls don't want it in the butt
Vex: but I can understand the kink
Vex: they might ask for a try/ owie owie owie stop
Vex: then I cehck my baG OF DIODES
Vex: no
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