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Vex: crt & signy shooting the breeze is glorious
Vex: y'all should do a podcast where you just sit by the campfire
Vex: i don't listen podcasts, but i'd definitely read the transcript, were one available
Vex: i do like radio
Vex: you know he's sweeping the hay shed now
dulapbot: (pest) 2023-09-27 signpost[asciilifeform]: where are you going to fab your sane computer?
Vex: i hope crt doesn't take that the wrong way, i think he's probably a very good engineer. prolly laid that hayshed slab hemslef. flat as fuck
Vex: not to say that concrete is the only thing he's capable of..
Vex: now tho, if I leave signpost out of the discussion, he might feel like i'm implying that he sounds like a menopausal old bith who hast tried the cake.
Vex: why don't i get invited to bbqs?
Vex: that a rhetorical question if you hadn;t guessed.
Vex: speaking of podcasts, I reckon me and mats should do one on macroeconomics. korean bbq, beer and global domination
Vex: new spot erry week
Vex: check the chicken, read the news
Vex: i'm pretty sure you don't need a license in most jurovstrictions if you've got a drunk aussie
Vex: i got kicked off a cliff in hk. climbed back up and got on a bus. not racis
Vex: kung fu legit
Vex: i didn't cry but i wanted to
Vex: accepted as flagellation
Vex: hate is no more of a crime than love
Vex: tricky to ban a hater
Vex: why taylor swift gets the big bux
Vex: super doper insights. you heard it here first
Vex: she has a new lawyer now tho
Vex: nevermind
Vex: add raccoons save me shino
Vex: edibles. applique. all my guts are on display
Vex: please do excuse me, i just did a poo that may or may not include my heart
Vex: it's not looking good
Vex: \part without making a scene
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