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asciilifeform: otherwise e.g. asciilifeform is stuck guessing whether e.g. 'fr' is q re frame rate
asciilifeform: or frenchmen
asciilifeform doesn't speak 'the king's english' nor demands that others do so, but sometimes puzzled when folx who hail from lolcatistan emit these
crtdaydreams: was more rhetorical
asciilifeform at any rate will bbl
crtdaydreams: eh. I don't normally think/type like that, slip of the mind.
crtdaydreams: not quite freudian.
verisimilitude: I'm here as I'm elsewhere.
phf: thread 😂😂😂 no cap fr fr
crtdaydreams: phf: aha! a fluent!
crtdaydreams got 3 boxes, wonders if they're pregenant men
crtdaydreams will continue shenanigans later o/
shinohai: << Before you say "Ain't nobody got time for dat!" learning ebonics could be a [] [lucrative gig].
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-28 23:56:23 verisimilitude: I loathe ebonics.
verisimilitude: It amuses me that ``African-American Vernacular English'' is something the average ebonics speaker would have difficulty pronouncing.
punkman: <<  having secretary/slave takes care of big chunk of these
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-28 17:59:30 phf: and the sop is the opposite-- "switch contexts faster! information super highway at fingertips! oh did you know SOMEBODY TAGGED you on INSTAFACE" etc.
punkman: and a general habit of avoiding "notifications".
verisimilitude: A computer is supposed to be a slave.
verisimilitude: Unfortunately, human slaves still work better for now.
punkman: "sit quietly in room alone and jam that twitter feed straight into my veins baby"
punkman: we are addicted to consuming shockingly vast amounts of information
vex: what's the topic? anything I might be interested in?
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-27 05:11:38 crtdaydreams: vex: I should pop by i'm out your way, should be around there july for a conference in brisy
vex: I was thinking of going to europe for the summer, but maybe a couple of schooners in the pig'n'whistle is a better option.. what with ww3 kicking off and everything
vex: shkreli got out
verisimilitude: It's not all bad, punkman.
verisimilitude: I've learned so much due to the Internet.
verisimilitude: I learned of the Latin book I'm reading through the Internet.
vex: I share your distain for amazon verisimilitude, makes me wonder if you're an antipodean too
vex: $50 book, plus shipping and handling, that'll be $230 please sir, expect your book in an unkown number of months and or years
vex: or we have to be soberish at 2 am to call the publisher "how's it going mate"?
vex: noone understands us
vex: 2.05 her knickers are charmed right off and it's on it's way for $5 shipping, all paid in aud. now that's a discount
vex: for second hand I use abe
verisimilitude: I live in the United States.
vex: neat. I've never been
vex: I'd like to go, but it's a bit frightening
verisimilitude: Just think of them like the aboriginals, vex.
vex: lol, there's many frightening aspects
vex: probably the surveillance machine is the most. i'd be sweating bullets at the border
vex: not that I think I've done anything wrong, but I can't surely remember
vex: perhaps my dislike for bezos equals indefinate detention. you guys change the rules so often
vex: I would like to see those east coast forests tho. I must've read my side of the mountain 30 times
shinohai: vex: Amazon would ferry you off in one of their prime vans, then make you spend 3 days in a wellness chamber until you come and out and tell Bezos "You wanna hug it out bitch?".
vex: eek. the stuff of nightmares
shinohai: << I think they should have made suicide booths instead, but you know me.
vex: lock before entering? what the fuck?
shinohai: See I'd get fired my first day, catch some soyjack walking into one then go and toss him about with the forklift for a few.
vex: haha, topshelf meditation
shinohai: It'd be more cathartic for me than them!
vex: in australia, i'f someones having a wank break in a porta potti, that's exactly the procedure, you don't go and invent wellness pods
vex: shinohai will pick you up with the forklift, and shake that shit til your blue and poo
asciilifeform: << fwiw asciilifeform used to (before ukrowank killed postal service b/w ru and reich) order b00x (incl. 'new old stock' obscure sov-era technical lit ) from 'ozon', and often enuff get'em within week, somehow. for next to nuffin.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-29 19:55:30 vex: $50 book, plus shipping and handling, that'll be $230 please sir, expect your book in an unkown number of months and or years
asciilifeform: so geography not excuse.
vex: what do you mean asciilifeform?
asciilifeform: vex: 'ozon' is a mega-booxstore in ru. shipped happily and very quickly to usa for next to nuffin
asciilifeform: ( whereas lulazon->au apparently similar to lulazon->uruguay re cost/speed )
vex: one of the benefits of usa I suppose
vex: this was 10ish years ago, but i've got a bad taste in my mouth re amazon
asciilifeform: << many yrs ago asciilifeform did time in a salt mine which had a 'meditation room' (we referred to as 'medication room'), had sofas, cacti, not clear why existed
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-29 20:40:18 shinohai: << I think they should have made suicide booths instead, but you know me.
vex: 5 minute peyote break?
asciilifeform: iirc only 1 fella habitually went there, and (suspected) to drink vodka
vex: noones looking
asciilifeform: older fella, suffered from having programmed for too long, drank 'on the job'
vex: it's a thing
shinohai: I would have just fucked in it.
asciilifeform: eventually set up a full-sized btc miner on his desk ( 20amp! ), at that pt co. was collapsing and no one gave a shit
vex: how to blow your hair back in the office
asciilifeform: shinohai: there wasn't anyffin for (straight) fella to fuck there afaik
vex: bring from home presumably
vex: hey shinohai forgot his lunchbox again, must be heavy. 2 girls bring it!
shinohai: "These are my meditation assistants!"
shinohai: I guess a true masochist could have shoved the cactus up their ass if all else failed asciilifeform
asciilifeform: wouldn't have been astonished
vex: having your own place to shit is pretty much invaluable
shinohai: << did the cacti in question look like so ?
vex: pristine porcelein is premium primate perogative
vex: misspelling, swaeting and sqeezing
verisimilitude: Alliterations aren't always appropriate and appreciated, asshole.
vex: abi see what you did there
vex: ablutions, ablated, an half arsed attempt
verisimilitude: Similar such sentences show succinctness, silly.
vex: fuck you're good
verisimilitude: Considering current conversations: correct.
vex: it's a pity you chanelled bezos when you forgot the importance of japanese honorifics
vex: can you write a proper haiku in latin?
vex: if it can be about gabriell laddel's life and death, that's be awesome, but I'll accept all subissions
shinohai: verisimilitude cacator (not a haiku but let's throw Latin insults)
shinohai: nn folx o/
vex: sometimes constraints are good
vex: do you know any famous haikus?
vex: i think they're usually about the natural world
vex: I can never understand them
verisimilitude: Says shinohai ``STVLTVS SVM''.
vex: don't download the first one, it's the worst traslation I've ever heard
vex: ab incunabalis
vex: shinohai, have you got a line to shkreli?
vex: cat did nothing wrong
vex: just romantic
vex: obviously being romantic with a president's wife is insta van, but fuck
vex: smart enuff to plead guilty
vex: shit's fucked
vex: a craic through the forest
vex: it's not funny
vex: someone dies
vex: every beast you take was a gret mind
vex: We have feral deer. I've tried to clean on or two
vex: gimme a roo anyday, thick skin
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