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phf: e.g. build bunker to have last, proper 5 course meal, with a mise en place and white cloth while the bombs fly, suicide by pill. man ought to choose the way of his own death, it's only proper, m'boy. $1m construction and setup.
phf: why not do it in own house? might get prematurely interrupted, etc.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-27 00:02:15 vex: so mustang
thimbronion: relevant: Under the Silver Lake
vex: i'll send verisimilitude to logan
phf: dat harpsichord tho
vex: wait what??
phf: the instrument on the "golden brown" track
phf: fleetwood mac is my guilty pleasure
phf: there's a "dreams" video though where they are just cocked out of their minds
vex: garbrielb laddeel can fuck right off
phf: oh, no, it's not dreams, it's chain
phf: this is like peak 70s culture right there
vex: stupid faggots wake in fright.. phf comes correct
signpost: no guilt required, lindsey buckingham is god
vex: d do the wrong thing
phf: i get a contact cocaine high just watching him play in the video above :>
vex: imma test my supercherger
signpost: they had to replace him with what, two heartbreakers?
signpost: ah god, sandy hook charity ad, shit you not.
signpost ...triggered!
phf: signpost: yeap, also got it. you know never let a good tragedy go to waste
phf: "the chain in those handCAFS is high tensile steel. it'll take you 10 minutes to hack through it with this. now. if you're lucky, you can hack through your ankle in 5 minutes."
signpost: fuck dude, now a kid with cancer ad. I'll restate what I said earlier, maybe more clearly this time.
signpost: this place is fucking embarassing.
signpost: it's all so ham-fisted.
signpost: vex: I stand by my prior claim on blog that Mad Max is softcore gay porn.
signpost: not that there's anything wrong with that!
phf: signpost: but do you get the ad for kachava?!
signpost: lol nope
signpost: never heard of it, looks like a "soylent"?
signpost: but hippy branded?
phf: i have no idea what youtube algo thinks of me. but i get the most bottom of the barrel shit, sandy hook one, cancer kids, "the government is lying to you". i just watch music videos, man. it could be that i have the deplorables ip address.
phf: "this one trick to cure diabetes"
vex: I box my heroin friends. "thats not fair"
vex: 4 years in the camp and u still can't
vex: bbl
signpost passing out. night gents.
phf: laters!
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-27 00:04:03 vex: i'll send verisimilitude to logan
crtdaydreams: vex: I should pop by i'm out your way, should be around there july for a conference in brisy
crtdaydreams: (If ya willing to have me)
crtdaydreams: << I can't see shit out my right eye, so I'm forced left-handed. I haven't done much shooting but defo interested in working on it. Not about to throw 4 figures at a rifle yet though.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-26 11:03:30 phf: hmm, these blaser rifles look cool. i have that same problem i had with guitars though. i'm left handed, and have to choose between limited left-handed stock of often mildly inferior product, or use righthanded and some technique
crtdaydreams: << don't have the rifle, just browsing. Thought it was interesting to mention considering lefty and capacity to chamber in different calibers in <3 min. If I did get into marksmanship it would be for the sake of the art itself.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-26 11:22:10 phf: which ultimately opens up the most important question, whachu got that rifle for
crtdaydreams: from my understanding R8 (and R93) have kits for .22
crtdaydreams: but fwiw my experience with firearms is limited to .22 and shotgun (not sure about caliber)
shinohai: << if ya refer to YouTube, ublock does wonders for giving you a propaganda-free experience on toilet browser.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-27 00:54:41 signpost: fuck dude, now a kid with cancer ad. I'll restate what I said earlier, maybe more clearly this time.
shinohai: << lulzy "Officers also ruled out death from COVID as he tested negative for the virus."
shinohai: grumpycatgood.png
punkman: they have "hypotheses"
punkman: much expert, very wow
phf: << i accidentally have a bunch of .22s and i've discovered three uses for them: bench shooting at about their effective range or slightly more (150yd) which will give you a practical feeling for the balistics, but for cheap. at a nearby range often see redneck families with custom 22 long rifles (elaborate stock, cheeck riser, some small shop precision barrel&action) just
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-27 05:21:18 crtdaydreams: from my understanding R8 (and R93) have kits for .22
phf: sitting there for hours cycling rounds at 150-200yd. a kind of thinking man's slot machine
asciilifeform: phf: accidentally ?
phf: the second use is nature walks where you take opportunity shots at small game, or else just plink. kind of hard to do that with a large caliber and not attracting attention. put it on a sling, i like a lever action because lever action 22s cary 15 rounds, or else i have this old winchester single shot bolt action. something about deliberately puting the one round, and then manually arming the striker..
asciilifeform: phf: 'nature walk' in pa not features bear ?
phf: asciilifeform: pa bear is mostly a skittish animal
phf: unlikely to find oneself in an armed standoff with one
phf: i've ran into bear three times so far, that i know off. mostly involves a very spooked bear booking it through the woods in the opposite direction
phf: in alaska i heard from the locals that in spring, when young cubs go on their own, they can fuck your shit up, because they are explicitly looking for trouble. and then there's of course mother&cub situation, but that's /usually/ just a few minutes of being very scared and trying to vacate the line of sight between them asap
phf: as far as accidentally i bought one, when i moved here, and at the same time for my birthday one of the locals gifted me one ("welcome to the appalachia!") and one of my visiting friends bought me one also ("haha you a redneck now"). then there was an inheritance through girl,
asciilifeform: neato. either surprisingly friendly aboriginals, or phf has remarkable 'lawrence of arabia' talent, nfi which
phf: last use is the variation on the second, but a pistol or revolver instead of a long rifle. this is of even more dubious legality, best done on game lands, in middle of nowhere state forests or rifle club grounds
phf: otherwise i've noticed that if you just take 22 to the range it become boring fast (tbh for me a range becomes boring fast either way, unless it's some kind of feat of strength > x yd etc). i've noticed friends that bring their 22 rifles usually take forever to first work the action, which implies that they barely ever shoot them.
asciilifeform not doubts that hunt on horseback is moar interesting than making holes in paper
phf: milspec tactical holes in paper!
asciilifeform in local club, where passed 'broad side of barn' qualifier to join, but sadly not much time to go naodays
verisimilitude: I don't interact with Youtube outside of youtube-dl, and this is inconvenient, which is a good excuse to not use Youtube except when I've little option.
shinohai: mpv nice in that it uses youtube-dl as lib, easy as `mpv <link>`.
asciilifeform: punkman: loox complicated ( and not clear even what for )
asciilifeform: 'detect node failures and notify the rest of the cluster' << cheapo 'hipster reinvent' of erlang ?
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-03-14 13:37:18 asciilifeform: verisimilitude: for a working/industrial example of subj, see e.g. erlang.
asciilifeform observes how 'type III' scum like to 'reinvent' and 'steal' working softs. e.g. 'rust' tards' relationship vis a vis ada
asciilifeform: or, earlier, 'clojure' re common lisp
asciilifeform: no shortage of examples.
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