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phf: signpost: is your linux some kind of gentoo fork? is it basically a stripped down and vpatched version of ascii's old rk bundle?
signpost: neither
signpost: wrote my own build system which assumes one's dealing with vpatches, lifted some inspiration from gentoo.
signpost: the reason I did this was to assemble the minimal set of packages that'd would be needed to boot a machine and build itself.
phf: ah ok
signpost: the scripts involved are pretty short. there's `pbuild` and various utils in a `scripts` subdir
phf: does it have ada in the base? or you use your own vtools equivalent?
signpost: yeah, has gnat-2016; that's your vtools plus bvt's patches
signpost: using as the vtron, since it works fine atop busybox's shell
phf: where can get vtree?
signpost: I can get it uploaded for ya in the next few days, got guests atm.
phf: no worries, in the next few days is when i will have time to poke at it anyway
signpost: need to tweak the bootstrap process a bit, as the first version of the bootstrap scripts assume one gigantic genesis vpatch.
signpost intends the thing to have multiple bootstrap scripts, and binary-reproducibility of outputs.
signpost: oughta write up a state-of-pentacle thing soon. there's a lot intended in a pretty dense item.
asciilifeform: meanwhile in misc. mail.
verisimilitude: What happens on nosuchlabs if an entire day has no message; be the page generated still?
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: current logotron skips empty pgs when flipping (tho you can still load it if direct link to date)
verisimilitude: So the direct link would still cause it to be generated?
verisimilitude: Alright.
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: see e.g. last coupla pgs of #t for example.
billymg: looks like the crawler finally found whaack's new node
billymg: results from db of nodes returning it as one of their peers: (previously this query returned 0)
billymg: !c net-summary
crawlerbot: Bitcoin Network (IPv4 Nodes Active Within the Last 48 hours) Global: 8154; TRB-Compatible: 42; TRB: 14
crawlerbot: TRB-Compatible by Country: United States: 14; Canada: 4; Romania: 3; Germany: 3; Mexico: 2; Bulgaria: 2; Brazil: 1; Australia: 1; Italy: 1; United Arab Emirates: 1; Singapore: 1; Saudi Arabia: 1; South Africa: 1; France: 1; Netherlands: 1; United Kingdom: 1; Belgium: 1; Norway: 1; Russia: 1; Ukraine: 1;
crawlerbot: TRB by Country: United States: 8; Canada: 1; Romania: 1; Singapore: 1; Lithuania: 1; France: 1; New Zealand: 1;
vex: hey phf, what do you think of this fella for hacking around on?
vex: would he be any good for picking up chicks?
vex: sheesh, gay bar king in the sire line
vex: maybe not
verisimilitude: Sure, the train scheduler failed, but just think about how the programmer's job was a little bit easier.
vex: bicycle day
verisimilitude: I'd enjoy seeing well-paying programming jobs that include terms such as ``If the software doesn't work, you shall be physically punished.'' and whatnot.
verisimilitude: ``Gee, I can't use that library. I don't want to be whipped again.''
verisimilitude: The CEO will, of course, have an employee who would be whipped in his place.
vex: what happened? someone working from home accidentially borked the trains?
vex: might wanna look at .jp verisimilitude, presumably that's a seppuku
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: theoretically even option of posting a bond (as e.g. plumbers do in civilized world) would be an improvement
asciilifeform: ( tho not as glorious as 'seppukuware' )
vex: even seppuku seems to be less fashionable now
asciilifeform aims , if lives longenuff, to make ffa sumthing like seppukuware; or at least to level of 'find bug, get n btc'
vex: i was thinking of Fukushima meltdown, but there's no honor in exiting that fuckup
vex: also carlos ghosn.
vex: shame is eternal
verisimilitude: Even I wouldn't be comfortable with seppukuware.
verisimilitude: I'd be comfortable with others writing it, but not myself.
verisimilitude: Then again, the pay would probably be really good.
vex: how to bong your only parachute?
vex: *bond
vex: in the spirit of honesty, that typo was seen some microseconds before I hit enter
asciilifeform: unlikely that anybody'd write seppukuware for phree imho
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-04-03 20:16:18 verisimilitude: I'd enjoy seeing well-paying programming jobs that include terms such as ``If the software doesn't work, you shall be physically punished.'' and whatnot.
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-08-09 13:18:25 asciilifeform: mats: structures collapsing ~2y after construction is something i associate with the time of hammurabi ( 'If a builder builds a house for a man and does not make its construction sound, and the house which he has built collapses and causes the death of the owner of the house, the builder shall be put to death...' ) than current day
vex: in witch i realise theres frozen chrries from christmas and i have all the inredients for black forest cake
vex: wait.. jurov, help
vex: turn the tv off verisimilitude
verisimilitude: Put the bottle down, vex.
vex challenges verisimilitude to a cake competition
verisimilitude: I'm not much of a cook.
vex: you'd rather judge?
vex: i can challenge someone else
phf: << looks alright, not a fan of palomino though. kind of pricey for an unremarkable quarter horse, but maybe it's oz prices?
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-04-03 19:54:41 vex: hey phf, what do you think of this fella for hacking around on?
vex: chicks love palominos
vex: he's kinda munted tho
phf: you want long mane for chicks though
vex: right
phf: tbh he looks kind of dull, no vice gentleman probably means he's lazy af
vex: not very pretty
vex: he looks lazy
phf: yeah
vex: i might wanna go uphill quickly
phf: is campdrafting a kind of oz barrel racing?
vex: not sure
vex: we do barrel racin i think. never seen it
vex: there's a trail where you can draft unencumbered
phf: campdraft looks pretty intense
phf: mr peponita might not be as lazy as he looks
vex: he needs a dog
vex: mats. how to make 7500 this week?
phf: i want an australian cattle dog
vex: do it
vex: best dog eva
vex: incidentally most dangerous dog in .au
vex: very nippy.
vex: statistically bad. actllally good
phf: sounds perfect
crtdaydreams: << kinda mortifying that someone just a year below me has no concept of sending information across wires
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-04-03 21:45:17 verisimilitude: The corporate brainwashing has been going well.
crtdaydreams: though reassuring that they're switched on enough to question the nature of data and whom it's entrusted to
crtdaydreams: i fear though that mindless scrolling will kill of any form of curiosity to further pursue that train of thought
crtdaydreams: asciilifeform: been browsing ice40 chips, so far the selection of boards seems to boil down to tinyfpga-bx, fomu and the classic icebreaker. Just wondering what you have and whether or not you think GPIO would be worth it if just learning FPGA?
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