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asciilifeform: $ticker btc usd
btcinfobot: Current BTC price in USD: $35842.06
asciilifeform: !w poll
watchglass: Polling 15 nodes...
watchglass: : Could not connect!
watchglass: : ( Alive: (0.036s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=666457 (Operator: asciilifeform)
watchglass: : ( Alive: (0.027s) V=70001 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=666469
watchglass: : ( Alive: (0.105s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=666469
watchglass: : ( Alive: (0.173s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=666469
watchglass: : Alive: (0.145s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=666469
watchglass: : Alive: (0.147s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Return Addr= Blocks=666436 (Operator: whaack)
watchglass: : Alive: (0.153s) V=70001 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=666469
watchglass: : Alive: (0.259s) V=70001 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=666457
watchglass: : ( Alive: (0.310s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=446243
watchglass: : ( Alive: (0.334s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=391693 (Operator: jurov)
watchglass: : Alive: (0.349s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=666140
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watchglass: : Busy? (No answer in 100 sec.)
thimbronion: pankakke donated to ... gab reportedly.
nubs: Gab and a bunch of nazis lol
nubs: Am I correct in understanding that MP cut and run with coinbr funds? How many coinz did he do ppl for?
nubs curious if ppl still think nubs “tilt” in retrospect or if ppl have realized they fell victim to a cult
nubs: Tried to warn you guys
nubs: Incredible some went so far as to eg relocate countries for him
nubs: Anyways. Glad that I was able to at least show Jurov the light enough for him to minimize his own personal coin loss, from what I understand
nubs: Yw
nubs: Seriously would love a tally of how many coinz scamircea took yatho. Just for my own morbid curiosity
nubs: *tho
asciilifeform: nubs: thread (and continued ) if yer interested in subj.
snsabot: (therealbitcoin) 2020-06-05 asciilifeform: oblig bonus mp cherry on the earlier cake.
snsabot: (therealbitcoin) 2020-06-06 jurov: Wow, i can't think of clearer admission that mp in fact hijacked tmsr and installed himself as government.
asciilifeform: nubs: i cannot comment re 'mass of coin taken' etc. given as did not 'fall victim', he did not walk off with anything of mine at any point.
asciilifeform: nubs: btw, wainot tune in long enuff to e.g. tell us about any of the many and various constructive things you surely did instead of 'cult'.
asciilifeform: ... or, say, describe why the lamers w/ the megaphones are 'nazis' rather than the 'respectable' folx currently censoring the net.
asciilifeform: wainot have a 2way convo, like civilized people.
thimbronion: nubs: Ask anyone who relocated, now that the cult leader has kicked everyone out of his cult, whether they would prefer to be back in the good old us of a.
verisimilitude: I was told to read several years worth of IRC logs, and refused, so complete apathy is much of what saved me from all of that, nubs.
verisimilitude: Calling people nazis is in poor form, nubs. I disagree with several tenants of national socialist policy, as do most modern ``nazis''.
verisimilitude: This is the first I've read of relocating, though; was this all done on the relocator's dime?
trinque: I've very little respect for this drive-by aloof "I always knew" shit.
trinque: great, the world's still descending into atomized, alienated hell
verisimilitude: I've never met this nubs before, so I've no respect for him at all.
trinque: I personally hadn't realized that the republic was synonymous with mp
trinque: or that it would wither the moment he was absent
trinque: *that* caught me by surprise
verisimilitude: That was largely mine interpretation of it.
trinque: this fucking "speaking to the them" social media behavior
trinque: nubbins, I would like to know what you're going to do about the hell of my own life, and me yours
trinque: otherwise fuck off with the rest of the golems
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