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shrysr: double blasphemy. Ye shall be struck by lightning issued from extra large orifice on (lordiest of lordz)^infinity.
snsabot: Logged on 2020-02-20 17:03:17 shinohai: It's a cult thing I guess.
snsabot: Logged on 2020-02-20 17:14:06 shinohai: 'tis between him and Odin to bend over for diana_coman's skool as well.
shinohai: shrysr: I'm not sure which is the bigger orifice on that lordiest of lords. I'll be extra cautious.
shrysr: :D
shinohai: #proudblasphemer
asciilifeform: wb shrysr
asciilifeform: shrysr: what have you been up to ?
shrysr: hey asciilifeform - learning about AWS and goooooogle analytics atm.. guess you would lol
asciilifeform: shrysr: sounds very unpleasant. i'd hope you are being paid handsomely for it...
shrysr: eventually i wd hope ;)
asciilifeform: shrysr: i, too, work w/ shitware for bread. (diff. shitware. but equally unmentionable.)
asciilifeform: shrysr: do you have a www ?
shrysr: yea. it seems necessary to survive.. and unfortunately even that I have to 'learn'. THe more i learn, the more i can empathise with the spittoon thingy in s/w world. For additional lulz, i'm experimenting with removing edu degrees in resume and anything 2 year old cant understand.
shrysr: guess smthing like this
asciilifeform: shrysr: i rec to make yer blog display by default, rather than cv. normally when folx go to somebody's www, they want to read things they've written. can link cv of course in sidebar
asciilifeform: shrysr: seems like all of yer blog is also about shitware ?! do you have a 'human' blog somewhere ?
shrysr: asciilifeform: have to traverse 'shitware' to reach your kingdom :) i dont publish my 'human notes'.
asciilifeform: shrysr: why not publish ?
shrysr: perhaps i'm not yet comfortable with my pov.. publishing such notes seems like.. 'an end' to some investigation or thought process. My general approach is to keep adding to my internal notes.. and i can interlink for sorta local wiki. THis process is relatively painless. the blog approach doesnt... work so well for my thinking pattern today.
shrysr: i do expect this to evolve tho. at ~some~ point.
asciilifeform: shrysr: the way to get comfortable with yer pov , is to gather the courage to publish. doesn't have to be 'end of investigation', is ok to mark e.g. 'the end, for now'
shrysr: asciilifeform: yea. i see what you mean and know I need to figure that out. I appreciate and respect the feedback. fwiw i've also seen ridiculous pov who have 'courage' to publish their supposedly human thoughts too :), even seen such pov given kudos by 'immortals'.
feedbot: << Qntra -- Chinese Own California Pension System And Use It To Fund Development Of Chinese Missiles
asciilifeform: shrysr: no matter what you write, some 'hater' will always turn up and say 'garbage'. but this is not a reason not to write, but to thicken yer skin.
asciilifeform: shrysr: see also oblig. naggum re subj. writing is how you get to, in the sense used there, ~exist~
zeder: One of my favorite ongoing thought experiments is to look at some new hotness in tech and wonder "what would Naggum think?"
zeder: Is that my catch-all?
asciilifeform: zeder: ~all the current-day idiocies were already taking place then (if under other names) , so i suspect would've responded similarly.
asciilifeform: 1 unfortunate fact re naggum is that very few examples of his ~constructive~ works survived. so while we have plenty re what the man was against -- very little in the way of examples re what was 'for'.
asciilifeform: going on his words, he spent time in petro industry doing numerics; and iirc also some logistics thing for newspaper co. and that in the years leading up to his death, was attempting to get outta the softs biz entirely, iirc was getting into law
asciilifeform: but that's all afaik.
zeder: I did not know about the law angle. Interesting.
asciilifeform in 2008-9 also made attempt to 'get out'. went back to uni (mornings/evenings, while working fulltime) and made it through almost half of chem degree, but found out that ~that~ field is just about dead...
shinohai: But on the bright side asciilifeform you prolly know how to make Manganese Heptoxide from scratch for parties!
zeder: asciilifeform where did you find that?
asciilifeform: shinohai: the way the subj is taught in usa, is interesting, they ~very~ carefully avoid imparting ~any practical info. you'll graduate knowing 'over 9000' processes that all call for e.g. palladium catalyst under 100 atmospheres, and only by accident will encounter anyffin that is applicable 'in jungle conditions'
asciilifeform: zeder: ended up in molecular modeling biz for a while. usg lab, and in it met buncha folx who had been laid off from pharma ( when the latter switched from '80% budget for ads, 20% for tacking on useless functional groups for renewed patentability' to ~95/5% )
shinohai: Guess they want to avoid turning students into the next Walter White or something.
asciilifeform: shinohai: i must be 1 of the last folx alive who not saw that film
shinohai: a++ drama, the "prequel" show Better Call Saul is also fine tv, and i'm not much of tv person.
asciilifeform believes. simply for
asciilifeform: many yrs nao, very rarely have time to watch film.
asciilifeform: it is interesting, shinohai , yer not the 1st fella asciilifeform encountered who mentioned it in response to 'went to get chem degree'
asciilifeform: for some reason dope is what 99% of folx in usa associate with the subj
asciilifeform: ( afaik most of the folx doing the gabriel_laddel thing, do not bother with diplomas. the procedures there haven't changed much since 1930s. )
asciilifeform: what asciilifeform wanted, was, roughly -- a) gainful employment that doesn't revolve around microshit / java / or worse ; and b) pick up the 'cluefulness' and access to gear to try e.g. al schwartz's 'solid state version' of equiv. principle violation; room-temp supercon.; and a few other 'hatethoughts'
snsabot: Logged on 2020-02-21 11:02:11 shrysr: hey asciilifeform - learning about AWS and goooooogle analytics atm.. guess you would lol
asciilifeform: in (a) -- failed. in (b) -- 'very close, but no cigar'
asciilifeform meanwhile looks, and finds that schwart'z ep page is vanished .
asciilifeform: the variant in section VIII , i had suggested to him in '10
shinohai: Methamphetamine production in this part of U.S. often involves whatever ingredients are handy under sink, resulting in numerous reports of fires/explosions.
shinohai: For a while ~decade ago, this occured so often it wasn't even lulzy anymore.
asciilifeform: shinohai: afaik still regular thing. buckets of solvents, 0 ventilation, sometimes + open flame. even small town police precincts have dedicated cleanup contractors on retainer nao.
asciilifeform: iirc it's usually how the arrest happens, also. ( otherwise , midwest tractorist who bakes dope for self + wife could do it for years, however many yrs typical lifespan of 'user' tends to be )
shinohai: I never found any romance in dope. More likely, my life expectancy would be lowered due to blowing self up making rockets or the aforementioned Mn2O7.
asciilifeform got his fill of self-made pyrotechnics as a boy, back on homeworld, where this was an ordinary thing
asciilifeform never grasped 'ro
asciilifeform: 'romance of dope', either
asciilifeform goes to fix spacebar, grr
verisimilitude: I've time to watch television and films, but rarely the want. I've also seen neither of these two shows. That detail concerning the apparently poor state of chemistry education in the US is good to know; then again, most education in the US is poor and impractical.
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: not as if 'comp sci' were 9000x better taught, in comparison. but the chem dept suffered from a plague absent in the former -- it came to be used as a 'weed-out torture' for 'pre-med' students. which meant that the curriculum consisted 90% of rote memorization
asciilifeform: ( on top of this, it is possible to learn maffs from books. but ochem , at least in the practical sense, not so much, there's a certain amt of practical work req'd, and yer unlikely to have access to the gear, as a commoner, in civilian usa
snsabot: (trilema) 2016-08-18 asciilifeform: (in, e.g., state of new york, unlicensed use of glassware (yes) is a criminal offense)
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