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a111: Logged on 2019-07-14 15:17 mp_en_viaje: diana_coman, in other lulz, nicole dredged up local blondy ex-mech engineer turned java developer (sorry mocky, chick never heard of you). she intends to start her out outsourcing comp (because hates working with idiots ; yet if challenged "what you gonna do when rich ?" she wants to come up with some garbage sorting solution, because idiots do ~nothing but produce garbage and she doesn't understand the beheadingof
feedbot: << Trilema -- - Another Man Gets Harassed At An Airport, This Time On Purpose. Adnotated.
mp_en_viaje: this adnotating shit is fucking addictive.
feedbot: << Trilema -- - Another Round Of The Ultimatum Game. Adnotated.
BingoBoingo: <<I'd forgetten that gem was in the archive
a111: Logged on 2019-07-23 07:24 mp_en_viaje: i sadly forgot to link in the discussion. should have had.
BingoBoingo got struck with what appears to be gastroenteritis around 5am. IIRC this is the first time in Uruguay despite the shits being the joke folks back in old country tell themselves in order to not have to write themselves the "go south" option.
diana_coman: take care of yourself BingoBoingo
mp_en_viaje: yeah, drink some cvas
mp_en_viaje: or something
BingoBoingo: diana_coman: I've had worse back in old country.
BingoBoingo suspects mp_en_viaje experienced worse GI upset that time he ate a slim jim
mp_en_viaje: wait, when was this ?
BingoBoingo: mp_en_viaje: At some point you reported consuming a US-type preserved "meat" product, iirc within the last year
mp_en_viaje: blessfully forgot
BingoBoingo: AH, found it almost a year ago
BingoBoingo: Anyways, bananas, yogurt, third world infant rehydration satches, and bleach for all the fomites that tolerate bleach. "alcohol rectificado ANCAP" for the fomites that don't.
mp_en_viaje: hey, who was the "professor" of "economics", chakashakamaka indian dude ?
mp_en_viaje: Chowdhry there we go
a111: Logged on 2015-11-06 22:32 adlai: "Satoshi Nakamoto already is in possession of several hundred million U.S. dollars worth of bitcoins so the additional prize money may not mean much to him. Only if he wants, the committee could also transfer the prize money to my bitcoin address, 165sAHBpLHujHbHx2zSjC898oXEz25Awtj. Mr Nakamoto and I will settle
a111: Logged on 2015-11-15 01:04 mircea_popescu: Professor Chowdhry has recently proposed Financial Access at Birth (FAB) initiative in which every child born in the world is given an initial deposit of $100 in an online bank account to guarantee that everyone in the world will have access to financial services in a few decades.You can read about the initiative by clicking here..
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asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: 'revenge of montesuma' ?
mp_en_viaje: after a year ?!
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: I suspect I took the morcillas off the parrilita too soon.
BingoBoingo has been drinking the tap water here the whole time
asciilifeform: even 2y neh
mp_en_viaje: speaking of, /me bought a bottle of this very nice ginger cvas to take home one day, from this pretty cool stolle place, they make their own pies
mp_en_viaje: then next time, bought 3. discovered accidentally it'll ferment itself into perfection if left out for day
mp_en_viaje: so earlier today, bought ... 7 bottles. YAY
feedbot: << Trilema -- - A not very happy observation about +/- being a woman. Adnotated.
feedbot: << Trilema -- - Antispychotics and Lawyers. Adnotated.
mp_en_viaje: meanwhile in autolulz, nike foamposite Submitted on 2019/07/23 at 10:44 p.m. I am commenting to make you be aware of of the fine encounter my daughter developed studying yuor web blog.
mp_en_viaje: She came to understand lots of pieces, including what it's like to possess an ideal teaching heart to get a number of people with ease fully understand various multifaceted things. You really did more than visitors' expectations. Thank you for rendering those invaluable, trustworthy, explanatory and in addition fun thoughts on this topic to Evelyn.
BingoBoingo: "Yo confío mucho más en los finlandeses que en nosotros. No van a poner bosta arriba de la mesa donde comen, porque tienen mucho para ganar. Si fueran unos capitalistas chantas de corto vuelo, buscan hacer unos mangos y dejan el agujero. Estos trabajan con un sentido de largo plazo", aseguró Mujica. <<
Mocky: !!invoice BingoBoingo 0.052 Buy order # 1050: 500 WFF
Mocky: !!v 2CD327B20B024A61684F9BBBDCF79D601E8B9E7429655D62E8405443D648A704
deedbot: Invoiced BingoBoingo 0.052 << Buy order # 1050: 500 WFF
asciilifeform: meanwhile, in measurements : performance of system : as measured by a) 'bogomips' (linus's benchmark) : 93.4 times slower than host cpu; b) 'dhrystone' (traditional integer benchmark) : 300.98 times slower than host cpu.
asciilifeform: most of the 'ding' is in the tlb lookup .
asciilifeform: (actual iron does it in O(1), emulated -- naturally in O(N), where N is up to all 16 entries in tlb table)
asciilifeform: i.e. sitting on 3GHz 'opteron', a 'm' session is approx on part with 486dx, in re ops/sec.
asciilifeform: can prolly be improved somewhat, via cycle-shaving, but not by order of magnitude.
asciilifeform: i'ma let BingoBoingo think re whether it makes sense to offer shared hosting on a thing like that. (or whether folx will simply die of laughter)
asciilifeform predicted initially that cost would be ~40x vs host, based on avg. # of x86 instrs. taken per simulated instr.
asciilifeform: apparently pipeline blow is substantial factor here.
asciilifeform: seems like ~this~ is the actual (vs. 'i-can't-believe-it's-not-butter' vmware et al) cost of 100% process isolation on pc.
asciilifeform: afaik this is the 1st attempt to measure it, too ( i.e. with max sweat over cycles, 0 c in proggy, 0 libs, etc sim. )
asciilifeform: i/o, however, is only ~4x slower than host's, so in fact one ~could~ run e.g. trb on it.
asciilifeform: (~why~ is diff q.)
asciilifeform: to be pedantically exact : 66.35 'bogomips' (on 3GHz opteron) , and published table gives e.g. 'Pentium/166 66.36'. i was unable to find similar table of classics for 'dhrystone' .
asciilifeform: ( if anyone finds -- plox to write in. )
asciilifeform: 'Dhrystones per Second: 28112.8' on same.
asciilifeform: ^ figure on properly unloaded box, vs. earlier; ~= 252.3x slower than host on same benchm.
mod6: << This is a neat-o vpatch 'who gave', but it came in just after the 'NO NEW WORK IN SHA PLOX'; so there are a few like this that probably will go into TRB main Vtree once the Lordship reviews/audits the proposed Keccak TRB Vtree; perhaps possibly after TRB has a new home OS/environment.
a111: Logged on 2019-07-19 13:58 asciilifeform: revisiting upstack : hey mod6 , did 'who-gave' ever make it into flagship vtree ? ( i dun see it there ... )
asciilifeform: wb mod6
mod6: (My apologies for the delayed response). Anyway, long story short, we're in a bit of a holding pattern on new vpatches atm.
mod6: thanks asciilifeform! Just trying to catch up on logs/blogs atm. Been behind all month!
mod6: In light of recent conversations re: v (large genesis), ebuilds; this needs some review still.
a111: Logged on 2019-07-08 04:01 mp_en_viaje: meanwhile speaking of would someone look at that ?
mod6: In a few days, once I'm caught back up, if still no one has tested this, I'll give it a try.
asciilifeform: mod6: i was gonna genesis a kernel for that thing, but nao after sad benchmark thinkin', it's of ~0 use outside of very specialized applications
a111: Logged on 2019-06-04 00:51 asciilifeform: incidentally, i generate these by machine, and it takes about 3sec per. would have put it as a net-connected hopper thing aeons ago, BUT it of course uses a heathen render (there are no 'demonstrably electrically correct' pdf eaters, and i dun expect one to exist) and suffers from the obvious problem
a111: Logged on 2019-07-18 05:03 asciilifeform: at some pt somebody's gonna have to audit a snapshot of bin gnat. which wouldja rather ?
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje, i predict, will cackle, say, 'toldja, dummkopf'
mod6: yeah, oof. I saw your post re-'M', will try to read through here soon. I did see your benchmark comments above tho.
asciilifeform: mod6: you can safely skip it, it's a ~null result
mod6: asciilifeform: ok, cheers.
asciilifeform: conceivably there is a use for e.g. cuntoo that loads from memory snapshot in <3sec but runs 'like pentium 166'
asciilifeform: but prolly not in piz
mod6: Seems hard to imagine, ya.
mod6: BingoBoingo: hope you feel better soon!
asciilifeform: to round off that thread -- asciilifeform strongly suspects that kernel would run 100-200x faster on the 10 $ 'ice40' than on opteron-cum-'M'
asciilifeform: ( for that matter -- if e.g. mp_en_viaje one day bakes actual silicon cpu , would run on par with pc, with unchanged soft. )
asciilifeform might even be wrong, and it is conceivable that 'dhrystone of pentium166 but i/o of opteron' actually suffices to e.g. host blogs.
asciilifeform: esp. w/ trimmed userland.
asciilifeform off to wipe sad chalkboard , and then meat.
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