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mircea_popescu: "what happened ?"
mircea_popescu: "nothing happened, the woman was pushing 300 lbs." "i'm not taking any nutritionism advice from THAT."
BingoBoingo: HAMpocrisy!
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sina: asciilifeform: you should use this new shell
a111: Logged on 2017-06-22 07:43 deedbot: << Qntra - The Poofening: Ether Huffers Suffer Price Flash Crash (As Opposed To More Frequently Covered Service Crash)
shinohai: Poor experienced traderz
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mircea_popescu: hey, teh value of a trader is directly proportional to how many dumbass shit they posted on reddit. totally.
mircea_popescu: Framedragger anyway, appreciate the wisdom of having all that idiotic bubbling consumer behaviour at the outskirts of bitcoin, and the unmitigated power and awesome finesse of actually implementing the wisdom.
Framedragger: yeah...
mircea_popescu: thanlks god for the magical alien lizard nazis of bitcoin!
shinohai: In other investment SFYL
asciilifeform: << lulzgold, >> '...price of Ethereum Classic...product of a schism in the blockchain community last year, is not interchangeable with the main Ethereum blockchain. In fact, market commentators have predicted that ETC will more or less die off. While it has the same fundamental technology, ETC has essentially nothing to do with the mass adoption of Ethereum by recent projects (and the formati
asciilifeform: on of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) — yet the price continues to rise.' didjaknow
asciilifeform: schism!
asciilifeform: << dun forget to Run Moar Winblowz
a111: Logged on 2017-07-01 14:18 shinohai: In other investment SFYL
mircea_popescu: the crazy batshit they have to argue. "oh, ethereum is rapemeat but totally worth the money also ethereum never happened also ethereum has nothing to do with the enthusiams, also black chix code, also that doesn't matter, also"
asciilifeform: hey, whole point was 'parallel taiwanization' of bitcoin -- normalize tx reversion, 'buy-only' exchanges with periodic margin call sheepshave, etc
mircea_popescu: yeah, and it worked oh so well lmao
mircea_popescu: mit selling me its ips to pay for the ethereum.
mircea_popescu: vorwarts, soviets@
asciilifeform: would mircea_popescu actually buy ips ? aint that rather like buying land in manhattan
mircea_popescu: turns out, when you attempt to taiwanize your master, your master instead taiwanizes you.
asciilifeform: ( or like those legendary trained horses, bought from gypsy, that walk back... )
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform it's complicated.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform you know, back in the day i used to specifically buy "trained whore", "will run back". they... never did.
mircea_popescu: nothing easier than to overestimate the strength of a length of chain. kinda what compsec turns out to be all about all the time also.
asciilifeform: hey, even double agents sometimes 'up valence' and triple
mircea_popescu: in practice, there's no such thing as a disloyal woman. just women who've not yet met anyone worth bothering with in the sea of schmucks.
mircea_popescu: granted, ips are slightly different. but not THAT different.
asciilifeform: i still wonder why ( afaik ! ) there has not been yet an open schism, where usg: 'ip X belongs to Y' but elsewhere 'no, Z'
mircea_popescu: ~because there's still agreement that that'll cost too much.
asciilifeform: soo possibly like the infamous 'nonmilitarization of antarctica' treaties
mircea_popescu: this agreement, much like the thirld world head roach, are pretty much the fumes on which the usg runs today
mircea_popescu: wringing it away is worth it in and of itself, that's how you destroy the crown.
mircea_popescu: keep facing it with the easy money now dilemma. they ALWAYS make the same choice, which simplifies the management of their rape significantly.
mircea_popescu: all this bakes in the momentary happenstance that the chinese've not yet run out of things to do. once that happens... "cost is no object" as they say. so there's an absolute cap on it anyway.
asciilifeform: re ips -- microshit still gets what it wants 100% of the time, to date, when demands 'sinkhole this botnet c&c ip'
asciilifeform: but usually the conversation is re a dozen or two, rather than blocks
mircea_popescu: the way net works in china, there's no owner for a bunch of blocks, practically.
asciilifeform: the 'sinkhole south america, it is a terrorist continent full of mircea_popescus' axe time moment has not afaik yet come.
mircea_popescu: the whole "private net" a campus is prolly the way of the future. "this is the US argentina got a diff one"
asciilifeform: north kr is pioneer here
mircea_popescu: but anyway -- state dun just go away because we fucked their dumbass ipv6. they'll just you know, same shit, different node.
asciilifeform: the interesting q is why it has not yet happened.
mircea_popescu: zombie gotta has teh braaaainzzz
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform cuz stiff and shambling. but expect the shitty isps to start "experimenting" with it
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: already long time 'experimented', with zapping incoming ports etc
asciilifeform: but always halfhearted
asciilifeform: because, at least as traditionally understood, every isp knows that it is really warez that keeps it alive
mircea_popescu: a drepper shall be born.
asciilifeform: ( or else nobody would shell out for massive bandwidth )
mircea_popescu: by now, it's the govt that keeps alive both isp and otakus using them.
mircea_popescu: so ~moot.
mircea_popescu: if today people started dropping cable subscription en masse, the last mile isps would petition congress and it'd become illegal to do, like electricity.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: already happened. they simply jacked the price.
asciilifeform: ( of both ! )
mircea_popescu: that's because there's no inflation, happens naturally.
asciilifeform: oblig 'internet of the future' >>
asciilifeform: it was never clear to me why that particular frog is being boiled as slowly as it is.
mircea_popescu: you drastically overestimate the ability of the enemy, and this appears to you as slowness. think : all they could do, ALL they could do to anoint the obama dork was ows.
mircea_popescu: did that look to you like it's capable of boiling frogs any faster ?
mircea_popescu: and it also degrades, pantsuit hilarity got no ows of her own.
mircea_popescu: all she got was a buncha black hos giving her a lap dance, once.
mircea_popescu: that's basically bottle service, can have any day of the week
mircea_popescu: and speaking of this, it's not JUST ows. the "gamergate" bs is also exactly the same thing -- "leaderless" because the actual leadership is both too pussyfied to actually step in front of the troops, and too fucking stupid to even sort out ideological difficulties and so make such stepping theoretically meaningful.
mircea_popescu: meanwhile the imbecile redditard, who we shall name isis agora fuckhead for no apparent reason except obviously why, ACTUALLY BELIEVEs that it's all the rage and highly fashionable to be part of leaderless "spontaneous movements".
asciilifeform: this might be attributing too much reasoned thought to the fungal mass
mircea_popescu: any half drunk habitual rapist "soldier" throughout history could have summoned enoujgh sense, in the depths of his stupor, adding up five moments of clarity worth ten minutes dispersed over six weeks to figure out that "hey, the fact our so called army has nobody marching in front speaks poorly of its chances or human quality"
asciilifeform: is 'belief' actually involved, or just smooth musculature movement ?
mircea_popescu: yet these "measures of all things" exemplars of pure humanity, that honestly believe their heads are capable of any lifting, if they "just had the facts" hurr durr lol lol snort, nevertheless can't see far enough ahead to realise they're "leaderless" because their leaders are out and out bullshit, and for no other reason.
asciilifeform: and incidentally idiot peasants routinely joined up with 'movements' with ~0 leadership, got slaughtered
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform da fuck even knows.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform so they did, yes. OURDEMOCRACY is older than calvin.
mircea_popescu: (who, ironically, didn't speak too highly of it, either.)
asciilifeform: older than spartacus
a111: Logged on 2017-06-21 14:25 mircea_popescu: and speaking of black chix code :
asciilifeform: wassat?
mircea_popescu: ro chick, secret service general no less, spent a decade organizing these "leaderless" bullshits in ro.
asciilifeform: claims '59106 ron' per y.
asciilifeform: that's, what, 500bux ?
asciilifeform: mega-general
mircea_popescu: about 20k
asciilifeform: i could see 20k for general of... mali
asciilifeform: but ro ?
mircea_popescu: what can i tell you. socialist state is poor and hopeless.
asciilifeform reconsiders changing professions to general of ro !!1111
asciilifeform: pay's shite
mircea_popescu: o, that's your criteria ?
asciilifeform: ( there was a 1990s gag shirt -- 'have you RECONSIDERED a career in computer programming' )
asciilifeform: phunphakt : american general makes not so much moar, see, e.g,.
mircea_popescu: unlike the us general, ro chick made plenty.
mircea_popescu: i'd guess about 3-5mn during her tenure.
asciilifeform: carl force - style ?
asciilifeform: ( probably the norm in usa also, otherwise it is difficult to explain why a colonel is paid ~same as a programmer )
mircea_popescu: just about. who doesn't want to be friends with a hot blondy with brains ?
mircea_popescu: she can have whatever she wants, why the hell not. who else ? who'd you be saving it for, your own kids ?
mircea_popescu: meritocracy, let the kids starve.
asciilifeform: lolsaving
asciilifeform: they still have that o're there don't they.
mircea_popescu: well, here used in the general sense, "if elena asks for a car and you don't give it to her, you're saving it. wtf you;'re saving it for ?"
mircea_popescu: general sense lol. epic.
asciilifeform: lol this is like that Framedragger chix
asciilifeform: i am unaware of why this one is so great.
mircea_popescu: whatever, blondy.
asciilifeform: i'd rather roll up the money an' smoke it.
mircea_popescu: really ?
asciilifeform: theoretically.
mircea_popescu: i suppose this'd be why you dun have a network then.
asciilifeform: perhaps.
mircea_popescu: you understand that if you smoke it you're gifting it to mugurel yes ?
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: right, which is why i am not sitting here and smoking benjies
asciilifeform: but ~in preference~ to giving it to some rando quasihuman
asciilifeform: -- would.
mircea_popescu: what sense does that make ? the central bank is just a faceless distillate of all the population.
mircea_popescu: this one at least understands she's supposed to be naked.
asciilifeform: oh did she ?
mircea_popescu: well, hence all the bathing suit pix
asciilifeform: i didn't see any naked ones. but then again did not dig.
mircea_popescu: show me hilarity's. (no, not from now, from back when she didn't understand but should have understood.)
asciilifeform: these are prolly kept next to the launch codes and the rsa pill, lol.
mircea_popescu: point being : the "i'd give it to the soviet comissar rather than to this woman" preference ain't supported.
asciilifeform: point was rather ' i can't see diff b/w here and commissar, same faceless face '
mircea_popescu: but this one at least understands (even if only spottily applies) that she's supposed to be naked. the other ones generally do not. this one is thereby above average and therefore the preference.
asciilifeform can picture.
mircea_popescu: as far as the theory goes, at least. in practice, the preference was very much there, she was quite popular in the basescu years.
mircea_popescu: i dunno anyone who'd turn down her rsvp.
asciilifeform: reminds me of that time asciilifeform went to a party and it was full of nsa colonels
asciilifeform: ( 0 chix )
asciilifeform: mega-snoar
mircea_popescu: honestly, i don't recall ever going to a good party states-side.
mircea_popescu: then again, i wasn't on the west coast ; nor do i have much patience for the flip flop and smoked out crowd.
asciilifeform not on west coast, and also does not
mircea_popescu: course our scoring criteria may diverge.
mircea_popescu: as far as i'm concerned, good party = no less than 60 females per 100, no loser/dork males present, good music not too loudly and some public fucking.
mircea_popescu: i think that about covers it.
mircea_popescu: oh, and good music = nothing after 2000, no electronica etc crapolade, none of the boy band nkotb idiocy, no faggots (michael, bowie, whatever nonsense with hats).
mircea_popescu: that also should just about cover it.
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asciilifeform: oh holyfuq google nao has a 'report inappropriate predictions'
asciilifeform: 'hateful / sexually explicit / violent / dangerous and harmful activity / other' form
mircea_popescu: predictions ?
asciilifeform: in civilian wwwtrons with js, it offers 'predictions' when you type in the search box
asciilifeform: for maybe 7yrs now
asciilifeform: these are - or until recently were - mechanically derived from popular search phrases
BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> oh, and good music = nothing after 2000, no electronica etc crapolade, none of the boy band nkotb idiocy, no faggots (michael, bowie, whatever nonsense with hats). << Celebrate Victory with 10 Years of Van Halen!!!
BingoBoingo: !~ticker --market all
jhvh1: BingoBoingo: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 2445.53, vol: 8083.60796697 | BTC-E BTCUSD last: 2404.804, vol: 3581.20542 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 2368.3, vol: 12581.59897166 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 2625.498525, vol: 4688.50560000 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 2433.181, vol: 4603.92317997 | Volume-weighted last average: 2435.67290717
BingoBoingo: Not ew, just another struggle to achieve victory over! Or in program-talk "Another opportunity to work your program"
diana_coman: " luxury preschool " lmao
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: if dell and microshit can pseudo-accept btc ( via usgpay ) wai not these.
asciilifeform: '...opened up a Coinbase account for merchants that allows the school to accept cryptocurrency payments from families and automatically convert them into US dollars...'
asciilifeform: no-scheme-too-idiotic to get usd-rich imbeciles used to usgbase 'wallets', cross-contamination of btcsavingsaddrs and usgspendingaddrs, etc.
ben_vulpes: what is this cross-contamination?
sina: << "systemd can't handle the process previlege that belongs to user name startswith number, such as 0day"
sina: if you write a systemd unit file with "User=0day", it launches the process as root. Pottering sez: "not a bug"
sina: twitter quote from @i0n1c: "Ohh the irony that boot sectors are writable in Windows to support anti virus software" reply from @WeldPond: "'It became necessary to destroy the town to save it,'"
sina: also: Complete break of RSA-1024 as implemented in Libgcrypt, "And 13% of RSA-2048 keys. Whoopsie!", "The new bit is showing that LtR sliding windows are a Very Bad Choice for modular exponentiation. Very nice."
sina: weed is legalised in Nevada
sina: nothing further to report
asciilifeform: sina: the israeli d00dz with the microphone had this 3y ago
sina: which this?
sina: RSA one?
asciilifeform: and nao bernstein, henninger ( this is what, 3rd paper since she was attached to him ) 'unhappened and rehappened' it
asciilifeform: yes rsa
asciilifeform: Run Moar Nonconstanttime Bignum
asciilifeform: (tm)(r)
mircea_popescu: and in other news from the unexpected jungle, a magistral link affording costa rica access to the brazilian electricity market failed* earlier today, resulting in no power.
mircea_popescu: i don't mean, here where i am. i mean, in costa rica period. and nicaragua. and panama. toda la centroamerica, mang!
mircea_popescu: (*story subject to future revision)
mircea_popescu: no power, no pumps (i live up on a hillside) and so i had the girls... fery water. from the pool, with ex-paper baskets repurposed as sacas, up the fucking stairs.
mircea_popescu: it turned into a lovely teaching moment about the you know, historically principal expenditure of female calories. "that's what they did, all the way to 1800. lugged water. they still do in india."
mircea_popescu: "how do you like it ?"
asciilifeform: and what of the diesels
mircea_popescu: i suppose i should provision a whole generating plant again.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform those were in buenos aires. i didn't take along. all i got here is yhou know, inverters, batteries, stuff like that.
asciilifeform: i can't picture civilized life in bananistan without a 2wk tank of diesel + at least 100kW of gen
mircea_popescu: allows for a civilised shutdown rather than staying on indefinitely/
asciilifeform: aah like mine
asciilifeform: pretty lulzy, mircea_popescu rides in ~same auto as asciilifeform even nao, runs on ~same batteries..
asciilifeform: such economy !
mircea_popescu: hey, i got a pool >D
asciilifeform: buncha folx even here have these. just not me
mircea_popescu: so THERE!!!
asciilifeform: i also dun have a zoo!11
mircea_popescu: sometimes i wonder what you're thinking, i'm connecting from a different dimension or what,.
asciilifeform: almost.
mircea_popescu: of course it still gets wet when it rains, and sandwiches still fall butter face down
mircea_popescu: and if you feel like spending a quarter mil or we on the generators you do and if oyu don't you don't.
asciilifeform: ah hm often i forget the sheer expense of getting products of industry in bananilandia
mircea_popescu: nah, it's about what a serious setup costs. and if you do, might as well get serious.
asciilifeform: incidentally do they have piped gas in cr ?
mircea_popescu: chicks love teh electric stove tho.
asciilifeform: ( over here, piped gas gensets are quite common )
mircea_popescu: gas was... iffier.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform ah yes, that'd be much easier. but no gas here, and im not gonna bury a gpl tank (bad soil, hillside).
asciilifeform: yeah these are terrible, i disrecommend
asciilifeform worked in a place that had one
mircea_popescu: whereas gasoline generator only really works well as a 50kw+ item
asciilifeform: <10kW actually
asciilifeform: they dun scale so well.
asciilifeform: and light fraction dun keep well.
mircea_popescu: no, they do. the tiny shits suck. but the 10-20-50hp ones work well enough.
asciilifeform: ( hence why folx use diesel )
mircea_popescu: tiny shits are 2 stoke half the time.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform oh wait, we were talking at cross purposes. yes the gas ones are small.
asciilifeform: ~diesel~ works well as >50kW.
mircea_popescu: right. that's what i mean.
mircea_popescu: i suppose i could break down and put in... SOLAR PANELS. dun dun dun
asciilifeform: probably not even worst possible idea
mircea_popescu: it's VERY sunny here.
asciilifeform: ( see if you can score those eternal NiFe cells to go with'em... )
mircea_popescu: that's what i was thinking, rather than get a diesel, get a very large iron cell set instead.
asciilifeform: apparently commercially available finally. after 100 yr pause.
mircea_popescu: more a matter of space. what's a cubic meter get me in terms of mj ?
asciilifeform: 'Encell ENC30012' 300Ah 12v ( i.e. 30 Ah 120v supposing ideal inverter... ) lasts, purportedly, 11,000 cycles, 48cm x 48cm x 61 cm.
mircea_popescu: !~calc 300 * 3600 / .48 / .48 / .61
jhvh1: mircea_popescu: 300 * 3600 / .48 / .48 / .61 = 7684426.229508197
mircea_popescu: so like 7.5mj ? that's not even horrible.
asciilifeform: << where found the latter.
mircea_popescu: esp if one gets a proper set rather than consumer prepackaged bs.
asciilifeform: they're considerably less dense than lithium but last for century rather than couplayears
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: afaik there is no konsoomer nife. there are only industrial.
asciilifeform: hence the prices.
mircea_popescu: i could readily spare 6-10 m3. which...
asciilifeform: they are apparently catching on at telcos etc
asciilifeform: this plus a dish antenna or two and you could live on mars...
mircea_popescu: i already have those
asciilifeform: then short work neh.
mircea_popescu: not too much no.
asciilifeform: the hilltop tower house described in article seems ideal : no shades
mircea_popescu: a little iffy because of landslide potential.
asciilifeform: most photopanel aficionados would cream pants, just reading about it.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform i wasn't even rthinking getting the panels too. just get batteries, charge from network
asciilifeform: hey nobody gets to escape all forces of nature. ( usa is good illustration of this : all of the parts with desirable weather, have some periodic cataclysm, earthquake or flood, pick.. )
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: this'd work pretty well
mircea_popescu: i expect ya
asciilifeform: telco-style. all of the gear is off-the-shelf
asciilifeform: in fact even asciilifeform has most of it right here.
asciilifeform: ( i still use bad ol' Pb cells, tho. )
mircea_popescu: you know, "Even asciilifeform " dun work so well here, you're basically living on a satellite as far as most kitchens are concerned.
asciilifeform: lolmost of my gear came from.. scrapyards
asciilifeform: but sure.
asciilifeform bbl, alcohol
shinohai: За здоровье asciilifeform
deedbot: accepted: 1
lobbes: hm damn. Was hoping it'd snarf both urls
lobbes: forgive the incoming spam
deedbot: accepted: 1
deedbot: accepted: 1
deedbot: accepted: 1
deedbot: accepted: 1
deedbot: accepted: 1
lobbes: finally:
deedbot: accepted: 1
mircea_popescu: lobbes do you take ecu ?
lobbes: I do!
mircea_popescu: meet in game then.
ben_vulpes: noches
ben_vulpes: in re benchmarking, is 'perf' a reasonable thing to use?
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